When the back page makes you throw up 😷😷😷

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When you’re a kid and you’re acting up and your parents tell you they’ll make you live at the local weirdos house on a fulltime basis if you don’t behave…

When they catch you smoking and make you chain 20 to teach you a lesson…

When you bitch about Olivier Giroud on Twitter and you need to be learned…


Troy Deeney for £20m. Imagine.

… could everyone, please, please, please stop calling for a new striker. We’ve learned our lesson and we’ll love Theo, Giroud, Campbell and WELBZ forever more.

Hell, I’m so scared about that backpage I’m quite happy to accept Serge Gnabry returning as a ‘like a new signing’ moment!

David Woods. I hope no one is talking to you at Daily Star Towers and I hope there’s been an intervention of some sorts…

‘David, put your keyboard down and walk this way, everything is going to be ok. Shhhh…’

There’s talk that Matty Debuchy might be allowed to exit the club this window.

Now, for me, this story stinks. He comes in on £90k a week. Plays a few games, does well, breaks. Then we pay the bill. Then he comes back again, plays some games, breaks. We again foot the bill. Then he comes back the third time and he’s lost his place. He has to accept his role as 2nd choice… but no, he wants games and he wants to leave… and we’re possibly going to let him leave at the expense of our title push?

What’s that all about? You pay those great whack fees so you have a squad. If you can’t break into the squad, then you fight. If we don’t have back up, well, that’s your tough shit and that’s the way football operates.

The idea that Chambers could be our backup fills me with absolute dread. He’s a long way off being the player Debuchy is and it’s not an acceptable back up if we’re going to be ruthless about winning the title.

Final piece today, apparently our new Egyptian midfielder is going to land today. The medical is sorted and he’s good to go. Still find it a bit strange we signed someone from a slow league and we expect him to come in and do a job. I mean, we thought that with Gabriel, a year on and he’s still not getting games.

We’ll see though. 40 caps for Egypt is pretty good going and he seems highly rated when you read what the Swiss fans say about him. Good thing here is this… the deal was done early.

Who said transfers weren’t like buying loaves of high stamina bread from Tesco?

Right, that’s it for today… see you tomorrow!

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  1. Red&White4life

    Wenger and his so famous “I’m only looking for top quality player”, that’s f*cking hilarious…

  2. Brooklyn

    I gave reason why it is worth persisting with Wilshere for atleast another two season??
    The reason I won’t complain about Gibbs and Ox asked to be sold is that they are not comparable to Wilshere’s technique and talent when fit. And before you say Wilshere is never fit I am saying we should wait for another couple of season before declaring him to never be fit enough to help team?? You will again say why two seasons?? why not now?? Then read my previous comments. And stop asking same question when I have already provided answers.
    Theo well I don’t have problem being squad member with us till he retires even in his current salary.

  3. WengerEagle

    Carts you’re normally on the ball mate but can’t agree with your assessment on Ramsey and more oddly Henderson who I really don’t rate as anything above a mid-table level player.

    Ramsey struggles with consistency and his execution but at least he has a high talent level to begin with, he’s capable of the spectacular as he’s proven time and time again over the last couple of seasons.

    Henderson is just so depressingly average. (Not even my words, have lots of Liverpool supporting mates).

  4. Carts

    LOL sorry, Eagle.

    That reply was for Underrated from the 2nd page.

    I stopped reading at “Carts you’re normally on the ball mate…” then cracked open a bottle of champers!


    But seriously though, I know the Ramsey love from some runs deeper than a rabbit hole, I get it. But I’m just not having Ramsey. Probably one of the most frustrating players to watch ever.

    I’d rather a Henderson who’ll give you 7, than a Ramsey who’ll give you an 8 or 5.

  5. Brooklyn

    I agree with Carts opinion in a way that he means with more disciplined CM maybe our defensive problems will be solved and with a striker our offence will be comolete.
    But saying Henderson is better then Ramsey is ……
    But here I have statement to make, look closely how Guardiola used Vidal against us and how he uses him and I think Ramsey will be perfect in that role under Guardiola.

  6. Carts

    Not one to backtrack – but if I said Henderson was “better” then maybe that wasn’t accurate. But yeah I’d much rather consistency

  7. Carts

    “Flaunting a cool guy persona”…wow if that’s what you managed to conclude from this afternoon then you know me well.

    Make sure you clean that wound and put a new band aid on

  8. somerandomperson

    All the guys who love other team players should see what their fans think about them. I regularly read comments on liverpool guardian threads.

    Almost no one there thinks Henderson is anything , it is just when he is injured people talk oh if he comes back we will be winning title etc.

    Also coutinho seems one of the most frustrating for the liverpool fans in the sense that they feel he can do more but hardly does it on consistent level.

    Benteke is almost anonymously considered useless donkey for liverpool’s “style” of play.

    I am pretty sure they will take Giroud for Benteke without blinking an eye.

    The grass seem greener but it is not really that much green. Also about this Delle Alli hype, Ramsey was on those levels when he was 19.

    Ramsey is very disciplined against big teams , it is mostly against small teams he runs forward too much. That is most likely due to his instructions on how to play.
    People are really slating Ramsey for giving up the ball etc. But he is consistently on the high pass completion % . The biggest problem Ramsey now has is that once he is inside the box he never looks up and sees the other options.

    He is just focusing on scoring the goal himself. I am not sure whether it is just down to selfishness or he cannot really think of looking up .

    Also Ramsey has played some sublime passes in almost every game he has played the vision and execution is there.

    If people expect Ramsey to just sit back with Flamini then it is complete waste of his talent.

    Also the fact that he started on wings ahead of Ox/Campbell tells the importance of Ramsey to the team. He did as well as Ox/Campbell from the wings. Bellerin was playing very well with Ramsey on wings. Cazorla will replace most players as B2B with his form and creativity .