Who is the biggest Arsenal loss so far?

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I went to a bar last night. This bar was great. It was like one of those dreams… you’ve just divorced in your early forties, you’ve hit rough times because wifey took you for everything and now you’re prowling for skirt in a stained orange InterSport polo shirt.

This lady, who was real and weighty to say the least was throwing herself around the bar like Patrick Swayze in his pomp. Another large Mexican guy was pulling a Crouchy Robot dance around her in a bid to impress. She started to dirty dance with him, he obliged, she wrapped her legs around him… he stood firm… then she flipped her head back, arched her back, his one had buckled and she hit the deck harder than Neymar after a Shawcross two footer.

Sweet jesus. It was the best thing I ever saw. The Mexican retired to the corner. He’d killed his own boner. He knew it was time to give it up. No loving for him.


Arsenal. It’s pretty bleak. One of my pals, who sees the brighter side of things with Arsenal messaged me…

‘Arsenal, it’s kind of fucked’

I think it is.

I think we’ve taken some serious, serious body blows. I don’t think we have the numbers to sustain our challenge now. That’s a real shame. We looked so good and things were so promising. It feels like another blown opportunity for the manager. Another false dawn… when you think, jeez, Wenger might prove the world wrong and bow out like a boss.

If he pulls it off from here, it’d be a miracle.


I think the real hammer blow was Santi. He’s been ever-present, he’s rated and underrated at the same time. It’s a hammer blow that will probably be the most noticeable. I kind of feel like his loss will be a bit like the time we lost Gilberto way back when and realised he was, in fact, the invisible wall.

Those sharp incisive passes, his turn of pace, his ability to keep the ball rolling… can Aaron fill those boots? I’m not sure. He’s a great player, but he’s lacked consistency and he doesn’t have the craft or technical ability of the Spaniard. But we’ll see. Out with the old (I hate saying that about someone my own age) and in with the younger, fresher beauty of Aaron.

Until March though? Can anyone imagine we’ll go until March without the bi-weekly hamstring blow out? There’s too much strain on a man who can’t take strain.

Some papers are linking us with Carvahlo for £30m. I like him, he has many great attributes and he has a buyout clause. There’s a ton of options in Germany if we want to go there. But a replacement for Santi? I mean, where do we go there? That’s like an Isco type of player? I don’t know. I’m not as down with the players as I used to be.

I need to get my Youtube on.

Drop you realistic suggestion, right now, in the comments.

I’ll be back later on today with a preview so you can have it in your inbox in the AM.

Have a sweet Friday night out my darlings. x

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  1. MidwestGun

    We have to keep Ozil at all costs, imo. It’s the only hope I have of us landing a top striker. As a striker I’d be watching that going, damn I need me some of that.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    I would as well, he’s going to 30 next season as well I think, bring someone much better in to take his place and keep Walcott and Welbeck…should have been Aubameyang this summer.

    Even if say Welbeck doesn’t work out, he’s young enough and English enough that his value will hold.

    Need better at RM as well, more creative player and then a better class of CM, Xhaka, Carvalho, Neves get touted on here, someone like that, all-rounder.

  3. underrated Coq

    Vicky, would that be the same Wenger who handled Coquelin in a similar way? He thought Flameta were better options than Coq and would have persisted with them if not for the injuries.

    ” I know he’ll prove a lot of people wrong. Its only a matter of time ”

    Yes, I’ve been hearing all about his supposed ‘high ceiling’ for years now. Nothing on the pitch though. Same as Wilshere.

  4. Jim lahey

    Posting on the fresh page as i think its a stat people should see!

    So far Ozil has 4.5 chances per game this season….

    David Silva has 2.4
    Eriksen 2.9
    De Bruyne 3.1
    Hazard 2.8
    Cesc 1.6
    Mata 1.7
    Coutinho 1.4

  5. London gunner


    That comment aimed at Walcott

    You could say for wilshere, ox or Ramsey… Even welbeck

    Seems about harsh focusing on the player who gets you goals and assists…

    He is a permanent injury crock and that is a good reason to consider selling him but as it is for half our squad.

  6. Thank you and goodnight


    Sorry mate but I will pin blame on wenger. You show me a youngster under wenger who has actually progressed in last 6-7 years. Yes one player not improving you could pin it on the player himself….but 5-6 players regressing and not improving then I for one blame wenger. None of these players need to fight for they’re place as Wenger refuses to bring in players that will improve us for fear of upsetting others. He’s made it for too comfortable for these players.

  7. Romford Ozil Pele

    Also nice to see the Özil-Ramsey partnership again. One of those that always works. It’s different to the Santi-Özil dynamic as we don’t control games anywhere near as well but we can be potent going forward and look s good goal threat. Ramsey can be quite unorthodox but he sure as hell is effective when on his game.

  8. Romford Ozil Pele

    TYAG, I agree. He isn’t good enough to be ambling around the pitch st 2mph. He just makes us so predictable as well. Can’t believe he’s led the Arsenal line for so long now!

  9. Cesc Appeal

    The way it’s going, if I had my way, Giroud, Oxlade, Wilshere, Gibbs would all be sold, maybe a loan for Oxlade, and a buyback in Wilshere’s deal.

    Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky will all be gone.

    That means, you’re cutting 6 sick notes from your squad, arguably only leaving Walcott, Ramsey and Welbeck in there.

    That’s around £500 000 a week in wages gone as well.

    You will raise a decent amount from Wilshere, Oxalde and Giroud as well, probably numerically in that order. Gibbs you will get a bit for, under £10 Million though.

    Then go out and get yourself a great ST, an all-rounder in CM and a wide playmaker.

  10. tunnygriffboy


    I’m sure his assists would be higher had Walnut and Welbeck been playing up top all season not a lumbering buffoon. They offer fluid movement, the ability torun behind and interchange with Alexis. Everytime Alexis cuts in and is about to let fly the sun is blocked out by the hulking frenchmen. Walcott drags defenders away from the middle and affords Alexis more time and space

    All things considered we needed that win today. Very important.

    Pay Mesut and Alexis £200k a week from next season and buy 3 WC players to play with them.

  11. Chris d

    Impressed with ozil today not just his passing because that’s been sublime all season but how with so many first team players out he took the responsibility and dictated the pace of the game . Is anyone playing better than him in the premier league this season ? I can’t think of anyone

  12. naijagunner


    Well you can pin the blame on him all you like….yes he has made the players way too comfortable,sometimes they even play as if they prefer to be in bed….but I blame Chamberlain for his regression….he is abusing the gift he has been given taking advantage of Wenger. He should ask himself why the manager would rather play Ramsey on the wing than have him out there

  13. gunnergetyou

    Didn’t see the match because of work, but sounds like it was a fairly eventful 90 minutes. Big respect to JC. I did write him off earlier in the season but more than happy to be proved wrong. He’s certainly pushed himself up the pecking order ahead of the Ox. Still early days of course so I’m getting carried away, but he looks like a decent back up option atm.

    Comedy gold here on a match day. Just reading through the comments I saw Giroud get called a cunt at least 2 times just after scoring. Very harsh but he is probably the most frustrating CF (1st choice) I can ever remember at Arsenal. Hopefully with Walcott back and Ramsey back in the mood we should be more dangerous going forward.

    Definitely not happy with our defence though. We give away way too many chances. Personally I think Mertesacker is finished as a first choice CB and should be replaced before more damage is done.

  14. vicky


    Wenger hates to spend money. But don’t ever believe he rates Arteta or Flamini. I mean it’s just not possible. Anybody who has seen even little bit of football can see those guys are not good enough,

    Yeah he misjudged Coq’s ability but that also does not mean he can’t judge a player. As I said at the moment Ox is making it harder for those who believe in him to defend him. All I can say he will certainly come good. If he does not, he will be shown the door sooner rather than later.

  15. MidwestGun

    Chris –
    Mahrez having a season, maybe edges Ozil. Vardy as well. But neither of them are playing in the CL as well as most every national team match at a high level.

  16. tunnygriffboy


    See I like Wilshere. It’s just the injury thing.

    Flameta and Rosicky out. Only need to buy two to replace as they won’t play 25 games between them this season. Alternatively if you’re going to use Ramsey in his best position you just need a defensive midfielder and buy a top notch wide forward to play on the right.

    Giroud can F off to Lyon or somewhere and a pacy striker bought in

    Bear in mind Per has had the final year I was happy to give him. Debuchy will be off so we need at least 5 players unless jenkinson comes back as a second choice. Also I feel Gibbs is ok as an understudy.

  17. Romford Ozil Pele

    Mid, that’s the thing about Ramsey. Even though he has crazy stamina, he lacks positional sense and because of his propensity to push forward, it leaves us vulnerable on the break. We could maybe get away with if Coquelin was there but Flamini was struggling. If Ramsey is going back to CM long term he’ll need to work on getting the balance right

  18. tunnygriffboy


    Bring in two players in January which means there’ll be less players to bed in for next season

    We have to show Mesut and Alexis real ambition. As we’ve said, we’re not miles away. Not that it’s like a broken record or anything 🙂 🙂

  19. Romford Ozil Pele

    Tunny, for sure. There are certain partnerships that work and others that done. Alexis-Theo is definitely one that works. Like you say, Theo’s movement gives Alexis and MÖ more space to work in than L’Oreal who is more of a fixed target.

    We really do need to buy more world class players or the ones we have need to reach that level (unlikely). You’d like to hope we’re working on contracts for Alexis and MÖ otherwise we’ll end up back at square one if they go.

  20. MidwestGun

    Romford –
    Ya…. that’s my concern. Either that or we have to outscore teams by crazy scorelines. And then it’s back on Giroud. So…. Theo for me has to start.

    Hope Flamini can get us thru…… can’t believe I’m saying that, lol. The life of an Arsenal fan.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    I just don’t rate Wilshere at all, injury wise he’s a total nightmare, doesn’t bring anything on the pitch either that others can’t bring and better as well.

    He’s a bit of this, a bit of that, but then Coq is a better CDM, Ramsey is a better B2B and Ozil is certainly a better CAM.

    So that leaves him as a back up, which is fine and quite useful, except he’s unavailable over half the time. Sell him. Get someone else in who can play in the first team and create a really strong central midfield pair.

  22. underrated Coq

    Vicky, actually think Ox needs a bit of ‘Coquelin treatment’. For some people, fear of failure is the only way of motivation. Ox hasn’t any, he has it too easy at Arsenal.

    Another thing is that he seems a very dumb player. I know people love to say that about Theo, that he lacks a footballing brain, but in all honesty Theo shows far more intelligence in his application skills than Ox.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky and Wilshere out.

    Then a big buy in one of Xhaka, Carvalho, Neves or the like, and then a young potential type buy for central midfield.

    You’d still have surplus wages as well then just in that transaction.

  24. gunnergetyou

    The league is an actual joke this season. The fact that Wenger’s butchered his way through another transfer window, we’re deep in the middle of another injury crisis, and just come through another terrible run of results in our least favourite month of the year it’s pretty ridiculous that we’re still ahead of City. even more ridiculous that we’re behind Leicester. City should easily win the league but they seem to have too much Arsenal DNA. No bottle.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Completely agree with that, same with players like Wilshere as well, Walcott for a large part of his career at Arsenal, no risk, no punishments, massive wages for minimal contribution and regression.

    Why would they try to improve? Sanchez will do it, or Ozil will do it or whoever, they can just be side dishes to the main course.

  26. tunnygriffboy


    He tried Ramsey with Coquelin pre season and early doors. Consensus seemed to be that Coquelin wasn’t good enough on the ball to play without Santi. However Coquelin+Ramsey= insane energy. Imo Coquelin’s distribution has improved enough for it now to work

    The other thing was that Wenger wanted to balance the team. A lot of people said that Ramsey isn’t a winger. He was never played as a winger. He is used as an auxiliary midfielder. Width comes from Bellerin. Ramsey tucks in becoming an additional midfielder helping defensively so we weren’t getting over run. Attack wise Wenger didn’t want Alexis on one wing and another dribbler on the right like Ox or Theo. Ramsey has a better range of passing and keeps the ball better. Ramsey playing on the right was all about balancing the team.

  27. Jim lahey

    Wilshere is a major divider among the fans. Its one of those situations where we remember him being a far better player than he actually is because we haven’t seen him play in so long.

    One thing I do like about him is how direct he is in his play. But… he neither creates or breaks up play, I don’t know what he brings to the team? Plus he will never play a full season. i really think we missed out on a big fee for him last summer.

  28. Romford Ozil Pele

    Tunny – yeah that seems to be the consensus RE those two. Neither of them instigate the attack well enough. It’s very high octane as you say but it’d lack discipline and our passing would drop as a result of it.

    Agree on Ramsey being an auxiliary midfielder. Wenger never plays with two dribblers wide because we then lose fluency and give the ball away too much as you saw today with Joel and Ox

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Didn’t realise Mahrez had so many goals already. Leicester having positions one and two in EPL top scorers and being first in the league shows you how important having good forwards are.

    We need to upgrade.

  30. Paulinho

    “Wilshere is a major divider among the fans. Its one of those situations where we remember him being a far better player than he actually is because we haven’t seen him play in so long.”

    Think it’s the complete opposite. People have forgotten how good he is. A throw back central midfield that can do anything; elevates absolutely every department to a higher level.

    He’s alot of shit games in recent years, but they were completely down to his ankle.

  31. vicky

    Wenger says Ox is too critical of himself while we think he has it very easy. No pressure, no sword hanging over his head. I don’t know.


    The same Ozil who just can’t be praised enough these days was being slated for being a lazy a$$ not so long ago, a player who couldn’t care less. The bottom line is if you play well, everything about you looks fabulous.

    Two seasons ago, Le Grove was hankering for Diego Costa day and night. I doubt anyone here would take him now even if offered for 20M. Peoples’ opinion change very quickly. Ox can’t do a thing right these days. But this could change.

  32. underrated Coq

    CA,I suppose it all comes down to man management which is simply not good enough at Arsenal. People with different personalities need to be managed the right way.

    Sanchez is a fighter and its obvious from his attitude on the pitch that he is self motivating. Ox though seems to lack this, he appears borderline lazy and as such probably needs the help of others to keep him motivated. But I bet Wenger manages them both in the same way.

  33. Paulinho

    Wilshere fully fit is brilliant defensively. Covers shit loads of ground, aggressive in the tackle, Watch the 2nd leg versus Barca in 10/11 to see how he does the ‘dirty work’. Carried our whole midfield that night.

    If you can’t see how he creates and opens the game up then you’re completely clueless. Just watch him for England and how many times he’s clipped balls over the top to Rooney to see the creativity he has in his locker.

  34. vicky

    I am with Paulinho on Wilshere. Jack is one hell of a talent. He has got dribbling skills, great engine, good touch, good passing skills, can tackle as well. It’s a shame he is injury prone. If he recovered fully from his injuries, he would show how good he is. My only complain is sometimes he over-complicates things but apart from that he is quality.

  35. underrated Coq

    “Wenger says Ox is too critical of himself while we think he has it very easy. No pressure, no sword hanging over his head. ”

    Vicky, to be fair Wenger’s well known to talk a load of shite when it comes to performance appraisal. You only need to look at how he assesses his own performances.

    If Ox is really that critical of himself as Wenger would have you believe, then he wouldn’t be repeating the same mistakes in every fecking game. He alsowouldn’t have stagnated or regressed the way he’s done in the last year or two.

  36. Paulinho

    That’s creativity in a direct sense as well. Opening up the game is the biggest creative gift you can have; because opening up the game means even limited footballers can become the ‘creators’ by taking advantage of the space to square balls back etc.

  37. Jim lahey

    ” Watch the 2nd leg versus Barca in 10/11 ”

    How many times do we all have to watch that match to prove how good a player Wilshere is?!!

    “Just watch him for England”

    Oh you mean when he is playing against some of the worst sides in European football, yeah that is very impressive!

    Jack 13/14 season: 24 games 33 chances created, that is 1.4 chances created per game.

    Santi this year: 14 games 36 chances created…. he has already created more chances with 10 fewer games….

  38. DaleDaGooner

    Sterling was available, even average Zaha …all better than Ox! I was a big fan but when you talk of limited skills and all huff and puff, you’re talking Oxlade-Chamberlain. Wenger made y’all believe Campbell is total turd, and you lapped it up. Campbell isn’t nearly what we need. But he does well as a squad player, 3 or 4 ranks below. Ox is even lower in my opinion. He won’t get into a team like Bayern, Barca or even lowly Chelsea.

  39. Paulinho

    Well it makes a bit more sense to judge a player when fit than when he’s holding his ankle every five seconds. Judging him when he’s thinking more about protecting his ankle rather than concentrating on the game is the height of stupidity.

    He showed all his qualities against City last year anyway.

  40. Paulinho

    Jim – I think you mean the 1st leg being the match everyone talks about.

    You probably don’t even remember the second one.

  41. DaleDaGooner

    Willian isn’t even that good, but he has bags of confidence and gets into Mourinho team again and again. Bet if Mou had Campbell he’d use him effectively. But that Ox? It’s just the English hype. No end result. He’s disappointed me. And I won’t talk about Ramsey and Wilshere. Average players taking up space we could be filling with better players. Someone is trying to talk down about Cazorla now support of Ramsey….disgusting. Ramsey play today was infuriating, I could see the passing lanes he doesn’t see and he’s a profession midfield football player ???

  42. Paulinho

    “Jack 13/14 season: 24 games 33 chances created, that is 1.4 chances created per game.”

    Dear old dear.

    The fact you’re quoting that season says it all. He played a lot of games that year but his ankle was a mess. City game away in the 6-3 defeat being an example of a match where was absolute shit, but also clutching his ankle every fifteen seconds.

  43. MidwestGun

    Dale –
    I always thought Campbell was ok. But then I’ve seen him play a lot. He’s good enough for 60% of the Premier, estimate. But for me Ox and Campbell are pretty similar. Always thought we didn’t need both and figured we would keep homegrown option, Ox.

  44. Jim lahey

    @Paulinho “You probably don’t even remember the second one”

    Ohhh sick burn!!

    Yeah I am afraid you are right! I don’t remember a match that occurred almost 4 years ago… Its kind of sad you do 🙁

    Was that the second leg we lost 3-1 by any chance?!!

  45. Jim lahey

    “The fact you’re quoting that season says it all. He played a lot of games that year but his ankle was a mess. ”

    Can you point me to a season where its acceptable to take stats from and that his ankle wasn’t a mess?!

  46. tunnygriffboy


    I’m a Wilshere fan. He came back last season as sharp as I’ve seen him in a few years. He looked to be playing without discomfort and had that 5 yard burst back which is essential in him recieving the ball on the half turn and driving away from opponents

    In fairness to him the last 3 injuries he’s had have been the result of bad tackles. I think it’ll be a boost for the team when he becomes available in the new year. Another option and rest time for those who’ve played over Christmas. The same for Welbeck. I hope that Wenger will add as well

    Re our defence looking under pressure and us being too open today. Is there a worse DM playing in the league than Flamini ? I don’t dislike the guy but he can’t cover ground quickly enough now. You can see how different it is when Coquelin is missing and Flamini plays. We need a DM in January to cover until le Coq is available.

  47. DaleDaGooner

    Wilshere let a lot of things get to his head before he really could prove how good he is, his regression has a lot to do with his arrogance . That number 10 shirt came too early. Wasn’t it Pep that said “we have a lot of wilsheres in our la masia”?

  48. Paulinho

    Jim – Well the fact you can’t remember anything about the 2nd leg(apart from the score line) explains your general ignorance regarding Wilshere’s ability defensively and ignorance in general.

    Oh we lost 3-1 did we? Fabregas back heel to Messi?

    Oh scrap what I said about Wilshere. He must have shit defensively if we conceded three goals to one of the greatest club sides of all time.

  49. gunnergetyou


    I agree. It all gets a bit emotional on here at times. Us fans of big clubs are guilty of being thickle at times. Not too proud to admit that I thought signing Özil for £42m was a bad decision this time last year. I was even in the camp that thought Cesc was a better option.

    With the Ox I don’t think he’s as bad as people make out. He clearly isn’t playing to his potential, but it is very concerning that our young players don’t seem to be developing in the way that we would expect under Wenger. It was the same problem with Walcott. If you look at Spurs it’s the complete opposite.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    No, the height of stupidity is making a comment like, judge him when he’s fit, then pointing to a game in 2011.


    Then saying, well he’s never going to play well when he’s worried about getting injured. Right, so we can expect an upsurge in form in 2018 then can we?

    Yes, that fucking Barca game he was brilliant, second half against Besiktas last year he was great, City at home he was great, that’s the problem, we point to individual flashes in the last 5 years, not just saying ‘he’s a great performer.’

    The debate is pointless though, Wenger stuck with Diaby, he will stick with Wilshere, and they are so comparable, living off potential and brief flashes.

  51. Jim lahey

    I love that the fact I don’t remember that good game he had 4 years ago equates to me having a general ignorance! lolz…

    “Oh we lost 3-1 did we? Fabregas back heel to Messi?”

    Yeah we did! Seems like you don’t remember it too well yourself! 😉

    Do you honestly believe that Wilshere is a defensive powerhouse?? Really?!!

  52. Cesc Appeal

    I hate all this, Wilshere’s last three injuries weren’t his fault, so f*****g what? Shows his body cannot cope with the rough and tumble that is then exacerbated by his play style.

    Weak, weak body. January to May would be the final test for me, if he can’t do it, bye bye.

  53. Paulinho

    Jim – Let’s see. Wilshere is 22/23 and his ankle has been a mess for around 90% of his career.

    Stat away on that sample size all you like.

  54. underrated Coq

    No point in bigging up Jack Wilshere and his few great performances. He’s broken, maybe beyond repair.

    About Diaby looked majestic the few times he played, what good did that do?

    Its like having a special gold clock with fancy features but one which is fundamentally broken and can’t give you the right time. I’d rather sell it and buy a plastic watch, might not be as fancy but could be relied upon to not mess up my routines, say a meeting with my boss. Would make a handy profit as well, which you can use to buy a supporting unit.

  55. Paulinho

    Jim-Do you think there is not a rather substantial grey area between someone not being able to defend at all and being a powerhouse in that department?

  56. Jim lahey

    @Underrated Coq –

    “About Diaby looked majestic the few times he played, what good did that do?”

    How dare you!! Don’t you remember that game against Liverpool!!

  57. Cesc Appeal

    I’ve always thought Wilshere might be one of those rare English players that would actually do a lot better in a foreign league.

  58. tunnygriffboy

    I think Ox is desperate to do well and tries toooo hard. I think he’s frustrated with his injuries which have niggled him since that bad one v Villa. He knows he is not first chance atm so every chance he has, he has to take. I think his confidence is low atm despite his bluster.

    He’s still very young if you consider he missed the best part of the year. I think he’s one to nurture. He has a chance for a few games now and hopefully his form and confidence will improve.

  59. DaleDaGooner

    If Wenger concentrated on giving all his players the same attention and chances, I think this squad could win the league. He pays to much attention to his favorites and freezes out his rejects. Case in point, Coq ….not until all his favs are broken and he has no choice do we see his errors. I swear if all our strikers were done, we would have seen more Park back then.

  60. Jim lahey

    @Paulinho – Its simple. We have two spots open in the CM position. Now, we know that one of these players has to be a DM player, and has to be good at their job. That isn’t Jack, never was never will be. So there is now one spot left, and sure Jack when fit could be a decent addition to that spot, but he doesn’t create, just doesn’t do it, he may make a lot of space like you mentioned, but I would rather have a player there creating chances and not space.

    I’m not Ramsey’s biggest fan, but he is a better player than Wilhere, in their development he is miles ahead. We are sitting on a player that we could have made major money on last summer.

  61. MidwestGun

    Dale –
    You could be right, Ox obviously I think for his potential has always been touted and like I said homegrown. Obviously, I’m not very close to the national team hype of any of the England nationals so I always just assume given equal or similar levels of ability the tendency is to homegrown.
    Regardless, I don’t think we need both players as we could bring in a more productive scorer, imo.

  62. Paulinho

    “The debate is pointless though, Wenger stuck with Diaby, he will stick with Wilshere, and they are so comparable, living off potential and brief flashes.”

    I said two years ago Wilshere will be retired when he is 25, so yes, it is pointless, but I struggling to discover how gormless people can be to forget the level he showed when he was fully fit, and then seemingly put more stock in his performances when he wasn’t.

    Wilshere’s availability in the future and his ability/potential fully fit are two completely different things.

  63. tunnygriffboy


    Ramsey hasn’t played CM for the best part of 6 months. Give the guy a break. Sure he was rusty but he did have a positive effect on the game

    Mourinho has always spoken very highly of the Ox. He’s got a lot of time ahead of him.

  64. steve

    Wilshere is finished at this level. He will never be able to play week in week out. He’s overrated anyway so not that big of a deal.

  65. Paulinho

    Jim – I know he’s a crock, but that’s a different argument.

    Wilshere didn’t just have one good game back then. He was brilliant from around October to March and his bolt was shot after both Barca games ( he was poor after that in the run in).

    Not sure why people get in such a tizzy when that period is referred to illustrate and argue his talent. It’s obvious he wasn’t a fancy dan Quaresma type that would struggle to sustain consistency. His intelligence and composure were other wordly for someone so young.

    There’s a reason the likes of Lampard, Gerrard, Xavi, absolutely rave about him.

  66. DaleDaGooner

    If you remove emotions, we know Gabriel is a better option than Mertesacker if we aren’t buying a proper CB. Arteta shouldn’t even be in this squad and a new DM should have been bought, but because of Wilshere and Arteta, we don’t have one to back up Coq. Walcott can have the striker position, but Anothrr dynamic striker should have been brought in, heck! Akpom should be in the squad and getting regular time to compete for the striking position.

  67. gunnergetyou

    “Bringing on Gibbs as a substitute just shows you that Wenger manages with emotional ties. I’d much rather see Jeff Rene”

    He was out injured. Think he busted his head playing for the under 21s. But don’t worry, something tells me we’ll be seeing alot more of Jeff and Co on Spursday nights fairly soon.

  68. tunnygriffboy


    So we’re 2-1 up having drawn 2 and lost one of our last three games and really need a result. We have a squad riddled with injury yet you’d bring an untried 17 year old on instead of a guy who’s played 100+games for us in all competitions and has played internationally. I don’t get that.

  69. Jim lahey

    @Paulinho – I have nothing against the guy, I just think we missed out big time last summer.

    “There’s a reason the likes of Lampard, Gerrard, Xavi, absolutely rave about him.”

    The first two rave about him because they have a bias and Xavi said something about him once. That Pep quote is also one I could drag out.

  70. MidwestGun

    All in all have to say a perfect round of results, so far. Where’s Johnty to tell us how Chelscum is gonna finish above us? Lol. … dumbass Chelsea troll.

    Hilarious collapse, I must say.

  71. Paulinho

    “How gormless can you be deciding to put stock in performances that are almost 5 years old?”

    How gormless can you can be to ask that question, with the knowledge that he’s never been fit since then? Also considering the argument he how good Wilshere is when fully fit and with a run of games?

    You realise he was playing top flight level football then right? Champions League etc.

    You’re going on like he was playing like his potential is being based on a few performances at a World Youth Championship.

  72. Arsene's Nurse

    Just got back into the living room after making a curry and seen the Chelsea Bournemouth result. Both are absolutely delicious. Ha Ha. Who’d have thought we’d have been 15 pts ahead of the chavs after 15 games!

  73. Jim lahey

    Does anyone know what is going on with Chelsea?! Something is obviously going on, from walking away with the league last year to this!

    Also would anyone write them off from still winning the thing this year?

  74. Paulinho

    Getting into specifics about ole Jack.

    12/13season – All-round game pretty good, excellent against Newcastle at home in 6-2 defeat. Named man of the match when England played Brazil at Wembley. Poor in front of goal and injured again not long after that Brazil match.

    13/14 – Ironically played a lot of games, scored more goals than ever before, but his all-round game was absolutely awful. Watching him for England at Wembley a few times that year was particularly painful. Just couldn’t do anything right in terms of the things he is supposed to be good at.

    Last season – Very promising start then same old same old in terms of injury.

  75. tunnygriffboy


    Imagine the freedom Hazard would have playing for us ? I know he won the league but do you think he’d enjoy playing with Alexis, Walcott, Ozil, Santi, Ramsey. God that’s hell of an attacking threat.

    £100 million though. Is he worth that though on this seasons form ? Think Madrid beckons though. What will Chelsea do to replace him though ?

    Wouldn’t be surprised id Isco becomes available. There’s Santi’s replacement. Not in CM but further forward with Ramsey staying in midfield

    Fabregas runs with what looks like a fridge on his back.

    Talk about Mahrez ? Option on the right ?

  76. vicky

    We need a DM and a CM at the very least. I can live with not signing a winger. We will have Welback and Rosicky back to provide cover on the wings. Mahrez would cost a fortune and he is still bit of a risk given it’s his first great season. Hazard would not come to Arsenal. Real or Bayern may be.

  77. Paulinho

    “The first two rave about him because they have a bias and Xavi said something about him once. That Pep quote is also one I could drag out.”

    Turns out Guardiola was talking out his arse. Oh, and Xavi re-iterated his opinion on him only a few weeks ago.

  78. tunnygriffboy


    Wilshere’s last 3 injures

    England v Norway bad tackle by Agger

    Arsenal v man u bad tackle by McNair

    Arsenal training chopped by the ‘Archangel’


    You’re more mobile than that insufferable lazy I’m a great player who doesn’t have to turn it on and work hard every game because I’m to good to do that and Theo’s out so I have no competition for my place.

  79. Paulinho

    Tunny – I blame Wilshere for the McNair one. Stupid leaving his foot in.

    Wilshere is a deep-lying midfielder, He hits the wall a little bit when he reaches the area — runs out his ideas a little – and so overruns the ball and leaves himself open to incidents like that.

  80. Paulinho

    Although having said that, his ankle was playing up in that game and he was poor in that second half.

    The criticism of him that is fair is that unless he’s 100% fit, he can convolute our game to the detriment of our clarity and efficiency.

  81. tunnygriffboy


    Well that’s what Ozil does. He plays football billiards. Giroud stands in the penalty area and Mesut cannons the ball in off him he’s that good


    I think the players hate Mourinho. Last season up until Christmas the played good football. They got thumped by spurs and then Mourinho reverted to type. No rotation and pragmatic defensive ubercautious football grinding out 1 nils and draws. They went with him last year to win the league but the football they played after Christmas was drab. Huge pressure on Hazard to produce moments of magic game after game. I think the players have had a gutsfull

    Which is better. The front 6 who started today or :

    Coquelin Santi

    Walcott Wilshere/Rosicky Alexis


  82. vicky


    Still we will have Alexis,Theo,Welback,Ox and Joel as options.

    We are very thin in the midfield area though with Santi out for 4 months and we needed a DM anyway.

  83. tunnygriffboy


    Coquelin out for three months. Santi four months. Arteta looks as if he’ll never play again and Flamini can’t cut it 3 games a week let alone in the big games

    I think we’ll see a defensively minded midfielder come in.

  84. vicky


    Yes, that’s almost certain. But I think we need 2 new players. I like Jack but it will be naive to rely on him at this stage. Ramsey is the only CM option we have at the moment and even he is injury prone.

  85. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I loved Theo the player when he came the small video evidence of his few games hot us all excited …
    The debut coming on against villa to get a 2-2 draw in our Emirates debut
    We all loved him,

    But then he hit the glass ceiling !
    He had gone as far as he can sadly!

    He will never be what we hoped ,
    True same applies to jack ,,,
    So I blame the management of these players ?

  86. Cesc Appeal


    Did you want to keep Diaby, or were you happy to let him go.

    I find it astonishing you are throwing words like gormless around when you’re trying to make a case for a player that he will be ‘alright when fit’ and then having to back to 2011 to find an example of him being fit.

    Are you drunk? I mean it is Saturday night. Can you not see what idiocy that is…


    We will never get him, never mind, just have to wait until Wilshere trusts his ankles then we’re sorted…apparently.

    Been waiting 5 years so any day now really.

  87. Cesc Appeal

    I can see it now, Wilshere, 32, fat, in a council house, eighteen kids, has to get round the house on roller skates…

    I’m telling you, if Wilshere can put a fit season together.

  88. Cesc Appeal

    How can John Cross give Ramsey a 5, say poor game but rescued with a goal, then give Giroud a 6?

    Ramsey was brighter than Giroud, admittedly not difficult, got an assist as well if I’m not mistaken, Giroud was total rubbish, scored an own goal.

    This is why you just can’t trust journalists a lot of the time, that doesn’t even slightly make sense.

  89. Samesong

    Two players i’ve watched for two teams that have impressed me recently

    Ighalo and that King from Bourenmouth a bit raw but I like the way he plays.

    Not saying for Arsenal.

  90. Paulinho

    “I find it astonishing you are throwing words like gormless around when you’re trying to make a case for a player that he will be ‘alright when fit’ ”

    Yeah, it’s pretty astonishing you’ve extrapolated that I think Wilshere will be ‘alright’ when fit when I said I expected him to retire within a couple of years.

    Obviously, it’s hypothetical. IF Wilshere managed to get stay fit. Also it was about his level back when he WAS fully fit, and how effective he was defensively.

    You’ve caught Keyseritis mate.