Nolito to Arsenal feels like adding more average to the frontline

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Yah man. It’s Friday, so we rejoice.

So firstly, let’s tackle the rumour everyone is talking about… Arsenal are reportedly in for Nolito this January as he’s refused a new contract at Celta and his release clause is £12.6m.

He looks a good player, but he’s not world-class. He’s also 29 years old. He’s not going to move for a 2 year deal and I have my doubts about whether he’s better than what we have or at the right stage of his career to adapt to a faster more powerful league.

I’m going to decline here, if you don’t mind.

I want Aubengegnamaengeng of Dortmund. Just the £42m, but hey, what a player he’s turned into. He’s gone from being a Gervinho like whippet to a bit of a monster in front of goal. He’s a bit small for my Premier League liking, but he knows where the net is. He also has the flexibility Wenger likes across the front line. He’s looking a bit special, busting out some seriously fancy football and interplay with the ever dreamy Marco Reus. I think they have 33 goals between them this season.

It’s good to see Tomas Tuchel doing so well. I expertly highlighted him as one to watch a few seasons ago and so far, at Dortmund, he seems to be doing a good job. They’re out of the relegation zone and sitting pretty at 2nd, 5 points behind Bayern.


It’s interesting, we bemoan the lack of talent in our youth ranks here… it should also be noted and hammered home that we have a massive lack of talent in the coaching ranks. Germany seem to have lots of really interesting coaches working in their league. We have Eddie Howe… but is he going to get a go at a big club? Probably Villa at some point. I don’t understand why we don’t have better young coaches coming through?

Part of me thinks we probably do, but they don’t get a chance at the higher levels because club chairman are obsessed with bringing in tried and tested, rather than taking a smart chance on someone who has an interesting vision or managerial philosophy. Our press are also obsessed with being the first to talk about a firing… look at poor old Gary Monk.

Tim Sherwood, booted out of Villa after saving them last season. I mean, I don’t know what went on there, but despite his jovial manner, he’s actually rated really highly by people who’ve worked with him in the game. Where will he get a job now? We have this weird approach to failure in the UK where one fail and you’re done. It’s the same with startup businesses. You go bust, you’re shite. Not like in America where everyone who is a success has suffered a bankruptcy… and, everyone gets fired at some point. In the UK, if I come back fired, I’ll be mocked relentlessly and I’ll probably have to take a job back in the cardboard box factory. Not sure it’s as big a deal here.

Point is, Dortmund took a big chance on a guy with a great reputation for doing really interesting things. Tuchel is a bit of a Wenger like character. He’s very thoughtful, he’s probably a bit more technical on the tactical side but he thinks about players and their welfare… how they interact… how they’re taught… how they should behave.

Who is doing things in the Premier League or the Championship that you’re hearing good things about? No one really (ALAN F*CKING PARDEW). The managerial spread is quite bland and steady in our league. The press don’t really shine a light on upcoming managers in the same way as they do in Germany, they seem to be attracted to characters over substance… and perhaps there’s just not that much talent?

Still, it was interesting to see that Ryan Garry is assisting Thierry at Arsenal. Young English guy, trained by the Arsene ways… been at a number of clubs slumming it. Maybe we have some future English talent coming through?

Right, tomorrow I expect us to win 8-0 against a very average WBA team. We know it’ll be a dog ugly performance that we’ll scrape a win in from a Monreal deflected half volley in the 78th minutes.

We have a number of players that picked up a rest over the break. So at least the only player battered by fatigue is our Chilean.

Hopefully we start with a bit of energy and hopefully we don’t lose a goal early. We have 6 relatively simple games in the build up to Manchester City on 21st December. Two Champions League revenge games, Sunderland, Norwich and Villa in the league. If we win those three, it puts us in a brilliant position come the big title contending game.

Hopefully, by then, our big guns will be back and our other stars will still be fit.

Right, that’s it. I won’t see you with a morning post because I’m not sacrificing beers for you lot.


P.S. Thoughts are with those trapped in horrendous hostage taking in Mali right now. Hopefully they’ll get out unscathed.

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  1. Steveyj22

    We all saw this coming no bench to change thing’s up and now no coq. Will Wenger spend in January ?Probably not won’t be willing to spend over the odds to sort the problem out and that is the main problem with all the money in the game ( from next season over 100m TV deal per season from sky BT Bein & NBC all new deals done)

  2. Steveyj22

    Football is all about money now the top teams spend big Wenger doesn’t spend as much as he needs to never finishes the job maybe it’s the board or him who knows but until we match the other teams which we can now but won’t for some reason? ??? We will never win the top trophies until we grow a pair and compete with the cash

  3. salparadisenyc

    Horse blinded Wenger has to be regretting not adding this summer, and extending Arteta, TR7 and Flamini. Not as if most on here didn’t see that coming. Yet another ground hog day moment from our man in charge.

    Shame as the league is absolutely rife for the taking and its apparent will likely bottle it.

    Cue up that Sam Cooke song Middy, quite appropriate today!

  4. rollen

    No doubt some will defend Wenger and take comfort from the fact that we are still joint top.

    We are at wengers trophy place mate

  5. David Smith

    Need to get rid of this crazy notion that we would ever get Pep. Such a manager would tear up the backroom staff and playing staff, he would cost a fortune over the years……Kronke clearly prefers the Wenger way of doing things financially. Helps with borrowing for his true passions.
    Wenger might just get in the top four this year, but won’t after that. But, with the current TV revenues, top four becomes less important, with Stan, even at 16th in the league, the money rolls in, and that is clearly all he cares about.
    But a silver lining for January, there is another Kallestrom style signing out there to replace Coq , Arteta and probably Flamini who will also be injured by then.
    Wenger will not buy top targets any more, now the whole world knows of his cash reserves, bargains are limited. Just knew what was coming when Lord Harris imbibed the malt and opened his mouth.Expect to see a signed crock, Chambers or Monreal playing as the holding MF for much of the rest of the year.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    We’re safe as houses for top four, said all along, 3rd place for us.

    But we certainly do need to have an eye on the future, Liverpool are putting a decent team together, have a really top manager now as well, expanding their stadium and will spend under Klopp’s direction, Spurs have put together a good side and are moving to a new stadium in the coming years.

    We can’t keep doing the Wenger.

    The league is only going to get tougher and we don’t seem to be upping our level in terms of ambition that much.

  7. ThatWasDeliberate

    I find it woefully ironic that whilst many of us were hoping for signing a striker, it is our midfield which is depleted. We should never have given Rosicky, Arteta, and Flamini new contracts. I admire the work Arteta is doing for our youth ranks, and he is a quiet and workmanlike professional; but what does it say about our club that he is our captain? At this rate, Giroud, Sanchez, Cazorla, Özil, must start every match henceforth: Wenger is notorious for understating the length of time out for any injured player. We all know this. Multiply any injury-recovery time-frame by 2 and one has a more accurate sense of how long any given player will be out for.

  8. MidwestGun

    Well at least all my bets not a wash today. Dybala giving the Old Lady some life scored again. Slowly climbing up the table. 3 in a row up to 6th place now. At least that’s what they are telling me at the pizza parlor. Guess it does pay to bring in some striker talent.
    If they can keep hold of Pogba in their midfield. .. Thought of Pogba going to Barca…… ridiculous. Old Lady up against City in the CL, next.

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I must have managed a thousand
    To tell you I’m sorry for not strengthening
    I’m sorry for everything I have done …

    The mastero management consultant team have blundered big time
    A squad even dads army would be proudoff…

  10. Thank you and goodnight

    I actually agree with redtruth. Take a look at English teams performances in CL or Europa…..definitely weaker than 10 years ago. Last 3 years has probably been well within our scope to have won the league as it is getting weaker, but for the 3 stooges.

  11. David Smith

    Read that for much of the game, WBA had more goals than shots on target….shades of the Charlie Cairoli comedy act at home to Utd a couple years ago.
    Nothing will change until Wenger goes, but with our owner, not sure even that long awaited event will change things for the better

  12. ofebs

    The loss today was not due to bad luck, it was due to not having quality in the final third to finish up the opportunities created…

    Whose fault – ARSENE WENGER!

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Surely the penny will drop an the worms finally turn

    We need a big media push now

    Even the most ardent Wenger supporter must now admit his bungling so have cost the club,
    He can leave like fergie or cry out like Maggie choice is his…

  14. Jeff

    If Wenger had an ounce of humility he would have retired around 8 years ago and he would have left a legend and with a marriage. As it is, he ill leave (eventually) with neither.

  15. Jeff

    I doubt very much now whether we will have the mental or the physical strength to beat Zagreb or Olympiakos. We have no defensive midfielder and therefore no protection for the ageing Mertesacker. Nobody in the current squad comes anywhere near the quality required (which only Coquelin had).

  16. Jeff


    He was already wealthy enough even 8 years ago. I really do not think money is the objective. It is more like an addiction. He cannot let go.

  17. TitsMcGee

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see out eeek out of UCL. It’s the Wenger way. Never succeeds really but never fails hard enough to warrant getting the boot. Of course it’s just more band-aid over bullet wound that gives the delusional AKBS just enough ammunition to mount a semi-plausible defense of the man.

    We are no closer to winning the UCL than we were 5-6-7 years ago.

    If it wasn’t for City and Chelsea trying their hardest we would be no closer to winning the league either. Our current position is more a result of what other clubs aren’t doing rather than what WE are doing.

    If we can’t win it this year when will we ever? That’s what AKBS need to ask themselves truthfully. Will they? Of course not. They’ll spout some hero-worship BS about how we did well because we spent x and City spent x +y so we were better than them really.

    It’s mind boggling how ridiculous this whole situation is.

  18. Jeff

    Yes. Wenger thinks constantly about what else he would do if he wasn’t managing. I suppose he would become a punter of some sort but that is not what he yearns. He wants to take training sessions, he wants to stand in the technical area and complain to the fourth official, he wants to sigh autographs, he wants to take press conferences, he loves the limelight. Actually winning big trophies is not a priority. We can go on getting a grade C for the next 20 years and he’s be happy with that so long as he remains in the job. Absolutely nothing is going to shift him.

  19. TitsMcGee

    What is even more ridiculous is that if we fall just short due to not signing needed players this past summer he’ll learn nothing and proceed to do the EXACT SAME THING next summer and round and round we go. Almost like he’s trying to win as cheaply as possible so that he gets some credit for it.

  20. Jeff


    I don’t think he is trying to win PL or CL. I strongly believe that the hierarchy at Arsenal recognize and fully accept we cannot win either of those competitions. So we head into the season with the sole purpose of finishing in the top four and if there is a domestic cup, it is simply a bonus.

  21. TitsMcGee


    I agree. It’s actually the only thing that makes any sense. For example:

    We win the FA Cup last season. Any other manager with ambition would have spent more than net 7 million in the following summer. Not Wenger. Why?

    He knows that barring what we are seeing this season (Chelsea imploding, City making it interesting ) that he can’t win the league/UCL. So why spend £60m to make top 3 when he can spend £7m and make top 4. The financial benefit of 3rd to 4th is nil so sit on the money and “give it a good go” and tell the sheepish fans that nobody was available in the TW.

    It looks far better for him to spend 7 and bring in 70 than spend 60 to bring in 70.

    Now some AKBS will spin it(or stupidly try) and say “oh look this was Wenger’s plan all along look we are top” which is so mind-numbingly stupid it hurts to even think about.

    Yea Wenger’s master plan to win the league (these past 10 years) was to hope Chelsea would have a historically bad season, Ferguson to retire and UTD to never recover and City to choke.


  22. TitsMcGee

    Basically Wenger has sat back and said.

    “I came 3rd last season with no Petr Cech”

    “If I add Cech I should come no worse than 3rd-4th”.

    “Champions League money for the club. I look like a genius”

    This is the only thing that can explain his irrational behavior in the TW.

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    In five to ten tpyears time I reckon we could be trying to catch up with Spurs…

    They have made many transfer blunders but they seem to have sorted themselves out ….
    Don’t pay mega wages either

    Hate to say but we’ll run with a youth ful talented manager ,,,,

  24. David Smith

    How many times recently have our players started, then gone off injured within a quarter of an hour, or have come on and come off injured within that half.
    Think Wenger is over ruling the guy who made Germany the fittest team in the World Cup.
    Any other club, Wenger would be held accountable for lost man hours to injury. No wonder he masks his failings with vague accusations of opponents using performance enhancing drugs.
    Two managers are known to burn out players, Wenger and Mourinho. Yes, one doing better than the other, but both massively underachieving…….at least mourinho signs replacements when he ruins his players

  25. Mr B


    Firstly that was Sarcasm. Secondly Pedro and many posters if not all Arsenal fans understand that complacency is a trait that very much slides top down in an organization.

    Our complacency is partly down to the artificial zen culture that Wenger is trying to create. That was ok when most of our players came from working class backgrounds and were hard cunts to begin with. You can understand Wenger trying to calm Keown, Viera, Petit and Sol down.

    Even Henry wore his father’s cleats before he turned professional. That has changes massively when you are putting kids on huge salaries (the same as an exec at a medium size org.) when they are 16.

    These kids are already spoiled, they are not going to respond to light passive pressure. Sport is one field where you will always need controlled aggression to win games, because of the physical nature of the job and the adrenaline involved.

    If our players are not at piece with imposing themselves on a situation, technical superiority will get us so far.

    I agree with Ian Wright and the others who lament Wenger not spending big when Fergie retired because we would be absolutely dominating the league if we did our business right in the Ozil window.

    The flip side is that now our money is worth much less due to inflation in player prices and an ever increasing money supply in football. The chasing pack is going to catch up very soon.

    City already has higher revenues than us based on smart and ambitious management.

  26. Emiratesstroller

    It i incredible that Arsenal can dominate and then lose a game 2-1 with the stat
    that WBA managed just one shot on goal!!!!

    Whilst the result was not a complete disaster in view of the performance of Man City you have to ask the question whether Arsenal can be competitive this season with the resources we have got?

    When you see that we play now in almost every game 6-8 midfield and forwards out injured that means we are down to only 5-6 ‘half fit and over played
    players in those positions’.

    Frankly it will be very difficult to buy players of the right quality in January.
    For me this season could be an opportunity lost by Wenger dithering in the
    summer transfer market.