Roman, do us one last favour ⚪️🔴🇪🇸

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Christmas, the season that keeps on giving. Leicester bolstered their top 4 credentials with a very solid draw at home to Manchester City. That means we’re now top on our own (goal difference).

Goooood times.

If we win all our games for the rest of the season, we win the league.


Our next match up is against relegation fodder, Newcastle United. Nothing in football would make me happier than to see these boys drop a division. I detest their owner and his horrible little shops. I can’t stand the fans and the outrageous entitlement that follows them around. I also can’t deal with their manager, one of the biggest jokes in the game.

I mean, that Barnet. Someone have a word. It’s the follicle equivalent of having BO at work.

Anyway, that ragtag bunch of southerner haters will hopefully roll over like a dog on wet lino. We have them at home which means we won’t get to see their incredible fans leave 20 mins into the first half if they don’t like the score.


The transfer window will also be open. We’ll maybe have our new Egyptian lad to parade to the fans. I mean, if we’ve been in talks all month, why not?

I also read with interest that Madrid are looking to offload Isco. The boy is a dream player, soiled by Madrid and ready to show the world what he has. He can play in the middle or out wide. He has vision and great delivery. He’d bring a lot of class to us. Surely he’s not going to go to PSG and waste away in the most toilet league in Europe?

Some people are talking about Cesc being available as well. I mean, really? A player who destroyed Chelsea from the inside and helped force the sacking of one of the most repugnant managers of the decade?


I see. This could be like some sort of reward? Valhalla for the good deeds on the dark side. I guess he’d also be a pretty sweet replacement for Santi. Young, a winner, injury prone, good for 6months a year and he’s already done the traitor thing to us. I wonder if Roman will fancy doing us one final push of a title favour? If Guus says go… could be a cheap and classy stop gap.

Right, that’s your lot. See you tomorrow!


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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    That’s where I think Wenger will play his trump card…

    Him an pep alledgedly good mates ?
    Him say come I will be texpchnical boss you manage …

    Maybe or prob not

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I thought the press announced it as a three year ?

    Ah that’s good then if he does ever find his billys boots .

  3. Phd007

    No way is Arsene leaving.&if he is, I certainly can’t see him making way for Pepe..

    Highly unlikely. .

    I do believe if Arsene does decide to step down, that he will be moving upstairs.Since he is the only personnel with a wealth of football ing knowledge.So much so, that the BoD will seek his counsel on who to appoint as his successor.

    This is where, I believe he won’t countenance someone like Pepe coming on board.For a variety of reasons.

    I think there will be a clash of personalities, with Pepe wanting to bring in super quality players.& not looking to indulge in fantasy projects. .

    Looking to buy, rather than seek internal solutions.A significant overhaul of the playing staff&to a certain degree backroom staff.

    I don’t think this would sit comfortably with Arsene.

    Therefore, he would want someone that continues his work, with the minimum amount of disruption.
    Someone that buys into his crackpot fantasy football.

    Plus the thought of Pepe, coming in and sweeping all before him, in a relatively short space of time. & fans singing Pepe’s name, will somehow grate on Arsene..

    Arsenal is Arsene’s baby.
    Like the possessive lover. “You are mine& no one else’s. I don’t want someone coming in, that’s going to overshadow my legacy.I’m the best, you will ever find.You are lucky to have me.”

    That’s he’s kind of mentality-ole Arsene.

    If by some miracle, Pepe comes on board..I’ll admit Theo is a good finisher.. 🙂

    Proclaim Arsene is a great manager

    And I’ll run naked down Edgeware Road.. 🙂

    Yep, highly unlikely. .

  4. Sam

    I wish there will be soon a block/Ignore facility. So bored reading all these Anti Walcott posts, hard to ignore. It feels like I am in Tottenham forum.
    you haters should all fok off there, seriously!

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    No one hating him
    It’s just the he has flattered to achieve every season …this is my big chance….play me down the middle….injuries ….

    Scramble in any order an play

  6. Alex Cutter

    “I wish there will be soon a block/Ignore facility. So bored reading all these Anti Walcott posts, hard to ignore. It feels like I am in Tottenham forum.
    you haters should all fok off there, seriously!”

    I know!

    I hate it when websites break into your house and force you at gunpoint to read them!

  7. Alex Cutter

    ““I wish there will be soon a block/Ignore facility.”

    The irony of course being that if there were ignore/hide functions, you, daz, glennie, nigel, sam, i am arsene and the other Wenger knob-gobblers would only be visible to yourselves.

  8. Phd007


    All the way to Cricklewood. ??

    Stretching it a bit..

    Maybe just the cheat part. Over the flyover.. 🙂

    B/w can you see us signing Pepe?
    Or Arsene being happy to step down&make way for Pepe?

  9. daz

    I see Alex “bone” cutter is being a cool motherfucker again with another gay joke to add to his collection, your mom jokes, disabled kids jokes, gay jokes you really are cool man I wish I was as witty as you

  10. PieAFC

    Good result. Decent performance from the lads who came in. Wenger finally understanding some rotation works.

    Saturday against the ‘might’ toon army. Should be no problem. Same tempo, few early goals then make the changes. Can’t be fooled though, teams down there love playing us knowing the pressure is off.

  11. Relieable Sauce

    The deals done this window might give us a hint at things to come, managerially speaking.

    I somehow cant yet rule out Pep joining us. Some of the clubs actions recently would make sense if we were planning a change of manager. This Nolito deal – if it were to happen – would be an incredibly short term option, but along with Elneny, enough for us to compete for the EPL whilst not dipping into the warchest.
    Hard to explain not buying a single outfield player, and the contract extensions.
    Yet to seen a convincing answer to explain it.

    Looks very much like Debuchy will go in Jan as well.

  12. Sam

    Haters are boring, they come up with same arguments then get slapped in the face still they don’t give up.
    What happened to sell Theo n buy Di Maria? Now its Sell Theo n buy Isco. This twat can’t even get a game in spain n he’s already more valuable than Theo Walcott.
    And Madrid mob will never tell you why they don’t rate him,you pay up first.
    hmmmm £40Millions

  13. Sam

    Isco could be new Di maria
    or even a Benzema, Lol!!
    Fiorentino Perez thinks he’s Derek Trotter. If he’s desperate to sell how about Varane n Ronaldo?

  14. Mick Kartun

    The transfer window fuzz familiarity has arrived again. Same old names, same daft rumors and Arsene’s playing his arched eyebrow games with the press. He seems to enjoy it though. There’s something about always being told what to do which makes him do the opposite. Old goof.

  15. TheBayingMob

    I haven’t read all the comments on Fee’o, but I have sympathy with both sides of the argument. At times he’s shown brilliance at pace and this season was looking really good down the middle. Every time he looks close though … He breaks down with another injury. It’s almost impossible to gauge how good he could have or is going to be due to being unable to stay healthy so I can see why people would say “get rid”. He’s another RvP IMO. If he went elsewhere and stayed fit he could win a team the title. He could also end up a no one in Turkey. We have the same problem with quite a few of AWs squad.

  16. Relieable Sauce


    Check out Demarai Gray, looks a real talent.

    Aghalo is game but not Arsenal class imo, Deeney is a selfless and smart CF and plays a big part in his success. Very good combo but probably average as lone CFs…Not that thats a bad thing, I like 442/4411, Watford and others have proved it can work well at times, with the right tactics and personnel.

  17. somerandomperson

    Theo is our most underrated player may be except Per . Everybody talks about Theo’s limitations . Year after year he matches or betters goals/assists numbers from best wingers of the league. Still year after year he gets slated for not doing enough.

    If Theo is so limited why teams have not yet figured him out ? Theo’s skillsets are very unique and very hard to counter , it may not be exactly what fans look for in a winger. But he is an extremely dangerous attacking weapon for the team.

    But I have to accept his finishing has been absolute garbage this season. The amount of clear cut chances he got this season he should be in double digit goals already.

    And teams cannot stop Theo getting into those positions whether it is because of his only weapon (speed) or does not matter.

    Also there seems to be a trend all the people who seem to rate Ox or Wilshere they treat Theo like garbage. It is just people like to see fancy dribbling.

    All “talented” players seem to be dribblers. In my opinion dribbling is one of the least efficient attacking moves and very easy to counter by just doubling up on the player.

  18. somerandomperson

    My top 4 would be

    1. Arsenal
    2. Spurs
    3. Manchester City
    4. Leicester City

    I dont really fancy Manchester City to be in top 4 but there is no other team which is going to challenge them . Man U cannot score , Liverpool are Liverpool , Chelsea are in midtable fight.

  19. underrated Coq

    The problem with Theo this time around is that he’s going for placement in cases where simply putting his feet through the ball and smashing it in would be better. A result of which so many of his shots look tame and half-arsed.

    He’s trying too hard to emulate Henry but unleashing his inner-Podolski might be better.

  20. Wallace

    “Unfortunately we cannot announce anything at the moment about this player [Elneny] because nothing has been concluded,”

    “It’s not impossible [that Debuchy will leave]. I’m happy if he stays but we’ll see.”

    – Wenger

  21. Sukky

    All the English players in our squad are average and injury prone. Theo has only one thing, blisting pace and he doesn’t even use it well. He can’t run with the ball at his feet. His runs are predictable and when given time and space to shoot, he panic and miss. Ox is just frustrating, so poor, brainless and lose concentration way too easy. Gibbs is the worst, so shit. Wilshere and Welbeck, we all know their story. Cambers for 16 million is a total waste, he will never be a good CB or a quality DM.

  22. Sukky

    Bellerin? Nobody seems to be talking about him. He has only one thing, he’s a flash. He can’t cross, he can’t dribble, his positioning is poor, his attacking run is tame (does he even make any?) . We have so many average players in our squad. Winning the title will be a miracle.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Walcott is like “Marmite”. You either love him or hate him.

    Personally I have no problem keeping him on the books as a “super sub” if you
    can afford his astronomic wages in such a role.

    However, as I have written many times before he is not consistently goalscoring or hardworking enough for team to merit a place in starting lineup.

    There are realistically only two places in our team for forwards at any one time and at this moment in time the preferred allocations are to Sanchez and
    Giroud with Walcott and Welbeck [if and when fit] their backup.

  24. Emiratesstroller


    Language of Wenger par for course.

    However, in case of Elnemy I think that it is a done deal, but probably requires
    immigration clearance as he does not play currently in EU or for a top ranked international team.

    That should be a formality, although probably not before game against Newcastle.

  25. Sukky

    Elnemy is a box to Box midfielder like ramsey. We need a ball playing holding midfielder not a box to Box midfielder. But I will take him at this moment cos we are short in the middle and ramsey won’t play all the games and I think they can both work together until Coquelin comes back. The signing I want this January is either gotze or isco. We really need a nasri type of player.

  26. Wallace


    yeah, Elneny seems all but done. I’m guessing the idea is to pair him with Ramsey. in theory it should be okay, as long as Elneny’s distribution is less erratic than Ramsey’s.

  27. Emiratesstroller

    There is one position in offensive starting lineup which is still open and can be
    improved and that is on the flank. Frankly Ramsey,Walcott and Wilshire if
    fit do not like to play there and Campbell and Ox are not good enough for starting lineup.

    For me there is still an opening for one additional world class midfielder to play in the team and my preferred choice would be currently Isco if he was made available.

  28. rollen

    December 30, 2015 23:48:24


    The whole of the Edward road from the odeon marcpblevarch to the Argos in cricklwwood ?

    he will run whole A5 to Elstree :]

  29. Brooklyn

    Sukky same can be said of Alba, but he is first choice for Spain and Barca.
    Bellerin has a long way to go to be good enough wing back for PL winning or CL winning teams. He should learn from Monreal. Whenever Arteta, Merts and Monreal talk about him they say he is listening and improving continuosly.

  30. Emiratesstroller



    Assuming Coquelin recovers from injury sooner rather than later I would expect
    him to be still our preferred DMF so Ramsey and Elnemy will be vying for second deep position in midfield whilst Cazorla and Wilshire are out injured.

  31. Sukky

    You mean jodi alba? From his debut season, everybody knows he has a football brain. Am afraid the same can’t be said about Bellerin.

  32. rollen

    What happened to sell Theo n buy Di Maria? Now its Sell Theo n buy Isco. This twat can’t even get a game in spain n he’s already more valuable than Theo Walcott.


    Theo will never be WC player like Angel or Isco. Why u need to made up stuff?
    No decent player would miss all those chances on Tuesday.

  33. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry, but I have to disagree. Bellerin is a fantastic talent albeit that he is still young and raw.

    I watched him play at Emirates quite a lot in last two seasons and in general he has played well. Who can forget his fantastic defensive recovery when he saved a certain goal albeit that it resulted in a groin injury?

    As to his forward play I think that he has played very well albeit that his form
    on occasions is up and down as you will expect from such a young player.

    Frankly I would much rather have him in my team than Shaw who cost Man
    United almost £30 million!!!

  34. Ughelligunner

    Epl table as December 31st 2014.
    Chelsea – 46pts
    Man city- 43pts
    Man utd- 36pts
    Southampton- 33pts
    Arsenal- 33pts
    Totenham- 31pts
    Liverpool- 31pts
    at 18, 19, 20, we have
    crystal palace -16pts
    Burnley- 16pts
    Leicester- 13pts

    it can also be said that last season teams were poorer given chelsea 10pt lead to third placed team.
    Man utd, Liverpool were as usual, no change if you take into considerations that Arsenal overtook them for 3rd spots.

    So apart from chelsea and Leceister baton exchange all teams improved, Aston villa regressed after selling their best players

  35. peanuts&monkeys

    Wilshere is perhaps the only hope of playing the assist-role if ozil loses form or gets injured. If he is not available till March, then who is the backup assist man? Can this EL Neny assist?

  36. daz

    Carragher says we could face another 10 years without a title if we don’t win it this year, mind you as a Liverpool man he knows what he is talking about in this regard

  37. Redtruth


    You melt, you Wengerphile, what you talking about.

    Arsenal and Leicester have improved points tally because the league is weaker.

    Man City down from 43 points last season to 36 points this season.

    Chelsea are well down on last season.

    Man Utd down from 35 points to 30 points.

    Spurs are up 5 points from last season due to poorer competition.

  38. daz

    Thing is we all say the league is weaker this season but could it not be that the mid table teams are stronger that’s why they are taking points off the big clubs besides Chelsea who obviously have dropped off a cliff, utd were shit last year and city are no worse

  39. Samesong


    Leicester last season 13 points this season 39 points!
    Crystal Palace last season 16 points this season 31 points!

    That proves that the weaker teams have got better?

  40. qna

    Happy New Years All. I would have to say that 2015 was a great year to be a gunner. I know we had our downs, but we did win a shit load of points, beat some very good teams and won an FA cup. Here’s to 2016 being even better and having even better bling to show for it.

    I like to put it out there my opinions on our signings. I have hated the majority of our signings since we started the great sell of to Manchester City, et al. We have been basement bargain bin diving and pulling up mediocre player after mediocre player (think Santos, Sonogo, Chamack, Squilachi). I have even been against good players that I felt would not be “good enough” like Podolski, Arteta, Gervninho, Welbeck, and so many more. I have got some wrong – Giroud (arguably),Gabriel (possibly), but overall, I think my expectations pretty much usually match with what I see eventuate in reality. Its no surprise that our fortunes turned with the signing of players that – surprise, surprise – cost a lot of money on the market (Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez).

    The reason I am saying all of this is because I would like to state for the record, that although I am in general an absolute critic and hater of our bargain basement transfer policy, I am completely in favour of this purchase of Elneny. I think he looks like he will be good value and if he doesnt improve and excel, he can surely be a valuable squad member until we need to sell him to make room for someone better.

    However, with this purchase of Elneny – our quota of bargain basement buys is now full. We still need to add a proven and established central midfielder to take over Santi’s role as he ages out of his peak form, as well as goal scoring, assist giving wide right attacker. I would take Isco, but my dream signing would be James Rodrigez. If we pay what we paid for Ozil (around eu60m at todays rate) or more, then we should be able to make a deal happen this January noting the current troubles of Madrid and the unhappyness and form of Rodrigez. This guy is the perfect age and is one of the very top players in the world.

  41. qna

    daz: Thing is we all say the league is weaker this season but could it not be that the mid table teams are stronger that’s why they are taking points off the big clubs besides Chelsea who obviously have dropped off a cliff, utd were shit last year and city are no worse

    Nope. Look at how our teams perform against quality opposition in Europe. Not just the results, but the quality of play. Teams with a budget of promoted EPL teams are playing better quality football than the current big 4. United out in the group stage. Arsenal make it through by a miracle defend and counter performance against Bayern. Chelsea have been well and truly shocking to watch (which if it wasnt so boring would be entertaining). City have played some excellent football. But when they have been hot they have been hot, but when they are not, they are not. Some very poor work by City defensively and in central midfield. Areas they have dominated domestically in the past.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    Once again RT sells his negative and somewhat warped logic. Arsenal are top
    of the EPL and therefore the league as a whole is very weak.

    The facts are that the EPL is a highly competitive league in contrast to La Liga,
    Serie A and French Ligue where only two or three teams really count.

    Realistically the only teams in Europe who might win our league are Barcelona, Bayern and Real. None of the other teams would frankly last the
    course when you factor in the rigours of playing competitively every week and
    the requirement of having a large squad.

  43. Wallace

    when the summer transfer window closed the majority view on here was that we finished 3rd last year, we’ve added no one, how can we expect to do any better when all our main rivals have added to their squads?

    the idea that players in the squad might improve was laughed at. i mean, it’s pretty hard to dispute the main reason we’re top is because Ozil’s taken things to a whole new level. and while De Bruyne & Sterling have definitely added something to City’s attack, the fact they can’t get Kompany & Zabaleta fit, and Toure’s on the decline are proving far more influential factors.

    and what about those ‘no brainer’ signings – Pedro, Depay, Schneiderlin & Firmino…?

  44. peanuts&monkeys

    from Carragher to Henry to Redknapp everyone can sense the casual approach Arsenal (read Wenger) is adopting toward the title race. forget about us fans, even these experts are worried. We can make mistakes, but not them. Wenger is casual..he is NOT serious to capture the PL even this time. Sad!

  45. qna

    daz: Qna yeah but the top teams underperforming doesn’t mean the league is weaker as a whole

    I think the league is weaker as a whole. But it generally is thought to be and has been for decades for everybody outside Britain. Not so long ago Italy was thought of as the strongest and more recently it has become Spain. Never in my lifetime have I heard anybody call the English league the best league (other than British people of course). This is more or less consistent with european success. Right now, we have the UCL and the EUFA cup – both must be considered important in looking at overall strength of a league like you are talking about. Our mates over at United, Chelsea and Liverpool have won the big prize in recent years and I think this has pushed the EPL as undoubtedly one of the top 3 leagues as of right now.

    But this hasnt stopped the EPL from becoming arguably the most popular league in the world. I think the money in EPL has also brought a lot of brilliant talent to the lower teams and I think this is what you are mostly focusing on. But having the best players doesnt always translate into having the best teams. Also, the lower teams having more money doesnt necessarily mean the lower teams in other teams no longer have brilliant talent – where do you think the EPL teams are buying from. Even now, when we want to recruit for Arsenal, I only see Mahrez as a guy that I am desperately eyeing off from a lower team – the rest are in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

    I think there are positives and negatives for having an overall weaker league, but a league where the gap between the haves and the have-nots is smaller. Major positive is that all 10 games, week in and week out are more exciting. We can pull up any game like City vs ABC or United vs XYZ and we feel that the lower team has a chance – and this makes those games more exciting. But the negative is that the big clashes – Chelsea vs City, Arsenal vs United etc are not such big clashes. You dont feel like its titans of the football world doing battle – the best of the best. For me this is a bigger loss than enjoying the week in and week out games. For me the biggest domestic games of the season which dont involve Arsenal now might be Bayern vs Dortmund or Leverkusen, Barca vs Madrid or Athletico, Juventus vs Inter. It used to involve United, City, Liverpool, or Chelsea.

  46. qna

    AFC SWED. Yes, I also read that he wont qualify automatically. He will have to go through a special appeal like Gabriel. Maybe this is why it hasnt been announced yet.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    We have Sanchez and Rosicky to come back soon, Sanchez obviously is fantastic and Rosicky will provide a great option off the bench, but then what else?

    Considering at CDM we’re either playing a try hard who isn’t really good enough, Flamini, or a experiment, Chambers, whilst Elneny is a decent start he’s still a slight risk there.

    I think Wenger needs to find something big there, whilst I would like a RM, that and a ST can come in the summer, I think if we put together a midfield base that can control games we could well win the league.

    We’ve still got a lot of difficult away days to come, that central midfield is going to be crucial, with Caz looking done for the season and Coq’s return date ‘around March,’ we need to move quickly in this window.

    Elneny should certainly be in before Anfield and Sanchez should be back for that game, but we need more.

  48. freddylekgunner

    Yeah, after selling Cech to us Pedro wants him to another favour by selling us Fabregas the traitor.

  49. Red&White4life

    “but then what else?”

    @Peanuts and freddy : I think it was only humor from Pedro…
    “second degree humor”.

  50. Sam

    Di Maria is world class? You twats just don’t give up
    What Isco does on YouTube, fit n healthy Wilshere can do better even against Barca.
    I wouldnt mind if we sign Isco but I wouldn’t praise a Madrid benchwarmer above Walcott or any Arsenal player.

  51. Dream10


    It will be interesting to see how the team’s shape changes over the next couple of weeks with the return of Sanchez, Ramsey at CM and El Nennys addition.

    Sanchez is a great talent, but I would like to see him adjust to the team instead of being a maverick all the time. In away matches, we can’t risk Ramsey pushing forward from CM and Sanchez being careless on the ball. When we go to Liverpool in 12 days, I expect Flamini to partner El Nenny in central midfield and Ramsey back on the right.
    Sanchez needs to play more as a goalscorer and not a playmaker.

  52. Sam

    I really don’t give a Fok about world class status but If Di Maria n Isco are world class then Wilshere n Walcott( without injuries) are also World class.


    Fok off

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    No I can’t see him stepping down

    Reality is if we do win league he will use it to bolster a new contract !

    Even more monies…

  54. Bamford10


    That’s because you don’t know what the f**k you’re talking about. Both Isco and Di Maria are much better footballers than Theo Walcott. Walcott wouldn’t make Madrid’s squad much less their XI.

  55. freddylekgunner

    Sam you said it all, but can Wilshere stay healthy? History proves otherwise. But Wilshere is a great talent and he’s going Diaby’s way gradually.

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Papers linking us to a young let back from Leicester who is out on loan at Huddersfield .

    Slap in the face to our youth talent spotting again
    Only went on loan in November .

  57. Dream10


    They beat Spurs in a smash and grab at WHL.
    Gave us a tough time with 10 men at St James Park earlier in the season. It was one of our biggest victories of the season.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    I’d say we have to go at Newcastle set up similarly to Bournemouth, I would like to see Gabriel and Kozz at the back for a while now, Monreal come in for Gibbs but other than that, not much we could do aside from bring in Campbell.

    Not sold on this set up though, Oxlade and Walcott on the wings, not sure. Still should have too much for Newcastle, then hopefully by the next EPL fixture we will have Sanchez back and a new signing.

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    R.S.P.C. : Papers linking us to a young let back from Leicester who is out on loan at Huddersfield .

    If it’s Ben Chilwell he’s meant to be pretty good. We’re not the only ones scouting him

  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Gnarby cooked , will come back deflated ..

    Hayden leaving loan early can’t be good for confidence .

    Not sure youth will get a look in now
    He has his new favourites …

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    That’s him

    But only been on loan there since November …

    Here he goes again looking at the wrong level,of player needed for the big charge!

    Not saying this kid ain’t good ,but .

  62. Cesc Appeal


    No I want to see Bellerin, Gabriel, Kozz, Monreal from now on I think. Mert sort of works best when we’re going to be compact and sit deep, when our play is more expansive I don’t like him in there.

    Bellerin, Gabriel, Kozz, Monreal
    ——–Chambers, Ramsey
    —–Campbell, Ozil, Walcott

    Is what I would personally go for.