Wenger’s January transfer plans already wavering…

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You know things are going pretty well at your club when the biggest issue the press can drum up is the 14minute flight you’ve taken to Norwich.


Ok, it’s a little bit ostentatious…


‘Verity, Can you believe that a £200m a year football team could be so vulgar in chartering a private jet?’

I mean, honestly. This is a performance industry. We’ve a tough month coming up. The last thing those players legs need is being stuck on a cramped coach for an 8 hour round trip. They also don’t need train issues like they had at Stoke. Bravo for the environmental group that stepped up to lambast the club… but seriously, you’ve got bigger issues… maybe go and pick on the factories in that areas and park a car in front of the incredible waste they spurt out over the countryside (yah man, first hand experience of those factories).

I don’t care about the plane. In fact, I salute it.

Wenger has ruled out Aaron Ramsey in the DM role.

“Ramsey is more an offensive player,”

“I will use him sometimes there [centrally] when the game demands, but is he naturally with Cazorla a balanced pair? Defensively, certainly, it’s a very adventurous one!

“I used Ramsey on the right because he gives us a balance, because we have Ozil who is an offensive player, we have Sanchez, we have Giroud or Walcott and Cazorla so to balance a bit defensively, I use Ramsey on the right. That’s where I will certainly continue to use him.

“He is not afraid to tackle but he likes to go in the box and he has a good timing of runs and he wants the ball and he wants to go forward. If you take that out of him, and you say ‘look, you have to sit now, and sit there and wait,’ you kill his strengths.

Fair shout there. Aaron is a great player, but so is Sanchez and you wouldn’t stick him there. Round pegs and square holes occasionally work, but there has to be some sort of relevance in the player’s past to make it worth even considering.

Tomorrow, I’m going to guess that it’ll be Flamini in the deep-lying role. Really, we shouldn’t need too much from him. Norwich should be a fairly standard run out for the side. I think our worry is City in 3 weeks time. If Flamini is the player we want for that game, then we have to stick with him from now until then… if it’s going to be Chambers, the same. We need to get the fitness into their legs and shake off that rustiness.

On the Wenger Jan Transfer ‘will he / won’t he’ saga… it appears the manager might already be wavering.

‘It’s nearly impossible to find, in January, a top, top player. But you have your eyes open. You never know, we’ll see’

I think we’re well on track for a December 12th concession that January transfers are both impossible and offensive… AND SHUT UP I DON’T BUY FOR YOU.

Onto Norwich, they’re a team in pretty poor form. They’ve lost 5 of their last 6, but, it’s fair to say, their run has included Chelsea, City and Leicester. They did however really let themselves down losing to Newcastle… a team who had a moment this week when Steve McClaren swore for the first time this year.


Anyway, 16 points from 12 is about as bad as Chelsea. So we’ll no doubt make this a tough day for ourselves.

Ideally, we’ll go up there, beat them 3-0 by half time, then bring off Sanchez and Santi. That won’t happen and I’d imagine Wenger will be eyeing the long week off we have before the next game. So we’ll go all out for this. Hopefully we’ll have Ox to come off the bench. We’ll obviously have Ramsey back in contention as well. Key thing again for tomorrow is 3 points, no injuries and happy smiley faces.

Right, the newsfeeds are a touch dry, so I’ll love you a leave you.

Likelihood of a preview are slim tomorrow, so I’ll see you later with a match report!



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  1. London Gunner


    I’d be tempted to give ox this season to show improvement if not he has to go.

    Jack wilshere has to be fit for rest of the season if he gets injured during preseason/summer we need to look to sell him when he gets his fitness back

    I like Ramsey but tbh there are a lot of better CM’s out there.

    Bring in Xhaka, Gundogan, pjanic for Ramsey, wilshere, arteta and flamini

    goetze or Isco For Cazorla

    konoplyanka for ox and welbeck

    Giroud for Griezmann and bring in embolo

    Sanchez, ozil Isco/gotze
    gundogan pjanic
    mon koz gabs bellerin

    rotating certain players in

    sanchez ozil konoplyanka
    coq xhaka
    gibbs koz chambers jenks

  2. GuNZ

    Where’s your fucking sloppy-lipped smugness now Wenger? Where’s your ‘Ah’m so cleverrr coz ah ‘ave managed to get togezer a good side wizout aving to spend any more zen ze cost of a jamboree bag.’ You couldn’t manage the Paipapariki under two, trans-gender, tiddly winks fucking team. Cunt! If Alexis is out long term I’m going to fly over there and give you a good fucking hiding! Negligent, twatty cunt-pig! I am so fucking annoyed right now.

  3. Bermy boy

    Asswipe would have us all believe he has faith in his squad but he plays a man he knows is on the brink of injury what a desperate lying hypocrite.You exposed yourself today ya cunt heh heh….. you wrote, directed and starred in this fuck up boss.

  4. Relieable Sauce

    Its Sanchez’s fault he got injured and a point against relegation contenders is to be expected!?

    Some of his statements lately are incredible, as is the lack of any scrutiny and accountability.

  5. Hunter

    See this is the problem at the end of the season,the TV revenues will come into place next season and everyone and their mum will have loads of dosh to buy players.This will inevitably push prices through the roof and the hope of picking up top players will become a lottery.Despite U.S. Having 200 Million in the Bank it won’t really help us much as everyone else’s coffers have swollen too.Top Top Qualidee players will demand astronomical wages and anyone decent will be swept up by the Barcas,Madrids,Bayers,Manchesters and Chelsea’s of our time.So what should we do?Well it’s obvious if Wenger is still in charge he will dither and dither and get gazumped time and time again.We should re invent the Academy a bit like the Ajax model ,we can afford to get the best scouts and youth managers surely?I know you will argue that all the BIG boys will be doing the same but we have little option in my opinion.If the club is just interested in watching attractive tippy tippy football and not bothered about trophies then that’s the way forward throw all our money at the Accademy,get rid of Wenger,replace him with. De Boer with the help of Bergkamp and wait for the results.We won’t be Premiership Champions or European Champions but just might over time breed a great side,I mean let’s face it Trophies don’t matter at AFC anymore!

  6. tunnygriffboy


    All of those players are top draw and I would love it to happen. However realistically we’re not going to bring 6 players like that in. No reason why we shouldn’t get 3 players of that quality in

    We’ll have to bring in 2 midfielders in for Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky. I think Mert needs replacing and I think Debuchy will be off. I’d love a forward for Giroud. That would mean 5 players coming in. He won’t get more than that.

    Re Wilshere and Ramsey. I still think they’ve a fair bit to offer. Ramsey’s game is high energy. He needs to be rested once in a while. To be fair to Wilshere the last 3 injuries he’s had have been the result of nasty/mistimed tackles not tissue injuries

    You say we are two points off the top but city are capable of putting a run together. Thing is with most of our players available we arecapable as well. If , and I’m saying if, we can stay in touch until middle of January when our players return we may just challenge. If too much damage isn’t done by then having Alexis out for 4 weeks means he gets a good rest and will be fit for the second half of the season

    As Romford said. Wenger made the choice about the squad it’s his choice. I’ve a suspicion we’ll see someone arrive in January

    Team for Sunderland

    Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Kos, Monreal
    Flamini Ramsey
    Ox Santi Ozil

    * Can’t stand the sight of Giroud anymore.

  7. Phlo

    Fellow Gooners, this is finally the downfall of the mighty Wenger…. With Sanchez and Kos also injured it is unfortunate that there is only one way this has to roll out. Just as long as we don’t get relegated I fear this is the only way. To finally get rid of the vermin that has been holding us back for so long, be prepared for a few more of these games where the cracks show as it is inevitable regarding the “planing””cohesion”and “preparation” to winning the league will be evident as to he old Senile has brainwashed everyone to believe. 8£.5m per year for this? Highest ticket prices for this? Let’s shoe the board what a empty stadium looks like….. But I guess the AKB’s will fill the shell up

  8. Emiratesstroller

    I suggested already after injury to Coquelin that we need to bring in a DMF/CMF
    who can come in to cover for BOTH Coquelin and Cazorla.

    We can no longer rely on Flamini or Arteta to cover for Coquelin and Cazorla
    only works as a deep playing Central Midfielder if we have a high class defensive midfielder to play alongside and cover for him. We saw today just how weak our midfield was defensively.

    The loss of Coquelin has highlighted just how weak we are now defensively in
    midfield as was already well known over last 2 seasons until he arrived on the scene.

    What was also very obvious today even when we were supposedly in control
    of game was how slow our build up play was. Bellerin is not playing particularly well at moment and to be perfectly honest Ramsey spends far too much time playing out of position to cover for him when the ball is lost and Bellerin
    finds himself out of position.

    The real concern is that the more players from our regular starting eleven who get injured the more obvious it becomes that our so-called squad players
    are simply not good enough to replace them. Messrs, Debuchy, Chambers,Gabriel, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, Campbell are simply not good enough
    replacements. Many of these players were selected to play against Sheffield
    Wednesday, which highlighted the problem.

    At the moment we are not quite in crisis because we are only three points
    behind Man City, but if we fall behind by lets say 10 points by Christmas then
    we will struggle to recover.

    The million dollar question is how Wenger will respond to this situation in January, because he can no longer rely on half a dozen sick notes in our squad
    to last the season.

  9. Gooner38

    The Board are happy with Wenger because he makes them money, I think it is time to start having ago at the people who own the club. Kronkie took 3 million out of the club this year. It’s time for the chairman to ask Wenger what the hell is he doing making the same mistakes year on year. The only response to the board being so
    inept is to boycott a few games but that possibly won’t happen. Something needs to happen because it’s feels like Groundhog Day every season.

  10. Dissenter

    There’s news circulating that Arteta is expected to be available for selection in two weeks.

    I’m not sure if that was leaked to lighten our gloom of to make us just laugh heartily.