Black Friday is all about internal bargains. Who is it for DM?

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Learning all the new holidays… so Black Friday is the start of Christmas and people fight each other for good deals. Violence and big screen TVs.

What a place.

We could do with a bit of Black Friday magic of our own, but, sadly, we’ll have to wait for the January sales.

So in the meantime, who the hell are we going to drop into that defensive midfield role?

Matty Flamini

Secret eco billionaire Matty is the obvious choice. He still has the legs, generally running 50% further than anyone else on the pitch even if it’s not productive and he’s certainly hungry. Is he good enough? Well, I don’t think he’s been top of mind for a few years and even at the peak of his powers his actual ability was questionable.

Aaron Ramsey

Round peg in a very square hole here. The Welsh wizard is multfaceted and he can adapt to most positions, but, I’m very unsure as to whether he could keep the attack monster under control for 90minutes. If there’s a weakness in his game it’s that he sometimes thinks he’s a striker. I think asking him to play the deep-lying role for an extended period might make him sad… and it might make us sad as well, because I’m not sure he’d be very good at it.

Jack Wilshere

Well, here’s a tasty option. Jack plays the role for England, he’s on record as saying he’d like to play it for Arsenal… BUT… where is he? Injured. Like always. So the opportunity that is there right now, is not there to be taken. So he’s missing out. However, if he’s back in the game by the end of the month, he’ll definitely be in the ‘internal promotion’ style of signings. Wenger loves free and free worked last year when we introduced Coquelin to the mix.

Callum Chambers

I like Callum, I really do. But he’s a bit raw. I also don’t see a lot of fight in him at the moment. I think he has a good build for the role, very much like Matic. His pace isn’t great, but he’s quite good technically and he has a background in the position. I just wonder whether we should be throwing someone so young into a big problem we have? Wouldn’t want him to go all Senderos on us…

But, Wenger is being bold. Like he always is at the end of November.

“We are in a position where we want to do something,”

“If I find the right quality I will do something.”

Let’s see what he’s saying by the 12th of December. I think he’d U-turned by that date last season!

Tomorrow we can talk about who we could bring in, so if you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments so I can repurpose them as my own.

Finally, before I go… soak up this line from the manager.

“Sanchez had a little hamstring alarm but we will see how he recovers from that,”


Someone get Shad on the line, we need to work and intervention here. Rest him against Norwich. Please. Rest those weary legs!

Right, before I go… check out the below podcast I took part in last night with the boys from ABergkampWonderland.

Also, in the spirit of Black Friday and Jesus, we’ve got a deal going on over at Art of Football. You buy a shirt / hoody, you use this code (BF25), you get 25% off. The shirts are really nicely done, good Christmas present type of stuff. I’m making nothing off this, I just know my cousins wear the stuff to games and the lad behind it is a super keen gooner.


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  1. tobs

    We’ve got a reasonable running until we play city, so hoping for wins and players coming back from injury. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Wenger is not leaving so may as well support the team.

  2. Relieable Sauce

    Who will fill Wengers Coq shaped void…?

    Well if Chambers and Debuchy put in any kind of performance it will be them, if not, he might sign a kid, a crock or another average player.

  3. tobs

    There are a number of options out there, but knowing Wenger he’ll tweedle his thumbs all through January. I don’t see either of Chambers or Debuchy filling the gap consistently. We can subsist until Jan but we will need proper reinforcements.

  4. MidwestGun

    Pedro –
    Glad to see your enjoying our ridiculous retail holiday culture, nothing like waiting in-line 6 hours for that Star Wars Darth Vader toaster you always wanted at 50% off, only to find out the store only has 4 of them.
    What’s that?…… you mean I could have ordered it on-line…..

    Guess this is the closest your gonna have to a Le Grove t-shirt. … I’ll check it out over at #AoF.

    Not a big fan of trying Chambers out at Dm…. looks like a fish out of water everytime I’ve seen him play there. Reminds me of when everyone was touting Vermaelen as a Dm.
    Arsene and his internal solutions. …even has Bellerin brainwashed.

  5. Bamford10

    Flamini for the moment, but we really should go into the market. Rumor mill says Wenger will look at Chambers there before looking at the market.

  6. London gunner

    World class for me means top 5 in a position.

    From the wing.

    I would say top 5


    For me hazard isn’t world class.
    Would have Douglas Costa ahead of him and possibly ribbery.

    So even if you don’t count ronaldo he still doesn’t make top 5.

  7. Bamford10


    Re “world class,” I like your top-five-in-his-position rubric, because sometimes the fifth best player at a position is still a fantastic player and worthy of the designation “world class”.

    Not all that different from Kane’s could-start-for-one-of-the-top-five-clubs rubric, though, ultimately.

    The real problems come when you talk about whether a specific player fits the rubrics above. For example, I imagine Koscielny would divide opinion here. To me, he is not “world class,” but some here likely think he is. For me we only have two world class players — Ozil and Sanchez — but I wouldn’t put either of them in the top XXII.

    I imagine you WOULD have Ozil in the top XXII, though.

    To each his own. 😉

  8. Kane

    Flim-Flam thank you mam cannot play 2 games in a week let alone 3 in 8 days so over the Xmas period we need more than 1 solution.

    Ramsey – fuck off. He will be the welsh alex ringobert song… charging up the pitch every chance he gets…

    Jack – hahahahaha – defensive mid…. hahahahahaha… yes cos Jack is exactly the player I want diving in and stretching / extending his leg for a challenge – putting his glass ankles on the line for the team….

    Calum – why the fuck not? Maybe he will excel there, he can’t be any worse at DCM than he is at RB / CB…

    Gabriel could be another option – seems intelligent enough to understand the role, loves a challenge and needs to play more…

    Fuck it stick Sanchez there…

  9. MidwestGun

    Haha true Bamford, (Ozil is the man right now) but like I said that’s why its subjective. LIke I said if you can name 5 better players in that position then chances are that player isn’t World Class. …. A litmus test.

  10. Bamford10


    For me Hazard is clearly “world class”. He just isn’t playing well at the moment.

    You raise an issue, though, re how to define “position”: would there only be five slots for all wide attacking players regardless of the side they play on? Or would you allow for five wide left and five wide right?

  11. London gunner

    World class defenders is a hard one because most of the players presumed world class make some horrendous mistakes aka kompany, Ramos and pique.

    But the mainstream idea is

    Thiago silva
    Matt hummels

    I personally don’t think kompany is world class

    I haven’t seen enough of hummels to judge.

  12. Relieable Sauce

    WC status cant be based on an arbitrary number, it has to be based on fixed criteria so players cant be called WC by default.

    Can anyone name 5 WC LBs?…RBs?…GKs?

  13. Kane

    Bamford – like your definition re world class…

    only problem is that it suggests that at any time there are only 22 world class players in the world and potentially only 2 in each position…. i.e. 2 world class GK…etc…

    Re the top 5 players in his position… then I think that is fair to use as a basis for discussion… if we are to separate a player from being a top quality player vs being world class (i.e. better than top quality).

    Using Kos as your example… he is top quality of that there is no doubt, but is he one of the top 5 defenders in the world… I’d say so therefore by this definition is not world class.

  14. London gunner


    I think it would unfair to allow for 5 left and 5 right places because you would only allow five for the striker position and also by allowing so many positions for The wingers the quality would drop quite dramatically.

    I don’t think sanchez is world class so for me hazard isn’teither.

    I would actually say sanchez in his debut season had a bigger individual impact than hazard has in any season at chelsea.

    I think that hazard is less error prone and more refined than sanchez, but sanchez is more capable of those wonderful magical moments that single handidly win you a game.

    In hazards best season he hit 14 goals in a title winning team which isn’t wonderful or world class, many fans would suggest its because he is involved in the build up of goals but as you can see with sanchez he for me is just as involved dropping deep and creating attacks yet scoring more in an alien league.

    I don’t know if it’s possible, but if sanchez could learn to release the ball earlier and at the correct time instead of getting dispossessed so much he would for me be clearly superior to hazard.

  15. MidwestGun

    I don’t think you can count Ribbery as anything right now, he has entered the injured possibly over the “hill” zone. Not sure how you factor in age and injuries. Reus also clearly WC talent but always injured.

  16. London gunner


    It would be 5 world class fullbacks

    As essentially the fulback whether on left or right hold the same function.

    You can’t allow 10 spots for fullbacks then only 5 for gk and 5 for striker.

  17. jwl

    To me, world class means player who would be considered for 23 man squad if there were world cup involving other planets in the universe. Ozil, Sanchez and maybe Cech would be in the mix from our current squad.

    I hate shopping, could not pay me enough to go shopping on day like today but my impression of Black Friday is that there are a few limited bargains to attract the crazed horde but most of the items for sale are things the stores haven’t been able to shift yet. I don’t think Arsenal should behave like deranged shoppers who want to buy something, anything, as long as its bargain.

  18. London gunner


    I revised that list and didn’t include ribbery.

    I have to say I’m very sceptical about hazard.

    A player who struggled to overtake walcotts stats and who goes missing every 3 games isn’t world class.

    Also many proclaimed him a future ballon d’or winner when Neymar is in another league, reus has been a fair margin better for some time and Robben who can’t win a ballon d’or is a far far better player.

  19. London gunner

    Black Friday last year was apparently amazing like 90 percent of tv’s

    But it caused a lot of chaos and violence so unfortunately they have scrapped those deals.

  20. Relieable Sauce


    LB and RB are different positions, you plucked the number 5 out of the air.

    By your definition if 6 legends of the game played at the same time only 5 would be WC.
    Doesnt make sense.

  21. MidwestGun

    Jwl –
    Not bad.. you are basically saying top 2 then. We could kick Pluto’s ass in the Solar System Cup. Altho, I hear they have been relegated from planetary status, back to the B league for them.

  22. MidwestGun

    Sauce –
    I came up with 5 also, as a sort of general litmus test to compare players. I get what you are saying if there were ten better cam’s then attacking mids how do you eliminate 5 of them.? But you do have to play a formation of some sort. You couldn’t have 20 keepers on your WC team for example even tho they might be better. Also, its not all that likely.

  23. Rhys Jaggar

    I must say I wasn’t that optimistic watching Wenger’s PC about him actually buying anyone. He was typically evasive and vague, giving just enough hope without actually sticking his neck out. Trying to keep the price down I suppose. But everyone knows Arsenal are short right now, so quite frankly his best bargaining counter is one of the squad playing really well so he doesn’t seem desperate on the phone, Skype or whatever it is you use these days.

    I’m assuming he’ll play Flamini against Olympiakos next week, so my hunch is he’ll rest him against Norwich. So my hunch is he’ll play Chambers from the start against Norwich. I mean, if Chambers can’t hack it against Norwich, what’s he doing in the 1st team squad? You have to assume he can hack it against anyone in the bottom 10 (maybe not Chelsea) otherwise why are we paying his wages?

  24. Louis Almeida

    Get French Football
    ‏@GFN_France Samir Nasri has responded to allegations of being implicated in the Valbuena-sextape affair: “I don’t give a shit.” Full interview to come.

  25. MidwestGun

    Re : Black Friday … for a time in my past life I was the general manager of a big box retail store. I still have post traumatic stress syndrome from Black Friday events. It has calmed down considerably from about 15 years ago due to Amazon and Cyber Monday. But for a time it was like trying to control a buffalo stampede at 6am.
    Also one of the reasons I quit to start my own gig…life is too short to be battling with some middle age women over something some ad Executive cooked up without considering the logistics of a 75% off deal on a Hd-tv.

  26. London Gunner

    Releiable Sauce

    You don’t really get it do you?

    Left back and right backs are both classed as fullbacks?

    With me so far? Comprende?

    These positions have the same functions and require the same skill set/abilities.

    Your solution is like having a list of WC DM’s but having separate lists for left central defensive midfielder and right central defensive midfielder or having a list of best left centre backs and best right centre backs. It gets a bit ridiculous..

    You get it now?

    5 is the number I have chosen because of the top 5 leagues in the world in the premier league, La liga, bundesliga, Seria A, and ligue 1.

    Now that’s not to say that the top 5 is evenly spread across those leagues and their will be a representative from each league as their often wont be, but their is the opportunity for that to be the case.

    “By your definition if 6 legends of the game played at the same time only 5 would be WC.
    Doesnt make sense.”

    Actually it very much does make sense and here is why.

    Your standard of what is World class at any given moment is compared and contrasted to the talent that is around you at that given moment. If you are not in the top 5 then you simply can’t be considered world class and the fact is if you aren’t top 5 in your position of your own era your legacy wont be as great as those players that were, so in a historical context you aren’t world class either.

    Also the fact is my system allows for the top 40 players of any era.

    Top 5 GK
    Top 5 Centre backs
    Top 5 Fullbacks
    Top 5 DM
    Top 5 CM
    Top 5 Attacking mids
    Top 5 Wingers
    Top 5 Strikers

    If we went by your way

    Top 5 GK
    Top 5 Right
    Top 5 left back
    Top 5 left centre back
    top 5 right centre back
    top 5 right winger
    top 5 left winger
    top 5 RCM
    TOP 5 LCM
    TOP 5 LDM
    TOP 5 RDM
    TOP 5 CDM
    TOP 5 LAM
    TOP 5 RAM
    TOP 5 CAM
    TOP 5 Striker

    That’s top 90 players of an era…

    That doesn’t make sense at all.

    My way is simply better

  27. jwl

    MidwestGun – I am hoping for life on Uranus so I can something like “Earth playing against your anus next week, should be interesting”.

    Pedro – If you want to see Americans in their natural shopping habitat, you have to go to an outlet mall where there are bargains galore apparently. Outlet malls are something else, my partner and a few female friends go to either New York or Pennsylvania for all weekend shopping adventure once a year. All they do is eat and shop for 14 hours a day and then collapse from exhaustion.

  28. London Gunner


    “I came up with 5 also, as a sort of general litmus test to compare players. I get what you are saying if there were ten better cam’s then attacking mids how do you eliminate 5 of them.”

    That’s a good point. But there can be technically a away around this.

    Lets make up a scenario where the top 5 wingers are

    Reus Robben messi, neymar bale

    The top 5 attacking mids are

    ozil cesc mata goetze and countinho

    But you realise that statistically hazard is far superior to Coutinho.
    The beauty of the modern sport is their is leeway and flexibility between positions/roles on the team. So Hazard might not make the top wingers list but he can make the top 5 attacking mid in this instance in COutinho’s place.

    People may argue that Hazard is a winger not AM, but as long as you have grounds to show that he is

    (A)both a winger and AM or
    (B) he may be classed as a winger, but enough of his game shows/demonstrates the qualities of an attacking mid to include him in said list of attacking mids.

    Of course this solution doesn’t always work as some players are clearly defined in one particular role, but it does provide answer to a lot of problems that arise because of the nature of modern football being less role specific and more multi talented and tasked in a players duties on a pitch.

  29. MidwestGun

    If we are gonna throw a band-aid on a bleeding artery. I’d consider Monreal for Dm and play Gibbs at LB rather then try Chambers or Debuchy or Gabriel.
    Monreal much better passer and more nimble then any one of those and has shown the ability to adapt with his stint at CB as well as get forward and be positionly aware. That would be my emergency solution only, tho.

    Also why we are even messing around with Sanchez’s hamstring thing, is beyond me, have we not learned anything? I get we need his finishing but if Giroud is so freakin good as I keep hearing from some people then surely we can survive one match.

  30. Relieable Sauce


    Your claiming anyone who is currently considered one of the best 5 players in their position IS WC, and anyone who falls outside that cannot be.

    …I dont get it!?
    Your the one defining players as WC because they make the cut for an imaginary World XI.

    Khao jai mai.

  31. WengerEagle

    Looks like a wrap for Benzema.

    Valbuena has confirmed that he was advised by Benz to pay the ransom.

    ‘He was not aggressive in his manner of talking, he did not talk about money concretely, directly. But when someone insists that I meet someone… Hmmmm.’

  32. Sukky

    I think Koscielny is world class. Most people pick Ramos and Silva ahead of him but I don’t agree with that. Let’s rate them base on the following abilities:
    One v One,
    Ariel duel,
    and technique.

  33. MidwestGun

    Good job on the podcast Pedro.

    Hard to take some of those peeps seriously when they have a giant hole in their view when it comes to last summer. They were making you justify your views on criticism of Wenger when they go out of their way to justify AW doing nothing, conveniently forgetting we aren’t exactly bankrupt.
    All well and good to bring up RM and Barca and PSG’s spending power but that doesn’t justify doing …… nada given our squad issues.

  34. Redtruth

    Regime change at required before the glory days at the club can begin.

    The model adopted has been an utter failure and only a rich owner can transform the club to power house status

  35. GuNZ

    I feel compelled to share a dream I had last night. Giroud broke the Arsenal goals-scored-in-a-season record. He was mobbed and swamped by the other players in celebration and the adoring crowd and commentators were going wild with ecstatic delight. I checked the sheets for crustiness just in case all my slaggings of the nougat-chewing twat were some kind of Freudian camouflage for a repressed man crush, but they, and my abdomen, were free from those tell-tale flaky stains. Nevertheless, the dream was so vivid. The colour, the atmosphere, the abandoned excitement in the commentary voices . . . . it was all so real.

    Either I am fucked up beyond my wildest imaginings or this is an omen.

  36. GuNZ


    Happy Thanksgiving hangover.

    Thanks for putting it in perspective for me, thought I was going mad there for a moment. You are quite right. I am quite possibly a stonebonker AND I had an omen. Or it may even have been a portent, or a precognition. A premonition perhaps, or even a harbinger of something. Maybe I even slipped temporarily into a parallel dimension in which Giroud is a world class player, a football god, beloved of the masses, a striker of puissant potency who is able to score goals on a whim. With either foot. With his head. With his nose, his knees, his pert botty. With his fucking willy or even his eye-lashes for fucks sake! I’m getting carried away now aren’t I?

  37. MidwestGun

    GuNZ –
    Very important. … did Giroud have a beard in said omen or not? If No, I’m going with the parallel universe theory.
    I’ve found when I slip into another dimension there is always something slightly amiss.
    For instance in my last foray into the time space continuum my alternative self was a porn star with an altered body part….. short story long as they say.

  38. TheBayingMob

    Arsene Wenger has a match to prepare for this weekend. What the fuck is he doing in the jungle on I’m a Celeb with a blonde wig on!!?

  39. GuNZ


    No beard in the dream. So I guess that means the 10 bucks I just put on at the TAB is not going to buy my new car. It was no omen after all, just your bog standard vibration off into another quantum reality. Fuck it.

  40. useroz

    Excerpt from ANR…

    Speaking as a pundit on ESPN, Rio Ferdinand said that intensity and focus has been something many Premier League sides struggle to replicate this season

    Rio said, “Ferguson got rid of players who didn’t buy into the Man United way, for one, or weren’t capable of being intense every day. That’s why you don’t remain at a place like Man United. If you’re not an animal who can go in there and be intense every day and demand from yourself and others to improve, you won’t stay long… and good riddance.”

    Ferdinand signing from Leeds in 2002 and learned from Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, who were focused every day in training and prepared exactly the same for every match.

    His partner at centreback was Nemanja Vidic, a formidable warrior who played for United for eight seasons.

    Rio :“You’ve got to look around the changing room and think ‘I can rely on him’, he’s going to produce big moments. Teams can’t deal with him. They can’t score past us. When you start feeling like that, you feel invincible.”

    Wonder how many in our team have the same thought towards Giroud, Walcott, Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini, Welbeck…

    …I can rely on him,, he’s going to produce big moments. Teams can’t deal with him. They can’t score past us.

  41. Wallace

    “Ramsey has repeatedly made it clear that he sees central midfield as his best role but Wenger is nervous about the defensive implications of pairing him in that area of the pitch with Santi Cazorla and instead intends to start on Sunday against Norwich City with the more defensively minded Mathieu Flamini.

    Wenger is expected to start with Ramsey on the right and sees him as more of a replacement for Cazorla or Mesut Özil behind his main striker than the holding role that has been largely performed over these past three years by Mikel Arteta and then Coquelin.

    “He [Ramsey] gives us a balance because we have Özil who is an offensive player, we have [Alexis] Sánchez, we have Giroud or Walcott and Cazorla so to balance a bit defensively, I use Ramsey on the right,” said Wenger. “That’s where I will certainly continue to use him, unless the game demands to attack.”

    Asked if he would pair Ramsey and Cazorla, Wenger said: “Defensively, certainly, it’s a very adventurous one. He is more an offensive player. He is not a tactical defensive player. He is not afraid to tackle but he likes to go in the box and he has a good timing of runs and he wants the ball and he wants to go forward. If you take that out of him, and you say ‘Look, you have to sit now, and sit there and wait,’ you kill his strengths.

    “I have seen that the turn of our results last season was when I went for a bit more stability and put Coquelin in there. Now I am a bit cautious on that front and I do not want to unbalance the team.”

    Wenger also explained his rationale for not adding another holding midfield player during the summer, such as Morgan Schneiderlin, who Arsenal could have bought from Southampton before he ultimately joined Manchester United.

    “Arteta is not a Coquelin but he is a tactical player who loves to sit now,” he said. “In my mind I always had Arteta and Flamini and Coquelin.”

    – Telegraph

    don’t agree with the last bit, but as clear a summing up of Wenger’s take on the midfield as i’ve seen.

  42. Mick Kartun

    @useroz : nice post mate, well described.

    How I missed the Viera-Petit days, those nonsense guys who always to stand up and fight to pricks and jerks like roy keane, rotten savages, even JT looked like a little wank boy in that times.

  43. Ughelligunner

    london, for attacking mid, Silva to replace mata…
    Who is picking Boateng as a worldclass player? Puyol i once agreed, Pique no (can be classed in the David Luiz mode). These are good ball playing cb but immature marking ability.
    Sometimes playing behind a well drilled midfield and worldclass attackers take the pressure off the defenders.
    See chelsea for example, since their dm and cm lost form their best defenders have been fumbling.
    I would rate cb who perform extremely well when they are been paired with an average player or who has an average dm in front of him and is still performing.

  44. Ughelligunner

    Wallace, if sneiderlin was cheaper wenger would have bought him. For all the sneiderlin’s regrets, he cant play the dm alone. His hands are basically held by the other dm.
    Haven’t you noticed man utd strong defence is due to them playing two dms or two cms in every match?
    I see a lot of Mourhino in his master LVG. That’s why they are a bit slow.

  45. Sukky

    Ughelligunner, you’re spot on. Calling boateng world is ridiculous. Anytime I watch him against a tricky player, he got opposed easily. Playing in a team with a solid midfield and a scary attack takes alot of pressure off the defense. Cahil is ahead of boateng, Ramos and pique, with the little have seen, I know Koscielny is ahead of them.

  46. useroz

    Seriously Arteta should not go near the first team. He’s turned poisonous in the DM role.

    If wenger had Flamin on for Coq, doubt if we’d have lost the WBA game. Big mistake got punished. Lacking pace is fatal in PL games these days.

    For pace alone, Chambers should not play DM for us. Too slow, getting skinned, and resort to fouls. You can all of these when he came on late in the Zegrab game …when we were 3 up. No way.

    But we have wenger so never say never

  47. Emiratesstroller


    The starting point of any discussion on our squad is what we actually need in
    mid season and not creating as far too many posters are habitually doing a
    massive wish list of all the players that they would like to see at the club in
    preference to those we have already got.

    For a start we do not need to buy at moment a goalkeeper or defenders. We
    have got a full complement on our books. Yes you could argue that there is
    always room for improvement, but this is not a priority.

    Similarly I cannot see much point in buying a striker [forward] in January when we have 5 on our books UNLESS there are long term concerns about
    fitness of Walcott and Welbeck. There are realistically two positions in starting lineup in most games for a forward and Sanchez is guaranteed one of those two positions.

    Also we have got potentially 6 players in squad to cover attacking midfield
    positions in Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey,Wilshire, Ox and Rosicky.

    This leaves us with the deep lying positions in midfield. The key to our success since January has been Coquelin. He may not be the most glamorous player in
    our team, but he is actually the most EFFECTIVE and has facilitated playing
    both Cazorla and Ozil in the same team, because of his discipline, defensive
    qualities and workload.

    In his absence we are down to Wilshire, Flamini and Arteta and frankly the first two are injury prone and the latter two are no longer good enough. Playing Cazorla alongside any one of these players becomes now a risk, because he is not particularly strong defensively. The WBA game highlighted exactly the
    problem when Coquelin was taken off. The idea that Chambers can replace
    him is also ridiculous. Chambers in my view is ‘utilitarian’ because he is not
    particularly good in any position in which he can play. At moment he is third
    choice right back and fourth string centre back. Watching him play it is
    obvious that he lacks pace and is for that reason too often out of position.

    Coquelin will be at least 3 months absent and it may take time for him to recover from what is a serious injury. Therefore it is imperative that we buy in
    January a player who can cover for him and/or complement him when he returns.

    Personally I don’t think that recruiting a defensive midfield will be as massive
    a problem as finding a striker. There are some excellent players at less fashionable clubs. The real problem is as ever Wenger’s reluctance to spend money and also not to bring in someone who would stunt Coquelin’s development.

    My view is that Wenger needs to look at players who can fulfil more than one
    task. The players who have been touted recently are Krychowiak, Lars Bender
    and Carvalho.

    Bender is for me a non starter. He may be a decent player, but his injury record
    is poor. He has been out of Bayer’s team for last 10 games.

    Carvalho is more like Coquelin, but if he does not play as DMF where would you play him in first team? His alternative position is CB. Frankly he would be
    the fourth string option there. Also he sustained a bad injury at start of season
    and is only just starting to play for Sporting.

    The player that I would chose is Krychowiak. He is a class midfielder with
    physical presence and can play both DMF and CMF roles. At 25 he is now in his prime. The one drawback is that he has just signed a new contract and his
    buyout clause is higher than in summer.

    However, Seville have always been ‘sellers’ at the right price and they are now
    out of Champions League with very limited prospect based on current position of qualifying next summer. Moving to Arsenal would be a step up in his
    career and of course he would earn more with us.

    Arsenal does not need to make wholesale changes to their squad in next two
    transfer windows, but they do need to replace Flamini,Arteta and Rosicky all
    of whom are at end of contracts in summer.

    The club is not short of money and for reasons expressed in past need to spend more money in transfer window to satisfy sponsors as well as reduce
    our potential tax bill.

    Krychowiak may well turn out to be an expensive buy costing between £25-30
    million, but if he is the right player that might be a decent investment.

    What Wenger needs to decide is whether he gambles on Coquelin’s early
    return to fitness or bringing in a player who will add strength to squad and is
    probably a better all-round player.

    Sometimes you need to be ‘ruthless’.

  48. S Asoa

    Serious problem in CM
    Last year we would have gone put if it wasn’t for the Coq. Shows how important it is.
    Meanwhile our Arsehole W dithers….dithers…totters..
    And in Le Grove we all pontificate and hope for a wet dream.
    Be real. Your unfinished pizza towards the trench coat ahoy !
    For Arsenal
    For the Guns
    Heave ho

  49. Dream10

    Jim Lahey

    Rabiot is starting to improve. At the moment, he is fourth in the pecking order behind the well balanced trio of Verratti, Motta and Matuidi. Despite being an exceptional player, Motta is approaching his mid 30’s. Rabiot has a chance to establish himself in the XI for next season.

  50. Ughelligunner

    this man has no respect for people that gave their life for him.. A selfish self centered human.
    Former Chelsea striker Drogba
    was quoted as saying that the
    Blues were full of “big names, big
    players and big characters”
    during his time at the club,
    before pointing out that John
    Terry is the only remaining player
    who fits that description.
    However, Mourinho opted not to
    discuss the striker’s comments,
    claiming that the Ivorian was
    simply seeking publicity to
    promote his new book.
    Mourinho told a news
    conference on Friday afternoon:
    “When you speak because you
    want to sell books, I don’t read. I
    don’t read.
    “I like good interviews. I like
    interviews from big guys like
    Didier with good journalists,
    newspapers or television. But
    this is not an interview. It was to
    sell books.

  51. Ughelligunner

    Wenger can always hit back at journalist and maybe some football analyst but not to his ex-players, mourhino just hits back at anyone even his own d**k for criticizing him.

  52. jwl

    Just read tweet that said Richard Wright is on bench today for ManCity, first time in three years. I had forgotten all about him since he left Arsenal, who knew he was even still alive. I don’t understand keepers who spend their careers as second or third string. Presume they care more about salary than they do about playing.

  53. Paulinho

    “don’t agree with the last bit, but as clear a summing up of Wenger’s take on the midfield as i’ve seen.”

    And nicely sums up why some have us have complete contempt for the man.

    Every time he opens his mouth he confirms the staggeringly simplistic way of thinking that makes sure we fold like an accordion season after season.

  54. Joe

    So I thought there was no one available ? But nope, Wenger thought flam and arteta were good enough.

    Well it’s already cost us 3 points. Let’s see how this plays out.

    The man is a arrogant fool who needs to fuck off

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Krychowiak doesn’t have a buy out any more does he? I thought he signed a new deal and Sevilla essentially said £45 Million for anyone who wants him.

    As it is, I think Xhaka seems the best option, any time I’ve seen him linked it’s always around the £21 Million mark, and though prices can fluctuate a bit, normally it’s by a few million which is acceptable, just like Schniederlin, quoted by the press at £22 Million, went for £25 Million.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    De Bruyne, 3 goals and 4 assists in 6 EPL games.

    Pretty impressive stuff, like the look of De Bruyne, think City have got a good buy there.

  57. Wallace

    know your audience, Paulinho. he’s talking to the press about his midfield options. not discussing the evolution of the no. 8 at some elite coaches conference in Lausanne.

  58. Thank you and goodnight

    Remind garde our next manager eh……well he seems to be as shit as Arsene so could possibly well be our new manager.