Arsenal are playing a team whose owner has been accused of match fixing. Why, UEFA?

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If you thought doping was the only issue in European Football, you’d be very wrong.

Our opponents for tomorrow’s mega Champions League game; Olympiacos, are at the centre of some very real accusations that surround match fixing.

Head of UEFA Disciplinary dealings (LOL); Emilio Garcia, let Olympiacos into Europe’s premier competition, despite Marinakas (owner and President of Olympiacos) being formally accused of match fixing by a Greek magistrates (along with 33 others!).

It’s not like UEFA haven’t acted before. They dropped Fenerbache sharpish last year after they were accused of similar wrong doings (and were later prosecuted).

Mr Platini looks like he’s got more to answer for than simply taking a bonus payment 9 years late.

The whole setup in world football is rotten. When a FIFA referee is having his bakery bombed because he won’t play ball with match fixing, you really do worry what else is going on.

You also wonder why we’re in a situation where we have to play this game tomorrow? What’s to say the ref isn’t dodgy tomorrow? What’s to say some form of cheating won’t occur to blight us?

WE have no safeguards.

UEFA should be protecting the game from any suspicion. When players are on the record saying things like…

“It’s incredible what we encountered with referees at Panathinaikos.

“Once a ref told one of my team-mates: ‘If you don’t like the decisions tell your president to pay us.’ It was a game in which a penalty was not awarded in our favour.

“Daniel Pranjic went to the ref to complain and the ref, putting his hands to his mouth so no one else could hear said: ‘Tell your president to pay.’ We looked at each other and burst out laughing.

… you need to be sending a party of officials to shut the game down. Investigate what’s going on. Rip out the cancerous bits. Start again.

I can’t believe Arsenal’s chance of Champions League qualification rest on beating an allegedly corrupt team away from home.

Anyway, great journalism from Kastrinakis from The Sun. It’s truly shocking.

Jeremy Wilson reckons we’re in for a treat against the Greeks on Wednesday… Callum Chambers in the midfield. That’ll be exciting. A round peg in what could be a round hole. At least we know he’s a talented footballer. If he drops a killer performance, we could be looking at this seasons version of Francis Coquelin… if he f*cks up, we could be out of the Champions League.

No pressure. None at all.

I’m confident. He has a good frame, he’s fairly fast for that position and he’s good technically. I don’t think he’s looked good in defence. He’s played like a bit of a dunce at times, but he’s only young. Hopefully midfield will be more suited to him and hopefully he has the guts to own that position.

The same article suggests Arsenal are interested in loan solutions in January. You really have to wonder why. Surely we should be looking to fill the gap? There’s a major tournament next summer and you just know that’s a ready made excuse for finishing the summer with zero signings.

Right, more tomorrow. Have a good one!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    I’m sort of feeling ‘blaze of glory’ time. Gabriel, Ramsey, Oxlade, Walcott and Campbell plenty of pace and a nice mix of pressing as well. Oxlade’s sloppy possession in a worry in the middle, but f**k it, no point in worrying about that now.

    As MidWest said, this match devolving into a slobber-knocker actually suits us in a way.

  2. Paulinho

    I think Chamberlain will have a good match tomorrow.

    Although he lacks brains, he’s also lacking confidence, and with absolutely zilch expected of him tomorrow, I expect him to take advantage of the lack of respect Olympiakos will show him and put in a performance similar to Galatasaray away last year drive through spaces in midfield.

    I expect Olympiakos to be caught between protecting what they have and being at home and naturally attacking, so positionally they should be perfect for him to use his dribbling style. Not completely pressing, nor sitting too deep.

  3. Relieable Sauce

    Draxler looked set for a move to Juve in the summer, cant remember why it fell through.
    We cant afford to sign anymore crocks the way things stand. Giving Walcott £130k pw for 5 years was such a poor decision, but the easy decision, and thats why Wenger folded to Walcotts demands so he wouldnt have to sign a replacement.
    We could have got £25m for Walcott but Wenger bottled it.

    Fergie was totally taking the piss out of him when he made the poker reference.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    The Walcott contract was a bad idea. This is where that whole Wenger ‘the master of economics’ thing goes out the window a bit.

  5. David Smith

    Football is rotten to the core, we will get no favours tomorrow, just as we got none in Zagreb, another club with some colourful recent allegations. And I thought some very strange decisions against us in that game,, but not just in Europe, look at what Dean did against Chelsea.
    Still, should we fail, we are the authors of our own misfortune.
    There are bent refs in Europe and in this country, or those forced into dodgy dealings, but if you don’t play your best players and set them up with at least rudimentary instructions against the weaker teams, …..well don’t complain about the outcome. If Wenger did his job, we would be good enough to defeat a ref bought for a couple grand.

  6. Wallace

    “Draxler looked set for a move to Juve in the summer, cant remember why it fell through.”

    he prefered Wolfsburg. Juve still a cool side, but not what they were.

  7. WengerEagle

    Lol, top comment on the DM:

    ”POLITE REMINDER: Depay left PSV to come to United to play Champions League football…. yes, let that sink in…. hahahahahahahahhahaha”

  8. Relieable Sauce


    I thought a bid of £15m was accepted though.
    Not really the best time for a move if your trying to make the Euros squad. Could make signings tricky in Jan.

  9. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol enjoy tonight because Arsenal could provide different levels of banter tomorrow. We could easily outdo United. It’d be typical us.

    Anyway Draxler has always been a baller. He’s a crock at his worst though so it’ll be interesting to see if he’s over his injuries

  10. WengerEagle


    I agree, as Paulinho also said I actually feel that Ox will be perfectly suited to tomorrow night’s match in that Olympiacos won’t know whether to hold on to their advantage or drive on for the win with their home fans behind them.

    Should be lots of space which suits Ox and especially Theo perfectly.

    Campbell also should have inside info on them so I hope that he’s smart enough to exploit that in how he plays.

    Heart says we win 3-1, head says another spectacular effort but ultimately coming up short, 2-1 or 1-0.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Is it true that Aubameyang earns €75 000 a week? Does anyone have a good website to check player wages etc…

    I’ve just seen this and its frankly ridiculous if true, half of what Walcott earns, Oxlade is only about £10 000 a week behind that.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I think that’s is where we headed, ‘well the boys gave it their best, so should be proud,’ casually ignoring the cluster fuck that was our games against Olympiacos at home and Zagreb. Just like Monaco.

  13. Redtruth

    I say it would be a good move for some teams too drop in to the Europa league as it gives them a greater opportunity to achieve something rather than remain in the Champions league of which they have no chance of winning.

  14. Joe

    So instead of it being a rubber match and is already easily qualified, we go into the final game needing to win by a few goals because of wengers ineptness and Pedro is rolling out conspiracy theories about match fixing.

    Never should of got to this point. It’s wengers fault it has come down to this.

    Please don’t make excuses for him. Do not lower yourself to wengers level.

    Did Ivan get to you to write this Pedro?

  15. Bamford10


    “Bamford said Bundesliga weaker than the Premier league …lol lol”

    Huh? I’m one of those here who has been saying for some time that:
    – the EPL has declined and is relatively weak these days
    – the EPL is overrated by many EPL-only watchers
    – both the Bundesliga and La Liga are stronger relative to the EPL than many acknowledge

    The EPL has parity, competitiveness and athleticism, but it lacks quality. The top 4-5 teams in both the Bundesliga and La Liga are probably all better than their EPL counterparts.

    Troll someone else, Marble.

  16. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    the PL pays on average almost double what the German league does. so direct wage comparisons between the two leagues don’t really get you anywhere. and plus BVB were looking to offload Aubameyang at the beginning of 2013/14, so wouldn;t be surprised if he’s not on a ‘massive’ salary.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Much better value for money than with English ‘talent’ though, is the same from a young age. Reus a few seasons ago was still on €35 000 a week.

    That is one of the huge problems facing our national team, need to get the English premium under control. No way is Walcott worth £140 000 a week, or Wilshere £100 000, or Oxlade £60 000, probably each about half that.

  18. Romford Ozil Pele

    Not sure about Ox having loads of space. That Olympiakos manager is a Mourinho disciple. The bus is getting parked and they’re playing for the counter so our best hope is that we can get an early goal which will definitely make them s*** themselves. That and L’Oreal not having one of those days like he did in the NLD. Still having nightmares about the amount of chances he missed.

  19. Bamford10


    “There just don’t seem to be as many comments on Le Grove these days. That would be because all the Chelsea & man Utd grovers have probably stopped posting ”

    I think the reduction in activity here is down to the following factors:
    – Much that needs to be said has already been said many times
    – the absence of gambon, N5, Keyser, and Nasri’s Mouth from Le Grove
    – few subjects of disagreement
    – the absence of an outspoken AKB
    – Arsenal are a bit boring these days personnel-wise

  20. Relieable Sauce

    Watch us qualify now.

    If MU arent considering Guardiola because they are fast-tracking Giggs, they’re crazy. Van Gaal wont last beyond this season, at best, and Giggs doesnt have the experience.

  21. Paulinho

    Ramsey is well primed to turn on the style as well, as well as Wally who’s usually plays his best when he’s just come back from injury. He seems to finish more instinctively when he first comes back and gradually get worse the more matches he plays.

    So, Ramsey, Walcott, Chamberlain to score. Three goals sorted right there.

  22. Paulinho

    Giroud to miss a sitter if the match is in the balance, and to score a bicycle kick if Olympiakos are in the driving seat.

  23. Romford Ozil Pele

    Ed Woodward spent £300m for United to being playing Thursday nights away to FC Magaluf loooool

    Anyway I need to stop laughing cos we’re joining them tomorrow

  24. Bamford10

    Top Five in Bundesliga:
    1. Bayern Munich
    2. Dortmund
    3. Monchengladbach
    4. Hertha BSC
    5. Wolfsburg

    Top Five in La Liga:
    1. Barcelona
    2. Madrid
    3. Valencia
    4. Sevilla
    5. Atletico Madrid

    Top Five in the EPL:
    1. Leicester
    2. Arsenal
    3. City
    4. United
    5. Tottenham

    For me, the EPL top five are weaker (on average) than their La Liga and Bundesliga counterparts.

  25. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Personally, I think we will get thru, then draw Barcelona.”

    Loooool we might as well save face and join the others in the Europa League.

  26. Romford Ozil Pele

    This week could either be amazing for me or it’s gonna suck balls big time. If we win tomorrow it’ll be great. Then going to watch my boy AJ against Whyte on Saturday then clocking up the miles to Villa Park on Sunday.

    Wenger is the sort of guy that will do Remi Garde a favour though. The amount of relegation teams we’ve been generous too in the past is staggering.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    If you’re Arsene Wenger, obviously you’re an enormous tit, so, sorry about that, but you could be looking at this and thinking out of disaster through dithering you could pull something out here, win tomorrow and go though and morale will be sky high, provided we can then limp into January and make some really good buys early you could carry some serious momentum into 2016.

  28. MidwestGun

    Romford –
    Ha… see but that’s how our fanhood rolls, brief moments of happiness followed by wtf. Plus we have too much history with them, so it’s almost a given we would get them.

  29. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol FFS Flamini just tweeted for the first time in ages. You know Arsenal would never miss a chance to be outdone on the banter stakes. I could see us going 1-0 up, playing against 9 men for the duration of the match and still only win 1-0!

  30. Romford Ozil Pele

    Mid, Barca would seriously embarrass us if we got them. So so far away from that level. We’d only be able to cope if Wenger was proactive in Jan and the dude doesn’t have proactive in his dictionary. It’s always s roller coaster supporting Arsenal though. I generally don’t know what to expect tomorrow but it wouldn’t surprise me to see all too familiar failings.

  31. tunnygriffboy

    Ramsey fan. However

    Did anyone see MNF where Carragher gave an example of where Aaron can cause us problems. 89th minute he runs about 40 yards to get a strike at goal from their penalty spot. That is his strength. However the gap between our attackers was about 30 yards with not one of our players patrolling it. You could have grazed a herd of cattle in the empty space. Even Wenger was going nuts waving his arms to get someone there.

    89th minute 2-1 up we have to be more disciplined. Ramsey gives us a lot with his runs going forward however he has to curb his enthusiasm sometimes.

    Ps: I have absolutely no idea where Flamini was. We may be more secure if someone of Coquelin’s abilty+ was partnering Ramsey

    Pps : Just heard on radio Sturridge has done his hamstring agai. Out for number of weeks.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    There it is then. Mystery solved, someone write to the Liverpool FC medical department and tell them its not their fault, its just bad luck and by the way, tell Klopp not to bother looking for replacements, chances are there’s nothing available out there.


    Arsenal FC

  33. rollen

    December 8, 2015 22:21:54

    But could Bayern win on a cold night at stoke in January??? SMH

    lol Stoke last game was great

  34. Highbury4ever


    Barcelona, Paris, Madrid… I think that they all agree with you arsène lol

  35. Wallace


    I love Schweinsteiger, and thought/hoped he’d do well here. Don’t watch all their games because they’re Utd, and these days they’re boring as fuck on top of that, but reading the comments of Utd fans he’s one of the few new signings they actually rate. him & Martial.

  36. WengerEagle

    To be fair I do think that Schweini now looks a spent force, was one of those in the summer that thought that he would turn out to be a very shrewd signing for United, it’s early days but yeah, doesn’t appear to be the case.

    Having said that, any player with even an ounce of attacking instinct seems to suffer under the LVG regime, just ask Angel Di Maria for a start.

  37. Highbury4ever

    Fergie on tv, saying all the good he thinks of Maureen. Wonderfull…

    All the affection he has for that scumbag, I still don’t understand why SAF gets so much respect, even from some arsenal fans…

  38. tunnygriffboy

    LVG. Great defensive record in PL. He plays two one paced CDM out of Carrick, Schweinstiger or Schneiderlin. Solid in defence but lack dynamism in attack. If he goes for the attacking option alongside one of these the defence gets exposed as does their lack of pace.

    Is the man u back four strong ? Is it protected and bailed out by these midfielders ? Does he become more positive and play an attacking midfielder alongside them and risk being exposed? Interesting conundrum for LVG.

  39. tunnygriffboy


    IF we get 90% of our squad fit ( include Coquelin or a new signing in that) on our day we have a chance against a lot of opponents.

    You can rule us out of beating Barcelona, Madrid or Bayern over two legs but IF we have most of our players available and play to our potential we would have a chance against a few teams should we get through.

    Problem is we were complacent in terms of selection and attitude v Zagreb and Olympiacos. It won’t be tomorrow’s game that stuffs us.

  40. David Smith

    Pedro does have a point though, all wengers faults aside, why are Olympiokos in this tournament….can guarantee you we wouldn’t be under similar circumstances.
    One for the lawyers of we don’t go through?

  41. Arseology

    LVG and Swineshagger are perfect for ManUre – look like happy turnip eating pigs in a shit filled pigpen.
    Hope the Mancs give them both massive multi year contracts.

  42. Keef Petrovic

    Kudos to you Pedro, you had van Gaal nailed down as fraud from the start last season, long before anyone else in the media I am aware of.

    You did blot your copybook during the summer however by being ULTRA -positive that Le Boss had raised his game. We don’t just remember your good stuff..

    So you’re half genius/half idiot – they call it idiot savant (like a Bendtner/Bergkamp hybrid perhaps)

    Still best blog though, mainly thanks to the commenters.

  43. GuNZ

    ‘Arsène Dips Into Transfer Funds To Bribe Olympiacos Mandarins’ – Shock, horror headline in the Athens Helios newspaper or whatever the equivalent of The Sun is.

    ‘Whew! It’s a Porsche!’ – when they discover what he bought with it.

    Just give them back the fucking Elgin marbles or something.

    I have no basis for this, no gut-feeling, no dream-premonition, no bloke who whispered the result in my ear in a shop which wasn’t there when I tried to find it again . . . . no nothing., but I am going for 0-2 to the Arsenal with a late, late goal from my much maligned, surrogate son, his nougatship, Le Giroud. Off the bench, with his noggin, loop over the goalie’s head from a corner.

  44. Jeff

    So, the Man U fans want LVG out for being fourth in the league and not qualifying to the last 16 of CL. Try 10 years of similar and then talk – some fans are so impatient.

  45. Wallace


    I’d imagine it’s more frustration at having spent half a billion recently and still having a pretty ropey squad. how is 19yr old Martial their only serious attacking threat?

  46. Jeff


    The difference is that if Wenger spent that much and did the same you would still not want to change managers. Do you see the difference now?

  47. Jeff

    Is Rio Ferdinand a simpleton? Don’t answer that. He reckons LVG lost out by selling Welbeck as it Welbeck would have saved Man U from the humiliation of being dumped out of the CL.

  48. Wallace


    Wenger’s actually spent well since Ozil. it’s getting him to spend it, not what he spends it on that’s the problem.

  49. Ustyno baba

    There it is then. Mystery
    solved, someone write to
    the Liverpool FC medical
    department and tell them
    its not their fault, its just
    bad luck and by the way,
    tell Klopp not to bother
    looking for replacements,
    chances are there’s nothing
    available out there.
    Arsenal FC

    I couldn’t hold myself laughing,everything Arsenal can be written without it even happening,that’s what Wenger has turn us into

  50. Carts

    “I love Schweinsteiger, and thought/hoped he’d do well here. Don’t watch all their games because they’re Utd, and these days they’re boring as fuck on top of that, but reading the comments of Utd fans he’s one of the few new signings they actually rate. him & Martial.”

    I agree with this.

    Martial was doing extremely well till he was flunked wide left after finding form playing central. Rooney went down the middle and just messed up the flow.

    Schweini does his job, imo. He’s took a backward step when he left Bayern for Utd – simply based of who he now plays with and under.

    LVG stiffles his game, this is evident. Though Schweini has played under LVG before, LVG has in fact lost his touch and overcomplicated the situation at Utd. Philosophy my ass.

  51. Carts


    Ronaldo at 21 looked like the nuts. Depay looks a shadow of the player he was at PSV.

    I remember one of his first games and he was being marked by Kishishev for Charlton. Put it this way, you knew from that moment Ronaldo would be a pain in the ass!

  52. Wallace

    it is interesting though that thus far it’s the players with the really eye-watering price tags – de Bruyne, Sterling, Martial – that are looking far better value than the raft of 20-30m signings – Pedro, Depay, Schneiderlin, Benteke etc.

    or it might just be that 30m is the new 12m…

  53. Alfie

    “He might well still be, he’s only 21. When Ronaldo was 21 he wasn’t even Ronaldo 1.0.”

    Nah fam. You could see Ronaldo was insane from 21.

  54. Louis Almeida

    Carts, Yes Ronaldo showed great ability at 21 but he was still very inconsistent. It wasn’t until 23 where he became the complete package. Memphis still has 5 goals and 6 assists which is not bad considering he hasn’t shown his full talent yet. And as we’ve seen with LVG, it might not all be down to the player in this instance.

  55. Alfie

    “or it might just be that 30m is the new 12m…”

    I think its suggestive.

    Look who are smashing up the league without the price tag – Vardy et al.

    I think that its big name syndrome.

    Although the decline of Pedro has been ridiculous.

  56. Carts


    Interesting observation there, and I think you’re on to something.

    One thing I have noticed is the level of expectation from Martial, Sterling and De Bruyne is absurdly high, even at this stage of their careers in the EPL – no thanks to their crazy price tage of course.

    I mean, Owen and Carragher, for e.g. can’t fucking wait to dig Sterling out. It’s that desperate. They were already talking about Martial’s goal drought ffs.

    Pedro, Depay, Schneiderlin & Benteke have looked Bob Basic.

  57. Wallace

    feel a bit sorry for Martial. at least Sterling & de Bruyne have others to help handle the load. Martial already seems like the player they rely on to make something happen. crazy pressure on a 19yr old.

  58. Louis Almeida

    Rabiot was also booed every time he touched the ball last night. He’d be a good signing for Arsenal but he’s more in the Wilshere mould than Coquelin. As in he’s more of an #8 than a #6 like Coquelin.

  59. Carts

    “So apparently rabiot has handed in a transfer request”

    He’s a pretty boy twat. He could’ve literally gone anywhere in the summer, I even read he was on the brink of Roma. He and his mum sign a 5 year deal at PSG NOW he asks for a transfer. LOL.

    PSG will want close to e30m for him as well.

  60. Jamie

    As far as strikers go, I’m really starting to develop a love affair with Lukaku. Still so young, and showing real improvements year on year.

    How much did Everton pay for him?

  61. Leedsgunner

    Thinking pragmatically it’s better for us to crash out completely out of Europe altogether. The truth is with the half of our first team being crocks we don’t have the squad depth to challenge in the Champion’s League/Europa AND the EPL.

    Not that I wish us ill you understand… although it has to be said that no one does heroic failure better than us.

  62. Leedsgunner


    I believe it was £28m. Definitely another Wenger dithered over when he was still a youngster over in Belgium.

  63. Carts


    Said that all along mate. Unless you don’t stand a realistically chance of finishing in the CL places in your domestic league then really the only reason to go for the EL is automatic group stage qualification.

    The money in the EL is piss poor and your domestic schedule gets shegged. .

  64. Jamie

    Leeds –

    Thanks for that. Just looked it up in curiosity.

    More than any other soundbite, I loathe it when Wenger suggests a great player was on his radar in the past.

    I think he offers up that shit as a way of suggesting he can spot talent before the rest of the footballing world. In reality, it makes him look completely indecisive and cowardly.

  65. Up 4 grabs now

    Afternoon all from sunny South Africa.
    Not missing the London weather!

    Hope the boys can do the job tonight, not to bothered about our poor record over there, we always played a weakened team in a dead rubber game.

    Fancy Theo to cause them problems tonight, would look at both him and giroud starting up top as the Greeks are probably going to sit back and try to hit us on the break.

  66. BigCheese

    Ramsey is the man for tonight. The Greeks will sit back and hope to hit on the counter. Space will be a premium and players like Theo, Ox, Campbell will be stifled.

    His engine and drive from deep will be the key to us getting the result we need. The guy is an absolute machine when on song and just does not stop running.

    Flamini needs to be on point and I’d ask Monreal to play more conservatively tonight to help keep the back door closed. This way we can utilise Rambos running more.

    Ozil is on fire and needs the movement ahead of him. We get the 1st goal and it could be a massacre. Don’t know why but I’m expecting a show for the lads tonight.

  67. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s priority this season must be to produce the best position in EPL and

    Realistically we are not good enough to progress beyond the last 16 in Champions League even if we manage to get there tonight.

    What Wenger needs to invest in January is at least one RELIABLE quality midfielder preferably a DMF who can if required play CMF as well. In other words
    someone who can either play as replacement for Coquelin in next 3 months
    whilst he is out injured or can complement in CMF role if required.

    Cazorla is not getting any younger and at 32 this was probably the last season
    that he would be guaranteed a starting lineup place in team. Since Wilshire
    has a reliability problem and players like Rosicky,Arteta and Rosicky are past
    their best we need to start investing in central positions in team.

    Wenger needs to spend some serious money on at least one top class player
    who will be not only a regular starting eleven player this season but for the
    future as well.

    What I don’t want to see is Wenger bringing in short term replacements or
    players who we don’t really need such as Nolito.

  68. Bamford10

    ESPNFC thinks Arsenal are one of the five most underachieving clubs in Europe over past decade:

    “Only four European clubs have maintained a position in Europe’s top 10 coefficient-ranked sides in the past decade: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Arsenal. But whereas the other three have regularly reached semifinals and won the competition at least once, Arsenal have been an eternal disappointment.

    The Gunners have only reached one Champions League final during Arsene Wenger’s reign, a disappointing record considering they’ve qualified for the knockout stages with such regularity. The 2005-06 final defeat to Barcelona was followed with a semifinal three years later, but since then Arsenal have struggled, suffering elimination in the second round in the past five seasons.

    Simple tactical discipline has often been a problem, with Arsenal’s inadequacy against Europe’s best mirrored by poor performances against title rivals in domestic competition a few years ago. In fairness, Wenger has improved in a strategic sense and Arsenal are rarely so naive these days.”

  69. Bamford10

    Schweinsteiger looks a little slow, no doubt, but he’s still excellent on the ball. Question for those saying he would’ve been a bad signing: would you prefer him to Flamini or Chambers in the holding role for us tonight? If so, seems to me he wouldn’t have been a terrible signing. Note that I’m not saying I think he would’ve been a great signing or the best CDM signing, but it seems to me that even he would’ve solidified our midfield. His wages would probably make him unfeasible, but are they more than, say, Arteta’s + Flamini’s?

  70. Bamford10

    Just for reference, Flamini makes £65,000/wk, Arteta makes £80,000/wk.

    Schweinsteiger makes £200,000/wk, and Schneiderlin makes £100,000/wk.

    That’s too much for Schweini, clearly.

  71. Up 4 grabs now

    Afternoon Bamford, to be honest wouldn’t want arteta, flamini or sweinsteiger. All past it in my opinion.
    There were plenty of cdm around in the summer but Arsene blew it as usual.
    200k a week, that is quite a lot of wages to be paying sweinsteiger though for a 32 year old.

  72. OleGunner

    “Ozil is well over priced for someone who just does the basics very well.”

    Jesus Christ, this is an incredibly dense post.

  73. Leedsgunner

    “I think he offers up that shit as a way of suggesting he can spot talent before the rest of the footballing world. In reality, it makes him look completely indecisive and cowardly.”


    You hit the nail on the head there. Arsene is an enigma.

    He simply doesn’t make sense.

    He’s afraid to risk paying for proven talents more often than not, but then he’s happy to pay way over the odds for young talent that he fancies like Chambers and the Ox.

    He’s reluctant to bring in much needed players for key positions but he’s happy to play players out of position and muddle through. Plus although he’s afraid to spend he’s perfectly happy to field player nursing an injury….

    It’s as if AFC is just one big ego trip with him.

  74. Relieable Sauce

    Central midfield is the biggest problem, but the defence needs to improved as well.
    Gab should be 1st choice this season, if he cant do better than Mert we need to get better asap. Ultimately he looks the more natural replacement for Koz, but Chambers??…shouldnt have signed him imo, certainly shouldnt have had him near the 1st team.
    Time to get a “quality” CB for a change. Pushing kids and long shots into the 1st team is the problem, not the solution.

  75. Bamford10

    Never said Schneiderlin is/was “great”. Just said he was/is equal to or better than Coquelin as a CDM. I still think that, though it’s true he hasn’t looked fabulous with United. But would Coquelin look great in that side? I don’t think so.

  76. Bamford10

    I’ll say more than that, actually: if Schneiderlin were slotted into our system and asked to do what Coquelin does, not only do I think he would do it equally well, I think he’d do it better as he is better on the ball.

    None of this is to say that Schneiderlin is all that. I don’t think he is. But I think he has more to his game than Coquelin.

    But that is not to say that Coquelin has not been great for Arsenal. He has been. But his limitations on the ball limit us, and we need a CDM who doesn’t have those limitations on the ball but who still gives us plenty of holding, ball-winning and tackling.

  77. Up 4 grabs now

    Leeds, concerning buying young players your bang on the money.
    The thing for me is we don’t need to buy unproven youngsters anymore.
    We have the money to buy the finished article now and not have to take a risk.
    Unless it was a world class proven buy like a neymar, we should be going with proven quality like ozil, Alexis, cech.

  78. Up 4 grabs now

    I don’t want to see another 16-20 year old youngster who could be the next best thing in five years. Its time to buy the players we need for now.

  79. Bamford10


    Wenger is odd, no doubt, but there is a “logic” to what he does. One part of his “logic” is rejecting “the world’s” views.

    If the world thinks he should sign a particular player or a particular type of player, he will not do so. Never. He will make due with what he has (e.g., Arteta, Flamini) or sign some player the world doesn’t really rate (Sanogo, Chambers, Welbeck).

    Much of what he is up to is being a contrarian, saying “the world” has got it wrong, that there’s another way to do things, Wenger’s way, the old-world way, etc.

    It hasn’t worked at all — indeed it’s been a miserable failure — but he’ll keep doing it because doing it his way is more important to him than competing for or winning the big prizes.

  80. daz

    I would say Wenger is more concerned with not being “ripped off” on price by clubs rather than being contrarian. He has brought plenty of proven players in his time but they are usually ones he could get cheap

  81. Marky G.

    That didn’t come out well! I’ll try again…


    Bellerin NEWWC Kos Monreal

    Coq NEW WC

    MAHREZ Ozil Sanchez

    NEW WC

  82. Up 4 grabs now

    It’s nice to see utd imploding, hopefully the glazers will keep giving Lvg more money to waste.

    With Rooney more injury prone, and looking more off the pace each game. That 300k a week for the next 3 years will be a big drain.
    As long as they don’t wise up and go hard for pep they could be in the wilderness for years.

    So many ex players laying into Lvg, and the fans as well, it’s nice to take enjoyment in another team’s problems instead of ours!

    They still look like there 4-5 players short

  83. gary

    thought at the time Schweiney was a poor signing and think he’s been pretty poor this season.. people wetting them selves on here how we had missed out bla bla..

  84. underrated Coq

    This Bamford10 chap is pure comedy gold.

    So your reasoning for Schweinsteiger being a better DM than Coq is this: a baseless opinion that Coquelin would not have done well in that United side. That is such a convincing explanation. Fuck me, hahahaa.

    When Arsenal walloped United 3-0, this same guy was on here trying to shift blame onto van Gaal getting his midfield selection all wrong. Who was in that midfield? Schweinsteiger. 31 year old pint sized Santi Cazorla ran rings around him.

  85. gonsterous

    Red truth

    Ozil Is well over priced for someone who does the basics right..

    For someone worth £42 m it’s pathetic he is reliant on other people’s quality ..

    * epic facepalm*