Arsenal need to sacrifice beauty and shoot for the bigger picture

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Happy good morning to all of you lovely bloody people.

I was all prepared for writing this, then booze got in the way. I was shown all the special whiskies by my fancy drink hero of a flatmate.

Hell, it’s Christmas, so why not. Anyway, that means we’re going to GO BIG on the post today.


How good does it feel to say something like that? I can’t remember the last time we were in the mix in December.

Oh, I can…

2 seasons ago… when we had an almighty crash away from home.  We lost, what, 6-3. I think Aaron picked up an injury… 10 days later, Theo  broke down and we were over.

This time, it’s kinda different. I remember going into the City game and we were on the verge of squad breaking point. This time, we’re already broken… difference is, we’re actually winning this time.

So tonight is about two things for me.

1. Is our squad any good

2. Linked to point one. Have we been good lately, or have we just been playing shite teams?

I think when you look at question 1, you have to compare Arsenal and City. We’re the two best squads in the Premier League. My point at the start of the season was that we had two very capable first team 11s. Losing against Sheffield Wednesday and losing against the two worst teams in our CL group didn’t support my case… but we’re starting to see now that maybe I wasn’t too far off the mark.

The difference between Arsenal and City is that they have a squad of individuals… we have a squad that can work as a team.

So tonight, we’re going to see which works better in a big game.

We cannot forget that this evening is going against us. We have no Santi, no Coquelin and probably no Sanchez. Those are three massive losses that almost no squad could cope with.

The replacements aren’t incredible. We’re asking Flamini to be a big game player, we need him to keep his head, stay back and run efficiently… not like a madman.

Aaron Ramsey has to play a different type of game. He is playing next to a player who isn’t that great, so he has to tame his lust to drive forward. He has to play for the team, not himself. He has to sacrifice part of his game for the greater good.

Sanchez… well, if he’s being replaced by Theo, we have a good swap. If he’s being replaced by Joel. Well, who knows. The Costa Rican has done well of late, so hopefully he puts his body on the line and brings some of that flare he’s shown lately.

… also worth noting that I’d rather sacrifice Sanchez for the battle, to have him fit for the war. Even if we lose because of it.

We then need big games from the defence.

If I were the City coach, I’d be looking at how exposed we’ve been down the right and I’d be licking my lips. I’d be looking to target the ailing Per Mertesacker… he’s not looked the player he once was this season. I also think Bellerin has looked suspect of late. There are holes in our backline at the moment and I think if Aguerro starts, there could be trouble because City have a lot of creativity in Silva, Sterling and KDB.

We have a lot going for us. We have the irrepressible Ozil. We have Giroud firing on all cylinders and we potentially have Theo Walcott ready to rampage.

If we’re going win, we’re going to have to do it the smart way. That might mean we play like we did against them earlier in the year when we beat them at their place. I think going toe-to-toe could be a risk.

We need a draw at the very least. A win would really set the tone for the rest of the year.

What we have going in our favour is that usually we’re breaking going into this period. If we can make it through to January unbeaten. If we can recruit in a way we haven’t done for a long time (at the expense of trophies every time), get our players back and play like we always seem to normally in the second half of the season… we have a chance.

Tonight is about not choking. It’s about pure belief. It’s about 10 years of excuses, laid to rest.

This is the night we find out who the real Arsenal are… is this an illusion? A precursor to the usual. Or is this different?

Is this the start of a spectacular fairytale ending? Is this closure? Is this the beginning of a dawn that’s threatened so many times?

A big night for Wenger. A big night for Arsenal.

See you on the other side!


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  1. MidwestGun

    Wallace –
    Ya, but loanees are usually playing at a lesser level of competition and weren’t deemed necessary to the squad hence loaning them out in a loanee like manner. Coquelin gave y’all loanee syndrome.

    Haha now I can’t stop.

  2. Wallace


    of course there is one loanee who I think could come back and make all the difference 😉

    actually, I’m not sure even he could improve on what Campbell’s giving us at the moment.

  3. boy dio


    You know it already that if no signings come in that AW will be satisfied with 4th and a cup run, same spiel if none of the prospects prove to be arsenal standard.
    The only way i see any signing taking place in midfield is an injury before or during the window, or if chambers gets some game time and looks wholly out of his depth in the position.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Wilshere 25th January now?

    Suspiciously sounding like a never ending pushing back of a return date. Right at the end of January as well, perfect for ‘we have Wilshere returning no need to sign anyone,’ February 1st set back.

    Really hope not, want to believe that Wenger knows this is probably his best chance at the league before retirement and will spend big in January. But we will see.

    To be honest, he kind of has to spend in January surely, Sanchez really is the only imminent returnee who will make a difference, Coq, Caz, Welbeck, Rosicky all seem very uncertain to varying degrees and Wilshere is Wilshere.

  5. Alfie

    Anyone else quite glad of the Sanchez injury/rest?

    Will be good to have him fully rested for the last third with returns of Coq, Wishere etc

    Also, we don’t seem to be playing too badly without Sanchez but we wont be able to sustain that.

  6. MidwestGun

    Wallace –
    Ha…. I wasn’t gonna say anything. Re:Gnabry. Still remember his goal. But I think the ship has sailed on his window of opportunity this season.
    I tried to tell y’all last year around World Cup time Campbell was a decent player. I just felt Wenger was gonna favor Ox so he probably wouldn’t get his shot and therefore was secondary to needs and his value was high.
    Happy he gets a shot to show his stuff if it means we are winning. Not sure what it means for Ox, tho.

  7. Red&White4life

    “Anyone else quite glad of the Sanchez injury/rest? ”

    And also, I was quite surprised to see wenger sub Ozil at the 75th min…
    …Even if that almost cost us the game lol

  8. MidwestGun

    Alfie –
    Somewhat I do.. because it’s probably the only way Sanchez will rest. Can imagine he is hard to contain from training too hard.

    Honestly, my biggest concern is Ramsey blows up a hammy again with the ammount of running he does and JW never gets fit. Than what? Seems we go thru this dilemma every season. And it kinda getting old. I know Ramsey takes some abuse but he gives us loads of energy and work rate late in matches.

  9. boy dio


    Campbell gets some game time and now people are up in arms when arsene subs him.
    Coq has a good half season and he’s now a key player that you’re clamoring for a back up to him now and in the summer.
    Let the machine roll on dude, i am not expecting any loanee coming back this season to have an impact, what i am expecting is for no signing to be made at all this january unless AW’s hand gets forced, and it will be after big moves for our muted targets have already happened.

  10. underrated Coq

    Any one read the Guardian list of top 100 footballers of 2015? Strongly recommend it for those who want a laugh.

    A sample:- Koscielny is number 100, Santi is ranked 95, Anthony fucking Martial is ranked 66, Sterling is 62…. but what really takes the biscuit is Rooney is ranked 60.

    Journalists love making a fool out of themselves don’t they?

  11. MidwestGun

    Boy dio –
    Well…. if Wenger doesn’t make a move this January, it’s my opinion of course, but he has basically given up than and might as well announce his retirement. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think Welbeck, Santi, Rosicky will have little to no impact the rest of this season and JW/Arteta can’t be relied on.
    So basically imo, than you are gambling on Chambers and Flamini. Wouldn’t want to bet on that personally.

  12. gazzap

    Great win last night. Couple of superb goals too.
    But Wenger has to buy in Jan. A centre mid is essential. Even if coq was fit again tomorrow – you are always one injury away from crisis. so even when we have coq back we still definitely need a holding mid.
    An attacking player would be nice but only if he is a really top player. No point bringing in another welbeck standard – good but not great type.

  13. Red&White4life

    “But Wenger has to buy in Jan. ”

    He won’t ==>> “Wilshere, Coq and Santi soon be back”, we know the song…

  14. boy dio


    I’m in agreement that arsene will have essentially given up on the league if he makes no move in january.
    It’s either that or he knows something about his young prospects that no one else knows.
    I’ll wait to see which of those it is, still expect all our targets to have been snapped up or on new contracts by the time wenger thinks to make a move, so for me there’s more comfort in hoping one of those young prospects can make the step up if they get an opportunity.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    What do we think in January, a big move for a Xhaka, Carvalho type, or something small like that Egyptian FC Basel player Elnendy (I think his name is) we’re being linked with.

    Supposedly Arsenal scouts have been present to watch Xhaka and Neves in recent weeks.

    Surely Wenger has to play it safe and go for big money and pedigree unless he is utterly convinced by a little known talent, and to be honest, few of those have worked for him in recent years.

  16. I am arsene

    Wenger doesn’t need to buy.
    If we didn’t have the strength in depth then we wouldn’t have been able to beat city with so many key players missing.
    We have the depth.
    We have the meanest defence in the league
    We have created more chances than
    Anyone else in the league
    What we need is consistent goal scorers now.
    There’s no point in just spending for the sake of it

  17. boy dio

    Sanchez’s injury set back means he actually gets a rest that he can’t complain about, so I’m kinda glad about it tbh, would have been a different tune if jc met the expectations i had in mind for him, he’s exceeded them spectacularly though, hope he keeps pushing on cause the ox’s form looks lost even to him.

  18. Red&White4life

    “Can we get Germany to fuggedaboudit for the rest of this season?”

    the Germans have very, VERY strict rules about their national team lol

  19. boy dio


    The arsenal scouts surely look at everyone, or else how could arsene come back years later and say “he almost signed so and so?”

  20. Cesc Appeal

    boy dio


    But I think I remember reading Arsenal had watched Neves 6 times or something in the run to January.

  21. MidwestGun

    Go big or go home. …I say. And have a fallback plan.(ya I know, right.).

    Eagle and from what little I’ve seen has convinced me Xhaka would be da bomb
    . CL tied tho. Altho, odds of us beating Barca over two legs is roughly same as me dating Miranda Kerr, so not sure that matters.

  22. Alfie

    Underrated –

    That list is ridiculous – not even sure what its based on??

    Its like someone opened up a pack of WC football stickers and they landed in that order.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    To be fair I thought Oxlade did alright when he came on, though one moment where City’s middle opened up in front of the box and he pissed me off trying a floated chip to Ramsey instead of just hammering it at Hart’s goal.

    He has been disappointing, but decent enough sub performance last night, I thought anyway.

    Gibbs on the other hand…

  24. boy dio

    actually feel that we need another cb to be backup for mert, don’t actually know where chambers fits in a back 4 cause he’s looked average at best when playing there, and my heart is still not ready to see him start a game in the dm position

  25. Leedsgunner

    It was interesting that Ox was deployed centrally though last night despite being used as a winger traditionally. Was this an one off or will he be used there more going forward? If the latter, does it mean that even Wenger now recognises that Jack and Arteta are nowhere near reliable enough?

    Sad for Chambo and Jack that they are becoming injury prone passengers…. for both of them, they needed a “break out” season this year… but we’re saying that for Jack every year. Very very sad.

    So much potential in both of them not being realised.

  26. Cesc Appeal



    Yeah WE really rates Xhaka, sort of got me to have a look at him, would be smart I think because he isn’t an out and out CDM, more a sort of Alonso like player, a CM who is a deep distributor and tempo setter but sits back.

    So at home him and Ramsey could start against most teams, then in games like last night you throw Coq in there as well.

    Still think it would be smart in January to, as well as make a big money signing, to look for some prospect who is making noise. You think after this season our central midfield will be Coq and Ramsey essentially, with Caz approaching 32 by the start of next season coming off a bad knee injury and still being 3ft 7.

  27. underrated Coq


    ” That list is ridiculous – not even sure what its based on??”

    I think the word you are looking for is ‘Click-bait’. They’ve shoehorned in as many United players as they can.

  28. Red&White4life

    Southampton away next, very tricky game….
    This one, and then against Bournemouth at home, are must win games, considering the tough fixtures of 2016.

  29. Dissenter

    I fear Wenger might not make a big name signing until the summer when he goes scouting in the European championship.
    He has the continent excuse of returning players in early February
    He might think he needs to give them chances to play their ways back into their national teams.

  30. Dissenter

    Southampton will be a proper test no doubt.
    Last season though we lost the game due to Sczezny’s incompetence. Both goals wer due to his madness/lack of judgement.

  31. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    I missed most of the last 4 minutes plus injury time. Watched on a dodgy stream and battling some sort of bizarre malware virus. I’m on holiday so watching on a borrowed laptop.
    So I missed the Gibbs experience and most of the angst at the end, lucky me.

  32. Leedsgunner

    Both Soton and Bournemouth must not be taken lightly. It was in the same fixture last season that we were embarrassed and Sczesney humiliated himself and Bournemouth will want our giant killing scalp to add to their collection beside Man United and Chelsea’s.

  33. PieAFC

    Credit to the team last night, they were excellent in part.

    We’ve got to start giving credit when it’s due. We subdued city for long periods, MP saying they dominated us – or the last 15minutes. Before that we had just as many good chances as them. They didn’t have many clear chances as he suggested.

    Walcott on the left looks like great cover, he really enjoys playing there.

    Campbell, he’s definitely come on leaps and bounds, puts in a shift and really can be a threat going forward, fair fucking play to him.

    Giroud had a good game last nights bossed mangala and Otamendi…

    Good set up last night with so many fort team players out. Come on Arsenal, come on arsene get in January and let’s win this, great chance this season of its done right!!

  34. underrated Coq

    Better stuff from the Guardian

    ‘If the Premier League table was based only on assists, Özil would be sixth in the league, with a game in hand on everyone else.

    Man City – 29 assists
    Everton – 27 assists
    Leicester – 25 assists
    Tottingham – 19 assists
    Liverpool – 16 assists
    Newcastle – 15 assists
    Southampton – 15 assists
    West Ham – 15 assists
    Norwich – 14 assists
    AFC Bournemouth – 13 assists
    Crystal Palace – 13 assists
    West Brom – 13 assists
    Man United – 12 assists
    Sunderland – 12 assists
    Aston Villa – 11 assists
    Chelsea – 11 assists
    Stoke – 10 assists
    Swansea – 9 assists
    Watford – 9 assists

  35. PieAFC

    I actually think Wenger will buy. I think he genuinely knows this injury crisis with certain players is a bit of a joke now.

    Even if it is a couple 21 year old apparent hidden gems with league experience elsewhere. Just extra bodies!!!

    Yes I’m desperate we just have cover,lol

  36. I am arsene

    If Ramsey or flamingo are injured then we have chambers and chamberlain who can play there with coq, jack, arteta, santi and Rosicky coming back.

    Hardly short of options or quality there are we?

  37. underrated Coq

    “If Ramsey or flamingo are injured then we have chambers and chamberlain who can play there with coq, jack, arteta, santi and Rosicky coming back.”

    Chambers- a CD- and Chamberlain- a winger- playing makeshift midfield? Coq and Santi are out until March. Jack is unreliable, so too are Arteta and Rosicky.

    You don’t want to win the PL?

  38. DivineSherlock

    Cesc appeal

    I genuinely don’t think Wenger is gonna retire this season or the next one. Brace yourself , hes back to his best and enjoying it . Do yourself a favor and support him like all the fans at the Emirates stadium .

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Could have done without the last 10 minutes, we really did not make it easy for ourselves, by that point we should have been 4 or 5-0 up Campbell fluffed a couple of glorious chances, then there were a good few half chances and instances of people trying chip passes rather than hitting it.



    People seem to have a total disregard and disrespect for the CDM and CM position. Chambers can play there, Vermaelen could play there, Gabriel, f**k me even Sanogo was touted at one point last year.

    For us, I would really like to see a new RM brought in over the next 2 windows and then a big money CDM/CM as well as a prospect, make our central midfield rock solid, able to control games and set the tempo to our liking, then you would have Ozil and the RM to do the creative stuff, Sanchez and a new ST to do the direct, pacey, goal threat stuff.

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, you’re right, all fans at the Emirates, the ‘real’ fans unquestioningly support Wenger…doofus.

    Do yourself a favour, ignore your ‘Wenger senses’ and don’t butt in with your mindless pro-Wenger crap during an actual discussion.

    You’re one of those posters that I always say I can take it as a given you think everything is great, Wenger is great blah blah, really is no need to hear from you.

    So lets try that.

  41. Leedsgunner

    “Chambers- a CD- and Chamberlain- a winger- playing makeshift midfield? Coq and Santi are out until March. Jack is unreliable, so too are Arteta and Rosicky.”

    Well said exactly.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Lots of stuff in the press today about Guardiola’s wife wanting to move to London, obviously linking him to Chelsea but then it seems Guardiola is very uncertain about the set up at Chelsea, can’t blame him.

    Got a Petr Cech feeling here…would be great, Wenger wins the title and hands over, literally a perfect ending to his Arsenal tenure.

  43. I am arsene


    Santi was a no10 now he isn’t
    Ramsey and coq were deemed of insufficient quality. Now they aren’t.
    We have enough in our ranks to continue a title run until the rest of our side comes back.
    Ramsey, flamini, ox and chambers is a decent little midfield quartet and capable of holding their own against most premier league sides.
    I’m not saying it’s ideal
    I’m not saying where we should be long term.
    I’m saying that they could hold the fort if the occasion required.
    Don’t forget chamberlains performance against Milan

  44. Sam

    Hmmmm if given a choice this January between 2 signings n 2 loanees I will pick the latter.
    We’re being linked with Rabiot n we have Jon Toral. Loanee needs time to settle just like a new signing.

  45. I am arsene


    We are favourites for the title
    Plauting quality football with half our squad injured- which indicates a greater strength in depth than many believed we had.
    We have beaten bayern, city, chelski and thumped United.
    Also whooped Leicester and olympiakos away.
    I’d say wengers supporters had plenty to be happy about.
    I know I’m feeling quite smug

  46. Cesc Appeal

    I Am Arsene

    Smug about what? We haven’t done anything yet.

    Have you already forgotten the smugness of 2013/14, top of the league in January and people like you were telling all the ‘doomers’ to shut up about January signings because we were top and to ‘just enjoy it.’

    They call that resting on your laurels. Note, kind of suggested you don’t do that.

  47. I am arsene


    We are a different beats with Walcott in the side. Weather it’s on the wing or up top.
    His running off the ball is unique in our squad. It not only scares the life out of defences, it changes the way we pass the ball and creates so much space for the likes of ozil to dictate. It seems all of our players come alive with Walcott creating that space
    And what a goal. Henry-esque
    He is (cech and kos apart) our most vital player for the title push

  48. Sam

    I dare to say Fok Westbrom n their long ball crap. Bring back our Gnabry, he still young enough to play with the youth team

    Fok Tony Pulis

  49. I am arsene


    It appears you are incapable of enjoying arsenal win.
    Maybe you’d be happier if city whooped us. It would have vindicated your pessimistic view

  50. MidwestGun

    Chambers. ..not a midfielder – trying to win a title.
    Ox. …not convincing as a CM, guess he would be best option for Ramsey in an emergency.
    Coquelin might be back early March.
    Jack might be back mid to late January.
    Arteta… left his legs in 2010.
    Santi won’t be back.
    Rosicky hasn’t played in about a year.

    So ya….we are short, imo. Quality? . … well… another arguement but we could do better, always should be looking in every tw.
    Too many injury ifs to just gamble on a perfect scenario for me. Likelyhood of Theo,Ramsey, and Flamini making it rest of season with no injuries is not high. Credit to Flamini for making it thus far.
    Will say Citeh, Chelscum, and Manc. U. are doing their best to make it a good season, now if only we can get Leicester to cooperate.

    But smugness, really? I know you just didn’t start following the team yesterday.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    I Am Arsene

    You’re a moron, typical of your sort, point was a bit too hard for you, impossible to counter, just revert to the usual tripe about wanting teams to beat Arsenal.

    If you’ve nothing to add don’t butt in.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    Another point on the January signings, City are going to need a massive rebuild, particularly in central midfield and arguably defence.

    Chelsea need a massive rebuild.

    United have wasted £300 Million and arguably still need massive improvements.

    Arsenal are stable, good quality squad but missing vital parts. Wenger should be looking at January not only for winning this title, but going forward, he could arrive in the summer having already cured his central midfield worries, then he would be looking at a ST and a RM (if he can’t get one in January.)

    Whilst City, Chelsea and United will be trying to cobble together a completely different looking squad.

  53. Northbanker

    Really enjoyed last night – so much so I’ve even returned briefly to Le Grove to risk being depressed by the huge army of pessimists and Wenger haters on here.

    Guys – try to enjoy what is a potentially pivotal win. Yes season only half way through etc etc but there is some real base strength here we haven’t had since 2008. We weren’t financially strong enough to build or even retain it then but we are now.

    I have this feeling Wenger is going to buck his trend this Jan and buy a big name to help sustain the charge.

  54. Dimitri

    We now have a world class spine of Cech, Kos, Sanchez and Ozil, surrounded by excellent players who have the added advantage of having played with each other a few seasons. A DM is all we really need. I find it hard to believe people think we need another striker anymore unless its Aguero calibre, but how many of those are there?

    Giroud is an 8 out of 10 player who is more than getting the job done. It’s frankly insulting to keep saying we need another striker when there are only a handful on the planet atm who are better than him. Whichever wankers it is trying to pass of guys like Benteke as better really need to get a grip on reality.

  55. Bob

    Man city, Man U & Chelsea don’t need a rebuild they have excellent squads, on par or marginally better than ours in certain departments, they aren’t playing well or clicking for what ever reason atm, which gives us the opportunity 2 capitalise, which bar the Norwich & west brom games (shudder) we are doing, we are performing well & doing the job required, don’t under mine the fact we are we’re we are just because Chelsea, man city & united are shit, there squads haven’t changed that much since last year! Infact they went out in the summer & “strengthened” them squads, Arsenal still have there job to do, they still have to put in the shift & there on the right track, nothing is gifted or a given with this league, so congratulations 2 wenger & the boys, they could quite easily drop off & lose concentration as the other big boys have, but they haven’t, I have a feeling this Arsenal team could achieve great things & I hope they do, they deserve it.

  56. Romford Ozil Pele

    Guys, chill man. We haven’t won anything yet so CA is more than entitled to his view. We’re not even top of the league. In the second half of the season we have to go away to Anfield, WHL, Goodison Park, OT and the Etihad so we could definitely do with a player or two.

    Last night was a fantastic win but nothing is set in stone yet. Still a long way to go. If Aguero and Kompany are fit for a stretch city would still be my favourites for the title. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us though. Hopefully we can capitalise. DM is a necessity though.

  57. Romford Ozil Pele

    The one thing I’d disagree with you on CA, however, is the need for massive rebuilds for our rivals. Chelsea have a really young squad, a fantastic one at that which coasted to the title. Not sure what friction went on with Mourinho but outside of a Terry replacement and another striker they’re still very strong. Just need the right type of manager to sort them out. Ditto United, loads of good young players there. And after spending £300m if you don’t have a title challenging squad a lot of questions need to be asked of the management. LVG seems very risk averse, squeezing the enjoyment out of a lot of players. The one player I’d truly love from there is Martial. They could do with another striker but the team there is strong. It’s more the manager I’d be pointing a finger at.

  58. Romford Ozil Pele

    The continuity thing is probably what’s worked well in our favour. The team chemistry is obviously very strong because the team we had our yesterday had no right beating City but the absorb pressure game plan worked well. Missing too many possession players to go toe-to-toe with City.

    That’s not t excuse Wenger mind you. Had we had another DM, I think we would be further clear by now. Theo worked his socks off yesterday but he’s part of the reason we’re poor in midfield. He’s not a winger, can be bypassed too easily. Still would rather him upfront by right now we need L’Oreal as the focal point because we can’t build from deep.

  59. ozrus

    Romford, CA talks a lot of shit, is all. It’s not even that he may or may not be right. It’s that this blog is saturated with his opinion. It’s like he sweats it. Every time I pop in it’s CA’s one sided agenda driven bullshit, blah blah blah

  60. Romford Ozil Pele

    Ozrus, if you disagree, argue back. The beauty of this blog is freedom of expression mate. People are entitled to their views. I’m sure loads of people don’t agree with what I say, but hey, it is what it is.

  61. ozrus

    Romford, like I said, I don’t have a problem with people expressing opinions contrary to mine. It’s the style and abundance that is doing my head in

  62. I am arsene


    Well I’m not a moron.
    I did offer something. See me comment on Walcott and what he adds.
    And it’s a comment section. Commenting cannot be construed as butting in.

    Buying someone now isn’t the answer
    Wiltshire will be back in 2-3 weeks
    Chambers can ably deputise at dm. Song arrived at centre half and ended up at barca. It’s not out of the realms of possibility that chambers can do a job.
    Chamberlain is an able midfielder and probably better than most In that position in this country
    He’d walk into most teams midfields in the prem

  63. I am arsene

    Also if we don’t get the man we want but rather a cheap alternative then it blocks a place in our squad for a future class addition.

    And you’re forgetting about bielik too. Looked very composed in league cup