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So the big news is in, Francis Coquelin faces up to two months out… the stories in the press state that ‘Wenger may have to buy in January’… what banter.

Here’s the thing, he shouldn’t buy in January. He knew there was a chance that a player who hasn’t ever played more than 30 games in a season would pick up an injury so he must have had faith in Flamini and Arteta. So he shouldn’t buy.

Let’s see how it pans out. Terrible idea, right? Right.

Reality is, he’s going to struggle to bolster. Wenger knew that he’d struggle to buy in January, because every December 15th, he says, ‘there is difficulty to buy in January’… so reality is, there’s a very slim chance of us picking up anyone of note.

So we’ll be left with buying an exceedingly expensive player or we’ll be lumped with a Kim Kallstrom (hopefully one without a broken back).

It’s a laughable situation. It’s laughable, because there was no feasible reason not to sign back up this summer. In fact, really, we didn’t even need back up, we needed someone as good, if not better, than our Frenchman. We should have looked at Schneiderlin. French, 26 years old, played in the UK since he was 18, come up through the ranks. We could have nabbed Vidal who seemed to be fluttering his eyes at London most of last season, a bit old, but young in comparison to what we have. We should have pushed through with Carvahlo, a player who destroyed Germany on his own at the U21 Championships and for all intents and purposes looks like a total beast that is Prem ready. There’s even the young kid at Barcelona who isn’t getting any games we could have borrowed for three years.

There were so many options this summer. It was the summer of defensively minded midfielders. Yet Wenger put his faith in Arteta and Flamini to save the day. Zero ambition bordering on negligence. In fact, let’s call a spade a spade here… it was negligence. So were the preceding years when he didn’t really believe in an out and out DM. When the lay people like me and you see it, why is our expert manager not seeing it?

Talking of spades, here’s the thing with Arsenal fans, we’ve built up a defence mechanism where we never call the spade out for what it is.

Summer passes and we know the squad isn’t there… but we wait.

Things start going wrong… like injuries, but we wait (but look at Chelsea)

We drop points… but we use the context of other teams to say it’s ok.

We lose major players, but we wait because we think January will be our saviour.

January isn’t our saviour, but the window is shut so ‘shut up and support the lads’

We find ourselves out of contention, but fighting for top four.

We make top four… we’re happy, because it was a dogged fight that showed title grit.

Then we convince ourselves the manager will pull something out the bag in the summer… and we wait.


Sorry about all the fury, I just feel like I’m writing about this all the time. Someone called me knee jerk yesterday. This blog has been going along the same lines since 2007. I feel like you could reprint last 2012’s blogs and no one would know the difference.

But there you go.

We are only 2 points off the top, right?

Yes, that is right.

But now we have the dreaded dilemma of rushing players back into contention. We have a Santi into his thirties who can’t be rested now. Jack Wilshere looks tempting, but oh so fragile… Aaron isn’t going to get a smooth transition back into the side, it’ll be blood and guts straight away, remember what that did to a returning Theo a few seasons back? Broken inside 6 games. Tomas Rosicky, at what, 34? Bielek?


Look at the desperation.

It’s major headaches all round because we forgot the reason why we had these same headaches the season before!

A SMALL SQUAD (small in the sense that once you write out the dross, you don’t have a lot).

Right, that’s me ranted out. I just punched the intern. Things got out of hand.

Have a blinder my pretties, I’m off to see HR x

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  1. MidwestGun

    Jwl –
    Sounded to me like Wenger was trying to get a replay perhaps. I don’t know

    Cesc –
    Put me down for Xhaka out of those. Younger than Witsel more upside.
    Not a huge fan of Cavalho mainly due to pace. Bender? Seems like that ship has sailed.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Maybe WE’s favourite Xhaka and RP’s favourite Batshuyai in January then?

    That would do…having said that we should probably be looking to at mid-30’s player with suspicious backs to get a gauge of what we’re likely to get, if anything.

  3. jwl

    Cesc Appeal

    I convinced myself two summers ago when he signed his last contract Wenger would retire at end of this season but when I read that Wenger got divorced this summer, I worry now that he might stay for a while yet. So you might just be correct in telling us to bone up on our spells.

  4. WengerEagle


    ‘He has a reputation as being very fiery, but I’m all for that, we’re far too nice as a team, one of the reason I like Gabriel and Coq, not there to make friends.’

    Agree, we’re notorious for being too nice, a team of ideal son-in-laws as Souness so eloquently put it haha.

    Coquelin has the right amount of nasty as does Xhaka, not nutter feisty but they also won’t be bullied.

    ‘What is his mobility like, pace wise really, stamina as well?’

    This is his only real drawback, he’s quite slow. Not snail pace though (looking at you Arteta),comparable speed to Schweinteiger/Javi Martinez in their Bayern pivot days.

    Tbh pace is a luxury for a CM IMO, nice to have but not essential. So many great CM’s haven’t needed pace.

    His stamina is good and, has a nice engine on him and he rarely gets injured.

    Has played 120 matches for Monchengladbach in just over 3 seasons.

  5. WengerEagle

    William Carvalho isn’t pacy himself either.

    Witsel is decent, don’t know how much better he’ll get if at all tbh as he’s 26/27. The fact that he hasn’t played at a level higher than the Portuguese/Russian leagues counts against him too.

    Don’t know why but I’ve never been impressed by Lars Bender really, if anything prefer his brother at Dortmund.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah that’s fair enough, pace is nice to have, obviously ‘CM pace’ not ‘pace pace’ if you get me, not expecting Bellerin stuff 😉 But if he’s a rock and great distributor, who cares.

    Never heard that Souness quote before, sums it up perfectly, it’s exactly that, severe lack of fighters, I want that guy who goes in for a 50/50 then when the other player gets up to shake his hand he tells him to ‘f**k off.’

    Really don’t like Caz as a CM either, we get walked all over in central midfield, will be worse now with Coq gone.

    Injury record is brilliant as well, I think we have to look at that has a priority now.


    You will know anyway because at a game some guy in a cloak and wand will jump other the barricade and cream ‘leave this place!’ Whilst pointing his wand at Wenger.


    Relevant, not relevant, footballers, plumbers…whatever is going for free on the market Wenger can pass off as ‘quality.’

  7. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    I’ve thought on it…. the MLS season is over…. I’m thinking a 3 month loan deal
    for Stevie G… haha ha. …. just kidding Arsene. .. no seriously I am.

  8. jwl

    How about that story about Australian fella, originally from Vietnam, who’s named Phuc Dat Bich and facebook keeps deleting his account for obscenity. Too funny.

    Excellent article on Bellerin v Bolt:

    When Usain Bolt broke the 100m world record in 2009, it took him 4.64 seconds to run the first 40m. But it’s been reported that Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin ran the same distance in 4.41 seconds. So could Bellerin beat Bolt in a race?

    “When Usain Bolt broke the world record, he hit a top speed of 44.72 km/h,” says David Eccles from ChyronHego, a company which has been providing player tracking data for Premier League clubs for the past three years.
    “I’ve never seen a player go above 36km/h as a top level speed,” he adds

    So far this season, Bellerin’s record during a match is 34.74km/h, according to Eccles’s statistics.

  9. MidwestGun

    I think from what I remember..Bolt is a ridiculous closer over 100m. Lke a freight train of momentum, so I wouldn’t be surprised at a race over 40m if he could be beat. Especially if the race was on grass. Running on it…. not smoking it first.
    Which Usain would definately win then.

  10. Emiratesstroller

    Good Morning All

    As a follower of athletics I can tell you now that Bellerin would not beat Bolt in
    a sprint race.

    Bolt does not compete in short sprint races of 50-60 metres which are held primarily indoors. His racing distances are between 100 and 200 metres and therefore he is running at speeds to complete those distances.

    However, despite his size I am pretty sure that if Bolt trained for a shorter distance race he would beat Bellerin. I don’t know how Bellerin was timed, but
    there is usually a significant difference between hand and electronic timings.

    Anyway Bellerin is spectacularly quick for a footballer as we saw recently when he made a ‘saving’ tackle, which resulted probably in the injury he sustained.

  11. GuNZ

    Good evening gentlemen and ladies of Le Grove
    Civilised KO tomorrow morning – 8:45 a.m.
    Let me see if I’ve got this right.
    If Olympiacos don’t get a point against Bayern we need to:
    Beat Dynamo Zagreb by 1-0 (I am assuming away goals count if each team has won a leg apiece) or by a margin of two goals if they manage to score
    Beat Olympiacos away by more than two goals or a margin of 1 goal as long as it’s anything above 4-3
    Am I right or is there some weird rule about away goals in the CL?

  12. Emiratesstroller

    One further point in debate about sprinting speeds. Richard Kilty won the
    World Indoor Championship 60 metre final in 6.49. That is the second fastest
    time over that distance by a Caucasian Sprinter from any country in history.

    Yet he ranks only 6th in Britain over the distance when you factor in Afro
    Carribean runners.

    Most US and Jamaican sprinters are significantly quicker than our British runners and Bolt is the quickest albeit perhaps not over shorter distances.

  13. GuNZ

    Hi Frank Mc

    Yep. The latest is they think a blood clot from the flight home caused his heart attack. Poor old sod’s health’s been dodgy for years though.

    IMO he was not the greatest player to wear the black jersey (too many flaws in his all round game for that) but he was certainly an impact player and the first of a new breed (I remember being at that awesome Tri-Nations game against Aussie at Stadium Australia with 109,000 people in attendance when he danced down the touchline for the winning try – truly spectacular game of rugby).

    Poor Ritchie McCaw’s announcement of his retirement shortly after Jonah’s death lost some of its impact.

  14. Leedsgunner

    Suddenly we’re being linked again with players we’ve been linked with before the past 18th months? Ask yourself what stopped Wenger buying these players in the summer? The very same thing that will be stopping him buying them in January.

    His arrogance and stubbornness.

  15. GuNZ

    Trying my hand at a new style of home-made bread baking tonight. I had to do something to stop myself reading the Arsenal website and its attendant drivel.

    I have also rung Olympiacos and promised them an unlimited supply of those pickled green peppers you get in kebabs if they throw their game against Bayern. The things I do to prevent Wenger fucking absolutely everything up . . .

    I reckon we’ll probably demolish Zagreb tomorrow but Olympiacos will spoil any celebrations by grabbing a late draw against Bayern. Maybe I ought to ring Pep and offer him a hair transplant or something to put out his strongest team?

  16. Black Hei

    I was one of those that said that we will be ok without a DM signing.

    I was wrong.

    Arteta makes glass feel like steel. It is his injury situation along with Ramsey that makes it dire.

    I guess even Sergi Samper would have been great. But who knows, maybe there is some young DM waiting to be Coquelin Mk2

  17. Frank Mc

    GuNZ definitely not the best All Black but what a game changer…..

    Tony Underwood on Jonah Lomu during the 1995 World Cup semi-final:

    ‘After 14 years I’ve stopped dreaming – or having nightmares – about it,’ says Tony Underwood of his country’s clash with New Zealand in the 1995 World Cup semi-final. ‘At the time I was feeling fairly confident. I’d played well all season.’ It might have been that confidence that inspired Underwood to – according to rumour – wink at Jonah Lomu during the All Blacks’ traditional haka. It might have been a mistake.

    Not fucking many!

  18. Emiratesstroller

    Black Hei

    The facts are that football is now a game for specialists and a Defensive/Holding Midfielder is a prerequisite for any team in the EPL particularly those like Arsenal who wish to play expansive and high risk football.

    The WBA game demonstrates just how important such a player is. The loss of
    Coquelin made us vulnerable as indeed has been the case all year whenever
    he has not played.

    The reality is that we do not have another midfield player in squad with his
    pace AND defensive discipline.

    Flamini a few years ago would be an option, but not now and frankly Arteta
    is not by any figment of imagination a DMF. He lacks the physical strength
    as well as the pace to handle the position.

    On an a different matter I watched last night the comments by Neville about
    the first goal scored by Stoke. He made the very strong case that it should
    not have been allowed, because one of Stoke’s defenders was clearly offside
    when free kick was taken and then took out Mertesacker from behind so that
    other players in their team were able to break through Arsenal line.

    Clearly there needs to be some clarity to offside rule if a player whilst offside
    is effectively fouling and preventing another player from defending properly.

  19. Wallace

    I remember the first time Lomu got the ball Underwood dived in there all textbook and willing. I don’t think Lomu even registered the tackle. there was probably less than a tenth of a second difference in Lomu’s 40yd time with Underwood attached and without.

  20. GuNZ

    Frank Mc

    They replayed Jonah’s NZ ‘This Is Your Life’ the night he died, on which TV show Rory Underwood was a guest and talked about that incident. Don’t think he felt it was his brother’s best moment either 😉

  21. Frank Mc

    SABRA LANE: I think he cleaned you up in one game and you ended
    up having to wear protection for a couple of months after?
    GEORGE GREGAN: Yeah, I did. I got a big – what they call a
    hematoma, a cork or a dead leg, and that was just from him
    running over the top of me. I just got one of his knees and his
    knee’s probably the size of my thigh. And I had to manage that
    for a good few months, having to wear, like, a bit of
    compression around it. And I jokingly said to him when we
    caught up in one of the Test matches, “I think this is the
    first match I’ve had to wear it because of you,” and he had a
    bit of a laugh. He says, “Well stay out of my way.” And I said,
    “Well, I try to, but sometimes you can’t avoid that because
    you’ve run over everyone else.”

  22. Bruce

    The Gunners do their 40 m sprint trials from a moving start so can’t really compare Bellerin and Walcott with duds like Usuain Bolt.

  23. GuNZ


    I was in the Dragon Boat Chinese restaurant on Elliot Street in Auckland, must have been in the mid to late nineties, with my then partner, and Lomu was there with the lady who I think became his first wife. I remember him getting up to pay his bill and the size of him (in his prime) was truly awe-inspiring. My then current-lifetime-partner was truly impressed, which pissed me off no end (I am more your thinking-woman’s Rambo). I can only imagine what it must have been like for opponents the size of the Underwoods to have to deal that monstrosity bearing down on you at a high rate of knots.

  24. Wallace


    I agree playing different positions isn’t easy, particularly at the highest level, but at Arsenal, when your midfield colleagues are Santi Cazorla & Mesut Ozil I think that simplifies things. you’re going in there knowing exactly what your job is.

  25. Wallace

    GuNZ/TW Rambo

    I’m sure in the studio before kickoff the English pundits were asked about the size difference, and one of them, god bless him, was like, ‘it doesn’t matter, as long as your tackling technique’s good…’ don’t recall if he was smiling when he said it.

  26. Red&White4life

    “The Gunners could be eliminated from the Champions League tonight.
    But Francis Coquelin’s injury could be even more damaging for Arsenal.”

    Do you think that wenger reads L’Équipe ??

  27. Red&White4life

    “Arsene Wenger believes that if Arsenal manage to progress through the Champions League group stages then they can be dangerous to other teams in the competition. ”

    Sure Arsène, teams like Bayern, Barcelona, Paris or Athletico Madrid would be terrified if they had to play against us.

  28. Red&White4life

    “‘Sometimes this is a good opportunity for other players to turn up and show they can do the job”
    Miserable excuse from wenger for minimise the gravity of Coq’s absence.

  29. Emiratesstroller


    Messrs Bellerin and Walcott may well be the quickest footballers in EPL, but
    the idea that they are on same level of speed as top level sprinters is ridiculous. I doubt that either would be within two metres of the top sprinters even over 40 metres.

    For the record there have been two British sprinters who played football who
    I am fairly sure would be quicker than Bellerin. Darren Campbell won an Olympic Silver medal over 200 metres and Gemili who is probably Britain’s
    top sprinter at both 100/200 Metres with sub 10 and 20 second times was a
    footballer playing for 7 years at youth level with Chelsea and also with Reading before switching to athletics before London Olympics.

  30. Red&White4life

    “We are buying no one in January.”

    Even if Sanchez and Ozil are injured tonight, wenger will not move.
    There’s only one arsène wenger lol

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Realisticy I can see the Germans dropping points tonight …

    It could be in there best interests …

    As for transfers in jan that would mean mr wenger meaning he was wrong .

    An that won’t happen ..

  32. Relieable Sauce

    Will Ramsey make it to the Euro’s in one piece. He would have to have no chance of playing to not make the Wales squad, but Hodgson has already said England wont gamble on injured players.
    I wonder how many of our Internationals are going to be fit and in what shape they’ll be in.

  33. Dissenter

    Wenger: “I’ll do what’s needed in January even though in January it is not an ideal transfer market.

    Three seasons too late.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Think I’d go for:

    Bellerin, Gabriel, Kozz, Monreal
    Flamini, Ramsey
    Adelaide, Ozil, Sanchez

    For tonight. I think that is our safest central midfield right now and the way Caz has been playing, might be good to let him have a break.

    Give Adelaide a run out simply because I’m just bored with seeing Campbell out there, or Gibbs at LM. Ramsey needs to start being played in that CM role as well.

    Plus, it’s Dinamo Zagreb FFS, people can talk about ‘arrogance’ and ‘well they beat us,’ but they are rubbish, we should be beating them comfortably at home, if we can’t it’s because we were shit.

  35. TheBayingMob

    Not sure what all the gnashing of teeth is about.

    Predicted on here well before the last few weeks that once the injuries started to bite we would falter.

    When you are Arsene Wenger, money doesn’t interest you. He doesn’t do the job for the cash, the 8m+ per annum is irrelevant.

    It’s about the buzz, it’s about the gamble. Can he pull off a title challenge with a thin squad of Wenger signings.

    As we know, Arsene is the epitome of a poor gambler. He’s back at the table every night losing it all; only, what he’s losing is not his, it’s other people’s pride and money. He doesn’t give a fuck about that.

    So here we are again. Another injury mess, but every year the gap narrows. Spurs are looking more serious than before, Liverpool surging under Klopp. The middle classes are getting richer, have better players and don’t have to sell out anymore.

    Every day it looks like a world Arsene Wenger and his bygone philosophies don’t fit into any more.

    He’s like Geoffery Boycott playing in a world of T20s.

    We are the ones that have to suffer the boredom of watching the Titanic sink in the same way, at the same time every fucking season … imagine how frustrating it must be to work under him. For the umpteenth season in a row … “Arsene, watch out for the iceberg, it’s there, 10miles in front of us” …. CLUNK.

    Oh, we hit it. Again.

  36. Micheal

    Let’s get this straight. We’ve got a shedload of players on the treatment table and £100m+ in the bank burning a hole in our pocket. And, given the league this year, we have our best chance at the Prem since 2008.

    Now what should we do ? I know – let’s do nothing.

    It’s like the fucking Tories telling us “we are all in this together.”

  37. Leedsgunner

    Is it that we can go through tonight if Olympiakos win their game and we win ours?

    Even if we do, I have to admit there is a very bad taste about it. A club as big as ours should be in charge of our destiny and not looking for help from another game… how pathetic is that? We’ve lost our 2 opening games as well as being subjected to a humiliation by Bayern. Sure we beat Bayern when they underestimated us but as the thumping in Munich revealed that was more of a light relief than a sign of things to come.

    As a Gooner I want us to win every game but if I’m honest I have to admit we don’t really deserve to go through on our European performances to date.

  38. Leedsgunner

    Wenger: “I’ll do what’s needed in January even though in January it is not an ideal transfer market.

    What stopped you in the summer, when the market was open under better conditions?

    Due to your own stubbornness Arsene we are in an extremely weak negotiation position for any fit, capable and ready DM… we will have to pay utterly over the odds for the player anyway now — making the reticence of last summer completely pointless in the extreme.

  39. DUIFG

    Wenger: “I’ll do what’s needed in January even though in January it is not an ideal transfer market.What stopped you in the summer, when the market was open under better conditions?Due to your own stubbornness Arsene we are in an extremely weak negotiation position for any fit, capable and ready DM… we will have to pay utterly over the odds for the player anyway now — making the reticence of last summer completely pointless in the extreme.

    its actually incredible, I blame the board as well, how there was not somebody poiting this out to him i dont know

  40. Red&White4life

    “What stopped you in the summer, when the market was open under better conditions?”

    Why are you looking at me ?

  41. Leedsgunner

    “What stopped you in the summer, when the market was open under better conditions?”

    Why are you looking at me ?

    Because you are the manager you fruitcake — getting paid £8.5m+ per annum to make the same mistakes…

  42. MidwestGun

    Yes, Mob, but the reason for the gnashing of teeth is all the other ships are hitting the same iceberg this season. Leicester is on top of the table ffs.
    And Chelsea’s boat is already sunk.
    For once we just need Leonardo Dicaprio to stop being such a pussy with his overacting and just get in the damn rescue boat instead of trying to be a hero and jumping in the frozen ocean…..

    Or something. Might of lost myself in that metaphor, but you get my drift.
    Even Wenger must be tired of repeating the same things ad nauseam and surely even he sees the end of his mortality. Because if he truly thinks he is gonna live forever then he is a mad hatter and his shot at winning a Title in this decade isn’t gonna magically appear every season as you mentioned due to increased competition amongst the middle class. So there is a thin thread of hope that the Titanic glances off the iceberg and doesn’t sink.
    Ok… done with Titanic references, for today, I swear.
    I hate cold weather.


  43. TitsMcGee

    We’ll win our UCL game. Then all will be well in AKB world. It’s the Wenger way.

    I’ve never seen a manager/coach in any sport get away with mediocrity the same way Wenger does. This is going back decades as well.

    The fact that we are 2 points off the top will be the reason why Wenger “doesn’t ” go after anyone in the January TW. It’s ironic because any other manager would use the fact that we are so close as a reason to buy. Wenger will use it as a reason not to. He’s so contrarIan it has to be deliberate.

    Pedro you are right. Change the date on this post going back at least 6-7 years and you’d never know the difference.

  44. Leedsgunner

    He said with a straight face yesterday that if we go through tonight that we have the resources with in the club already. He know he has to put a brave face on, but surely this is the height of self delusion and stupidity. Does anybody except himself and the Untold lot believe a word he says?

    Does he genuinely believe that the club supporters are that stupid?

  45. Red&White4life

    “Because you are the manager you fruitcake — getting paid £8.5m+ per annum to make the same mistakes…”

    I am God.
    You will be tortured for having talk to me that way.

  46. azed

    “I’ll do what’s needed in January even though in January it is not an ideal transfer market.”

    Translation is i’ll do nothing as the Coq, Rosicky, Wilshere and whoever is on the treatment table would all be like new signings.

    Remember some seasons back when all our full backs were out injured? What the Wenger do?

  47. Leedsgunner

    “You will be tortured for having talk to me that way.”

    As a Gooner, trust me Arsene, that is EXACTLY what this is becoming.

    Torture… watching you mumble and bumble through season after season like a football version of Mr. Magoo… Committing the same errors again and again whilst our rivals lift the EPL trophy for another year because you couldn’t be bothered to compete in the transfer market… because you willingly chose to come into another season short — again.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    DM have a good table showing our decline in Europe, sort of tells the story of this current Wenger, consistently average among the elite.

  49. Uwot?

    When you discuss arsenal with fans of other clubs they nearly all to a man extol the past virtues of wenger & what he has done for the club & how grateful we should money blah blah blah you get the drift.not surprisingly these are all fans of our closest rivals .thats if we are.i digress.funny how fans of these so called clubs wouldn!t go two seasons or more without threatening the sack if their manager hasn’ t won the title.yet we should be grateful.the same with the pundits of these clubs.of course to suggest that it’s in their interests to maintain wenger gives a look of horror.c***ts!