How much do Arsenal want it?

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Very quick post today because I have things to do!

Big game against Liverpool this evening. Not often we have massive game on a Wednesday these days! Maybe that’s because this isn’t a massive game in the eyes of the Sky people? Or the BT People? Or the foreign TV channels!

Anyway, here are some things I’m looking forward to seeing this evening…

How is Klopp going to play?

He knows he doesn’t have the talent to beat us at our own game, as he said yesterday, he fears our possession football and the counter attack. So is he going to play deep and look to break? Is he going to bulk out his midfield and try and kick us out of the game? Is he going to take advantage of some shady performances from Bellerin of late? His plan will be interesting. He’s going to be revved up. I imagine the Liverpool players coming into the changing room with him half-naked lightly covered by a sheep skin he’s ripped from a freshly slaughtered carcass.

The madman…

How is Wenger going to play?

Does this sort of game require a nullification exercise, or is this a business as usual game for Arsene and his team of enthusiastic tacticians? We have Ozil and Flamini coming back into this mix. Is he going to go all out for pace, maybe resting Giroud? Is he going to let JC continue in the side after a few good games? It’ll be interesting to see if any special thought has gone into this evening. Wenger knows dropped points here could signal the start of a dismal run.

How is Ozil going to play?

This for me is a massive game. This is one of those games we need our star man to carry us. The atmosphere will be big, he’ll probably get a brutalising from Henderson and Lucas. How will he cope. Will he have the eye of the tiger? That’s the big question for me. Can he deal with a wet evening up north…? Post Christmas is where titles are won. It seems like we’re a long way from the end of the road, the excitement of festivities are over and legs start to feel the burn. I hope we have the best Ozil out there this evening!

Are we title contenders?

These are the games that matter. The games where champions in waiting step forward. Are the whole team up for the fight? Do they have the focus? Do they actually believe this is possible.

They should do, they are good enough. It’s all about how much they want it though.

Switch off and we’re back with the rest of them… win, and it’s about proving it all over again at the weekend.



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  1. Bamford10


    “Would be tempted to go with Ox ahead of Theo”

    Definitely. Walcott was our least effectual player. Few players have ever been paid so much to do so little.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Carts: Seriously, you’re an intelligent guy. But you’re tunnel visioned.

    Why ?

    Maybe I’m being stupid, but I honestly don’t get your point.

    Monreal is first choice. His starts prove it. But we’ll need someone to play back up to him and to push him.

    Wenger’s statement gives Gibbs some hope and motivation, which can only be a good thing, no ?

    I’m sorry, maybe I’m missing something but what else is there to this than that ?

  3. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bamford, only if Alexis isn’t fully fit. I’m still one of Ox’s biggest fans but the criticism he’s getting right now is definitely warranted. Campbell is showing him up big time right now.

  4. daz

    That statement Wenger made was wrong. You have a LB who has started 3 times as many games this season along that his nearest challenger but he still had the audacity to say his is necessarily first choice.

    But does it even matter?

  5. Paulinho

    We have too many explosive, end product orientated types rather than players that bind the play. That’s why there is never any rhythm or ability to deal with any sort of pressure.

    It’s unreal how bad we are in that sense. I’ve seen teams like Basle go to Liverpool and deal with Liverpool’s baseless bluster pressing with ease, and yet we seem to have set of players completely unable to deal with it.

    Monreal and Campbell only players that can deal with it and actually use the opposition’s aggression to their advantage. This is when the opposition are at full strength.

    Likes of Ozil, Ramsey can only do it when the opposition drop off physically and the pressing is not as intense.

    I fully expect El-Nenny to come in and look a class apart straight away.

  6. Dissenter

    Klopp is looking like a very basic manager, so far (that’s for Bamford)

    He’s the geggenpressen version of Sam Alladyce.
    Beyond the “heavy rock” pressing and hearty performances, what else is left.
    He won’t the benefit of being the second pick of players in the league after Bayern. He wont have the benefit of fewer games that the Bundesliga gave him.
    He wont even have the excellent German talent that Dortmund were blessed with.

    He will, have to reinvent himself and adapt to England.
    Geggenpressen wont be enough in England, traditional English football was as frantic as geggenpressen.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    Campbell is I agree a good player to have in our squad and is improving all the
    time when he plays.

    Whether he is good enough to justify an automatic starting place in our lineup is a different matter.

    At the moment I see the following players when fit who merit automatic selection in starting X1.


    There is competition in remaining 5 positions who are selected dependent on form, fitness and type of game to be played.


    Looking beyond the end of this season I would like to see Arsenal recruit another high quality defender, central midfielder and either striker or winger.

    The Board and Management should be more transparent about their transfer
    budget and acquisition policy.

    My view is that the priority should be to bring in at least one World Class player on an annual basis.

  8. Carts


    As of page 9 I think I expressed brevity on a number of replies to both you and RP. If my point still doesn’t resonate then why the need to repeat myself.

    Is what it is. Maybe once Monreal signs the new deal he’ll be reinstated as first choice LB.

  9. Red&White4life

    “Pedro can you please tell us Theo wages? ”

    Much, much too much money.
    He needs to take a look at his bank account and realize that we expect much more from him.

  10. Dissenter

    “You might be on to something. Remember someone else posting similar earlier in the season. It would be disappointing if El Neny’s deal was completed in time for the Liverpool match and AW chose to leave him out”
    You wanted them to take him from photo shoot to Anfield??????
    What does that tell the rest of the team?

  11. Romford Ozil Pele

    Pressing is overrated anyway. It’s a good tactic to use but people hype on about it like its the be-all and end-all. Considering the personnel we were missing last night we dealt with it quite well IMO. Lots of holes in Klopp’s geggenpress anyway.

  12. Nick

    Ramsey is great going forward, but destroys our midfield shape. Literally all he thinks about is finding space to get forward and timing his runs.
    Here in th U.S. If you watch the game online you can choose either the regular broadcast view or a tactical view that allows you to see half the field, allowing to study team shape. I have done this with Coq-Santi games and Ramsey- Flam games. No comparison, plain as day that Ramsey leaves a chasm of space between himself and Flam. It appears Ramsey sees his box to box role as that of an extra attacker, roaming literally all over the pitch to position himself and time his runs deep into the box. After Ramsey scored! Flam was clearly pointing to the midfield and berating Ramsey. In short Ramsey is too selfish and ego-driven and his first touch not good enough to play as one of the central midfield two. he can’t be reined in, rather he needs to find a coachand another team where he can play in the 10 position. I hope that El-Nenny is all that as well as defensive minded and replaces Ramsey. Sell Ramsey. But we won’t because he is British, same with Jack and Gibbs.

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, he’ll need to adapt a little. The English game is a little different to Germany, lesser teams are happy to concede possession here and defend deep. That Liverpool have looked better against some of the bigger teams is probably no coincidence.
    Klopp’s a very good manager, but when he was winning titles in Germany he had other things going in his favour.

    People who think he’s some kind of messiah, either avoid or don’t realise that.

  14. Carts

    “The Nigerian signings do make some sense from a commercial basis as well as we have a massive fanbase in Nigeria too.”

    Maybe we’ll head back there as we promised last time lol

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    RP: Pressing is overrated anyway.

    Yeah, there’s isn’t 1 style of play that is naturally better than any other, it’s how well it’s organised and run, and the quality of players you have in your side.

  16. Wallace

    “Elneny is no muscular enforcer, rather an intelligent reader of the game, who knows when to hold and when to intercept. He is the ultimate team player, a manager’s dream because of his work-rate and lack of ego, and he has grown, particularly this season, in which he has been Basel’s best player.”

    similarities between the Elneny signing and the Gabriel signing. both maybe a window later than ideal, but seems like both made big strides in the early part of the final season at their previous clubs.

  17. Carts


    Interesting post there.

    I’ve said time and time again that the worst thing to happen to Ramsey was that freak season when everything he touched turned to gold. Sanchez turns up, goes off on a mad one and Ramsey’s probably thinking “what’s going on here?” and feel the need to force the issue even more.

    I like his desire, and on his day he is very good. But you can see that scoring is where he feels he’s best suited to doing.

  18. Paulinho

    “Considering the personnel we were missing last night we dealt with it quite well IMO.”

    Last year we Cazorla, Sanchez playing and it was exactly the same. Couldn’t control possession at all. In fact we’ve been like that at Anfield ever since we that 4-4 draw seven years ago. Liverpool battered us that night as well.

    Same last two years at White Hart Lane. Cannot control possession in the opposition’s final third for any length of time.

    It’s like the team are in constant panic mode. It’s partly lack of quality and partly nerves, which comes from the manager. Both kind of accentuate the other.

  19. Bamford10


    Silly comment. Liverpool look far better under Klopp, and they dominated us last night despite having both an injury-ravaged side and a weak squad to begin with.


    We had more of our best XI on the field last night than Liverpool did. Wait till Klopp has an actual squad and a fit first XI.

  20. Romford Ozil Pele

    NM, yeah exactly. Some talk about pressing like it’s a new phenomenon. Teams like Spurs and Liverpool love it. And it’s great of course, but it has its holes as well. There is no particular one successful strategy. You have to play differently at different times.

  21. Paulinho

    Ramsey is probably the player I’ve most time for out of all of them. Lacks in certain areas but at least he compensates for that by genuinely driving forward with belief.

    Also, being good defensively is not just about sitting in front of the back four. His way of trying to intercept high up the pitch is invaluable when he’s physically sharp. Gets us on the front foot and sends a message to the opposition.

    Have him over Cazorla centrally every time.

  22. Romford Ozil Pele

    Well yeah Cazorla is physically shot to begin with so he’s not the best example to use. But even then there were still periods in that game where he was navigating through them.

    Said yesterday that there’s essentially two ways to beat the press. You either go over it or you pass quickly through it. The quick one time passers like Rosicky and Wilshere are unavailable so when you’re lacking technical quality you go long, win the second balls and hope to build from there. Whenever we did that we looked a danger.

    Klopp’s teams knacker themselves out anyway so if you can keep up with them for 60 odd minutes you’re in with a great chance of winning.

  23. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bamford, who were they missing outside of Coutinho Sturridge and maybe Skrtl? We had Alexis, Coquelin, Santi all missing. Our squad players are all better than theirs too. Also if Wilshere was fit for any period of time he’d end up starting too.

  24. Paulinho

    If Ramsey wasn’t playing last night it would’ve been probably been another 4 or 5 nil job.

    Liverpool would’ve had absolutely nothing to fear from anyone else and kept on pushing forward.

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: Silly comment. Liverpool look far better under Klopp,

    FAR better?

    No, they really don’t.

    You’d expect a ‘new manager’ reaction from the players, esp. after having a lame duck in charge for the beginning of the season, but that didn’t really happen.

    They’ve had good games, but they’ve had just as many bad games.

    When Rodgers went, they were 6 points off the leaders and 3 off 4th place, now they’re 12 points off the lead and 5 off 4th place.

  26. Dissenter

    It’s wrong to say that Liverpool look better under Klopp.
    Take away the positive personality, sideline histrionics and great history he had in Dortmund and judge him based on the small sample of Liverpool games. (It’s still too early, I”ll admit.)

    Liverpool played better in the reverse fixture at the emirates (under Brendan) and haven’t had that great a run under Klopp.
    I’ve never seen a manager celebrate home draws like Klopp does.

    Soon the media will get bored of his dramatics and start judging him on his Liverpool record.

    You’ll note that I qualified my initial criticism, noting that it’s early days to conclusively assess him.

  27. Romford Ozil Pele

    Agreed that Ramsey was a big factor last night. His ability to get liverpool’s midfield turning was what made them wary after a while. Dunno about a 4/5 nil though.

  28. Nasri's Mouth

    Rob Harris ‏@RobHarris now3 seconds ago
    BREAKING: FIFA bans Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid from signing players in next 2 transfer windows

  29. Louis Almeida

    “Rob Harris ‏@RobHarris now3 seconds ago
    BREAKING: FIFA bans Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid from signing players in next 2 transfer windows”


    Didn’t know Atletico were involved too. That might be Isco off the market then? Zidane likes him anyway.

  30. Bamford10


    Coutinho and Sturridge are their two best players, and Skrtel is their best CB. So those are big misses. Lovren is preferred to the two who started last night, so he was a miss for them as well.

    As for ours, yes, those are misses, but many here wouldn’t start Cazorla over Ramsey and Alexis doesn’t help us keep possession under pressure. Coquelin would’ve helped defensively, obviously, but he wouldn’t have helped us retain the ball.

    I say they were more understaffed than we were — look at the back fours, for example — not to mention their squad is weak to start with.

  31. Dream10


    We have the likes of Coquelin, El Neny and Ramsey in CM now. We’re trending away from a possession side.
    Perhaps signing a controller like Kroos to replace Arteta and runners like Allan from Napoli and Wijnaldum to replace Rosicky & Flamini.
    That way, we have enough personnel to play a legit 4-3-3

  32. Relieable Sauce

    Yep, with Sanchez out and Theo, Ozil & Giroud in your front line, Ramsey has a lot of slack to pick up. JC of course has helped a lot as well.

  33. Paulinho

    When we lost 5-1 to Liverpool two years Ramsey was missing and Cazorla was playing,

    I know we got spanked against City with Ramsey but we actually gave as good as we got in that game.

  34. Bamford10

    “When Rodgers went, they were 6 points off the leaders and 3 off 4th place, now they’re 12 points off the lead and 5 off 4th place.”


  35. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bamford, sure Alexis doesn’t help from a possession stand point but his sheer energy would’ve forced Liverpool into mistakes.

    Liverpool’s squad isn’t too good to begin with? The revisionism is great. When they were signing Benteke, Milner, Firmino etc in the summer, it was all ‘look at the great work Liverpool are doing, AFC will be left behind’. Nice to see people moving goalposts to suit their agenda.

    Arsenal’s squad is probably more durable than many would like to admit. Yeah there are holes but we’re probably one of the best at dealing with the deficiencies.

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    Griezmann, Saul, Isco, Bale, Ronaldo, Benzema not leaving

    Hazard not going to RM.

    Going to be some other complications too

  37. Leedsgunner

    “Leeds, how did the subs lose us the match?”

    Sorry for the late reply Romford.

    Before I reply it has to be conceded that hindsight is 20/20 and in the heat of the moment people do get it wrong… but as our glorious manager is often lecturing us on his many years of experience and 50 000 subs, I would have rather hoped that he would remember how to defend a narrow lead and close down the game.

    As I see it you close down and defend a lead in two main ways.

    1. You try to keep possession and recycle the ball to your attackers so that you can launch counter attacks which in turn wastes more time and has the added advantage of increasing your lead.

    2. You concede possession and invite the other team to come at you… but you counter that by packing your defence and by having mobile DMs who try to cut off the supply lines from the opposition wings to their strikers in the box.

    If one adopts this method it is helpful to have 1. a mobile DM, and 2. aerial dominance. Why? If you pack your defence and the central area in front of your defenders, the attackers (in theory) should have no room to launch attacks at you except through the wings and crossing into the box. However if tou have aerial dominance you should be able to counter that threat by being able to get to the ball first.

    By putting Arteta on Wenger was trying to adopt the first of the two defences but there is a serious flaw. Whilst Arteta is still a good passer and he can recycle the ball quickly, once he loses possession he’s done for because he doesn’t have the legs to regain possession and his lack of mobility means that more often than not an opposition player is left unmarked in the danger zone… and he finds himself ball watching and out of the play.

    That’s exactly what happened.

    If you look back at the late goal we conceded, Arteta is left stranded all by himself and is marking nobody and he is ball watching. Criminal I say, especially with seconds to go in the game.

    He’s not an 17 year old debutant, he’s our 33 year old captain, he might not now have had the legs but he does have the experience he should have positioned himself better to contest that header that Benteke won which fell to Allen who scored…

    For me it comes back to the fact that Wenger chose to be stubborn and didn’t bring in cover for Coquelin.

    I know that you are a big Arteta fan and I can respect that although I would have to respectfully disagree on his merits to the team. He is an average player who had the very good fortune to catch the eye of Wenger. Granted he gave us 18 months of decent football (at the beginning then injuries took over) and can take a great penalty, but as he stands he offers very little.

    Am I saying the conceded goal was entirely Arteta’s fault? No. What I am saying though is I really don’t understand Wenger’s faith in him to play him given his limitations.

    Arguably once could say we should have never conceded that free kick which began that attack in the first place… The frustrating thing is, it happens at Anfield every year. Why isn’t the team learning? Don’t they play their tapes back?

    Good to see you back by the way! 🙂

  38. Paulinho

    Dream10 – I think the Egyptian is a good footballer. He’ll move us up a level in terms of using the ball intelligently.

    I think there’s quite a big grey area between not being a possession side and some of the tripe we serve up.

    When Wenger feels confident we set up like a possession side, with the team stretched apart, but we just cannot execute due to not having the personnel to execute.

  39. Romford Ozil Pele

    More often than not I’d have Ramsey playing centrally alongside a controller next to him. Hopefully Elneny can be that guy. We’ll see. Seems to be very composed and confident on the ball. Wenger will probably think we have enough with those two, Wilshere and Coquelin but we’ll see. If he buys another then he’ll definitely be having doubts over JW’s long term fitness.

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: Injuries.

    Injuries have been a factor, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they’ve not looked FAR BETTER under Klopp.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Big news about Madrid and Atletico, wonder if that might have any effect on the market, Madrid not being in it I mean. I imagine Hazard is disappointed, at least Madrid can still covet Sanchez from a distance.

  42. vicky

    Rob Harris ‏@RobHarris 7m7 minutes ago
    Real Madrid & Atletico Madrid can sign players this January but then banned from signing any new players until 2017 summer transfer window

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d bet that both clubs will appeal though which might postpone the ban.

    I’d bet there are agents already on the phone trying to work out some plans

  44. Bamford10


    I never said Liverpool had a good squad — though I might’ve liked this or that addition — so I can’t be accused of “moving the goalposts”. They don’t have that strong of a squad — especially in defense; this is obvious.


    Coquelin may not be a Cattermole, but he wouldn’t help much with possession under pressure. Our build up play skips him for a reason.

  45. Ozy

    Liverpool injury ravaged… yet missing only two starters. But we’re missing 3 of our most influential players and..

    “As for ours, yes, those are misses, but many here wouldn’t start Cazorla over Ramsey and Alexis doesn’t help us keep possession under pressure. Coquelin would’ve helped defensively, obviously, but he wouldn’t have helped us retain the ball.”


    Bamford called for the Ox to start ahead of Campbell last night before the game. Look how that turned out.

    Now he’s asking for the Ox to start ahead of Walcott for our next game. This guy is hilarious. Keep it coming, Bamford! You and Rhys definitely keep this place entertaining.

  46. Dissenter

    You’re quick to ascribe the blame for Arsenal’s injuries to Wenger
    Why is it different with Klopp. His playing style is contributory go their injuries.
    Aren’t they mainly soft tissue injuries too.

    So far, he’s a one-trick pony.

  47. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds, we obviously tried to shut up shop in the last 20 and take anything we could get on the counter. The problem, as Wenger alluded to, was that when we were 3-2 up, we didn’t take the other opportunities that came our way. It’s those fine margins that cost us. People keep saying they would’ve brought on Gabriel but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything either. The goal that came had nothing to do with Arteta so you can’t really blame him.

    It’s not even a case of me being a fan, I acknowledge he’s done but really and truthfully it wasnt a bad sub to make. Would you have rather chambers come on? Even before we made the subs we were already under major pressure.

    Leeds, it’s happened two years in a row, it’s not every year! It’s annoying but it’s probably payback for ’89!

  48. Leedsgunner


    RE the conceded goal…

    Before you ask me I would have brought Gabs on instead off Arteta and told him to stick to Benteke like a virus. Hindsight is perfect and all that but looking back on the highlights it’s ridiculous that we allowed Benteke to have a free header so close to our goal so late in the game. I reckon if Gabs was on, he would have won that header… and we would have seen out that game with 3 points.

  49. Bamford10

    And the always useless Ozy makes an appearance! They were missing four starters, two of whom are their best players by far, two of whom are their starting CBs.

    And if you look at my Ox comment in context, you’ll see that most here would agree with it. I said to start him because he has a higher ceiling than Campbell and needs to find his form; I added that he should be replaced at half if he doesn’t player well. I also said that Campbell is in better form than him.

    Perfectly reasonable comment.

    Go fuck yourself you know-nothing cunt. Never has there been a more useless fucking poster here than you. You admitted you know nothing about the game, you do little but ankle-bite others, and you have nothing to say aside from comments re racism in our world today.

    Oh, and you misrepresent others’ comments to “score” meaningless points.

    What a fucking cunt.

    Pedro – You should bin this fucking twat for being so useless.

  50. Dream10


    Our balance seems a little off. If we count Campbell/Ramsey on the right as the fourth MF in addition to the two CMs and Özil, then Giroud and Sanchez are our two forwards. We’ll need Sanchez to make runs in behind. I wonder if AW will play him on the right at times, so he can’t repeatedly cut in.

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: If you look back at the late goal we conceded, Arteta is left stranded all by himself and is marking nobody and he is ball watching. Criminal I say, especially with seconds to go in the game.

    That’s not quite right. The ball came into the box from near the half way line, and we failed to deal with Benteke, who won the ball, knocked the ball across the area and Allen was running on to it.

    Where we failed was not pressing the initial pass, which should have been our forward line, not putting Benteke under more pressuer, which was Kos and Monreal, and then not stopping the shot which was Monreal.

    The initial pass basically bypassed our midfield

  52. DUIFG

    Ramsey is probably the player I’ve most time for out of all of them. Lacks in certain areas but at least he compensates for that by genuinely driving forward with belief.Also, being good defensively is not just about sitting in front of the back four. His way of trying to intercept high up the pitch is invaluable when he’s physically sharp. Gets us on the front foot and sends a message to the opposition.Have him over Cazorla centrally every time.

    you want us to be more fluent through the mid but want to omit our best ball playing player? does not make a huge amount of sense

  53. Bamford10

    Oh, and Walcott was absolutely useless last night. All of Le Grove said this. Read the fucking comments. Watch the game. Wouldn’t be possible for a player — Ox or nearly anyone else — to do less.

    Not to mention it was someone else’s — Romford’s? — suggestion. Why don’t you go bite ROP’s ankles, you fucking twat.

    Jesus, what a cunt.

  54. Leedsgunner

    “Leeds, it’s happened two years in a row, it’s not every year! It’s annoying but it’s probably payback for ’89!”

    No my friend, payback for 1989 will be if we lose this title race by two points… honestly if that happens I will be very very annoyed.

    Didn’t we conceded 4 at Anfield when Arshavin replied with 4 in 2009? Ok, I concede it’s not every year but you have to admit it happens quite a lot.

    I’m not saying it’s all doom and gloom by the way but we SHOULD HAVE won last night… it was really poor to concede with seconds to go.

  55. Samesong

    Before you ask me I would have brought Gabs on instead off Arteta and told him to stick to Benteke like a virus. Hindsight is perfect and all that but looking back on the highlights it’s ridiculous that we allowed Benteke to have a free header so close to our goal so late in the game. I reckon if Gabs was on, he would have won that header… and we would have seen out that game with 3 points

    Romford this is what I was trying to say earlier. Who was the player that bottled jumping with Benteke not even try to put him off. By the time Koz moved to Benteke he was already in the air.

  56. Nasri's Mouth

    Carts; Very viable but Wenger has no asshole

    He’s amazingly thin for a guy with no ability to empty his bowels 😀

  57. gambon

    “I can’t see Wenger paying £60million for a single player.”

    We paid £42m for a player 2 years ago……and our combined revenue will be £80m higher next season than it was in 2013.

    If we win the PL our revenue will be £90-100m higher.

  58. Nasri's Mouth

    Samesong: Who was the player that bottled jumping with Benteke not even try to put him off

    Monreal with Kos nearby I think

  59. vicky


    Yes, we have a genuine chance now to sign him if we’re interested. He’s not quite a Barca type player, Real can’t have him now and Bayern don’t need him, they have plenty of powerful midfielders anyway.

    United and Chelsea won’t be in the CL next year. If we win the league, we can persuade him to join us,

  60. Carts

    This place is hilarious because if you say expressing something before it happens, then that very same thing happens, people chant “hindsight”.

    We could’ve brought on Gabz and conceded 2 more goals, but the Arteta thing stinks of sentimentality as did Ox.

    Who remembers those Saturday/Sunday league games where you’d hear the gaffer tell Tomo “you’ll get on, son. But I’m going for Dano today”. It’s appeasement over tactics. That what Wenger did with Arteta, Gibbs & Ox

  61. Redtruth

    January, 2016 11:09:06
    “Absolutely no way you drop Mertesacker for a big game like this.”
    “He is unbelievably slow but we are a better team with him in.”
    “We are going to play cautious tonight, so it isnt the problem it would have been 2-3 seasons ago.”

    Spot on……….lol lol lol

  62. Dream10


    Barça won’t spend massive money this summer. Real Madrid banned this summer. No CL football for Chelsea, perhaps Liverpool and maybe Man Utd as well. Bayern won’t sign anyone for 60m.
    There is a chance Pogba and Lewandowski move this summer.

  63. Ozy

    Oh man! There is something about me that sends Bamford into complete meltdown mode. It’s a little worrying.

    I was here when you suggested dropping Campbell for the Ox for his supposed “ceiling” and nobody agreed with you. Has anybody agreed with you, it would not have validated that ridiculous suggestion. To start the Ox over Campbell against Liverpool, with their current forms, as we are competing for the title.. because the Ox shows more promise?

    What next, Bamford? Should we drop Ozil for Iwobi? I mean, you were singing lyricals about him after watching him play for only about 70 minutes.

    As for Liverpool, Sturridge has played a total of, what, 4 games? A non-factor. Coutinho was a big miss, of course, but how do you place such high importance on that yet kinda shrug off that we were missing Cazorla, Sanchez and Coquelin?

  64. Leedsgunner


    The point is, which I made in my original post Romford, about subs — we shouldn’t have conceded that free kick in the first place.

    Oh well, no use crying about spilt milk any longer. Hopefully we bounce back against Stoke and Chelsea with six points.

  65. Ozy

    It’s kind of shocking the state of football now-a-days. Real Madrid and Atletico banned … immediately after Barca was banned. PSG dominating their league. Bayern dominating their league. Ballon D’Or becoming a “best striker” award. It’s losing its magic.

    Articles about how the Premier League is the best in the world but last night showed… all the top teams are in shambles and would be completely dismantled when up against top European sides. If we don’t win the league this season, it’s entirely down to Wenger’s inaction in the transfer windows. Unacceptable.

  66. Carts

    “If we win the PL our revenue will be £90-100m higher.”

    How so? There’s about a couple million difference between 1st and 2nd. And unless there are clause in the puma and Emirates deal, where do we generate the extra £10-£20m from?

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    Samesong: Thats a no contest right there.

    Monreal should have done better, and maybe Kos should have been closer in the first place.

    Where do you play Gabriel ? We’re already too deep, so you don’t want him alongside Per and Kos. If he’s in midfield (which isn’t his position at all) then the ball sails over his head anyway

    Maybe we should have given Bellerin more help, but he had time to get closer than he did.

    In that particular piece of play, I don’t think any sub would have made the difference.

  68. Emiratesstroller

    Romford Pele Ozil

    I agree with your comment that ‘pressing is an overrated tactic’

    Unfortunately it works against us, because most teams who play against us worked out over several seasons what is our achilles heel.

    1. Wenger played in midfield an overcomplicated technical game with short
    intricate passing and overlooked the need to play physically strong defensive

    2. Our defence was too often more concerned with playing attacking football and not enough on defending with discipline.

    3. We play the zonal marking game at set pieces and corners.

    The arrival of Coquelin in second half of last season neutralised to some extent the pressing game, but as will be seen since his absence from the team
    our performance level has declined with 2 defeats against WBA and Southampton plus several draws, which should have been won.

    The one certainty over next two weeks is that both Stoke and Chelsea will
    adopt similar tactics against us.

  69. Nasri's Mouth


    Maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, the 3rd goal wasn’t conceded from a free kick. The ball in was from our right hand side after a long Liverpool pass from our left

  70. gambon


    £1.2m per place in prize money
    Extra Facility Fees for live games next season as we are champions
    40% of Champs League market pool vs 30% for finishing 4th
    Additional commercial money for winning
    New commercial deals that will come our way for being champions

    Last year Man City earned €8m more in Champs League TV money because they were champions compared to Liverpool, and the CL TV money has since doubled.

    Winning the PL is a money spinner, simple as that.

  71. Bamford10

    Probability Elneny starts in three days against Stoke:

    Probability Elneny comes in at 60 minutes against Stoke:

    Probability Elneny starts against Chelsea in 10 days:

  72. qna

    Wow. Madrid transfer ban. Big news.

    Trolley dash for Verratti, Pogba and Reus? Its only 1 year, but for a club like Madrid with less than zero patience this is going to be interesting.

    All of a sudden Wenger looks like a genius predicting a record transfer window. The window should really hot up now. Wonder if any Madrid players will shake loose in the process.

  73. Wallace

    with Elneny, Alexis & Rosicky to be added to last night’s squad our bench should be looking a lot stronger from here on in. and that’s with Coquelin, Cazorla, Wilshere & Welbeck still out.

  74. Cesc Appeal

    Alan Rickman is dead, 69, secretly had cancer as well, what is going on!

    Really liked him, so dry and droll, real shame.

  75. vicky


    “Probability Elneny starts in three days against Stoke:”

    It can’t be anything other than 0.5 or 50 %

    “Probability Elneny starts against Chelsea in 10 days:”

    Again it can’t be anything other than 0.5 or 50%

    “Probability Elneny comes in at 60 minutes against Stoke:”

    If we assume 90 minutes of regular time football, the probability is (1/90) or 11.11 %


  76. Wallace

    apparently Kroos was unsettled under Benitez. figure Zidane will make better use of him, but if he doesn’t I’d have no problem breaking our transfer record for him in the summer….Santi who?

  77. Cesc Appeal

    The amount of people welcoming Elneny purely in the hope ‘that last night will be the last time Arteta pulls on an Arsenal shirt’ is quite amusing.

    For all the good things Wenger does, he don’t half commit to some real head scratchers, Arteta is one of them.

  78. useroz

    Probably many said similar stuff.

    Not the way to close a game with these subs when L’pool was pressing and running thru our MF at will at pace.

    Fair enough to take walcott off. Put chambers on to shore up mid field.

    The team got some passing going when wenger started making subs. If anything it destroyed the cohesion we managed to build at the time. Joel didn’t look tired. Oxil could keep ball surely better than gibbs and arteta?

    If we had to sit back for 20 mins, do it properly. Never should Ox have come on ffs. Take walcott, joel and ramsey off and put on chambers, debuchy and gabriel to block their passing/crosses.

    One last thing. Our players particularly defenders do not incline to block crosses and shots at all. Flamini and joel do that a bit but not our center backs.

    The third goal. Bellerin didn’t get close enough sure. The ball spent ages in the air and Mert didn’t come to fight for it and shockingly turned away from the shot and it flew straight pas mert and bellerin. On 50 to 100k pw, getting hit by shots shouldn’t be a big deal surely??

  79. qna

    Galaxy Quest. Die Hard – the original master villan perhaps?. Did snape better than I could imagine (unlike Radcliffe did Harry). Thank you man. You were appreciated.

  80. vicky

    Gambon , Bamford

    I am talking about unconditional probability :P, of course if we take in to account several factors, those numbers will change……..was just taking a piss 🙂

  81. Spanishdave

    We’ve let in 7 goals in the last two away games so we are not going to win the PL.
    I watched the team defending and we are shambolik , we ball watch and often three players go over towards the ball leaving particularly the back post completely open. Last night it happened over and over again.
    We also get deeper and deeper leaving a big area just outside the pen box free for the opposing team to use with ease.
    So much for Steve Bould and our lord Wengers experience.

  82. Rhys Jaggar

    I’m amazed how pessimistic everyone here is today. Clearly Man City should have thrashed Everton. They didn’t. And they were at home. Clearly Spurs should have beaten Leicester, who Pedro has said will drop down the league faster than the WTC towers dropped to Ground Zero. They didn’t. At home. Man Utd couldn’t beat Newcastle, who are far worse than Liverpool, after all. And Crystal Palace couldn’t even beat Aston Villa, who clearly won’t be doing this year what Leicester did last year as they are quite simply the worst team bar none ever to disgrace the EPL.

    Arsenal played like plonkers for 25 minutes, particularly in midfield, and somehow came out of that 2-2 with two clinical finishes from two chances. When Liverpool went 1-0 ahead after 10 minutes, I was wondering if a rout was coming. It didn’t. Despite Ozil being far more anonymous than usual and Liverpool picking up the loose balls in midfield with monotonous regularity.

    The game reminded me a bit of the Birmingham game in 2008, minus the broken leg and minus Gallas disgracing every U9 captain in England. With 10 minutes to go, Arsenal were 4 pts clear, but gave away a late equaliser, having had clear chances to put the game to bed. What with Leicester getting a late winner, that 4pt lead was eliminated.

    So far as I’m aware Arsenal 2016 version don’t have two strikers at each others’ throats and refusing to pass to each other. They have a more experienced team than the 2008 version and pretty much most of the squad is either fit or approaching fitness.

    Draws happen. It could have been worse.

    At least Giroud didn’t have Hammers fans singing ‘You’re just a shit Andy Carroll!’, as Harry Kane was greeted with on Sunday (by Leicester fans telling Woy to pick Jamie Vardy up top……)

    Ranieri is targeting 79 pts, so Arsenal had better target 80+………

  83. Sam

    Egyptians are tough workers n not shy of doing dirty jobs
    They also have great sense of humour

    I hope Mohamed brings all that with him at the Emirates

    Welcome to Arsenal

  84. Blsany

    The Curse Of Aaron Ramsey” is back unfortunately…..

    Ramsey scores on Saturday. David Bowie dies shortly afterwards.
    Scores again last night. Alan Rickman dies.

    he should really stop playing football altogether no?

  85. gambon

    I hope we sell Elneny to Madrid/Barca for £30m in a few years, just so we can get the headline

    “The Profit Mohamed”

  86. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Gambon nice

    Think Pogba would suit this league down to the ground. Think he’s more of s 4-3-3 midfielder than a pivot in a 4-2-3-1

  87. Blsany

    Campbell was fantastic last night I though. Worked so hard. Every time an Arsenal player made a tackle it seemed to be Campbell! Great assist for Ramsey as well. I hope Theo is dropped instead of him when Sanchez comes back.


  88. Romford Ozil Pele

    I think the endearing thing about Elneny is that he’s multi-functional. Can play as deep lying midfielder but also as B2B midfielder due to his work rate

  89. VP

    Holly shit!! lol
    Arsène “I only target top quality players” Wenger strikes again lol

    Yep and the time before the wait for a top-top-top player ended with the
    purchase of Danny Wellbeck. Certain fans just love being stroked and wouldn’t have it any other way.