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How we doing?

Good to know…

A few saying yesterday that I’d missed the point of the Wenger article and that he was addressing the wider issue of doping in football.

I don’t think I did miss the point. Wenger complaining about others to absolve his failure record over the past ten years. That kind of felt like the jist.

It’s cool to come out and say teams dope behind the scenes. They probably do. I’m sure there are cheats everywhere. But I don’t know, it feels a little bit empty if you’re just going to throw around an accusation without being specific.

Did Barcelona dope? Did Dortmund dope? How about Atleti? How about Chelsea and United? Where all my dopers be at? Is it a Premier League issue? Or a global issue? Where have you heard about it? Was this like the time you said our injuries were caused by hair pills?

Anyway, if it’s not actual doping… it’s financial doping.

It’s a real shame if people cheat. It’s a real shame if some clubs have more money than us… but let’s be real. That’s not the reason we’ve not won over the past 10 years.

Wenger is a top coach who failed to evolve with the times. He’s a man who failed to see that he was being a dope with his approach to the game. He ignored the ‘why’ of his failures and plugged away doing the same things over and over again without success.

You can point the finger of shame elsewhere, and I’m sure major stories will drop of scandalous goings on. But let’s not sit here and lambast the dastardly acts of others when we haven’t had our own house in order. It’s hardly been fine margins, has it?

We’ve entered the doom run… news is flat.

Arsene Wenger won manager of the month with 4 wins on the bounce in the league. A deserved accolade. Sure, he lost some games elsewhere, but the award is for the Premier League and we’ve had a blinder there.

Big hopes for the next few weeks…

1) We get Sanchez back in one piece. Please, please, please don’t break him Chile.

2) The above. We really can’t have him breaking.

Then the good news is that some of our best players will start filtering back after that. From what I’ve read, Ozil isn’t going away on international duty. Plenty of Netflix and chill for him in London.

Bellerin, Chambo and Rambo will all be spared the nonsense of some really average games. So that’ll be nice to get them back fresh after the break. I like Arsene’s strategy of injuring players early on so they have time to refresh themselves.

Then the rest of the crew, just pray for them. I’m not sure Coquelin is an international yet? Can’t be long. But again, pray for him whatever happens over the next few weeks.

Right, that’s it. Have a grand day. I’ll be back in the UK tomorrow.

Very excited to eat some food I can hold down longer than 3 hours.

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  1. Joe

    Last 3 seasons of GG.

    League cup
    FA Cup
    Cup winners cup.

    plus a 4th/10th/4th and then fired despite being a euro cup winner.

    Not all that’s different I’m afraid. To me 4th is no different than 10th as you play to win the league. Not come top 4.

  2. Joe

    Didn’t winning away to Madrid lead Wenger led Arsenal to a trophy the way GG winning away at anfield led to the league???

    Wenger is the king of winning along the way to ….

  3. salparadisenyc

    I have some fine memories of the NLD, notably when we put Grahams Spurs to the sword 3-1 in May of 99 at Shite Hart. Putting us clear of United at the top. GG would have last word on the final day, giving up a 1 goal lead and eventually losing.

    Giving United the title by a point.

    Not sure he held the same luster for me after that.

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: . To me 4th is no different than 10th as you play to win the league.

    So you won’t mention Wenger finishing 4th again then, you’ll just say “not 1st” ?

  5. salparadisenyc


    And I thought the FA cup didn’t hold any weight for you.

    Vieira may of given ball away, but Giggs ran half the pitch,untouched.
    Down to 10 men, and we missed a pk.

    We lost that on our own merit’s, hardly PV4s give away.

  6. MidwestGun

    Wow. .. seriously have to wonder what some people are watching when they watch some of our youth players, must be drinking the Koolaid hard, I’ve seen absolutely nothing from Zelelam I’m excited about.
    Not physical enough, too thin, easily pushed off ball, unable to control a game, basically just running around. He’s quick but looks like a strong wind would blow him off the pitch. Kind of reminds me of a waterbug flitting aroubd.
    Tom was smoking some good weed when he was convinced he would be recalled to first team Arsenal in January. ….. no way.
    Doubtful if he will even make the next US World Cup team
    He seriously needs to hit the weights or something.

    There is about 6 Brazilian U-23’s I’d take before him for Arsenal. Lucas Silva looks like a good player. .
    Hell Julian Green on the US squad a Bayern Munich’s second team player is better.

  7. WengerEagle

    ‘Wow. .. seriously have to wonder what some people are watching when they watch some of our youth players, must be drinking the Koolaid hard, I’ve seen absolutely nothing from Zelelam I’m excited about.’


    Nobody besides Crowley and Adelaide even make me draw wood tbh.

    And I’ve barely seen the latter.

  8. WengerEagle


    Miss the days of Vela and the likes were our B team haha.

    Speaking of which, there are strong rumours that he might be off to the MLS. Any truth to that do you reckon? Would have said no chance but after Gio Dos Santos you never know.

    Who you backing in Brazil-Argentina tomorrow btw?

    I’m actually thinking Brazil.

  9. salparadisenyc

    Rangers trying to extend loan deal for Zelelam, that can’t be a bad thing.

    That said he looks like a feather in the wind on the pitch, have a hard time seeing him cut it in the top flight. Me thinks a career in the MLS awaits.

  10. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Ya… I would go with Brazil if Neymar is playing. Top form right now.
    I also could see Vela in MLS. … starting to be some money for second tier strikers not totally past their prime. Rumor is to Stan ‘s team the Rapids. They could use any help they could get, lol.

  11. salparadisenyc

    There that young kid for Shalke as well, Max Meyer either 18 or 19.
    See what he offers and Zelalem doesn’t seem the prospect some tout him as.

  12. MidwestGun

    I’m not exaggerating when I’d say Zelelam was about a 2 or 3 if I’m being generous on a scale of 10.
    Doesn’t have the ball skills in tight traffic, looks to pass immediately when pressed. Can be harassed off the ball. Needs at least 2 or 3 yards to operate. His passing was all over the place , either over hit or too soft. His free kicking and crossing were not dangerous.
    He’s quick, and has flashy dribbling skills and decent vision for a pass but was one of the least physical players on either team. Looked out of place actually. Maybe he matures.
    And so ends my scouting mission. Lol.

  13. Emiratesstroller

    The “two ills” in the major sports of football and athletics are money [corruption] and also drugs.

    Everybody has known for decades that athletics has been subject to drug taking starting with East Germany, but the idea that Russia is alone is frankly a myth. It has ravaged the sport all over the world including in Britain.

    Wenger’s suggestion that drugs have been used in football does not surprise me at all. Let’s be honest it is a sport where athletes are prone to injury and also the demands of fitness and stamina as well.

    Both sports are also tarnished with corruption. Part of the problem is that there is quite a lot of ‘easy money’ flushing around both sports and of course a
    lot of fairly ‘unsavoury individuals’ as well.

    Football in particular has attracted a lot of gangsters. It is not so long ago that
    Italian Football was effectively run by the Mafia and Arsenal despite its ‘blue
    chip’ reputation almost fell into the hands of “Roger Levitt” a convicted fraudster. Noone should forget that there was a time when he was the “largest”
    shareholder of the club.

    Perhaps the one endearing feature of Arsenal is and has always been that they
    are fairly choosy who sits on the Board. Levitt was kept off the Board despite
    being the largest shareholder and Usmanov has also failed to join it despite owning almost 30% of the shares. I suspect that it is for precisely the same reason.

    I tend to agree with Wenger that Sanchez needs urgently a break from football. His performance in recent games has dropped dramatically. The trouble is that an off form Sanchez is still indispensable to both Chile and Arsenal and
    in the case of latter has been aggravated by our long injury list and also the
    football scheduling where we have had fixtures against important rivals or
    in form teams.

    Let us hope that we can get certain players back to fitness after international break and give Sanchez a break against some of the less demanding teams. The best option would be to leave him on bench for a couple of weeks and only
    bring him on if we struggle.

    However, the real issue is that Arsenal do need to recruit some new players. It
    is highly unlikely that we are going to spend mega bucks in January, because
    frankly the genuine ‘world class’ players are not going to be available then,
    but I would still like to see some replacement ‘squad players’ for likes of Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky. If Arsenal want genuinely to compete for League Title then we need to recruit players who can maintain momentum and keep fit.
    Those three players plus some of the other sick notes in squad are not going
    to manage it.

  14. Mick Kartun

    wenker-wanger: November 11, 2015 12:24:20
    “Akb s again on here spouting their usual deluded drivel. One idiot thinks we play gorgeous football! So tell me akbs what did your gorgeous football do in Munich? we were totally outclassed.
    How many seasons have we been top of the league at Xmas only to collapse way before the end of season? Best not even mention champs league where the tactics really seem to count!
    These akbs are like their lord and master wankger: deluded,Boring,self-righteous,arrogant and Unambitious.
    4th place is their heaven.”

    SPOT ON.

    This is more likely the same typical post I’ve made during the time in arseblog or and got banned. You are not allowed to express that freedom of speech in “positive pro wenger’s blogs”, you will be doomed.

    Here at Le Grove is like the last place for wenger haters (yeah I don’t hide it well), and some posters with the same frequent post saying “oh, this place is so full of negativity, it’s like crap, you should be ashamed of yourself) over and over really gives me a creep then got to the conclusion, these same idiots are kids with no jobs that are hired and paid by kroenke’s staff to discredit and humiliate Le Grove as the IRRITATING VOICE to them.

    So many AKBs suited blogs, and why you are trying to destroy this only fun blog for different gooners? Please leave us alone.

  15. Mick Kartun

    Here’s a quote by Seaman when asked about creatine:
    “Other teams noticed that we were still flying after eighty minutes, and when Tony, Martin, Wrighty and I were on England duty the other players started asking what we were taking. they copied what we were doing and carried on with it when they went back to their clubs, and most of them said they felt better for it. When this got back to Arsene, he made a point of warning us not to tell the other players what we were taking.”

    Quote from Merson:
    “There was so much – in the training and diet. We were allowed to eat as much pasta as we liked but he even wanted us to chew it a certain way.
    At half-time he’d go round with the sugar cubes putting them into our mouths in case anyone’s sugar levels had dropped too much. We had vitamin injections as well and every morning at training someone would be there to give you your orange juice with creatine (a muscle supplement) in it. They would make sure you drank it as well. So you’d knock it back and off you’d go. I’ve never been so fit in my life.”

    Although neither creatine nor caffeine are illegal substances, their excessive usage in sports has caused controversy. Meanwhile, for Wenger to state he never gave or at least instructed his players to use performance-enhancing supplements, appears to be yet another fabrication of the truth.

  16. Black Hei


    Wenger was probably pointing to just banned substances.

    Still Le Grove is a bastion for free speech. As a distinctively anti-Wenger blog, even AKBs like me and Wallace are allowed substantial air time.

  17. Mick Kartun

    So Hei, that means Pedro is a fair person right? But WOB like me or others wouldn’t last a minute in other pro wenger’s blog. You should thank Pedro for that.

    Enough already with this AKB WOB stuff, I am tired too, it became so boring.
    I already to the level to accept the fact that Wenger maybe will still be around for 3 years or more. I will just enjoy the game of Arsenal in winning or losing, made peace of it now.

    Bact to the topic:
    Creatine is an amino acid by-product that has an osmotic effect, meaning water is drawn into the gut. If not taken with enough fluid, creatine can lead to stomach cramping. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Arsenal players complained about gastric problems due to Wenger’s introduction of creatine, hence the club stopped using it. Micronized creatine usually bypasses that problem, but players were likely taking supplements in liquid form at the time.
    Creatine is an amino acid by-product that has an osmotic effect, meaning water is drawn into the gut. If not taken with enough fluid, creatine can lead to stomach cramping. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Arsenal players complained about gastric problems due to Wenger’s introduction of creatine, hence the club stopped using it. Micronized creatine usually bypasses that problem, but players were likely taking supplements in liquid form at the time. quoted from net sources.

  18. Mick Kartun

    Based on totalsportek in the net, I did little math and found out that as below.

    Arsenal list of weekly wages:
    cech 100k
    ospina 40k
    martinez 10k
    BFG 70k
    kos 60k
    gabriel 50k
    gibbs 60k
    mon 50k
    DEBUCHY 70k (it’s a rip off)
    callum 10k
    bell 10k
    FLAMINI 65k (it’s a rip off)
    coq 50k
    ARTETA 80k (it’s a rip off)
    bielik 2k
    wilshere 90k
    rams 80k
    ozil 140k
    tr7 85k (it’s a rip off)
    caz 90k
    ox 65k
    gnabry 10k
    alexis 130k
    walcott 110k
    girude 100k
    welb 75k
    joel 30k

    The currency is in pound sterling.
    Total wages per week : 1732k
    Times 52 weeks : 90m (round off) for annual wages
    Estimate annual bonus: 18m
    Estimate annual salary of loan & academy players: 2m
    Arsenal annual salaries report: 190m
    80m variance are the manager, coaches, staffs, executives, others salaries.

    Bayern Munich list of weekly wages (the currency is in pound sterling):
    neuer 105k
    ulreich 39k
    starke 7k
    lucic 2k
    boateng 63k
    benatia 63k
    badstuber 56k
    kirchhoff 39k
    alaba 63k
    bernat 46k
    lahm 112k
    rafinha 53k
    javi 77k
    rode 46k
    alonso 84k
    kimmich 1k
    vidal 105k
    thiago 63k
    hojbjerg 1k
    gaudino 1k
    goetze 98k
    ribery 112k
    sinan 1k
    julian 7k
    robben 112k
    costa 70k
    mueller 105k
    lewandowski 112k

    The currency is in pound sterling with euro 0.7 rate to sterling.
    Total wages per week : 1640k
    Times 52 weeks : 86m (round off) for annual wages
    Estimate annual bonus: 22m
    Estimate annual salary of loan & academy players: 2m
    Bayern annual salaries report: 210m
    100m variance are the manager, coaches, staffs, executives, others salaries.

    – Arsenal annual player wages minus bonus 90m is higher than 86m of Bayern.
    -Arsenal annual player salaries plus 110m is same with Bayern.
    -5 arsenal players are over 100k, while Bayern 6 players, but ozil is the highes weekly paid by 140k.

    BIG QUESTION IS: Socialist wage structure my arse, is this genius economic wenger? bayern squad depth is better than us, but why tight purse wenger wages is no different with bayern?

  19. Wallace

    would it be fair to say Zelalem didn’t impress Midwest last night?

    I had pretty much dismissed him, but the youtube clips of his early games at Rangers are very impressive. and he’s still only 18.

  20. Wallace

    “Alexis Sanchez will be given a mid-season break to stop the Arsenal forward from suffering burnout.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger plans to take Sanchez out of the firing line in the next few weeks to help the Chilean recharge his batteries.”

    – Daily Mirror(John Cross)

  21. Rhys Jaggar

    Arsene was also in papers praising ‘Indian Culture’ just as Diwali gets underway.

    If I were being a DM ‘journalist’ making up stories and all that, I would hazard to suggest that he were being sounded out over a retirement contract running an ISL franchise, pitting himself against his former teenage prodigal son, Nicolas Anelka…..

    As for who was cheating, if you’ve studied Arsene over the past 20 years, it’s clear that he was definitely referring to some Italian clubs, as he’d signed players from there who he discovered had ‘abnormal metabolic profiles’ shall we say.

    salparadisenyc: Wenger has a policy of not ‘bulking players up’ until he is sure that their skeletal development is complete, as you can ruin careers that way if you’re not careful. If you watched how he developed Walcott, he didn’t really bulk him up until he was 21 or so. The first two seasons at the Emirates he bounced off burly defenders, but kept getting up. Over the next few years he became a match physically for anyone, at least in terms of standing up for himself and not getting barged off the ball. So it may be that Zelalem will only be bulked up in a few years time……

  22. Mr B


    I’ll tell you what he should be saying and that is admit that his performance in the transfer market has been very shoddy since 2004 and that time has coincided with a drop in team performance.

    We have needed 1 or 2 players desperately each window but he persisted with Almunia and refused to pay 2 mil more for Schwarzer.

  23. Wallace

    his performance in the transfer market has improved as the funds available have increased. far easier to buy good players when you have 60-80m to spend every summer, rather than the 5-10m he was spending 2004-12.