Late draw feels like a loss. Will that impact Arsenal players against Stoke?

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I don’t think actual match reporting is my strong point, I get too caught up in the moment, so we’ll talk about the key points and go from there.


Arsenal set up like as strongly as they could, we saw Flamini return to the side alongside Ozil and Flamini. Joel Campbell picked up the nod over Chambo and Theo Walcott joined Giroud up top.

Liverpool didn’t start with a striker because they don’t have a good one that is fit (sorry Benteke).


Liverpool were quite a sight to behold in the opening 30 minutes, they played the same high press game Klopp used to defeat us when he was at Dortmund. I couldn’t work out whether they were electric, or we just weren’t at the races, but we really seemed challenged by the pressure and certain players just didn’t really cope. Particularly the defence.

Catalogue of Errors

Again, sitting on my arse in an office watching the game made it hard to tell if the errors were just brain freezes or maybe related to the slippery surface and nightmare conditions. The first goal we conceded came from Theo trying to run the ball out of defence, we then allowed a shot to be ripped at our goal unchallenged, Petr Cech made and error by palming it back into the area and Koscielny let the Firmino shot go through his legs

We equalised pretty quickly when Kolo and Sahko combined to hand JC the chance to perfectly weight a pass into Rambo who slipped his shot into the inside post with perfect precision.

We let Liverpool in again, this time the ball ricocheted off Campbell, Henderson played in Milner, Flamini committed too hard, the pass found Firmino in space, he carved half a yard and sent the ball into the top corner!

I mean, talk about getting struck by lightning twice in a night… the boy looked electric for once!

At this point, I tweeted that we were in for a Premier League Classic and that we were…

Giroud drew us level by grazing a duffed cored in at the near post. A horror show of defending from Liverpool and some desperately poor keeping from Mignolet.

We took the lead in the second half, another assist from Mesut Campbell, a superb turn and finish from Olivier Giroud, absolutely world-class.

The Close Out

Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhh…. Who didn’t know what was coming?


It was so apparent that we wouldn’t close that game out. I thought Liverpool were looking leggy, they were struggling with the work load… so what did we do?

Took off Joel Campbell and Theo Walcott. I mean, I’m a bit meh about Theo, but he’s scary fast even if he’s not effective… he has teams in fear, one long ball and you’re gonna get killed. Then he dropped off Joel Campbell, a player with two assists, someone who can defend and again… someone with pace. He brought on Chamberlain and Gibbs.

So what happened? Same that happened at City. We invited the pressure on, the pressure came. They battered us hard. Then what did we do? We brought on Arteta… Wenger’s addiction.

You could just see the last-minute equaliser coming, and it did. HOOOOOOF into the box, header down from Benteke and a volley into the bottom corner from Joe fucking Allen.

What a disaster. But a predictable one. Wenger and his sub decisions are mostly atrocious.

So what do we think?

Well, let’s put this into perspective, we were away at Anfield. We were taking on a very capable coach who manages a team that only like to show up in big games. Part of me feels like it was one of those nights, part of me feels like that’s a stupid piece of analysis.

We made terrible defensive errors, we recovered them and took the lead against a team that’s very meh. We then couldn’t shut out the game. We made substitutions that reeked of fear, we made decisions that we’ve made before and barely got away with it… and we blew the chance to go 4 clear of City.

It’s not a terrible result, but it’s one that you worry you’ll look back on at the end of a tight season and think… shit, that was a pivotal moment.

Lucky for us Spurs and City both dropped points. We’ve managed to get away with it.

Central Midfield

The sooner we can get Flamini out of our midfield, the better. He’s a reckless character low on tekkers and his legs don’t look like they’re handling the amount of games he’s dealing with. He also can’t pair with Ramsey. To be honest, we really missed Cazorla last night. Flamini isn’t an acceptable replacement for Coquelin. We have Elneny ready for the weekend, but I feel that it would be a disaster to put him in against a classy brutal Stoke side. He could get ripped apart…


Again, another match where he’s kind of a bit nothing. Since he’s been shifted out wide, he’s lost a bit of spark. I don’t get excited about his runs because I know they’ll not end in much. Bit disappointing we don’t have someone who can come in and shake up his game. The sooner we get Sanchez back, the better. We really miss that ferocious attitude in the front three.


This has fuck up written all over it. It’ll be a big game. How does a last minute draw impact the players? It’s not far off a loss for me. So the reaction is going to be key. Stoke are good this season and they’re always up for giving us a kick in.

So in short, nothing major lost from yesterday, but what does it say about our ability heading into this streak of games?

Over to you…

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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    Wenger was asked whether more than 7 subs should be allowed on the bench.

    His answer was no, because we’d need to buy another bus!


  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Wenger evasive on transfers, but has finally found a different response to his normal “we are always looking, if we find super quality…”

  3. Louis Almeida

    Wenger pretty cynical on the transfer ban for Madrid clubs: “They will appeal, they will cancel the ban and they will be allowed to buy in the next two transfer windows. That’s what will happen.”

  4. Duckster

    Ps for any of you legends heading up to Stoke on Saturday;
    rip the fucking lid off it for the lads. We’re going to need every single one of you to be in good voice to drag them over line up there.
    Ramsey to score a late winner

  5. freddylekgunner

    Some good news there… I would personally rest Kos for Stoke and start Gabriel, we’ll need Mert for height and Stoke forwards ain’t fast either.

  6. Wallace

    Black Hei

    “Giroud is a good striker, but all players are part of a team, and despite his excellence, Arsenal are built around Sanchez, not Giroud. And the best of Sanchez always trumps the best of Giroud.”

    I’d say Arsenal are built around Ozil.

    if all the strikers are ever fit at the same time I think we’ll tailor the forward line to the needs of each individual game, although Alexis & Campbell would be constants for me.

  7. Nasri's Mouth


    No idea how much there is in it, but I always think a relaxed boss means that there aren’t too many problems behind the scenes.

  8. Duckster

    @Louis Almedia

    It’s possible that Alexis had a reoccurrence of his hamstring injury because his enthusiasm to deem himself fit to play clouded his better judgement.

  9. Dissenter

    “Welbeck is 2-3weeks away”

    It doesn’t inspire any confidence just trepidation that the team wont pick itself again. Wenger will have the opportunity to snatch fourth place mediocrity out of out league winning chances.

    Wenger will start experimentation at a time when he’s meant to consistently play his most productive players.
    Moreover, we don’t have the time to help Welbeck learn his craft while we’re trying to win the league.

  10. Dissenter

    “I’d say Arsenal are built around Ozil”

    I’m in 100% agreement.

    Petr Cech was asked on American satellite radio that what player do you look for on the starting eleven and say “thank God is on MY team”?

    His answer? MESUT OZIL

  11. Wallace


    “Moreover, we don’t have the time to help Welbeck learn his craft while we’re trying to win the league.”

    he’s 25. he’s probably been playing centre forward since he was 7 or 8. he’s not perfect, but I think he knows what centre forward play is about.

  12. freddylekgunner

    Dissenter I don’t believe Welbeck is a player that is still learning is craft, if he’s available he’ll improve us over what we have currently.

  13. Dissenter

    Wallace and Freddy,

    Is that why he can’t hit a cow’s arse a banjo. with a banjo. He’s like a central defender in front of goal.
    It’s no wonder David Myles singled him out at United by asking him to stay behind for extra shooting lessons.

  14. freddylekgunner

    When Welbeck, Sanchez, Coq and later Carzorla returned to the team and we are still in the mix I’ll have a serious hope of winning the title. I mean long overdue. We deserve to be happy despite Wenger.

  15. Redtruth

    Arsenal are built around Ozil…lol

    If they were built around Ozil then it’s wasted as no player with the required talent is available to maximise the chances he carves out.

  16. Red&White4life

    “Wenger pretty cynical on the transfer ban for Madrid clubs”

    If Arsenal was among the clubs which are banned…
    Oh wait!! That will never happen, totally impossible!! lol

  17. Dissenter

    There’s talk that Arsenal and Chelsea nigh be facing the possibility of minor transfer band as well so Wenger better stay away from his unnecessary punditry.

  18. daz

    If they were built around Ozil then it’s wasted as no player with the required talent is available to maximise the chances he carves out.

    Yeah that’s why he is set to break the assist record

  19. kc

    So I guess Elneny was our one transfer in this window. Absolutely pathetic. If Welbeck truly is better than anybody else Wenger can find he should just quit. What a sorry excuse for a top class manager. Doesn’t even go all in when we have a chance at the title. Stupid senile old fuck is scared of failure. Has his excuses lined up to protect his rep. Sick of the same shit every year. Oh but we are still in the fa cup running again, yawn. Zero progression.

  20. Redtruth

    If Arenal were built around Ozil they would simply get better players in to enhance his performance but then why would you limit yourself by building around a player who rarely scores.

  21. Bruce

    Agree, happy relaxed manager = happy squad. A happy squad is no guarantee of success of course but show me a pissed off squad and I’ll show you Chelsea (pre Guss), Man U, Chelsea under AVB .

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    kc: Doesn’t even go all in when we have a chance at the title.

    Exactly! Look at ManC who are our main competitors, they’ve signed some top names this January, that’s what we should be doing

  23. freddylekgunner

    Red just a question for you, what’s Ozil highest assist when playing for Real Madrid with world class finishers? Since he’s playing with donkeys now.

  24. qna

    “we are always looking, if we find super quality…”

    What a load of shit wenger talks. Why did he buy Welbeck in the first place then. He was never super quality. Mediocre player all his career.

  25. Bruce

    Zero progression ? We are top of the league. We have three players in FIFA top 50, all signed since June”13 (Sanchez, Ozil, Cech ). Still in CL, FA Cup. Must be something to smile about in there somewhere surely.

  26. freddylekgunner

    Red you bang on here all day how the PL is weaker than the elite leagues in Europe and now you’re saying the spanish league is weaker than the PL. Double standard there.

  27. Nasri's Mouth


    That was my point.

    You don’t see too many good players moving in Jan. and so far ManC, ManU, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool haven’t signed anyone of note.

    and arguably they all need players more than we do

  28. Bamford10

    Don’t see Wenger signing anyone else in this window. Giroud is in form and he views Walcott and Welbeck as suitable back-ups. Sanchez, Wilshere and Welbeck to return soon. Elneny can play CDM or CM.

    Only issue might be RB with Debuchy unsettled or departing, but I bet he sees Chambers as cover there.

    This is your squad, Gooners. Not all that great, but might have just enough solidity to win the title.

    No chance against Barcelona, though. None.

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: There’s talk that Arsenal and Chelsea nigh be facing the possibility of minor transfer band as well

    Think that’s pretty unlikely though

  30. Honest Bill

    Welbeck’s problem isn’t his technique or needing to learn his craft. It’s composure he is lacking. It isn’t something that can be learned in extra training sessions. You can only acquire it in the real, high-pressure situations. Some people never acquire it at all and will remain average footballers.

  31. vicky

    It’s true if we get all our injured players back that will be better than signing a good/average player from another league. Any new player especially someone from a different league will take a lot of time to adjust and not necessarily help us in our quest for the title.

    If the following 5 players – Rosicky, Sanchez, Coq,Santi and Welback recover soon from injuries and start performing at the level they are capable of, we should be doing alright provided we don’t lose anymore players to injury. I am not pinning my hopes on Jack, think he needs a lot of time to get back to his rhythm and when not in full flow, he disrupts our flow rather than helping us. A fit and in form Jack is different kettle of fish altogether though.

  32. freddylekgunner

    Red I don’t have time to dig on your past posts here (which I’ve seen many times here), but I can ask you again which league is weaker the PL or La liga?

  33. Bamford10

    “Welbeck is two to three weeks away and I am confident I will not find a better player than Welbeck on the market.” – Wenger this morning

  34. Bamford10

    For me, Theo is useless. As weak as Ox has been, I’d still start Ox over Theo. And I’d start Elneny, depending what we are seeing in training. Like this:


    When Wilshere and Sanchez are back:


    If Giroud were to lose form or get injured:


  35. gambon

    Is Mohamed Whip Nae Nae the skinniest player in the history of football?

    Wenger really doesnt like power in midfield anymore does he?

  36. gambon


    “two to three weeks away”

    That means he will come off the bench for a cameo in the last PL game of the season.

  37. Louis Almeida

    Messi Minutes ‏@MessiMinutes · 12h12 hours ago
    BREAKING: @MattHughesTimes reports that Wilshere, Coquelin & Welbeck are all back in training. Alexis to have a fitness test before Sunday.

    Is this guy reliable? I’ve never heard him report on Arsenal stuff before. It’s always John Cross of The Mirror.

  38. Louis Almeida

    Elneny looks strong from the videos I’ve seen. You don’t always have to be bulky to brush players off the ball. If anything if you become too big you lose explosiveness to your game

  39. Dream10

    We need another goalscorer this window. Giroud is doing well, Walcott has been average. AW contemplating to gamble with Sanchez is not a good sign. Don’t think he’ll finish the season healthy

  40. daz


    Silva and Pires best assists for a season is 15 and they were feeding aguero and Henry so either Özil is streets ahead of those two to be able to get 16 in half a season with donkeys or the donkeys are better than you think

  41. PetrCechYourself

    According to reports Elneny netted Arab Contractors (his previous club) a sell on fee of 23 million Egyptian Pounds (the sell on fee was worth 15%) if that’s true, it means we paid closer to £13.5m for Elneny…crazy.

  42. Nick

    Replace Ramsey, not Flamini. Ramsey completely ruins our defensive shape by sitting way too high on the pitch and out wide looking for ways to join in the attack. If you ever wondered if it was just luck that the Coq-Cazorla partnership had such nous and positional discipline or if it was Wenger’-Bould’s coaching, now you know it was luck when you see how game after game Ramsey leaves enormous chasms of midfield space leaving Flam out to dry and take all the criticism while Aaron basks in the glory of his goals. Coach him on how to play his position or sell him off.

  43. Honest Bill

    Ramsey might be ill-disciplined but at least he offers a bit of creativity. Flamini is a total liability with no defensive nous. He just falls back until he’s treading on the centre backs’ toes. If we wanted to play another CB we’d use Gabriel. Flam’s lack of positional sense exposes our defense time and time again.

  44. Relieable Sauce


    Could argue we should be making better use of it…

    Must be much more significant for “chances created” and “key passes” stats.

    Silva doesnt take corners I believe but is comparable to Ozil on assists but not close on created chances, whereas KdB is not far off CC but doesnt have the assist rate of the two.

  45. Louis Almeida

    RS, isn’t Ozil way out infront of both of them on chances created? Also I think Payet is second after Ozil for key passes each game. Anyway the crux of it is that we should still try to be more clinical. We miss too many chances. The Bournemouth game is the one that sticks in my head. I’ve never seen one player put through another one player so many times in the space of 20 minutes.

  46. Honest Bill

    Louis Almeida

    I’m sure they are trying to be more clinical, it’s just that we don’t have many players who are good enough finishers.

  47. Honest Bill

    Louis Almeida.

    Well, we don’t really know how hard they work in training, but training isn’t really the same thing. It’s very easy to be clinical in training matches but it’s a different kettle of fish when you’re in a high-pressure situation and the whole world is watching.

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    Louis Almeida: Is this guy reliable?

    On stuff like this, I’d say yes.

    It depends exactly what he means by ‘training’ though

    And there’s a difference between training and being ready to play. After being out for so long Welbeck could get some little niggling injuries and then he and Wilshere will need to get back up to speed of the game.

  49. Dave A

    Well Personally Im a bit dissapointed with Mr Wengers comments regauarding D Wellbeck , 2 to three 3 weeks away , if he has no settback , then how long to get his match sharpness going .

  50. Relieable Sauce


    Yep Ozil way ahead there with KdB the standout in 2nd place, but I think set pieces must help him there, as with Ozil.

    Agree we need to be more clinical, improving our set pieces shouldnt be difficult, Gabriel improves us there and I would like to see more of him, even if its at RB.

  51. Spanishdave

    Ramsey just runs around chasing after the ball like a schoolboy, and our leader just looks and does nothing about it, so dies Bould.
    Next time you watch Bayern or Barca see how they maintain their shape and how disciplined the team is, then you will see how backward Wenger is

  52. Honest Bill


    Yeah Wenger is not the kind of coach to impose discipline in to players who need it. That’s why i think Ramsey’s game will improve immeasurably under the next manager.

  53. Dave A

    @Reliable Sauce

    Regaurding Gabriel , would you then push Bellerin up the wing ,he does just as well in attack as whoever else we seem to throw out there , sorry I mean Theo sometimes is totally ineffective , Cambell does well , but Chamberlain cant really cross can he . Not sure uts the answer but it gave me a thought . Like you I would like to see more of Gabriel though .

  54. Dave A

    Honest Bill

    I think your gonna have to wait a little longer than your anticipating for a new manager Im afraid , Mr Wenger aint going nowhere for a while Im reconing . Besides who we gonna get , there wont be anyone available after the end of this season anyway , so that means after the next Mr Wenger will have to stay on .

  55. S Asoa

    In Missouri 19600 or 90% of the fans of the Rams shouted in unison
    ” Kroenke sucks ”
    We can’t do it here because here Kronkeroo fucking up AFC so it might be considered obscenity .

  56. Uwot?

    Now that “syrup”has been given the nod to move his Rams back to la.from next season at a temp stadium & year after at the one he plans to construct in this good or bad news for us.?mid west or anyone? Will/can he pull money from afc to finance this or sell puzzle?does he have backers our situation doesn’t matter? Anyone?

  57. champagne charlie

    Christ some toys our the pram type stuff with wingers comments about Welbeck. Some of you need to understand these footballers are human beings, and as such need a bit of a confidence boost/reassurance.

    Wenger saying he doesn’t think he could find a better player than welbz is a line purely for Danny.

    Name all the players we could realistically get that would come in and guarantee contributing more than a Welbeck anyway. Half the time it’s pure fan fantasy that we could even buy a particular player

  58. Sam

    Arsenal will win the league
    We’ll shake off annoying Leicester
    Chelsea n Man utd are out
    Man city will have problem keeping up with the title race as the managers n some players already know they won’t here in the summer when Guardiola takes over. I heard Bony, mangala etc… Will be shown the door this summer.
    So the League is ours to lose

  59. daz

    Well city had 22 shots against Everton with only 5 on target so guess we’re not the only ones who fluff chances, no ones perfect but Giroud is on course for 30 goals in all comps this season can’t complain with that to be honest

  60. Sam

    Probably Joe hart, Sagna n Yaya Toure as well will be told to Fok off
    He has a list of players he wants of course will include his mini me Thiago Alcantara

  61. S Asoa

    Wenger will not buy another striker since he can’t find anyone better than Welbeck . Rewind also about the joke ” striker ” Whathiname Sanogo
    Shows what an Imbecile Wenger is !
    Welbeck was conned to Arsenal like Sylvestre earlier by Fergie who apparently holds his liquor much better than Wenger

  62. Dave A

    Champagne charlie

    I for one would love for Wellbeck to be a great Arsenal Striker , as I would for any player that joind Arsenal in whatever position , Im thinking more about playing time , that is minutes on the pitch if between the two strikers we have one is only ever available then perhaps we may need three out an out strikers maybe .

  63. Marc

    S Asoa

    Have you ever been to a match or seen one on TV. The Americans shout “Kroenke sucks” but that won’t happen at the Emirates because it might be considered obscene!

    Most ridiculous comment I’ve ever heard about football. Try listening to the crowd occasionally.

  64. S Asoa

    Since Kroenke is fucking up Arsenal the appropriate reaction at the Emirates would be Kroenke fucks . Will that be ok to express our angst ?

  65. Carts

    So the Elneny fee is considerably higher than the reported £5m?

    How hard is it to get an accurate figure of transfer, these days, ffs?1!

  66. Red&White4life

    “Only Chelsea and Man Utd have won more points at home to Arsenal than Stoke City since 2008/09”


  67. Nasri's Mouth


    Transfer figures are always messy

    1) basic fee
    2) add ons depending on performance
    3) signing on fee
    4) agent(s) fee
    5) wages

    Generally the buying club will attempt to claim it’s as low as possible, the selling club the opposite, the agent likewise, the media will sometimes throw in wages to make it look huge.

    Often it’s impossible to know for sure

  68. Ughelligunner

    Nasri, even with your bbc link, people still think we are the only teams with injuries, they never understand that the big teams have a larger squad of worldclass players or above average players, and when they fill in, the injuries won’t be felt.

    But for this season, the rate at which the mid table teams are challenging, one only have to look at the kind of players they have. Some of them would make the bench for the top teams and might even start for them.

  69. Ughelligunner

    Nasri, re transfers, don’t forget no of appearances, back hand and Parents fee in some cases.

    For wenger to send a fitness coach ahead for Elneny, he must be highly rated. We would see how it goes in the next games.

  70. Ughelligunner

    Carts, shaw, valencia, carrick (their version of arteta), Rojo, Jones is back (their wilshere) i think that news is old.

  71. gonsterous

    If anyone is interested the reported fee here in Switzerland for elneny is 12 mill francs.. I’ll leave the maths and currency converting to you..

  72. Red&White4life

    I didn’t realize that the game was at Stoke, I though its was at home.

    So I think that we can forget about the 3 points.

  73. Marc

    First everyone’s pissed offed we were only spending £5 million of a player – then they complain we’re spending more.

    Fickle fucking fans.

  74. Red&White4life

    “Charlie Nicholas’s tipping Arsenal to win 3-2 at Stoke on Sunday with Theo Walcott netting first. ”

    It’s a bet!! lol

  75. Carts


    All those names went over my head. Can’t believe I didn’t even think of Jones – who turning into an absolute joke.

  76. Louis Almeida

    El Neny reminds me of Khedira in terms of playing style the more I study him. Better passing range though. Hopefully he can help us to win the ball higher up the pitch and dominate possession a bit more. Need that energy in the middle. Good that he’s versatile.

  77. Louis Almeida

    Vicky, I think he is more than just a destroyer. He prefers to intercept (like Busquets/Alonso) rather than go to ground. What I like is that he looks comfortable picking up the ball from CBs and dictating play. If that turns out to be the case, you don’t really need Santi in the pivot anymore and could go for a more adventurous pivot with him next to Ramsey, a lot of energy in there. I also think he’d look good next to Coquelin in a big game to shore up the midfield.

  78. vicky

    Louis thanks !! The question is whether he is disciplined enough to play alongside Ramsey. What I have gathered from reading about him is he is quite a skillful player. How disciplined and intelligent he is we need to wait to know.

  79. Samesong

    Wenger really doesnt like power in midfield anymore does he

    Them Egyptians are tough nuts don’t let his size fool you.