Will Wenger go for broke and risk the long term health of players tonight?

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We’re taking on a team whose owner is facing charges of being a dodgy bastard because he likes to strong-arm a result apparently, allegedly… please don’t bomb my bakery.

Anyway, it’s all about the mega result tonight.

I saw that one of the other publications stole our regular headline of ‘glorious failure.’

You have to say, it’s geared up for that. We’ve done well to beat Bayern. To be in the mix is heroic. For us to go out to a last minute four way deflected Frank Lampard special would be gloriously perfect.

‘Dang guys, if it weren’t for that deflection, we’d have most certainly won the damn thing.’

‘Gee whizz Damian, next year though, I feel the manager will crack it’

That’s how it goes.

We’re more than capable of going out there and getting a result.

The form guide looks good for us. Olympiacos have won 9 of their last ten. The main loss was a big spanking by Bayern. They’d only conceded 2 goals in 7 prior to that, but in their last 2 games, they’ve conceded 4 even though they won both games, one of them against Panathinaikos (in which they conceded 3).

So look, form wise, they’re doing well… but come on, it’s Greece and we know the owner has more than just a good team on his side.

Arsenal need to go out there and teach them a lesson. Show that good prevails over evil and that if you’re a shite team in the Champions League you’ll get found out.

My main worry is that we don’t have the right players available… and that the players we do have available are very rusty. Theo Walcott isn’t ready, Aaron Ramsey isn’t in form and Callum Chambers is going into his first game as a DM.

It’s either going to be the perfect blend, or it’ll look like the time I tried to introduce milk to a bloody mary.

… the big fear for most Gooners is this… if we don’t win, we’ll not be able to have bragging rights over United fans.

‘YO DICK HEAD, we have two more games than you in the Champions League. HA’

… was kind of the vibe I was going for.

I’m not hugely fussed about what happens this evening. My main concern is that we don’t break any more players. Our season is hanging by a thread squad wise. If we lose any more bodies, it’s going to be a horrible slog into January. We’re in a prime position to win the league. I don’t want it fucked because of a Champions League trophy we have next to zero chance of getting near.

… but we know Wenger puts the most emphasis on a trophy he’s proven time and time again he’s incapable of winning. Even with brilliant team, of which, you have to say, this certainly isn’t.

Much like Westminster, the club have slinked the Santi news out under the radar of a Champions League game. He’ll be out for a long time.

“We know now. It has happened already. It’s not the season. It is at least three months, maybe four.”

I don’t know the details here, but coming back from surgery at 31… in the Premier League? Doesn’t look good.

In other news, you can read about Debuchy crying that he’s not in the side. I think someone should remind him, ‘that’s because you’ve been terrible’, and that he’s paid all that money to be of use to us, and no one cares about his Euro 2016 dream.

Ok. I have slides to make. See you in paradise. x


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  1. WengerEagle

    Underrated Coq

    Somewhat agree.

    You’re definitely into something there, Martial is a good case in point. I really rate the guy but he has scored 2 goals in his last 15 or 16 matches, people are only starting to get on his back and now he scored vs Wolfsburg that should give him a bit of room to breathe.

    You only have to look at Depay or Firmino who have both had slow starts to their new clubs to see. Depay in particular is already being declared a flop and it will be difficult for him to turn this around.

    People always do catch on, especially with forwards as it’s as simple to most as whether they are scoring goals or not, Suarez fever has reached an all time high and he struggled for goals in his first 18 months in England.

    Same for Lewandowski, was average enough by his standards last season and has exploded this season getting all the acclaim that he deserves.

    For defenders in particular it is much tougher unless the team collectively is amassing lots of clean sheets.

  2. ArsenalNotArsene

    last 16 …get in there! get knocked out ..get in there!
    top 4 ,…get in there
    FA cup ..get in there

    7th richest club in the world ..get in there!
    manager of 20 years ..get in there!
    never won back to back titles…get in there!
    never won a European trophy..get in there!
    Lauded by the AKB…..get in there!
    most expensive tickets in football ..get in there!
    American owner who takes 3 million pounds out of the coffers ..get in there
    What a fucking despicable club it has become ..get in there!

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, we sort of put ourselves at a disadvantage every season from the off. We’ve got some decent player, but we need to start building a really strong, reliable strong if we’re going to have consistent success at the top level.

  4. Carts

    We pulled it off, against some odds. After our second loss I felt that we could go through on 9 points and we have. Missed the game last night but caught the highlights and we thoroughly deserved it.

    Going forward, we’ll more than likely get a big draw; best we could hope for is Zenit. But crazier things have happened.

    Next step is to strengthen our squad considerably. And make a sustained run at the title as that’s where our focus should be!

    lol @ Roma going through on 6 points.

  5. N5

    Hey Eagle. All good thanks mate. I’m working in a new department at work and they monitor all my internet access because of the nature of my work so it’s harder for me to sit on here daily!!

    How are you buddy?

  6. WengerEagle

    Javier Hernandez stats this season:

    19 apps (17 starts), 14 goals.

    Excluding the UCL qualifying play-offs where they were playing the piss-poor Brugge:

    Rooney- 18 apps (17 starts), 4 goals.
    Depay- 19 apps (14 starts), 3 goals.
    Martial- 18 apps (15 starts), 6 goals.

    Combined for a total of 13 goals.


  7. Louis Almeida

    Wenger in the media speaking about Ozil again. Said that he tried to sign him before he went to Real Madrid but Ozil called him and apologised saying he had chosen Madrid (also rejected Bayern at the time). But Wenger thinks that dialogue helped when he next wanted to sign Ozil.

    Also said that he will get back to scoring loads of goals like he did for Werder Bremen. Believes Madrid (Mourinho) changed his game too much to assist because if you go back to his Werder Bremen days he scored many goals, a lot with Messi-like dribbles or from outside the box.

    We’ll see.

  8. Mo

    “S Asoa December 10, 2015 13:04:30
    Could anybody live at the match look at involvement of Bould ?
    When Wenger is desperate and the players Le Imbecile hands it in to Bould . The tight defensive setup is the giveaway and Bould shouts out instructions from the dugout letting the Dictator take the credit so long as he sanctions his extension.
    Sad fact of potential bottled up in #arsenebottle
    The AKB go quack quack”

    You’ve never watched football have you?

  9. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, you should check out the best Ozil assists, they’ll blow your mind. There was one at Madrid where he did a backheel volley for Benzema to score, it was crazy. Since January he has been great. Even at Madrid I’m not sure if he was producing this consistently. Both him and Alexis are now 27. We need to get the best from them and give the best tools to them to achieve success.

    This is probably my favourite video of Ozil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRoZYlnWF80