Is recommended destroyer technically good enough for Arsenal?

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Happy Monday to you all!

Sad news over the weekend. Long term Arsenal fan Ernie Crouch died after an accident on the way to an Arsenal game. The man was a big away fan and was still rocking the home games at 90 years old.
Can’t knock that sort of support. I’m not sure I’d still be going at that age!

Anyway, thoughts are with the family. Hopefully Arsene and the boys can do something this season and finish off his last season in style!

Our weekend was pretty much perfect. There’s been a lot of rumblings about Liverpool being title contenders this season, and look, many teams are if you look at the league… but, losing to Newcastle almost requires a concentrated effort in badness. I watched expecting to see Dortmund 2.0… but it wasn’t to be. Same old Liverpool, the pressing play wasn’t there, a lack of class in their players… disappointing result. I’d be very surprised if they’re pushing for Champions League come the end of the season.

So, who didn’t drop points?

Chelsea, Liverpool, United, Spurs and City did. The only team to take all 3 was Leicester. They have Everton, Liverpool, City and Chelsea coming up. If they’re still smashing teams after that and sitting pretty… we might have a title challenge on our hands. Chances are, the league will start taking shape after December.

We’re clearly still in the mixer. If we can get through December within touching distance, maybe we’ll make some smart moves in January that’ll help us kick on.

So many dreams. So many.

Robert Pires reckons we should sign Southampton wrecking ball Victor Wanyama.

“I have watched him play many times and, like all other African footballers, I wish him well.”

“He is a very good ambassador of Kenyan football and has done well in Southampton but I hope he signs for Arsenal in the future.”

He was speaking to Kenyan journalists, so part of you feels like this is similar to the ‘Harry, who did you support as a kid’

‘<insert my new club> man and boy’

I think Wanyama is a very good player. He’s given us problems before. I worry that Wenger will fuss over this cover position because he’s looking for destroyer + skillful playmaker. You need physicality in that role and you need the speed to move about the pitch. You don’t need perfection. Coquelin is not Wenger perfection, hence him not getting a game until an emergency. But there isn’t perfection in that role. Well, there was some in the summer… but January is about getting someone who is competent who can help now. Wanyama could do that.

I just pray he doesn’t do that thing where if he doesn’t get option A, he doesn’t get anyone.

Arsene Wenger says there is a serenity at Arsenal at the moment heading into the big game against the Greeks this week.

‘We have to go from the start and go for it. Most of the time, when we have been to Olympiacos, we have not had a lot to do because we had already qualified.

‘This time it is the opposite. The result at Monaco (last season) will help us but it is a different game and let’s see if we can get a result.”

This game makes me nervous. I mean, going for it, players on the edge of break down… jeez, I have the fear we’ll end up winning by one goal and picking up a bunch of injuries.

I mean, we should be able to make something happen. Giroud scored two in the last game, Aaron scored one which will make him happy and we have Theo and that pace coming back into a side that is  being well supported by the masterful Ozil.

We should be taking this game. I just find the fragility of the squad a major worry.

Going out of the competition isn’t a disaster… going into the Europa League is. That’ll massively impact our ability to have fresh players because of the horrible Thursday night spot. So, keep em’ crossed we do it!

Right, I’m ducking out. Have a great day!


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  1. DUIFG

    was one of the few ones who said lukaku at 28 mil for a 20 yr old srtriker was fantastc value, really struggled to see how people could not se that was value in this crazy inflated market for strikers.

    Brilliant business from Everton there

  2. DUIFG

    We could’ve been well out in the front at the top of the table but instead we are having to limp towards January.

    this is the key point, never goes abover and beyond, enjoys doing the bare minimum

  3. Dream10


    I don’t think AW sees Wilshere has a CM anymore. He keeps emphasizing that his skillset is best suited for the final third. Perhaps on the right.
    Unlikely that he will regularly play in his preferred central role at Arsenal that he does for country.

    Need two more CMs in addition to Coquelin, Ramsey and Cazorla

  4. London gunner

    This blog is a mess of stupid hipster footbalista’s

    Suddenly Ramsey is all the rage and should be a starter whilst coq one of the best and most rapidly improving players of the past two seasons and statistically the best DM in the league should be replaced by a CM.

    We have literally been crying out for a proper DM for nearly s decade we have one now poncy fans are saying he is to limited.

    What these fans don’t understand is all players are limited that’s kind of the point in a balanced cohesive sides where players compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Ramsey is also limited he is limited on the fact he has the worst dispossession stats in our league.

    Also this idea that we only need two cm’s in the pivot and no is a recipe for disaster. Like nearly all of the top teams we need a DM as our rock and at 25 coq statsisticallt one of the fastest DMs in Europe is a good shout.

  5. Wallace


    I agree Wilshere was very effective from the right hand side at the end of last season. would still like to see him and Coquelin together in the middle.

  6. Wallace

    love Rabiot’s left foot and ranginess, but not sure we’d be good enough defensively with him alongside Ramsey.

  7. Wallace

    Honigstein, interesting as always, on Gladbach’s 3-1 victory over Bayern –

    “Unlike many sides who start out with three at the back only to add more and more defenders as the pressure mounts, Schubert and his team vowed to keep five men in midfield, in order to bypass Bayern’s high pressing effectively. They became the first team in the league since Dortmund who weren’t prepared to park the bus and “the first one to play three at the back and one v one all over the pitch, to force them to play long balls”, as Granit Xhaka put it proudly.”

  8. Sam

    From Calamity Chambers to new Busquet

    One Arsene Wenger!!!
    There is only one Arsene Wenger!!!
    One Arsene Weeeeenger
    There is only one Arsene Wemger

  9. Rhys Jaggar


    The views about Coquelin when he came back from loan were about as positive as current views are about Chambers.

    There’s only one way to find out: play him!

    And if it’s bad in December, buy someone in the window.

    There may be alternatives, but quite frankly, what’s Chambers doing in the squad if he’s not deemed good enough to play? He should be sent immediately on loan somewhere if that’s the case……

    How often do you buy big ticket products that you think are too dangerous to switch on??

    If the answer to that is anything other than ‘zero’, you need to ask questions.

  10. Bamford10

    In the news:
    – Jack aiming to play on Boxing Day vs. Southampton
    – Debuchy wants to talk to Wenger about his situation
    – Guardian is linking us to 29-y-o Celta Vigo forward Nolito

  11. Uwot?

    Nolito? Ffs!no as f****ng chips again..eberneezer wengers Xmas pressies to fans.Buy no one & be done with it.instead of insulting us…

  12. Bamford10

    Telegraph reporting that Chambers has been playing as a CDM in training for the past week or so in preparation for playing in that role tomorrow night and going forward. Flamini still expected to start.

  13. Samesong

    Ramsey and Chambers paired together scares me.

    I know it was only one game against Sunderland but they left big gaps in the midfield when we attacked and a better them then Sundrland would of exposed us.

  14. Bankz

    How have you guys been??
    Has DM managed to break my record?
    I’ve been so busy and our form in November wasn’t a right combination with visiting Legrove… I just stayed off.

    DM- I see you’re still running riot in these streets……kudos

  15. Relieable Sauce

    Xhaka seems ideal but I cant see him leaving BM in the window while they are doing so well in the league. Are they in the UCL as well?

    If we buy we need a high quality CM imo, no point wasting £15m+ signing average midfielders, may as well get a loan player and save the cash for the summer.

  16. Sam

    Rhys Jaggar,

    I will be delighted actually if Chambers excel we paid big money for him

    Still we need to buy players we supposed to bring in last summer
    This squad is now thinner than Kate Moss

  17. DUIFG

    Chambers does scare me massively, villa is the time to do it though rather than city.

    Thanksfully wally is back , thats massive for me, he will open so many angles offensivly over the coming weeks. just in time for city

  18. Zoran

    “Chelsea FC are now the most consistent team in the EPL.
    1 win in August
    1 win in September
    1 win in October
    1 win in November. .
    Chelsea’s win now comes once in every month like MENSTRUAL CIRCLE… If they go without a win this month… They are PREGNANT!”

  19. Emiratesstroller

    I find it fascinating that both Ospina and Debuchy are agitating to leave the
    club and have been talking like they will be leaving in January.

    Frankly I would have thought that the last thing that Arsenal would be considering at this time of season would be to allow two experienced players to leave
    when we are so short of personnel.

    If we allow Ospina to leave who would replace him considering that both Szczesny and Martinez are out on a season long loan?

  20. Louis Almeida

    Emirates, yes I agree that it doesn’t make much sense. Ospina I feel sorry for but he lost Wenger’s trust after that mistake against OLympiakos which is why we are in this predicament now. Debuchy also was unfortunate last season with two serious injuries. He wants to play at Euro 2016 but his performances have been sub par when played which is why he can not oust Bellerin.

  21. DUIFG

    the ospina love in last year looks even more ridiculous with the form of cech, so good to have a top keeper between the sticks, hes worth so many points already

  22. underrated Coq

    Even if Ospina leaves, we have Cech. One competent GK is good enough. That’s the way Arsene rolls.

    If Cech gets injured, we can always recall Sanogo and play him at GK. Unfortunate that he’s a hopeless CF, but Arsene WILL make it work. Two weeks of training ought to suffice to convert him into a top, top quality GK.

  23. Sam

    Hmmm Chambers does not scare me
    Time to give him a chance, I am sure 6 weeks will be enough to find out if he can do a job for us or not

  24. Sam

    I also noticed almost all our English players are too timid n lack confidence. They don’t really recover quickly after a bad game
    We should just sit back n wish our new DM well. Hopefully there won’t be an own goal or stupid mistimed tacked to get him a red card

  25. Mick Kartun

    Ancelotti: “Arsenal did not win [trophies] for many years, but they grew. They built a new stadium and Wenger did a fantastic job during that time in this sense. It is not all about the results, there are other things, and this is the right way.”

    For fuck sake, carlo, that’s the worst trolling ever.

  26. Relieable Sauce

    Ancelotti thinks fleecing the fans and fobbing them off with endless excuses is “the right way”.
    Ideal replacement.

  27. Samesong

    Bellamy saying we should drop Ozil for Ramsey. WTF? If Ozil wasn’t on the field last weekend we could have either lost or played to a boring draw

    Bit of Welsh bias wouldn’t look into it to much.