Happy new year!

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Happy new year my darlings!

I obviously took things way too far last night, so there’s going to be a severe lack of content today!

Don’t go to the after, after party.

Good news is we’ve apparently sorted the medical for Elneny… GIVE ME A WOOO!

Now the only thing we have to worry about is some work permit issues… which I find staggering considering what he’ll be paying in tax. I mean, hardly the sort we should be turning away.

Anyway, I have zero in me… but more tomorrow!

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  1. bennydevito

    Happy new year Grovers!

    Happy new year Pedro!

    Let’s hope Arsenal can stay first right through til June.

  2. jwl

    Happy New Year Pedro and everyone else who hangs around here.

    I am curious to see how the transfer window pans out because Wenger said he’s expecting busy January – does he think he’s been busy by buying one player, or are more expected, or maybe he say busy because we going to sell a player or two?

  3. Shubham

    Happy new year gooners…another year full of hope for Arsenal. May this be the one we have been waiting for so long. COYG!

  4. Champagne Charlie

    Happy New Year Grovers/Gooners!

    Any substance to the Brozovic noise? Capable wide/inside forward at International on loan from Zagreb..

    Very wengerish style of player ala Hleb/Nasri


    We show other teams we are Here so Stuff them all. Happy New Year to every Gooner all over the World! Back in 2011 i dreamt our Thierry was Arsenals Manager, so lets hope my Dream comes True, Fingers Crossed.

  6. shad

    I can already hear the Elneny chant should he become a mainstay;

    “Elneny, what’s my name, Elneny, what’s my name, what’s my name” (sing to Rihanna’s “Oh na na, what’s my name” chorus tune)

  7. shad

    And would like to seee our deals conclude faster than usual. Ours tend to take forever to get done and be announced officially

    3 points to the good guys to get the 2nd leg of the season going. Özil assist and goal.


    Heres a joke for u:
    Which 3 football teams have Swear words in the name?
    ARSEnal, sCUNThorpe & FUCKING spurs!!

  9. Phd007


    I think Suarez indicates in this article, without naming Arsenal, how desperate he was to move.

    The so-called £40, 000, 001 bid to trigger the clause that would instigate talks, is what most people use as an argument, to justify Arsene’s reluctance to offer more.

    As it would be stupid&foolish to increase the offer.

    Fair enough you say..

    But after lodging an increased £1 bid..Did we even start talks??

    Or Liverpool had a hissy fit&Arsene ran off into the wilderness.
    Preferring to seek internal solutions?? 🙂

  10. champagne charlie


    Apparently while the rest of us have ventured into 2016 you’ve been put back to 2014… wtf?

  11. tunnygriffboy

    Right. To paraphrase my longer comment on the other thread, we are getting dog’s abuse on the guardian blog for being fickle, tutting and liberal lefties with a sense of entitlement ( liverpool guardian readerx calling us those things. Self awareness in Liverpool anyone !)

    Anyway the important thing is, How are we going to cope with teams who press us high with intensity like Southampton did on Boxing Day especially as we haveSSanti and Wilshere out, our two best players in getting us out of the press ?

    Hayden has come back from Hull. There is talk of Brozovic as well.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    Know little of Brozovic. Good player ? Sounds versatile if he can play midfield and wide. Could do a balancing job with Alexis’ dribbling.

    Would Elneny and Brozovic be good business this window ?

    Talk that Debuchy wants out. What a wuss. He’s lost all form though. Suppose Chambers and Gabriel could cover Bellers. Hasn’t the Archangel played quite a bit at RB in the past ?

  13. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah. Giving it large.

    This Coutinho business gets me. He’s a good player and can score wonder goals. He’s not always consistent and I feel he can be a bit over rated. While he’s young, he’s not a pup. Still needs to improve to deserve the plaudits he gets.

  14. Wengers plastic bottle

    Phd007 Apparently while the rest of us have ventured into 2016 you’ve been put back to 2014… wtf?

    That comment did make me chuckle

  15. gambon

    Really cannot understand all this talk of Debuchy leaving.

    Its halfway through the season, we are top with a very tough fixture list, and we are the most injury prone squad in the league. It should not even be a consideration that we let him leave, or anyone leave.

    If Wenger puts the player before the club yet again he’s scum.

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Nice piece Wallace…
    Seems a level headed young man paticulary liked not letting politics get involved part .

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Think it says more about his frustrated ego….

    Not prepared to fight for the cause because of the euro 16

    Mans a cunt …

    Flog him for what 2 m ?

  18. nanadarfour

    Even if pedro sneezes, le grovers will catch cold.
    Nothing in him yet we comment. But really, I think it isnt as much about pedro as it is about the love for le grove. It has virtually become a home for most gooners.
    Peter *effing* wood, bless up!
    Keep up the hard work man!
    Happy New Year from the centre of the world… LE GHANA.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Papers are reporting that Van Gaal is going to be given significant funds again, but surely United won’t trust him will they?

    They must be looking to the next guy now, £300 Million spent and in all honesty, they don’t have that much to show for it.

    In this league, United’s current squad should be enough for 4th.

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    gambon: It should not even be a consideration that we let him leave, or anyone leave.

    Yeah, lets make sure we keep a player who has been playing terribly recently and who’s been regularly agitating for a move, he’s going to be really useful on the pitch and a really positive influence in the dressing room!

  21. Phd007

    Champagne Charlie

    Yeah.But in the grand scheme of things what’s really changed b/w 2008 -2016 at Arsenal under Arsene..??

    Apart from the playing personnel. .
    Our position in the league, has alternated b/w 3rd&4th..

    So, whether it’s 2014, or 2016..
    The crackpot fantasy football Arsene indulges himself in at your personal expense, remains the same irrespective of the years.

    Please don’t mention the FAC’s
    That wasn’t the primary reason, why we left Highbury to move to the Emirates. .

    Or was it.. 🙂

  22. jwl


    Good link, informative.

    What I like about Elneny purchase is that he’s good age, 23 and I have not read anything about major injury in past year or two. Unless player is exceptional like cesc or rooney, most young players are not good/reliable enough to play for top teams. When you buy 19 or 20 yr old, still far from certain what player’s abilities will be when they 25.

    Supposedly Arsenal analytics team considered one of best in England now hopefully they got it right about Elneny.

  23. Marko

    Good article Wallace.

    If Wenger puts the player before the club yet again he’s scum.

    Yeah I don’t quite know how to respond to your sudden and unexpected/unnecessary outburst Gamb. Player hasn’t left/we don’t know for sure if we wouldn’t bring in a replacement so why have a meltdown?

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    There was a story a while back about a % of their sponsorship deal being in jeopardy if they finished out of the CL places twice. There might well be concerns about the future commercials.

  25. Samir

    Watching Kante every week…He’s the equivalent of having an Ozil quality player at DM, absolutely amazing.
    With Elneny coming in though we’re unlikely to go for him. Can see him going to Man City/Chelsea in the Summer. Which is very annoying.

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Pedro I understand that you are half alight but gratis apoor post !

    No mention of the Leicester boy or the loan coming back ?

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    His ego will overtake what he does for the club?

    Only thing if we do get rid is to use as a barter tool ?

    Where could he go ? Villa ?
    Norwich ?
    Who they got we want ?

  28. Wengers plastic bottle

    Really cannot understand all this talk of Debuchy leaving.

    Debuchy not good enough played well before his injury but now he’s a total liability. I’m sure there’s plenty right backs out there better than him.

  29. Dissenter

    Regarding Dubuchy; you want us to keep player who’s stinking up the dressing room with his sulking and has shown sub average quality on the field?

    There’s no problem so long as Wenger replaces him before moving him on. He wasn’t great for Arsenal, truth be told.

  30. Wengers plastic bottle

    Where could he go ? Villa ?
    Norwich ?
    Who they got we want ?

    I think he would go to Italy he’s still first choice right back for France isn’t he?

  31. gambon


    We are incredibly bad at getting transfers done.

    We all know that if Debuchy goes he wont be replaced.

    Which then creates a problem as we are another body short.

    January is not the time to sell….just to add one or two if possible or necessary.

    I dont see a place for Debuchy, Arteta, Flamini, Campbell in this squad but we cant afford to lose people.

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    Do you think that he will use this a time to promote youth ?
    Donyel ?

    I suspect he will maybe sign one an make the difference with youth ?

  33. gambon


    I have no doubt that wenger will always do things the hard way.

    I think them 3 are all way too young and raw to realistically deal with a title run in.

    The problem is January is terrible for dealing with squad problems.

    We really fucked up in the summer and the worst thing is 90% of fans seemingly knew better than our £8.5m manager.

  34. Dissenter

    “I hope he sticks with Chambers in midfield even if Flamini returns tomorrow”

    Not your best post mate.
    Flamini’s experience is indispensable. You’ve forgotten the way he took Silva out of the game and reduced him to kicking out in frustration.

    Chambers is a pup.

  35. Dissenter

    When Wenger says “he will be busy” this transfer window, foes he mean he will be busy signing youth players?

    This old leopard can’t change it’s spots so late in the day. I expect that we will bring in 1-2 youth players from god-knows-where with fanfare.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Agree gambon

    I do remember tho a young Kevin Campbell getting a chance in 91 ?

    Annscoring 9 goals in the second part of the season to help us win the title?

    Wenger Is in a win win situation
    True we knew he needed to strengthen in the summer he didn’t now he is lording it buy saying he is right ,,,
    But when we choke an it will happen he will blame injuries an not that he didn’t strengthen in Jan when there is no one to buy ?

    The man is the most fortunate chancer alive !

  37. Dissenter

    It gets worse for Real Madrid the mega circus.
    It seems James Rodríguez was pursued by Police for speeding at 200km/hr while driving to the training ground.

    Culled from the Telegraph.

    “Real Madrid star James Rodriguez was pursued by an unmarked police car to the club’s training ground for allegedly speeding at 200kph (124mph), according to Madrid sports daily AS.

    The newspaper published photos on their website of Rodriguez arriving at the Valdebebas training ground in the north of Madrid followed by a car carrying a blue siren.

    AS also published a video of the passengers in the unmarked vehicle claiming they “followed him at 200 kilometres per hour on the M-40 motorway,” when stopped by security at the entrance to the training ground.

    Police bellowed: “Pull over on the right! Pull over on the right,” according to Spanish daily. Rodriguez allegedly refused before entering the Madrid training facilities in his top-of-the-range Audi.”

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Realistically we should get in a few quid when this youth generation fail ?
    Naits mum a few quid ?
    Hayden 2m
    Crowley 2m

    Keeps the youth fund alive .?

  39. Phd007

    Arsene knows better..

    Managed for 30 years

    Can’t & hasn’t won a European trophy throughout his managerial career..

    Never won a back to back title, even with some of the best players, he had in his time&with money.

    Can’t figure out, how to win a league title in 11 years.

    Only recently realised after almost a decade (since Lehman), that having a decent goalkeeper b/w the sticks helps..

    Still trying to find a better quality striker than Giroud, after 3 years.

    Can’t figure out, how to get past the first round knockout stages of the CL after six years..

    Yep, Arsene”The Terrified” Wenger knows best. . 🙂

  40. somerandomperson

    Hope we sign a Rosicky (midfielder/winger) type player along with Eleny. Hopefully next year we can ship off Rosicky , Arteta, Flamini . And have them replaced with Eleny and 2 more.

    We are going to be busy in the next 2-3 transfer windows . Rosicky / Arteta /Flamini will most likely go at the end of this season . That is 3 squad places to fill . Cazorla is nearing 32/33 , Mertasacker will be 32/33 .

  41. Ces1ne

    Looking at yesterday’s comments……….Are there really people defending the Suarez 40m + 1 bid???? If ever there was anything to sum up our laughable transfer policy to that point, it was that pathetic “saga” & conclusion. Only thing that did was show the rest of Europe the ridiculous ideas our club has about player valuation in the modern game.
    Put it this way……out of the ALL the transfers that go on over the years in ANY league with ANY other club, when have you heard of such a ridiculous “bid” being placed? It was just ” so Arsenal” & honestly if you wrote in a book about an unnamed club making that bid, 99% of people would guess (correctly) it was us!!! This was not a special/isolated situation, so the comparison can be made to ALL transfer activity. While it’s a mute point now & clowns will re-write history, there really is no defending that pathetic move by one of the biggest clubs in England.
    Onwards/upwards & all that, but even AKBs have to admit we took a huge “L” on that 1.

  42. El Tel 1

    Of course Chelsea you would know what every other Club has bid for players.

    The truth is Liverpool broke the rules and kept Suarez at Liverpool when His buy out Claus was reached.

    I suppose you want us to be like your Club, paying millions over the top for bang average players then either leaving them to rot or loaning them out.

  43. Ces1ne

    Yawn “El Tel” ……wake me when you have something of substance to say. Your color-by-numbers response is exactly what I would expect. Nowhere have I implied I support another club, but I know your ilk think anyone not 150% “positive” isn’t an Arsenal supporter.
    It was a pathetic outcome no matter what way you want to spin it.

  44. Dissenter

    Our £40,000,001 bid for Suarez was amateurish and Liverpool were right to dismiss it as such.
    There was no guile in and consideration for the seller who would have to deal with fans that didn’t want their best player sold.

    I don’t really think we were serious. It was more of a tire kicking exercise than a well considered bid. We had ho fallback and just slithered away with our tails between our legs.

  45. Phd007

    The facts of the matter were, irrespective of how laughable the increased £1 bid was. That we triggered the clause, to initiate talks.

    I don’t think, we even began /started negotiations, once we increased our bid.We simply scurried off, like squirrels hearing the whistling of the wind, or hearing an acorn fall to the ground.

  46. GuNZ

    Happy belated New Year everyone.

    Just discovered my father-in-law was the head cop in charge of the old Highbury security back in the sixties and seventies. Fucker probably owes me about 20 million pairs of boot laces. No more of my Xmas booze for him. FFS. What’s the fucking world coming to?

  47. GuNZ

    I have just found this on Wikipedia about my hero Olivier:

    ‘Giroud began his football career playing for his hometown club Olympique Club de Froges. ‘

    Apparently the town was called Froges as well.

    That’s brightened up my day no end.

  48. GuNZ

    And, yes, I am aware that is correctly pronounced frowzhje or something similar, but then again I still laugh at toilet humour and booger jokes.

  49. GuNZ

    Anyway, time for a prediction for tomorrow’s game: Arsenal 3 Newcastle 1. I reckon we’ll make heavy work of it but I am betting on my boy Olivier de Froges to come off the bench early in the second half and grab a brace.

  50. GuNZ

    One step-daughter (the West Ham freak) already flown back to Aussie, and am putting the second one (the Gooner) on a flight back to Blighty this evening. That only leaves the father-in-law who, considering what I’ve just learned, has become a candidate for parricide (can’t be patricide as he’s not my old man).

    Did you know that the Romans used to sew people convicted of parricide into a sack together with a poisonous snake, a dog, a cockerel, and an ape and tossed into the Tiber. Bit like sewing Wenger and Stan into a sack together.

  51. Wallace

    “Mesut, I gave him a one-week holiday during the international break. At the moment he doesn’t practise a lot, we rest him a lot between the games.

    He is a guy who once the basic fitness is there between the games, he wants to play.

    “There are types of players, sometimes the most technical players, it looks like it demands less energy for them to play – it is just natural for them.”

    – Wenger

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Frankly I would be very surprised if Arsenal did not secure a Work Permit for

    Whilst Egypt has been ranked outside the FIFA top 50 Elneny has been playing for Basel a team who reached the last 16 in Champions League last season and according to article posted by Wallace is considered one of their most influential players.

    Arsenal are not a club willing to spend £5 million + on a player unlikely to secure a work permit. Yes there have been cases where Arsenal took a punt on
    teenagers like Wellington and Galindo when recruiting them direct from
    South America, but these were teenagers costing peanuts with minimal financial risk.

    I will be very surprised if the transfer is not confirmed very early next week.

  53. Emiratesstroller


    The good thing about Ozil’s training is that it seems to be tailored to his personal requirements and not as we have seen in the past where players were being flogged to death.

    Some sports people are just naturally fit and don’t need heavy duty training. Frankly that is a very good thing, because it will probably add longevity to their
    football careers so long as they maintain a decent lifestyle.

  54. qna

    Anybody else concerned about the massive Ozil love-in at the moment. After the pride comes the fall. This is the problem with Arsenal. They get half the way up the mountain and are ahead of the pack and instead of head down bum up they get on their high horses and start bragging.

    Even against Southampton the whole team was just expecting the win. Ozil will do his magic and we can get out of this blustery cold wind and go home.

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    Not really. If you can only be focused on the issues that success brings without being focused on the success itself, then it’s all a bit pointless really.

    As for Arsenal bragging, while some of the fans are, I’m not sure the team are.

  56. qna

    “As for Arsenal bragging, while some of the fans are, I’m not sure the team are.”

    Pull up interviews of Arsenals english boys for the past x many years amd say that again. Walcott thinks he and his team mates are world class and have a squad as good as the invicibles yadi yadi ya. I cringe when I read what these guys say.

  57. Wallace


    Walcott says it’s the best squad he’s been a part of(when everyone’s fit). nowhere does he say the current side is as good as the Invincibles.

  58. qna

    Theo Walcott quote:“In this calendar year, we’ve been the best team in Europe.”

    Nobody can defend this type of shit. If you do then there is something wrong with you.

  59. Wallace


    you sure about the ‘Europe’ bit?

    fairly certain he’s talking about the fact we acquired the most points in the Premier League in 2015. which, again, is something else entirely.

  60. Dissenter

    I agree with you regarding the false confidence of our British core especially Oxlade and Theo. Their interviews are so predictable
    They should just hush and do their talking on the field.

  61. Dissenter

    Wenger on Mesut Ozil;
    “You look, as well, at the impact Özil can have on other players,” Wenger said. “The Premier League is very tight and if you go into a decisive game and you do that [rest Özil], the other players think subconsciously: ‘Why?’ They don’t tell you but they think: ‘Why?’ Even the player himself does.”

    Wenger advanced one of those theories of his that is designed to soothe anxiety but does not always bear scrutiny. “Özil is a guy who, once the basic fitness is there between the games, he wants to play,” Wenger said. “There are types of players and sometimes the most technical players … it looks like it demands less energy for them to play. It is just natural for them.”

    This just reads like Malpractice. Every player should have an option that can relive them on the squad, which why we don’t in much with Wenger.
    When you keep glorifying crocks like Wilshere with enhanced contracts for warming the sick bay then you’ll jeopardize players like Ozil.
    Watch this space; our season goes to the dog shed when Ozil gets knackered or injured… and you just know the likes of Stoke/Newcastle/Sunderland will target him for kicking. That’s what happened to Westham’s Payet.

  62. Dissenter

    Theo Walcott; “We don’t want to look ahead of ourselves but we have a history of ending the season well,” Walcott said. “We are getting players back fit and we have one of the best squads when we have everyone fit. I truly believe that. It’s the best team I’ve been involved in and when you have Mesut and the way he is playing, it gets the best out of everyone.

    “Players came in against Bournemouth who hadn’t been playing too much and they did fantastically well and that just shows the strength in depth we have in this team, and the pressure on places. We have the confidence and it’s just flowing out there.”

    Someone tell this lad to stop talking and walk on his finishing. What does he know about winning league titles?

  63. vicky

    I don’t quite understand Wenger’s theory.

    On the one hand he talks about a whole battery of fitness experts who have been hired to assess who needs a rest and who does not.

    On the other hand, he keeps spouting “Sanchez does not want to rest”, “Ozil wants to play every game” etc and then caves in to player’s demands.

    Sanchez’s injury is totally down to Wenger’s mollycoddling and I don’t think he has learnt any lesson even now. I hope Alexis comes back from his injury as soon as possible and then we can rest Ozil. though I doubt Wenger will do that.

  64. vicky

    Game against Newcastle is not the toughest fixture in the calendar. I will give Chambers another chance instead of rushing Flamini in.


    Bellerin Gabriel Koss Monreal
    Chambers Ramsey
    Campbell Ozil Ox

    Both Giroud and BFG need a rest. Gabriel deserves a good run-in as well. Campbell got a rest in the last game and Ox is fresh anyway.

  65. El Tel 1

    So the classy mouthy Liverpool tell the world about Arsenals so called joke bid for Suarez and Arsenal get laughed at.

    Nothing changes in Blighty does it. Those Northern shitters are much loved by the Media even though they haven’t won a title for what is it. 25 years.

    I think the signing of Ozil and Sanchez proves that if the price is right then we will pay it.

    Suarez is a great striker but the press he was getting when we wanted him was poor.

    Is He worth £10 million more than Sanchez? Not for me he isn’t. So the bid we made for Him was enough, that £1 was to trigger the release Claus. If it were not for Stevie Me he just could have been our player.

  66. Phd007

    El Tel1

    But we didn’t even start any talks..
    The increased £1 bid, was to trigger the clause to begin negotiations.

    We did nothing. .Other than slap a £1 improved bid on the table.

    Absolutely nothing. If you are not going to start talks, while even bother to slap in bid??

  67. Ustyno baba

    Its funny people still remind us of the debacle we showed in the Suarez bid,its completely laughable that the supposed release clause was anything more than 40m and we choose to add 1pound like we were buying seasoning to cook…it just show that penny-pinching is our birthright,what happen to 40.1m and cos we always have our own valuation in the transfer that is different from the general market we choose 40+1m so amateurish

  68. Colonel Mustard

    Ozil is’nt a player thats needs resting really. he really does’nt run himself ragged. moot point for me really. High octane players like Sanchez/Theo or heavier players like Giroud tend to need rest. Ozil nahhh……too clever.

  69. qna

    Lets hope its 3-0 at half time and we can bring on Adelaide and Iwobi.

    If its 4-0 at half time then we better keep our full strength team on for the full 90.