Sanchez stats point to loose touch and sloppy play

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A united front from the England and France players last night. A beautiful spectacle. Players and fans alike coming together to express togetherness in the wake of a hateful attack on our freedoms.

England beat the French 2-0, but I don’t think anyone can really take anything from that game. Laurent Koscielny came out after and claimed the players didn’t really have their heads in the game. Not surprising.

Of the utmost concern of most match going football fans was the cancellation of the Germany vs Holland game based on concrete evidence of a threat. If the bastards are going to start f*cking around with our football games, I might have to jump on a plane and sign up for service…

That’d be taking things too damn far…

The job would have to be suitable, ideally something strategic, maybe on the digital front… I make nice posters?

Anyway, what else do we have? Err, some stats that point to Sanchez being the most dispossessed player in the league. I think anyone who has watched him regularly can attest to not being surprise in the slightest about that number. It’s also probably a stat Barcelona are well aware of. You have mixed feelings on it though… he who dares and all that. He’s also guilty of being in the top 5 for most unsuccessful touches… partly I’d say down to a bit of rough form, partly because he’ll try and bring down any ball as the last man.

I think losing the ball is an area that he needs to work on. If he wants to be truly world-class, he’s going to have to be smarter about the runs he goes on… because sometimes he takes on everything and it kills the flow of the team. I think Chamberlain has really bad problems there that also need addressing.

You never want to take away the spectacular nature of Sanchez. If he wasn’t trying all the time, he’d be less impactful… and I certainly don’t want to go back to the days of crab football and never having a go. However, there’s always space to improve.

In some slightly weird news, Matty Flamini believes he’s on the verge of a $30billion breakthrough in the biofuels industry.

“I was always close to nature and concerned about environmental issues, climate change and global warming.

“He was on the same wavelength. We were looking how we could make a contribution to the problem.

“After a while we found out about Levulinic Acid.

“It’s a molecule identified by the US Department of Energy as one of the 12 molecules with the potential to replace petrol in all its forms.”

“Researchers told us LA is the future and by doing research in that field we could come up with a great discovery and success.

“We financed the research by the Milan Polytechnic.

“After several months we came up with the technology of how to produce LA on an industrial scale, meaning cheaply and cost-effectively. We patented it.”

I like this story, because when you have a bucket load of money, you should be investing it in smart ideas (that save the damn planet, not Dench t-shirts). He’s done that and now he thinks he has a way of scaling his idea. It remains to be seen if it’ll happen, but you have to salute the ambition.

In even more fantastical news, Platini and Blatter have had their appeals against their bans refused meaning it’s unlikely Platini will land a crack at the biggest job in football. Great news. Who knows if there was a dodgy deal going on… but not taking payment of £1.35m for a number of years by a cash rich firm seems odd. Very odd. Let’s be honest as well, when something seems odd at FIFA, it usually is odd.

That’s me tapping out. Have a good one!

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  1. gazzap

    I cant work out the Sanchez issue. firstly let me state I think he is a great player and one of my favourites. But he does give the ball away. But thinking back a year I’m sure he didn’t give it away nearly as much. If i’m right then what’s changed? Where Ozil has improved, Sanchez has stepped backwards a bit. I think it is all down to tiredness. Alexis did not get a rest and he just keeps on going. In reality he needs a full month off. But he’s simply not going to get that kind of rest unless he gets injured. At the minimum I would try and give him a week off. He’s not in great form right now so won’t be a huge miss and we have a relatively easy run of games coming.

  2. R.S.P..C.Arsenal


    I would disagree about being near the top regarding youth…

    From my memory we struggle against pull is in his own back yard…

    Back to the youth apart from cesc an bel ( although he was major lucked out…)

    Jack no

    No other youth with potential be world class…

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Who is actually back this weekend? It was suppose to be Ramsey, Bellerin and Oxlade, but all I’ve seen is Oxlade posting videos of his ‘recovery.’

    Could do with all three and giving Sanchez a much needed rest. Cazorla has had a week off now as well, Ozil had a fortnight, Monreal had 2 weeks, Mert, Coq…so that’s good.

    Rest Kozz as well and give Gabriel a game.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Well they are all suppose to be fit, at least that’s what was said before the international break, but this being Arsenal and all, thought I’d see if anyone had heard anything.

  5. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Last I saw Ramsey, Bellerin, and Ox were set to return but strangely enough Ramsey is listed not returning until December on physioroom which is usually up on those things. Gonna go with he might be questionable for Saturday.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    Always fear the worst with Ramsey’s ‘little injuries.’

    Really is so vital we cut the crocks, or a large slice of them and then buy some reliable players, starting in January.

    Again, ties our hands a little for the weekend, desperately need to give Sanchez a rest, but if Oxlade is playing his defensive work is pretty poor and he’s liable to expose us to the break, with Coq being our only defensive minded player in midfield, we will need Sanchez’s work rate.

    Unless we do something weird, like play Gibbs at LM, or play one of Flamteta and then bump Caz up to CAM and shift Ozil to LM, though the form he is in you don’t really want to do that.

    Injury prone players. Massive headache, every year.

  7. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Ya… out of all those options I could see Gibbs getting a start at LM as most likely.
    Theo and Ramsey are listed as returning Dec. 5 for Sunderland.
    Hmmm ….. Anyhow, I personally just hope January isn’t too little too late.
    That’s my biggest concern, well that and Giroud’s form if we are forced to use him for the next month.

  8. Cesc Appeal



    Unfortunately as well because of the way our team has to balance itself out we don’t have much room for manoeuvre either.

  9. rollen

    November 18, 2015 20:10:52

    If you get swept off by the stampeding herd of opinion of people who borrow their views from other sources of ignorance such as the mainstream media and then proceed to put two and two together and fail, you merely expose the depth of your ignorance for all to see.

    Spot the fools in this very telling interview.

    Did u expected TV presenters aka good looking propaganda merchants to be on level with academic prof??

    Great vid

  10. Emiratesstroller

    There are stories in media this evening that Arsenal could be about to finalise
    new contracts with Sanchez and Ozil. If true this would be very good news.

    Another story hitting the press is that Arsenal could be interested in Aubameyang. This sounds fanciful, but if true he is probably one of the few strikers floating around the market who is potentially world class and buyable.

    He would certainly be an upgrade on our current crop of strikers and at the
    right age.

    I believe as I suggested in the summer that Arsenal could spend in the current
    financial year £50-60 million in transfer market. So spending £40-45 million on this player would not be beyond our budget and makes a lot more sense than most of the other suggestions which have been made recently. Moreover
    he is not Champions League tied should we manage conceivably to qualify
    for next stage.

    This might be one of the two genuine missing links in our team/squad to make us genuine title contenders this season.

    Flamini has been always considered to be a smart cookie even if he is not one
    of the greatest footballers on the planet. From recollection he studied law early on in his career. It would not surprise me that he is the one footballer in our
    current team who has invested in a serious business project.

    He is not of course the only footballer who has studied at university. I believe
    that Bergkamp obtained a degree in engineering from Bath University and
    Senderos was also considered academic and was studying for a degree course
    whilst at Arsenal.

  11. Riverisland

    People here criticise islam for being unscientific and behind the curve fail to appreciate islam which banned alcohol and pork 1500 years ago . Modern science came to the conclusion just 2/3 centuries ago only that alcohol and pork are injurous to health.

  12. Lesvos

    Sorry but “jumping on a plane and signing up”?! Of course you are joking but still -there is nothing abroad to fight and defeat, the fight is against an idea, that fight is everywhere, against everyone’s freedoms not just “ours”. Please don’t talk about this issue in nationalistic terms because it breeds ignorance and hate. The fight begins at home.

  13. Emiratesstroller

    Pork and eating shell fish were banned in dietary laws of the Jewish Religion
    before Islam existed.

    These laws were devised historically at a time when certain animals were considered unclean and a health risk. That is not the case today.

    However, the laws established in both religions are now based on dogma and tradition rather than health consideration.

  14. Red&White4life

    I wonder what kind of bullshit wenger will say to Ozil and Sanchez to convince them to stay…
    “We are going to win the CL” ?? lol

  15. Cesc Appeal

    No rest for Sanchez then, pretty shitty, essentially as we were prior to the ‘much needed’ international break minus Debuchy which is something at least.

  16. Louis Almeida

    Wenger has said that Ramsey and Ox are close but not ready so I think it’ll be the same team that played Tottenham with Debuchy coming back in. We’ll need to win with that team because our subs wont be good. Ox and Ramsey will come back against Zagreb. I hope Giroud and Kos are ok mentally.

  17. Dream10

    I expect Ramsey and The Ox to miss the rest of November. The earliest we’ll see them return is on the 5th of December.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    I worry that Ramsey, Oxlade and Walcott will be all be toward Christmas time now/New Year.

    Welbeck has just gone completely quiet, he was meant to be New Year but I rather doubt that now.

  19. I am arsene


    Yeah it’s me. Flanked by my racist mates…
    The fact that video has even been posted just displays how the spineless liberals feel about proud Englishman.
    Display a concern for your country and you’re painted as a brainless Half pissed alone head thicko.
    Which he was, no doubt.
    However the majority of us can actually string coherent thoughts together and an explanation of why we feel our borders should be regulated and why we should not allow adult male refugees to cross a continent to us for “asylum”.
    First and foremost the safety of the British people should come before that of any refugee. That is the duty of elected government and that is why people like myself find it extremely worrying that people who mean us harm are being welcomed, paid and receive free accords toon and health care before going on marches and inciting hatred towards the very people who have given asylum.

  20. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    With our injury record, anything is possible. AW said Walcott will be back in 1-2 weeks. No timeframe for Ramsey and Ox. The Welshman is the one we can’t afford to lose for a long stretch.
    Not Walcott’s biggest fan, but he is important as goalscoring is an issue.
    12 goals against Man Utd, Swansea and Leicester. Only 10 in the other nine fixtures.

    Rumours of Alexis getting a new deal at 150k per week. That’s Alexis,Giroud,Walcott and Welbeck on at least 100k per week. Unlikely we’ll sign a new forward then.

    Giroud is a 7/10 player. Welbeck can’t be sold as he’ll miss almost the whole season. Walcott is a crock.
    Alexis blows hot and cold. Would sell him sooner rather than later.

  21. Wallace

    “Hector is back in full training. Ramsey should be available on Monday, and maybe Chamberlain as well.”

    – Wenger

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Ozil and Sanchez getting new deals is great, usually you’d have expected a player like Sanchez to have been sold in the past to City or Madrid or the like for a profit.

    In terms of wages, I thought Walcott’s new deal was silly, still do, but we have a fair few players leaving, Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky are all out of contract in the summer, so that’s £220 000 a week gone, likely Debuchy will go as well, he’s on large wages as well.

    We can make decisions as well on some players, certainly need to curb a lot of our sick notes and add some reliable talent.

  23. salparadisenyc

    Dusty Kart

    “Nothing beats a bacon sarnie after a night out consuming copious amounts of alcohol.
    It’s called a choice.”

    Never a finer word spoken within these walls.

    Pleased the Arsenal are coming back, was getting dire on here with all the religion experts.

    Nolito rumors have little base considering he’s pressing 30.

  24. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    Don’t forget that Wilshere, Bellerin and Coquelin will all get better contracts in the next 12 months .

  25. Leedsgunner

    No to Nolito for me. Too old… we should be looking to sign younger players… Özil and Sanchez will be hitting their prime soon so we need talented young sparks able to learn from their genius.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    Coq got one in the last 6 months didn’t he?

    Bellerin not sure if he has or not, but no problem bumping him up to £50 000 a week or something.

    If Wilshere gets a new deal then that is just madness, he’s already on £90 000 a week which is far too much as it stands. If it’s a new deal and salary reduction, fine…but I rather doubt that would be agreed to 😉

  27. Dream10


    Coquelin and Bellerin are playing at very good level (Top 3 in PL in their positions).
    Wilshere is a talent who is a brand name.

  28. jwl

    Couldn’t be prouder of my fellow Canadians. We suck at most sports but are good at ice hockey and beer miles.

    CTV News – “Between track practice and his fourth-year kinesiology classes Wednesday, Lewis Kent was doing interview …. The 21-year-old from Mississauga, Ont., broke the world record Tuesday night in the beer mile — a race that combines running and drinking beer. Runners chug a beer then run a lap, for each of the four laps of a mile.”

  29. London gunner

    Dream 10


    Nacho and Bellerin are number 1 in their respective positions according to whoscored.

    Coquelin is number 2 behind dembele.

  30. Lesvos

    “I am arsene” by your logic, we were also right to deny asylum to Jewish people escaping Nazi Germany. You’ve just denied the Geneva convention for the protection of refugees as being completely invalid because its not in the “interests” of Britain to save fellow people who share our hatred of ISIS. Good logic.