Down but not out

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Apologies for the lack of posting. I’ve been back to back since being in the uk and I had a do over the Arsenal game and didn’t feel it’d be right to hash something half arsed together.

I’ve gotta say, I was half expecting something like that… I mean, one of my main gripes this season has centred around focus and I think that game shone a bright light on the issue. All the goodness of the City win, eaten up in an embarrassing 90mins against a club on their knees.

Mistakes, lack of bottle and maybe the creakings of a squad that’s being pushed pretty hard. Can we bring it back in today? Probably. Are we still in it? Of course. But the question is… do you believe we have what it takes to sustain a challenge until the end of the season?

Who knows. The season is so messed up it’s hard to tell. Shipping 4 goals like that isn’t a good sign though, hardly title inspiring.

It seems pretty nailed on that we’ll be signing Elneny from Basel for £5m. Numbers wise he looks good. He covers a lot of distance, had 92% pass completion in the Europa League and he’s scored some screamers. However, he’s coming from a slow league and he’s got risk written all over him. Is he going to give us now impact? Chances seem slim. We’re investing in potential and luck… rather than out and out quality.

Looks like the reason he’s not a full on DM centres around him being a replacement for Jack, who has suffered another set back that puts him out past February. I think it’s safe to say he’s the White Diaby. His injury record is beyond appalling now.

I think we still need direct cover for Coquelin. Someone good enough to oust him. Flamini and Arteta just don’t cut it. All the chatter points towards that not being the case… he’ll be the only one. Which frustrates, because it feels like Wenger is going to fritter away the league again because he didn’t go hard.

There you go. It is what it is…

Right, Bournemouth today, a very tough game but a chance to show a bit of resolve.

See you in the comments!

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  1. gazzap

    Southampton lose after putting in a once in a season performance against us the other night. I mean they totally bossed it against us. We have only been that outplayed against Bayern this season. Then they lose to West Ham. That wonder goal gave Saints huge belief, but they still had to play well which they did for 90 minutes. You’ve got to give them credit for that.
    Today was a good win for us against a team in form so we shouldn’t take these 3 points for granted.
    We have Liverpool and stoke away in consecutive games in January. That’s going to be a real test.

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Goal Scorers is not Arsenal’s priority so long as Sanchez returns soon. Giroud
    does not score in a couple of games and suddenly everyone criticises him. Don’t forget that he played exceedingly well against Man City just a week ago.
    Giroud has actually scored his highest number of goals in the first half of any
    season he has played for us.

    Walcott for me is a different story, because whilst he scores occasionally a spectacular goal his general performance level and contribution to most games is very poor.

    As I have suggested on many occasions he is a ‘luxury bench warmer’ and nothing more.

  3. london gunner

    Not really getting the walcott hate. Giroud’s misses were actually significantly worse.

    Walcott had two shots saved where the keeper was definitely the favourite and as he was shooting from a tight angle and the keeper did very well.

    He did badly hash up that lovely ball from Ozil though with an awfully heavy touch and there was that One time on the counter where he could have passed.

    Giroud though took a terrible touch in the box when if he had basically top punted he would have scored. He also was well wide from a perfect cut back from ozil which he should have got on target.

    Ozil fluffed a cross from bellerin.

    Walcott did embarrassingly miss an offside shot but it wouldn’t have counted.

    He didn’t have a great game but he put in a shift defensively and almost got an assist.

  4. Samir

    Walcott out > Shaqiri in
    Wilshere out
    Arteta out
    Rosicky out
    Flamini out
    Sonogo out
    Ospina out
    Gibbs out
    Mert out

    How do we have so many shit players?

  5. Samir


  6. london gunner


    “Walcott for me is a different story, because whilst he scores occasionally a spectacular goal his general performance level and contribution to most games is very poor.”

    If that’s your prognosis of walcott, what’s your prognosis of Ox and Welbeck who don’t score or assist at all? Granted he should have scored today, but the fact is he put in a shift defensively making quite a few tackles in Arsenal’s half and he got himself into goal scoring positions with brilliant movement and reading of the game. He also almost set up Ox for a goal.

    I can understand people triumphing Giroud he has been very good this season, but lets not forget the previous seasons at Arsenal he has ranged from ok to dreadful. He currently has had one very good season.

    Whilst Walcott before his injury 2 seasons was playing to a very good level. He then came back it took him awhile to adjust. At the start of this season he was actually playing pretty well with Sanchez who seems to bring out the best in walcott and vice verse and before his injury he had replaced a floundering Giroud as main striker.

    In essence the two players forms have yoyo’d at different times so its perhaps not fair to compare them at this present moment without being aware of the context surrounding it.

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    In all seriousness can you give a solid answer why we should keep


    Jack a player that sadly through injury will never be a complete midfielder we once hoped .

    A forward trained by the best the longest apprentiship in the uk football world, an still can’t be trusted to do a job on his own
    Again will never be the striker we once hoped
    Potential to rebuild with mid table team

    Converted left wing player in to defender who seemingly has lost the place that was once cemented in for him .
    Losing his place to a centre back cum squad player , tells all we need to know about him.
    Sell has a championship career ahead

    Really not sure
    He is a playethat was the centre of mids future, then out wide

    Now a couple of injuries he is surplus to requirments and is a round peg in a square peg hole
    Once him an andros Townsend were vying for the England spot
    Now both faded says more bout English yoot than any paper can .

    So diss please tell me wher I’m wrong ,?

    Not said in a squaring up way but just disillusioned way with English players

  8. Berg

    Walcott and Giroud being criticized, what about Ramsay who had another poor game in his fav midfield position. Clearly is not good enough

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Not giving Theo hate

    Just bored of him as an arsenal player constantly under performing
    Flattering to deceive …
    We can do better
    Lovely fellow tho .

  10. Dissenter

    London gunner arrives like the SWAT team to DEFEND Theo Walcott.
    Legrove so annoyingly predictable.

    I saw the critique of Walcott and started a countdown before London gunner showedup

    I tset up a countdown time son my phone and wait fir it – approximately 22 minutes 4 secs

  11. Glynn Bedfords

    At the end of this season we have 3 players who will probably be on their way out after many years of loyal service, may question is why don’t we replace as many of these players as possible in January?
    This would alleviate injury problems
    Considerably increase our chances of winning the premiership
    And If all 3 can be replaced we would also have these players ready for the start of the following season.
    The only negatives are the extra cost compared with making do with what we already have and availability but surely if we can get the quality which I believe we can it depends on the cost.

  12. Rustygunner

    We need to call time on the profligates so they could go and discover themselves at Stoke and Westbrom. Theo, Ox, Wilshere, walbeck, Ramsey. Gazidis needs to tell Wenger to clear the dross.

  13. alexanderhenry

    A decent performance and result after the disappointment at southampton. We are top of the league even though you wouldn’t think so reading most of the comments on here. Apart from the outright nonsense- i’ll ignore those posts- most of the criticism revolves around our lack of quality upfront. I agree. We need a better striker but that costs money; a lot of money. If wenger had been given adequate funds he would have secured that striker. He wasn’t given the money so we ended up with giroud, who is about as good as you’re going to get for £12 million. Mr Kroenke holds the purse strings, not wenger. He is responsible therefore. Despite all that, we could still win the league this year. Whatever anyone says about chelsea’s and man utd’s lack of form, having spent a paltry£9million this season on a goalkeeper, winning it would be a remarkable achievement for Arsenal football club. We march on.

  14. Phd007

    After reading that post by Alexander Henry..

    I better take out the velvet revolver and blow my brains out..

    With naive fans like that..You certainly keep that myopic parasite-called Monsieur Arsene Wenger in a job for life..

  15. Sam

    Reports say Elnino is flying back for medical at Arsenal
    then it gets confusing, He went to Egypt for Xmas, huh?
    Mohamed+ Xmas= Oxymoron

    wait n see

  16. london gunner


    chill out dude you have your tongue up girouds arse ever week and I don’t give you a hard time about it buddy.

  17. Rustygunner

    Girroud is bidding his time for the Turkish league. He will go there in 2 years and meanwhile we will just have to endure him a cheer the occasional flik.

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    That’s why he is in the postition
    Being a manager not a mate an being a mentor only goes so far …

    Only class players we have we have had to spend big tells y’all need to know

  19. london gunner

    Giroud is a quality player.

    I did speak about how we could have got in shaqiri… at 12 million he is looking an absolute bargain

  20. Danny

    He wasn’t given the money so we ended up with giroud
    …..and you know this because…….???

  21. Ustyno baba

    He wasn’t given the money
    so we ended up with giroud,
    who is about as good as
    you’re going to get for £12
    million. Mr Kroenke holds
    the purse strings, not

    When you hear people say the above you just wonder if we will ever hit the required height as a big team again.we are hearing of 5m for Elneny tomorrow you will hear someone sprouting that we don’t have money. That statement is why Wenger will still be even in his 85th birthday cos we just keep giving him excuse to wander in mediocrity.the league is there for taking,get the needed additions and go for it and stop penny-pinching with hope and luck

    Good 3points to the good guys,Ozil doing what he knows best and Congrat Cech

  22. Danish Gooner

    The ten games left at home are very,very winnable it includes teams like The Toon,Aston Villa,Norwich,Watford,Swansea,Wba and Chavski if we get 9 win and one Draw we will have secured 28 out of 30 points at home multiply with the current 39 we have and it is 67 points by far not, i am positive that between 77 and 80 points will win us the championship,then we will have to negociate another 13 points away from home ,stokeA they will bully us and we will lose,EvertonA they will bully us and we will lose,PoolA a Draw,United A a Draw,Sunderland A a Draw,Spuds A a Draw,city away defeat,Bournemouth A a win,west ham away a Draw.

  23. steve

    “Only one Arsene Wenger
    There’s only one Arsene Wenger”


    Lol embarrassing comment. Btw thank God there’s only one Arsene Wenger. Could you imagine more of that mentally ill cunt?

  24. Dissenter

    London gunner,
    You made me laugh with that comeback.
    My tongue up Wenger’s arse, naaaah
    I’ll rather have my foot in his rectum kicking him out of Arsenal.

  25. boy dio

    the moans for moving on the English players need to stop, homegrown quota has been around too long for anyone to have an excuse to be ignorant of it, which is also why we have a bunch of young players get signed every year, they’re the future homegrown members of the squad (assuming they progress)
    the current homegrowns will be moved on when there’s another to replace them in the quota count, see scezzer being loaned out when bellerin proved to be an effective addition
    If zelalem or crowley come good then you can expect wilshere to be sold/loaned with immediacy, the manager is not blind, simply managing a squad

  26. boy dio


    if every club had an arsene wenger, especially the ones that can spend freely, they would be a lot bigger than they currently are imo.
    Very talented manager, don’t think any of the current or retired managers could have done the emirates project, aside from fergie and maybe cruyff

  27. Dissenter

    “That Shaqiri finish”

    I actually think he didn’t make contact with the ball well and was lucky it scored. That shot wasn’t controlled.

  28. Sam

    Shaqiri, Mahrez, Ighalo, Wanyama etc…… all these twats only play one game a week for small clubs. They’ll play all season without suffering from burn out.
    Ask yourselves how da fok Fellaini n Shneirderlin doing?
    We also ended up with Arteta who used to be Everton’s best player n captain.

    some players are better off where they are

  29. Mick Kartun

    Nepgoon: “We will win today. We always do after a shoddy performance or when nothing is at stake. It’s too damn predictable, albeit for all the wrong reasons…sadly.”

    Of course we would win as predicted and next newcastle as well.
    2 wins and might get spanked again, rinse and repeat….same old same movie.

  30. Phd007


    Maybe the pair of you can indulge in a party trick for the year end celebrations..Join hands,pay homage to OGL-Wenger& play Russian Roulette..

  31. Bamford10

    Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born on 5 May 1988 in Tottenham, London, the daughter of an English mother, Penny Adkins (born c. 1970), and a Welsh father, Mark Evans. – Wikipedia

    Anyone know if Adele is a Spurs fan?

  32. Bamford10

    Actually, seems she spent more time living in south London (Brixton, West Norwood). What club would that associate her with?

  33. boy dio

    Tells one that the tv money has changed the face of the league, no club has to sell now unless they want to and the lesser clubs can readily go out and buy scouted talent that the big clubs won’t take the plunge on.
    The league is harder than its ever been and committing to a philosophy and recruiting for it is the way forward now, heck even United are still in the top half of the table and they’re in crisis mode apparently.
    It’s the teams with no defined footballing philosophies or the ones that need to change their philosophies for whatever sort of rain that can’t find results now, cause everyone can commit to executing their philosophy and so they just have to do it right.

  34. tunnygriffboy

    With Jack breaking down yet again we need two midfielders in January.

    One coming in would cover Coquelin and Santi. Jack I hoped wpould pick up the slack mid January. Now he’s been put back 6 weeks we need that extra player. We have so many injuries in midfield, and serious one’s to boot, that an additional one stuffs us

    I worry that with the current CM we have we lack a bit of quality. Also they’ll have to play a hell of a lot of minutes before we have our injured midfielders back.

  35. Wengers plastic bottle

    I actually think he didn’t make contact with the ball well and was lucky it scored. That shot wasn’t controlled.

    The guy is heavily left footed. It was 100% controlled on the half volley give some players there due sometimes. Watch the replay again smashing technique.

  36. Wallace

    nice to have the best player in the league again.

    only watched the highlights but Chambers looked confident and a presence. and some good things from the Ox, which I wasn’t expecting after reading through the comments on here.

    knowing we’d won the game that Mertesacker miss was hilarious.

  37. Mr B

    Wallace that was better than an over the shoulder volley.

    The ball was going away from him, to caress it on the half volley is a more difficult technique than a volley, much more difficult.

  38. Wallace

    Mr B

    “The ball was going away from him, to caress it on the half volley is a more difficult technique than a volley, much more difficult.”

    it was certainly very good. but people were talking about it as the goal of the season. i don’t think it’s that. he was able to watch the flight of the ball all the way onto his boot.

  39. Jeff

    Another home game against Newcastle next Saturday at the “proper time” 3pm. That should be a win and hopefully we can up our goal difference. I still find it hard to believe how we only ended up with two goals. Unless Leicester beat City by more than 3 goals we should be top on New Year’s Day.

  40. Goona

    Just watching the highlights…..walcott is getting worse…..swap him for a player that can finish, control a ball and pass please

  41. Carts

    “True dat
    He has 4.5 years left on a 140k weekly contract. It’s needless lamenting now.”

    Smh, Walcott is living so chill right now.

    Can’t help but imagine Walcott send his agent a rare bottle of Chateauneuf on a daily for that sweet gig he negotiated.


    Maybe Eleny is a Coptic Christian?

  42. tunnygriffboy

    Watched Wenger press conferance on last night. Mundane queations and answers until somebody brought up Ozil

    Wenger’s demeanor changed completely. You could see the passion he had about they way Ozil played football. He went on about 3 or 4 minutes. This is what Wenger loves and gets his lemon lit. He just loves the artist and artistry in football.

    Thishas no doubt hindered us in the past but hopefully we are seeing that change a little bit. We have seen some scintillating football from this artistry but have suffered when he has neglected pragmatism when it has been needed

    It was an interesting interview.

  43. tunnygriffboy

    Walcott missed a few chances last night. No one will be more pissed off than Theo himself. Glad it was against Bournemouth. These lads, both sides have played 3 games in 7 days and many of our lot have played every game for 6 or 7 weeks. They’re bound to be knackered

    Didn’t miss the important one v City though. Chwarae teg 🙂 🙂

  44. Vince

    I am sorry for what I’m about to say but am I the only one who thinks Ramsey is absolutely not made for that CAM position? With all his potential he can’t calm down and control a game like Cazorla. And I was getting mad ad shouting at the TV every time I saw him occupying the center forward position. What am I saying? What we need for the CAM is a Cazorla who can shoot well. Someone who will choose the right time to go forward rather than making the opponent’s box his mainstay.

  45. Wallace

    reading the Guardian’s post-game comments….man, I would have so much more of an easier time of it on there. opinions that I come out with on here and get battered for are lapped up over there. i wonder where they all go during the intervals between games…

  46. Wallace


    “I am sorry for what I’m about to say but am I the only one who thinks Ramsey is absolutely not made for that CAM position? With all his potential he can’t calm down and control a game like Cazorla.”

    it takes all kinds. Ramsey brings the energy, forward momentum and goal threat to the role, Cazorla, the control. we’ve won 5 of 6 since Cazorla went down, so while we might not look as composed we’re still picking up the points.

  47. alexanderhenry

    tunny, good point. The thing about walcott, is that even when he misses chances, he still causes havoc in defences. I think he is crucial for us this season.

  48. Vince

    Wallace. Good a thing we are picking up points but we’ve looked so open. I was here complaining after the Sunderland and Aston Villa games but was silenced. Not happy to be justified by the Southampton shellacking but we really don’t look defensively competent with Ramsey and Flamini in front of the back 4.

  49. Wallace


    we’ll see, maybe Chambers, as he grows into the role, can bring that extra defensive stability we’ve lacked since Coq’s injury.

    also, historically Cazorla would be considered a number 8. the slightly more advanced and attack-minded of the two central midfielders. Coqielin’s the 6 and Ozil the 10.

  50. daz

    Walcott situation is one where he had us over a barrel, it was a point in time where losing him would have done massive psychological damage to the squad (I can only imagine the uproar on here from all who slate him had he gone) so he took advantage of the situation

  51. Jim Lahey

    Aaron “Hollywood” Ramsey

    Ozil is one of the best players in the world right now, he could not be more the antithesis of Ramsey. Ozil does things simple, effective and isn’t one to showboat.

    Ramsey… The seems like the first thing he thinks about is how to work a flick into a move, or if a Gerrard-esque long ball is on. Will someone just shake him and tell him to do the simple things first?!

  52. Jim Lahey

    “he still causes havoc in defences”

    You know what else causes havoc?! Scoring goals! Walcott must have missed what… 5/6 clear cut chances last night?

    “No one will be more pissed off than Theo himself. ”

    I think Ozil would differ with you there…

  53. Jim Lahey

    I like Walcott’s pace and it does scare defenders, he was in all the right positions last night, but he just isn’t good enough to finish. Luis Suarez would have at least had himself a hat-trick last night with those opportunities.

  54. daz

    For me Walcott is one of those players who always seems to score important goals, some players fill their boots when a game is already won, I would rather him have missed those chances yesterday so long as he scores a couple of vital goals down the line.

  55. Biggus

    Vince, I agree with you as per Ramsey. He’s not suitable for that deep midfield role; not disciplined enough. I was at the stadium last night and he was guilty of dilly dallying with the ball when a quick pass would have sufficed. He’s a talent no doubt but I keep thinking he should be coming in for Ozil the way he plays but that would never happen under Wenger. A better team would punish us with Ramsey in that role.

  56. Wallace


    “Luis Suarez would have at least had himself a hat-trick last night with those opportunities.”

    if Suarez was in the zone maybe. watching them this morning none of them were straightforward(bar the offside shambles). each time the run he made was excellent, and Ozil was doing brilliantly to find him, but none of them were easy chances.

  57. Biggus

    Wallace, those chances were more than decent. Ozil is on another planet right now. Even during the Southampton game where he was shackled, he still tried to make things happen. I really hope he stays injury free..

  58. wenker-wanger

    Top of the league amongst other clubs underperforming, aside from Leicester. I am not impressed by wengers-arsenal aside from the outstanding brilliance of ozil. All top teams lose matches but not 4-0 to a mid table outfit. There’s no excuse. There’s only 1 arse wankger and unfortunately we have the feeble deluded cabbage. Akb s are the doomed titanic passengers believing they will grow wings and escape the peril.

  59. tunnygriffboy


    Ramsey doesn’t have the tactical and passing influence that Santi has. He does however have more energy, stamina and pace. Our counter attack is much moreeeffective when Ramsey plays

    2 seasons ago when Ramsey was smashing it he played alongside Arteta who hasa lot of Santi’s characteristics in terms of his passing and control of tempo. Flamini and Chambers don’t provide this. Coquelin hasn’t but signs were that his passing range was starting to inmprove

    The reason why Santi and Coquelin works is because they compliment each other. Ditto Arteta and Ramsey. Sadly Arteta has hardly played for two years and now is not a viable option alongside Ramsey

    Perhaps Eleny will have the necessary skill set that will really compliment Ramsey. Ramsey offers a huge amount to the team in many different ways and it’s why he has always played, even on the right, when he is fit.

    Word of caution. Against Southampton we struggled to deal with their press. Our two best players of getting around it in midfield are Santi and Wilshere. We also missed the dribbling of Alexis and the Ox.

  60. tunnygriffboy


    They weren’t all clear chances. He should have stuck one away though. As I said he hit an important one v City

    Walcott terrifies defenders. Those runs he made to get into those positions were excellent. Goals will come.

  61. Romford Ozil Pele

    All those chances from Özil last nighteere 9 in total, 5 were classed as clear cut, another new record for one game. As Wright said on MOTD last night, Theo should’ve been taking a couple of them first time. A proper striker worth his weight in gold would’ve buried them, aka Ian Wright. He was waxing lyrical about how he would’ve loved to play in front of MÖ. Strikers will always miss chances but if we were even a little bit more clinical with the chances Özil creates, we’d be running away with the league right now. We’re so profligate it’s not even funny. You hope it won’t cost us st the end of the season but wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

  62. daz

    Ramsey has had his best games when playing in the middle so far this season like tun said think he needs someone next to him that complements his play

  63. Romford Ozil Pele

    Considering Theo sees himself as a striker he needs to be making the most of chances, even stuff from difficult angles, it’s what the best strikers do. He’s not a cold blooded killer. You think of Aguero and literally believe he can score from any area or angle in the box. Theo should’ve had at least a hattrick last night. Definitely poor finishing from him.

  64. tunnygriffboy


    Coquelin as a destroyer with great physicality compliments Santi perfectly.

    Ramsey with Arteta who controls things with passing really compliments Ramsey. Unfortunately Coquelin, Flamini and Chambers are not ideal partners for the Welshman though Coquelin is the best bet.

    Reports of Elneny suggest that he is a good passer of the ball who is primarily a DM but has been playing as a b2b out of necessity for his club. He’s pretty quick and has insane energy like Ramsey.

  65. tunnygriffboy


    Who is out there atm we could get that is a massive upgrade on what we have ? Can we get them this window ? We should have got someone two years ago but as it is who can we get ?

    It’ll be a midfielder and some sort of forward in the summer

  66. Romford Ozil Pele

    Daz, it really isn’t. Theo is one of the highest earners at the club. Always gets talked up yet rarely delivers. He does have a decent big game record but considering how limited he is he should be making up for it in goals. The first ball Özil played over the top for him he completely air shot it. The second one in the inside channel his first touch was awful. Didn’t need one, take it on the turn. Özil put him through again, decent save from the GK but could’ve tried something a bit different with the finish. Özil put him through again right at the end and he messed up with another dodgy touch. Yesterday was the sort of game where you pad your stats. Ronaldo would’ve scored 5 from that in La Liga, Özil would’ve had 5 assists.

  67. Red&White4life

    The 3 facts that make me believe that, if we will be in the mix all the way – we won’t be champs, Man City will :

    fact 1 : sorry to break the mood, but who can seriously think that, at this rhythm, Ozil will not be injured sooner or later ? The boy carries the team carried almost by himself;
    fact 2 : City are well known to be a team which have great runs in the end of seasons;
    fact 3 : Wenger, ze specialist in mental strength, when the decisive games are there to be played.

  68. Romford Ozil Pele

    Tunny, I don’t know, and at this stage I don’t really care. The same thing is said every January window and we make no effort to address it in the summer either. There are loads of decent finishers out there. Considering what Theo is paid, it’s the least I expect from him. I’d still start him most of the time for Arsenal because of the exceptional movement and the space be creates for the playmakers but he’s an exceptionally wasteful player, there’s no getting away from that. You could see Shearer and Wright both cringing at L’Oreal and Theo last night. Shearer said that considering L’Oreal plays in front of Özil he should be getting at least 25 goals in the PL alone. That sort of service doesn’t come at every club. It’s wasting Özil’s potential and you can see he eventually gets pissed off with these guys.

  69. Jim Lahey

    “The first ball Özil played over the top for him he completely air shot it.”


    “Özil put him through again, decent save from the GK but could’ve tried something a bit different with the finish.”

    That too was clear-cut…

    “Özil put him through again right at the end and he messed up with another dodgy touch.”

    That was most definitely clear cut!!

    I don’t mind Walcott, but not as someone you depend on and not as the second or third highest earner at the club.

  70. shad

    There is a fine line separating Ox from Ramsey: Goals. Ramsey’s mistakes haven’t led to goals and he has a knack of getting the odd goal where Ox has been unlucky on both counts over the course of games. That said, they have the same football brain; love to bomb forward, space out when off possession, injury prone, sometimes make un-intelligent runs and more often than not, are guilty of trying to do too much.

    Our saving grace has been Ozil ans I hope he remains injury free through 2016 and on form. With a more clinical striker we could have won by a cricket score line.

  71. shad

    @Jim Lahey,

    Totally agree. Walcott and Giroud are uber wasteful. If Suarez was upfront or even a half decent striker like Ighalo, they’d bury plenty of the chances Ozil creates. We are looking at 30 goals per season. RVP must be looking back and wondering how many he’d bang in.

  72. Tony Smith

    I keep looking at the Arsenal subs bench, with a view to who can they bring on in a creative or goalscoring mode to salvage a game where they are level or behind, it is so weak in that department, game after game.

  73. Sam

    You all act like Van Persie doesn’t miss

    Walcott had a crap game not sure what he did with his wife this Xmas

    But we won

    Next game please!!!

  74. shad

    @Jim, ROP,

    I concur chaps. For me what stops Theo from being an elite striker is he lacks 2 things; guile and instinct. You could say he is a footballer because he was put through the academy and his assets are pace. Hence what people tend to allude to that he lacks a football brain. And for that simple reason, Giroud will always be ahead of him, despite his lack of pace. He is more instinctive and you think if he was in the spaces Theo got into yesterday, he would have banged in 1 or 2.

    What do you reckon of making a cheeky bid for Ighalo? He is an absolute monster IMO.

  75. Jim Lahey

    @Shad – I like Ighalo! But I would like to see him do it another season before we take him! Just like Vardy… I’ve seen Andy Johnson score 22 goals one season, still would never have him at Arsenal!

    I’m at the point where all I want os a 40-50m striker, that is already the finished product!

  76. daz

    Im not Walcotts biggest fan by any stretch and yes the chances were good ones but personally I think to expect him to convert every chance is a little unrealistic, even the very best strikers miss clear cut chances granted not 4 in one game, which is why I feel he should have at least got one maybe two

  77. Carts

    Ramsey is a bit of an enigma, if you ask me. He means well and probably believes he’s as important as, say, Ozil.

    However, my gripe with him is that I get the impression that he doesn’t truly believe he’s played his part if he keeps it simple. I mean, I sense dissatisfaction from Ramsey if he isn’t able to pull of a flick/trick; score; shot and/or assist.

    Now I appreciate that model pros want to be recognised for their performance but in Ramsey’s case,he strikes me as a player who, quite frankly, tries too hard. And it’s gotten to a point where watching him at times has become frustrating to the point whereby I’d rather not having him in the team.

    I don’t consider him pivotal.

    I don’t think he’s able to uniquely influence a game as much as we’d like.

    And I think Wenger’s admiration for Ramsey, derives from his comeback from injury and positive attitude – on and off the field.

    Maybe a bit harsh, whatever; but I’d much rather someone like Pjanic than Ramsey.

  78. El Salvidor

    to be fair Giroud was tired i was at the game i could see him out of breath Walcot need to find hs form again but….. OXLADE-Chamberlin was utter UTTER garbage seriously needs to get loaned out or chashed in on because for me he miles away from the first team…. Gibbs put in a good shift but like always cant play full game and is just another Sick note i think we should seel Gibbs and bring in someone who can actually play a season or even just 90 minutes i believe Monreal is a great defender but he is nearly 30 and we need cover because Monreal been our only decent left back since the clichy days and i am only saying that because i refuse to say cashleys name… all in all it was typical tired preformance players are tired they need rest hopefully heavy rotation for the FA cup games.

  79. Emiratesstroller

    There are some Anglo Welsh pundits like Savage who regard Ramsey as ‘World Class’ and the best thing since sliced bread.

    Realistically he is a good player to have on our books, because of his high octane energy level, but the idea that he is in the same class as Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez is pure fiction. Technically he is poles apart from these three players and despite his attempts on goal his finishing is pretty poor as well.

    Nevertheless he is probably the only British/Home Grown player in the squad
    who can be rated a regular starter in the 1st X1.

  80. tunnygriffboy


    A lot of players are out of our price range even with our money. Some clubs won’t sell. Some players are at the club they want to be at.

    Worth keeping an eye on Bayern and Lewandowski and Mueller. Pep is leaving. These two may fancy a new challenge. We need to push on and really try to win the league. We then become an even more attractive option. We know that City, man u and chelsea will throw obscene amounts of money at it. We need to be smart and try to sell them a vision on how we want to move forward. Aubemayang a good shout also.

    Re Giroud. He looks tired. It’s happened before and he looks awful when like this. Be inclined to bench him for the next game. Oh for a fit Welbeck.

    To be fair to Giroud he has a pretty good goal return so far this season. I just hope we can refresh him and Theo hits a purple patch

    I don’t get the heavy criticism of Ramsey. When people like Gerard, Lampard and Souness, all pretty good midfielders, are heavily praising him then you surely should think there’s something about him. He still has a few rough edges but he has loads of potential and will become a top top player.

  81. Nasri's Mouth

    Red&White4life: fact 2 : City are well known to be a team which have great runs in the end of seasons;

    Not sure this is true, in the last 5 seasons, they’ve outscored their first half points tally twice and underscored it, three times.

    Last five seasons,
    first 19 games total points 206
    second 19 games total points 197

    That’s close enough to suggest they’re pretty even throughout the whole season.

    What I would say is their squad is currently under-performing, (partly due to injuries to important players) and if they do manage to get things to click as they should, they’ll score a lot of points in the remainder of this season

  82. Nasri's Mouth

    tunnygriffboy: To be fair to Giroud he has a pretty good goal return so far this season. I just hope we can refresh him and Theo hits a purple patch

    Indeed, Giroud’s goal per shot ratio is better now than it’s ever been. Since he’s joined us, he’s gone from a 1 in 9 to a 1 in 4.5. That matches pretty much anyone in the PL

  83. Phd007

    I concur with your assessment on Theo.

    Personally after 10 years of Theo.Time to wave him goodbye.

    You can’t after 10 years, be earning that much,&still be utterly wasteful in front of goal . After 10 years at Arsenal, at any club really, still be learning your trade. .

    Theo. .The longest serving &highest paid apprentice at any top 4 club in Europe.

    Only under Arsene..

  84. Nasri's Mouth

    Phd007: You can’t after 10 years, be earning that much,&still be utterly wasteful in front of goal

    He was poor yesterday. Might have been down to fatigue though

    Generally Walcott has been a pretty good finisher

  85. shad


    That’s hilarious about Walcott being fatigued when he’s barely been in the starting 11 majority of his career. Makes you regret why we didn’t put in a serious bid for Suarez. Even RVP had a stellar season and a half injury-free, and went to United and helped them win the league. Walcott has never gone a season injury free. But he holds the club ransom for silly wages.

  86. Vince

    Vincewe’ll see, maybe Chambers, as he grows into the role, can bring that extra defensive stability we’ve lacked since Coq’s injury.also, historically Cazorla would be considered a number 8. the slightly more advanced and attack-minded of the two central midfielders.

    Thanks. And I tend to believe this is what Winger saw in Ramsey’s game that he hesitated playing him centrally until he was pushed to the wall. Let’s hope we get the balance before the end of January, because I believe after January every point dropped may be decisive.

  87. Vince

    That’s exactly my fear. I hope Elneny will be his perfect partner – with Coquelins defensive competence and a good passing range.

  88. Emiratesstroller

    I can understand the case for offloading Walcott who has as usual flattered to deceive about his goalscoring ability and talent.

    In 11 seasons at the club he has scored once 20 goals and on a couple of other
    occasions 10 and 11 goals in ALL COMPETITIONS. In last 3 years his best total
    is 7. This season he has managed sofar just 5 goals.

    Yet we chose to renew his contract in summer and he is our third highest earner just behind Ozil and Sanchez! The return on investment is abysmal.

    Bluntly Arsenal could buy dozens of better strikers at a fraction of the cost in
    transfer fee and wages.