Can we rise to the occasion? #Arsenal

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First time I’ve not watched it in London ever I think? Crazy eh?

Still, it should be good. The weather is beautiful and I’m sending positive mind bullets across the sea.

I don’t know what’s going on here… but I feel really f*cking casual about this. Too casual.

I think it might be because there’s been so little noise about Spurs this season, I’ve forgotten they exist. The focus on London has been the ascension of West Ham and the hilarious demise of Chelsea. I’ve not had time to check out what our noisy neighbours have been up to.

Anyway, today has a lot riding on it.

City are drawing as we speak to City

Chelsea are actually relegation fodder. We could go, what, 17 points clear of them?

We can go 8 clear of Spurs

I mean, this is could be a bloody great day. It’s one of those days that can define a season. It’s one of those days that we sometimes don’t show up.

We need to see an intense performance out there. We need to have our working hats on. We need to be ruthless in everything we do.

Can we rise to the challenge? Well, we need to after what happened in the week. In some ways, this is the perfect antidote. A perfect moment to show the world that Bayern was a blip, not a symptomatic behaviour of a weak team.

Today, we find out a lot.


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    What’s going to bug me is what happens in March/April/May. What’s going to interest me is you, and posters like you at that time.

    We will have to see won’t we?

    But you keep on throwing that table up, honestly, every time you do I forget it’s November, we’ve been utterly humiliated in Europe, embarrassed by Sheffield, medical room looking like the Somme again, might have to play on Spursday nights etc

    That November 10th table though…

  2. Sam

    Arsene wenger named manager of the month

    Arsenal are also named the best team in 2015, I think we need an award or trophy for that.
    With Giroud getting 2015 Golden boot

  3. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “But you keep on throwing that table up, honestly, every time you do I forget it’s November, we’ve been utterly humiliated in Europe, embarrassed by Sheffield, medical room looking like the Somme again, might have to play on Spursday nights etc”

    I put the league table up because Emirates posted something along the lines that Wenger had completely bolloxed the season up by not making any summer signings and I was struggling to understand his point when we’re only in November and we’re currently joint top.

  4. MidwestGun

    Did Pedro go out partying with Ahern or something? If so, God only knows what has become of him. Has anyone checked the NYC holding cells to see if they need bailed out?

  5. Sam

    Well The squad will be ok when the injured are fit n we bring one or 2 loanees back
    But we still have to spend money for the CF n holding midfielder to compete for the league.
    Man city already have big squad n might also spend in January just to make sure they don’t wobble

  6. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Ya.. I know. I Don’t twitter, but Sal gave me a heads up and I read his tweets every so often. If I did twitter I’d probably just end up following a bunch of porn stars, not gonna lie. Lol.

  7. MidwestGun

    Hahaha Vicky … sorry. I also hate the face but its like I used to have a fear of heights then I did some roofing when I was younger, so I got over it.
    Sort of, if you can’t beat it, join it mentality.

  8. TheBayingMob

    Can Pedro rise to the occasion of actually keeping his daily blog going? I doubt it one fears; but life changes, what looked like a good idea as an 18 year old when you have all the time in the world (but don’t realize it) changes as you get older. I respect that. Probably time for Pedders to come out and admit he can only do this once every few days like Arsenal Truth or other blogs. Daily writing is a massive commitment. Fair play to have kept it going this long. #WheresPedro

  9. Loyika

    @ Bam

    “We won’t be top by April/May!?”

    And if we are what will you do!? Besides if you know this as fact then why do you bother to watch our games!?

    The league table doesn’t lie, we are joint top because we deserve to be there. The same way we deserve to be bottom of our CL table.

    You guys cannot pick and chose. Lets see where we are by Christmas/New Year.

    Like i once said; we take each game one step at a time, we can’t win all games but as long as we are competing (which we bloody well are) then fair enough. I worry more about United than Citeh who are as fickle as some of our fans. They are grinding results (no matter how boring they are) and have this x factor about them.

  10. Redtruth


    You are not an Arsenal fan otherwise you’d know that topping the table before the New Year yields nothing especially as Arsenal have form on this regard.

  11. gary

    Ruth i think its pretty obvious Wallace supports Arsenal.. read his posts, he’s not saying we are gona win the league because we,re joint top.. or ask your mum or dad to explain

  12. jwl

    There was a problem with website yesterday for about an hour in afternoon, I could not connect with le grove while other websites werent affected, and then it was fine again. I wonder if outage yesterday is part of reason why Pedro not posting.


    I am with you, I would follow porn stars as well if I was on twitter. I also enjoy history, so I would follow porn stars and historians, maybe I could connect a few nerdy historians with sexy ladies of porn.

  13. Leedsgunner

    Although the team has done well to keep up with the league leaders in November, it’s where we are at at the final day of the season that really counts.

    I see Moyes is gone from Real Sociedad… at least he lasted almost a year. Easy come, easy go…

    Anyone know anything about their left back Yuri? Apparently their best player this season… hence probably goes to explain why R. Sociedad is 18th in the table when your best player is a left back!

  14. Mickey G

    Re: summer signings. It’s interesting to compare our situation to Bayern, given the absolute spanking they gave us. Even in our pomp I don’t remember giving a top team a lesson like that. “Oh you don’t want to chase me down, fine I’ll just stand here. We are 4-nil up you know”.
    Towards the business end of the Champions league last year, Ribery and Robben were out. Pep was saying they were struggling without anyone with pace who could take on defenders from out wide. They weren’t playing like they were last week. Pep goes out and gets the likes of Costa and Coman as backup to their injured guys. Wenger won’t do that ever. He will gamble on players like Jenkinson (who could work out), Sanogo (who won’t), Campbell (ditto) making the grade, instead of buying players who can come in and really compete for the jersey. But he doesn’t want to do that. He even allowed Ospina to play the early Champions League games, as a sort of apology for buying Cech. He is not ruthless enough. Back in the Highbury days he used to sign better players. Back then he had a inside track on the French market, at a time when France produced a golden generation. He was able to get players for cheap. Now that advantage is long gone, he can’t pull rabbits out of his hat anymore. But he still tries. I honestly expected another big statement in the outfield department, following on from Sanchez and Ozil. Or at least a few shrewd backup options. Like when we circled Malaga, vulture like while they had a financial calamity and swooped in for Santi and Monreal. He is like I am when I’m on eBay. I want a deal, it has to be significantly cheaper than the shop. Otherwise I’m going local. Tight arse.

  15. Carts

    “I see Moyes is gone from Real Sociedad… at least he lasted almost a year. Easy come, easy go”

    And again, Moyes alleged that he received a phone call from SAF egging him on to take the Sociedad gig. LOL. Sounds like I’ve come across that whole scenario in the past.

  16. nepGunner

    Out off CC – Its a Mickey Mouse cup, who cares? You cannot asses a team based on its fringe or youth players (yet these are the players who fill in when the first 11 gets injured/suspended, Or needs a breather)

    Out of FAC – PL & CL are more imp. Who cares abt FAC? (But if we ONLY win the FAC, THEN its a big cup)
    Out of CL in the round of 16 -We’re better off focusing on PL anyways. We can’t compete with European elites “buying” the CL

    4th Place trophy – Yay! We did it again. Thank you, you almighty all knowing lord. Had it not been for the injury of so and so players (because we didn’t hv adequate squad that could be rotated in the first place and we played them till they broke AND obviously the youth team players are not upto the standard, UNTIL you fluke it), or the ref, or the grass titled the wrong way, we wud hv won the moon. We’ll def compete next year; we hv all the right foundation, momentum, PLUS we hv a great youth policy that deserves greater sentimental value than the actual visible progress in terms of players production for our first XI becuase it suits my argument and it suits my god’s agenda to not sign players and show another impressive EBITDA
    But we could have done much better had we signed the obvious players we required in January – who moves in January? And we only buy super super quality players who add to what we already have (Kimmy). its easier to sign players in summer since they are not cup tied and can hv a nice pre-season and bed in easily. Plus, so and so returning from injury are #JustLikeANewSigning.

    Start of season – Tell me who do you think we should buy? Do you think we are the only club after that player(s)? Nah, he’s not worth it. We will hinder the dev of the so and so (this is the time, ALL youth team players are super super quality). I believe in the manager if he believes in this squad. If you don’t, go support the spuds

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.