That interview summed up a lot of what’s wrong with Arsenal

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Good morning campers.

Apologies for missing the post yesterday, sometimes work tings get in the way.

Arsenal vs Spurs?

Well, I don’t really know where to go with that game.

An NLD Draw isn’t the worst

I think we’ve seen plenty of games over the years when we’re the dominant force and we’ve been turned over. In games like the one on Sunday, anything can happen, so form and how good the opposition is, isn’t usually that important.

Tired Legs

Kind of felt like the Spurs side looked the fitter of the two. We did play away on the Wednesday and we have pretty much zero opportunity to rotate, but it was disappointing to see that we’re looking pretty ruined at this stage of the season.


I said at the start of the season, when you have a Giroud and a Theo in your starting line up, you’ll get goals, no doubt. But the difference between winning the league and going close is dropping 2 points against a Spurs side you should have buried. No striker at a club like Arsenal should be knocking free headers over from close distance. The worst thing is you accept it, because you know Giroud isn’t at the level we need. It ain’t his fault


Oh my, that bench is looking pretty turgid at the moment. When you’re chasing a game with Gibbs, Flamandowski and Arteta, you know there are problems. Sure Gibbs pulled it out the bag for us, but really, that wasn’t a great moment seeing him warming up. This is where the manager isn’t ruthless enough. Gibbs, Flamini and Arteta probably shouldn’t be at the club if you were aggressive about filling the side with quality.

The squad is the squad for me, you can’t fart about and complain that it’s bad luck weak players like Joel Campbell are starting. You should have brilliant players ready to come in. If they’re not brilliant, why are they there? This is even more important when you’re Arsenal… because you know, with certainty, you’ll be using all the squad at some point.

Also, well worth taking a read of Wenger’s L’Quipe interview. There’s a lot of, ‘oh bloody hell, you’ve got to love the man’… but for me, I read that interview and it felt like it summarised half the challenges we have with him. The philosophical stuff is no doubt very interesting and it’s a pleasure to have a manager in charge that thinks at such a deep level.

… but his view on winning isn’t great. It’s excuses. It’s excuses deep-rooted in a philosophy passed down from his father… there’s a quote about his dad not understanding the point of the 100m sprint, because the margins are so slim. Everyone is a winner if the time gap is 0.1 seconds type of thing.

When you’re saying in an interview that Arsenal fans would love 4th place if the club finished 15th two seasons in a row… well, I kind of feel you’ve forgotten what it means to run a football club. We exist for trophies, not just being in the mix. You can’t complain about big spenders when you have the capability of being a big spender. You can’t blame money for the lack of success when you’re on record as saying money isn’t always the solution.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe football is just about having a good time and that merely competing should be enough. I just don’t like that vibe. It’s submissive. It’s anti sport.

I wish he had a bit more Ferguson in him. All feels a little too indulgent. The words of a man who is invincible.

Anyway, that’s me done. Have a blinding day! x

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  1. London Gunner

    To be fair

    OX and Wilshere have both regressed.

    Ramsey started of well, was then awful (post leg break) improved dramatically for a purple patch then regressed to a level that was above the post leg break period but still not great/consistent and not as good as his early potential promised.

    I would say the debate about Ramsey is still open.

    Walcott has improved year on year in his natural abilities, but I do think as we signed him at 16 he should have been given allot more bollocking/stick by the coaching staff and empathised should have been made to improve his dribbling.

    Also his progression route is kind of weird he was moved to RW so he basically didn’t learn any CF skills now in the past season he has been phased into the CF role where he has to adapt if he had more early experience he surely would be further along in his CF development curve? I even think his touch and dribbling would be better as playing as a CF its incredibly important to have good ball control in tight congested areas.

  2. London Gunner


    I completely agree.

    I actually meant mobility/pace and movement. I wrote pace though because Walcott=pace brings up is an instant subconscious connection.

    I also think psychologically defenders are more likely to be dragged about by a pace player just for the simple fact they know they can’t give him any leeway as they won’t be able to catch him, thus they stick close to him or try to which causes them to be dragged about.

    Factor in Ramsey’s relentless industry and we have allot more space for Sanchez to operate.

  3. Carts

    “Theo Walcott has come a long way since he signed for Arsenal as a 16 year-old teenager. You’d either have to be incredibly thick or incredibly biased to not acknowledge this”

    He hasn’t “come a long way”. Don’t exaggerate. His pay packet has come a long way but his development hasn’t.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    Ramsey is a really important player for us. Him playing on tthe right balances the side with Alexis dribbling on the left. Against spurs where they were giving our midfield a tough time he would have tucked in giving us another body in there evening things up. When he hit his purple patch he was playing CM and was the one who ran beyond Giroud. His goal tally was impressive. He’s playing a different role now but is still getting into goalscoring position. I’m sure the goals will come

    Ox appears to have lost a bit of confidence but he’s young enough to put things right. Injuries have totally derailed Wilshere but I still think he’s got loads of ability and if/when he manages to put a lengthy run of games together he will bean influential and important part of the team.

  5. Relieable Sauce


    🙂 Is that a Welsh compliment?

    Not aiming it soley at you, but yeah, that is pretty much what I’m saying.

    Saying things like – If Jack can stay fit – Ox has great potential – Gibbs is the best 2nd choice LB in the league- is just hopeful & based mainly on a faith I dont share.

    How likely is it Jack will turn around his injury problems, based on his past record?
    Unavailable 18 games per season.

    Ox has potential, I dont dispute that, but its potential, and atm he is not improving at all. Unavailable for selection for 14 games per season.

    Gibbs…dont know how you come to that conclusion tbh.

    Wally – Our veteran right winger has done well at CF ousting our #1 CF of 2/3 years. He is still wasteful & injury prone though so 20 PL goals might be too much to reasonably expect.Unavailable for selection for 9.5 games per season, similar to Ramsey.

  6. Carts

    You can almost see that Ox is a confident guy, by nature – which usually bodes well if and when some has a dip in confidence. You kind of expect them to rebound quicker than your average person.

    I said something similar about Wilshere last summer that Wenger or someone inside Arsenal need tohave a sit down with Ox and actively address the holes in his games. Cos for the most part the potential is there to be a good player.

  7. Carts


    Watford forward? Wasn’t he subject of a random £10m bid from a Chinese team?

    But yeah, he got an eye for goal. Got Deeney in the shadows right now too. In all honesty, I wouldn’t consider him someone that a complete level above Walcott and Giroud though.

  8. tunnygriffboy


    Ox has just gone 22. He’s still got time on his sides. He has the raw ingredients to become a really good player. He’s not as developed as some others at his age I agree. But it’s merely my opinion that he is worth perservering with

    Wilshere is the best English midfielder. As I have mentioned injury has stopped him developing. The question is do you perservere with him or sell him. You would sell. I would persevere. Again it’s just a difference of opinion

    Gibbs. City with Clichy and Kolorov and maybe spurs with Rose and Davies possibly have a second choice fullback better than Gibbs. Can you thing of others ?

    Walcott is not a veteran.

    These players are not at their peak yet. Walcott is starting his.

    Also as a group of homegrown quota players they are pretty good.

  9. Joe

    How many other top teams would have Walcott and/or Giroud as thier striking combo??? Walcott should be played on the wing. I like him out there. It’s his position.

    Ramsey has not improved. His ankle break was years ago and he had a purple patch so you can’t say that has stopped his progression. He’s been bang average since his 6 month purple patch which make people think he was some WC player. He is not. He should not be starting for us as a winger. But since Wenger didn’t buy a winger he has to start out there and becauSe Wenger lover to play his favourites boys. Round hole/square peg or not.

    Ox? He’s had a handful of games where he has shown potential otwhriwse he has been shit and gives the ball away for important goals. Was he not the one who gave away the ball to Chelsea early in the 6-0 drubbing? 2 years ago and he is still making the same mistakes. What does that have to do with being injured?

    You can talk about how far they have come. But we still finished 3rd ,12 points back last season with them all. Take off the rose tinted glasses for a minute and have a honest look at these players

    Wilshere should be sold. End of. English Xavi. Give me a break.

  10. Joe

    Wilshere is the best English midfielder.

    And that meaning what exactly? And when has he proven to be so???

    English national team is a joke. Not like saying he is Spain’s best MF, or argentina’s or Brazil’s.

    Saying he’s England’s best MF , which he is not, means jack shit

  11. underrated Coq

    Carts, Not exaggerating really. Out of our English continent, I’d say Theo is the one that I’ve seen grow the most. Just to put into context, at Ox’s current age ( which is 22 ), Theo was absolutely smashing it, one of our best attacking players. That one year layoff came at a really bad time, really put a serious dent in his developement.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    Mr Angry again 🙂

    Ramsey isn’t playing as a winger. He counter balances Alexis dribbling and the fact he can give the ball away. Ramsey has a good passing range and contributes hugely to our transition. The pace on the right comes from Bellerin. Defensively Ramsey presses really well and when we drop back he tucks in as an additional midfielder something that was sorely missing on Sunday. Bang average ? Yeah whatever.

    Wilshere is a really good player. Englands best midfielder. It’s not Spain agreed but he has talent. By all means slate him for his injurie but not his ability. Xavi himself has spoken really highly of Wilshere very recently.

  13. tunnygriffboy


    If you play Alexis and Walcott wide especially in big games our midfield becomes hugely outnumbered. With Ramsey tucking in when opponents have the ball it means there is a little less onus on Alexis to always be defending and he can stay further up the field. A lot of width comes from our fullbacks and always has under Wenger.

  14. Ughelligunner

    joe, and how many of those Jacks he made mention of made it?

    I remember people on here singing Bojan and Afelay’s name from the barca youth team, these guys ended at stoke.

    You know, if we make a list of dross (players and managers) that fans on legrove wanted to sign, you would be surprise the duds are way may more than the excellent players that are still on top of their games. Given the 200m in the bank, we would have ended up like spurs and Liverpool.