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Gooooood evening people. A short one for you today because international football week is really dry.

Karim Benzema looks like he’s in big trouble. His phone was totally tapped and it doesn’t look good.

Now it’s become clear why Arsene Wenger didn’t pull the trigger on the move…

I feel good about not having a Karim in our side right now.

That said, the likelihood of him getting jail time just before his nation hosts the Euros seems pretty slim. He got away with underage hookers by arguing he couldn’t have known the age.


In other more salacious news, it appears Mesut is back with his exGF. Form in your personal life usually reflects in your work life. He’s on fire, maybe being happy has helped him?

Finally, it’s not looking good for Yaya Sanogo. Wenger slyly slipped Bergkamp our dud signing, I mean, a fine bit of con-manship there! Apparently, he’s appeared 3 times for  a combined 47minutes, failing to net at all. He’s now not scored in 20 competitive games.

You’d have to say it’s unlikely he’ll be making it with us… well, unless something pretty major happens!

Right, that’s me done.

Catch ya later! x

P.S if you take the free spin on this game they are giving away a bunch of flights or something.


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  1. Marc

    Only heard about the attacks when I clicked onto Arseblog of all things this morning.

    What justification can be offered for the savage murder of normal people minding their own business and having night out.

  2. grooveydaddy


    All’s well, thanks. These US based posting times from Pedro lately has kinda thrown me. Now I often only see the post when i get up the next morning. By then the comments are three pages deep and everything’s been said.

    ps. still can’t believe there’s Amish in Illinois…

  3. MidwestGun

    G-Daddy –
    Ya. . Think it has thrown Pedro for a loop too. Yep… beautiful people the Amish but a bit like the ostrich with their head in the sand. If you ever come back to Champagne you can have a surreal experience and drive from Chicago to Arcola. It’s like driving back into time 150 years.

    Vicky –
    I don’t think your a nutter, I just want to be able to respect your opinion on the Arsenal without having any kind of bias. Probably selfish on my part.

  4. grooveydaddy


    I had a mate from Arcola @ U of I. We used to call him Chachi (from Happy Days).

    The only thing he told about Arcola was that silly Broomcorn Festival. Never mentioned the Amish…

  5. I am arsene

    I see the Muslims are killing people again.
    It’s like the saurons Mordor army storming a cross Middle Earth
    And we’ve opened the door to them

  6. Azagunner

    got to say vicky the article you said to read, doesnt contradict what you said, but might as well have. Its how you have portrayed your feelings on here about what has happened that didnt come out quite right. After reading through all your comments i understand what you mean, And agree with you, but at the start it was just the way it was said that lead to people having a go at you.

    And not having a go at you now, im just saying. I enjoy reading what you have to say most of the time.

  7. Azagunner

    What i think is pathetic is how isis comes out and claim that it was them every time. Absolute scum
    With the plane that went down the other week, they came out saying it was taken down with a rocket, and then the story changed because it was proven that it couldnt have been a rocket (that isis have control of anyway) in that air space at that specific time. They are so incredibly dumb.

  8. vicky

    Thanks Azagunner. Yeah, it’s a tricky subject. Different people have different take on it. It’s just that there are few takers for my POV on this but the scourge of terrorism has to end one way or the other. If consensus, cool heads and love will solve the problem as many here say, that would be awesome. Has not worked out till date though. I am hoping liberals come out with some thing magical before all is doomed.

  9. Azagunner

    Yeah i really hope all the fighting in this world will stop one day.
    Haha and you are right when you say something magical, I really don’t see what can be done, in the near future anyway, to stop these acts of terror.
    Sad. sad times.

  10. Joe


    What do we about the all the Christian KkK members ???

    White catholic priests that prey on innocent young children for some??

    It’s every where. You don’t blame the religion. You blame the cunts who use religion as an excuse to kill.

  11. Greggs sausage roll

    @aza don’t underestimate the isis scum just because they have a different cultue to us…there are a well funded and intelligent terrorist group. Obviously they want us to think they’ve done all the attacks they claim even tho they probably haven’t. BUT why do they want us to think this?? What have they got planned..tbh as bad as it sounds I think they’re one step
    Ahead of us in this regards, hopefully the same can’t be said of our intelligence services…

  12. Greggs sausage roll

    And even then look at last night…and also the fact we didn’t see the isis terrorist scum disguised as a ‘refugee crisis’ coming even though they actually spelled it out to us about 2 years ago….it’s quite scary tbh we really need to take these people seriously….

    Also love the blog have been following for a couple years…finally first comment hah