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So, Pothole-gate turned into pure banter… shortly after my blog, I walked out to get a sandwich. Bad idea. My ankle blew up worse than Chelsea’s season.

Then I went to a doctors where they ruthlessly refused me because my insurance company didn’t have my medical deets… then I learnt you need to carry a medical card with you.

BUT. Good news. I didn’t break anything. I’ve just torn ligaments. I feel so like Aaron Ramsey or Danny Welbeck right now. Which is so freaking cool.

I also didn’t realise that the more things the test you for, the more money they make. I had blood tests, prostate things… I mean, I walked away with a mobility scooter, two pairs of crutches and some pretty sweet painkillers I think the kids use at parties for things that aren’t pain. I actually said to the lady, hey, I don’t want these because I see that movie stars get addicted…

‘It is true, you are 4x more likely to get addicted’

That’s how she left it.

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s talk about football. Because that’s more important.

Stan Kroenke vs St Louis is fully swinging into action. What’s remotely interesting is my one main client over here is the part funding the deal (get me dem’ tickets please). It’s also quite interesting reading the fight on both sides. St Louis want a football team in their city. Parts of the City think the money could be better spent on infrastructure.

… Stan wants California because the only obsession he has in life is money, not winning.

It’s also interesting reading the arguments about giving billionaires subsidies for stadiums. Apparently Barack Obama is getting frustrated at all the stadium builds as well.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens there. If Stan moves to Cali, does he keep Arsenal? Does he use the cash we have in the bank to help borrow more money?

I think the overall depressing message is that he’ll never invest in us. He’s just like the foreigners putting money into property in London and leaving the places empty.

Still, by hook or crook, we’re in it this year. So let’s enjoy it. I guess the other flip side of Wenger leaving is that if we make a fucking terrible managerial decision, I have my doubts over us giving a manager 200m every transfer window like they have been at United.

Ivan needs to nail down his man first time.

Talking of nailing down talent. We’re supposedly looking at bringing in Leicester number two and head of recruitment, Steve Walsh. Again, a sign of the times that we’re moving for people doing great things at their clubs. This is a guy who has worked with Newcastle and Chelsea… and he has Leicester top with some exceptional signings. Put the best people in the role. Don’t take risks. Not when you’re Arsenal.

There’s a bunch of talk about Javier Hernandez coming to Arsenal. A good player that you always felt had a bit of a duff time at United for one reason of the other… a bit like Forlan. Anyway, he’s found his feet in Levurkusen and he’s banging in goals for fun and picking up player of the month accolades. He’s another example of Louis Van Gaal’s ineptitude. A bit like Mourinho shipping about KDB, Schurlle, Lukaku and Mata.

I don’t see us picking up a star signing from a German club straight after he’s left. Though he has a lot of the elements we’d look for in a forward player. Great pace, good finishing and a lot of hunger and desire to do great things.

Good news for Arsene Wenger. He’s now the second highest paid manager in the world behind Pep Guardiola. When you read things like that, and look at the return of those two names, you wonder why he’d ever retire. We might crow over Chelsea and their managerial mess, but look at that trophy cupboard.

Stability hasn’t exactly paid dividends for us trophy wise… still, reference the earlier story about Kroenke. We’re not really in the trophy game at Arsenal. It’s kind of secondary to cash in the bank / asset appreciation.

Some great banter going around about Chelsea and Mourinho. According to rumours, Cesc and Hazard pushed hardest to see the back of Jose. HILARIOUS. Cesc, what a little traitor…

Arsene Wenger, waxing some of dat lyrical over Ozil…

“Ozil is the main provider in our team and in the league.

“Players who can make you score are very difficult to find and have something special on the vision front and on the technical quality. That is what Mesut is about. But he is also about, and people forget this many times, in his way an exceptional fighter.

“He runs much more and covers the distances during the game. He has added runs into the box now.

“You watch how many times he’s in the box compared to what he did before. I think he has become an absolutely unbelievable player.”

YOU GOTTA LOVE THAT. One thing we can’t deny here is that Arsene really has transformed Ozil from a meek little boy into a powerhouse of a player. The best transformation since, who, Robin Van Persie or Aaron Ramsey? Great work there. You can’t knock it.

Right, you got your 800 or so words. Now off with you. Have a great Saturday night you slags.


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  1. Wallace


    “Wenger is nowhere regarded as a great tactical mind, save among know-nothing AKBs. ”

    van Gaal & Pellegrini can both usually be counted on to say complimentary things about an Arsenal side under Wenger. admittedly neither can hold a candle to you when it comes to really taking apart and analysing a game, but both still carry a little weight within the game.

  2. Bamford10


    “I’ll back Giroud to score more goals for the season all day long and at the end of the day that’s what they are there for.”

    Silly argument. The q is how Giroud would be doing in this Liverpool team, and how Benteke would be doing if he were at Arsenal.

    Your comparison above is comparing apples to oranges.

  3. daz

    Bamford why say “three times” when simply saying “better” will do, by saying three times to me that is suggesting that there is a vast difference between the two which from you I would guess is what you actually mean so I disagree, he’s better yes but not by such a huge margin

  4. Bamford10


    Would you mind finding us a quote where LVG or Pellegrini have spoken highly of Wenger’s tactical nous explicitly? Not generic “Arsenal are a well-organized side,” but explicit praise for Wenger? I would love to see this.

    Further, could you track down a few examples of where other football experts/observers say something similar of Wenger?

    You won’t find any, because almost no one thinks this — and for good reason.

  5. underrated Coq

    ” And he plays with players better than Liverpool’s with the Belgian National Team and has never looked out of place. ”

    I don’t honestly care about how players perform for national teams as I feel their club form is a better representation of their true levels. Why? Because they spend more time with club temamates, play more games with better frequency with club teammates. Look no further than Messi and Aguero.

    ” You simply don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    Oh but I do. I’m talking facts based on what Benteke’s actually doing on the field. You, you are talking hypothetically and theoretically.

    ” Definitely a better CF than Giroud. ”

    Lol, on what basis? Giroud’s been consistently scoring a respectable number of goals for years now. You are the champion of just putting statements out there with absolutely nothing factual to back it up.

  6. Bamford10


    Because there is a vast difference between the two. “Three times” is another way of saying “vast difference”.

  7. Dissenter

    “No way Mahrez and Vardy wont dip in form at some point and expect teams like city to go on an extended run.”

    You’re overreaching my man.
    It’s hard for any team to defend against two hot strikers. That’s why they are so dangerous. You negate one and then make it easier for the other.
    The chances of both dropping off at the same time are low.
    Besides, they have Kramiric their record signing who cannot get a game. He looked decent last season but cannot get a game at the moment.

  8. London Gunner


    No offence but you are fooling yourself wanting to believe in fairytale and fantasies. I will remind you of what you said in may,

    “That’s a very condescending view point.”

    No it’s an accurate and truthful point. In the history of the premier league a team like Leicester has never won the league, The last time a team other than man united, city, chelsea or arsenal won the league was blackburn in 1994 and they were no Leicester at the time.

    Over the years we have consistently have had smaller teams leading the league at various points sometimes in to Christmas. The main trend is they always fall off the pace eventually.

    Leicester just because they have a couple players on the bench doesn’t mean they have depth. City have depth.

    Leicester are also likely to be a victim of their own success as soon as teams start parking the bus against them and treating them with caution the goals will dry up.

    Leicester defence is also to weak and vulnerable to win the league. They are conceding 1.5 goals a game. This is so far been countered by the fact they are scoring 2.2 goals a game, but this can’t be kept up.

  9. Wallace

    “We are happy but I think Arsenal can come back from a defeat,” the United boss said. “They have shown that a lot of times.

    “Arsenal are technically and tactically the best team in the league. Nevertheless, they haven’t won so much, so you have to look for that improvement with that team.”

    – LVG (Oct 2nd 2015)

  10. Bamford10


    “Oh but I do.”

    No you don’t. Your lame assertion that Benteke’s problem is that he’s now playing with higher level players could only be made by someone who isn’t/wasn’t aware that Benteke has been playing with better players than Liverpool’s — some of the most technical players in the world, mind you — FOR YEARS now (with Belgium). He has never looked out of place with the Belgian NT.

    You’re just guessing, and you know less than you imagine.

  11. Bamford10


    One, that’s not about Wenger explicitly. Two, that’s LVG, who is showing the world at moment that he may be as past-it as Wenger is.

  12. jwl

    underrated Coq/daz

    Disagree with both of you’s. Hard to score goals in premier league, if you can score goals regularly for middling teams, you sure as shit can score goals for elite teams. Either managers are at fault or team should not have bought them in first place if their styles of play are not compatible, neither of which is players fault.

  13. London Gunner


    “You’re overreaching my man.”

    No your overreaching by ludicrously exerting Leicester FC will be champions.

    West Ham, West Brom and Southampton have all lead the league and all fallen by the way side, In fact their are probably many more examples of smaller teams having a purple patch period then declining later in the season.

    “Besides, they have Kramiric their record signing who cannot get a game. He looked decent last season but cannot get a game at the moment.

    Because they have some bloke called Kramiric they will win the league? Seriously?

  14. underrated Coq

    “The q is how Giroud would be doing in this Liverpool team, and how Benteke would be doing if he were at Arsenal.”

    See, this is what I mean. Absolute bonkers. Why not compare how Giroud’s done at Arsenal to how Benteke’s doing at Liverpool. No need for hypothetical nonsense there, you actually have the proof. Or are you saying Liverpool have better, more technical players than Arsenal so its tougher for Benteke to adapt ( LOL)?

  15. Dissenter

    We’ll have to wait and see.
    Even Wenger is not ruling out Leicester. They’ve dispatched a lot of good teams and have a range of options at the front.
    Right now, they have a BETTER range of bench options that Arsenal (when you consider our injuries).
    Has this been Leicester with a young English manager, I wouldn’t disagree. It’s just that Ranieri has been around. (not won much I agree). He can keep them grounded.

    Obviously if they qualify for Europe then they might be struggling to avoid relegation next season.
    This season, they might be able to ride the momentum if they stay healthy.

  16. Bamford10


    Wait, so do you rate Giroud? Is Giroud a better striker than Benteke? If you were to rate Giroud on a scale of 100, what would you rate him? Benteke? Which CFs would you rate highest? What would their ratings be? Pray tell.

  17. daz


    And that’s what I disagree with I don’t feel there is a vast difference which is why I questioned “three times” so don’t understand why you then said its just an expression not literally when clearly you do feel he is that much better.

    As for benteke I’ll take Giroud to perform better at the Euros if that’s a fair way to judge for you?

  18. jwl

    London Gunner

    I really dont expect Leicester to be league champs at end of season but Suarez took ‘pool to second and Vardy/Mahrez combined are at least equal to Suarez.

  19. Redtruth


    Bullshit…the pressure is totally different playing fot a top team.

    Players who play for lower teams are taken more lightly thus giving them greater opportunity to find space and scoregoals.

  20. daniel

    @ bamford ighalo and vardy have scored goals at a more inferior midfield.
    So enough of your what ifs to justify your point of benteke being better

  21. Bamford10


    Great. You don’t think there is a vast difference b/t Guardiola — the best tactical mind in the world, to most observers — and Wenger, someone whose tactical nous is not only not rated by most observers but is often derided.

    Good to know. Let’s just agree to disagree.

  22. Bamford10


    “As for benteke I’ll take Giroud to perform better at the Euros if that’s a fair way to judge for you?”

    If they get similar playing time, sure. I’ll take that wager. But Lukaku may beat out Benteke for the starting spot, as he is playing better at moment. He’d beat out Giroud as well, btw.

  23. Wallace


    “One, that’s not about Wenger explicitly. Two, that’s LVG, who is showing the world at moment that he may be as past-it as Wenger is.”

    LVGs managed Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Man Utd & the Netherlands,..what’s your footballing CV like, Bamf?

  24. daz

    Bamford yes that’s fine with me, but to make clear I do think pep is better just not by the stretch your alluding to,

    Don’t you fancy benteke at the Euros?

  25. Bamford10


    Bad argument. It’s not about me. It’s about Wenger. And LVG. Still waiting for other praise of Wenger’s tactical nous. Good luck with that!

  26. naijagunner

    Bamford one minute u sound a little sane the next minute u sound plain mad…
    Your hatred for Wenger and Giroud renders your opinions and ratings of them null and void….u are prejudiced beyond reason when it comes to analyzing Wengers Arsenal hence no one takes u seriously unless they wanna make fun of u.

    Even Redtruth can’t bring himself to post some of the rubbish u come out with.

  27. Highbury4ever

    “If Leicester win the league what does that tell you about Wenger”

    Well, that would tell the same as if we win the league : manure, liverpool and chelscum are terrible this season, and city are inconsistent,

  28. underrated Coq

    Bamford, I love the way you completely ignored WE”s post showing Benteke’s numbers and several factual points I made in my own post. Instead you stubbornly continue to try and paint your own opinions as facts.


  29. Wallace


    ” and Vardy/Mahrez combined are at least equal to Suarez.”

    you got some kind of mathematical formula for working that shit out?

  30. Bamford10


    No, you’re thinking of my remark in August — which turned into a wager — that I wouldn’t be surprised if Martial replaced Giroud as France’s #2 CF.

  31. Bamford10


    I love how you make a point about Benteke struggling to adapt to better players, then say it “doesn’t count” when he plays with better players with his national team, because international football “doesn’t count”.

    In reality, you got it wrong. Whatever struggles Benteke is having at Liverpool, they are not on account of an inability to play with “better” players.

  32. daz

    “BT Sport pundit Steven Gerrard, has praised Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger as his side made it in to the last 16 of the Champions League, after a 3-0 victory against Olympiakos in Athens on Wednesday night.

    The Anfield legend believes Arsenal got their tactics spot on, and all the players stood up to the task and played for their manager.

    Based on last night’s performance Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger fully deserves all the praise he is getting.”

    Stevie G directly praised wengers tatics, that took 2 seconds to find bamford I can keep going if you like

  33. underrated Coq

    “if you can score goals regularly for middling teams, you sure as shit can score goals for elite teams”

    Yeah, I know that’s a popular line of view. ‘Oh, he’s doing very well alongside average players. Imagine how amazing he’d be alongside better players’. But this is rarely the case, is it not? More often than not, the exact opposite is what happens wherein the player’s limitations gets exposed and he fails to hit the heights he achieved in his previous club.

  34. Bamford10

    And before the Klopp-haters get started, this is down to the suspect and inadequate squad he has inherited at Liverpool, not him.

  35. Wengaball

    It’s funny how every fantasy of the anti Wenger brigade turns out to be just that.

    Presenting Juergen Klopp – the latest artifact in the case.

    The simple fact is some irrational hatred of Wenger has turned a lot of people blind.

    Accepting he is a good manager who has done possibly as well as anyone else could have under the given constraints won’t make you smaller. In fact having adjusted your perspective to match the facts you would have grown as a person.

    So, I say, give it a shot.

  36. Wallace


    “Whatever struggles Benteke is having at Liverpool, they are not on account of an inability to play with “better” players.”

    you say you’ve played the game to a decent level, but many of the things you come out with would suggest otherwise.

    is Benteke a smooth cog in the Belgian side?

    good players pass the ball to other good players(see Cazorla & Ozil). if Coutinho & Firmino are on another plane to Benteke when it comes to game intelligence it would make sense that Klopp would leave him out.

  37. Bamford10


    That’s not praise of Wenger’s tactical mind. That’s praise of Arsenal’s approach in a single game — against Olympiakos, ffs, a team he previously lost to AT HOME.

    Keep trying.

    But again, you’re not going to find anything, because Wenger is simply not respected in this regard. You seem to be the only person here who doesn’t know this.

  38. Bamford10


    The fantasy and irrationality is on your part, as you somehow imagine that today’s Liverpool result says something about Klopp rather than about the team he has inherited. Today says nothing about Klopp.

    Let’s see where things stand when he has had some time to bring in better players.

  39. naijagunner

    @Wengerball…..ur last post was spot on.

    Some posters on here also sighted monk,Rodgers and Martinez as great coaches who would have achieved more than Wenger yet they never have

  40. Loyika

    Guys just ignore Bam.

    When someone uses a term like “Football Gods” as a means to give Klopp a get out of jail clause, then i stop listening to them.

    As for the lwague? Arsene has no excuse to not win the league this year. If he just does what is necessary and tries not to be so “smart ass” then the league is ours for the taking – No Gung Ho appraoch against Citeh, being proactive in Jan, managing players injuries and so on and we can see this out. We will never get another better chance than this.

    HE MUST KNOW THIS!! If not someone shoould pull him aside and tell him. No need for any fancy pronciples or ideology, just go out and WIN THE DAMN THING!!!

  41. Bamford10


    The only person making an ass of himself is you, mate. Not only is Wenger’s tactical ineptitude the consensus here on Le Grove, you will be no more successful than Daz or Wallace in finding support for Wenger’s tactical nous among the world-s top experts, pundits and observers. Why? Because few people think this is a strength of his.

    You’re the clueless one, mate.

  42. Bamford10


    Another person who finds reading comprehension difficult. When I spoke of “football gods,” I meant only “chance,” which I assume you acknowledge plays a part in football.

    Or does “chance” not play a role in a football season?

  43. Bamford10


    Injuries, depletion, fatigue.

    But when he beat Bayern for the league title — winning the Bunde double — and made it to the CL Final on a smaller budget than Wenger, those were his players too.

    Talk to me when Wenger accomplishes something comparable.

    (And no, what he managed to do a decade ago isn’t comparable. Different era, different circumstances.)

  44. Wallace


    “you will be no more successful than Daz or Wallace in finding support for Wenger’s tactical nous among the world-s top experts,”

    we’ve already quoted van Gaal & Gerrard praising his tactical acumen. do you not acknowledge posts that counter your take on things?

  45. Loyika

    So if Wenger is not a tactical genius will you live longer than you are supposed to in this earth? Is Pep more of a tactical genius than LVG? Than Jose? I guess he is better than Klopp and Luis En? But i doubt anyone at Barca gives a shit whether Pep is your new found god!! Check out what the Bayern Chairman said that Bayern will survive without Pep, why didn’t they start crying for him to stay there forever!?

  46. daz


    Ah I never said it was one of his strengths far from it but you don’t win multiple trophies over a career without a good level of tactical knowledge, your trying to make out he is comparable to Tim Sherwood in that regard is OTT in the extreme. Wenger simply wants the team to express themselves on the pitch and doesn’t go for a rigid setup most the time but that’s out of choice not inability

  47. naijagunner

    No Bamford….u are plain crazy and it’s a pity. Any human who finds it difficult to accept when he is wrong needs help….u are too proud to accept ur mistakes, hating a man u have never met beyond all logic…u are certifiable

  48. Bamford10


    All I ever said re Schneiderlin is that he was/is a better all-around CDM than Coquelin. Many here agree/d with that sentiment, as does the French National Team coaching staff.

    And many think LVG has been wrong to go with Carrick and Schweinsteiger’s older legs — these are the legs we ran circles around, after all — rather than Schneiderlin’s younger ones.

  49. Joe

    Wenger is no longer a good manager. He’s an average manager

    Would of loved to see he long he lasted at Arsenal without the best back 5 in Europe and db10

  50. naijagunner

    Wish I could say the same of all the rubbish u have written here today
    All of a sudden Watford have better players than Liverpool so its acceptable they loose 3-0

  51. Loyika

    See what i am saying, listing out excuses for anotger Managet!?

    The point is Bam, there will always be people better than others, what everyone points out is that you always relate everythong to how better everyone is to Arsenal and the Arsenal management.

    I can imagine how you future wife (male or female!?) will feel living with someone like you, always looking at the other women and pointing out whatever they are doing far better than her, and how she is not worth your preaence and how some of your neighbours agree with you.

    We get it, everyone is better than Arsene Wenger in your opinion! Move on.

  52. daz

    “Would of loved to see he long he lasted at Arsenal without the best back 5 in Europe and db10”

    Major exaggeration, but it is you joe

  53. Highbury4ever

    “hating a man u have never met beyond all logic”

    I’m sorry but I hate ferguson, Maureen, van pussy, evra, cesc, and yet I’ve never met them lol

  54. Relieable Sauce

    Lol, Liverpool host Leicester next.

    I’m going to enjoy Christmas this year.

    Arsenal v Man City

    Liverpool v Leicester
    Man City v Sunderland
    Tottenham v Norwhich
    Southamton v Arsenal

    Watford v Tottenham
    Arsenal v Bournemouth

    Leicester v Man City

    Arsenal v Newcastle
    Leicester v Bournemouth
    Watford v Man City

    Everton v Tottenham

  55. Wallace


    “Would of loved to see he long he lasted at Arsenal without the best back 5 in Europe and db10”

    I think most consider the second side he put together a few years later his best. the one without any of your back 5.

  56. Loyika

    Sorry for the typos everyone. Just that this Bamford guy comes across as a real “Tool!”

    And to borrow a favourite line of your’s; ” a lot of people agree with me!”

  57. Rambo Ramsey

    “Would of loved to see he long he lasted at Arsenal without the best back 5 in Europe and db10”

    what utter tripe. You can make similar cases for every manager there is.

    would’ve loved to see how Mourinho would have fared if not for all that money spending.

    would’ve loved to see Guardiola’s achievements were it not for Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and others who were there before he became manager.

    would’ve loved to see how Fergie would’ve laid foundations of dominance if it were not for that legendary class of 92

    etc etc

  58. daz

    That’s enough of the good fight for one day.Happy Sunday to all, even to those with whom I disagree.

    Good fight lol 😉

    And to borrow a favourite line of your’s; ” a lot of people agree with me!”

    He has got you with that one ha

  59. Highbury4ever

    “would’ve loved to see Guardiola’s achievements were it not for Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and others who were there before he became manager.”

    Spot on.
    Talented manager and tactician, but ZERO balls.

  60. tunnygriffboy

    Not confident about tomorrow. Too many injuries again. Ramsey/Flamini axis. Ramsey bombs forward with Flamini having to patrol the serengetti. Not up to it. Would take a draw now. Disappointed if we lose but the title won’t be won or lost whatever happens tomorrow. A win would be great though

    Always shown interest in M’Vila and Capoue. How we could do with one now. We have to buy asap in January.

    Pep with that man city squad and £100 million. Bloody hell !

  61. daz


    I’m not going to start this one again already gone over it with you

    But how long do you think Adams would have lasted before he was found pissed up in a gutter somewhere if not for Wenger

  62. Loyika

    Would have loved to see what Bredan Rogers would have done without Suarez? What Maurocio P would have done with out the Youth side groomed by Tim Sherwood at Spurs? Has Pep done better with Jupp Hen’ Bayern team?

    Why is Martinez not doing better than what Moyes had done? So Claudio should just hand over his salary Nigel Pearson!?

    I wonder how some people think? Anything just to discredit someone that has helped build the Araenal brand. We all know he ahould hang up his boots (sooner rather than later) but this need to ridicule his achievements is just so sad.

    This guy has been our Manager for 19 years and yet some feel he is only better than Adolf Hitler!? I just don’t understand it.

  63. Brooklyn

    Szczesney kept clean sheet…Dezeko still can’t score even if his life depended on it, and got red for mouthing ref….Klopp’s counter pressing isn’t working now because EPL mid-table or lower teams don’t find it compulsory to play the ball on ground from back and he doesn’t have tactics to break down tight defensive units…..Klopp wouldn’t have suited at current Arsenal squad with Ozil being undroppable means his counter-pressing wouldn’t have worked…..Juve continue their ressurection….Bamford is back after few days of sensible posts….I thought Bamford being sensible was because of me starting to post here but lol….Will watch Malaga vs Atletico to see Griezmann for 2nd time this season…and Inter vs Lazio….Real were pants but Vallecano went down to 10 men within first 15 mins and now Real lead 4-2 after being 2-1 down…..Heart still racing in anticipation of tomorrow’s match.

  64. Loyika

    Good job Bam.

    If you are ever out of work give me a buzz! I could do with an extra hand in editing my presentations.

    The pay is good! ( and I promise, no mention of the name you love to hate in any conversations/ correpondences between us)

  65. gonsterous

    Leicester won’t win the league but may get champions league football next season.. only half way into the season atm…

  66. alexanderhenry

    On the Giroud vs Benteke date, neither are top draw in my opinion but they’re both decent. What’s more important is the fact that liverpool paid £32 million for bent eke and we paid £12 million for giroud- peanuts for a striker. For that money giroud’s been bloody brilliant. His performance in olympiakos has effectively paid back his transfer cost in of itself. Could and should we have a better striker than giroud? Yes, but the club have to cough up the cash. It’s that simple,
    In other news, the wheels have fallen off ‘master tactician’ Jurgen Klopp’s liverpool already. That’s because the players aren’t good enough. How would ‘master tactician’ , pep guardiola fare with liverpool’s squad? Well, he wouldn’t be winning titles and champions leagues.

  67. Emiratesstroller

    The days when Arsenal will roll over when clubs like Real, Barcelona and Man
    City will come calling are over.

    We have seen last summer just how difficult it is for mega clubs to buy players even when they are at smaller English clubs. Everton’s refusal to sell Stones was an example.

    The fact is that Sanchez is under contract with us until 2018 and he is a lynchpin in our side. Arsenal and Wenger made it very clear two years ago that our
    players would not be sold in future to Man City.

    Let’s face it Arsenal do not need money. We have enough sitting already in the
    bank with also a growing commercial and tv portfolio as well.

    What Arsenal need to show is that we have the ambition to improve our squad, win trophies and to pay our top players well.

  68. Loyika

    Bamford and everyoneelse should check out Jonathan Wilson’s piece in the Guardian on Pep.

    A far more interesting (and objective) analysis of Pep G with no allusions to “Football gods” and such rubbish.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game. Sometimes i think we will win and then i think we will lose? Right now i would take a draw. But heck, we are playing at the “Em” we should get into them the same way we got at United, anything less would be shameful.

    This EPL title is just so crying for us to get the basics right. Can AW do it? Only time will tell.

  69. Nasri's Mouth

    Despite the fact that his league form is worse than Rodgers, it’s too early to judge Klopp one way or the other really. (though I thought he’d get a bit more of an instant reaction from the players)

    Wait until he’s had a pre-season and the possibility to sign 2/3 players for the first team, then watch how he does during the season.

    What is a little weird, is that given that Rodgers was clearly on his way out from the summer, why did the board agree the signing of Benteke, a player Klopp doesn’t seem to rate at all.

    Liverpool could have done that better

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    daz: But how long do you think Adams would have lasted before he was found pissed up in a gutter somewhere if not for Wenger

    I kinda miss the drunk Adams though…

    The sober one is bloody dull

  71. tunnygriffboy

    Giroud is a better , more rounded player than Benteke. Benteke is quicker than Giroud and that’s it. Giroud has a better first touch, is much much better in combination play and is equal in the air

    On top of that Giroud has a much better football brain than Benteke and his movement is better in and around the box

    Klopp has a very similar record to Rodgers this season. Liverpool fans convincedthey were winning the title after the milk cup result.

    Man city have the best squad in the league going forward. With Pep and a gazzillion pounds they’ll be hard for anyone to get near. We have the second best squad going forward. We’d be in an even better position going forward had we bought in the summer.

    Worried about the Christmas fixtures with only Flamini/Ramsey available to play CM. Can see Chambers playing one of the games. Gulp ! ! ! ! They’ll both be under huge pressure physicall playing 4 games in 10 games. Ramsey runs 10km+ every game. He’ll need a rest. Wilshere can give him a ooops. Sorry

    He’s already talking about Ozil for a game over Christmas which is sensible.

    We have to buy a midfielder in January. We’re replacing Flameta and Rosicky inthe summer. Start now. Also i can see a forward coming in but i don’t want a fill in and perhaps wait for a WC player. Welbeck is obviously a worry for the manager. I think he would have been an important cog in our squad this year. Starting certain games for his pace or simply rotation and being able to play across the front three. Also his pace as a sub would have been useful.

    If we are within 5 points of the top at the end of February with players coming back we have a chance of the title. Providing we buy someone decent on January the 1st.

  72. tunnygriffboy


    Spot on mate. We have to show the likes of Alexis and Ozil that we are ambitious. We could have done that in the summer. We need to do it in January because they’ll know how stretched the squad is atm

    In the summer sign a marquee player and a couple of other very good players. Slap a contract with a nice pay rise in front of them and tell them we’re going for it.

  73. Joe


    What about his 3/4/5/6/7/8th or whatever team we are on now? He doesn’t seem to be winning so much without DB 10 and the some one left over

  74. daz

    Who’s to say ancelotti couldn’t of stopped Adams from pinting as he was the other name being thrown around to manage us.

    Joe don’t know where you heard that, more like Venables

  75. Brooklyn

    Klopp is good manager, but he can’t take this Liverpool squad to top 4, but I think Wenga can(just because that’s Wenga thing)….and on Benteke and Giroud, league game shows Giroud is without doubt better player….and on that Bamford’s statement that Benteke has shown with Belgium that he can play with technical players too, one word from me LOL. Why??? because if Belgium used Fellaini in place of Benteke and in similar role then he will have similar output. Bamford, I don’t know if you have seen Belgium play with Benteke as striker.
    Benteke is in the team because they didn’t have half decent replacement available until now.
    And I remember your Giroud not being France 2nd choice striker in Euros that shows how stubborn and arrogant you are….why because Giroud is the only one with any sort of physical stature in France forward line. So, even if Martial surpass him in France national team pecking order then he will automatically be France 1st choice wing forward or if Benzema is ineligible then 1st choice forward keeping Giroud as 1st or atleast 2nd choice CF.
    Also, more I see of Martial more I am convinced he is Wing Forward rather then CF. He will have to change his mentality tremenduosly to be better CF then better wing forward.

  76. ranxzy

    Klopp doesn’t fancy Benteke very much

    “Maybe it was not the best decision, I don’t know. Today I decided not to start with Christian. It is up to the player to change this.”

    Must be something to do with baghing only one goal in his last 5 apps.

  77. Sukky

    Brooklyn, well said. Benteke and Giroud? Is that even an argument. The only thing keeping Giroud away from being WC is pace. He could have been one hell of a striker. Bamford10? I respected him until he said man city iheanacho is better than what Giroud is and what he will be.

  78. Dissenter

    Bamford did say that Iheanacho, a budding starlet is better than Giroud, a tested French international.

    That’s one of the most bizarre statements in Legrove’s history.

    It’s as bad as a fella called Revving Kev testifying to Kim Kallstron’s brilliance because his wife is Sweedish (or something like that)

    Iheanacho has not even done the U-20 World Cup yet.

  79. Dissenter

    This might be one of the seasons where all three newly promoted teams stay up.
    Norwich are the only ones that look shaky, Watford and Bournemouth look like they will get the vaunted 40 points by March.

  80. somerandomperson

    Overall managers are overrated except Alex Ferguson . Klopp was way too overrated , but that is le grove tradition to over rate managers every year and they disappear into oblivion.

    Not too worried about Guardiola the worst case scenario for us will be 3-4 which is where we are. Guardiola probably matches up to Fergie , not much will change compared to a couple of years before.