Pep Guardiola adds us to HIS list

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I was crossing the road minding my own business this morning and I rolled my ankle hard in a pothole. It cracked. It hurt so bad I nearly didn’t make it to the other side of the road. To make matters worse, there was a bevy of Tribeca model looking girls on the other side…

‘Do you want ice’

‘DO I WANT ICE. I want that pot hole to open up and swallow me. Now leave me be to style this out like a real man.’

Anyway, I can’t walk now. I can’t walk and I live in a country that laces coffee with cheese. I’m gonna be so fat.

Anyway, ARSENAL.

We’re in a league with no Mourinho. Sad times. He was the best of banter. The managerial merry go round looks interesting. Apparently United are considering chopping out Van Gaal. The players there don’t like him or his drab style of football. They’re also not fans of the one way comms style he has.

So it’s rumoured that they might not let him have another 200m in January. Which really, they shouldn’t be doing anyway. He’s always been a disaster. That’s what’s great about modern football, you can’t be a dinosaur and win these days.

It’d be interesting if United went in for Mourinho. Would they risk another horror show at the club? Would they risk another manager damaging their brand of football? I doubt it.

There’s talk in the Daily Mail that Guardiola might be on the Arsenal radar this summer. I’d love to think that sort of thing could happen, but my gut feel is that Wenger will go on forever. That said, I think he’s quite aware that the end has to come at some point… I guess his fear is what happens after he finishes? Will it kill him? Will he miss the adrenaline? Is he capable of the quiet life? I mean, this is a man in his mid sixties picking up models in their forties.

Doesn’t seem like the sort of bloke who is eyeing up a pair of slippers and whatever the French equivalent is of a pipe?

Still, this season has plenty to go. I hope that Wenger wants to one last trophy hurrah, then curtains. That’d be a great way to go.

You know what would be even more great? Arsenal beating City on Monday.

Wenger is talking with caution when it comes to Sanchez suggesting it might be too early for him.

“There is a very slight chance for Sanchez to be in the squad again, but it is too early to be sure about it.

Give me a game without Sanchez… so I can have season with him. We can’t risk something more serious. A tear on a tear would be horrendous.

Right, I’m tapping out because my ankle feels like it’s going to explode.


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  1. Sam

    Deadline day deal

    James Milner loan from Liverpool n Alexandre Pato £10millions
    You guys will be refreshing your screen every 2 minutes hoping they pass medical

  2. Marc


    If the majority of other PL managers could do either a better job or perform as well why aren’t they. Wenger spends fuck all money after all.

    I am not happy with what Wenger is doing but I still get fucked off with the Wenger’s a cunt brigade. He got us through the stadium move, something that Liverpool and the Spud’s haven’t managed and brought us some of Arsenal’s greatest moments. It is time for him to go but the next manager will have much larger and better resources because of Wenger.

  3. TheBayingMob

    I remember how you lots reacted so desperately over demba ba. Lol!!
    Mourinho actually did arsenal a favour by stopping the deal”

    In hindsight, that’s absolutely spot on … but Ba had done enough at the Magpies to earn him a move to Cuntsea, it was a decent shout at the time. Where the fuck did he go anyway? He never played again as far as I can recall!

  4. Relieable Sauce

    If Pep is up for the challenge of the PL we should be throwing our hat in the ring without question.
    As events unfold over the coming months, it should at least shed a little light on the ambitions of the owner and the people running AFC.

  5. TheBayingMob

    Google informs me that Ba is now playing in China for Shanghai Greenland Shenhua

    He did go to Turkey for a bit though, he played for Besiktas, he played for them 44 times.

    He’s scored goals everywhere he’s gone, who knows how he would have turned out playing with Ozil. AS he never did join, then fuck him … we ended up getting Welbeck instead anyway!!!

  6. gary

    My cousin reckons it’s because of Wengers work that we’re even considering the top managers in world football lol .. I told him ifs more down to the board and the supporters

  7. daz

    Gary your cousin is right if not for Wenger we would have ended up with Venables then onto fat Sam or arry, pardew would have been given a crack even le groves favourite Owen coyle would have had a look in if only ay

  8. daz


    Exactly the point, nobody knew and we would have gone on the tried and tested British manager merry go round, arry, fat sam, coyle and would have won fuck all in 20 years let alone 10.

  9. Sam

    Tottenham tried everything, taking our ex manager, ex players. hired french coach, swiss, dutch etc……

    they still sh!t

  10. Sam

    Chelsea had a decade of fake success with their mob boss owner n loudmouth manager. lack of Class finally exposed them

    they just found out they still a sh!t club

  11. Dissenter

    Wenger just gave an emphatic “YES” when asked on Bein sports if he will be active in the January window.
    He stated that “we are short” and went on to say that there are too many key games in January.

    I expect that we have the deals already done and dusted. It will be very early activity on January 4th.

  12. Sandy

    As much as I would love Pep at the Emirates he will never come to a club with no ambition and that’s what Kronke and liar Gazidis are. Pep is too intelligent to get sucked into Kronkes bank balance strategy whereby we are used as fodder for his other businesses.
    Until this illegimate child and his lackey Gazidis are thrown out we will always be second class bridesmaids.
    I hate saying this but its painfully obvious , name me one American owner who improved any club in England.

  13. Emiratesstroller

    Much as I do wish that Wenger should move on I do think that there are far too many bloggers who have a tendency to belittle his achievements at the club.

    Let’s face it he is the most successful manager we have had since the era of
    Herbert Chapman and only Ferguson has outperformed him in the era of EPL.

    For all the lovers of Mourinho he has demonstrated this season just how toxic he is as a Manager and frankly someone who is incapable of handling the pressure when the wheels come off as they have done at Chelsea this season.

    The test of a really good manager is how he copes in a crisis and frankly it is
    clear to see that Wenger who has managed the club during a period when
    Arsenal’s spending power was severely restricted has coped better.

    Nevertheless the likelihood of Arsenal finding another manager who will replicate Wenger’s career at the club has gone as indeed the same is the case
    at Manchester United.

    Football is a highly stressful business and the expectations of the top clubs is
    completely different.

    Guardiola is a smart manager who understands this very well. He chose after
    4 years managing Barcelona to take time out of football to recharge his batteries before moving onto Bayern.

    The major difference between him and most other Managers and in particular Mourinho is that he leaves clubs after he has fulfilled his contract and on
    his terms. Most managers these days get the sack and that is particularly applicable to Mourinho.

    If Arsenal replace Wenger with an established proven Manager then Guardiola would be an obvious candidate.

    However, as I have said before my guess is that Arsenal are more likely to go
    after someone who has either got a similar culture to Wenger or has “Arsenal”
    in his blood either as someone who is or has been on the staff of the club.

  14. boy dio

    Disappointing that people still can’t see the good arsene has done for this club, and i want him out all the same and i can see this.
    we wouldn’t be able to compete with the Manchester’s and Chelsea as they are right now if not for the stadium move, and i can’t see any other manager who would have been able to keep the squad going by relying on hot prospects aside from fergie.
    So what if he’s not breaking the bank now, let it be, the next man in will have a lot more money to mount a serious challenge as arsene surely believes the squad as is (with the addition of petr cech) is capable of that.

    I speak to other clubs fans and they are jealous of our squad, unironically like giroud as a striker, think our depth in midfield is outrageous and consider the majority of arsenal fans to be whiners who will change their tune as soon as some wins are put together.
    They would also take arsene as manager in a heartbeat for working on a budget hampered by stadium loans.
    And i’m largely inclined to agree with them.
    Stop whining, the squad is there, it’s a good squad, the manager is there for better or for worse and he will be gone soon enough.
    There is great security in knowing there will be European football season after season, just ask a man utd supporter who has gone through moyes, a Liverpool supporter at any time, or a chelski supporter who banks on his team to win the champs league to hopefully get European football next season.

    There is no other manager that could get failed prospects to perform to the level arsene has gotten ours to, and there’s been plenty over the years, just look at the likes of denilson and chamakh.
    The simple fact we’re still mentioned in the same sentence as the cash injected clubs is a great credit to arsene, start recognising that cause money doesn’t fix problems if United are anything to go by and city’s constant underperforming in Europe can be used as an indicator, although they should do better this season, wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t though

  15. naijagunner

    If most managers in the Epl could do a better job than Wenger according to tipster I wonder why they aren’t actually doing it.
    A few months ago most on here were telling us how smart a manager Monk was just because he beat Wenger…well is currently unemployed..ditto Brendan Rodgers
    Martinez has one good season at Everton and is a messiah…didn’t even make the champs league…followed that up with a total nightmare and now is doing okay again

    Say whatever u want about Wenger but one thing u can never take away is his consistency in achieving what he does for the past 10 years even with the ever changing face of the league. Just see how a sudden jump in quality of the league leaves Jose in 16th place and unemployed and u will appreciate what he does.

    It might be boring to us fans but I know many of the top six teams who would happily trade places. Only the two Manchester teams and Chelsea have done better in recent times.

  16. Sam

    People claiming Guardiola is better than Wenger should speak to Cesc Fabregas

    and what a Fok has Guardiola done for football exactly? Both Barca n bayern already great clubs before n after Him. They won’t even miss him, will just replace him n move on

  17. Goldinho

    I’m having a tenner on remi garde as next manager,arsenes already picked him.
    Wenger has done great things for the club no doubt,but times move on and he hasn’t.
    Can’t see how anyone can argue with guardiolas record,so what if he’s a fucking mercenary,most people involved in top level football are nowadays.
    We have stood still as a club for far to long,and I couldn’t give a monkeys about what Liverpool,Everton Chelsea or any other shitcunt club is doing.
    We were sold the stadium move as it was going to put us into the elite.
    Scrapping top 4,2 fa cups and not getting past the last 16 in the cl is not elite.
    Could of done that at Highbury

  18. daz

    Flamini will make a few billion off this energy company he owns then he will buy arsenal and install himself as player/manager and he will play CF

  19. alexanderhenry

    Brilliant post on American owners. All the fans on here who think we’re going to get someone like guardiola in, and he’s going to spend all the money we have at the club are living in cloud cuckoo land. Arsenal fc is now part of KSE, a sports chain whose only notable feature is its lack of success.

  20. useroz

    Pedro, we feel for your ankle. Surely Wilshere can keep you company and offers a tip or two on the best way back to fitness…., or just give Diaby a quick call.

    Man city. Is a must win to demostrate we belong up there. All about setting the right tempo for the home run in 2H of the season.

    No Sanchez, not starting anyway.

    Ox not to start either. Too unreliable; does more damage than good if past performance is a guide.

  21. Dusty Kart

    Can’t believe some on here calling Guardiola a mercenary what do you think Wengers been doing here for the last twenty years? sucking the club dry that’s what !!
    Open your fucking eye’s !!

  22. Emiratesstroller


    Actually I don’t think that Guardiola was a big spender in transfer market or on wages.

    Both clubs he has managed spent mega bucks on “key players”, but their overall squads were fairly low cost compared to clubs like Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea.

  23. Bamford10

    Riyad Mahrez has directly contributed to more goals (18) than any other player in the Premier League this season (11 goals, 7 assists). – WhoScored

  24. Bamford10


    Alexanderhenry is a dead-ender. He thinks the reason Wenger only signed Cech this summer is because he wasn’t given more money to spend. Not joking.

  25. rollen

    Riyad Mahrez has directly contributed to more goals (18) than any other player in the Premier League this season (11 goals, 7 assists). – WhoScored

    If we had someone like Mahrez ,Vardy or any great forward Ozil would have 20 + assists + some goals

  26. rollen

    Can’t believe some on here calling Guardiola a mercenary what do you think Wengers been doing here for the last twenty years? sucking the club dry that’s what !!
    Open your fucking eye’s !!


    Wenger will be remember just like this guy from Auxerre only for longevity + maybe Invincibles. Guardiola among greatest ever!

  27. rollen

    December 19, 2015 10:01:10

    Flamini will make a few billion off this energy company he owns then he will buy arsenal and install himself as player/manager and he will play CF

    lol I would do just same!
    Just buy KDB ,Silva and Messi to assist me together with Ozil.

  28. alexanderhenry


    You’re right he didn’t spend that much. He did however, inherit one of the best squads in club football, including the greatest player of his generation in messi. He then moved to a club with a squad almost as good, playing in a league that offers little real competition. I’m not saying guardiola is not a great manager. I like him a lot, but you can’t compare his position with Wenger’s.

  29. MidwestGun

    All this talk of Wenger’s greatness and appreciating his legacy or protecting it. I don’t give a crap about all that. Maybe when he leaves.
    What I want is a manager who will give his all and do everything within his power to win in 4 competitions. Buying no outfield players with 3 known long term injuries and 3 serial crocks if not managed properly is not doing your best, especially when we have the cash to do so. Tired substitution patterns, and coming out unprepared and unmotivated against the likes of West Ham, Zagreb, West Brom and Norwich are not doing your best.

    Can’t wait til we have a manager that will give everything they have, then if they fail to win the League or CL. So be it.

    Bottom line –
    Imo, Pep is exactly that kind of manager that will leave no stone unturned. Wenger is not.

  30. Relieable Sauce

    Mourinhos only real option of a return to the PL looks to be MU. If they have already turned down Pep(!?!) and Ancellotti is joining BM, it would seem like a possible option.
    He has a lot of respect and time for Fergie, I think he would be a good influence and I could see it working well. Certainly would get the backing to make the big signings he wants.

  31. boy dio

    The thing about making all the necessary purchases is that to balance the books a trophy must be lifted when all is said and done, or else we go backwards trying to balance the books over the next season or two while other clubs move forward.
    Just let Arsene see out his time, it’s frustrating i know but any money he doesn’t spend is more money for the next man to spend.
    All that being said we are in a decent position in the league despite the injuries, the litmus test for our title aspirations is on Monday.
    We will know after that game if we have a genuine shot this season or if it’s the usual half season flash in the pan.

  32. Sam

    Wenger is like posh spice, great wife, enjoys family life n having kids with one man
    Guardiola is like Katie Price, a flipping heifer. Fake t!ts, fake lips, flirting with everyone. Can’t wait to dump her man for the next one

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    Relieable Sauce: Mourinhos only real option of a return to the PL looks to be MU. If they have already turned down Pep(!?!) and Ancellotti is joining BM, it would seem like a possible option.

    I think the turning down thing was a PR cock up really. They were probably trying to protect their already under-fire manager but it went wrong.

    ManU knocked back Mourinho last time because they thought that although he was an excellent coach, there were other aspects to him that meant they didn’t want to touch him with a bargepole. I can’t imagine this season has softened their view, although they might be more desperate now, esp. if Guardiola rocks up at ManC next season

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    boy dio: We will know after that game if we have a genuine shot this season or if it’s the usual half season flash in the pan.

    not really, it’s just one game. It wont prove much either way

  35. Joe


    Arsenal were a great club before Wenger you dunce. We’re were current cup winners cup champion.

    Known around the world.

    Wenger DID NOT make Arsenal you wankers.

  36. jwl

    Interested to see what happens at Chelsea today. Fans will want to boo their players for a little bit but you don’t to discourage your team too much and they end up losing to Sunderland.

    I wonder how the fans will react if players start playing to their proper level all of a sudden. Chavs are in big trouble, I saw math other day on what it will take for Chavs to even make top 4 now, I think they can loss two more games and one or two draws and they have to win the rest.

    I hate Monday evening games, they should switch from monday games to friday games, would be better atmosphere at ground.

  37. Joe

    We are a laughing stock in Europe because of Wenger. Haven’t won the league in 10 seasons because of Wenger.

    George graham had won 6 trophies in 8 season before Wenger including 2 pL with a one loss season. And a European trophy.

    Wenger has won 3 league titles in 20. So please don’t tell me Arsenal were some sort of bottom feeder poor team before Wenger came and he saved us from the ashes. We saved him!

    And he has never won Europe or the league for 10 seasons.

  38. Sam


    Guardiola also doesn’t like arsenal
    You all forgot how he disrespected Arsenal during Cesc
    Both Pep n Mourinho hate Arsenal with passion
    Not sure who gave you idea they’ll manage Arsenal one day

    With passion

  39. Bamford10

    Re-watching the doc, “Thierry Henry – Legend” and am struck by something Henry says about his first few months at Arsenal. Apparently his confidence was low and his performances in training and in matches were not all that impressive. He speaks of the stern words and treatment that were delivered to him throughout that time by Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Lee Dixon and Nigel Winterburn. Henry says:

    ‘At the beginning I wasn’t delivering … and the guys were letting me know what was needed to do to play for Arsenal, to play for our club … you know. I won’t go into details, but I’m sure you can imagine with the likes of Tony, Martin, Lee, Nigel what it was like in training sometimes.’

    Does the current Arsenal squad have voices like this? If so, who are they? Are there enough of said voices? I wonder. I think Mertesacker is such a voice. Cech now, I bet. I’d say Koscielny but he seems very quiet.

    No question you need these voices, as Wenger plays a very different role, seems a bit soft and avuncular, frankly.

  40. Relieable Sauce


    Yeah you could be right, but you never quite know with MU these days, whoever gets the job will have the budget to buy some of the worlds best players. Guardiola will be a huge draw attracting the top players, so I’m hoping theyll go with Giggs.

    John Cross claims Pep to AFC perhaps shouldnt be ruled out…

  41. Bamford10

    Ivanovic headed goal. 1-0, five minutes in. Odds that Chelsea manage to finish top eight? Top six? Top four? 😉

    Will be interesting to watch.

    We play them Jan. 24. Who will be favored? I won’t be surprised if they are at that point.

  42. Bamford10

    Chelsea are:
    – 9 points behind 8th place (West Ham)
    – 11 behind 6th (Palace)
    – 14 behind 4th (United)

    A lot of work to do, frankly, just to finish 8th, but I won’t be surprised if they manage it.

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    Relieable Sauce: John Cross claims Pep to AFC perhaps shouldnt be ruled out…

    Hope so.

    It’ll be so hard to know what’s true and what’s BS.

    If he has signed on at ManC, then Pellegrini’s job is going to get harder, so there might be a lot of smoke and mirrors to give him a chance

  44. Bamford10

    Chelsea fans still singing for Mourinho nonetheless. Clueless. Obviously don’t get what a prick he can be when things aren’t going his way.

  45. Goondawg

    “We play them Jan. 24. Who will be favored? I won’t be surprised if they are at that point.”


    Let’s not forget they are playing one of the worst teams in the premier league before we get ahead of ourselves

  46. Bamford10


    And playing well, in a completely different spirit. I’m not saying they’ll be favored, though they did already beat us this season. I’m just saying I won’t be surprised if they are the favorites on Jan. 24.

    We will see.

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    Sunderland are pretty terrible, but the difference in Chelsea’s play is tangible. The early goal no doubt helped though.

  48. Relieable Sauce


    It would help explain the baffling decision of not signing any senior outfield players in the summer.
    There also seem to be things happening behind the scenes that suggest we are thinking mid/long term. I remember hearing something recently that made me wonder if they are preparing for Wengers succession, cant recall what it was now : / but I thought it potentially significant.

    Still, I think its unlikely we are interested and we’d have little to no chance if MU were.