Things not looking good for Santi

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League Cup week when you’re not in it makes for some very boring news.

I mean, I’m going to end up getting dragged back into the injury thing. Santi Cazorla seems to have done himself a wrongun’ with his ligaments. News isn’t in on how bad the problem is. We don’t have the gory details. But whatever the news, it’s not good for a player in their thirties to have done something like that…

Hopefully it’s the least severe of the issues.

Raymond Verheijen has been trapping off in the press about Wenger and his ways…

“All 23 Arsenal 1st team outfield players were injured in 2015 except for Joel Campbell but still people are in denial & looking for excuses.

“The problem in football is that most people do not see the bigger picture. They are only thinking about the last result & the next game.”

People take solace in the fact he doesn’t have a job at a top club. I’m really not sure how that takes away from the core elements of what he’s said above. The guy trains other coaches on conditioning and he’s been pretty spot on about Arsenal for years. Sure, he uses Arsenal to push his coaching biz, but hey, I can’t sit here and knock self promotion.

I mean, what exactly are people looking for, the Man United fitness coach to come out on the record and give Arsene a kicking in The Mirror? Be serious. If that happened, people would be… ‘Oh, but I mean, he would say that, he works for United’…

I think the worry for me is that fans can deny what’s going on rests with the coach, but does our manager do the same thing? I kind of feel this issue has been going on for so long that there must be a fundamental problem at the highest level. Or, a lack of seriousness about it.

We had a great opening to 2015. Then it all went to shit in the second half. Arsenal haven’t been able to piece together two good halves of a season together in  years… if we could sustain our first 11s fitness, we’d be winning titles. Or we’d at least be competing for longer.

We’ve also had about 14 inquiries into the problem and still no change. What’s going on?



Things were looking so good… then what? You started hanging with Per a bit more. He got you on the booze. Now all you do is drink German lager all day in authentic lederhosen?

It’s not good enough.

Anyway, enough of my rabbling.

I’ll be back tomorrow in the AM. UK AM BABY.


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  1. gunnergetyou

    Rumors surfacing that Santi is out for 3 months. We’re fucked.

    If these are 3 ‘Arsenal’ months we can definitely rule out seeing Santi again this season.

    Playing Sanchez was one thing but Cazorla playing on one leg is the one that sticks out for me.

    Time to unleash the Ram and the Ox. We need the Ramsey of 2013 to come back.

  2. Troy McClure

    I get the impression that Wenger does not listen to the fitness team led by Shad. They can prep and measure the non-injured players’ fitness till the cows come home, with the objective of preventing injury, and give their recommendation on if a player should play or rest based on the but Wenger says “f it” and plays who he wants from the list of non-broken players. They can rest while they’re injured.

    How soon until Mesut joins the list? Or how soon until he gets fed up with playing on a team full of 2nd teamers who are nowhere near his level?

  3. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah but my windows double glazed and closed ! !

    His performance last week was the last straw for me, someone who has always begrudgingly stuck up for him

    Glad Ramsey play in CM. The Flamini/Santi combo just not athletic enough. Hoped to use Mesut left while Alexis away, Santi as 10 and the balance of Ox’s dribbling on the right. Campbell or Theo up to as can’t stomach l’oreal anymore.

    Last time Ramsey played CM for any length of time he had a pretty good season. Mind you he wasn’t playing alongside that buffoon Flamini ! ! !

  4. London gunner

    This is worse news then it seems.

    Santi despite his critics is are best CM though not ideal against every opponent is a massive upgrade on Ramsey.

    Santi is fundemental to our attacking play. Big miss

  5. Dusty Kart

    Wenger needs shooting once again trying to compete with both legs tied together and wearing concrete boots

    Wenger Out!!

  6. shad

    No suprises there really. The only suprise was how a player his age kept going for so long without breaking down..going 2 to 3 games a week playing at our pace. It was a matter of time. Now Wenger will blame the ref, star wars, hair gel and everything else under the sun except his stingy ugly self.
    Next up : Özil

  7. Zimbabwean Gunner

    Dusty Kart
    December 2, 2015 18:21:41
    Wenger needs shooting once again trying to compete with both legs tied together and wearing concrete boots
    Wenger Out!!

    lol at the concrete boots part. Maybe Wenger should just be kicked into oblivion with those concrete boots!!

  8. MidwestGun

    Worst part about it is we will be rushing back recently injured players as well or making them play 90 minutes. Rumors of Theo making the bench but do we really want a repeat of Sheffield Wed. coming off the bench.

    Relying on Ox and Ramsey to go 90 minutes. It’s like injury Jenga. Pull out one block and the whole structure might crumble.

    Will be impossible to recreate Santi’s range of passing from deep and his ability to always be available and link play to Ozil. So not sure what we are gonna see exactly.

  9. Spanishdave

    Wengers arrogance again, he knows best doesn’t he?
    Small squad, overplayed, aging legs, heavy pitches , he knows best.
    Money in the kitty and all he wants to do is keep Stan happy.

  10. London gunner


    If there was ever a time for Ramsey to go through another purple patch it would be now.

    Cazorla is our creative force that links defence to put attack. With his glorious range of passing he works as that insisive catalyst.

    Ramsey doesn’t have this ability but he in his best season he went maurdering runs and linked our play with his superb drive, forward momentum/movement with the ball.

  11. Highbury4ever

    Anyaway, added to the fact that City’s injured players will soon be back, we have to deal with so many injuries that I can’t see how we could won the title this season.
    The ship is going to explode this christmas, and that will be very painfull to watch.

    And if I’m not sure that we will have that kind of great opportunity in the years to come, I’m sure that the Mighty Professor is optimist, and after all, “he knows best”.

  12. MidwestGun

    LG –
    Agree, that’s the hope. Altho, Ramsey had his best patch with Arteta. And we all know that isn’t gonna happen again. Unless Arteta has calf replacement therapy or a time machine.
    As long as we don’t see a return to 4-1-4-1 , please, no.

  13. Hitman

    It gets worse by the day. What has Wenger done to deserve this…?
    Oh yes I forget, adultery, lying, arrogance, conceit, miserliness, greed, failing to win the title since 2004…
    Le batard deserves the humiliation then.

  14. Jamie

    “Anyaway, added to the fact that City’s injured players will soon be back, we have to deal with so many injuries that I can’t see how we could won the title this season.”

    Wenger threw away the title in August when he refused to invest in the 2-3 outfield players the squad most certainly needed to challenge. Asshole.

    We desperately need Ozil to stay fit and on form, or we’re well and truly up the creek.

  15. Marko

    Can’t really be surprised considering how we went in as is squad wise and can’t do nothing about it now bar hope Ramsey and Chamberlain/Campbell do enough the next month to keep us within touching distance. Still looks like January will be make or break and hopefully we’re already putting out feelers to the likes of Lars Bender and Reuben Neves (recent links). Also big overhaul in the summer get rid of the injury lite players. That means Jack, Arteta and one or two others can do one

  16. Highbury4ever

    “What has Wenger done to deserve this…?”

    You mean, what have WE (the fans) done to deserve this ?? lol
    @Jamie : considering the “logic” of our season so far, Ozil is the next one on the list.

    Just when you think that it can’t be worst than the previous ones…

  17. Marko

    We can still have a successful season for me. Obviously we need to just get through the next month as well as possible the recent injuries don’t really change much the fact that it’ ll be our ability to bring in certain additions in January that’ll determine how we finish the season.

  18. nigel tufnel

    bad. real bad.
    well we all wanted to see jeff reine adelaide.. now we probably will.

    in the summer i wanted us to get a gary medel type in case of big injury to le coq.
    i wasnt against schneiderlin, but knew he wouldnt come here to be occasional fill in for coquelin. or to be 3rd or 4th choice behind santi wilshire ramsey .
    nobody could have forseen coq santi wilshire major injuries.
    i do have a problem with how welbeck was handled, and rosicky still playing international. if Tomas was as healthy as last year, he could have had a huge impact.
    also, i wouldnt have let ox or theo anywhere near that stupid cup game, and i wouldnt have let Alexis play last week.

    so as much as i like wenger. he has been responsible for some of this. but not the worst part.

    lets see crowley and jeff !
    never give up. never surrender!

  19. A

    Bad luck for santi

    But good news for Ramsey.

    Santi disappears against the bigger clubs

    My opinion.

    Gutted he is out for so long but opens the door for Ramsey or even put chamberlain there

  20. Danish Gooner

    Oxlade is not fit to lace Santis boots a serious down grade the guy is not able to orchestra an attack like Santi and seriously careless in possession.Never really done it for Arsenal,very lightweight and those are more then plenty in this squad.

  21. naijagunner

    Jack Crowley and rene Adelaide should be thrown in now….we are down to barebones…..thrown in Chambers at DM too, flamini bores me ……if we are gonna blow the season let’s do it trying new stuff.

    P.S I feel no pity for Wenger….he deserves the injury horror show

  22. Highbury4ever

    “…it’ ll be our ability to bring in certain additions in January that’ll determine how we finish the season.”

    Then, “this is done”. (TheMatrixRevolutions©2003)

  23. Jim Lahey

    @A – I personally don’t want to see Chamberlain anywhere near the first 11. He is so far off the quality needed to play for Arsenal.

    With Ramsey, he covers a lot of ground, but mostly in the top half of the pitch, one thing I remember from his time in the centre was how open he left the midfield, there was just so much space.

  24. MidwestGun

    nobody could have forseen coq santi wilshire major injuries.
    Actually, Jack was injured in preseason, so Wenger didn’t have to foresee anything.

  25. Jim Lahey

    “nobody could have forseen coq santi wilshire major injuries.”

    Plus the coq injury was bound to occur, has the guy ever played a full season? Plus if you’re throwing yourself into tackles week in, week out like he does, its going to happen eventually.

    but….. Wenger is too cheap to prepare.

    I’ve always felt that either he wants to be known as the guy who won the league without spending while everyone around him was throwing money about…. or (and more likely) he just couldn’t give two fucks about winning anything!

  26. MidwestGun

    To be honest, Wenger’s history with Diaby, you would think he would be the
    last person to want to gamble on fitness. But doesn’t seem to phase him.

    No lessons learned.

  27. tunnygriffboy


    Let’s give Ramsey achance inCM. Last time he played there for any length of time he was pretty effective there. True he had Arteta and his passing alongside him and not Coco the Clown and while his passing is not as sophisticated or consistent as Santi he will offer a good level of distribution and a lot more energy. He will drive with the ball carrying it more than Santi. He could also provide more of a goal threat

    Before we dismay give the lad a break. Ditto Ox. Perhaps if he knows he is going to have a run in the side he may relax and we’ll see better performances from him. I sometimes feel he tries to hard to do something special to justify his place in the side and get selected for the following game

    On another note this could ensure we get some reinforcements in the January window

  28. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Definitely, give him a chance. Not much choice. Not as much worried about WJ anyways more concerned about Flamini and lack of scoring from our front line. And then throw in defensive remix, its troublesome.

  29. London gunner


    I really do like aspects of Ramsey’s game. I just think his purple patch is part of the reason he has been pretty awful since its ended.

    Instead of ficusing on his all round game which involved his quite outstanding defensive contribution was averaging a silly amount of tackles and interceptions. He just seems to remember the goals. Since then he has been really poor and I think a large part of that is his pursuit of a Hollywood performance.

    He has been truly gash so hopefully he shows maturity now realised flamini is not to be relied on and focuses on developing or redeveloping his defensive game and his decision making in terms if when to bomb forward and when to hold back.

    Basically he really needs to work on discipline and decision making and until he gets this sorted I think he will remain a liability

    But he is a defensive liability

  30. John T.

    Bottom line this is on the manager for not investing in outfield players and for once again being the arrogant *hithead that he is. Perhaps finishing below 4th will FINALLY wake up this useless board to what many on this board have been posting for years. Namely, Arsenal needs new leadership on the bench and new thinking at the helm.

  31. Relieable sauce

    “nobody could have forseen coq santi wilshire major injuries.”

    Quick say your trolling before someone thinks your stupid.

  32. notthatSam

    so sorry for Santi. Our season is kaput, but I hope that he at least is fit enough to play for Spain in the Euros.
    I’m not waiting for Ozil to break down, as he’s already having to play 90 mins.
    Looks like we’ll be in the Europa league, which will be farcical unless we lose to the first side we play (v possible).
    Wenger might actually miss his top 4 place this year, then will moan about ‘bad luck with injuries’ and sadly, lots of his worshippers will swallow that whole.

  33. Danish Gooner

    It is absurd that some claim all these injuries couldnt be foreseen,let me remind some of those claiming Wenger isnt at fault that since 2005 we have had most injuries to our squad compared to any other PL team.Wenger cant comprehend that in todays fast and furious Pl and Cl you need at least 2 payers for every position and it doesnt help when your second left back is a 16 year old kid and that your back up to Giroud is Welbeck or Campbell or your when Coq is out i will have to rely on a geriatric like Arteta or Flamini or when Santi goes missing you only have inadequate replacemtns in Oxlade or Chambers.There are so many squad deficiencies both on ability and serious inadequate replacements it is becoming a joke.A top club like Arsenal shouldnt rely Falmini and Arteta in midfield and Campbell,welbeck and Giroud in attack it is absurd and highly detrimental to our ability to challenge.

  34. Danish Gooner

    Klopperpool on the march,how i wish we had the balls to fire Wenger and replace him with someone competent and someone who isnt satisfied with fourth place.I can just heard in May when we come fourth or fifth, “We had ze injuries” and “Why are you looking at me “.

  35. vicky

    If Santi is out for 3 months and Sanchez and Coq for at least 4-5 weeks as reported, there is no way we can pull off a decent run.We can talk about Ramsey, Ox, Chambers as much as we want but in Coq,Santi and Sanchez we have lost 3 of the best 4 players in our squad.

  36. gunnergetyou

    “On another note this could ensure we get some reinforcements in the January window”

    William Carvalho is surely a no brainer at this point. Just pay the money and get it done.

  37. Wallace

    jeez…both starting central midfielders suffering long term injuries in the space of 7 days….I think we’re fucked.

  38. Jeff

    Our players take ages to come back from injury. Coquelin and Sanchez won’t be back till end of January. And when they are back, they will need at least 2 or 3 games to get into the groove. It’s a shit situation whichever way you look at it.

  39. kwik fit

    Wenger is going to get a well deserved rollicking at the press conference on Friday. Playing Santi for a full second half on one fuckin leg. Nothing short of a public lashing would be the minimum he deserves. No Santi this Christmas!
    Only club in Europe not to buy and out field player in the summer. Fuck off Wenger!!!

  40. gazzap

    we need at least 3 players in January now. Chances of wenger doing that? 0%.

    It could be worse – Arteta could be fit!

    Certainly people like Ox need to step up for once. I’m not holding my breath. We’re going to be seeing tons of Joel. He’s never been injured you know.

  41. gunnergetyou


    Have to admit I’ve not seen much of Xhaka, but I have been watching Carvalho and he’s definitely worth the money. He’s alot more mobile than I originally thought, good range of passing, and has a physical presence. Something we’ve lacked in the middle for a long time.

    As good as Cazorla has been he can be very easily out muscled, plus he’s not much of an athlete, although his incisive forward passes will be sorely missed.

  42. vicky

    I was wrong about Klopp. I always thought he was a good manager,not a great one but he is not merely good, he is one among the very best. With him in charge at Arsenal, we would have strongly competed for the league. Liverpool don’t have a single player close to Ozil,Alexis and Santi level bar Coutinho may be and yet they are performing so well.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’s just the freshness, the reinvigoration, his infectious personality and drive to succeed, right now even players I considered average are stepping up.

    Be very interested to see how he does with the youngsters there, he seems to like Ibe.

    I literally cannot wait until it’s our turn, whenever that may be, as long as Kronger don’t ruin it for us with an appointment like Garde and then himself as DoF.

  44. nigel tufnel

    The oracles here, who knew we’d lose santi, coq, wilsh, and more
    . What player can you name that would have come to barely make the bench.?. and now name a good player that would have.

    But wenger really fckd up Alexis. Stupid, stupid decision to play him. Same with using theo in cap one cup. We were playing great with him as our starting striker and giroud as impact sub.

  45. Relieable sauce

    Liverpool do have some good players, some very decent young players as well.
    Their midfield isnt great, but collectively it trumps ours. Not sure Spurs have the depth there but the Pool squad under Klopp look to be the main challengers for the top 4.
    Should look good next season after a couple of TWs.

  46. vicky

    “I think it’s just the freshness, the reinvigoration, his infectious personality and drive to succeed”

    Disagree CA. It’s more than that.

    Liverpool are defensively very disciplined now. It seems Klopp has put a lot of work behind the scene to bring defensive stability. Under Brendan. Liverpool’s defense looked out of sorts. Of course his man management is something very well known but he is tactically sound as well.

  47. MidwestGun

    Nigel –
    Not being mean… but Jack was injured before the season, hardly his first time at it either. Don’t have to be an oracle to know something that was already known. Rosicky, Welbeck, Jack were always gonna be long term. Before the transfer window closed and Ze boss did nothing, every freakin player in the world has to fight for their spot to play. So I don’t buy that arguement, at all.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    Well that’s what I mean, a reinvigoration, a refocusing, the way he sets up though, it’s so important the players catch his fever because it shows on the pitch with the high tempo pressing and direct attacking style.

    They believe in him, it’s new, it’s fresh.

    Essentially, the direct opposite of Arsenal.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    That’s right!

    I knew there was a bad result in there somewhere, couldn’t think of it.

    7 points out of Spurs, Chelsea and City away though, that is pretty decent.

    Done well so far, going to be very interesting, I think both Spurs and Liverpool, ‘lesser’ teams have better managers than us now.

  50. salparadisenyc

    Nigel don’t be daft.

    All it takes is decisive management with the bank balance we have.
    Cut shot of TR7, Arteta, Flamini and sign two players, one Coquelin’s back up the other a more advanced versatile attacking mid.

    Wenger made the decision to keep these options along with Wilshire.

    Our lack of quality depth is slicing us into pieces heading into the heaviest period of the season. Theres no excuse. The title is within touching distance this season and Wenger’s same mistakes will cost us far to much to prize it.

    Come 2016 its quite easy to envision us into the Europa league spots in the league, playing Thursday nights with Tottenham and Pool ahead of us in the league. Pretty poor dire considering we’ve had a settled squad with all the funds to freshen up where needed.

  51. Danish Gooner

    Wenger is outdated and stale that is why we should have had Kloop if we dont get serious about Guardiola or Ancelotti in the summer i will go mental.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    So let’s see, doomer predictions from the summer.

    Coq would get injured, check.

    The usual crocks would be the usual crocks, check.

    Our ST options would not be good enough, check.

    Sanchez will be run into the ground, check.

  53. kwik fit

    Have a feeling that Pool will challenge this season . They aren’t that far behind and any team who put a strong run in can win it. AKA Arsenal 1998

  54. Danish Gooner

    Wenger only have one year left it wont be a massive pay out and Ancelotti or Guardiola is a must in the summer,we cant have another inactive summer and another winter of discontent now Kroenke and gazidis must step up to the plate and end this nightmare.

  55. Cesc Appeal


    Could end up with a situation where they are all taken, both Manchester clubs will have new managers very soon.

    Klopp is already gone as well. Realistically, Klopp, Guardiola and Ancelotti, Arsenal fans favourites, could all be gone.

    Nice stadium though.

  56. Danish Gooner

    Kwik fit you could be right the Pl is massively overrated and Kloop is so far ahead on the rest of the coaches that you cant deny that they have a chance,especially because i believe no more then 75 or 78 points will win the league this year.

  57. salparadisenyc

    Meanwhile looks like Madrid with be disqualified from the Copa for fielding an ineligible player.

    All going Pete Tong for Rafa.

  58. MidwestGun

    God, but I hate Pool fans, at least over here, in M ‘erica.. Some of the most arrogant of all.

    Apparently, Benitez played a player who was supposed to have been suspended and scored a goal in the Copa del Rey, now RM will have to forfeit the competition. His life not getting any better, is it? Lol.

  59. Danish Gooner

    Guardiola would get a massive challenge,i kind off think it is time for him to take on a real challenge,he has done very well at Bayern and Barca but they have no problems because they are putting money behind their words and they are not led be an egomanaic who have slowly season after season made Arsenal more and more ordinary.

  60. Danish Gooner

    Arsenal is a text book example on holding on to long on your outdated manager but on the other hand Kroenke cares as little about Football as i do about mountain climbing so fourth is all good while the real fans know it is not.

  61. Cesc Appeal


    The only good thing is Usmanov still owns almost a third of the club and seems to dislike Kroenke. So there is that.

    In a time where there seems to be a lot of interest in buying clubs and buying stakes in clubs, we just have to hope Kroenke pockets a massive pay day and goes back over to the US, I do not see what he’s done for us in the slightest, Spurs landed a huge NFL deal, where was he, he owns an NFL team doesn’t he?

    Our commercials when finally renegotiated were solid, nothing too spectacular though. On the pitch, massive drop .

    Of course Wenger loves it, gets to do what he wants unchecked, Gazidis is a money and commercials man…

    Really is dire stuff.

  62. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    He’s clearly obssessed by land development and building wealth. The whole LA thing is so he can build a giant sports complex with an attached shopping mall in a bigger TV market. Could care less about the Rams fans who will be losing their team.
    I suppose there is the possibility he needs to sell Arsenal to finance it at some point. The NFL votes on it next month I think whether they can move.
    Might determine what he does.
    Still mad about the Spuds sponsorship thing. Doesn’t smell right. Seems like a conflict of interest. Kroenke was forced to change his NBA and Hockey teams to his sons name/ownership so their wouldn’t be conflict supposedly between league issues and it wouldn’t surprise me if thats why his son was named to the Afc board.

    But your right, a mess, if you ask me.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    He doesn’t sound like a good guy to be honest, certainly not what we want at all, over here you either need to really know the game or club preferably, or have deep pockets and even deeper ambition to win the fans round.

    Sort of sounds like Kroenke saw Arsenal as a great asset in his portfolio, and the promise of autonomy to make money to the people within the club, have luxurious salaries and then obviously for Wenger to have totally control won him almost everyone at Arsenal at a board level and of course Wenger who desires power and control over anything else.

    Literally the only people who got stiffed in that deal were the fans, in terms of the quality of product and the fact they have been milked dry ever since.

    Think it was Martin Samuel in the DM who said something about Arsenal not resting players, but now the fans are deciding to ‘rest’ from coming, after the appalling attendance at Zagreb. I hope so.

    It really would be nice for Arsenal fans to all get together in the best interest of the club and say this is wrong, we’ve been here before, we make the same mistakes every year, and something clandestine is going on at board level, we’re obsessed with making money and hoarding mountains of cash whilst gladly letting a past it, delusional manager carry on however he pleases.

    As you said, something doesn’t smell right at Arsenal.

  64. London gunner

    People keep shouting about the Spurs nfl deal, but so what?

    It’s probably not all that much money compared to our commercial contracts.

    Anyone even have a figure.

    Spurs moving to a new stadium
    Won’t change much

  65. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Spurs moving to a new stadium. Won’t change much.’

    Fingers crossed it has the same effect it had on us, they they don’t use their increased revenue and adhere to this rule the EPL has that you must horde a mountain of cash.

    Times are changing I think, we need to wake up a little at Arsenal to stay ahead of the chasing pack. That top 4 easily, easily will have 6 strong competitors in the coming seasons.

    I am worried in the future, next 2-3 years we could be in a spot of bother, Spurs and Liverpool have new managers who are now putting their marks on those teams and are both going to be expanding commercially in the coming seasons, United and City will have new managers in the next 1-2 years.

    Just us. Doing the Wenger, occupying that unique zone of looking impressive and all at once being incredible fragile and often tittering on the edge of falling out of the elite.

  66. Roy Keane's Beard

    It’s still possible to play a midfield of:

    Flampard / Rambo
    Ox / Ozil / Campbell

    Not too shabby?!!

  67. MidwestGun

    People keep shouting about the Spurs nfl deal, but so what?
    LG –
    Details haven’t been released meaning it’s probably pretty good. It would be naive to think a 10 year deal with a partner with unlimited income like the Nfl won’t help them. Not to mention they have agreed to play 2 games there and are involved with the design of a second pitch and changing room meaning they may be paying for part of the stadium. Free money.
    Additionally, they aren’t even owned by a NFL owner and we are but aren’t getting any benefit. That’s some crap.

  68. Bamford10


    Yes, there were a number of Klopp skeptics on here. Guy is fucking brilliant and has already transformed Liverpool — and this without signing a single player.

    They are playing with confidence, organization and verve and just beat a pretty good Southampton side 6-1. And this with fairly average personnel — indeed most observers would’ve rated Southampton’s starting XI well above Liverpool’s.

    Liverpool players who seemed to have lost their way or their confidence just a few months back — Lallana, Ibe, Moreno, Cam, Allen — are now playing with intelligence and confidence.

    Helps to have a good manager, and Klopp is that.

    Cannot wait till Wenger fucks off. We want a proper manager, not a fucking fraud.

  69. Bamford10

    By the way, just to rub salt in the injury wound, Klopp left Coutinho out of the Liverpool squad tonight even though Coutinho had returned to full training after a hamstring issue. Klopp consulted with medical staff and decided he didn’t want to risk Coutinho.

    Opposite approach of our dipshit.

  70. Moray

    For me, the ultimate irony is waiting all these years to get the crock Diaby and his 60k p/w off our payroll….and then Wenger fails to replace him anyway. Fails to buy any outfield player in fact, despite the fact half of our squad are well known injury cases. and in the case of Wellbeck abnd Wilshire, long-term injury carries before the season began. Awful.

  71. Shaun Wilson

    I’m sorry but, for a brief and perplexing hiatus back in 2013, Ramsey just isn’t. Good enough. And he will probably pick up another injury soon anyway.
    Any predictions for Top 4 for this year?
    Here are mine :
    1 Manchester City
    2 Liverpool
    3 Tottenham
    4 Manchester United
    Arsenal will finish fifth.
    It didn’t need to be this way Arsene, you fucktard!

  72. Jeff

    Even after Wenger goes, it’s going to take years to sort Arsenal out. Think of all those mediocre players on high wages. They’ll all have to be sold – even if it means making a loss. It will take years for a new wage structure is put into place – to undo all the crap Wenger will leave behind.

    The best we can hope for is a manager who’s astute and brilliant in tactics, organisational and inspirational departments. Someone who the players will respect (not dote on like a daddy) and give their all in every game and in every situation. Someone who is young, vibrant and full of ambition. Not like the silly old fool we have now who’s only concern in the technical area is whether or not to shake hands with the other manager, having a go at the fourth official, ringing his hands like a nervous wreck and thinking up excuses for the post match interview.

    The only support Wenger now has is out of sheer loyalty for past services more than anything else and these people are willing to sacrifice the club for as long as it takes so that Wenger can leave on his own terms. I have never witnessed anything like it in the sporting world and I don’t think there has been anything like it ever.

  73. Thank you and goodnight


    I bet you over next couple of years Liverpool will come closer to winning the league under klopp than we will under wenger. Not saying they’ll win it….just that they’ll get closer. At least we have Remi garde to look forward too.

  74. Moray

    Jeff, on the plus side we actually have a pretty good back office team in place and access to some excellent technology resources. It’s just that because of Wenger we are not currently using any of them.

    And yes we need a bit of a clear out, but we still have 2/3 of a good squad, which properly managed, prepared and maintained could actually win something significant (or at least be in the mix).

    This is why Arsenal should be such an attractive proposition to someone like Guardiola…huge potential and underperforming for years and ripe for development. as well as that, the new guy will be given time to build their vision.

  75. Wallace

    we have a chance, if we can beat Sunderland & Villa in the next two games and then get something out of at least one of the City & Soton games we’ll head into January in contention, at which point it’s a minimum of two players, and they’ll have to be signed early, but losing Cazorla a week after losing Coquelin….I think that’s going to kill us.

  76. Moray


    Wenger is not going to buy anyone in Jan. I’m sorry but you should prepare yourself for the disappointment now. At best we will loan someone with a broken back or one leg or something. Wenger does not see things as the rest of the world does.

    And TBH, even if he does by some miracle buy someone it will be half a season too late. This season, like always, is already beyond us.

  77. Wallace

    yeah, huge pressure on Ozil, and you’d think both Ramsey and the Ox will have to emerge as key figures if we’re to have any chance.

  78. DUIFG

    yeah, huge pressure on Ozil, and you’d think both Ramsey and the Ox will have to emerge as key figures if we’re to have any chance.

    Pretty much.

    TBH if we had a half decent striker i would still be semi confident as ozil could literally bullet feed him himself, unfortunately we dont, so its going gto be a toothless affair.

    Best we can hope for is a couple 1 nils

  79. Thank you and goodnight

    And come the end of the season wenger will be moaning how injuries ruined our season and how unlucky we were and the akb’s will lap it up. Seriously can’t see Ozil or Sancreed staying beyond this season and wouldn’t blame them one bit. REPLY was right about clubs lack of ambition.

  80. Jeff

    As far as the present is concerned, without Sanchez, we will be relying completely on Giroud to score the goals. Ozil is the assist king but he can’t very well assist himself. So Giroud will have to convert more of the chances he gets – but he just doesn’t have the quality. So where are the goals going to come from? And if we end up in Europa, how many extra games will we need to play with the depleted squad which will put further strains on it? There are no easy answers to any of these questions. Arsenal is being assaulted from all sides:

    1. Wenger won’t buy (meaning we have no depth)
    2. Wenger won’t change training methods causing more injuries (meaning we have less depth)
    3. Wenger has no tactics (meaning we can’t wing it or grind out a tactical win)
    4. Wenger has no plan B (meaning we are bound to fail)

    If you were the owner or a chairman with more power than the manager, what would you do? What would any sane, balanced person do?

  81. Thank you and goodnight

    And come the end of the season wenger will be moaning how injuries ruined our season and how unlucky we were and the akb’s will lap it up. Seriously can’t see Ozil or Sancreed staying beyond this season and wouldn’t blame them one bit. RVP was right about clubs lack of ambition.

  82. Thank you and goodnight

    Wenger should shave all players hair off to stop them using hair products and injuring themselves

  83. Jeff

    If we can’t beat West Brom or Norwich (both relegation material) with our best team, how are we going to beat Olympiakos away or any other side with our B or C team? There is just no hope and barring a miracle, we will start to slide down the table before we get any of our main players back and that is with the proviso that all of the current ones remain fit which is also unlikely.

  84. Wallace


    Walcott should be back on the bench this weekend. even if he doesn’t get on I think his mere presence there will motivate Giroud. fingers crossed we could be facing City on the 21st with our best attacking trio – Ozil/Sanchez/Walcott – back in place.

  85. Thank you and goodnight


    Giroud is shit….end of. His performances and lack of effort are disgusting and if he needs Walcott to gee him up then I think him and wenger should be fucking disgusted with themselves. We could all forgive up to a point his deadlines in front of goal…….but not his lack of effort.

  86. Wallace


    he’s averaging better than a goal every other game during his time at Arsenal. he can be very frustrating, and he shouldn’t be our no. 1(which i don’t think he is anymore), but he’s not shit.

  87. Wallace


    “I’d love to play the eternal optimist but sometimes you have to call it like it is.”

    I have to. we’re two points off the top. until we’re 10-12pts back and Ozil’s also been KOd I’ll continue to believe we can do something. the alternative just doesn’t appeal.