Our thoughts are with Paris

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I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to write about football today. Last nights barbaric act is too fresh in the mind and far too close to home to be thinking about anything else.

People trotting out for a casual meal and a gig, massacred unarmed.

What cowards these perpetrators are.

War waged on the unarmed.

Too sad for words.

Our thoughts are with Paris today.

Have a good one.


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  1. karim


    Netanyahu’s rant against the Mufti of Jerusalem was labelled out of order by a vast majority of observers, including a big part of the Israeli press.

    Not saying what you told us is a lie btw.

  2. karim

    Plus is it supposed to justify the Israeli’s government numerous scandalous actions towards the Paletinians, like refusing access to food, medicine, refusing to take care of the wounded, etc…

    Think what you want about me but I don’t think Israel is acting like a democracy.

  3. karim

    And I’m aware that the Palestinian leaders sometimes don’t act for the good of their people either.

    But painting Israel as the eternal victim is a joke, really.

  4. nigel tufnel

    Just remember, very important,

    Thia savagery is not just from isis, they are only the latest and most powerful (at the moment) iteration.
    There are so many other uber violent groups, that if isis disappeared tomorrow, would step right up and are just as bad.

    Al shabaab kenya. Obamas buddies
    Al qaeda
    Boko haram africa nigeria
    Abu sayef (Philippines)
    Lakshar taiba. Behind mumbai massacre
    And Many more.

    2 THINGS IN COMMON. sorry


  5. Mr B

    One of the more darker aspects of Human Resource Management that nobody wants you to hear about is Socilaization,

    This unlike the popular understanding, is the process by which external stimuli shape personality. This personality or programming is especially successful in children as they are a fresh page lacking existing programming.

    Feral children are extreme examples that don’t require what are termed conspiracy theories to understand. Total institutions (Places like prisons(Short sharp shock treatment), military, mental institutions, orphanages, old homes) where management has complete control are known proponents of re-socialization/behavior change and extremely effective at it.

    What is alarming is that most people who go through such “Training” end up with severe trauma and psychological disorders. Vets/Prisoners can’t integrate back into society. The Right wingers will say because they don’t want to but I know for a fact


    Hence applying these principles to children esp. orphans etc. one can produce the perfect slaves.

    Such experimentation requires severe moral depravity, hence must be kept secret from preying eyes 😉


    No matter what religion, race, creed, world view you are, you must question yourself to know more. You must question what you hold to be gospel and fact whether it is what was printed thousands of years ago or what get put in the news today.

  6. Mr B

    I know for a fact their mental capacities have been purposefully distorted to the point where they are no longer sane, even if you use a liberal definition of sane.

  7. Mr B

    The same is being done now in Immigration detention centers with refugees and the presentation of current events will lead to increased apathy towards refugees and Muslims.

    Giving the ruling elite the mandate they need to continue war, creating further refugees and a steady supply of mind slaves to go around.

  8. Jeff


    I am aware of how the state of Israel was formed in 1948. Whatever you say it was still the brainchild of the British, who turned the idea and the problem over to the United Nations because they wanted collective responsibility for what they were about to do. The idea was to divide it down the middle – roughly – giving 57% to the Jews and 43% to the Palestinians although at the time there were far more Palestinians. But Palestinians had 100% of it from 1917 to 1947 – after the Ottoman Empire left and the British Empire were dividing things up – they couldn’t see why they should give any of it up.

    However, what you forgot to mention, so conveniently, is what happened afterwards. A lot of bloodshed which culminated in today Israel taking control of virtually all of it leaving a tiny little Gaza Strip and what is known as the West Bank for the Palestinians. What the Israeli army – with the help of US money and arms, have been doing to the Palestinian people since has been nothing short of war crimes.

    Have a look at this picture to see how Israel grew right under the noses of the world. http://tinyurl.com/pa56rqm

    – Palestinians Homes have been bulldozed sometimes while people were still living in them.
    – Indiscriminate imprisonment
    – Men, women and children beaten and sometimes killed on roadsides
    – Basic human rights such as water limited or completely cut off
    – A wall bigger and thicker than the Berlin Wall has been built here is a picture http://tinyurl.com/nzumu3r
    – Palestine today is like a war zone

    Yes the Palestinians have been firing what rockets and they have at the Israeli side but they are no match. Israel has hundreds of F16s, tanks and even an arsenal of nuclear weapons. They have become a super power in the area – all thanks to the lobbyists in the USA influencing foreign policy – have a look at what AIPAC is doing and what it means.

    So don’t list a series of events and then leave out the bloodiest and the most unjust parts of it. You were very selective with your history but we did not get here because Muslims are just “nasty” people.

    I am neither Pro-Muslim nor anti-Israeli but I know when an injustice has been done and whilst murder and mayhem cannot be condoned under any circumstances, you have to do your best to understand what has happened and why.

  9. Emiratesstroller


    The Mufti of Jerusalem was a virulent anti-Semite who initiated progroms against the Jews.

    It is well known that he was like many other pan arabic leaders a supporter of Hitler and lived in Berlin throughout war.

    He was also very much involved in war against fledgling state of Israel and instrumental in recruiting ex Nazi Scientists to work in Nasser’s Rocket programmes.

    You can argue all day long about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. However,
    what cannot be disputed is that Israel is under constant threat of attack since
    the state was created in 1948.

    If someone waved a magic wand and found a cast iron formula which guaranteed peace and security in area I don’t think you would find many Israelis who would not sign up to it.

    Realistically that is not going to happen, because the agenda of most Arabs and
    Muslims is to see an infidel free Middle East. You need only take a look at what has happened in Syria in recent times. The same has happened to the
    Christian minority in Gaza as well, which is now virtually non existent.

    I was on business in Israel during outbreak of intifada at start of Millennium.
    A majority of Israelis were able to watch Arab Television so they could see exactly what went on in Gaza. Also I was there when New York Twin Towers were attacked and in Gulf in aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.

    There is undeniable support for Palestinian cause in Britain mainly from left wing elements in our society including sadly some Jews. Most of these people
    back the down trodden Palestinians and see Israel as the ‘Capitalist’ enemy.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    You apply ‘European Values’ to the problems in Middle East. The reality is that
    most people in Israel including non Jews understand the situation better.

  11. Jeff


    I didn’t think I was applying any “values”. Just like you did in your previous post, I was merely stating historic facts. Can you deny what has happened to that tiny bit of land since 1947 and what has ensued? I am not really interested in the extremist idiots on either side. The extremist Jewish view is that it is the promised holy land decreed by God and the extremist Muslims think all non-Muslims are infidels.

    These views are held only by a tiny minority on both sides. The overwhelming majority in the wider world are sensible people who are able to think for themselves and know that it is all complete bullshit. However, from a reality point of view, I can understand how things flare up if one side thinks they have been hard-done by.

    You can see how Israel have dominated everything and there is hardly any Palestine to speak of today. That is the reality. So you have to question why Israel was allowed to take nearly all of it and how did they manage to get away with it?

  12. Emiratesstroller


    The majority of people in Israel are not fanatics. However, after 67 years first
    hand experience of what has been going on in the Middle East I don’t think that you or others should be judging them.

    The Palestinians and other Arab Nations have had plenty of opportunity to better themselves, but you need only take a look at the whole region to see
    what a mess it is in.

    I used to look at the situation rather like you in my ideological youth, but having seen first hand what goes on in the real world I recognise clearly that nothing will ever change so long as the Palestinians and other Arab and Muslim
    nations do not recognise Israel’s right to exist.

    Since that is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future I am afraid that the
    situation is unlikely to get better.

    Despite what goes on Israel has managed to survive and become one of the
    most advanced and economically successful nations in Western world. It is a major player in science, technology and biomedicine.

    Incidentally Israel is not so dependent on USA as you suggest. Its current
    economy and financial outlook is probably better than most western developed countries and it is no longer dependent on US Armaments. It has today the fourth largest armament industry in the World after US, Russia and Britain.

  13. Jeff


    This statement of yours is very telling.

    “The Palestinians and other Arab Nations have had plenty of opportunity to better themselves, but you need only take a look at the whole region to see what a mess it is in.”

    What you are implying is that the Arab nations are basically backward and all this is therefore largely their fault because they haven’t bettered themselves. In other words they haven’t shed their religion and emerge from the grip of dogma. I agree. They haven’t. But what sort of justification is that for what has happened?

    The Israeli treatment of Palestinians simply cannot be condoned, it cannot be reconciled, it cannot be justified not matter what you say or believe.

    “Despite what goes on Israel has managed to survive and become one of the most advanced and economically successful nations in Western world. It is a major player in science, technology and biomedicine”

    Yes that is right, but you say that as if they had no help. The US have been giving billions upon billions over the years.

    I don’t know what happened to you but perhaps your head has been turned because of the terrorist acts which are of course despicable but it does not change the road that got us here.

    As for the exact numbers with regard to US foreign aid to Israel here is a table: http://tinyurl.com/nmjofjv

    You seem to have convinced yourself that Israel has done “really well” for themselves all because they are hard-working, forward-thinking, industrious, diligent and upstanding nation with high moral values and should be commended. I just wish they did it without the Palestinians on their conscience.

  14. I am arsene


    It is not a tiny minority that hold those views. It is a vast number o young Muslim men that participate in those shows of aggression and wave disgusting plaques inciting violence.
    The Muslim community is turning its cheek as are champagne socialists like yourself

  15. Mr B

    Look the main thing that we need to understand is that we are all in this together. However much we point fingers, we are all affected by the consequences of our actions.

    Everyone can play a part to make the world a better place. By loosing hope one is only playing into the hands of en slavers,

    I come from a culture that was idealized by Nazi’s. I need not divulge into the human suffering that was created to secure my privilege 1000’s of years ago, but the best advice my father gave me was “you can lie to the world but never lie to yourself!”

    We can make a difference even if it is by recognizing the truth in our heart of hearts alone. The truth will prevail, it is the way of the world, The natural mechanism that exists for the survival of the world.

    If men could do all they wanted, they megalomaniacs have destroyed the world long ago. With every child born the potential of the human race is reborn.

  16. qna


    I agree with you. But I dont see why the argument on Isreal should be used in the case of what happened in France. Sure the origins may be connected but now it is no longer dependent.

    There is an organised and financed global “gang” that is recruiting members. First by spreading fundamentalist views and then by propaganda recruitment of those fundamentalised (is that a word, sounds like one). Even if you gave back the entirety of Israel to the Palestinians these guys would not stop.

    I think this organised gang (or multiple gangs) have successfully used Israel to further their own selfish cause but the latter is independent of this conflict now.

    As for emirates and iamarsene’s view that it is the fault of moderate muslims doing nothing, there is very little truth to that. The only way a group, lets call them “moderate muslims” could do anything, positive or negative, would be to assemble a movement and be activists for their cause… does anybody want this? I dont think so. So as they are right now, any moderate muslim is by default a member of the default group which is mainstream society. Wherever they live, be it Birmingham or Lakemba (sydney), they are law abiding members of those secular city’s. Simply practicing a faith that is allowed by the governing secular laws. No more and no less.

    What we can reasonably ask of a muslim in Australia/Britian/US etc is to actively oppose fundamentalism in their daily life, including within their family and freinds. They should also whistleblow and report to authorities if warranted. This last point shouldnt be over eatimated how difficult this is. It would be similar to dobbing in your friends, family or children if they committed a crime. It would be damn hard. But still they must do it.

  17. Jeff


    “But I don’t see why the argument on Israel should be used in the case of what happened in France.”

    The idea behind cause and effect is that something has to initiate it. When the first domino was pushed, it led us all the way here. Of course the events of 1948 have nothing directly to do with Paris but when you commit an injustice you cannot control where and how it is going to end up.

    What should have happened with regard to Israel is that at the very least, if you are going to use the United Nations to divide up a piece of land, enforce the rules you set. Israel has been allowed to swallow the entire area unchecked. It wasn’t just what happened in 1948, but what happened since as well that has brought us here.

    The attacks on Paris, though cannot be justified or condoned in any way, were reprisals for the French aerial bombing of ISIS areas in Syria. And now of course it will escalate and more innocent blood will be spilt in the hope that you get some of the bad guys as well.


  18. vicky

    “The attacks on Paris, though cannot be justified or condoned in any way, were reprisals for the French aerial bombing of ISIS areas in Syria.”

    Circular logic

  19. vicky

    Jeff,It’s your superb command over English that you have been able to vehemently defend the terrorists without raising much eyebrows. Enviable sophistry !!

  20. Mr B

    It is not Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus etc. that are the perpetrators.

    In WWII the majority of Jews involved were systematically tortured (See Monarch Programming) to the extent that they lost their moral grounding. When you have been through that sort of torture, a land grab is the least of your worries, the same as it was if you were shipped to the colonies, spending 6 months to a year living in your own feces in a ships hull.

    The same hands would now create the opposite. If you lost your family to a bombing while having a nice family dinner, that trauma is going to cause you to do crazy things. If your a French working for the military or a Syrian/Iraqi refuge.

    Who is causing the intelligence failures that allow these things to happen. I don’t mean to offend anyone from any social class, the fact is that most terrorist are common criminals being paid premium rates for crimes they would willingly do for less or worst mind control slaves.

    Its so easy these days, with the knowledge we have today of how the human mind and human body works.

  21. Emiratesstroller


    I did not suggest that moderate muslims are at fault because they do nothing.

    What I said is that most Middle Eastern Countries are supporting Palestinian cause, because they don’t want to see a Jewish State exist in Middle East.

    For that matter Arabs are not particularly tolerant to their Christian, Yazidi or
    Druse minorities as well. Hamas has more or less liquidated Christian minority in Gaza.

  22. Highbury4ever

    In France, we are governed by morons and idiots.

    Valls and Hollande said : “we are in war.”
    Well, thanks a lot, Captain Evidence!!

    Amazing… they realize only now that there is a war, and that we are about to lose that war.

  23. Highbury4ever

    They reminds me of Wenger, always react, never anticipate.

    Except that, in this case, we are talking about human life…
    What a bunch of c*nts.

  24. DBlock


    I agree 100% with you and I must commend you for your objective a impartial view on world events. Remain unbent and unbroken.

    We are all human beings and expect to be treat as such regardless of creed gender race and religion. Unfortunately mass media has conditioned us to treat people who look different from us with distrust and suspicion. A minuscule proportion doesn’t represent the majority.

    Emirate you’re one of my f posters but youre wrong on this.

    Viva La France

  25. Gunner2301

    Tragic the incidents that happened over the weekend, however I would also like to point out the other injustices and needless deaths around the world that barely get a mention.

    There’s a reason for this and it’s the responsibility of each individual to do their own research and not be guided solely by information that is fed to them by the media alone. We have been given the ability of discernment and maybe we should be taking a step back and looking at things in the round.


    Agree with the majority of what your saying. Emirates with all due respect appreciate greatly your footballing comments but either your approaching the historical context from a position of ignorance or your being disingenuous.

    I would urge everyone to research and understand this properly for themselves and not listen to any one of us or take any of this on face value. It’s an important matter that affects all of us even indirectly and it’s important that you have the facts or your own interpretation of it and form your opinion on that basis.

    WENGER OUT (my footballing contribution for the day 🙂 )

  26. segonzacgooner

    come on ARSENAL.
    show must go on show must go on show must go on…
    good hymns and good game tonight.
    arsenaly yours.