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Gooooood evening people. A short one for you today because international football week is really dry.

Karim Benzema looks like he’s in big trouble. His phone was totally tapped and it doesn’t look good.

Now it’s become clear why Arsene Wenger didn’t pull the trigger on the move…

I feel good about not having a Karim in our side right now.

That said, the likelihood of him getting jail time just before his nation hosts the Euros seems pretty slim. He got away with underage hookers by arguing he couldn’t have known the age.


In other more salacious news, it appears Mesut is back with his exGF. Form in your personal life usually reflects in your work life. He’s on fire, maybe being happy has helped him?

Finally, it’s not looking good for Yaya Sanogo. Wenger slyly slipped Bergkamp our dud signing, I mean, a fine bit of con-manship there! Apparently, he’s appeared 3 times for  a combined 47minutes, failing to net at all. He’s now not scored in 20 competitive games.

You’d have to say it’s unlikely he’ll be making it with us… well, unless something pretty major happens!

Right, that’s me done.

Catch ya later! x

P.S if you take the free spin on this game they are giving away a bunch of flights or something.


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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Wasn’t the Germany team’s hotel evacuated this morning as well because there was a bomb threat.

    Feel for the people of Paris…again.

    Doesn’t bode well for Syrian refugees with Europe already an inch away from shutting down the Schengen area and re-establishing border control.

  2. Joe

    Fuck terrorists. How tough would they be without their masks and guns and bombs

    Wish they would fight like men and not cowards and rats in the night

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    The people carrying out the attacks will be a mixture of suicide bombers and people knowing they’ll get shot and killed by police.

    It’s the ones in the background that have driven them to it by one method or another (radicalisation / intimidation /blackmail etc.) that are the cunts in this case.

  4. Joe

    They are just as cowardly as the cunts that run the shit. If they are stupid enough to be brainwashed then they deserve to die. No one stupid enough to be this brainwashed by religion deserves to live

  5. Joe

    Extreme? Brainwashed by religion to the point you are killing innocent people eating dinner , watching a show. I have two young children and if I would catch one of these cunts planning or coming close to hurting one my kids id rip his Fucken throat out. Terrorists are the lowest of the low. Islam or the one shooting up schools in America. They are all the same to me. Killing innocent people, you deserve what’s coming to you

  6. nigel tufnel

    If u saw the documentary about mumbai, or followed hussein obamas cousins shopping mall slaughter in kenya, you would know how bad this can be, and can get. It can happen anywhere.

    Plus atrocities every day in middle east and africa.

    Stonings, beheadings,crucifixions hangings, gays thrown from rooftops, little girls as sex slaves and also strapped with bombs detonated remotely by cell phones. Child grooming in Rochdale, rotherham, birmingham.

    But its the religion of peace.

  7. Joe

    I don’t blame Muslims. It’s the extremists that have ruined the name of Muslim religion.

    Same as all extremists. Can’t blame the majority when it’s a small % causing the grief

  8. Cesc Appeal

    You wonder how many the total dead are going to be at the end of this the way it’s rising.

    Truly awful.

    No need to try and understand these ‘people,’ their motives or rationale are of no concern, their ideology belongs in the Dark Ages, don’t even bother trying to comprehend their reasoning.

  9. nigel tufnel

    its a psychopathic fake religion that worships what they call the perfect man.., you know his name.
    He was a warlord and killer, who married a 6 yr old.

    Defend it, you pussy

  10. WengerEagle

    Can’t even begin to imagine the horror of the parents of any one of those young kids who went to that concert in Paris tonight.

    60 and rising, more shootings being reported now, is looking terrible.

  11. Bamford10


    ALL religions are bunk, and many terrible and horrific crimes — the Inquisition, the Crusades, etc. — have been carried out in the name of Xtianity. Islam is not alone in its absurdities, contradictions and crimes.

    Go fuck yourself with your Islamophobia. Vicky can go fuck himself as well with whatever right-wing line he is pushing.

    No surprise that some folks here are just as dim re politics, society and history as they are re football.

    Cheers to everyone else.

    My thoughts are with the French people. Hopefully the police will manage to do something to help those taken hostage.

  12. Bamford10

    And btw, Islamist terrorism is a response to Western imperialist meddling/interventions in the Middle East, not to secularism.

  13. London Gunner

    All organised religions are pretty much corrupted and evil to a large percent (not saying completely or the majority.

    However there are some great/kind religious people out there.

    Catholic church covering up child abuse.

    Muslims Imans preaching hate speech and orchestrating terror attacks.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    ‘And btw, Islamist terrorism is a response to Western imperialist meddling/interventions in the Middle East.’

    No, no. Come on.

    You can’t go calling all religions ‘bunk’ and then make justificatory statements for this kind of barbarity like that.

  15. vicky


    I have a huge interest in politics, more than Football. Have read a lot about the history of various religions, the happenings around the world. It’s very preposterous of you to discard any view which is not left leaning. Not surprised given that you hardly lend you ears to anyone who disagrees with you even regarding football matters. It’s the hegemony of left liberals in all countries which has blinded people with its idealistic propaganda of secularism. And today’s event in Paris and many other such events in the past just strengthen my point.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Don’t know if it’s any good to anyone on here, or anyone who knows anyone there, but apparently locals are offering assistance under the hashtag #porteOuverte

    As I say, doubt it’s much good to anyone here, but I’m not on twitter, and it’s a good idea to spread these things.

  17. vicky

    “And btw, Islamist terrorism is a response to Western imperialist meddling/interventions in the Middle East,”

    You just proved what I said. Lefties always make excuses for those evil people.

  18. vicky

    Bamford who knows History does not know about Dutch Cartoonists who were killed just because they drew what was allegedly obscene cartons of Mohamed. Charlie Hebrew did not launch an attack on Syria,Iraq. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  19. Highbury4ever

    A new step of terror has been reached.
    Difficult to believe that we can win the fight against those evil people.

  20. Bamford10


    “You can’t go calling all religions ‘bunk’ and then make justificatory statements for this kind of barbarity like that.”

    Thought you were savvier than that, Cesc. There’s a difference between EXPLANATION and JUSTIFICATION. To explain a thing is to say WHY it occurs. That’s what I’m doing.

    To justify a thing, on the other hand, is to say that it is right, moral or correct, i.e. justified, that said thing occurs. I am not doing that, and I would never do that.

  21. Samesong


    My respect level has gone up for you.

    It’t the people that are crazy not the religions.

    No religious book in the history of the world has ever said to kill yourself or blow yourself up.

  22. nasri's mouth


    undoubtedly Western countries actions are partially to blame for some of the situations we see know.

    There is the “you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t” argument of which Libya is a good example, but there is such a massive lack of basic understanding / ‘ ‘giving a fuck’ at top political levels when it comes to state rebuilding in places like Iraq, or relationship rebuilding in Iran, that we have to hold our hands up and say, ‘yeah we could have done things better’

  23. Cesc Appeal


    You’re wrong on either front.

    Sad to see really. On a lot of stuff you’re quite insightful, this you’ve got totally wrong and is everything I detest in the left wing.

  24. Bamford10

    Charlie Hebdo does not represent “secularism,” Vicky. They are a bunch of shallow, right-wing provocateurs — yes, I’m aware they think they are very “left” — who seek only to insult and smear. Their work has nothing to do with satire or with progressive or socialist politics. They are empty-headed, puerile and right-wing provocateurs.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    No, the lack of understanding is not in ‘rebuilding,’ it was in understanding the culture that is totally different to ours.

    The US in Iraq massively eff’d up with regards to understanding the relationship between Sunnis and Shias and the enormous amounts of tensions between the two, they also majorly eff’d up with totally scrapping the establishment and going all tabula rasa when they should have maintained the structure of the Iraqi armed forces and police forces, not tried to be both military and police for the nation where they are rightly seen as a foreign invader.

    I have no issue with calls for the West to stay the heck out of the Middle East, that is fine and understandable, as long as nothing bites us, and as long as we collectively aren’t facing enormous pressure to act in entering some form of conflict or crisis every other year.

  26. Bamford10


    Please explain what I’ve gotten wrong. The difference between “explanation” and “justification”? Think I have that right, actually. My own POV on the question, i.e., that such acts are explained by Western imperialism but are never, ever justified? Think I’m right on that as well.

    Please explain what I have wrong. Genuinely curious.

  27. vicky


    Agreed that Western adventurism in Iraq,Syria,Afganistan were historic blunders but believe you me barbarism in certain sects of Islam precedes what happened in last 20 years.

  28. Bamford10

    Hilarious. Ozy, who always has more to say about politics than football, would like people to refrain from politics tonight. You’re a real piece of work, mate.

  29. MidwestGun

    Horrific. .. tragic. ..clearly picked targets for most publicity .

    Come on y’all no need to get into a pitched battle on Le Grove about philosophy or religion at this time. There is already enough animosity over issues on here of what compared to this is meaningless.

    If your in France or Paris stay safe. Sick to my stomach.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Anyway, it always becomes about ‘don’t judge Islam,’ instead let’s focus on the victims of this appalling tragedy.

    Not who’s religion is worse than whose, saying all religions are terrible or finding excuses/justification (incredibly) for this barbarity.

    Heart goes out to all the relatives and victims, and especially those families waiting for news on the hostages…cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through right now.

  31. vicky

    “Charlie Hebdo does not represent “secularism,” Vicky. They are a bunch of shallow, right-wing provocateurs — yes, I’m aware they think they are very “left” — who seek only to insult and smear. Their work has nothing to do with satire or with progressive or socialist politics. They are empty-headed, puerile and right-wing provocateurs.”

    Agreed but where is the tolerance ? What kind of people kill for being satirically offended ?

  32. Ozy

    Bamford, I don’t even recall the last time I have even posted a comment here besides tonight, let alone discuss something other than football.

    But you – you have nothing better to do on a Friday night.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    You’re wrong, if it’s justificatory, nothing justifies this. End of discussion.

    If it’s explanatory, which is it, ‘Western imperialism’ or the gajillion over reasons these types of knuckle dragging dicks give…as in offending parts of the religion, Islam FTW worldwide, you’re all infidels etc etc

    These people are morons. Why on earth you started talking about justification/explanation is beyond me.

    These people are dickheads, they are massive dickheads, and you do a disservice to the majority of Muslims when you start talking like that.

  34. Bamford10


    “You just proved what I said. Lefties always make excuses for those evil people.”

    As I explained to Cesc, there’s a difference between explanation — what I’m doing — and justification — what you’re lamely accusing me of. I doubt you’ll grasp this, however.

  35. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc appeal

    The difference in culture is certainly one aspect of it, but the plan to take out a power crazy dictator in a country already finely balanced between 2 highly opposed sides and leave a power and political vacuum and a broken physical infrastructure is what I’m getting at. For a while I dealt with both MOD staff and American contractors who were out there and there are so many examples of fuck ups, zero planning, under funding, same mistakes being made time after time, political desire to walk away etc.

  36. Bamford10

    I agree that these people are backwards, reactionary dickheads — no argument there — but I’m talking about explanation vs. justification because YOU accused me of justification and didn’t distinguish b/t the two.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Fully agree.

    We cannot understand the culture, I think it was Sadaam who said ‘you don’t know what I’m dealing with here,’ not condoning anything that monster did, but that’s the general point…we just don’t get it.

    Many, many fuck ups in that area, yes, war fatigue set in and you sort of leave the cake half baked, plonk it on the table shout enjoy and run…perfect environment for catastrophe.

  38. Bamford10


    Are you that un-self-aware? That unaware of irony? How is it that my posting here says that I have “nothing better to do on a Friday night” but your posting here at the very same type says no such thing?

    Guarantee if this incident had racial implications you’d be treating us to some lecture on race relations and identity politics.

    Cheers all the same.

  39. nasri's mouth


    There has been barbarism all over the world. The only reason Catholics and Protestants aren’t beheading each other in England anymore is because our society has developed past that point. Genetically I’m pretty much the same as my great (to the power 10) grand dad.

    Societies develop at different rates, we just happen to be ahead of certain other parts of the world at the moment, but we’ve not exactly covered ourselves in glory with our interactions with them

  40. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    War fatigue was one issue, but the utter lack of any post conflict planning was disgraceful. We have ourselves to blame for ISIS.
    I just hope that now Putin has decided to get involved in Syria, as opposed to blocking the rest of the world, they’ll do a better job.

  41. vicky


    I believe there are sane people even in Muslim community. Take them in to confidence, shut down all the madrasa ( Islamic school ), why should those kids not study in normal schools where all the other children study ? Certain sects of Koran do give an impression that infidels should be beheaded, meaning of Jehad is misleading, let the world leaders make an appeal to Islamic scholars to come clean on them. Muslims are very sensitive towards their religion, fanatical. They need to be desensitized. That’s the soft part of it.

    For the real crooked ones, deal with them the way they deserve to be,

    Saying platitudes like all religions are bunkum, there are rotten apples in all religions does not serve the purpose at all, worsens the situation.

    I am not optimistic though. Shit will get even more real.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    Watched a really good documentary on the Iraq war, and essentially the US staff at the time say that was their biggest regret, the total lack of plan for the post-invasion years.

    They thought it would be like 1944 Paris, welcomed as liberators and heroes. At first maybe, but then…

    Essentially feeding into what I was saying, we don’t get it. You’re always best providing the ‘might’ in that situation to topple, then the cash and allow a ‘native’ force to do the policing whilst you pay for their upkeep and for rebuilding, again, carried out by ‘natives.’

  43. Cesc Appeal


    Fair enough.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I personally don’t agree but your opinion is yours to have.

    It came across as you saying ‘don’t judge them (the terrorists) because…’ tone and what have you is always lost on blogs, the internet what have you.

  44. karim


    Hope they weren’t trained by the Russians…

    France just closed its borders, so that they can’t run away like the rats they are.

    Emergency state official !

    England / France about to be cancelled also ( much less important of course )

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Jeez, hope all is well with them mate.


    Some of the pictures coming out of Paris, you just can’t believe it…and even more so it’s happening again, on a larger scale.


    I didn’t think they would wait around and try and negotiate. Just have to hope for the 100 hostages.

  46. karim

    Thanks Cesc, nice of you mate.

    Doesn’t sound good for the hostages unfortunately , police had to literally walk over dead bodies to progress towards the terrorists ( said to be very young ) apparently.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    That’s terrible.

    You would think the reason they went in is because people were being killed, the risk being outweighed by necessity.

    Horrible, these people prey on mass events like this, maximum casualties in the small window they will have.

    Police saying it is ‘carnage’ in the theatre, the terrorists threw explosives into the crowds in the theatre…unimaginable.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Police are going to be out in force in London over the coming weeks, military back at Gatwick and Heathrow no doubt

  49. nigel tufnel

    Yes blue moon bamford,

    Christian crusaders, buddhists, atheists are really doing alot of killing lately.

    Apologist for savages

  50. luke

    nigel tufnelNovember 14, 2015 01:12:46
    Yes blue moon bamford, Christian crusaders, buddhists, atheists are really doing alot of killing lately. Apologist for savages


    @ Nigel – you might want to take notice of the evangelical christian regime of Bush that killed millions in Iraq and set in forth a disastrous period in the middle east. You might want to read up on the buddhists killing muslims in Myanmar. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but the reductionism that amounts to “us good, them bad” is frankly pathetic.

  51. nigel tufnel

    I love the pseudo intellectuals making such reasonable excuses for these animals.

    You are so empathetic, so superior….i wish you luck. Western countries are surrendering in the name of political correctness.

  52. nigel tufnel

    Yes, bamford and the rest.. blame america, and the catholics of centuries ago.

    And dont try to equate lone wolf killers in the u.s. schools. Nothing to do with a koran that says in passage after passage to kill unbelievers…

    Ive seen fotos of infants in the act of being beheaded,just because their families were yezidi, christian or the wrong sect of muslim…

    let alone videos of hundreds of beheadings, gays hung, and thrown from buildings, while crowds wait below with rocks to throw in case they survive.

    Ive seen the fotos of hundreds of armenians crucified in a row along a road because they were christians… by the way, turk ottomans were islamists. Estimates of 1 million killed in that religious genocide. Yes, there are photos from that time.

    Have you seen the photos of women who had acid poured on their faces for not covering completely in a burqa? Condemned to life looking like the elephant man. Hundreds, horrific.
    All done in the name of that religion of peace.

    And dont give the tiny minority of muslims line…. its too many, way too many for this amount of savagery.

    So called moderates were cheering from rooftops in AMSTERDAM on 9/11 .. fact.

    But let in some more muslim refugees ..
    You dont wonder why such a majority are young males? Leaving the women and children back in the chaos?

    Are you aware italy RECENTLY picked up the mastermind of a tunisia massacre pretending to be a refugee.

    Did you know that the boston marathon bombers went to the U.S. as muslim refugees?

    You know that if a woman wants to report a ra..,e in many muslim countries, sharia law requires her to produce four actual witnesses, all must be male. Good luck. They can stone you for adultery if you cant prove it.
    Imagine how many go unreported?

    Do you know what a stoning really is? Imagine being buried up to your neck and dozens of rocks thrown at your head.. that takes a special kind of savage.

    How about burning people alive.. who else is doing that? Hmmm let me guess….

    But you all look the other way in the name of political correctness.

    Ive seen pics of bodies of little girls without heads. ..many, even in indonesia… all because they wanted to go to school.

    Boko haram taking hundreds of girls as sex slaves in africa.

    Also in africa.. research the horror of the kenyan mall massacre, the kenyan university slaughter of hundreds, just a few months ago. They separated the christians from the muslims at the university and slaughtered the christians.. so i guess the murderers werent christian.

    You apologists should watch a documentary on hbo about the mumbai attack..like todays.
    One guess, ..heres a hint…not perpetrated by hindus.

    Who murded scores, hundreds, thousands on 7/7 , 9/11… tunisia, hebdo, today?

    Was it atheist, christians, buddhists, jews, hindus.
    Which religion can kill you if you try to leave or renounce?

    Keep making excuses. Its getting alot worse, because of weak apologists who dont want to offend a death cult masquerading as a religion.

    Sorry but western, civilized people need to stand up and speak the painful, unpleasant truth.

  53. Mr B

    RIP and condolences to the families.

    Just woke up to this, what a Friday night tsk……


    It is not the Quran as much as it is not a Bat Man Movie that causes disasters like this.

    It is opportunist men using the hate that people like you and your like on the other side, carry inside them.

    Frustrated men, easy to manipulate being used as pawns for personal gain.

    You really have to be a lost soul in the hands of heathens to do this though.


    I suppose you want the US to protect everyone because no one can do it on their own.

    Guess what, the hate and the need to protect their privilege that, blinded the M’ericans isn’t going to effect everyone.

  54. Azagunner

    i definitely agree with this quote of yours
    Sorry but western, civilized people need to stand up and speak the painful, unpleasant truth.
    but not about other religions not being involved in terrorism. maybe not against the west but in africa as an example it is certainly predominant

  55. Azagunner

    The world is too f’d up

    My whole heart goes out to France, and the families of those that have lost their lives today. Any legrovers in france please keep safe.

    Karim I hope your family and friends are all safe mate. Keep safe yourself!

  56. Mr B

    America is shitting in its pants in the face of a Strong China and a resurgent Russia, all this is, is a way to justify large scale conflict and a rationalization for US military expansion.




    Reputable news, unlike FOX, wake the fuck up people, unless you are well connected, you are just arrow and cannon fodder in a war.

    A war with less than virtuous motives.

  57. Mr B

    Wasn’t the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq supposed to stop the spread of Islamic extremism and Radicalization.

    worked wonders didn’t it………….

  58. Mr B

    The US cannot afford to lose NATO and Europe in its quest for world domination.

    The other side (I wonder who they are?) has already been strengthened by US foreign policy failures and a failing world view of the world.

    Cuz ‘Merica! there in lies the problem.

  59. Mr B

    I would like to see a comparison of Nazi and current American Rhetoric.

    The Scientists wasn’t the only ones they took in, was it?

  60. Rambo Ramsey


    ” Take them in to confidence, shut down all the madrasa ( Islamic school ), why should those kids not study in normal schools where all the other children study ? ”

    Oh Lord, thank heavens this lad is not one of the people in power. would lead us straight to another world war. you cant control the lives of them people. what you propose is like dictatorship. the more you try to control them, the more they will stand up against it and revolt. human nature.

    ” Muslims are very sensitive towards their religion, fanatical. They need to be desensitized. That’s the soft part of it. ”

    well done on classing the entire community based on the example of a few extreme nuts. you think people have a choice into what religion they’re born, you plonker? they have a choice in the path of life they choose to walk on is all. desensitize? what does that even mean? you want to meddle your nose in how they go about their daily lives, you want to change their beliefs, you want them to lose their identity, is it? how are them people any different from christians or hindus ? all have strong beliefs.

    “” I believe there are sane people even in Muslim community. ”

    oh thank God for that ! what a high and mighty comment. hang yer head in shame.

  61. Relieable Sauce

    So many questions.

    How can 3 or 4 bombs be detonated outside the French national stadium, let alone one get smuggled inside, when the French President, German dignataries(?), World Cup holders German NT & the French NT, are all in attendance for a showpiece friendly, the year before they host the Euros, and the same year of the Ebdo attack?

    7 or 8 co-ordinated attacks across a relatively small city that is on high alert…???

    and where was the media?

    Martial law in France and the police now have the right to enter anyones home without warrant…is that right or BS?

  62. Rambo Ramsey

    ” Martial law in France and the police now have the right to enter anyones home without warrant…is that right or BS? ”

    i think thats fair. them terrorist cunts might have the help of insiders. there will always be some who backstab their own people, country. they might provide protection to terrorists, provide their homes as safe houses. can’t let obstinate legal wiff-waffs like warrants get in the way of finding and punishing the evil rats. why would innocent citizens oppose it? they should extend their hands to give any sort of assistance to help eradicate the animals who killed their brethren.

  63. Rambo Ramsey

    ” Humans are born evil and use religion as an excuse to commit acts of wrongdoing. ”
    you might not be wrong there, redtruth. some seem to take pleasure in seeing other innocent lives suffer.

  64. underrated Coq

    That Benzema scandal looks like an innocent joke now, doesn’t it? My heart goes out to the French. Something similar happened here in India, Mumbai. Nobody wants to see acts of terror such as this.

  65. peanuts&monkeys

    “Now it’s become clear why Arsene Wenger didn’t pull the trigger on the move…

    I feel good about not having a Karim in our side right now.”

    How patronizing, Pedro!!! You F$%&ing AKB!!!!

  66. Relieable Sauce


    Needs to be some self control by the masses ideally.

    Does religion have the answer?
    I’m agnostic (most logical scientific pov imho).

  67. Leedsgunner

    karim, Josip and any other French posters — keep safe.

    Utterly appalled and heartbroken for Paris and the French people. Shocked, just shocked. Nothing justifies this.

  68. Thank you and goodnight

    Anyone who still believes in religion once they reach adulthood needs to be locked away for their own safety and not allowed to use knives and forks.

  69. Thank you and goodnight

    Take the Jewish or Muslims for instance. They amputate/circumcise a part of their sons anatomy in the name of religion….You’ve got to be mental. Yet when you talk to any of these people and ask why they believe in inflicting pain on their own son for no apparent reason other than what was written in a fairytale book thousands of years ago, they look at you as if your mad.

  70. Rambo Ramsey

    “Yeah, keep spouting that shit ” terror has no religion” and try to sound like an intellectual.”

    you seem to have a rather high opinion of yourself. Heaven forbid anyone challengeing your views. I’m not the only one who found offense at yer ridiculous statements. guess we’re all hopeless duds hoping to sound intelligent, eh? get off that high horse.

  71. Ustyno baba

    To all the people of France,I really feel your pain because down here in Nigeria I have lost a few friends as a result of a few misguided miscreants who had been doctrinated to believe bullshit and so go about bombing others and most times themselve,it a very critical time but those on the other divide still has to show them love,two wrongs can’t make a right,the more they feel hated the more their barbaric actions,my sympathy to the families whose members were murdered and to France as a whole……

  72. vicky


    I have no high opinion of myself. I find it astonishing that liberals fail to call spade a spade and perpetuate the problem. I do not care if people find my views on terrorism offensive. I don’t come here to win brownie points.

  73. Wallace


    you might be a complete idiot w/r/t all things Arsenal, but on non-football related stuff I’m usually in agreement with you.

  74. Rambo Ramsey

    fair enough, Vicky. I can see yer point but to blaming the entire thing on religion is bit extreme and not really fair on them people.

    Ustyno baba has made a more realistic comment imho

    “the more they feel hated, the more barbaric they become”

    I’ll let you know of something that happened in my country only. a daughter of an retired army personnel tried to join ISIS and it was more down to hatred than religion. Her father apparently suffered a loss of limb while on service and she feels the country is responsibly, did not do much to help him. in the end, her father suspected it and was forced to give a complaint against his own daughter.

    I feel its hate and fear that drives humans more than religion. so targeting one religion and looking to curtail their freedom wont better this situation. might make it worse even

  75. Leedsgunner

    How heartless would you have to be to want to do this to other people?

    Think about all the children who won’t see their mothers and fathers again, all the mothers and fathers who will not see their daughters and sons again, all the lovers who will never embrace again… all the broken lives…

    The answer though is not to give into fear and give up our freedoms. They don’t deserve it. Don’t let them have it.

  76. Thank you and goodnight

    You make the government’s job easy with the hate that pours out your body. Try to think for yourself and see through the media hype and bullshit as it makes you no better than the idiot rag heads who get radicalised. The rag heads media is religion controlled by imans to make you think what they want. A bit like the western media that is controlled by the government to make you think like they want.

  77. karim

    No need to make a list of the atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists, we’re all aware of them.
    This isn’t a trial, ffs !

    The hell with your left wing liberal political bullshit. Stop beating about the bush and speak your heart out.

    For the record, I’m NOT Muslim, my whole family are though, as are a lot the people I grew up with and I won’t have any of you telling me about their evil self.

    Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to the sane posters on here for the kind messages, one love.

    What’s wrong with my penis ?

  78. MidwestGun

    Wow…. I guess it takes an absolute tragedy to see what some people are made off. All I can say is some people should stick to airing their views on football because I used to respect their opinions much more on that subject then now. Maybe your not here to win points but when you air out your self centric views on a world wide blog about politics and religion other people will now look at you in a completely different light. And conspiracy theories and ranting untruths and opinions doesn’t change the actual tragedy and it certainly doesn’t make you right or a better person.

    Bottom line it should be a time when sane people come together to offer compation to those directly involved not a time for nutters to come out of the woodwork.
    Anyhow, to me, it puts perspective on the brevity of life and the role sports plays in distracting people from the evil in the world should be embraced and I hope it doesn’t turn sporting events into something that should be feared to attend as sporting competition has the power to unite as well as uplift people. Hopefully, Paris can be uplifted again and return to being the city of light.