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SAAAANCHEZ! via @Arsenal Instagram

SAAAANCHEZ! via @Arsenal Instagram

Well, that was a game and a half wasn’t it?

We had a job to do, we did it.

It was a shame so many fans decided they couldn’t be arsed. I mean, it’s not like the group was dead. That showing was Capital One Cup poor. I only mention it because people I watch it highlight it like it’s a problem with my people… plus, it is a bit poor.

Anyway, enough about the showing, how about the game?

Ok, so the team was very strong as we expected. No one lands a rest at Arsenal at this point in time. If we’d done a better job in the opening 4 games, we’d have been able to rotate (whimsical thoughts), but we’re chasing qualification, so that wasn’t possible.

This was a game that any Arsenal could have showed up for. Lucky for the 40,000 fans that did show, the Arsenal that turned up was fuelled by Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Those two were literally fire  🔥🔥🔥, all game.

Mesut and Alexis looked like they’d dropped their first bomb of something illicit at a festival. Tearing around the pitch like two world-class players who weren’t going to let their club down. They took responsibility for affairs and they delivered when they needed to.

Heck, even Joel Campbell looked like a semi decent player last night, contributing solidly in the opening 20mins of the game with some spirited play.

The opener game from an unusual place… THE DIVING HEAD OF MESUT. Alexis Sanchez cut in from the left, whipped a tantalising ball into the box where Ozil was on hand to nod home. It was a dangerous ball to put a head on… he nearly landed a face full of keeper foot. This is Mesut 2.0. This is 6 months hazing in a cold shower room with Keown and Nelson Vivas.

Both players loved it as well. Predator turned provider. A beautiful moment for the crowd to savour.

The second goal came from some smart high press defending. Santi had jinked his way to the edge of the box, his pass went straight to a Zagreb player, but Monreal was on hand to intercept, break the line and cut back to a grateful Sanchez who eased the pass into the far corner.

The third goal was mastery. It was like Ozil had temporarily perished and taken control of Joel Campbell, like in Ghost with Whoppi G and Swayze… he cut in, ran back on himself from the wing then slid a ball between five players, Sanchez shot across the line of the defence, rounded the keeper and cut his shot into the roof of the net.


Here is my analysis.


So that was that.

A brilliant win. Even better news was that Bayern managed to some how beat Olympiacos at home. I mean, I was pretty shocked. Incredible effort from them.

So, the deal is, we have to win by two clear goals or beat them 2-3 away from home.

Then it gets interesting, because, if things stay the same, we’ll finish second in the group then we’ll have to play a team that finished first. Thankfully, our teams are doing well. Bar us, the rest of our sides are topping their groups. That means no City, Chelsea or United in the next round. Also, no Bayern Munich. That currently leaves us Barca or Madrid (BOOO)… alternatively, Zenit or Benfica. You can’t argue with those last two.

Anyway, a good run.

No rest for Sanchez at all again. But at least Santi was pulled early.

This weekend we have Norwich at 16:15 on Sunday. It’s an away game, which isn’t ideal. However, what is ideal is that I think there’s a bunch of Capital One Cup games in the following week. So the boys get a rest. How the club use that is hugely important. Let the players have some time to relax (chain Sanchez to a door or something). Recharge doz batteries because the week after we have Sunderland at 1500 (what a treat) followed by Olympiacos away in the big one, followed by Remi Garde’s Villa side. Thankfully the Villa players seem to have given a rats arse about impressing the new manager for about 16 minutes before going back to a ‘zero fucks given’ state of mind. After that, another pretty decent chunk of a break for December… 8 days break to prepare for Manchester City. THE MEGA ONE.

City have a tougher bunch of games compared to us. We can use that to our advantage by keeping players fresh. But we won’t. They have Juve tonight, Stoke, Monchengladbach, Southampton and an extra game in the League Cup… the game before us is Swansea and they have one day less to prepare.


Some important games, but with reasonable gaps in between.

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  1. Carts

    Exactly, Vicky.

    His career has been a stop-start joke for long enough. Why should we shoulder another potential burden cos no one else wants him?

  2. Louis Almeida

    Real Madrid are just a silly club. Ancelotti was good for the team morale but Perez (the main problem) is always trigger happy. They didn’t respond well to the sacking and players (Ronaldo noticeably) are not happy with Benitez’s methods.

  3. Louis Almeida

    Josip, it’s just a silly club to manage. They don’t know when they have it good. Their two most successful periods in the last 15 years have come under Del Bosque and Ancelotti. Both have been sacked. It’s a circus club and they act and behave in a silly way. I take pleasure in Barca always taking them to the cleaners. It was its best when Pep used to beat Mourinho all the time.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Just looked up Lars Bender’s playing record. He has been out injured for last 10 games. From recollection he has an injury history so perhaps not the ideal replacement for Coquelin!

  5. Cesc Appeal

    That’s key when looking at buys, our squad is already one third sick note, any further buys have to have good injury records.

  6. Josip Skoblar

    Agreed. Even in their most dominant period in the mid-1950s (Di Stefano, Puskas, Kopa), they were already an annoying club.

  7. Mr B

    The Benders both have good stats when it comes to winning the ball and distribution but they have failed to impress me also in real time.

    They have horrific injury records and are the German version of Wilshere, in that they were hyped at a young age but have failed to live up to that potential due to persistent injuries (partly due to rash tackling style, Sven in particular).

  8. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Afternoon all, i won’t hold my breath for signings in january.
    it will be the same argument as always, no super qualitee players available.
    Danny, Jack, Mikel, francis, Tomas, (did i miss anyone?) will all be like new signings and we will fall away by mid Feb when another 2-3 first teamers get injured.
    In Danny, Jack, & francis case they will take another 4-6 weeks to get up to speed just in time for the euros.

    Looking at it objectively, Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky will all leave in the summer we still need another Centre half, CDM and Striker Are we really going to bring in 6 new players in the summer!
    afternoon N5 how you doing?

  9. tunnygriffboy

    That’s it then. Bender and Pato. Never mind about ability the fit the sick note strategy 🙂 🙂

    Seriously if we are buying, and I say if, it has to be good news.

    Ramsey back, Ox back for Norwich, Walnut for Sunderland. Hopefully in January the three long timers will be back just like new signings 🙂 :). I’m being flippant as they will give us a boost and greater options for Europa league when they return

    With Ox back and possibly Walnut I’d be tempted to rest Santi v Sunderland andgive rRamsey a run out with Flamini to see how it goes.

  10. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Santi & Alexis need resting very soon, another game or two and they are busted.
    Giroud apparently has an ankle injured and looked awful on tuesday walcott needs to come back quick. (never thought i would hear myself say that!)

  11. tunnygriffboy


    I think we’ll replace Flameta and Rosicky with two midfieders as the three of them will likely make less than 30 appearances between them. One will be a DM. No reason why we can’t get a DM now to lessen new players coming in the summer.

    We’re constantly linked with Rugani the 21 year old Juve centre back.

    Think we looking for a CF as well. Talk today of Icardi from inter. If we can’t get aWC centre forward then a WC wide forward eg ssomeone of Reus quality would do and could then use Walnut, Giroud and even Alexis through the middle.

  12. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Gonsterous, he’s all yours. I tend to leave when he appears.
    He is funny to be fair, some of his comments are so outlandish just to stir the pot you have to laugh!

  13. Up 4 Grabs Now

    wouldn’t surprise me if flamini got an extension, if he covers for Coquelin ok in the next 12 weeks, nothing would surprise me concerning Arsene.

  14. tunnygriffboy

    Up 4 grabs

    Ramsey is back

    Ox will be in squad for Sunday

    Walnut has started running and should be back for Sunderland

    If we can get past Norwich with a win and no injuries then we will have more options for the Sunderland game. I said earlier that it could be an option to play Ramsey with Flamini in that game giving Santi a rest.

    Also we have a week between the Norwich and Sunderland games. The likes of Santi, Alexis, Kos and those who’ve played every game should be given 3 clear days off.

  15. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Tunny, i think so many teams are looking for strikers not just in England that we will have to pay over the odds in a bidding war, and we don’t usually follow it up once one of the big boys get involved.

  16. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Tunny, its good that we have some space in between games coming up.
    I really think Santi and alexis could do with a 2 week break like Ozil had over the international break.

    Im not a huge fan of Chamberlain to be honest, i do think he hasn’t kicked on from a few years ago.
    At least its another body back i suppose?

  17. Ces1ne

    How do people so quickly forget the AFC injury room has a revolving door……any returning players (OX, Ramsey, Theo, etc…..) will return to the side while 3-4 other 1st teamers will take there place on the treatment table on a matter of a week. And repeat…….

  18. tunnygriffboy

    Up4 grabs

    Yeah re strikers I agree , that’s why a WC goal scoring wide forward could be the answer. Could then use Alexis along with Giroud and Walnut as our CF options. That would be good enough. Even bring Akpom back as 3rd/4th option

  19. Up 4 Grabs Now

    I like Akpom but hasnt really shone out on loan for me.

    I still say the biggest mistake was letting Afobe go, the guy looked the part, had some pace, height and could hold the ball up.

    Im hoping Wellbeck comes back in the new year chomping at the bit to win his England place back.

    We do need to push the boat out on some quality upfront though like you say if a striker isn’t gettable than a scoring wideman.

  20. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Vicky, Arteta shouldnt be near the first team. i don’t think many played well against West Brom but letting him loose before Flamini was a big mistake.

  21. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Jack Grealish receives offer of help from Paul Merson

    “I’d love to sit down with him for an hour, and go through my experience. I would say to him: ‘For the next 10 years of your life give it everything, you’ve got to grasp hold of this.’

    “I’ll get him back on the straight and narrow.”

    I love Merse, but that’s got disaster written all over it!

  22. N5

    Sorry Grabs, I ducked out because no one seemed to be on the site. All good thank you buddy, hows things with you? your home sold yet?

  23. tunnygriffboy

    Up4 grabs

    Sh.t forgot about Welbeck. I thought he did ok last season. He’s shown he’s capable of finishing but needs to do it more consistently. He turned 25 either today or yesyerday so he has time.

    Ideally after Norwich game Santi and Alexis could have 3 or 4 days rest and even be on the bench v Sunderland if Ox and Theo are back and only used if necessary. This gives them a rest before the Olympiacos game.

    Fixtures until New Year. Norwich (a), Sunderland (h), Olympiacos (a), Villa (a) then an 8 day rest before city (h). BoxingDay it’s Southampton (a) then Bournemouth (h). Hopefully we’ll then have Wilshere and Rosicky back with Welbeck to follow

  24. Up 4 Grabs Now

    N5, im good mate.

    Sold our place, moving out next week, last day at work tomorrow.
    Then fly next Saturday!!!!

    Really looking forward to a few months off before the Job/Business hunting starts.

    35 Degrees at the moment, i’ve had enough of the cold!
    How’s things with you?

  25. Up 4 Grabs Now


    I like wellbeck, he’s like a combo of Giroud & walcott.

    I think he hit 25 today? its still young for a striker so hopefully will start to improve over the next year or so.
    (he’s never is going to be Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez standard but will help the team & Squad to have him back.

  26. tunnygriffboy

    As many goals as Giroud has scored and for the effort he puts in we still look a bit one dimensional and functional when he plays ( in all honesty it’s like Ozil is playing billiards and shooting cannons of the Frenchmans head.

    When we play with a front four combinationof Ramsey, Walnut, Ox, Welbeck, Alexis, Ozil (you could add in Rosicky and even Campbell) we look fluid , quick and play at a high intensity. We are really difficult to play against whenwe play like this. The movement, pace and clinical counter attacking can be devastating. I look forward to getting this personel back.

  27. gonsterous


    Where the hell are you living ?? 35 degrees, I’d give my 5 th born to be in that kinda weather at the moment !!