The managerial decision that COULD win Arsenal the league 🔴⚪️🏆

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When you worried failure will get on your clothes

When you worried failure will get on your clothes

We’ll start the afternoon off with the bad news.

Sergio Aguero is fit for a return against Arsenal.

Of course he is…

How about Alexis Sanchez?

I don’t know. There’s been some hot rumours that he’ll be available. That’ll be a massive bonus for us. It’ll almost counter the excitement City fans will have for their own miniature powerhouse returning to the fold!

I’m super excited about this match up. I think we’re really up against it. I think City will be a different level of opposition. An absolutely beatable level of competitor though.

I won’t go too deep into it now, maybe save it close to the time.

Thierry is excited too…

“It will be a massive one for the Premier League and I just want to see how Arsenal respond because I’m looking at the return fixtures and Arsenal have to go to Everton, Liverpool, Tottenham, United and City.

“They have all those fixtures so if you can get some points before against your rival for the title that is important, although of course Leicester are top and so you have to mention them.”

I think he’s right. We’ve had a pretty sweet introduction to the season. We’ve won some big games, like the United game at home… and we’ve shown some serious consistency, but we have some major teams to take care of next year on foreign soil.

A home win is imperative. We need to continue to break away from the pack. Leicester will fade at some point, they don’t have it in them to win the league. At best, they’ll finish 6th… because when the bad luck kicks in, it’ll be brutal for them.

That could leave Arsenal and City to bludgeon it out.

How massive would that be?

That’s why we need to make some moves in January. City have a much deeper squad than us and they also have much more experience of winning.

That said, we have winners. Per, Ozil, Sanchez and Cech are all big winners. We’ll need all of that strength of character to shine through if we’re going to pull of the big one on Monday.

In related news… seems like Pep Guardiola will make a decision next week.

“Next week there will be clarity.”

If the news is that he’ll be ‘doing one’… that could be great for us. Unless Ivan Gazidis has pulled of an audacious piece of ‘in with the new out with the old’ recruitment… it’s likely the Spaniard is off to coach… CITY.

That makes me really sad, but I guess it also excites me in a way. Why?

… because footballers are basic bitches.

If the City players know there’s a new man coming in next season, they’ll switch off. There’s a reason Ferguson dropped his resignation like a fire Beyonce album. Because if players know you’re off, your authority is challenged and players don’t care for the rollickings anymore.

So if Pep declares he’s off… and the City players suspect a rat, that could be really, really good for OUR title aspirations.

The one thing that does make me sad is that all the good coaches appear to be getting eaten up. No Klopp, Mourinho is obvs now a terrible coach who just got found out after 20 years, Guardiola to City… I mean, Carlo Ancelotti would be great, but I don’t know…

I reckon we’ll be looking at an internal solution in Steve Bould. Or we’ll go super curve ball.

I just hope we don’t go on the advice of Arsene Wenger. I really don’t think he’s best placed to recognise what you need in a modern manager. Look at poor old Remi. Feels like the time Wenger recommended Sanogo to Ajax. A dirty play.

Is Ivan best placed to bring in the right man? Who knows. But I’d like to think he has the experience to lean on people who could help him. So maybe we’ll take a chance on an upstart coach like Tuchel or Schmidt. Coaches doing good things for clubs on the periphery like Hecking, De Boer or Simeone.

Or maybe we just go all out for an Owen Coyle / Harry Redknapp combo.

Anyway. Let’s focus on the present. We have an Arsene Wenger back on top. Hopefully he can win the league this year and tap out.

We’ll see though.

ANYWAY. If you’re out on your Christmas do tonight, have a f*cking great night.

I’m out on my first one in New York.

I’m planning on drinking behind the curve. Don’t get swept up in the carnage… sit back and play it super cool. Keep opinions and jokes to one’s self. DO NOT DO THE SMEAGOL IMPRESSION. And remember, the real you is in London.

I’ll report back tomorrow about how cool it was to get fired 47 minutes into a party.



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  1. somerandomperson

    “Pep’s name is being thrown around, would be shocked if he went there tbh. Wouldn’t think that he’d be happy to work under Roman who has proved time and time again (today confirming it) that he has absolutely no patience for failure and that he doesn’t value longevity and continuity.”

    If you think about it Pep and Roman are perfect match.

    Pep takes on best squads in the league , Roman can certainly make it happen with his money.
    Pep is not a long termer again perfectly fine with Roman.
    Pep’s teams play beautiful football exactly what Roman wants.
    Pep is biggest name in the game again what Roman wants.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    @Mr B

    Agent Fabregas has paid his dues for his previous transgressions, but the cost to him has been too great, retirement is his best option

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    alexanderhenry: Good riddance to mourihno; a decent coach but considering he’s spent more than any other manager in the last ten years, nothing ‘special’.

    He’s an excellent ‘coach’, but his man management is terrible for anything other than short periods

  4. naijagunner

    Whatever Bamford…..whatever….u talk about Jose seing a therapist…u need to see one yourself.
    Because it’s a sign of an underlying mental issue supporting a team that annoys u so much…unless u are just here to troll and occasionally glorify City

  5. alexanderhenry

    Athletico Madrid’s triumph was a one off. 90 per cent of the time it’s barca or real. Why? Because they’ve got the best players that’s why. Same there, same here, same everywhere.

  6. Joe


    Considers Wengers the father of modern Arsenal because of a style of play. Witch is a myth and world wide supporters

    Where Jose has been the father of modern winning football. A winner everywhere he has gone.

    But yes. Do tell me about the lovely training ground Wenger built

  7. Joe

    Has more medals than Wenger could ever dream of winning in half the time.

    But Wenger will have “I’ve been at the same club for 20 years’ trophy. I’m sure Jose will be pissed

    Keep going naija

  8. alexanderhenry


    1. Because he wasn’t given enough money

    2. Because he wasn’t given enough money

    3. I don’t get annoyed when people point out that the squad isn’t good enough. I know it isn’t.

  9. Joe

    He had the money. Refused to spend it. This season isn’t a one off. He left 80m unspent. How much in previous seasons was left untouched by Wenger

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: He left 80m unspent. How much in previous seasons was left untouched by Wenger

    You do know it’s the SAME money from last season ?

    It doesn’t get thrown away if he doesn’t spend it ?

  11. Joe


    You don’t know how much he’s left untouched in previous seasons. You assume. although Ivan has been saying for years that money is available

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: This is entertainment. Jose is entertaining

    Hurray, you got something right at last!

    This is most definitely entertainment…

    …but then I’m not a Chelsea fan

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    JOe: You don’t know how much he’s left untouched in previous seasons.

    Didn’t you say you were a chartered accountant ?

    (I may be mixing you up with someone else on here)

  14. alexanderhenry

    ‘jose is entertaining’. ..Well his football certainly isn’t. How can you spend more than any other manager over ten years and play such dull football?

  15. Bamford10


    You’re clearly a dead-ender. Wenger has had plenty of money for some 4-5 years now — see public statements of club officials as well as some of our actual spending — and he most definitely had plenty of money at his disposal this past summer. You are simply lying to yourself and to Le Grove in order to defend your idol. Pointless to speak with someone like you.


    I may someday need therapy on account of the pain and suffering Wenger has put me through. (Mostly joking.) But one does not change one’s club because things aren’t going the way one would like. One criticizes and waits for things to improve. When Arsenal are someday great again, I will honestly be happier than anyone here — certainly happier than your ilk, people who are just as happy with mediocrity and bullshit explanations and excuses as they are with genuine greatness.

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: I may someday need therapy on account of the pain and suffering Wenger has put me through.

    Didn’t you say you starting supporting Arsenal in 2004 ?

  17. Joe


    We didn’t accumulate 200m in one summer when Wenger refused to spend so that tells me there have been other summers with money unspent

  18. Bamford10

    God I loved Eduardo. Short-lived, but he was sweet. I much prefer that 2007 team, despite its flaws, to this current one.

  19. jwl

    I wonder if Pep is short term coach like Mourihno but he’s just a nicer person who isn’t conspiracy minded.

    Fergie was mostly unique, managers who win constantly don’t last long at any one club – players tune them out or don’t put up with hard work ethic for too long – but with Mourihno, he seems to rub people the wrong way and makes enemies instead of friends.

  20. naijagunner

    Genuine greatness……God give me strength
    Pain he has put you through….it’s a football team ffs ….put your life I order and treat football as what is is..a hobby…even the players who make millions don’t care that much

    People of my ilk….Bamford sorry to say this but u are so full of sh*t

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Rugani links still, may be something in it, sheer volume and consistency of the stories, the fact that it doesn’t look as if Wenger is sold on either Gabriel and in particular Chambers either as well.

  22. Nasri's Mouth


    Then you should know that the accounts are published every season and that the amounts are easily visible, just as you should know that the £200m figure is a misnomer.

    Wenger has had money to spend but had he spent it 5 years ago, then he wouldn’t have it now.

    I know that’s massively basic and condescending, but your recent posts suggest you don’t understand that. I’m sure I’m misreading them

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Rugani links still

    We have very few CBs coming through the youths, and maybe Wenger sees Chambers as a CDM in the future.

    But it could also be that Rugani is annoyed that he’s sitting on his arse on the bench the whole time and he’s asked his agent to spread a rumour or 2

  24. Cesc Appeal



    I must admit I haven’t seen him play, but he won best CB in Serie A didn’t he? At the age of 20-21 as well.

    This must be Mert’s last season, if Wenger isn’t sold on Gabriel, and Chambers is far from making an impression or knocking on the first team door, might be Wenger sees a 6ft 4 extremely talented youngster as the answer whilst we still have another 2-3 seasons of Kozz at the top level.

    Again, speculation on youngsters like that, no problem at all. Will cost a fair amount, but would be a smart buy from Wenger I think, reading around about him, seems highly regarded.

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Unlike you I think Mert will get another season, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we’re looking at young replacements for the future. What will probably happen is that he’ll start getting games later on in the season, and we’ll never get near him 😀

  26. Cesc Appeal



    I don’t see how he can, I mean, I suppose if Wenger properly sorts out the central midfield he maybe could, but watching Mert try to run is actually painful, and certainly we need to really be phasing him out now, even if he’s going to be around next year we need to start making plans for the future there.

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    He works really well with Kos, (sum greater than the parts) and he’s not going to lose any pace :D. He’s playing well this season, and he’s given up international football, so I think he’ll continue for next season. He might not be a guaranteed starter though.

  28. alexanderhenry


    Whatever the propoganda at arsenal claims, Wenger spends what he is given, give or take a few million. All managers do this. Perhaps you’re one of those conspiracy theorists who believed that Wenger could have spent as much as he liked, but chose not to on principle. A preposterous idea, but then some people believe in fairies and the loch Ness monster. Believe what you like mate.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Surely Guardiola can say only one of three things next week, a) he’s signed an extension, b) he isn’t going to sign an extension, or c) he’s going to be managing Chelsea as of next season.

    There’s no way he can say anything specific involving a club like Arsenal, City, United or whoever with sitting managers.

    The press are expecting him to say he’s going to City, but surely the most he will say is after this season he will not be staying on at Munich, sort of like, feel free to make all the inferences you want.

  30. tunnygriffboy

    If Pep leaves Bayern I think it will be Manchester with Carlo heading to Bayern.

    Chelsea could find themselves in a predicament. Roman is not loosening the purse strings like he used to. He’s already ploughed 1 billion of his money into the club. Possibly no CL. Hazard and Oscar will be off. Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic and Cesc look as if their legs have or are going. They’ll have to do a bit of rebuilding methinks.

  31. Moray

    My joy at that twat Mourinho being sacked again is tempered somewhat by the thought of Simeone or Guardiola coming in.

    Still, a lot of rebuilding of that squad needing done. And I’m not sure how much appetite Abramovich has to keep pumping money in – there’s only so many Russian peasants one can fleece!