Elneny a consideration for Sunday!

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Someone just asked me to proof read my blogs. Thanks for that little bit of insight. I do proofread my blogs, I’m just not very good at proofreading. If I had an hour to do it, I might be better at it. But the way blogging works for me is I come into work, smash it out as fast as I can, generally 25 minutes, then I post it.

If the errors really upset you, please drop some pennies into my bank account that works at a loss for this site and I’ll hire in a professional editor.

You know who can afford an editor? Mesut Ozil. He earns big bucks. He also wins awards. Germany’s player of the year for the 4th time. What a hero. What an absolute hero.

I love him. You know what I love even more? He’s kind of like a Banksy painting. Everyone in the world gets him, but Arsenal fans still talk about him like you could only appreciate him if you’re part of a special club. Like the people who went to Dismaland…

‘Oh, that Banksy is good, isn’t he?’

Sure man, if you like really obvious well trodden issues raised in the style of catch phrase.

‘Say what you see!’


You win a prize. Go on, chuck it on Facebook and tell everyone how clever you are.

Anyway, Ozil is king. Now go and win us the league and make sure you turn up on Sunday.

How about the absolute banter that is Madrid and Atletico losing their transfer rights. No one leaving them for two windows. No mega Galactico buys for Zinedine Zidane. They’ll have to suffer an aging Ronaldo who only scores against rubbish teams and work out how to make a billion pound squad work.

In more US centric news, Stan Kroenke won the right to move the Rams back to Inglewood, whop di woop… best not finish those Dr Dre lyrics. He’s been pretty brutal to St Louis. He basically took a massive proposal dump on them to get his move away. He’s privately financing a massive chunk of this move… I wonder if he leveraged the cash he had at Arsenal to get a sweet finance deal?

I mean good for him though. I imagine LA can’t wait to have a really average team there. One that gets little investment and acts as a big fat portfolio gold star.

… still, can’t moan too hard. I’m in his land now. He’s a powerful man. He could easily block my access to Walmart. Not something I’m willing to risk right now.

So, what else do we have?

Ahhh yes, Elneny has landed at the club. Like a miniature Fellaini. I like his hair and I like that he’s promised to contribute positively to our team.

Nice work son!

Giroud has some man love for him…

“I’ve trained with him and he’s a good player, very talented but first of all he is a good guy – I think he will settle well into the team,” Giroud told Arsenal Player.

“I think he’s basically a box-to-box midfielder, so he can attack and defend, run a lot and has good power and technique. He is quite a complete player”

Big question, does the boss use him this Sunday. Well, it’s a consideration.

“Elneny is available for selection, I haven’t decided yet [whether I will play him]. I have to see how everyone has recovered. Elneny is a possibility to be in the squad for Sunday.”

On Alexis:

‘Yes, he is in the Diaby Vortex of never ending injury doom’

‘I would say has a 60:40 chance to be available and be back in the squad. He has two decisive days – Friday and Saturday. He is fit, he has worked very hard and the decision we have to take is whether to take a gamble or not on his injury.”

Urghhh… it’s like the friend who tells you he’s 5 minutes away, every 5 minutes for an hour.


Wenger needs to give it up. Is it a week. 2 weeks. Never. Just be honest. That’s all I ask.

Right, that’s me done. I need to do some of that work ting going arrrreeet?

Have a great Friday night and share my blog with your best pals and tell them to read it.


P.S. My sister just married a Gooner (away supporter). Great news eh!



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  1. naijagunner

    Gambon….u should be ashamed of your conduct on here today…..u are better than this.

    It’s really sad what goes on here everytime we fail to win a game
    No football team has won all 38 games of a league season.

    Am watching fanzone now and united fans believe they were lucky to win. Digest that.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Points difference equivalent fixtures last season

    Arsenal +5
    Leicester +18
    Man City -4
    Spurs +3
    Man Utd -4
    Liverpool +5
    Chelsea -16

  3. Jim Lahey

    No doubt that Messi is the best player on the planet, but personally I think Ibrahimovis has had a far more impressing career!

    Ajax: Eredivisie 01/02 + 02/03
    Juventus: Serie A 04/05 + 05/06
    Inter: Serie A 06/07 + 07/08 + 08/09
    Barca: La Liga 09/10
    AC Milan: Serie A 10/11
    PSG: Ligue 1 12/13 + 13/14 + 14/15

    The guy is a born winner!

  4. Jim Lahey

    No doubt that Messi is the best player on the planet, but personally I think Ibrahimovic has had a far more impressing career!

    Ajax: Eredivisie 01/02 + 02/03
    Juventus: Serie A 04/05 + 05/06
    Inter: Serie A 06/07 + 07/08 + 08/09
    Barca: La Liga 09/10
    AC Milan: Serie A 10/11

    PSG: Ligue 1 12/13 + 13/14 + 14/15The guy is a born winner!

  5. WengerEagle


    He’s never won the Champions League though, hasn’t even come close. Hasn’t done anything of note for Sweden either (they are admittedly shite to be fair to him)

    And PSG have crushed the competition out of Ligue 1, they’ll probably win the league for the next 5 years in a row as well.

    Fully expect them to beat Lyon’s record of 7 consecutive league titles.

  6. GuNZ

    Crawled out of bed horrifically hung over. Just seen the result. Not bad for an away one at Stoke but we didn’t put any daylight between ourselves and the pack when we could have so I fear for us. I fear it is groundhog day again again again again. City have their mojo back, we are very ordinary and vulnerable without a first choice squad out. Haven’t seen the game highlights yet but have read through the live text. Sounds like we were profligate in front of goal again (or the Stoke goalie was superb) and Cech saved our arse at the other end.

    The pack is closing in. I know 2 points from 2 hard away games isn’t the end of the world, but Man Utd. managed a win at Anfield so why couldn’t we? We do not have the hallmark of champions – we are just up there at present because all other contenders have sunk to our 4th place mediocrity. Wenger, I know you are reading this, so sort your fucking shit out. As for you, Giroud, get back on the fucking bench where you belong – you are far more effective coming on to bang in winners mid to late second half. You are like a kiddy with sweeties. Give you a bag full and you throw most away; give you one or two and you actually value them enough to think to shove them into your gob.

    I am fucking hung over and feel like shit. Don’t fucking blow it Arsenal. Please!

  7. Pierre

    I reckon all the wobs are from dads army “we r all doomed”……Have to laugh when all the pessimists say we have Spurs, city, Man U, West Ham , Everton away. Surely that means we have easier home fixtures and also, as we have played 12 games away and 10 away home it means we have a much easier run in than city who have played 12 at home and only 10 away.

  8. GuNZ

    And what’s all this shit about Özil having a ‘slight foot injury’? Knowing Wenger’s prevaricate dissembling when it comes to injuries, it probably means Özil’s fucking leg’s fallen off.

  9. Spanishdave

    Today shows us what we know that the squad is very poor.
    Wenger had all summer to get some quality to add to the squad and to get rid of some dross and has beens. Instead as usual he did neither, as he hasn’t got the balls to do the right thing.
    He has lived so long in his own shell he cannot see what’s really wrong any more.
    Or challenge will fade away again and he will put it down to bad luck with injuries. He actually believes his own excuses now.
    Taking on a scout who can find bargains is right up Wengers street.
    He hasn’t really got a clue any more, he’s confused and devoid of any ideas right now.

  10. London gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    I think zlatan has the best international scoring record after messi and Sweden are shit….

    I know you don’t rate him but he is a fabulous player. Amazing technique, shot, touch,passing, hold up play, link up play, strength, movement and a super intelligent striker.

    Also he is super polished and consistently been excellent at the many teams and leagues he has played in.

    He hasn’t won a CL but that’s the same of many past greats

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    SpanishDave: He hasn’t really got a clue any more, he’s confused and devoid of any ideas right now.

    And yet we’re top of the league.

    Doesn’t say much about the rest of the managers in the league does it?

  12. Emiratesstroller

    I thought that we played quite well today notwithstanding our record in away games against Stoke. Also we know that they take no prisoners when they play us and I thought that we conducted us professionally despite the fouls.

    Cech was outstanding today and every body apart from a minority of posters understand his value to our team.

    Monreal as usual had a fairly decent game. The other standout performance
    came from Campbell. He is definitely getting better the more game time he
    has in the starting lineup.

    My main concerns are with Walcott and Ox. Walcott’s overall performance
    level is minimal. Bluntly he is no better than a ‘bench player’ when everyone
    is fit. Does he provide value for money? Frankly the answer is no.

    Also I don’t see where Ox will fit into team when players like Ozil, Cazorla and
    Sanchez return. The only slot in starting lineup where he could play is on
    right wing and frankly I think that Campbell is now well ahead of him in the
    pecking order.

    The good news is that we have got through our two difficult away games. On
    current form I think that we will beat Chelsea next weekend as both Sanchez
    and Ozil will return then.

    Chelsea are not playing particularly well and whilst they do tend to raise their
    game I think that we will win. I made the forecast before the three games that
    I thought we would pick up 5 points although I thought that we would beat
    Liverpool as we should have done. I still think that we will pick up 5 points.

    they li

  13. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    We were top of the league in 13/14….look what happened.

    We were top of the league in 07/08….look what happened.

    Leicester are level on points with us with a real journeyman manager….what does that say about Wenger?

    We all know how this season ends.

  14. gambon


    And also we are on course for 76 points……an amount that has never won the league.

    We arent top due to being a good team.

    And were only top for another 6 days….then its business as usual im afraid.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    gambon: Leicester are level on points with us with a real journeyman manager….what does that say about Wenger?

    That something is working really well for them.

    But whatever Leicester are doing, saying that Wenger is confused and devoid of any ideas right now is wrong, stupid, and just smacks of an agenda

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    gambon: And also we are on course for 76 points……an amount that has never won the league.

    Apparently we’re 5 points up on last season and ManC are 4 down

  17. daz

    And also we are on course for 76 points……an amount that has never won the league.

    I told you it would be a record low points total to win the league this season everything suggests that will be the case so guess we’re still in with a shout

  18. gambon

    I would say Wenger is most definitely confused.

    He has been for years.

    He decided to go into the season with only one remotely defensive midfield player despite every fan in the world (minus a few hardcore AKBs) knowing that we desperately needed another similar player.

    Now Coquelin is out and our midfield is like swiss cheese…..and Wenger is….youve got it……confused!!!

  19. vicky


    Don’t you think with the likes of Alexis,Coq,Ozil,Rosicky returning, we will do better and end up with close to 80-82 points which might be enough to win the league this year ?

  20. gambon

    Wenger decided we didnt need upgrades on Walcott, Welbeck and Giroud.

    He then wonders why City outscore us and he gets….you got it…..confused.

  21. vicky

    Not signing a good back up to Coq has already cost us at least 6 points. Wenger got it absolutely wrong when he put his faith in Flamini and Arteta. With a quality DM we would have won the games against Liverpool, West Brom at the very least and could have done better against the likes of Southampton and Norwich.

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: How exactly…..did that one……erm…..work out!!!!????

    Well, here’s a thought, maybe things will be different this season. If this season goes the same way MOST seasons go then it wont go the same way as 13/14

  23. Emiratesstroller


    What is the matter with you?

    We are currently in first place and have been playing without our 3 best players in Cazorla,Ozil and Sanchez. Also Coquelin our first choice defensive midfield is absent and both Welbeck and Wilshire have been unavailable all season.

    We have had two bad defeats this season against Southampton and WBA, but apart from those results we have been playing competently.

    It is time that people like you start showing some support for our team even if
    you don’t like them and the Manager.

  24. gambon


    My support wont make a difference.

    We dont have what it takes to win the PL.

    We have a terrible manager with no bottle, and a team that feeds off of his feeble excuses and lack of ambition.

    The collapse has begun.

    If he wants to win the PL he has to go and build a team that can win the PL…..not build a mediocre team that can win the league only when all other teams have shocking seasons and if everything goes right.

  25. vicky

    Wenger on Ox

    “He had some very interesting moments in the game,” noted Wenger afterwards. “He has shown his qualities to get out of pressure, and get past people in the final third. In the future this can be a very interesting position for him. We played 4-3-3 today because that position suits him well.”

  26. gambon

    Oh and emirates

    Yes we have definitely been ‘competent’.

    Problem is competent teams dont win the PL and we have had an eady first half of fixtures.

    When the going gets tough….Arsene shits his pants.

  27. daz

    win the league only when all other teams have shocking seasons and if everything goes right.

    Only Chelsea are having a shocking season, city and utd are slightly down on last year and Liverpool and spuds are slightly up then you can throw in what Leicester are doing and that evens out Chelseas shit show

  28. Nasri's Mouth

    Ox was weird today.

    his passing was terrible in that middle third, though pretty much every other Arsenal player was similar.

    But I thought while he was in possession he looked more controlled than of late.

  29. Jeff

    I suppose at the end of the day it is a simple question preference. Here are the options.

    1. The team to win the league with Wenger.
    2. The team to win the league with another manager.

    While most Wenger critics (like myself) would prefer either with equal desire, others may prefer (2) and of course the faithful AKBs would love it to be (1). However, you can only be a non-supporter of Arsenal if you prefer neither and I don’t think we have anyone like that here.

  30. vicky

    I will be worried if we don’t beat Chelsea at home with Ozil and Alexis in the squad. Today’s game was not disappointing given that we were missing 4 of our best midfield players.

  31. Wallace

    a point and a clean sheet at Stoke while missing seven midfielders & forwards – Coquelin, Cazorla, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ozil, Alexis & Welbeck.

    and an extra week for Elneny to acclimatise before he’s thrown in…i’ll take that.

  32. vicky

    “What’s kind of shocking is rosicky is still a better player than Ramsey/ox/welbeck or Walcott”

    Exactly !!! It’s a shame TR7 has had an injury plagued career, otherwise would have been an absolutely wonderful contributor to Arsenal. He still shows his class whenever he gets an opportunity.

  33. London gunner


    I actually think he would have been one of the best attacking mids in world football. Easily as good as modric who I rate very highly.

  34. STV

    The disappointment is, we couldn’t win the previous game against Liverpool conceding in last minute. I am worried results like that could cost us the league. Flat performance today but ok considering the injuries.

    Btw gambon is a fucking idiot. Most of his posts makes this Arsenal football fan thing less interesting. With his mentality which no different than those stoke city cunts abusing Ramsey for his legbreak, he has no business in anything good for Arsenal.

  35. gonsterous

    If I was Wenger I would be furious.. wish he would grow a back bone and stop trying to be a daddy for all his players.. for once I wish he would tell all the players to either earn their wages or be ready to fuck off.. a bit like ol red nose, I hate him but at least he knew how to motivate a team to win games

  36. London gunner


    “a point and a clean sheet at Stoke while missing seven midfielders & forwards – Coquelin, Cazorla, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ozil, Alexis & Welbeck.”

    We wouldn’t have so many players out injured if wenger didn’t rely on perma crocks and brought in players with both class and durability.

    The fact we are dropping points is because we refused to strengthen in the summer. This situation could have been avoided and we could be 5-8 points ahead

  37. STV

    I will never forget his performance at anfield in fa cup and strike against totenham. He could have been an Arsenal great if not for injuries.

  38. Wallace

    “Btw gambon is a fucking idiot.”

    yes, breaking out the African stuff again today. baffles me so many on here take him seriously. very unpleasant character.

  39. WengersSweeties

    The other big teams haven’t performed well this season but neither have Arsenal to be fair.

    Having Sanchez and Ozil back will do wonders. Having a choice of striker between Giroud or Walcott will be better in the last 16 games.

    We lack the balance Coq brings to the team too.

    It’ll certainly be interesting the next few months.

    I’ve got a feeling we will do Chelsea at home too.

  40. Paddywhack

    Before the match I would have taken a point which we got. BTW how did Chavs. and both Mancs get on at the Orcs

    And I agree gambon is a cnut. Which team does he support probably Chavs or manure

    Greetings to LG from the Emerald Isle.

  41. leon

    I would have preferred to see Ramsey in the no 10 position chamberlain on the wing I would have played Elaine for at least the 1st half because once again flamani was no real protection and the midfield was being overun at times

  42. Berg

    Leon I’m not sure what game you were watching but Ramsay spent most of his time in that number 10 position. He is always far too forward. Ramsay struggles with a 5 yard pass. What makes you think he could create chances

  43. Shaun Wilson

    Looking at the team selection before the game, I was pleasantly surprised that we emerged with a point. The current attitude of the average punter is to be fickle but let’s face it – it doesn’t look like Chamberlain is going to make it. He is certainly not the mid-field maestro anyway. Flamini is finished at this level and probably wasn’t ever good enough.
    If we get Sanchez and Ozil back for the run in and if Elneny can do Coqs job – we have a chance this year. If Wenger had done his job properly at the start of the season, then I think we could have won at a canter.