Arsenal vs Manchester City: The big talking points 💬💬💬

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Well how about that game last night? Pretty fucking special eh?

So gutted I couldn’t be there, even the light show before the game looked awesome.

I kind of lost my mind after the game and then I sat on a plane for 8 hours. So I’ll just go with talking points that I thought were worth, you know, talking about…

Pace in the line-up

I don’t think we were too surprised by the starting line up. Campbell and Theo flanking Giroud. The midfield was the only midfield we could field and the defence was the first choice defence. A solid line up, but you did fear for the Flamini partnership with Rambo. Could they keep the discipline?

Tactically Astute

I know it’s kind of the standard now, but Wenger and his team are really doing a good job thinking about the opposition. I mean, Flamini shadowing Silva all over the pitch. Arsenal players tearing back to take up position in tight defensive banks. Arsenal containing Manchester City… like watching your girlfriend smash down a doner meat and chips after a night out, it’s wrong, but there’s something right about it…

There you have it. I get off on Arsenal defending well. I was abused with George Graham football in the eighties. That’s probably it.

The Workers…

I also get off on hard work. I thought the whole team put in a shift yesterday. Giroud worked like a machine the whole game, tirelessly chasing down loose balls. Theo Walcott and Joel Campbell were beasts as well. Tracking back, taking up good defensive positions and taking their roles seriously. JC might not be that accomplished or well-rounded… but he puts in a shift and he runs himself into the ground. What more can you ask of a player on the fringes?

The rest was king (then it wasn’t)

I was over the moon that Wenger took the decision to lose the battle for Sanchez but win the war. Even more pleased when Aguerro, a player rushed back, hobbled off relatively early. Then I found out the only reason Sanchez was out was because he broke down in training. So not very good. He’s not back for another 20 days. Which is a real pain…

Ozil and those goals…

I think we can all now accept that we have an incredible talent coming into his stride. He’s irrepressible. Another two assists. 5 off the record I think? Incredible. Even more incredible when you look at what he’s working with. It’s not like Thierry back in the day here… or Cesc at Chelsea last season. This is a guy working with players most don’t rate. He’s a dream. I love his new-found work ethic, I love his leadership and I love the assists.


That goal. He nicked the pass that was going to Monreal, cut back and launched a Theirry into the top corner. WOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! What a goal. Hopefully that’ll kick him into a streak… a world-class finish. No keeper was going to save that.


THE BIG MAN IN THE BIG GAMES. Ozil slipped him in simply… but the finish was great. Exactly the sort of chance he usually misses. That’s some goal record he’s notching up again. Still not world-class though, or is he? I feel like he’s always going to be classed as a top-notch donkey. Pretty unfair, right?

The team…

I wrote yesterday, or I said to someone… we’re a team. City are a collection of individuals that can turn it on. We showed great strength yesterday. Missing 3 major players, we held our own and done the business. That’s major. It’s not title-winning, but it’s a great sign. Teams come to play us at home now and it’s tough for them.

We have it all to play for next year… it’s there for the taking. How much do we want it? How long can we keep the focus going?

The one thing I love is that normally, the injuries kill us, then we come good. THis time, the injuries haven’t killed us and we have all our best players coming back.

Imagine the possibilities…

Right, have a great day. SEE YOU IN THE MORN. x

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  1. somerandomperson

    Some one said Sanchez is the 3rd name on the team sheet . That is not true he will be certainly behind Koscielny and may be Monreal too.

    This season’s performance wise Sanchez is behind Ozil/Cech/Koscielny/Monreal/Giroud .

    Sanchez is as talented as Ozil and is a far better finisher than Ozil. But he is not as intelligent as Ozil. Wenger should force Sanchez to play on right.

    On right Sanchez cannot always cut in and look for the goal. It will make him for more dangerous . Sanchez has scored some very good goals from right too.

    Of course he can roam during the match. Sanchez playing on left is too predictable even though he can dribble past first man it is easy to counter him.

  2. WrightIsGod

    Yesterday’s performance was amazing, despite the fact a draw was probably a fair result. I have to say that it may be time to eat a slice of humble pie in regards to Arsene Wenger, he can take this club to the title if he takes it serious from this point on. He can’t be fucking about. He’s got to play players in position on form and not favouritism.

    For instance you can say Cazorla is great in the middle until you’re blue in the face but does he bring as much as Ramsey can? I think an all firing Ramsey is a better proposition than Cazorla.

    (I know there is a lot of Cazorla love and rightfully so but he is to weak to marshall midfield and his goal return is atrocious.)

    Therefore you have to play the wingers/forwards in those positions. Ramsey shouldn’t have to play on the wing. Campbell’s and Walcott’s play on the wing is far superior to Ramsey. Get another top class DM and this side could win the league with 90% of players fit.

  3. PieAFC

    Saints away, be tough but they are not exactly in good form at the moment, they did put in a decent game against them up the road though.

    Bournemouth at home, they are bhoyed with recent results, but come on. Right now as a team all the players look so confident, I actually think they are ready for this.

  4. alexanderhenry

    On injuries, sanchez being out is a worry but but we have a great alternative in walcott. Whether he touches the ball or not, his pace and movement puts the fear of god into the opposition and always creates uncertainty in defences. I think he’s now arrived as a very very good player indeed. It’s only injuries that have held him back recently. One other aspect of the team that gives me optimism is the defence. Cech is a pleasure to watch and koscielny has turned into a beast of a centre half; quick, wiry, aggressive, can score and as we saw yesterday, can push the pace and force the issue from the back. Also monreal barely ever puts a foot wrong. When we have to, we can defend properly and intelligently. Even flamini was excellent. Loved his reaction to theo’s goal.

  5. tom

    I expect to see a new player come in in January and then a couple more in the summer.
    The squad is proving to be resilient, some key players are set to return from injury and we have quality simmering in the youth, still, squad management has to be dynamic and there is an opportunity to exploit with the current league standings, so a well thought out addition might give the squad an extra boost.
    Must be the right player however.
    Wenger will stick if he doesn’t feel he can find him.

  6. tom

    Flamini limbering up prior to second half kick off was great.
    Maybe the Corsican equivalent of a Moari Haka.
    His put that energy in his game and was excellent.

  7. somerandomperson

    @tom I dont think any long term inured player is going to contribute this season may be in mid April / May.

    Wilshere has been out for what 6 months now ? He will need to start training come to match fitness and avoid setbacks etc. It will be Feb end or March before we can expect anything from Wilshere.

    No one else is even close to return .

    Arteta probably can be a body but he has been broken for more than a year now.

    We will need at least one signing even then we should be extremely lucky in not getting any new injuries .

    There is no replacement for Ozil no one else is even close .

  8. tom

    Flamini was all over Silva, stifled him out of the game. Plus he anchored for Ramsey and helped keep shape. No marauding runs. Highly disciplined and effective.

  9. steve

    So where is steve and his quips about how we only beat so and so club! and how we should be celebrating the “beating Manchester trophy”. What are you saying now steve?

    In one week, you lost your manager, your players got booed on to the pitch and Arsenal beat a top club you forever lick the anus of, you must be sick as a dog!


    Was out Christmas shopping. I actually have a life outside this blog unlike you sp*stic weirdo.

  10. tom

    A Wilshere return in late stages of the season could be priceless.
    Meanwhile a January signing is another option.
    Remember, it’s rare a new player clicks straight out of the box.
    Sanchez ought to return fairly soon which will be huge.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    Our best First X1 if all were fit compares more than favourably with any team inthe EPL. Personally there would not be a single position I would have changed there this season. Obviously the loss of Cazorla and Coquelin with longterm injuries has left a massive hole.

    Similarly our squad depth is fairly decent as well, although we are carrying again too many long term injuries to players such as Wilshere and Welbeck.

    Nevertheless Wenger needs to plan forward starting in January He cannot
    rely on just 4 midfielders to see us through until March. This is the one segment of our team where he should invest, because we know that Cazorla is
    probably out for the season. Also looking beyond this season Flamini, Arteta
    and Rosicky will need to be replaced so that a rebuild job should now be commenced.

    This leaves questions about both Ospina and Debuchy who are playing no football and clearly unhappy. My view is that they have signed contracts with
    the club and our interests take precedence over those of player. Bluntly they
    are seasoned international players who are good enough to sit on bench and
    play if required.

    In the summer both these players could be replaced by Szczesny or Martinez
    and Jenkinson who are out on loan and certainly good enough as squad players. This would provide us with a considerable financial saving in next summer’s transfer market. Jenkinson and his family are longterm Arsenal supporters and season ticket holders so that I am sure that he would be more than
    happy to return.

  12. tom

    Holding midfielder is the obvious signing. Based on the idea that Arteta is done after this season.
    Coq’s return is unpredictable and Flamini needs back up beyond Chambers and Bielik.
    I don’t think being ineligible for CL should be a factor either.

  13. Clive Hill

    An absolute joy to watch yesterday!

    There was so much quality, commitment and team spirit all across the pitch. We are truly blessed to have Ozil. There were so many highlights and everyone performed magnificently but I think Flamini deserves credit, if he hasn’t done so already, for his leadership qualities. He was constantly instructing and cajoling other players to get in position and stay alert. I know the notion of the on-pitch ‘shouter’ is much maligned but I don’t know who else offers that quality for Arsenal and in big games like last night where, paradoxically, its easy to lose nerve but also to get carried away, someone providing on-pitch encouragement and direction is surely essential.

    Oh, it feels so good to be on this site and feeling compelled to post a positive comment!

  14. daz

    Match fitness should not have been an issue for city yesterday if Silva and aguero were not ready they should have been on the bench, its not as if they haven’t spent enough on squad depth

  15. tom

    Team had massive fight yesterday. Tackles were flying and Arsenal gave as good as they got, without cheating. Perfect blend of fire and discipline. Very evident that this team is bonded well.

  16. Redtruth

    If the quality of the Premier league has droppd then it’s reasonable to expect Arsenal’s game to pick up against the struggling big boys.

    No great feat beating teams that Liverpool and Spurs have thrashed and teams like Norwich winning at Old Trafford.

  17. somerandomperson

    @tom My point was we have a 2.5-3 month window where no injured players are going to return. It is pretty much the same squad.

    At this point Wilshere will return and perform magic without breaking down is wishful thinking. But he was very good for a month by end of last season.

    Our squad is good enough to win the league but we have too many injured (injury prone) players. Hopefully next season it will be better as Arteta and Rosicky will move on .

    Rosicky / Wilshere / Welbeck / Arteta we have had 4 first teamers out for 80% – 100% of the season. That is gross mis-use of the squad slots.

    You cannot start the season with such handicapped situation .

    On top of this we now have 2 starters Coq and Cazorla out for 3 months , which is roughly half the season they would be fully available.

    Hopefully one or 2 players in January help us cross the line.

  18. Romford Ozil Pele

    Quite worried about how the next few games will go considering we can barely rotate unless it’s defensively. Lads really shouldn’t be training. After Olympiakos, Villa and last night, our lads will be shattered. Be interesting to see how we cope with injuries.

    No Debuchy on the bench last night. Think he’s going. We can’t really afford to let him leave right now but he’s not been in training pics and has made a lot of noise over lack of game time so wouldn’t surprise me to see him go.

  19. somerandomperson

    @ROP Yeah worried about Ozil . This season you could always predict who is going to be injured next. Whoever had the most mins broke down. Fingers crossed.

    No idea what we will do if Ozil is injured.

  20. Nasri's Mouth


    Debuchy was in training pics

    But yeah, it looks iffy for him.

    I reckon we let him go, sign a new DM, and then use Flamini as cover for both positions

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Loving the way all the bookies are having to increase their odds on LvG leaving because of a load of BS on social media.

  22. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t think so. Definitely unlikely without WHUs permission, which I can’t see us getting

  23. Redtruth

    Pellegrini poor manager LVG poor manager Wenger poor manager Mourinho poor manager Premier league poor league. Ideal conditions for flat track bullies Arsenal to flourish.

  24. Romford Ozil Pele

    SRG – Yeah I pray Ozil doesn’t get injured. He’s the only one who hasn’t fallen victim yet and law of averages says he’s next. Considering everyone talks about how soft and weak he is, he’s often the most durable and plays most games.

    NM – yeah can see Wenger letting him go and then either using Chambers/Flamini as a make shift RB if Bellerin needs resting

  25. gnarleygeorge9


    The big talking points will be up for discussion no doubt on here, but they certainly don’t involve who might manage the two manc sides & chelski next year 🙂 I couldn’t give a XXXX about that sort of dross 🙂

  26. Wallace

    “The biggest change started when I was injured last year and I changed my diet and started to look at the small details in my life. For example I started to have physiotherapy on my days off and made sure I had a good sleep. That is crucial over here [in England]. It is the fastest league in the world and we often play twice a week with no winter break.

    “I also missed football a lot when I was injured and I don’t want that to happen again. That’s why I am doing everything I can to avoid it now. It is also the case that when you are playing well you get more confident. The team is more mature and more consistent this season and I get a lot of help on the pitch. It is only because of their help I can do my best.”

    My contract runs until 2018, that is for another two and a half years. There is no need to hurry. There are no talks at the moment but I can only say that I am very happy in London and that my decision to come here from Real Madrid was the right one. There is not a single day, apart from when I was injured, that I have not felt great at Arsenal.”

    – Mesut Ozil(talking to Kicker)

  27. Emiratesstroller

    The main point which needs to be made is that our two star players Ozil and
    Sanchez have raised the bar in our team and that has led to many of the other
    players also playing at a higher level.

    Giroud for example is consistently criticised by many posters, but I think that
    he is absolutely the ideal striker to have in this team of artists. He plays a very
    simple game, but has actually got a variety of skills to score goals. For me his
    all-round performance yesterday was one of his best and he worked his socks
    off around the pitch.

    Similarly Walcott demonstrated that he can play alongside Giroud in an effective way. Personally I have never been a great fan of Walcott, but his goal yesterday was a showstopper and demonstrated fantastic technique. It has to be
    one of the best of the season.

    Above all as others have said Arsenal are now playing as a team. Man City
    may have more outstanding talents, but rather like Leicester we have the better team ethic and that is something which was not always apparent with
    recent sides turned out by Wenger. My view is that the arrival of Cech, Sanchez and Ozil has added not only talent but work ethic and experience of
    having played in top class winning teams.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Is it just me, or just the Puma shirts or something, or do a lot of the players look bigger, Walcott’s chest, shoulders and arms just seemed massive last night…not Sanchez level obviously, but he’s built like a wide rugby player.

    Good to see, always one of my gripes that, our players always seemed small and svelte compared to everyone else, always seemed to place emphasis in ball work rather than body.

    Got a nice mix now.

  29. AFC SWED

    Arsenal have agreed £4.3m deal with Dynamo Moscow for striker Kokorin, France Football reporting. #afc

    Kokorin info: 24-years old, striker/winger for D Moscow, 4 goals in 8 Russian PL games this season, 36 Russia caps, 10 goals. #afc

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal lining up a move for 15 year old Tyrese Campbell from City’s academy, regarded as one of the best young English prospects around…our youth revolution goes on.

    Dragomir, Fortune, Adelaide, Malen all either signed for millions or on large contracts other top clubs baulked at.

    Nice to see. Bit of investment in the first team now please.

  31. London gunner


    As an ex personal trainer Walcott and Ozil have increased muscle mass. Walcott somewhat more dramatically but as a guy with plenty of fast twitch fibres I’m not surprised with his physique adaptations.

    Ox is actually leaner and more defined clearest indicator was his cheeks and jawline looking more sculpted. Reckon he must be on a cardio intense program.

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I posted that a few weeks back

    Looks like it could be true

    Out of contract soon

    Ticks all arsrnes boxes

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Walcott certainly seems to have packed some on, maybe because he’s playing more centrally and has to be able to use a bit of weight and strength against CB’s.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Vlad Dragomir is a midfielder we signed in the summer, 16 years old very highly regarded, as is Yassin Fortune, 16 year old French ST who can play wide as well, very good footwork.

  35. tunnygriffboy

    I think last season when Walcott, Wilshere and Mesut came back looking stronger and more beefy. Shad has obviously had them doing some sort of weight training. Wilshere had his 5metre burst back when he returned end of the season.

  36. Black Hei

    Sorry CA, I can’t stand episode 7. Given the source material, they decided to go get JJ Abrahms as director?

    It is a loud sound with no soul.

    The only reason you like it is because the first 3 are rubbish. Especially the 3rd one.

    It tells that the most engaging screen presence are the oldies, including C3PO and that new droid. The new lead and characters are just plain forgettable.

  37. tunnygriffboy

    Great win v City. Word of caution.

    Those 11 players have played nearly every minute of the last 4 games. They now have 3 games in 8 days

    We have cover defensively. We can even manage cover out wide with Ox and possibly Gibbs as an option

    CM. No realistic cover for Flamini and Ramsey unless you see Ox or Chambers as being adequate.

    Ozil ??????? Wenger has said he’ll have to miss one game

    Ifwe had even half of our injuries available I’d fancy our chances.
    Welbeck, Santi, Coquelin, Wilshere, Alexis is some serious talent. If fit that could have been our bench Monday night

    We need a CM in the window at least. We stay close to the lead until most of these players come back in March and we’ll be there or there abouts. Big ask for the current team to slog out the next 3 games.

    We must try and keep same will to win and organization for the next group of matches.

  38. Jeff

    Black Hei,

    I’d agree with that. First of all I didn’t agree with the plot regarding Hans Solo – I don’t think it was what the film needed. Secondly, the new characters were extremely plastic and thirdly, I did catch myself yawning at least 4 times through it so overall not the best one of the 7.

  39. Sam

    Kokorin rumours popping up again.
    never fancied him through my own prejudice bcoz he’s russian n may end up like Arshavin.
    If He signs, I’ll support him
    If not he can fok off

  40. Sam

    Another Twat to avoid this Window, Adrien Rabiot.
    The Boy is talented but a He’s a foking Mutineer. A french version of Cesc Fabregas, he should go to Chelsea.
    like I said before, he’s similar player to Jon Toral so no need to waste time n money as Toral will be happy to sit on the bench till he works his way up. Rabiot won’t

  41. Wallace

    Kanchelskis seems to rate Kokorin. says he won’t end up like Arshavin. there’s a suggestion the deal hinges on Welbeck’s situation, which i can kind of understand, but after 10mths out i’m not sure how much of a contribution Welbeck’s going to make even if he does return in Feb.

  42. Mick Kartun

    Great win at Citeh and surprisingly I didn’t hate the donkey giroud anymore.
    If only he will work hard consistently till end of the season like he did at citeh.

    But I will not change my stance, still WENGER OUT. Maybe if we win the leaguethis season I will be AKB, maybe.

    News from Mirror is interesting below:
    Arsenal are doing TWICE as well against the Premier League’s top teams this season.

    This excerpted comment from the gooner is interesting, as I quote:
    “I like the way we play against big teams now. Let them maintain most of the possession and ping the ball around midfield with the same sterile possession that used to be our MO. We bide our time and wait for our chances. I am nearly 100% confident that having 35% of the ball possession is not really part of Arsene’s pre game plan but there is no doubt that its been highly successful in the last 12 months. This is the second time we have done the same thing against City. My own belief is that teams tend to lose focus on the defensive end when they have 70% of ball possession and are not scoring. They get impatient and try so hard to score that concentration is lost at the back. Our record against teams like Man City and ManU and Chelsea was abysmal over the years because we did the same thing over and over and over again. We would have 65% of ball possession and lose because they scored on the first shot. Fergie and Mourinho have beaten us dozens of times doing the same thing and hopefully Arsene has finally learned his lesson.”

    The difference is the Gunners’ record against sides at the top of the table suggests this might finally be their year as per Mirror.
    Let’s hope so.

  43. vicky

    Bony seems to be unsettled at City. He is miffed with not getting a start against Arsenal ahead of an injured Aguero. I think he is a decent striker. Even in summer, there won’t be any big striker available. Would not mind if Wenger fished in the troubled water with a cheeky bid of 15-18M.