Arsene Wenger predicts BIG January

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Learnt the true meaning of wind chill this morning… my face needs to defrost.

So the press conference was opened with…

‘Arsene, how important is momentum’

For me, there should be an ejection button for moments like that, kind of like there is when a muslim is spotted at a Donald Trump rally (yah man, actually happened). That sort of question is like the type I ask at a marketing Q&A when no one has any questions…

‘Errrr, do you think that good marketing is always the best approach to marketing?’

A waste of breath. We have an open manager who is more than capable of answering tough questions, so let’s find out what he thinks of David Bowie a little earlier next time, okay?

What we did find out is… wait for it… there’s a late test on Ospina. Rosicky is back in FULL training. Sanchez MIGHT be available for Sunday if he’s not accidentally stepped in the ‘Danny WELBZ injury vortex.’ Ozil and Matty F have come back from a bromantic 2 day break to Center Parcs. The rest are doing well.

‘Arsene, does it feel good to win a game with 5 rotated players’


Elneny is having VISA problems. Been there son. Must be a real nightmare assessing whether a country with as much debt as us can afford to have a free spending millionaire come and work on their shores! Hopefully that gets tied up sooner rather than later.

Wenger also spoke about the Nacho deal. He should be signing, but what was interesting was the manager said, ‘he’s not necessarily my first choice left back’… err, yes he is Arsene. You give Kieran Gibbs 6 minutes a match. It’s pretty apparent who is the first choice. NACHO-MAN RANDY SAVAGE.

Wenger dropped this bombshell…

‘This could be the biggest January transfer window ever’

… but hey, rest at ease, not for us. So put your begging hands back in your pockets people.

Wenger was also asked about the winter break. It’s quite amusing to listen to a Frenchman talk like an Englishman. He’s cool with a break, but he still wants games over Christmas… because he loves the tradition.

We’ll leave on this note. Wenger, asked about Bowie and whether he was saddened by the loss (no mate, I’m well pleased), had this to say about his message…

‘He had a message to my generation, ‘be strong enough to be yourself”

Very nice.


P.S. Heavy Post here, but pertinent. Violence against women is one of the biggest single global issues the world faces at the moment. I find it quite interesting and sad how politicized people can get on many tough to talk about topics, like immigration, the refugee crisis and terrorism… yet when it comes to violence against women, we often sit in silence.

This comment is prompted by the horrible news that firstly the German media colluded to suppress the news of the Cologne sex attacks over New Years, then today, there’s news that the Swedish police failed to communicate news of similar attacks at a youth music festival last year, a case that had similar traits.

In both stories, politicization was put before the safety of women. When that’s happening in two of the most forward thinking countries in the world, you know you’ve got a really big problem. The public are partly complicit as well, and I include myself in this as well. These are stories we should be sharing and demanding answers to. Whether it’s Rochdale cover ups, Bill Cosby getting a free pass for so long, sympathy for scum footballers or these nasty gang attacks. We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it and demand answers. We also shouldn’t keep ignoring this major issue because it makes us feel uncomfortable or it goes against our ‘politics’…

Anyway, I’m not asking for anything here, just something close to my heart.

… as you were.

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Apparently Klopp is going to drop him straight in, always liked Caulker, he is nothing special, but decent enough CB for back up.

  2. Sam

    Struggling to sign just one player
    We could have spent more on William Carvalho he doesn’t need visa.
    I heard he has greedy agent but did we even try? Did arsenal show him some interest? No

  3. Dissenter

    Dele Alli just had his contract extended for a massive 25k weekly till 2021.

    He’s played more football for Spuds in a half season than Jack has played for Arsenal in the last two seasons.

    I’m waiting for the photograph of Wilshere smiling as he signs his 120k weekly extension.

  4. Dissenter

    Kompany is out till the last “part of the season”
    We wont have a better chance to win the league. I hope we seize it. Let’s start by eking out a victory tomorrow against a crocked Liverpool.

  5. Ozy

    “Caulker to Liverpool on loan isn’t a bad shout.”

    Hahahah. Caulker couldn’t even get a game for Southampton. Been relegated twice.

    Caulker is trash. Terrible signing.

  6. Samesong

    Kompany is out till the last “part of the season”
    We wont have a better chance to win the league. I hope we seize it. Let’s start by eking out a victory tomorrow against a crocked Liverpool.

    Never a better time to win the league. But there’s always that doubt. Do the player’s believe it? Wenger will not take full advantage.

  7. gambon

    Wenger saying Alexis could be back at the weekend, however theres still absolutely no pictures of him training.

    I get the feeling we’re being lied to here.

  8. Carts

    I like Caulker and actually suggested him as a back up CB the summer before last.

    If the manager prefers Fonte and Djik then there’s not much else you can do about that.

  9. gambon


    I wonder if you have.

    If he isnt training right now, he wont be back for weeks.

    It takes a month to achieve full fitness.

  10. Carts

    @ Dissenter

    What is your opinion that players wages are relative to the revenue of said team?

    I get that we severely over pay our players and I think it’s wrong. However if Spurs were a consistent top 4 team is it fair to say that Alli could well be signing a contract closer to £50k?

  11. Sam

    If Sanchez has recovered from his hamstring injury
    2 days light training is enough no need to rush him back
    And if he plays this weekend he shouldnt play 90 minutes
    Starting him from the bench is even better

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    Caulker has hardly played this season. I wont mind if he starts against us.

    (until of course he has a wonder game and scores a hat trick of headers from corners and a screamer from 45 yards)

  13. Wallace only post training pics the day before the game. so not having seen Alexis last week isn’t a surprise. would expect to see him in the friday pics if he is playing at the weekend.

  14. DUIFG

    caulker has massively regressed as a player, in swanseas first season in the pl he had some mad passing stat of like 93% completion and formed a nice little partnership with ashley williams, no progress since then, hope he plays tomorrow

  15. Nasri's Mouth


    he was in training before he had his little ‘set back’ so he could well be fit enough for the game, just slightly match rusty. Alexis is stupidly fit, and could well be doing light training away from the rest of the team

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    Core of Kompany, Aguero, Silva & Toure percentage of PL minutes played together:
    13/14 6.8%
    14/15 27.7%
    15/16 15.5% (so far)

  17. gambon

    Erm sorry no.

    The level the PL is at you absolutely cannot just train twice then play.

    Wenger himself said recently that once Rosicky is training again it would be a month.

    Wenger is not telling the truth.

    Wenger: “He should be back next week”
    1 week later “he should be back next week”
    1 week later “he should be back next week”
    1 week later “he should be back next week”

    Did exactly the same with Wilshere, Diaby and Rosicky over the years.

  18. kc

    Starting to look like Elneny is our one January buy, if it even goes through. We’re almost halfway done with the window ffs. Typical Wenger. He has zero excuses when we drop out of the title chase.

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    gambon: Wenger himself said recently that once Rosicky is training again it would be a month.

    Rosicky hasn’t played since May though.

  20. Dissenter

    I believe Wenger said that Sanchez is back in training.
    A qucik google search brought this up from the last press conference
    “”He has a chance to be available for Sunday against Stoke. He is going really well.

    “He’s always keen to play but if you listen to Alexis, he’s always keen to play even when injured.

    “We try to be cautious, but with a muscular injury you never know how big the risk is. He’s very, very close [to a return].”

    I’m no Wenger acolyte but I think Wenger is managing Sanchez just right in his recovery.

    When Sanchez says he’s ready, Wenger adds 1-2 weeks to the recovery time because Sanchez cannot be trusted and has to be protected from himself.

  21. Redtruth

    “Core of Kompany, Aguero, Silva & Toure percentage of PL minutes played together:”
    13/14 6.8%
    14/15 27.7%
    15/16 15.5% (so far)

    13/14 6.8%-Man City Champions

  22. Nasri's Mouth


    If we do sign anyone else, it’ll come late in the window because it’ll be a big deal, and because there’ll be a lot of negotiating on both sides.

    I think Elneny will be it though, because the big deals rarely happen in January, esp. with the Euros coming up, and with players returning, the need for stop gap signings isn’t as strong

  23. Dissenter

    Sanchez is not expected to play tomorrow so why would he be photographed in training?

    He might get a test on Wednesday alone in the training ground with the U-21 physios, if he’s good the he returns back to training.

    There’s absolutely no need to rush him.

    We cannot have it both ways: Wenger cannot be the manager who beasts his player until they are broken and now wants to over-rest them

  24. Sam

    If Sanchez has recovered he’s probably using treadmill on low pace right now n will train Thursday n Friday

    Gambon just being cynical as usual

  25. Dissenter

    I have a nagging feeling that Everton are going to shock City tomorrow and beat then away.
    If only we can eke out a victory at Anfield and let the separation begin.

  26. gambon


    You miss the point.

    If Alexis isnt currently training, he will not be playing for at least 2 weeks.

    Why are we being told every week that he’s almost back, if he isnt even training.

    As I said Wenger did the same with Rosicky in 2008 who apparently was going to be back in 2 weeks and didnt return for 15 months.

    Or Diaby last season who was constantly “almost ready” but was unfit all season.

    Go back to 2011, when Wilshere was injured. I was told by someone who knows there stuff that he was fucked for the season, and I told everyone here that. Everyone said I was mistaken.

    What about Vermalen who missed 90% of his second season with a “slight injury” that Wenger kept on downplaying.

    What about Danny Welbeck, who Wenger said would be out for 2 weeks and we havent seen for 9 months now.

    Lots of lies at Arsenal FC

  27. steve

    From Sky Sports:

    “Often there is a fine line between news and sport stories. Sometimes the lines are blurred. If there is one man who you can rely upon to say something intelligent, intuitive and impactful, whatever the occasion or event, it’s Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal manager stands alone amongst his peers in this respect.”


  28. Louis Almeida

    Klopp will adapt to the PL in time. The schedule is a lot lighter in Germany. There’s only 18 teams so they play 4 less games and there’s no league cup either so plenty of time to rest whereas in England it is relentless. It’s why you need the squad of 25 players in the PL. There’s still a long way to go but I’m surprised that we’ve managed to hold up until now. I thought the squad would crash after the injuries to Alexis, Santi and Coq. Hopefully we can keep pace until they return with El Neny’s arrival a push too. Can’t afford to lose any more.

    More worried about tomorrow and what happens if Ozil gets man marked. Who do we have to step up?

  29. Dissenter

    Hmmmm, nope.
    You’re conflating the recovery from a hamstring injury that did not require surgical intervention [Sanchez] with recovery from knee surgery in a chronically crocked player[Rosicky].

    Rosicky needs two weeks to even regain match fitness while Sanchez can be ready with 1.5 days of full training. Sanchez is already match fit, it’s about making sure his hamstrings are ready.

    Sanchez might make the bench on Saturday and get 5 minutes at the end to test him in real match conditions.

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    Got a feeling it’s going to be a draw @ Anfield, & I don’t think that is what is required from this fixture if The Arsenal are to go on & win the Title.