Newcastle to batter Ozil like some of the press?

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Sorry about yesterday. New Year’s was pretty big, but I’m back in the game today and heading over to my first game of 2016.

I mean, I don’t want to brag, but I travelled 3,461 miles to see this game today.


I’m looking forward to this game, Newcastle have been on the ropes most of this year. Partly because they sacked a very able manager in Alan Pardew and shipped in a manager who has never made it work at any level.

What were they thinking?


We already spoke about that hair, right?

Still, because Steve McClaren will no doubt be aware of my disdain for him, he’ll have a plan today. I’d suspect he might have taken solace from Southampton kicking us about and I suspect his grand plan for keeping Ozil quiet will be geared around some shin busting tactics.

I’m not sure you can kick Ozil around. He’s a bit too good at avoiding challenges and making space for himself. One of the biggest detractions people have about the German is his body language. People hate that you can’t feel him in a game until you look at his stats after it. I actually think that’s one of his massive strengths, if you can’t feel his presence as a fan, imagine you’re a player. He ghosts in and out of a game and people lose track of him.

Unlike, say a Sanchez. You don’t even need to have eyes on that crazy dog to know he’s tearing up behind you.

Talking of Ozil, Jamie Carragher is going for him again. Now he’s accepted that he kind of gets what he’s about (it was a painful journey getting there), he’s kicking him with the… ‘HE’S NOT AS GOOD AS BERGKAMP’ thing.

Great, I’m sure Mesut will be gutted to hear that. Technically, you have to be kind of honest with yourself, for what he does, he’s probably very close to Dennis, if not a bit better. In the fans eyes, can we honestly say that he’s bigger than Bergkamp? Of course not. He’ll never be. But talent wise, no messing around, this guy is spectacular.

He needs to win a title, sure Jamie, you’re right. But let’s not forget this is a player who has already won a World Cup in Brazil, he has a Bundesliga title medal and he’s won La Liga PLUS, two mighty FA Cups.

I mean, pretty special so far. Hopefully, about to get more special.

I don’t mean to be all, you know, ‘THE MEDIA HATE US !!!CONSPIRACY!!!’, but there are certain people who just want to jibe at us regardless of what’s going on. I mean, face up to it, at this point, the league is what the league is.

There’s nothing weird going on. The only slight anomaly is Cheslea, but you could see bad stuff was brewing there. United being shite is no longer an anomaly. Liverpool also being shite is no longer an anomaly.

We’re the most settled side.

We’re the most consistent side.

We deserve to be where we are.

Will we be there at the end of season? Who knows. What I do like is that we’re usually pretty good in the back-end of the season. I do like that Sanchez will be refreshed and ready to roll. I do like that we’ve managed ride the Coquelin absence wave (fingers crossed) and I like that we’ve so far not really felt the pain of not having a world-class striker.

I like that we’re bolstering the middle. I don’t know if this guy is going to be any good, but he looks promising and if they used the same scouting methodology to find him as they used for Gabriel, then we’re in a good place.

I think we should try and add another name. If Wenger could add a bit more to the front line, that’d be great. Someone with a bit more experience, who could add a bit to basically Theo and Giroud. I’m not sure that’ll happen.

Then we just have to brace ourselves for the year ahead.

Finally, we’re in good shape. Not the best. But good shape. We’ve weathered our annual injury massacre. There’s more heart in the team than we’ve seen in 10 years.

All it comes down to is focus now. If we can keep our mental strength at +8 for the rest of the season, maybe we’ll win the league.

A big ask, but hey, let’s enjoy the ride!

Right, have fun at the game today. Enjoy your breakfast beers if you’re in New York. Here’s to three points and an incredibly exciting year!


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  1. Leedsgunner

    West Ham beat Liverpool today. Aren’t they up next for us in the league? In any case whenever we play them I hope we punish Liverpool good and proper. Even when we do though I doubt they’ll make an advert over it…

  2. daz


    Yeah was gona say we will get stuffed even at full strength barca just to good, let’s hope this elneny is good and if we did get that Aubameyang we could give them a run for their money

  3. Phd007

    I guess I asked for it..

    But you know the funny thing.
    I’ve been holding this view or theory for the best part of 4 years.
    The W.Brom game. .

    Funny right..&every season with Arsene playing hide&seek games with the fans.Embarking on stupid projects, crazy statements&kamikaze preparations, had me looking at the particular game &questioning it every season.

    I guess I’ve had it up to here with the bloke.Can’t wait to see him gone.So I can begin to enjoy watching football again.

    Maybe, it was some kind of cathartic release I needed to offload that crazy theory of mine.

    Now I can sleep easy& maybe laugh at myself for thinking such a situation did transpire.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Their front line is incredible, but they are beatable, your defence and central midfield just has to shut that front line down, or choke the supply, which obviously right now, we have no chance at doing as Newcastle caused us massive issues, Bournemouth were free in the middle and Southampton embarrassed us by bossing the middle.

    I don’t know why Wenger ignores the centre of midfield so much, it is absolutely key.

  5. Phd007

    El Tel 1
    I think the issue with GG ‘s bung gate, was that the BoD, refused to pay him what he asked for right?

    Wasn’t it along the lines of, he had won X trophies&believed his pay should reflect what success he brought to the club?

    & also he sought the advice of SAF, who showed him his contract&told GG , not to ask anything less than X-amount. As that was what Arsenal were willing to pay SAF whey they approached him to manage Arsenal. Before turning to GG&securing his services?

    In short, GG felt he was being underpaid, therefore saw the bungs as a way of topping up his salary?

    Something along those lines. .??

  6. Emiratesstroller

    Not a great performance today, but a win and that is what counts.

    Arsenal need to bring in a player in midfield with a decent engine and improvement in our defensive duties in that department before our next league game.

    Bluntly our season could be decided by how we perform in our next 3 EPL games
    against Liverpool [a], Stoke [a] and Chelsea [h]. These will not be easy games.

  7. Joe

    So of all the posts I made today Marko, you pick the one about Wenger cheating to call me out, rather than try to refute all the other points

    A troll that just posted 20 posts with facts

    You’re a wanker and cunt.

    Talk to me when you have a point.

    AKB troll

  8. Joe

    I brought up Wenger cheating because some of you say you wouldn’t want Jose managing Arsenal because he has no class

    Well to me in my opinion. A man who cheats on his spouse / gf is the lowest of lows.

    Jose is entertaining. Football is entertainment. He’s a character. And a winner

    Josie for Arsenal!

  9. alexanderhenry

    Top of the league and I’m happy, unlike some of the ‘fans’ on here. You have to question why you support arsenal or follow football at all, when you can’t appreciate being top.
    Anyway, enough of that. What we are seeing is the result of the club spending a bit of money after roughly 8 seasons of austerity- not enough of course but at least we’re not selling our best players every season and posting profits in transfers. You can’t win without spending in the modern game. It’s as simple as that. We have a great chance of winning the premiership this season, although I still make city slight favourites. A couple of astute purchases this month might change that though.
    If we do it, that’ll be three trophies in three seasons since the the end of the austerity period and Wenger vindicated. He’ll see out his contract quite rightly and then that’ll be it I think. Then it will up to kroenke to show how ambitious the club is. We’ll see.

  10. Bamford10


    “If Wenger is so great. Why hasn’t he won one in 10 seasons. ”

    He hasn’t even COMPETED for one in ten years, Joe.

  11. Bamford10


    Alexander claims that Wenger didn’t spend this summer because he wasn’t given the money. That is, he can be ignored.

  12. Marko

    So of all the posts I made today Marko, you pick the one about Wenger cheating to call me out, rather than try to refute all the other points

    I didn’t read any of your other posts. I was working/don’t respect your dumb opinion to go back and read them. I just thought there’s plenty of shit on him to bring up but you bring up some tabloid nonsense. Quick question has that cheating shit ever been proven? In your head doesn’t count by the way

  13. Joe

    Why are you so defensive about him cheating.

    Doesn’t go with the holier than thou image you hold of Wenger? Makes him scum
    Like you think of Jose.

    Why don’t you disprove that he cheated ?

    Anyway. Like I said. Talk to me when you have a point.

    And I guess only your opinion is right.

    AKB troll wanker

  14. Joe

    Aubameyang would be amazing. And eligible t

    Yeah because Dortmund will sell us the hottest striker on the planet in Jan

    And I have dumb opinions.

    Fuck me. Thick AKB troll wanker

  15. Marko

    Hey numbskull like I said he’s got plenty of faults you can talk about but you bringing up some cheating nonsense that hasn’t been proven seems juvenile and stupid. I’m far from an AKB I’m just someone who happened to disagree with your bullshit

  16. Joe

    Prove to me he didn’t cheat you cunt. You saying he didn’t doesn’t make it true.

    Show me an article refuting that he cheated.

  17. Marko

    So I’m stupid for saying Aubameyang would be amazing (he would) and eligible (he would). Look if you’re so offended when people call you on your stupid shit then stop saying stupid shit you stupid shit

  18. Joe

    And yes you’re w Fucken idiot for bringing up a player we have no chance of signing you stupid cunt.

    Great insight again.

    Ronaldo and Suarez would be great

  19. Sam

    Why is Arsene’s private life bothers you so much
    He’s under pressure from his job everyday n he’s most of the time away from home

    you need extra pair of Tits to help you relax
    better than drug or alcohol

  20. Sam

    Also better than having silly magazine under your office table

    A real nice pair of lips is what you need down under

  21. Marko

    Great human being Joe. Obviously the piss shit Irish website that states according to reports is all the evidence you need. Great work today pal very insightful on the whole

  22. Joe


    Oh fuck Marko you’re a beauty. Fuck off wanker. There are a 100 other article on line you cunt.

    Anyway Sam. I mentioned it once. It’s the wanker Marko who’s panties are in a twist over it. I brought it up over people saying Jose has no class and should never manager Arsenal and I just said Wenger was accused of cheating on his wife. No class.

    Marko lost his shit like a cunt. Must of spilled some fries as it was handing them to his customer.

  23. Joe

    Marko. You are a waste of my breath. Please fuck off. Still waiting for one point from you today.

    But really. I’ve wasted too much of my time on you.
    Back to yhe drive thru for you daft cunt

  24. Joe


    So it’s ok to cheat on your wife if yii have a stressful job or travel for work?real class act you are too.

    No wonder you like Wenger so much

  25. Joe

    Anyway. I’ve let Marko side track me. I apologize to everyone else on here for it.

    Waste of space and time he is.

  26. peanuts&monkeys

    Next 6 games prediction : 2 wins. Rest all losses. Arsenal to get down to 5th by Feb 10th.

    It was shit football (read WengerBall) yesterday. No wonder southampton with their fast-paced football could put 4 past us.

  27. Sam

    Arsenal did well during banana skin period with 2 wins and one defeat
    To compete till Mai, Wenger has to spend to cover the loss of Coquelin and Cazorla.They’re the reason why our performance has dropped.
    The paper said Elneny and Rabiot, I think thats better than starting with Flamini n Ramsey.

  28. Rambo Ramsey

    by the sheer volume of depressing posts he writes, its pretty obvious that this Joe is a bit unhinged mentally. why do people still entertain him? like a glutton for punishment

  29. qna

    “Next 6 games prediction : 2 wins. Rest all losses. Arsenal to get down to 5th by Feb 10th.”

    All the more reason to enjoy the moment and be happy in the here and now. Looking forward to having Alexis back – I think Theo Walcott has underachieved incredibly during Alexis’ absence. He had a chance to really show what even I have been defending of him coming into last Summer.

    On the plus side Campbell has been a revelation. I really do not understand why Joel Campbell has not been shown the extended run that Wenger has shown to many failures – British and Non-British at Arsenal over the years. How on earth did he lose his place for last nights match to Oxlaide? Anyway, he came on and was really quite good.

    I think we should simply stop dreaming about Winter signings. Wenger has now basically said he will only be signing Elneny if you read between the lines. Have you ever known him to surprise you positively? Will Elneny be enough – of course not, but at least being a mathematical chance deep into April/May will be a pleasant change. A great win last night – I am so pleased to scrap a win out of that performance.

  30. Joe

    Thank god we only have one of you random and the pro Wenger bollocks you spew.

    And anyone who’s tag name is Rambo Ramsey has no clue about football

    What’s the excuse this season for how shit Ramsey has been?

  31. grooveydaddy

    I can’t, for the life of me, think of any reason why Dortmund would consider selling their best player mid-season.

  32. Brooklyn

    Few seasons ago Aubameyang was just a Speedster who played on wings with no dribbling ability and could get you 5-10 goals a season. Lesser to Walcott.
    Now he is played as striker and it clicked for him.
    Maybe it is due to Dortmund team is set up to maximise his and Reus output??
    Maybe he will go same way as the likes of Sahin, Kagawa etc go when they play in different system.
    Reus fair enough, technical ability and work rate. Lewa same plus killer of a shooting technique and striker instinct. Goetze is not good enough for Bayern because of lack of work-rate to play on wings and but can be great as no.10.
    But Aubameyang?? That too for 35 mil + means Walcott is 25 mil+ player??
    My qualm is just people saying 40 mil+ is good deal for Aubameyang. Not that he won’t improve us. I will be more then happy if we get Aubameyang even for 40 mil+ due to dearth of strikers around and he will most certainly improve our team. But that doesn’t stop me saying he is over-rated and over priced. That doesn’t stop me from saying he has technical ability akin to Walcott.
    But he has other advantages over Walcott like he seems to play at higher intensity (agressiveness) and that is only thing he has over Walcott and also height advantage. Also he seems to have taken hang of playing as a striker more then Walcott did.
    But I can say same of Welbeck. And Welbeck is better in air and technical abilities.
    Welbeck and Sanchez in two wings and Ozil behind Aubameyang will get best out of Ozil though meaning will get best out pf our team.

  33. qna

    I still dont rate Aubameyang. Woulf prefer him to Walcott, but two in the same squad would be a waste. For me Aubameyang is a tap in specialist. He scores majority of his goals on the counter with no defensive wall or line in front of him. Would suit the way Liverpool play more than Arsenal. Having said that he would improve us. But for €50m we should be getting a better striker than him. After waiting a decade for us to spend good money on a top quality centre forward I would be devastated if he was the guy we blew our cash on.

    Even now Dybala’s goals and input for Juventus is more impressive than Aubameyang this season. For me, I would still take Reus over Aubameyang all day long.

  34. Wallace


    agree with you all.

    anyone know anything about this 17yr old Nigerian kid – Victor Osimhen – we’ve supposedly got coming over on trial?

  35. nasri's mouth

    A lot of players looked tired yesterday. First 10-20 mins we looked lively, then the legs went, and the passing too. On top of that I lost count of the number of times they played a pass to their right wing in ‘acres’ of space.

    The goal galvanised us a little, and by the end we could have easily scored another, but even the 1-0 flattered us.

    Wholesale changes for Cup games tend to disrupt the teams cohesion too much, and I’d love us to go and win a 3rd FA Cup, but if I’m honest I’d be tempted to rest as many as possible, esp. if Arteta and Alexis are back and we sign Elneny

  36. freddylekgunner

    Osimhen is the golden boot winner of the recently concluded u-17 world cup with a record 11 goals, he’s also the second MVP of the tournament. He’s fast and skillfull, has great shot but most importantly he’s got composure and he plays more maturely than his age but looks really young.

  37. qna

    Osimhen looks good. I think we should sow a few seeds with guys like him and the Dutch kid we have just bought, the Argentinean kid (now with a broken leg). I am liking the look of some of the kids we are getting into our Youth team now. With all the money in Football now it is wise to spend on these types of kids.

    I would like to see us get in a really high quality youth team coach – Madrid have Zidane, City have the guy we should have – Viera. Henry is looking to get involved, how about bringing him as the head of youth development and actually giving him full control.

  38. Pierre

    We played our best football, attacking wise, when we had Walcott up front , Sanchez on the left and ozil pulling the strings behind. Welbeck, when fit , would be my choice on the right but ox , Campbell or Ramsey can do the job now.
    Walcott played up front against Leicester(5-2), man u(3-0) Bayern(2-0) and our attacking play was electric . wenger should have a re-think now that Sanchez is due back. Let’s get back to the quick counter attacking that destroyed the opposition.

  39. freddylekgunner

    I still don’t understand why Campbell didn’t yesterday, and why he was brought on so late. He’s our best option on the right now