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Hello… it’s me…

Yeah. That’s right, I’m calling in after seeing Liverpool lose 3-0 to Watford.


I don’t think it says much about Klopp as a manager. After all, he’s coming in and taking on a pretty average squad. What it does tell you is that his job is going to be really, really tough.

I think the idea that he’d come in and change the world was a bad one.

I really like Klopp, but up against the cash of the Premier League, the talent of every club and the new influx of world class managers… I really think it’s pipe dreams that he’ll return them to the top.

But hey, if Leicester can be 5 points clear at Christmas, then why can’t Liverpool come back into the fold?

… and what about Leicester? Does someone want to tell them the banter has gone too far? It’s getting beyond a joke. They are literally a winning machine. How long can they go on? Why has no one cracked their formula yet?

It’ll come. Then there will be tears… hopefully.

In other more hilarious news, Manchester United lost in another dismal showing against Norwich. I watched part of the game and felt the players had caught whiff of the Chelsea players silent protest against Mourinho and want some of that sweet ‘get him sacked’ action.

I mean, I feel pretty smug right now. I called LVG a fraud from the start… now I think it’s coming to fruition.

You can’t be a bastard and get away with it these days. People will listen to your bullshit for a little bit, but after a while, it gets boring and then people switch off.

I guess it’s like work place management. Back in the day, being a bastard manager worked… top down rollickings were fine. Nowadays, the millenial generation and below won’t tolerate it. They’re all entitled and stuff… they expect to be treated as equals… especially if they’re millionaires. LVG doesn’t get this. I think Mourinho has struggled with player power in the last year. Both are cut from the same nasty cloth and both are suffering.


Imagine if United… a club suffering from durgy football and a manager who can’t communicate with his star players… replace their manager with a guy who plays durgy football and was thrown out of his last club because of sour relations with his senior players.


I mean, we are talking Ed Woodward, the most cowboy football club leader since Peter ‘give him 50% more for no reason’ Risdale.

Bad news on the WELBZ front. He’s no nearer a return. He’s fallen into the Arsenal medical room abyss… we knew this would happen. I think we should just suck it up and look forward to him returning in 2017. Really sad for lad… such a great smile and a physique that had so much potential.

Wenger just threw Sterling on the nearly bonfire…

“We watched him but you miss obvious players. The history of every club is full of top players that you missed. At the time Liverpool were quicker.”

Ahh man. I regret not signing him in the summer. What a player. So fast. So skillful and so young.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today, have a great day and I’ll drop a City preview tonight so it’s there for you in the morning.


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  1. Rhys Jaggar

    Do you speak to your boss this way Mr Wood?

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but you treat everyone you choose to with contempt, disdain and brutally rude crap.

    I wouldn’t work under you because you are a tricky, manipulative little twister who uses every political dark art going.

    Your most common one is to take the lines of those more insightful than you whilst treating them like your worst adversary.

    There’s nothing admirable about that. It’s a me, me, me attitude that builds enemies.

    Oh, you can ‘do a Mourinho’, as you call it, from firm to firm for a while. In fact, I’ve little doubt that you do.

    But you aren’t one of the good guys, you aren’t one of the nice ones and I’ve seen precious little evidence that you have left a ‘footprint’, a ‘legacy’ or have what it takes to leave one.

    You’re just as you say Mourinho is: in it for yourself, after the main chance.

    I had a colleague like you once. I gave them a chance to write bids for clients – gave them their head. What was their response? Sticking a knife in me, taking my job and, then, glory be, when I’d got another job across the pennines, being sent by the Chairman to try and freeload off me because I’d lined up loads of bids which she didn’t have the technical nous to win.

    I drafted an email to the ex-Chairman, cc’ed it to the CEO, Chairman and COO of new employer, a few Press bigwigs etc etc and didn’t send it.

    In it I included the statement: ‘I am most uncomfortable saying ‘Fuck off you obnoxious cunt!’ to anyone, IT NOT BEING THE LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS’……..

    I entitled the email: ‘I don’t work for you any more……’

    Surprise surprise, a big ITT I’d lined up and got the company short-listed for went to the oppo and the fly-by-night was very sad about it. I had all the sympathy of a gooner after beating Spurs 3-0 on NLD day…..but that was kept quiet. Because nobody had read that email, because no-one hacks computers, especially not my previous employers…….even though they were a front for MI6 and were regularly in cahoots with Langley/CIA……

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you were so shameless that you didn’t do the same.

    It would be hard for you to suck up to Wenger and Gazidis without being like that, after all……Arsenal’s got all kinds of links to MI6 and the CIA you know…..PHW was great chums with one of the CIA’s killers, worked with him in investment management in London……did you know that??

    And trust me: empowering people doesn’t work necessarily either, unless you are prepared to brutal too.

    I’ve never sought to keep anyone down in my life.

    But every time I give someone my support, they think it’s a license to use, abuse and stab in the back.

    You want to think about all that Mr Wood. Being a millennial doesn’t give you the right to stab people.

    Oh, you’ll think it does, I’m sure.

    But that’s because you think like you say a Mourinho does, even if you proclaim to the whole world that you don’t…….

  2. jay

    The title decider games for these season aren’t games against city, united, chelsea etc it seems like. It’s games against palace, watford, leicester etc. Amazing we won all three of them, because, they will be taking points off anyone who visits them.

  3. Mr B

    I’m with you Rhys, fuck that sellout Mr. Wood.

    I have no intention of wishing him a speedy recovery from his ankle. Its only Karma for his actions. 😀

  4. shad

    The league is up for grabs and only Watford and Leicester are showing intent on trying to win it.

    As usual Wenger will absolutely bottle it in the transfer window and it’ll be another season of coulda, shoulda, woulda

  5. Marc

    Jesus what a fucking rant. Rhys if you don’t like Pedro don’t read his blog, I’d also seek professional help you seem a little on the paranoid side.

  6. Loyika

    Wait Pedro did RJ just out you as a “Spook!”

    Well guess “Mr. Pedro” sounds better than “Mr Bond”

    I think you and Rhys need to sort this out sooner rather than later.

    Klopp is really getting pissed of with his results, (watched his after game prezzer) guess his true colours will show up if Pool don’t pick up form. I see another Jose meltdown.

  7. TheBayingMob

    Loved to see the scousers get stuffed”

    Always gotta love seeing the scousers getting stuffed. Biggest fraud of a club and tourist supports from Kent after United. Fucking hate them. Shame because I really like Klopp but cunt cunt cunt of a club and fans. I’m rolling in it their losses, covering myself in the stench like a Labrador in a dead seagull …

  8. Omerta

    “… and what about Leicester? Does someone want to tell them the banter has gone too far? It’s getting beyond a joke. They are literally a winning machine. How long can they go on? Why has no one cracked their formula yet?”

    I guess winning 2-5 at their place doesn’t count.

    You’d need a master tactician like Pep to make that count (the same Pep that couldn’t win away to us with Barcelona in 2011 and Bayern this year)

  9. Sukky

    Brooklyn, well said. Benteke and Giroud? Is that even an argument. The only thing keeping Giroud away from being WC is pace. He could have been one hell of a striker. Bamford10? I respected him until he said man city iheanacho is better than what Giroud is and what he will be.

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    “respected him until he said man city iheanacho is better than what Giroud is and what he will be.”

    what that kid whose rarely played?! that’s embarrassing. Bam is a textbook example of one that’s blinded by hatred. next he’ll be saying some 14-15 year kid is better than Giroud

  11. daz

    What’s with the Rhys fellow???I got a bit concerned reading that post… sounded like something written by someone unhinged

    Also someone who is full of shit

  12. tunnygriffboy

    How much are the newspaper football hacks payed in this country ?

    Been wrapping my Christmas presents and listening to a group of them discussing all the weekends football action. They are so full of themselves. They pontificate and believe they know everything there is to know about the game. Basically I found the conversations cliche ridden and full of percieved wisdom. Nothing new or analytical.

    I learn more and there is a greater insight here on le grove (dear god I can’t believe I’m saying that). I bet those guys haven’t played a competitive game in their lives.

    A3ll three said tomorrow’s night game is a title decider. What a load of horsesh.t. We’re not even half way through the season yet. It’s more important for them points wise as we could put a bit of breathing space between us. A win for us would help us psychologically but nothing more. No way is it a decider

    Don’t fancy us tbh. Worried about Ramsey/Coquelin axis and space we’ll allow their counter attack.

  13. naijagunner


    U have already said u don’t fancy us for tomorrows game about ten times today….am sure we all share some level of concerns about the game..but man city have thier own weakness as well….they are a good team not a great team

  14. Santos


    Chill. We will win easily. Arsene always has a way of finding out Pellegrini. This is our biggest chance to win the league, provided we strengthen in the January window. Even though most of us don’t want him anymore, I rate Arsene higher than most( right now, not that he’s great, he ain’t), except Klopp. Many may not agree.

  15. tunnygriffboy


    Sorry mate. Very much pre match nerves 🙂 🙂

    We can certainly get at their defence. Pity Alexis not 100% but the loony did train today. Their back four terrified of pace. Hope Theo’s up for it. Yaya won’t track back much. We need to be disciplined and Ramsey may have to curb his enthusiasm a bit. If we could snatch a win it’d be fantastic. Good for morale.

  16. tunnygriffboy

    I have a sneaky suspicion we’re going to blow £30 million on Carvalho. If so that’sour DM sorted for the next 5/6 years with him and Coquelin. Be a great signing.

  17. Pedro

    Rhys, I can’t work out whether this is you being serious… or you’re dropping some of the purest banter I’ve ever seen.

  18. Ces1ne

    Looks like Rhys’ shrink is on holiday & didn’t refill his meds……….honestly, what is wrong with you (The clinical diagnosis please, not the Jagger Conspiracy diagnosis)???

  19. Ces1ne

    Did Pedro swoop in & take Rhys’ girl one night?? Only other explanation besides the obvious mental disorders………

  20. nigel tufnel


    Hope you feel better soon.

    I always knew you were crazy when you talked politics and foreign policy. I hope you dont become “radicalized” .

  21. Sam

    Klopp shouldn’t have gone to Liverpool.
    Flipping scousers still believe they are a top club, They haven’t actually realised they are mid-table club. They will give him hard time expecting him to perform foking miracles and win them the tittle. never gonna happen!!!

  22. MidwestGun

    Hahaha what stage of psychosis is paranoid delusional?

    Rhys…. going all Ozzy crazy train….. again with a touch of government conspiracy. Lol. Top banter.

    In other news if we can’t win the League this year we will never win it. I mean it’s like every top dollar team decided to have a train wreck all in the same season. All we need now is for the players to quit on Pelligrini at Citeh when they find out Pep is on the way this summer.

  23. Wolfgang

    If the losing or poor run continues,LVG could be axed.
    You are judged on results.LVG has spent more than 300 million pounds
    and he can have no excuse.
    Even Guardiola could be sacked if he can’t win 90% of the time.The trouble is MU think they have a divine right to the epl.RF left because he knew he could not win he epl every year or every 2/years.His winning days are over.
    Even though I am an Arsenal fan,it would give me great joy if
    Leicester can win it.

  24. Sean

    Don’t you guys ever get fed up with all this 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc etc crap every single time pedro puts up a new post ? It is so fcuking boring

    Re carvalho’s price/value, I suggest that our need will of course raise the price somewhat – we desperately need a quality DM and carvalho seems to be one of a small group of DMs that could bring that quality to the position for us

  25. Wolfgang

    The days when MU can dominate and win the epl regularly are over.
    LVG wont be able to replicate the rf. Then the latter could money
    to buy any player. He bought York to stun the thereat AV posed to him.
    He had wanted Veira and who knows maybe henry to break up Arsenal’s threat.
    Not anymore.’Thats why it tough to win the epl.
    I dare say Guardiola will struggle to win it. And if he is on apoor run,there wont any immunity from the sack.

  26. Thanos

    DM you are such a cock. How old are you like 12? On the pool front hilarious. We need to win tomorrow will be at the match. Not worried about Leicester they will lose a player or two and end up in 5th.

  27. Sam


    Wenger didn’t pay 27M for Fellaini n said schneiderlin not worth £25M. I doubt he’s going to pay £30M for Portuguese under21 player.

  28. roaaary

    Hahahaha just seen rhys’ post.

    Im not sure the reason you lost your job was the girl you trained.

    But i agree….pedro is the antichrist

  29. Troy McClure

    I hope Welbz isn’t truly f*cked, like career-ending f*cked. I think he has knee cartilage damage, which is a tough one to recover from. He’s not a superstar but he’s a useful guy to have around, with his pace, size and versatility.

  30. Black Hei


    You got to take whatever Pedro types as something he does on the fly. Ultimately, the forum is a place for us to banter and type all kind of nonsense. You need to loosen up.

    Or maybe take a big gulp from the mug of Redtruth and go all anti-Wenger bananas. Make it epic. DM epic.

    And we can all have a good LOL.

  31. Wolfgang

    Depending on the results from now till the new Year.LVG could be axed.
    If the newcomer cant get MU going,he could be sacked until MU have
    nobody to sack.

  32. Brooklyn

    Sam, Schneiderlin wasn’t worth 25 mil for us because he is not as good as Coq in single pivot or if some are to be believed is tiny bit better then Coq. Carvalho is clearly made to be most defensive men in single pivot and better passer with better ball holding capacity then both Coq and Schneiderlin.
    Rhys comment, I didn’t understand, seems like old agenda, but Pedro we love your blog and we are here for you.

  33. Wallace

    huge game this evening. i’m feeling quietly confident which is worrying me slightly. guessing it’ll be the obvious side, with Alexis hopefully back on the bench.

  34. Leedsgunner

    Three points, a clean sheet and no injuries. Too much to ask for? Especially before Christmas?

    Giroud, please repeat the belter of a goal that you scored versus Man City that won us the Community Shield in 2014… in fact if we had a repeat of that scoreline that would be sweet. In that game, as I recall, Giroud, Ramsey and Cazorla scored. Ok, Cazorla is out but no reason why Giroud can’t come out to play.

    He seems to play really well against the Citizens and has their number… I hope it’s the free scoring Olivier that turns up and not the grimacing one.

    I hate the grimacing one.

    Will Wenger put Theo up top and play Giroud as a super sub? The combo seem to work well, and he just might you know, especially with Kompany as the CB… he’ll find Walcott’s pace difficult to deal with…

    Whatever the line up it will be very very interesting.