Two Premier League stars linked

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All the happy good mornings to you.

Happy holidays, if that’s your thing… HAPPY CHRISTMAS because that’s my thing.

I’m currently bitching about my ankle… brogues and 18 hours on my feet wasn’t a clever move. I am now suffering a Danny Welbeck like set back .


Anyway, it’s good to be back in London. It’s good to head out with Arsenal pals last night and shoot the shit about the season.

‘We are actually going to the win the league’

Was a comment from last night. Crazy, mostly because I did the rough years in the stands, then I take an Arsenal sabbatical and everyone else is having the good times without me.

… it’s like my misery wasn’t needed. Like, in some way, my negative views impacted the club for a whole decade.

For that, I am truly sorry.

BIG game in 2 days times against the Saints. Those scumbags (jokes) from the south coast are desperate for a spanking, question is, whether we’re in the right mood to dish it out? Maybe. But my fear is always that Boxing day games are flat affairs in the stands and often on the pitch.

Can we lift it and make it happen?

Well, Southampton have been shocking over their last 6 games. They’ve lost 4 of them and only won one. They’ve also conceded 8 goals in the proces. It should be relatively simple, but it won’t be because that’s not how this league works. I think Koeman is a smart coach and I reckon he’ll get it right… what better time to do so, than when potential Champions are knocking at your door?

Sad news on Don Howe, the exGunners coach passed. Not really part of my generation, but sad to read about his battle. But also interesting to read up on his career which was pretty damn interesting. Sir Chips said…

‘Don possessed a marvellous ability to get the very best out of players with his coaching techniques and provide them with the perfect preparation for matches. He was the very best at what he did – and he did it with us, at Arsenal, for decade after decade.’

From a personal perspective, he helped my dad with the JVC account he had back in the day. So basically, Don helped support a few Christmas days for my family. Good on you Don, good on you!

In transfer news, O Jogo, a paper that gets nothing right ever, reckons we’re in for Porto star Danilo. I very much doubt it. When do we ever sign players from Portugal? It’s like a scouting blackhole for us.

We’ve also been linked with Wanyama since he was at Celtic. Ronald Koeman has kiboshed our intentions…

“Don’t spend time trying to buy a player from Southampton because it’s impossible,”

“We know what we like to do and how we like to do our business. That means in January nobody will leave Southampton.”

The Daily Mail have also linked us to Mahrez of Leicester. The exciting creative will be on the market, but you can’t imagine he’d want to move in January when he’s on of the hottest players in the league right now!

Junior Gunners had a Christmas party at the training ground. The lucky bastards. Membership is just 10 English pounds. It’s a rite of passage and the deal looks way better than it was back in the day when I was one.

Right, have a great Christmas eve. Don’t ruin tonight by getting arrested to dry humping a Christmas tree in a pub in front of everyone with your trousers down. It’s a bad way to go and it’s not funny.


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  1. Sam


    I thought we were discussing Mohamed Elneny
    Your obsession with Wenger is unbelievable.
    Anyway, good assessment Vicky. I hope he can do a job for us
    I am a bit sceptical coz he’s unknown n not the fancy name we were hoping for

  2. somerandomperson

    @Leeds thanks for the link about Loanees. Looks like only Niles is going to be close to first team. May be toral as a squad player but his contract is expiring.

    Crowley came back and talk of him has cooled down a lot. Shame on Wellington’s injury.

  3. Mickey G

    QNA… good point re defensive mid. No point in stock piling midfielders who are only proficient at one aspect of being a midfielder. Any new guy coming in needs to be more adaptable if he wants game time. It will be interesting to see if we do anything at all in January.

    Redtruth. .. you set your stall out early re Wenger being inept and Arsenal being shite, so I understand why you’re sticking to that, no doubt hoping the wheels come off so that you can sagely tell us you were right all along. The truth is Wenger is now the 2nd or 3rd highest paid coach in the world. That alone disproves ineptitude. If he is inadequate, then it’s his employers that are inept. He keeps them happy though, although I wonder how close he was to losing his job a few years ago, dropping out of the CL might have lost him his job.
    His actual record also disproves ineptitude, but I’m couldn’t be arsed continuing that point.

    Your other argument, that we haven’t improved at all, is total nonsense. We now have Cech. Coquelin has improved us immensely as a squad. Bellerin. Monreal. Ozil. Our squad options are immeasurably better. Any other season with this many injuries and we’d be mid table. But I don’t expect you to change your views based on anything I or anyone else says. You could give Wenger lessons in stubbornly refusing to listen to anyone/reason/common sense.

    Re City, I’m not sure they have regressed all that much. They have always been a collection of mercenaries, class individuals capable of stringing together an amazing run, followed by ridiculous capitulations. Yaya is getting on granted, and Kompany is not as good as he was 3 years ago. But so what? They sign shit loads of players for big money year on year. Those are not mitigating factors.

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Both keepers doing well on loan

    Mate who follows rangers says zelamen is doing well goes missing at times but he is raw !

  5. GuNZ

    Merry Christmas to all the ladies and gentlemen of Le Grove. We’ve got a bit of an overcast Christmas Day here in Auckland but the grub’s on, the booze is flowing, and my boy, Olivier, is doing very well.

    Here’s to a great Christmas and New Year run and kicking on to win the Premiership.

    Happy and safe time to you all.

  6. GuNZ

    Those who allow the tainted and polluted tenets of Epicurean purism to override their Stoic tenets. Oh, and Cyrenaics, who, in my book, become hedonists by default. Merry fucking Christmas to you too Redtruth.

  7. GuNZ


    I’m fully aware of that. Dude who gets born around the solstice of the seasons (in the northern hemisphere – doesn’t work down here) gets done, rises again – take your pick – Osiris, Mithras, JC – all a load of old toot in my book – when we’re done, we’re done, end of story – no afterlife, no having to hang around with Spurs supporters squabbling over the celestial TV remote, no nothing.

    Far as I’m concerned, Christmas has brought my wife’s two kids to NZ to spend what is going to probably be their last Xmas with their grandfather so I will raise a glass to JC (who was probably just a failed Jewish revolutionary whose brand of radical Judaism went viral because of a very clever spin-doctor called Paul) for making that possible.

    If I have offended anybody’s beliefs with the above statements, I had no intention to and I apologise in advance.

    Carry on. As you were.

  8. Bamford10


    “all a load of old toot in my book – when we’re done, we’re done, end of story – no afterlife, no having to hang around with Spurs supporters squabbling over the celestial TV remote, no nothing.”

    Great stuff, NZ. And I am in full agreement.

  9. qna

    Bamford, GuNZ, Red, careful here. At least you did not discuss whether Santa is real or not – clearly a lot of kids post on LG and we should let them believe for as long as possible.

  10. GuNZ


    Quite right too. Although I’ve seen Big Sam in an Arsenal kit for a dare and I was damn near convinced it was all for real.

  11. Samesong

    At least you did not discuss whether Santa is real or not – clearly a lot of kids post on LG and we should let them believe for as long as possible

    Just like Wenger has been trying to make the fans believe for the past 10 years.

  12. boy dio

    Arguments of teams regressing is dumb (dumbest thing I’ve heard all year, kudos on getting it in before the new year)
    No one from other clubs complained when we had to dismantle the invincibles, that’s an actual regression.
    These other clubs have not had to sell their star players that have won them titles, they’ve kept adding to their rosters only giving themselves room to progress.
    Ffs city spent over 100mil quid on sterling and kdb, amazing regression there.
    Chelsea underperforming is their own woe, how you intend to taint our title aspirations by saying they’ve regressed instead of grossly underperformed puzzles me to no end.
    I’m sure even the man utd supporters didn’t say a thing about liverpool having regressed when fergie took them to back to back titles either.
    Get out with that noise, we’ve just come off a period of having to sell our top performers year after year and no other club made mention of us regressing in those years, now we’re able to hold onto our star players and other clubs are going backwards because of it?
    PISS RIGHT OFF WITH THAT NOISE, we’re moving forwards, along with the rest of the league that can’t get bullied into transfers anymore cause of the tv money, look at the whole debacle over john stones and the ludicrous sums of money that Everton were able to bat away if you want proof of that.

    ok, that’s my xmas rant over, have a good one chaps, gonna add some pounds to my round

  13. AFC SWED

    an Hagen ?@PortuBall 11m11 minutes ago
    Ex-Arsenal player & now the club’s Portugal scout, Luís Boa Morte, has confirmed the interest in Porto midfielder Danilo Pereira to O Jogo.

    Jan Hagen ?@PortuBall 8m8 minutes ago
    Boa Morte also said that Arsenal have no intention of bying Rúben Neves: “I went to Madeira, but not to watch Neves. He’s an 8, not a 6.”

  14. gary

    Boy dio..exactly but some of our own fans are too ignorant too I said before on here I don’t give a shit if we win the league with a record low points..

  15. GoonerDave

    Happy Christmas to everybody.
    Hopefully in May, we will be debating whether we won the league because of our improvement or the regression of others! I still think its a bit early to get carried away but things are looking good for a tilt at the title.

  16. freddylekgunner

    @Goonerdave, yeah its a bit early but the stars are alighning for us. Am just enjoying the moment, a win against the Saints and i’ll be buzzing till the new year.

  17. Marko

    Happy Christmas ladies and gentlemen. Hope it’s a good one. On this El Nenny fella statistically he sounds like a perfect Arsenal signing but I’m just thankful we’re seemingly looking at bringing in someone early in the window. We need at least two maybe three signings so to get one in early rather than waste most of the window looking at one and maybe bringing in no one is a positive sign

  18. MidwestGun

    Happy Christmas to Le Grovers and Gooners everywhere!!!
    Have a safe one.

    Cautiously, optimistic is the wording I would use, heavy on the cautious. After all we have been here before, recently. Gambling on no injuries is not what I’m hoping to see in the Jan. tw nor bringing in a broken veteran on loan. Let’s get it done in the New Year.

  19. Up 4 grabs now

    Merry Xmas to all the Arsene in’s & Arsene outs!
    Goodwill to all men and women, & even Red!!!!
    Cheer on the boys for a May title winning party. Coyg!

  20. gonsterous

    Merry Christmas le grove family.. let’s hope the boys get a win tomorrow.. Christmas would be complete then..

    Also, is tomorrow considered boxing day or not ??