Player Rejects Move | 2004 Reunion continues | Break clause in defenders deal?

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Good morning people. Sorry I’m late today, I was getting my oven baked pizza smashed front teeth rectified in the US of A. What a pleasant experience. When those guys find out you have insurance, they’ve got you on that Smile Plan in no time. I need realigning at the bottom, a filling, an implant and a schedule. Who knew?

I feel a million bucks though. So much good smile.

Right, what do we have here?

Oh yes, I made a terrible mistake in thinking that Pierre-Erick was short. He’s actually 6ft1. What’s great about making a mistake on the internet, is it’s the most accurate way of working out whether you have a readership, 20,000 people telling me that I’d dropped this faux pa really drove that home yesterday.


Thanks for that. Nice to know that you can lose credibility with one mistake. God bless the shitfest that is Twitter.

Anyway, you know what else was a mistake? Thinking he’d come to Arsenal. He told Colin Udoh that he would not be moving to Arsenal.

What a shocker.

Wenger has said that Debuchy could leave. Rumours are that he might head over to Villa. That makes sense, when you push a pal into a shite job and you want to make things up to him… just give him a right back that’s going to impact his chances of success ZERO.

Still hate the idea that Wenger is serving the players feelings before the clubs. You know, YOU JUST SIMPLY KNOW, that Bellerin will slip on some shaving foam and impale himself on a comically misplaced corner flag the instant he’s sent away.

Recall Jenks, right away!

Arsene Wenger has said that Sanchez won’t be back for the  Liverpool game. He should be back for the Stoke game. That’s 9 days away. You have to say, the club botched his return. Too keen, far too keen to get him back in contention.

‘But he likes to run around’

So does the dog I don’t own. Doesn’t mean I let him do it when football is on. Sometimes you have to manager players and their wants.

Still, at least we haven’t really missed him. Also, if he comes back and he’s 100% ready, hopefully that’ll mean he’s full of beans for the run in. Everyone LOVES and energetic Sanchez. Perfect to have him on form firing us to the league

Also, I’m really fucking slow to the part on this… but the app, Fanatix, was shown to me by an Arsenal buddy at the weekend.

ALL THE GOALS, IN YOUR PHONE. Jump on it people. Kind of feel like I’m recommending Facebook as a good communications tool in 2016 here. But if you’re a luddite like I have apparently become, it’ll change your life.

Arsene Wenger says the Egyptian deal is ‘a little bit complicated’… but it should be sorted in a couple of days. That’s good news. I doubt he’ll be ready until March, as seems to happen whenever we sign players in January. But it’ll be good for the squad depth and also good for the squad to have a new friend to play with.

Amusing that Real Madrid are tracking Harry Kane as the new Ronaldo.


Also interesting that Chelsea are still tracking The Ox in a post Mourinho era. You know why? Because he’s a talent. Arsenal fans really need to get off his back. Sure, he’s having a bad season, but I’d put my money and the money I’d borrow off a violent loan shark on him coming good. Power, pace, drive… he’s just a bit green. But the pieces are there, it’s a mental game for him right now, once he cracks that, I think we’ll see something quite special.

Some papers are saying Howedes (sounds like a DIY retail outlet) has a £9m release clause in his contract. Why am I struggling to believe this?

Maybe because if this were true every club in the world would have activated the release caluse with a £9,000,001 bid. He’s only 27 years old! I’d have me some of that.

Finally, Freddie is back at the club. We’re like one giant 2004 reunion tour at the moment. It’s great to see. I just wonder how well they will all do as managers? All legends, all leaders, all relatively smart, all trained under Arsene Wenger in the good years.

I think I’ve mentioned before, but the 1993 Barca side has churned out the best batch of coaches in the world (Villanova, Enrique, Guardiola, Van G, Koeman). Will United 1999 or Arsenal 2002 have a similar impact?

We have Paddy V a possible candidate for City when Guardiola is sacked. We have Remi Garde bombing hard at Villa. You have Freddie, Bould, Jens, Seaman and Theirry floating about the club at the moment. Will any fly the nest? Will any take over the nest? What would they bring to the game?

It’s exciting times…

Right, see you on the other side, I’ll be in early on the match report tomorrow because I think I’m gonna not drink today. A continuation of my purer lifestyle.


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  1. peanuts&monkeys

    “Kenwyne Jones hopes he hasn’t joined ‘Arsenal of the Gulf League’ – because he wants to win titles”

    subject of abject mockery we have turned ourselves into.

    protest at the stadium.. spend some fucking money!!!!

  2. Samesong

    I am sorry but who the fuck is Kenwyn Jones?


    But it does make you laugh though Coq what has Kenwyn ever won?

  3. Phd007

    If the comments by Kenwyn Jones are indeed true,it’s kind of funny though for a number of reasons.

    The fact that it’s common knowledge, that we aren’t exactly renowned for our propensity of winning titles.

    And for Kenwyn to call us out on it, you ask yourself -what’s it got to do with you?&who are you anyway?

    I suspect there might be a touch of bitterness in there somewhere.
    Weren’t we linked with him a long time ago, when he was at Sunderland?

    Probably there were talks, which didn’t amount to nothing.& he’s probably been miffed about ever since.

    Who knows.
    Either way, his comment is funny. .

  4. vicky

    Pep Guardiola is already thinking about his future in the Premier League and never enjoyed ‘true love’ with his players at Bayern Munich, according to Germany legend Lothar Matthaus.

    ‘Guardiola can say what he wants,’ he wrote in Sport Bild. ‘The squad-planning for Manchester City is too important for him to have his head 100 per cent with Bayern Munich.

    ‘That’s a dangerous situation to be in.’

    ‘Guardiola will have five difficult months in Munich. There never was true love between Guardiola and the Bayern players.’

    I must say it’s unfair for a manager to subject both his own club and a few other potential clubs to so much uncertainty and speculations. It certainly raises questions about his commitment to his current club. I don’t understand a manager announcing his departure when one half of a season is yet to be played.

  5. Ughelligunner

    Pep loves the attention he is always getting particular at this point in his 2 and half year reign in a club.

    Do you know what it means for club billionaire literally offering you whatever it takes?

  6. Ughelligunner

    Since we played Lyon in the emirates cup, Lacazete call up has been muted.

    Martnez Jackson, struggling from the bench to start at athletico.
    If not a worldclass striker, then no need for another welbeck.
    All these talk of when he plays behind ozil he will flourish is mute, most players are so average enough such that they play to get to their dream top clubs and when they arrive, they stop trying.

    People here rated Benteke, Continho, Henderson, Can, Lovren, Clyne, Firmino above our players before they moved to Liverpool, now its Klopp needs his own players? Where is Balotelli by the way?

    Maybe we should just leave the business of buying players to the management of arsenal because i see alot of money would have been wasted if we were made the technical director of Arsenal.

  7. Sam

    How is Obam-yang African player of the year
    He plays in Germany
    They should be picking African based players n exclude those who play in Europe

  8. Ughelligunner

    Know this, arsenal is not going to spend outside the box in bribing agents, fathers, mothers, and family relatives in wanting to bring a said worldclass players here. For the past years now, we have the least bill payments to agents.
    Phd, yes the worldclass players has to fall on our laps for us to get him. This is the clubs methods of self sustaining. If you don’t know, then you are supporting the wrong club.

    I believe the analytical computer also compares players worth in pounds to their stats lol.

  9. Ughelligunner

    sam, there are two categories. Best African base player and the general Africa world best player category

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Still hoping we get Guardiola though City look likely, but, having said that Pellegrini’s comments yesterday sounded no different to Wenger’s when pressed on it, you might have expected something a bit more telling from Pellegrini, especially as no doubt he’d be a bit pissed off, no matter how nice a guy he is.

    For today, expect a lot of changes, though I don’t necessarily agree with Wenger playing Ospina, GK’s don’t really need rest, it has been a week since Cech last played, he’s in imperious form and is starting to command that back line now.

    My team for today would be:

    Bellerin, Mert, Gabriel, Gibbs
    ——Chambers, Bielik
    -Adelaide, Ramsey, Oxlade

    Not sure on Bielik with Chambers in there, very uncertain middle, but in all honesty does sticking Flamini in there make it any better? Ramsey can overload the middle as well.

    Not sure about Walcott leading the line either with a ‘weaker’ attacking midfield, but we need to make changes. Oxlade needs the game time, big time, give Adelaide a run out.

    Don’t trust Debuchy at all, and no to Opsina.

  11. Sam


    Obam-yang is French he shouldn’t qualify

    At least Yaya Toure played in Africa before moving to Europe.
    This twat only travel with Gabon national team or holiday. Never played club football there

  12. Cesc Appeal


    No…no…just, no.

    As nice as it is to see your granddad play for Arsenal, he isn’t going to be much use is he?

    We had a youth prospect emerge last year in Bellerin and got lucky with Coq by taking a chance, what is the point in flogging a very, very dead horse in Arteta, just give Chambers a go, not been a fan of his but I believe in earning your chances and he certainly did against Bournemouth, give Bielik a go as well, always happens at Arsenal, we hear about these emerging talents and the fact there’s no need to buy etc but then never actually get to see them.

  13. Uwot?

    Kenyan Jones.f***k he Avin a larf.useless tosser .used to play for the orcs didn’t he?hence the snidey comment.chinese. Football kenwyn.classy!

  14. Relieable Sauce


    Yep a lot of kids get touted early as being possible 1st teamers, this latest crop havent seen much high level football so we are leaving a lot to hope.
    If we had a good core of quality players who were reliable we could bring kids into the 1st team regularly, this would allow us to assess their level quicker and should help improve their development, be that at AFC, or elsewhere.

    Wenger keeps creating log jams with his youth splurges and many young players have had their careers effected by it imo.
    Look at how many midfield and attacking prospects we have on the books that need gametime now. They are not going to get it at Arsenal, maybe with a loan if they are lucky.
    Leicesters new signing 19yo Demarai Gray has played around 80 games in the championship already, really good experience for a young players development to be playing regularly at a decent level. Where we have JC-OX-Gnabry-Iwobi-JRA-… all not getting regular gametime and clogging up the position and wasting the clubs resources.

  15. Sam

    We are linked with Ighalo you know that’s bollocks
    The truth is Wenger won’t sign anyone capable of benching Giroud, unfortunately. He’ll carry on with Giroud till summer, at least

  16. Wallace

    re Afobe – Wenger usually sells the younger players quite cheaply but makes a % of any sell on a part of the deal.

  17. Sam

    Expect Arsene Bongo to play around till the window closes then he’ll say he tried hard n nothing materialized

    Elneny signed yet?

    Ha ha!

  18. Wallace

    “Demarai Gray has played around 80 games in the championship already, really good experience for a young players development to be playing regularly at a decent level. Where we have JC-OX-Gnabry-Iwobi-JRA-… all not getting regular gametime and clogging up the position and wasting the clubs resources.”

    Reine-Adelaide’s probably getting far more out of training with Ozil every day than he would getting kicked black & blue playing for Hull.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    Add to that the fact for a long time our youth prospects just simply haven’t been good enough.

    I think that’s why we’ve seen a massive expenditure in youth talent over the last 1-2 years, Adelaide, Fortune, Dragomir, Bielik, Malen etc

    But I agree, if one third of our first team wasn’t routinely out injured we would have a more stable base to give youngsters some minutes in a more protected, controlled environment. Still, lots of excitement around Adelaide, and lots of good things reported about Fortune and Malen.

    Hopefully Adelaide gets a start today, can see Ramsey at CAM though, Oxlade needs game time as well.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Disagree, whilst no doubt training with players of Ozil’s calibre is great, you cannot substitute for actually playing week in week out in an environment where a lot is demanded of you.

    Not in a cushy environment where you’re mollycoddled.

    We haven’t really done all that well with youth development, so maybe that is why we’re seeing a change in tactic, both in the youth set up and the calibre of youngsters being bought.

  21. Bamford10

    I will say again that one issue we face at moment is that every “finished” top-quality CF is outrageously expensive. While I’m not opposed to our spending 40m or so on an Aubameyang, a more prudent approach might be to sign two to three promising 20-24 year olds (at reasonable prices) and groom them (rather than spending 50m on a single player). To this end, I think we should be looking at Berahino. Pacy, fairly skillful and scores goals. Only 22. Home-grown.

  22. Relieable Sauce

    I doubt it Wallace, not that I claimed its what JRA needs anyway – though it probably would be beneficial IF he was getting a decent amount of gametime…as I believe they have training sessions as well at champioship level and lower.

    ps – Prem players get kicked as well dont they??? Thats one of your top excuses no?

    Bit of a snobbish and unrealistic view of the championship it seems.

  23. wehavelostourclub

    do you think a manager who spent 10 mill last summer and didnt even invest in an outfield player is going to spunk 40+ million on a player in the window?

    seriously Wenger will not win a trophy of note again, simple

    and even if hes does this year its only because the way that Chelsea and Man U have bombed in recent seasons (otherwise we would be 4th place again)

    The manager cannot even win back to back titles with some of the best squads ion Arsenal History


    11 mill …fucking jeez!

  24. Bamford10

    Maybe Ighalo as well. Sign both Berahino and Ighalo, and groom them. We need pace and mobility through the center — WITH genuine CF play.

    Walcott gives us the former without the latter. Giroud gives us the latter without the former.

  25. Relieable Sauce

    We are nailed on for the Prem. City are far too inconsistant and I dont see anyone else capable enough of winning it.

  26. Wallace


    “as I believe they have training sessions as well at champioship level and lower.”

    apparently one of the first rules with young players, if you think he’s a talent you put him in with your best players and see how they react to him.

    Wenger knew Pires was going to be special when in the first training session Bergkamp kept passing the ball to him. good players don’t pass to shit players.

  27. Highbury4ever

    Arteta is back, champagne!!

    Goetze on his way to Liverpool.

    Meanwhile, arsène said : “David Ospina has a big future at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger says”

    ElNino still haven’t signed.
    Another classic transfer window day at the Arsenal… lol

  28. Bamford10


    ‘We have no chance of winning the title.’

    Actually, as I have previously stated, we have a 23% chance of winning the title, and a 0% chance of advancing past Barcelona in the CL.

    This based on my unscientific but highly accurate intuition for these kinds of things. 😉


    City may be inconsistent but they have more talent and quality, and we are inconsistent too. Yes, we have a chance at it, but City are still favorites, imo.

  29. Bamford10


    Yes, but it’s more about the speed of thought and quality of thought of the best players. If a younger player can play with such players without making too many mistakes, it shows his speed of thought and quality of thought, which is one of the determining factors of a player. This quality is sometimes harder to see and more subtle than certain other attributes a player may or may not have.

  30. Relieable Sauce


    I want to see excellent young players in and around the 1st team, but I want the 1st team to be balanced, and made up of talented and reliable players.
    Less pressure on kid/Wenger – less impact on 1st team results and performances.

  31. Wallace


    “Yes, but it’s more about the speed of thought and quality of thought of the best players. If a younger player can play with such players without making too many mistakes, it shows his speed of thought and quality of thought, which is one of the determining factors of a player. This quality is sometimes harder to see and more subtle than certain other attributes a player may or may not have.”

    agreed. and the best way to see this is to stick him in with Cazorla & Ozil.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I will be in early on the match report tomorrow because I think I’m gonna not drink today. A continuation of my purer lifestyle.’

    Classic Pedro 😉

  33. Wallace


    “I want to see excellent young players in and around the 1st team, but I want the 1st team to be balanced, and made up of talented and reliable players.”

    I think we can afford a couple more kids in and around the first team. we’re a pretty experienced side these days.

  34. Relieable Sauce


    City are in 4 comps, currently are more focused on UCL, have already lost 5/6 PL games, have a worse defence than us and a less reliable strikeforce than us.

    Pellegrini losing authority/credibility as well cant help.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Weird line up. Can’t really see who the creative hub of that team is, Chambers alone in central midfield?

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin, Kozz, Gabriel, Gibbs
    Campbell, Chambers, Oxlade, Iwobi
    Walcott, Giroud

    That is the only way I can make sense of it.

  37. Ankle-biter

    Arsenal XI: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Gibbs, Chambers, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, Campbell, Walcott, Giroud.  

    Sunderland XI: ​Pickford, van Aanholt, Cattermole, O’Shea, Lens, Graham, Toivonen, Coates, Fletcher, Yedlin, Watmore.


  38. underrated Coq

    Think its a 4-2-3-1


  39. vicky

    Wenger has got no options really.

    No Santi, No Rosicky, No Jack . Ozil and Ramsey need to be rested.

    I reckon Chambers and Ox will play in midfield.

  40. vicky

    Iwobi is physically strong and perhaps the only reason he is getting the nod ahead of JRA. In terms of talent, JRA is far better though.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Groovey RSPCA

    Very weird line up, like Sheffield (albeit stronger) no real creative player out there.

    Sort of means if basic and direct doesn’t work we’re stuffed, especially if we concede. Suppose we have Ramsey and then the untested Adelaide to come on.

  42. Relieable Sauce


    Experience will come naturally if the are talented and reliable, and we are not there yet imo – TW, TR, JW, AOC, MA, MF, KG.
    It has to be an ongoing process and players need to be taken out of the 1st team if they are not developing to an acceptable level, otherwise they block a kids route to 1st team action and reduce the quality of the core of the team.

    Gibbs is a classic example, hasnt pushed on yet we persist. He is not good enough to be 1st choice and Monreal is 30/31 ? We should have a kid in there learning from Monreal, someone who could be good enough as 1st choice in the future – ie. the next year or 2, when Monreal will need replacing – because that is not Gibbs, and he is no LWer either.

    Ox seems to be going the same way, dont know what the answer is but what we are doing doesnt seem to be working.

  43. Sukky

    What’s your obsession with berehino lately ? I think he will be a good signing but coming from WBA to arsenal is a huge step up. The pressure may shrink him.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Not sure if this is a new or old interview for FourFourTwo, but Krychowiak:

    ‘I’ve heard about Arsenal, but I leave it to my agent. I trust him and he’s the one who deals with that kind of the stuff.’

    I know what he said about England before, but interesting, certainly would be great for us if we could get him.

  45. Vince

    Something is seriously wrong with Wenger. Koscileny, Bellerin and Cech with Liverpool 3 days away and all fresh because they played nineties yesterday.