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Bit of a late one for you today because that’s how life rolls. Ok?

Yeah. Ok indeed.

Anyway, something that’s surprising about New York is the soccer supporting that goes on. No joke, there’s a massive West Ham contingent out here. We were in a bar last week… and the main game on the screen was West Ham. It was properly aggressive as well. I thought this guy was going to punch a beer glass at one point, just because that’s what West Ham fans do. I also saw a guy with a Gunners cannon tattooed on his neck. Hardcore.


Look at The Guardian pulling out all the stops… they know sex sells.

‘The face has aged but the hair is still jet black and generous, while above perfectly kept stubble remains those recognisably dark eyes. Dressed in a black jacket, white shirt and jeans, the 42-year-old also appears as slim as he was at his peak. It is like Pires has never been away which, to an extent, he hasn’t.’

It’s like the football edition of 50 Shades. Go on Bobby, tell us about how you like spanking Spurs?

“I scored eight goals in 12 games against Spurs,”

Jeez Bobby, that’s good

“And I know the Spurs fans hate me,”

“I know this and it is a good sensation.”


Too much for me at this time in the morning. He’s a legend. It doesn’t appear he’s coaching the players. He just trains and gives advice. I quite like the family vibe around the club. You feel like there’s a bit of that DNA going on there, that’s good for people to see… heritage sells. When Wenger goes, I really hope we keep some of that vibe about the place. In the same way Barcelona and Madrid do.

Anyway, a major game tomorrow.

I watched the press conference. Wenger seems to be in a very calm mood ahead of the game. We have no Bellerin on Sunday, but we’ll have Kos back in the side, which will be a major relief.

I think the one thing that irks me a bit about  the press conferences is Wenger’s casual acceptance around what happened against Bayern. I don’t expect him to come out swinging, but his analysis is always so bland.

Kind of felt like.. ‘hmpffff… whadya gonna do?’… type thing. I wish he’d give us a bit more. Was it fitness, was it player mindset? Were there ramifications? What are we going to do to prevent that happening again? He kind of said he watched the game back and he didn’t see too much wrong?

Talking to the press is talking to the public and the players. I don’t feel that sort of summing up strikes fear into anyone.

Hey, just me maybe. But the casual response kind of feels like the casual response we get on the pitch every now and then. I wish he was a little bit more intense sometimes.

Anyway, should be a fun game tomorrow. Spurs are quietly going about their business (5 points behind us). Pochettino is building a squad that wants to play his way. That’s hard pressing, fast football. He has the youngest squad in the league… and also the hardest working. So tomorrow, after that dismal Bayern showing, should be a very tough game.

The manager will want to make a mark on the London Derby. He’ll want to push his players into the limelight because at the moment, no one is  really taking them seriously.

Arsenal will want to keep the winning streak going. 5 wins on the bounce. Tomorrow would be a fine way to shut the critics up (hi there) and it’d be a great way to head into the international break… when, incidentally, I am travelling back for a wedding… of an Arsenal fan. Who put the wedding on an international break. Like a proper fan would do. Bravo that man. Don’t let your wedding be dominated by anything other than the football fixtures and great beer.

Wenger rounded on Petr Cech and his quality. He has the equal record for clean sheets in the Premier League (169)… that feat slightly tarnished when you read that he’s equalled with David James of all people! Wenger said…

“I believe that there is no coincidence,”

“What is repeated is not coincidence, it is just class. As well, not only class but dedication and consistency of quality.

“Knowing him well now after a few months, I’m not surprised by this kind of achievement because he is absolutely dedicated to his job, he analyses absolutely everything and is gifted as well.

“He is a super talent. He is certainly one of the greatest goalkeepers we have ever seen here in this country.

I agree. I love him. I can’t tell you that enough. I read Chezzer speaking in Italy on the subject.

‘I’m not stupid – if you buy one of the world’s best goalkeepers it’s not to keep him on the bench,’

‘I actually wanted to stay and challenge him for the spot but after a conversation with Wenger it was obvious that I should be looking for new opportunities.’

When asked whether Wenger should have signed Cech, he responded.

‘Are you joking? For that little money? Of course he had to!’

‘If someone offered him Cristiano Ronaldo for a good price, he would have to buy him. The manager has to think about the club and its fortune.’

‘Why would Wenger not do it? Because Wojciech Szczesny, who grew up at the club, is here? Be serious here – Wenger has to consider the overall good of the club first.’

He needed to go. I think half the problem was complacency. His behaviour off the pitch was pretty embarrassing as well. Hopefully Roma will teach him a thing or two. Someone tweeted me this quote from Marcotti on our ex#1.

‘Inter’s goal came thanks to a long-range effort from Gary Medel which saw Wojciech Sczcesny move marginally quicker than a jug of maple syrup.’

I remember those days.

Anyway, enough words and quotes. I’ll be back in the AM!



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  1. Leedsgunner

    Has anyone come back from 7 losses in the league to win the league? Genuine question I would like an answer to.

    Makes our loss to them earlier in the season even more puzzling. How did we lose to them?

  2. Southernpeople

    Arsenal record loss for a season under wenger 11 in 2005. Mourinho has already 7 and will surely beat that record if he stays on!

  3. Southernpeople

    Chelsea could well win it if they win 26 remaining matches!! they will have accumulated 89 by May.

  4. nasri's mouth


    We were drawing with them when Costa should have been sent off, and then instead Gabriel got the red.

    The red changed the game.

    Hard to know how it would have gone 11vs 11 or 11(us) vs 10(CFC) of course, but had the ref done his job properly I can’t see us losing it

  5. nasri's mouth

    Costa has been accused of assault by a Stoke steward.

    It must be pretty serious for one of their stewards to report it, after all they see Adam and Shawcross every week, so they’re used to assault

  6. Johnty79

    £10 on Chelsea at 25/1 is the bet of the season ….I took. Remember what happened last time they lost a manager half way thru the season. Also 2008 when they lost a manager… Got to the final….

  7. nigel tufnel

    Nasris recollection is fair..i dont think we’re biased to say we were probably playing to a draw, they would only have won if they dived for a pen.. hazard cant even do that well this year.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Fair summation Nasri – forgot about Costa’s great con. How could I forget! Dropping points to West Ham smarts now too doesn’t it!!

    Three points to the Red & White no excuses lads!!

  9. rollen

    nigel tufnel
    November 7, 2015 22:03:21

    Nasris recollection is fair.

    imo Wenger meant Cesc or persie not ade or nasri

  10. underrated Coq

    “I know that Santi is a very technically-gifted player, just as Francis is,” Ozil told Arsenal Player.

    “We call Francis ‘the pitbull’ because he’s very aggressive and always gives 100 per cent. I’m pleased to be able to have those two behind me”.

  11. Jeff

    Mourinho should have opted for the “fourth forever” option like Wenger did when completing their pre-destination contracts. 😆

  12. useroz

    Debuchy + Campbell combo is a worry if they don’t close down the players.

    If we couldn’t score st least we keep a clean sheet. That’s minimum expectation.

    Wenger included Kamara, Iwobi and Adelaide in first team training ahead of the derby.

    Not impressed with Kamara at all based on the Capital 1 gaMe. Would like to see Adelaide if we are short in 2H; the kid has the skills; looks better than Iwobi my view.

  13. TOLI83

    Was chatting with my fellow Gooner mates today ahead of the game! If anyone’s going I’ll be drinking at the wig and gown by the way!

    What’s people’s thoughts on who will start at the back today, i think Gabriel has to start but I’m been told he will go with mert to partner kos.

    Surely gabriel should be number 1 along kos right now?

  14. Wallace


    no doubt Gabriel is a better one on one defender than the BFG, but the latter has an excellent understanding with Koscielny. they complement each other very well. some might say that’s just Koscielny bailing Mertesacker out all the time, but I think Koscielny benefits from the organisation and calm Mertesacker brings to the game. they’re an excellent combination, whereas for now a Koscielny/Gabriel partnership is just two excellent defenders playing alongside each other.

  15. tunnygriffboy

    Said after the Ox and Walcott injury on top of the one’s we already had that I would take 4 points out of the Swansea and spurs games. Now with the Bellerin and Kos injured I stand by that. A point today with all the injuries would keep our run going and allow us to regroup post international break and kick on with a few players back.

    Bit negative but I’m trying not to be over optimistic with our prospects due to the team we have and more imporantly the lack of options on the bench.

  16. TOLI83

    Fair assessment Wallace – appreciate your point of view.

    Gabriel has those warrior qualities though and is very quick – he’s not small either. I’d have him other mert but we will see I guess.

  17. Rhys Jaggar

    Arsenal are getting their press completely wrong at the moment. They are basically saying: ‘we have contempt for season ticket holders and platinum members because we are going to throw all the other competitions to focus on the EPL’.

    Well, if you have paid upfront for 6 Cup games or all cup games, then legally you should sue the club for a refund – that will be about £25m in total, I think. A bit more if you want to punish racketeering criminals. How about a one-off £50m fine, given to create mini-sized all-weather pitches for English kids, from the cash pile?? Well????

    This contempt for the fans is so subliminal that Emmanuel Petit, a multimillionaire who never pays a penny to watch football and certainly wouldn’t shell out 15% of his wealth to watch Arsenal throw 4 Cup games in a season ticket package (that might be about £10m for Petit to teach him what he blithely treats with contempt), says Arsenal should throw the match against Zagreb to ensure they don’t get into the Europa League.

    Let’s be brutal here, the time to decide whether you can win the EPL is no earlier than March 1st. So the time to start throwing tournaments, if throw them you embrace (and good luck in court with that) is when you have played 6 Cup games to win. At home….and Arsenal won’t win the Champions League so they might as well leave the Europa League in there as a backstop if they are 10pts adrift in the EPL by March 1st. Which they might easily be…..

    If Petit doesn’t want to go to jail as a mafia racketeering criminal, he should wait for Arsenal FC to sell 19 EPL games at Emriates Stadium as one package and Cup tickets completely separately for all the suckers who like to say they’ve seen Arsenal live and don’t care two hoots whether they win or lose.

    Hopefully that will only be about 5,000 people. Apart from all the business folks with Platinum tickets who expense it to the business (so it’s their customers, not them, who are paying for it – perhaps all the Platinum membership list should be leaked so customers can know they are subsidising racketeering mafia stunts).

    Arsenal are charging up to £250 to regular season ticket holders for 3 European games and £300+ for Platinum members (that’s without food).

    They really need to stop treating the highest paying fans in the world with such contempt.

    The match fixing is getting out of hand, so out of hand that the EPL and Arsenal are in no place to say anything about FIFA.

    Arsenal FC is now a criminal mafia, racketeering its season ticket holders and no doubt doing secret deals with the bookies to recover income through insider trading.

  18. Wallace


    bearing in mind the players missing, and that it’s a NLD, I wouldn’t be distraught with a point. Walcott’s the big miss for me. we look a lot more dangerous and fluid when he plays up top. Giroud’s on a roll, but the fact he’s our lone option up top is a concern.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    I watched yesterday’s game between Chelsea and Stoke and have to say that Chelsea played on the whole very well. You could not say honestly that they
    deserved to lose.

    However, leaving aside ‘bad luck’ and the occasional ‘poor decision’ of officials
    you can see what is going on with them at moment.

    Firstly they struggle to score goals and that is in part because of Costa. Costa
    is so busy fighting wars with opposition as it becomes a distraction to his primary function which is to score goals. If he spent more time on this function
    and less on being a prima donna then I am sure that their results would change.

    There are also question marks about their defence. You have to ask why it has
    declined so rapidly this season.

    Chelsea may turn around their season, but I don’t think that they will finish in top 4 and qualify for Champions League. They are too far behind and I cannot
    see Arsenal, Man City and Man Utd letting go of such a large margin and my
    instinct is that both Spurs and Liverpool are likely to stay ahead of them as well.

    So the question must be asked is whether Mourinho will keep his job? The
    answer to that question is does Abramovich want to make a change at this stage of season or more importantly will he find an alternative manager of calibre to win trophies.

    Personally I would have thought that the options in the market are fairly limited at moment particular since many of the better candidates for job have already managed Chelsea and been offloaded.

    If Mourinho goes then it will be because he has found a decent alternative.

  20. tunnygriffboy


    They will wait until the end of the season to try and get Simeone or Guardiola. That is unless things continue as they are and they remain near the drop zone though that won’t happen

    Mourinho will be off to PSG and their millions, will walk their league and everyone will be saying what a brilliant manager and guy he is. Predictsble ?

  21. Samesong

    Hard game today
    both teams stats are similar this season.
    I’m going to sit on the fence and say a draw today. 2-2

  22. nasri's mouth

    If Ancelotti doesn’t want to join, I can’t see Roman getting rid of Mourinho, esp. while the players seem to be on his side.

    Costa isn’t performing at all at the moment though. He admitted he came back to preseason overweight, and he’s never caught up since

  23. tunnygriffboy

    Wallace. We’ve lost a lot of our energy and pace with no option on the bench. We have a shell shocked right back and have virtually a full decent side on the injury bench again, again, again

    Added to that the guys who play today have played and played due to our injuries. They look knackered. Spurs are an improving side and will run all day. Iwwouldn’t be surprised we lose today. People will go mental but we’ve won 5 on the bounce in the league. I know its a NLD but if you look at it objectively with the teams/bench etc I am not too concerned

    We need 4 or 5 players back post international break and we should look to go on another run to Christmas when hopefully we sign another midfielder.

  24. gazzap

    The best any team has achieved after losing 7 out of 12 games was 6th – Aston Villa in 2003/04. I feel Chelsea won’t finish top 6. My reckoning is between 7th and 10th.
    Costa is so out of form and it is costing the team massively. Mourinho won’t get tough with Costa – is he scared of him? Most people are to be fair!

  25. Dream10


    I think Mourinho will be fired. Carlo Ancelotti is the only manager available at the moment who is in the same bracket as the Portuguese incumbent. However, there are two reasons which I believe will stop him from taking the job on an interim (more likely) or a permanent basis (less likely):
    1) His past history with Abramovich. He was fired for finishing 2nd and losing in the QF both to Man Utd. He won the Double in spectacular style the previous season.
    2) If Man City fail to make it to at least the QF in the CL coupled w/ a PL title, Manuel Pelligrini could well be fired. Ancelotti is the outstanding candidate available to replace the Chilean in the summer just as he is the top candidate to replace Mourinho at the moment. He has worked in high pressure environments at Juventus, AC Milan and Real Madrid with great success in Europe.

    If we eliminate Ancelotti from the list of candidates to replace Mourinho, the two likeliest choices are Guus Hiddink and Brendan Rodgers. Hiddink is well suited to being a troubleshooter. He took over Chelsea after Scolari was fired early in the 08-09 season and led them to 2nd in the league and a SF in the CL. It is unlikely he will want the job on a permanent basis. Rodgers is the other one. He came close to a league title at Liverpool and was let go after results went south. This may be his last chance to manage a top club instead of being destined to manage a Europa League level side (Spurs,Everton,West Ham,Southampton). I feel he will gamble and take the job, even on an interim basis

  26. Dream10


    Haha. Chelsea have lost the most points from a winning position this season.
    They need character and one man has 99.4% of the world’s supply.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Rumours Abromavich will target Simeone at the end of the season with a bit of guff that he wants to move on from Ateltico now.

    Suppose it is a bit of a glass ceiling league in a way, he had that incredible season doing brilliantly to break up the big two and win the league, but it won’t fool him that will be a regular occurrence.

    For a top manager, that position must get boring.

    Obviously no one is privy to what’s in people’s contract, but I do wonder if there are some clauses in Mourinho contacts that would allow Chelsea to terminate him with minimal pay off and they are trying to give him the rope?

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Bit worried about our right side today, obviously 10-11 injuries is a joke, but this Arsenal and that is a yearly occurrence so can’t really complain.

    But even with a medical room looking like the aftermath of some botched special forces op, with Bellerin at RB today I would be very confident. Debuchy though, not so much, add to that Debuchy with Campbell beyond…head in hands.

    Hopefully it’s just Eriksen down that side, whilst he’s a good little player, he’s not pacey.

  29. rollen

    A must win game today!

    A point today with all the injuries would keep our run going and allow us to regroup post international break and kick on with a few players back.

    Bit negative but I’m trying not to be over optimistic with our prospects due to the team we have and more imporantly the lack of options on the bench.

    thank the great philosopher for that

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Dream 10

    Forget it there is absolutely no chance that Abramovich will recruit either Ancelotti or Rogers. Both would be at best short term appointments and unlikely to accept job on that basis.

    Also Rogers is not remotely the calibre of manager that Abramovich would be
    interested in or more importantly respected by the players currently on Chelsea’s books. It would be a Moyes type of signing.

    I tend to agree with Tunnygriffboy that Abramovich will see through this season with Mourinho unless there is a problem in dressing room.

    Chelsea are a good team going through a bad patch. They will bring in a couple of new players in January. I see them making an astronomic bid for Stones
    for a start.

    Their main focus will be Champions League and basically writing off EPL. They will not get into top 4, but they could repeat what they did a few seasons
    ago where they finished from recollection 7th in EPL and won Champions League.

  31. Wengers plastic bottle

    Why we talking about Chelsea when it’s one of our biggest games this season? Who cares about their demise.

  32. Dissenter

    It seems the Barcelona charm offensive to bring Bellerin back “home” has started.
    “Hector Bellerin’s excellence has been recognized after the Arsenal right-back was named the Catalan Young Player of the Year in a landslide victory.

    The 20-year-old has gone from strength to strength at the Emirates Stadium, and has cemented his place as Arsenal’s first choice right-back ahead of Mathieu Debuchy this season.

    And his performances have been recognised by this award, which is organised by the Catalan Football Federation (FCF).

    Bellerin received a monster 57% of the votes, with Espanyol keeper Pau Lopez and Lazio forward Keita Balde finishing second and third with 30% and 13% respectively.

    “The La Masia academy graduate will receive the award at a ceremony in Barcelona on November 9th, and Arsenal fans will be seriously hoping that this isn’t the start of Barca’s charm offensive to bring Bellerin back home…”

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal : Obviously no one is privy to what’s in people’s contract, but I do wonder if there are some clauses in Mourinho contacts

    The rumour is that there is a clause which means his payoff is either 1 years salary, or his pay UNTIL he finds another job.

    But, I’m with you, it’s hard to know.

    Simeone would be expensive to get though, he’d have 4 years left on his deal.

    If CFC don’t get CL football AND have to pay off a couple of deals, that’ll cost them £50m+ I’d have thought

    They’ll save some on player CL bonuses though

  34. Marc

    We need a reaction today but providing the players are focused I feel confident we can get a result, the biggest concern is tired legs but we have a 2 week break afterwards. We’ve scored more than the Spud’s and conceded less, it’s just as dangerous to over estimate an opponent as under estimate them.


  35. Dissenter

    I think Rogers will relish the short term appointment.
    It keeps him in the spotlight and the bar is already set so low. It will be a dream job for him to be honest.

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    ES: Chelsea are a good team going through a bad patch. They will bring in a couple of new players in January. I see them making an astronomic bid for Stones
    for a start.

    It’ll be interesting to see if they do. The message to Mourinho was that he was going to be allowed to sort it, but only with the players at his disposal.

    I’d think it’d be hard to get Stones in Jan. Euro Cup in the summer, Everton will tell him he can move in the summer

  37. Dissenter

    I really think this Chelsea thing is way overblown. They played very well yesterday, especially Hazard.
    If they keep playing like they did at Stoke then its only a matter of time before they winning start back-to-back games,
    Why don’t they play Remy more? It seems he’s third choice behind the geriatric striker, Falcao.

    Remy should have had a penalty yesterday. The keeper took him out by obstructing him after the goal had gone past.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly.

    I was thinking as well a lot of contracts have termination clauses, or exclusion clauses, especially if the individual does something to embarrass the ‘company’ or bring it into disrepute.

    Even if it’s a lessening of pay off or substantial fines or something, anything they could add up to limit the damage.

    I do think they are in a way giving Mourinho rope because the guy is just losing it. Entertaining to watch though, so thanks Abromavich, for Cech and for this show. 🙂


    Unfortunately no. Will be Debuchy today. If Pochettino was smart he would maybe drop Lamela and put Chadli up against Debuchy. Eriksen whilst still good, won’t really take advantage of Debuchy’s awfulness.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Do you think it will be Flamini at RB today then?

    I could maybe see Wenger doing something different, maybe Coq, Flamini, Sanchez, Caz, Ozil…with Ozil on the left, Caz through the middle and Sanchez on the right.

    Makes the middle more solid and adds another layer of protection over our most vulnerable side of defence, Debuchy and Mert having Coq in front of them and then Sanchez getting back.

    For that to work though, Caz has to play in the centre, he doesn’t have the legs for wide work, and Ozil is actually showing well with his dribbling right now and his taking opponents on.

  40. Bamford10

    Flamini played well against Spurs in the FAC. Perhaps Wenger will think of that and start him centrally. Play Cazorla or Ozil wide, the other as the CAM.

  41. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    After Wednesday’s drubbing, I think AW will play it safe and start Gibbs on the left and shift Alexis to the right. There was an interesting stat that Tim Stillman posted on Twitter that Alexis has not had a shot on goal in the last four matches (I think)
    when Giroud has started as the #9. Today’s match being a derby may help Alexis recapture some form as it will be be fast paced. We need goals from him because he is struggling creatively. The work rate is generally there though.

  42. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: I really think this Chelsea thing is way overblown.

    Yeah, they’re playing fairly well. The results will come. A couple of times recently, they could easily have gone away with a win

  43. Cesc Appeal


    That could be a possibility for sure.

    Wenger has never seemed to like Campbell, so I can’t see him sticking with him if he has a viable alternate.

    If Ozorchez plays like we know they can, we should have too much for them.

    The players just need to be pulling at the leash, get them angry for it, I’d use that Spurs twitter mocking and everything, send them out there wanting to drub them.

  44. Nasri's Mouth


    With Alexis, it might be partly form, but it’s also down to how his partnership with Giroud isn’t really working.

    Hopefully, they’ve been working on that in training

  45. Dream10

    Nasri Mouth

    Agreed. However, the sign of a top player is to adjust and provide what your team needs. Alexis needs some variation in his game. He cuts in too often. Rarely uses his left as well. On the right, perhaps he can be a better provider for Giroud when necessary.

  46. gonsterous

    Going to be supporting arsenal with my life but I can only see an entertaining draw filled with lots of moaners. Do hope we nick it though..

  47. rollen

    Petr Cech
    Hugo Lloris
    Mathieu Debuchy
    Kyle Walker
    Per Mertesacker
    Danny Rose
    Laurent Koscielny
    Toby Alderweireld
    Nacho Monreal
    Jan Vertonghen
    Mesut Oezil
    Erik Lamela
    Alexis Sanchez
    Eric Dier
    Santi Cazorla
    Moussa Dembele
    Joel Campbell
    Dele Alli
    Francis Coquelin
    Christian Eriksen
    Olivier Giroud
    Harry Kane

  48. Bamford10

    Villa already look better under Garde. Better in possession, better organized, more confident. Will be interesting to see what he can do there.

  49. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah I worry about our right side. Playing Gibbs left and Alexis on the right is a good call. They will run and run being a young side. Thankfully Chadli is out until December.

    After the Walcott/Ox injuries I was hoping for 4 points from the Swansea/spurs games. Still leaning towards that. Get 4 or 5 players back post international games and get the run going again leading to the city game.

  50. Al

    Heading up to the stadium in an hour. Nerves are kicking in.

    We simply have to beat them and come out flying. Think Sanchez will play a major part in today’s game. He has been off it but this is the type of game he lives for

  51. tunnygriffboy


    I hope Garde does well. Lot of journo’s writing him off before he started. I think it’s because a young british manager was sacked and he got the job. Typical xenophobic attitude from some of them

    There’s no mention of his work in France where he did really well with youngsters after having to sell all his best players. Villa have a lot of young talented players with potential. I hope it works for him to shut the myopic media up. It is a tough ask though especially with the drop in form of Brad Guzan who seemed a solid keeper but has lost all his confidence lately.

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Is he injured? I didn’t know that, that is really good news.

    Means they lack pace, because Townsend won’t even be in the squad I don’t think after his altercation with the coaches.

  53. tunnygriffboy


    Speaking of altercations with coaches I see that Gnabry has been caned at West Brom. Apparently he came back after summer a stone overweight and has been removed from the first team squad after a poor attitude in traing.

    Perhaps he’s just fed up at not playing or his attitude is poor and perhaps that’s why we’ve not seen him playing for us last season.

  54. Bamford10

    Jordan Ayew looks fairly skillful and useful as a CF, actually. Garde has said he thinks he can develop him. 24 y.o.

  55. Bamford10

    No offense, but City’s third-choice CF — Iheanacho — is probably better than either Giroud or Walcott. Certainly promises to be a better player than either have ever been or will be.

  56. Bamford10

    Villa look much better on both sides of the ball. Remi Garde showing well so far. Not working with much, though.

  57. Bamford10


    No. Just telling it as I see it. Actually think my point is fairly obvious: Iheanacho is a genuine CF and a very promising one. Unlike our two one-sided CFs (one with polish but no pace, the other with pace but no polish), Iheanacho has both.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    They were always rumours about his attitude, lots of rumours of him having Columbian interests, weight issues etc

    To be honest, as a club, we’re at a stage now where we don’t need to and cannot give prospects opportunity after opportunity.

    A loan spell is a chance for regular football and also for you to prove your worth.

    Poor attitude of lack of success shouldn’t be rewarded by being brought back here. It’s one thing to try and try and to just not cut it somewhere, I mean really you should have glimpses in a loan spell of showing something, but for coaches to be saying the attitude is poor, weight gain again etc…don’t want him at Arsenal.

  59. naijagunner

    Every single centre forward in world football is better than what we have at Arsenal…….it’s a miracle we haven’t been relegated. U just say some shit sometimes to start pointless debates and an avenue to throw insults

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: No offense, but City’s third-choice CF — Iheanacho — is probably better than either Giroud or Walcott.

    Then they should be playing him ahead of Bony then, because he’s been worse than either of ours since he joined Man C

  61. Nasri's Mouth

    tunnygriffboy: Apparently he came back after summer a stone overweight and has been removed from the first team squad after a poor attitude in traing.

    I’d be careful about this, it’s one of those rumours that may have zero truth in it.

  62. tunnygriffboy


    No I agree re Gnabry. We have JRA as a prospect which is great. But if there isn’t a worldie cf out there, just get a WC wide man to play on the right and make do with Giroud and Walnut and possible get a youngster and develop hias a centre forward.

  63. Dissenter

    “No offense, but City’s third-choice CF — Iheanacho — is probably better than either Giroud or Walcott. Certainly promises to be a better player than either have ever been or will be.”

    Surely you don’t believe that.
    It’s too early to start doing margaritas.

  64. tunnygriffboy


    2 seasons ago Gnabry looked a prospect. I know he had a bad injury but he’s disappeared off the edge of the earth. There’s something not right and Pulis has been pretty scathing with him

  65. Cesc Appeal


    I think to be honest, like I was suggesting Aubameyang during the summer, that level of ST would do, Walcott isn’t great but our creative ability means we can play to the strengths of our forwards.

    We need someone who the opposite of Giroud, but not a total sick note. Get that, and wide play maker, then we’re talking.

  66. Marko

    So the kid who scored one tap in is better than two seasoned internationals who’ve scored more than him this season? And you think you make excellent points and are objective? Don’t think so Broford. Also even if you are making a statement on his potential one it’s far too early to make a statement about his potential considering how little he’s played (Freddy Adu was apparently the next Ronaldinho) and two you’re unqualified and too biased to make any true predictions on Man City players

  67. Nasri's Mouth


    It might be true, but it might be one of those situations where the rumour is made to fit the circumstances.

    For example, if he was a stone overweight, why did WBA take him in the first place ?

  68. Marko

    Know your game bamford old buddy old pal. Later on it’ll be decent ball from Debuchy. Great save from Lloris. Giroud should of done better. The kid from City with one goal to his name would of buried that

  69. Bamford10


    It’s “would have,” not “would of,” and anyone with eyes can see Iheanacho is a real talent.

    That your idea of assessing a player is looking only at his stat line is your limitation, not mine.

  70. Marko

    I see you turning it around on me there Bam but you’re the idiot who said some kid is better than Giroud and Walcott. Some kid who even when City’s two other strikers go down they put Sterling up front instead. There isn’t a pundit or fan with even basic knowledge of football who would of made a statement like you made

  71. tunnygriffboy

    Said I’d be ok for a point before the game today. Wanted 4 out of the Swansea, spurs game and that was before the Bellerin injury. After thefirst half a good effort to get the point.

    We looked leggy and off the pace first half. Santi was running in treacle. Was really worried as we had no bench. But, who would have thought Flamini and Gibbs would have turned the game. Fresh legs. Pity no Walcott, Ox, and co to come on for the last quarter.

    Never like dropping points to spurs but after first half and the fact we looked out of it I’d take a point. Drag some resilience out there from somewhere

    Ozil worked his nuts off today, ditto Alexis. They must be exhausted.

    Giroud ! ! ! ! How many times will he miss that many headers of all things.

    Keeps our run going and let’s hope we get a few back post international break.