How much do Arsenal want it?

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Very quick post today because I have things to do!

Big game against Liverpool this evening. Not often we have massive game on a Wednesday these days! Maybe that’s because this isn’t a massive game in the eyes of the Sky people? Or the BT People? Or the foreign TV channels!

Anyway, here are some things I’m looking forward to seeing this evening…

How is Klopp going to play?

He knows he doesn’t have the talent to beat us at our own game, as he said yesterday, he fears our possession football and the counter attack. So is he going to play deep and look to break? Is he going to bulk out his midfield and try and kick us out of the game? Is he going to take advantage of some shady performances from Bellerin of late? His plan will be interesting. He’s going to be revved up. I imagine the Liverpool players coming into the changing room with him half-naked lightly covered by a sheep skin he’s ripped from a freshly slaughtered carcass.

The madman…

How is Wenger going to play?

Does this sort of game require a nullification exercise, or is this a business as usual game for Arsene and his team of enthusiastic tacticians? We have Ozil and Flamini coming back into this mix. Is he going to go all out for pace, maybe resting Giroud? Is he going to let JC continue in the side after a few good games? It’ll be interesting to see if any special thought has gone into this evening. Wenger knows dropped points here could signal the start of a dismal run.

How is Ozil going to play?

This for me is a massive game. This is one of those games we need our star man to carry us. The atmosphere will be big, he’ll probably get a brutalising from Henderson and Lucas. How will he cope. Will he have the eye of the tiger? That’s the big question for me. Can he deal with a wet evening up north…? Post Christmas is where titles are won. It seems like we’re a long way from the end of the road, the excitement of festivities are over and legs start to feel the burn. I hope we have the best Ozil out there this evening!

Are we title contenders?

These are the games that matter. The games where champions in waiting step forward. Are the whole team up for the fight? Do they have the focus? Do they actually believe this is possible.

They should do, they are good enough. It’s all about how much they want it though.

Switch off and we’re back with the rest of them… win, and it’s about proving it all over again at the weekend.



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  1. Dissenter

    I like the way people are consoling themselves by saying it’s a good draw.
    These are the types of games that have to be won to win the premier league.

    I get the need for changes to rest players but they likes of Arteta don’t have a place in a top team.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    yes, it feels like a defeat but on the overall balance we didn’t deserve to win. don’t ignore this. such is the state of the PL that we don’t need to win every game. Draws away in all our remaining games is probably enough to win the league.

  3. Danish Gooner

    Leicester will win the League i am certain about it,they have incredible resilience ,two games at spuds one win and one draw and they should have won the fa cup game,now it is all in their head and if they can stay injury free,

  4. Jim Lahey

    “Fancy taking off our fast forwards, when it allows Liverpool to press even harder.”

    Thats spot on. take off an attacking threat and replace them with garbage, invite Liverpool onto us and lose two points because of it.

  5. london gunner

    Walcott was woeful
    Ox was non existent
    Gibbs isn’t a footballer his attacking game is non existent never does anything good can’t even cross a ball.

    We have a secret core of deadwoods.
    Really wanted a winger in last summer, can you see why?
    Would love Griezmann and Isco and pjanic(possibly a more practical sturdy CM needed) would be football porn.

  6. WengerEagle

    ‘Ball retention and ability under pressure was absolutely terrible. ‘

    Nothing new here.

    We shit ourselves every year on our away trips to Liverpool and Spurs.

    Can barely string 5 passes together.

  7. gazzap

    I think we could have been far better on the break in the last 20 minutes. Some really poor decisions and inaccurate passing. That brought the pressure on us which led to the goal.

  8. Outah

    Don’t understand how OX has become useless. Used to be an exciting player now I’d rather have him as a hype man. Cost us when we were 4 v 4, he chose to dribble instead of passing the ball

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah Giroud played well tonight, going to need a very physical performance from him at the weekend, hopefully Sanchez is back, certainly it should be Walcott that loses out but I can see Wenger dropping Campbell.

  10. blsany

    Also there was a situation were we could’ve counter attack them towards the end with Aoc on the right and had an overload on the left and he chose to dribble and lost the ball instead of switching the ball.his decision making is really awful….

  11. naijagunner

    We played against a Liverpool team always pumped up for the big games….we have a host of first team players out with injury…we nick a point. On to the next game.

    The whole bottlers theme on here is clearly ignoring the state of the league this season. Your class of the league City couldn’t beat Everton at home either, that was supposed to be a” kind fixture”

  12. Jaffa

    Gibbs coming on to shore things up is just plain wrong. Arteta ,Flamini need to go and the ox needs a massive kick up the arse. All things any Arsenal fan can see so why can’t wenger.? Well played Joel Campbell I hope he keeps improving and keeps ox out. Great goals by Ollie especially the 2nd. I thought Ozil was a bit off tonight?

  13. Loyika

    Danish a manager like whom!? Jose!? Where is the tactical gem now. I understand that folks are gutted (i am pissed myself) but get a grip. No one is running away with this.

    Only worry beong The Foxes thatare not just going away. Citeh and Spurs are just as rubbish as we are in some games and United!? Pleaseeeee!!! We just need to match eveeyones scores, afterall Citeh won the league once on GD. I doubt their fans give a shyte how they won it!!

    We have as much chance as anyone in the top half of the league, we just need to be level headed and do what needs to the done. Key is not losing these 3 games. (Hope we win against Stoke and probably draw against Chelscum)

  14. Paulinho

    The way we kept the ball against Barca in the final with ten men was incredible. Fabregas and Hleb were unreal at shielding and slipping balls through the lines.

    Wenger brings off Fabregas for Flamini and it all goes to shit.

    We’ve got no players apart from Wilshere than can actually deal with swarm pressure.

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think we should cut loses with Walcott an sell …

    Closely followed by ox

    The Gibbs
    Then jack

    Why not bring on chambers instead of Arteta

    West brim
    We lose pool we lose ( draw but lost )
    All because Wenger brings on his beloved Arteta …

    We won’t win a thing with that cunt at the helm.

  16. london gunner

    If Wenger bought cover for Coq we would have any extra 8 points.

    I wasn’t for signing a 30/25 million pound player but there was plenty of adequate cover for 10-15 mill that would be a vast improvement on the chuckle brothers flamini and arteta

  17. WengerEagle

    True Jim.

    Gibbs has actually regressed though which is startling as he was never a decent player to begin with.

    He’s an utter liability now.

    A quivering wreck of a player that can’t attack and can barely defend.

  18. bacaryisgod

    Wow-all the lunatics and depressives out in force today.

    I would be far more annoyed if I was a Chelsea, Man City or Spurs fan today. Sure, we conceded a late equalizer but we also came from behind twice. I thought it was a fully committed performance by the team although the substitutes were all disappointing even in limited minutes. I would have actually subbed in Chambers instead of Arteta at the end. Far more useful in that situation and only a little less mobile than our captain.

    The positives were:

    Monreal probably had the best game I’ve seen for a while from a defender whose team conceded three goals.

    Giroud was a beast despite his open goal miss. He should be drilled for hours at putting those crosses away with his right foot and then we’ll see even more improvement

    Interesting tactics from Klopp. He waited until Arsene made his final switch before seeing how best to create a mismatch in bringing on Caulker. It could have blown up in his face, and there were some boos from the fans (could have been Arsenal fans greeting a Spud though) but credit to him for turning up the pressure on our centre backs.

  19. gazzap

    Yeah the defensive player that perhaps should have come on was Chambers. Arteta NOPE. Wenger has his favourite and pecking order, always has and always costs us.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger needs to review urgently how he plays games like this.

    We cannot play high tempo games with the likes of Flamini and Mertesacker,
    because they do not react quickly enough when teams are counterattacking against us.

    Similarly the time has come to review our bench. Why on earth does Wenger
    bring on players like Arteta and Gibbs? If you are planning to close down a game and you see Liverpool bring on as subs target men who are 6 ft plus you need to counter what they are doing.

    The obvious replacements were Gabriel and either Chambers or Debuchy who are solid defensively and better in the air.

    The time has come for Wenger to accept that Messrs Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky should not be playing under any circumstances and should be now
    replaced in the current transfer window.

  21. SidBish

    Is it only me who thinks that Campbell just has no clue at tracking back and covering attackers ? He was truly woeful …….. Theo, Ox, Gibbs, Arteta all truly woeful …..

  22. Frankie T

    In the moment it feels like defeat but in the grand scheme I would take a draw at anfield when we are top with a small cushion. I said I wanted 7 points from the Liverpool, Stoke and Chelsea games. So let’s win the next two.

    Some thoughts:

    Missing Cazorla so much. When we are pressed high he is the one who can keep the ball under pressure.

    We cannot close a game out. Chamberlain is not the player we want to bring on to close a game. Chambers and Gabriel would have been better options.

    Giroud a beast on his day and Walcott anonymous when it’s not his day.

    But the league is still there for the taking. Les get some injured players back and buy two more and we can do it.

  23. DaleDaGooner

    DimitriJanuary 13, 2016 22:00:03
    Cech hasn’t saved us points? Fuck off you delusional twat.

    you and whoever supports you are delusional twats…..1 or 2 goals today could have been saved by the likes of De Gea and Thibaut….but i’m not complaining….like i said you twat

  24. Loyika

    Damn, forgot we are playing the Orc at thier home. Damn!! Now that will be tough.

    Danish are you prepared to put your neck on the line for Leicester!?

  25. london gunner


    “We’ve got no players apart from Wilshere than can actually deal with swarm pressure.”

    The player who has the highest dispossession rate on the team? Who constantly miss passes to the other opposition or dribbles into trouble.

    Don’t insult fab and hleb with that comparison.

    If anything Ozil and Cazorla are better at negating the swarm

  26. Jim Lahey

    @WE – “Gibbs has actually regressed though which is startling as he was never a decent player to begin with.He’s an utter liability now.”

    Agreed, ever since that slip in 09 he has been a liability. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind putting him out on the pitch, Arteta too. Arteta has done nothing but cost us points this year.

  27. Paulinho

    No way will they win at Stoke now.

    As always the choke sets the seeds for mental weakness down the line.

    If we had held on tonight we would have gone to Stoke full of beans.Now we will be as flat as a pancake.

  28. vicky

    Wenger’s substitutions are most of time very very poor. So many times when we dominate games and have a lead, Wenger takes off our best attacking players and brings on defensive players, giving the opposition a window to attack us and score a goal. Joel despite being a winger is far better defensively than Arteta and Gibbs. No point really in taking him off. Downright silly.

  29. Colonel Mustard

    bacaryisgod January 13, 2016 22:15:14

    “Wow-all the lunatics and depressives out in force today”

    Do you not get this is the reason we probably wont win league. Wegner tactical changes that backfire again. Gibbs and Arteta offer nothing. Its these moment that define a title winning team. We need to create a gap to have any chance. Wegner with his best chance in years will self destruct it with his dirty old habits of changing something that working.

  30. WengerEagle

    ‘Missing Cazorla so much. When we are pressed high he is the one who can keep the ball under pressure.’

    This is nearly as big a fabrication as our ‘beautiful’ style of football.

    Cazorla is always one of our worst performers and offenders for surrendering possession when we’re playing teams that press us high up the pitch away from home.

  31. Paulinho

    “If anything Ozil and Cazorla are better at negating the swarm”

    They’re both absolute fucking shit at it.

    Ozil just hangs by the touchline hoping to somehow get a throw in.

  32. DaleDaGooner

    R.S.P.C.ArsenalJanuary 13, 2016 22:10:37
    Cech was poor tonight

    watch out RSPC…one is not allowed to say things like that

  33. naijagunner

    Anyone who reads this blog would be forgiven for concluding we just played Aston villa at home….not Liverpool at a field coached by Jürgen the messiah.

    Goodnight u miserable lot.

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Arteta should be bagged up an put on the coaching corse straight away …

    Man that was a terrible defeat at the death

    U say well done Giround

    But had he taken that sitter ….

    Still wipe the tears away an play Sunday …

  35. DaleDaGooner

    constructive critism on a true assessment of certain high profile players, and some people read it as bashing,…….complete melts these are

  36. Rambo Ramsey

    well said naija, City the favorites being walloped 3-0 by this Lpool side at etihad is not a bottle job. no Arsenal coming from behind twice and ultimately getting a hard fought away draw is bottle job. sheesh its sad

  37. london gunner


    But it works better than Jack wilshere who constantly surrenders possesion in the middle of the park that leads the other teams to score on the counter.

    When jack was fit we saw this countless times…

    So you are compeltely pulling the idea that Jack does well in these situations out of your arse.

    What jack does is similar to ramsey he dribbles well past players when he picks up momentum and has a bit of space, He can beat the player of the dribble in this position as soon as it gets tight in the final third he more often than not gets tackled by running into the opposing player and then clutching his ankle on the floor.

  38. vicky

    “The time has come for Wenger to accept that Messrs Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky should not be playing under any circumstances and should be now
    replaced in the current transfer window”

    Disagree completely. Rosicky and BFG are good players unlike Arteta and Flamini. In fact I hope Wenger uses TR7. Agree that he should be released in the summer though.

  39. WengerEagle

    Cech might have done a little better for the first goal as he parried Can’s effort straight to Firmino but he had absolutely no chance for either of the other two goals.

    I’d put more blame on whoever it was that lost Allen on the goal, he has all the time in the world to take that strike on as it hangs up in the air.

    Think it was Bellerin.

  40. Jim Lahey

    @Naij – “Anyone who reads this blog would be forgiven for concluding we just played Aston villa at home….not Liverpool”

    You’re right! Its not like this happens every…. oh wait…

  41. london gunner


    You have some good points.

    But I am sick and tired of this gold tinted specs when talking about wilshere he was often are worst offender in ceding possession and was at times comfortably our worst player on the pitch

  42. Paulinho

    London – God you’re so dense sometimes.

    Barca are the best swarm team in history off the ball, and Wilshere was absolutely masterful at dealing with it.

    Again you’re judging him when his ankle is screwed. How many bloody times do I have to go over it.

  43. Angeli

    God punish u and your family Wenger…..simple make d right players on time..Liverpool loan caulker within seconds..arsenal ain’t your property…Campbell played to d last of his blood..u wasted his effort.. some fans are fool believing u are d Messiah. Everton, stoke, Leicester, even Bournemouth wud win this game. please take flam and arteta with u..useless idiottttt

  44. Carts

    Massively disappointing result really is.

    Wouldn’t put it past Klopp to highlight the fact that Wenger-time subs actually disjoint us when we’re most likely fatiguing resulting in the perfect time to press even more.

    I’d much rather us finish with the same 11 or make NECESSARY subs as oppposed to sentimental ones

  45. Colonel Mustard

    Wegner Eagle….

    Wegners tactics got us in that position. Piss poor subs and tactically sitting back when we need to push out and kill the time further up pitch. but alas this is nothing new.

  46. Leedsgunner

    We must the only side in the Premiership where the side actively becomes weaker when the captain comes on. If he was the DM shield he should have been marking Allen out of the game.

    Very sad that the Arsenal Captaincy has been degraded and given to one of the most ineffective uninspiring players in our squad of late.

    At his age, his experience should have come to the fore and he should have done better… he should have calmed nerves at least and organised people when the last minute free kick was given. Where was the supposed leadership?!

    I’m sorry in my eyes he offers nothing to the side… and even as a coach I don’t know what he could offer uniquely. If it was up to me

    I hope we don’t lose the title by 2 points because it will really really hurt.

    Very very very disappointed.

  47. Loyika

    Stoke will tell us alot about this team. Lose that and we roll over and just go through the motions. Draw or win and we have as much chance as anyone.

    I repeat; No team out there (apart from Leicester) is tearing up any trees, so all this negativity is just bollocks.

    Once again Citeh won the league on GD before. I would take that any day. Even if we won it by 1 point o don’t care as long as we win it.

    COYGs! We live to battle another day (and what a battle we have ahead against Stoke)

  48. Champagne Charlie

    Anyone bashing Arteta right now is basically just outing themselves as an utter moron.

    He is exactly the type of player we are desperate for. Too many happy to call Coquelin world class, but there’s what happens with technical deficiency and an opponent who presses. Utter calamity.

    Elneny I hope to god lives up to his billing, and the summer will 100% see a CM who ticks all the boxes. Jack was the hope, but clear as day we can’t rely on his health. Enemy to replace Arteta and someone to replace Rambo is what’s needed.

  49. DaleDaGooner

    Ozil disappeared in another big game, Cech has saved some goals, but equally let in quite a few, he’s still like the Cech that lost his place for TC at Chelsea, still a better option than what we have/had, Ramsey is just not the right choice to be in the starting squad until he learns to play CM. we know Arteta and Flamini are done, Mertesacker should not be starting. Bellerin as good as he can be, is still very green. Walcott, Ox, Wilshere and Gibbs are just English hot airs that think they are better thn they really are, because they make the English squad.

    All in all, I hope City continue to play bad, and Leicester drop off….

  50. Samesong

    At his age, his experience should have come to the fore and he should have done better… he should have calmed nerves at least and organised people when the last minute free kick was given. Where was the supposed leadership?!


    Arteta shouldn’t feature in no more games going forward he’s a liability. Koz conceded the freekick near the end. Very dissapointed with his display tonight.

  51. Frankie T

    Wenger Eagle

    Man city away last year ring any bells? Cazorla was by far the best player on the pitch wriggling out of pressure every time. That’s what we need against a high press. Liverpool tonight and Southampton on Boxing Day were pressing high and Ramsey and flamini cannot deal with it. Their touch is too heavy.

    He has

  52. WengerEagle

    How much longer are we going to have to put up with these piss-poor performances from Theo?

    Even his biggest fans will admit that he’s rarely ever involved unless he’s on the scoresheet, well that’s now 1 goal in his last 12 apps.

    What exactly is he bringing to the table?

  53. ADKB

    Yup, bad substitutions cost us 2pts. Unless players are sweating blood, there’s no need to bring on Gibbs and Arteta. There was no need for Ox, Campbell is better at defending and not giving away the ball carelessly.

  54. Jim Lahey

    “Barca are the best swarm team in history off the ball, and Wilshere was absolutely masterful at dealing with it.

    Again you’re judging him when his ankle is screwed. How many bloody times do I have to go over it.”

    Ahh we’re back to that Barca game when talking about Jack!

    I for one was completely fed up of watching him lose possession and then throwing himself on the ground… every time.

  55. Jim Lahey

    “Anyone bashing Arteta right now is basically just outing themselves as an utter moron.

    He is exactly the type of player we are desperate for.”


  56. ADKB

    @Loyika: “I repeat; No team out there (apart from Leicester) is tearing up any trees…”

    And we thrashed the same Leicester in their backyard, didn’t we? But well said – come May if we’re top of the league by half-a-point or even goal difference, who cares?

  57. Cesc Appeal



    Walcott is one of those players who seems to get away with so much, or have criticism of him labelled ‘unfair,’ exactly the same with Wilshere and to a lesser extent Gibbs.

    But Walcott, if ever a player has had a total overestimation of his ability, there’s the guy.

  58. Emiratesstroller

    Champagne Charlie

    Do you ever watch Arsenal?

    To suggest that Arteta is a solution in midfield in preference to Coquelin demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the game.

    Arteta has not been up to scratch for at least 3 years and Arsenal have conceded goals against Liverpool whenever he has played against them. He does not
    have the legs to play at this level.

  59. vicky


    Theo still hasn’t grown up to become a man.

    4-5 great performances every season and absolute piss poor performances in the remaining matches or out injured. We need another midfielder and a player who can play right wing/ center forward to seal the deal. These two deficiencies have cost us close to 10 points.

    West Brom – 3 points
    Norwich – 2 points
    Southampton – 3 points
    Liverpool – 2 points

  60. Highbury4ever

    “But Walcott, if ever a player has had a total overestimation of his ability, there’s the guy.”
    Spot on.

  61. Rambo Ramsey

    Champagne CharlieJanuary 13, 2016 22:28:27
    “Anyone bashing Arteta right now is basically just outing themselves as an utter moron. He is exactly the type of player we are desperate for.”

    probably had too much of Champagne there , Charlie?

  62. Paulinho

    “Ahh we’re back to that Barca game when talking about Jack!”

    Yeah, I prefer to judge players when they’re fit funnily enough.

  63. goonerboy

    This script was written many years ago. Whenever this team has to defend -it looks vulnerable.
    Hard to think any team that concedes 3 away to this disjointed transitional Liverpool team and 4 away to Southampton can seriously consider it has title ambitions.
    We may be marginally better than the rest of the mid table sides-but our defence convinces only the blind and deluded.

  64. DaleDaGooner

    Wait till 75mins to bring on Arteta, Gibbs and Ox, who lost the game….you;d think Wenger would learn….Gibbs getting time on the field over Gabriel is just plain stupid….or at least Chambers, better than Gibbs or Arteta coming on…

  65. Danish Gooner

    Wenger will never get rid of Rosicky,Arteta or flam,if he did he would actually have to spend some money,God forbid.

  66. DaleDaGooner

    West Brom – 3 points
    Norwich – 2 points
    Southampton – 3 points
    Liverpool – 2 points

    this….costing us the league

  67. bacaryisgod

    I think it’s pretty clear that Flamini will have another year after this one. He’s done well and is actually the guy you want to bring on for the last 10 minutes to protect a lead. He’s also best friends with Ozil and we need to keep our genius happy.

    Elneny is an advanced replacement for Rosicky and we’ll bring in a defensive maestro to replace Arteta in the summer.

    As for Cech, I wouldn’t discount the fact that he might need to be rested for Cup games and that the weekend match may not have helped him tonight in terms of freshness.

    Even if he was at fault for any of the goals (and I think at worst it’s a case of maybe could have done better than being at fault) then that’s only about 8 points he’s saved us this season instead of the 10 he had before the game.

  68. Bob

    Vs Stoke = absolute must win!
    Vs Chelsea = absolutly must not lose
    Considering how poor we were a point is ok..(ish) Joel Campbell & giroud the only players that can b happy with there performances tonight, so gutting 2 drop 2 points in the last minute

  69. WengerEagle

    Frankie T

    You’ve earmarked possibly the one big match away where Santi has actually successfully countered a pressing side.

    What about Spurs away (twice, the year Rosicky scored the wonder goal we could barely string 2 passes together and Santi was hopeless at keeping the ball), Liverpool away in 2013/14 and 2014/15, Chelsea away 2013/14 and 2014/15, Bayern at home twice, Monaco at home last season, Dortmund away last season.

    I could go on.

    Santi’s great when we’re playing sides that sit back and allow us to play but when he’s being giving a footballing lesson by Ryan Mason and Bentaleb it brings questions.

  70. tunnygriffboy

    Well well well. Bittersweet

    Full on game from both sides. Really feared the worst first 20 minutes. In seasons past we would have crumbled undoubtedly. Did really well to come back twice and take the lead. Never thought we had it in the bag as we couldn’t keep hold of the ball last 10 minutes

    Gutted they scored tbh but it probably fair as much as I hate to admit it.

    Big up to defence, Campbell, Giroud and to a certain degree Ramsey. Thumbs down Theo. Ozil very quiet and as hard as Flamini tries he just isn’t athletic enough. Have to sort that out I hope Elneny can do it.

    Not throwing toys out of cot because we fought our way back twice. There’s a long way to go yet and we must get some players back.

  71. bishop

    I was sad the day Arteta returned to training.He will always have that element of bad luck in him.

    How headless is flamini??just running around.

    Cech has saved us points this season in some games but not today.

    Wenger can’t just help it but play the OX..that guy is useless as of today.

    Why Gibbs?? That guy just runs around doing nothing when he comes on.

    That’s some huge 2 points dropped.

    I can’t see Wenger getting 6 points off Stoke Stoke Chelsea. Let hope city and Leicester drop points aswell.

    IN summary

    I can’t see Wenger winning the league. Some how some way..he will always come short.

  72. Emiratesstroller

    Hopefully Sanchez will be available on Sunday, because bluntly Walcott is not
    physically strong enough to play against a team like Stoke.

    I would like to know why it is taking so long to complete transfer of Elneny.?Have the management and lawyers gone on holiday? My guess is that Elneny even if registered in time is unlikely to be in starting lineup although possibly on bench.

    I doubt that he has played a game since before Christmas so there will be issues about his match fitness.

  73. Loyika

    Funny if we had won this and lost to Stoke, the “Wailing Wailers!” would still come out with the same line of us doing a bottle job.

    We will not win all our remaining games (and probably lose 2 or 3 before the season runs out), but as long as we are top come the last footie day in May, i am with you ADKB; I couldn’t care less of what the moaners think!!

  74. bacaryisgod

    Like the Theo comment. He’s probably seen Alexis go on a mazy dribble before shooting a bullet from distance so thought he could do it too.

  75. gazzap

    Wenger “But I feel as well at 3-2 we were guilty of two or three bad decisions in the final third where we tried to play not together enough and in the end we got caught on a long ball.”
    Pretty much spot on. Poor play on the break when 3-2 up.

  76. Champagne Charlie


    Did I say Arteta is who we need or did I say he’s the TYPE we need? Learn to read.

    Do YOU watch Arsenal? Or are you just the type to join in on the flavourful bashing of certain players as the times change?

    Arteta of 3 years ago would be first name on the sheet in midfield. None of our current deep midfielders can pass or position themselves as he did for us. That’s why Coquelin has a gal pal in Cazorla to cover those deficiencies. That’s why Flamini and Ramsey got destroyed tonight by a pressing system.

    So yea I watch Arsenal and it’s clear as day what the issue is….hence we’ve bought a fucking CM who can pass the ball, and work in tight spaces.

  77. WengerEagle

    How can people not see that it’s not even the result that’s what is most disappointing, it was the manner in which we surrendered the lead as we’ve seen all too often in season’s past whenever an opportunity to break away at the top has presented itself.

    Just like the way we don’t do Novembers under Wenger.

  78. DaleDaGooner

    That’s why Coquelin has a gal pal in Cazorla to cover those deficiencies. That’s why Flamini and Ramsey got destroyed tonight by a pressing system.

    Arteta maybe a fine passer, but he lacks the defensive side, that is what Coq brings, and he isn’t far off passing wise, i’d rather have Coq and Cazorla than Arteta…if Wenger could stop hurting his chances by stop being biased, we could have been winning and far off the pack in top. Ramsey, Arteta, Mertesacker, Ox, Gibbs have seen too many game time when they are not what is required in certain games. This game, I would have yanked Ramsey off if he failed to stay in the midfield and pass better…

  79. Leedsgunner

    If we are going to park the bus to protect the lead at least park the bus properly.

    Bringing on Gibbs and Arteta to protect a lead is like parking the bus uphill on the steepest hill in town but forgetting to engage the handbrake, but even if you did it wouldn’t make too much of a difference because the brake cables and pads are shot to pieces… and way past their best.

    You might get away with it the first time but sooner or later,the bus is going to roll backwards without warning and take everything in its path out.

  80. Loyika

    @ Dale if Jose had not insulted the Doctor he would still be in a job. If Henry had scored “that” goal against Barca we could have won the CL.

    Mate we are not going to win every game, probably not understanding how this league footie thing. We just have to match our rivals and be on top come the end of May. This is not a Cup Comp.

  81. bishop

    The annoying thing is that Sanchez seems to just never return.
    Wenger will say again he’s close..hes been close over 3 weeks now.

    Walcott has been shit lately. He needs sanchez or have his brain back.

  82. Emiratesstroller

    Champagne Charlie

    Actually I do read and the one thing that I do understand is football. I have probably watched more Arsenal games than you have had hot dinners.

    Arteta has been poor for the last 3 years and does not have the legs to play in pressing games such as Liverpool have played against us.

    Bluntly his contract should never have been renewed this season and one thing that I can tell you is that if Coquelin had played in first twenty minutes
    of tonight’s game or in last 5 minutes at least two of the goals would not have
    been conceded. He would have controlled the midfield and cut out many of
    the midfield passes made by Liverpool.

  83. Champagne Charlie


    You’re either really new to Arsenal or selectively ignorant. Arteta was a terrific player defensively, the only ever criticism was his athleticism. Defensively he was as productive as Coquelin now, but in possession and when it came to contributing to our possession football he was so much better it’s literally pointless to comment on.

    You seem the type to base passing ability on pass percentage or some other garb. I don’t like to be demeaning, but learn the game a bit before making such stupid assertions.

  84. Loyika

    People keep forgetting that winning this league is tough (see Klopps msg for Pep) Chelsea won it at a canter last season and see where they are now. It drains you as a player and as fans (and that why we love it)

    Only team who can just enjoy themselves and roll the dice is Leicester as they really have nothing to lose and all to gain (no mattwr where they end up come May)

  85. Champagne Charlie


    Clearly you can’t read for shit because not once did I say Arteta was the answer. And way to be an Internet hero with lines like “I’ve seen more Arsenal games than you’ve had hot dinners”….you’ve no idea about me so cut the bollocks and present an argument/opinion, or just fuck off.

    I’ll dumb down my original statement. Arsenal need a player like Arteta of old, one who can set the tempo from deep, recycle possession, be reliable on the ball, organise, be disciplined, and contribute to what is supposed to be a possession based attacking football we play. Everything this elneny seems to point toward….

    Guess Arsene also shares my thoughts on what’s needed in midfield. What would you have? A big hard man like Wanyama to chase shadows and relinquish possession as all our deep midfielders currently do? You “understand football ” do you…

  86. Jeff

    I couldn’t watch the match tonight because I had a work do but I am gutted that we conceded a 90th minute goal to drop 2 points. Absolutely gutted. The only consolation is that Man City drew and that we are still top on goal difference.

    I hope this isn’t the beginning of our collapse.

  87. Emiratesstroller

    Champagne Charlie

    No we don’t need a player like Arteta. We are not short of technically gifted and creative players in our squad and there are now other players who can take penalties.

    Arsenal have needed for a long time a disciplined, defensively strong and reasonably athletic defensive midfielder which we have now got in Coquelin.

    If there is criticism it is that Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini should have been replaced in the summer and Wenger should have brought in a second DMF as
    well as another CMF.

  88. gazzap

    Yes BBC website says it was Ramsey that took the corner. Then he should take all corners from the left from now on. Ozil to do corners on the right. They have to swing inwards.

  89. Champagne Charlie


    To call Arteta “technically gifted and creative” is bemusing. You might claim to watch a lot of football but your understanding is clearly absent.

    You’re obviously the sort to champion “tough, brick wall” type players as if they’re linked to solidity. Cos all the very best teams in world football have Coquelin types…

    Modric, kroos, alonso, vidal, lahm, rakitic, busquets, marchisio, pogba.

    Yea, hard men are clearly the requirement.

  90. Carts

    “Napoli about to sign Christoph Kramer form £11.2m ….. bit on the expensive side for us!”

    Hamsik, Allan, Jorgiho now Kramer. Very nice balance there. They need a striker to compliment The Hig now.

  91. Loyika

    @ Jeff

    Watch the game first. We fought well in this game, we could have been slaughtered in the first 20 mins but we were strong.

    The only disappointing thing is if we lost the league by something like 2 points. But what i am sure of is that we will be in the mix till the end. What needs to be answered by the lads is if they have the balls to stand up and be counted to see the job through.

  92. GuNZ

    My stomach has only just stopped churning – really thought we were going to go another couple of points ahead of City there. For 75% of the game Liverpool gave the ball away more often and in more dangerous positions than we did. It was the 25% of the game where that was reversed that cost us.

    And Giroud? Always a mixed bag, but that was one of his better ones – second goal was superb. I suppose that after we gave up mounting any serious attacking pressure on their goal a third of the way through the second half, a draw was a fair result but my oh my how it fucks me off when I see the other results.

  93. Ces1ne

    Wow, I see (Too much) Champagne Charlie & Loyika are doing their best @ taking the “most deluded” trophy for today…….please think before you hit that “POST COMMENT” button guys/gals