How much do Arsenal want it?

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Very quick post today because I have things to do!

Big game against Liverpool this evening. Not often we have massive game on a Wednesday these days! Maybe that’s because this isn’t a massive game in the eyes of the Sky people? Or the BT People? Or the foreign TV channels!

Anyway, here are some things I’m looking forward to seeing this evening…

How is Klopp going to play?

He knows he doesn’t have the talent to beat us at our own game, as he said yesterday, he fears our possession football and the counter attack. So is he going to play deep and look to break? Is he going to bulk out his midfield and try and kick us out of the game? Is he going to take advantage of some shady performances from Bellerin of late? His plan will be interesting. He’s going to be revved up. I imagine the Liverpool players coming into the changing room with him half-naked lightly covered by a sheep skin he’s ripped from a freshly slaughtered carcass.

The madman…

How is Wenger going to play?

Does this sort of game require a nullification exercise, or is this a business as usual game for Arsene and his team of enthusiastic tacticians? We have Ozil and Flamini coming back into this mix. Is he going to go all out for pace, maybe resting Giroud? Is he going to let JC continue in the side after a few good games? It’ll be interesting to see if any special thought has gone into this evening. Wenger knows dropped points here could signal the start of a dismal run.

How is Ozil going to play?

This for me is a massive game. This is one of those games we need our star man to carry us. The atmosphere will be big, he’ll probably get a brutalising from Henderson and Lucas. How will he cope. Will he have the eye of the tiger? That’s the big question for me. Can he deal with a wet evening up north…? Post Christmas is where titles are won. It seems like we’re a long way from the end of the road, the excitement of festivities are over and legs start to feel the burn. I hope we have the best Ozil out there this evening!

Are we title contenders?

These are the games that matter. The games where champions in waiting step forward. Are the whole team up for the fight? Do they have the focus? Do they actually believe this is possible.

They should do, they are good enough. It’s all about how much they want it though.

Switch off and we’re back with the rest of them… win, and it’s about proving it all over again at the weekend.



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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Who the fuck said what is Joe Allen going to do? Why did you have to fucking say it…

    Exactly like last year…fuck off

  2. Leedsgunner

    Poor poor concentration really.

    No surprise that we conceded shortly after Arteta comes on the pitch, who was marking Allen? This is why ladies and gents we need another DM, to close off games like this.

  3. DaleDaGooner

    Wenger is a fool….all 3 subs plus Ramsey are rubbish…not title winning players. Gabriel should have been brought on instead of either one of those duds

  4. gonsterous

    gibbs was just a waste of space.. guy cant hold the ball, dribble or pass under pressure.. his defending is also very poor… and add to that he bought on arteta… thanx wenger.. great work building the squad..

  5. Spanishdave

    No squad depth with Wenger we will never have a strong squad he will always have favourites and never win the title with him again , never

  6. WengerEagle

    On a matchday week where City, United and Spurs all dropped points this was yet another huge opportunity pissed away due to our inability not to choke when our backs are up against the wall.

    Gutting but hardly a shock.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    We seriously need to hope Elneny is decent, Wenger doesn’t think he needs anything, that is all we will get, so we need to hope.

    Our middle is terrible. Kozz had a bad one tonight, Walcott has slipped into normal Walcott mode, shit since City.

    Giroud was brilliant, Mert had a good second half, Monreal was great, has been all season, Campbell was decent again.

    We need signings though.

  8. izzo

    this dropped points is Wenger’s fault. he will always do everything to get back to his precious 4th place. only positive i can take is we didn’t lose.

  9. Arsene's Nurse

    Well a difficult night away from home at Liverpool with the weather absolutely slating it down. A cracking game for the neutral and a late equaliser. We are still missing Sanchez, Coquelin and Santi so I’m not amazingly upset. The defensive subs just didn’t help. We are still the same number of points ahead of City.

  10. DaleDaGooner

    Gibbs is pooor! Arteta is done and Ox can’t even get back into Southampton if he went back….Wenger has to be a fool to think those subs were good to hold off for a win. what was the point? Gibbs?? Arteta? Oxlade? to hold for a win?

  11. gambon

    We always, always throw it away when every team around us drops points.

    Weve been bottling these situations for years.

  12. pliget

    Well a draw against a potential challenger away. One shouldn’t complain about that so COYG. Making Champions League qualification more secure every week.

  13. Marc

    Tony Gale is a cunt of epic proportions. Talks Liverpool up and how great they were when they’ve conceded 3 at home? If this had been at the Emirates it would have been how you can’t concede 3 at home if you want to finish top 4.

  14. Paulinho

    Wenger teams will always choke.

    Regardless of personnel, that choker of a manager will transmit it to the players.

  15. london gunner

    Arsene nurse we need to pulling away mate,

    It’s like previous seasons where we have the opportunity to pull ahead but keep failing and eventually one of the big boys will get their act together

  16. Danny

    Well at least it’s an improvement on our last away game at Southampton. Of course it’s still not good enough and Wenger has had 13 days to buy players but he couldn’t give a shit – he knows a top 4 finish will be hard for us to screw up.
    At least the Scum lost.

  17. Danish Gooner

    This is a side with a central pairing of the two slowest players in history, Old Kolo and old man Sakho.And why do we keep conceeding late at anfield ????

  18. Dimitri

    Feels like a defeat, but drawing at Anfield is a result most people would take if you offered it to them at the beginning.

    But shit Gibbs and Ox were fucking useless. Need Sanchez back ASAP.

  19. Dissenter

    Arteta has no freaking pride.
    Better players have walked away from top teams because they knew their legs were gone.

  20. Berg

    its not our defence its our midfield. is anyone suprised that we have been shit defensvley since Carzola and coquelin got injured

  21. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t get this Wenger obsession with throwing Gibbs on as well. He doesn’t become an extra LB, but he doesn’t do the job of a LM player either, just turns possession over and doesn’t really cover any better than Campbell was.

    That is what is hurting us, obviously our first eleven isn’t as good as it should be, but with fit players we’d have the players currently starting coming of the bench, our bench actually has a negative impact on our game when used.

    Wenger, signings please, you can win the league you old stubborn goat just make some fucking signings.

  22. Paulinho

    Koscielny has got to be the most overrated player in Arsenal’s history.

    Unreal how many nightmares he has in physical games like this.

    About as much presence and strength as a paper plane

  23. london gunner

    “We always, always throw it away when every team around us drops points.Weve been bottling these situations for years”.

    Times one thousand.

    Din’t try and paint this result as positive guys this is ultimately the exact kind of situation that costs us the title year after year.

    We still have all those hard away games which will be much harder than this game Sanchez or no sanchez.

  24. useroz

    Kos has been shit alright.

    No one fought the ball with Benteke Both Kos and Monreal didn’t jump at all.

    I think with Ozil, JC still on our defensive would have been more street smart than the dumbass average subs Wenger put on. Weakened the team for what??

    2 points dropped given the circumstances., at 91″

  25. Outah

    Gibbs and Ox don’t deserve to be on the pitch, even as subs. I’d rather Gabriel and Iwobi at least we know Gabriel can defend while Iwobi know’s when to pick a pass

  26. DaleDaGooner

    And Cech hasn’t save us much be honest, but i’m not complaining…It’s keeping Arteta, Ox and Gibbs in the squad and thinking they are game changers that worries me…Gibbs is just not good enough, and Arteta is done

  27. Hitman

    We’ve been here before. Nothing changes. Typical Wenger team. A bag of nerve so early in the title race. You can see the players don’t believe. Fear to pass, fear to keep the ball. Feared their own shadows.
    Fear to win. Bottlers.

  28. Danish Gooner

    Leicester have successfully negociated Manure,Spuds,Pool,Chavski and Everton,for a while it will be plain sailing for them.

  29. Loyika

    We will win the league guys.

    Apart from The Foxes everyone else is shyte. It will be a low number title but we can do it (well as long as we don’t lose to the Orcs o er the weekend)

    We should have won this, buy a draw in the larger scheme of things is not that bad. At least we didn’t roll over and get our tummies tickled.

    We need players back like yesterday. Sanchez today and we could have won.

    Arsene can never be trusted to do right in the transfer market, so we just have to pray players come back quickly.

    One game down. Still top (just) On to the next one against Hughes and his band of Merry Scum at the Ems.

  30. DaleDaGooner

    RollenJanuary 13, 2016 21:58:00
    We made this crap Lolpool team look decent.
    Same Pool that beat City? Are you even ok?

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Walcott as well, when people rave about him when he has a good game, remember the 5-6 terrible ones he’s had in between.

    Totally anonymous tonight, only really noticed him when he dribbled into three Liverpool players on the edge of his own box to give away the first goal.

    Such a gutting result. Exactly the same as Anfield last year, we just cannot hang on.

  32. london gunner

    Oh and Coq won’t be fully functional till the end of the season.

    He is back on “27th of feb” which will be mid/late march and he wont have match fitness to april/late april

  33. Emiratesstroller

    Same old story.

    We knew how Liverpool would play their pressing game in first half and gave the ball away too easily.

    First goal conceded was down to Walcott’s inept clearance. The third goal was so predictable. Why on earth did we bring on Arteta who is frankly past his best as indeed is Flamini. There was absolute no defensive control in midfield
    throughout game.

    Bluntly it was two points lost and a real opportunity to have clear air between us and Man City.

    Let us hope that Elneny will offer our back line more defensive cover than we saw tonight.

    Offensively we were okay and Giroud had a very good game, but the bottom line is that we conceded 3 goals and a title challenging team should be defensively stronger than we were.

  34. Johnty79

    Wenger played a full strength team against Sunderland for no apparent reason….it came back to bite us.

    Arsenal will lose the title due to this result. Serves him right.

  35. David Kay

    Arteta = Bad Omen,
    Wenger = Senile,
    Flamini = Expired
    Would have brought in Chambers for Walcot, should not have subbed Campbel. Poor Subs caused us the match. Now salvation is to buy proper DM and a winger.

  36. Paulinho

    “Twice we had to come from behind but I suppose that don’t count. get a Fucking grip”

    You bottle something when in a position of strength and have something to lose.

    You need resilience to retrieve deficits.

    Two different things.

  37. Rustygunner

    Welcome Elneny, welcome Sanchez. Campbell is not dropping back to the bench., but he needs to work on his stamina. We need 2 grafters who can fight for the ball upfield all game.

  38. DaleDaGooner

    and Chelsea draws….watch them raise their game against us…but i hope we aren’t rolling out Arteta, Gibbs and Ox as substitutes….tired of seeing Gibbs…Gabriel would have been a better option to defend the goal

  39. WengerEagle

    Rambo Ramsey

    Don’t give me that bollocks, doesn’t matter how many times you come from behind if you fail to win the match.

    We were a handful of minutes away from winning a crucial match that would have opened up a little gap at the top of the league.

    And we bent over right on cue.

  40. Loyika

    @ London did Citeh demolish Everton at the Ethihad!?

    One question to all those saying we won’t win the league, whi right now can win it please!?

  41. london gunner


    we had the chance to go 5 points ahead of city after they dropped points to Everton. instead liverpool score in the last minute of normal time.

    If that’s not bottling I know not what bottling is

  42. Cesc Appeal

    A crazy amount rides on this unknown Elneny. I hope he’s up to it.

    I cannot stomach our middle any more, it is such an obvious problem most every poster on here tonight highlighted it.

    Why does Wenger has such disregard for the CM and CDM slot?

  43. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ll take a point but would of preferred 3 as out of Liverpool and Stoke I was more worried about stoke game. But hey ho.

  44. useroz

    And this result isn’t good for morale at all going into the tough games ahead.

    What’s the point of these average subs. Did you really see/ feel the team played more ssure footed after they came on? May be Ox on for Walcott but that’s it. Even Chambers would have been better than Arteta. Sort it out.

  45. Sam

    Can I come back when you all stopped moaning?
    At least we didn’t lose n learned that we need 2 new players to win the league

    and missed Coq badly, especially first half the midfield was complete sh!t

  46. Jim Lahey

    Anyone know what is up with the putting Gibbs on lark?? Its so fucking lazy, he makes the same subs at the same time week in week out. Its embarrassing.

    People still think we can win the league?!

  47. london gunner


    That’s the point we fail once again when other teams drops points so we allow them back in the race when we should be pulling ahead. WE have done it quite a few times over the past 10 years

  48. Alex James

    Things will not improve until Wenger goes. He is clueless tactically. Fancy taking off our fast forwards, when it allows Liverpool to press even harder. How many times over the years have we conceded late goals, due to falling back upon ourselves? Too many! I feel betrayed again.

  49. champagne charlie

    Ball retention and ability under pressure was absolutely terrible. Elneny could get a start against stoke after that

  50. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, not great for morale heading into a really tough trip at Stoke.

    This wasn’t even a great Liverpool side, just a pumped up one. For the neutral a great watch, for Arsenal and Liverpool really poor footballing performance.

    Say it every time, but CDM, CM and RM are our real weaknesses.

  51. london gunner


    Don’t think that’s fair.

    Ozil was delivering sumptuous crosses into the box all day and with his dribbling ability he managed to hold onto the ball and maintain possession when we were getting skatty and allowing Liverpool to gain the ball back

  52. gambon


    If we go to the Etihad on the second to last game with anything less than a 4 point gap…..we will blow the league.

    Winning tonight would have been huge….and as usual when our rivals all drop points, we bottle it and do the same.

    It has been happening ever since the 10/11 season when we had a genuine chance of the title.