Wenger say ‘no damn way’ over Spurs man | Injury concerns again

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First up.



Look at dem threads!

Nothing says, ‘I just got a divorce and have enough money for a Harvey Nic’s personal stylist called Agnes’… he’s looking smooth as. Really loving the knit wear and fresh cut of his overcoat. The rolled up jeans, man, that’s a move straight out of my wardrobe. Really liking the new Arsene Wenger.

Note… no zipper. Nothing worse than being on a date and you can’t get your zipper done up. I mean, it’s a different type of embarrassment to the one you suffer in the ground.

I can hear your chants…


… and look, I hear you.

The dust has settled and once again, I’ve got my facts wrong. If we miss out on last 16 qualification, that’ll be the 6th year in a row we’ve not made the quarter-finals. It’s odd as well, because we’ve got a really good squad, more money than ever before and more experience than we’ve ever had before!

Anyway, it is what it is. I’d love to think we can win the league this year, but I just can’t see it. Any team that can collapse against Bayern in that manner has more of those games in its system.

We should be able to win the league. However, too many of the same old problems are biting us far too early in the season. The injuries are of particular concern. The manager said as much in his prezzer.

“I am very concerned, honestly, because we are only in November and to have so many players out, knowing we go into the Christmas period soon, I am concerned,”

“At the moment, we have too many players out.”

He was also asked why he didn’t withdraw key players when they looked broken.

“When you get back to 4-1 [through Giroud’s goal], maybe you go back to 4-2 and you never know,”

“I knew against Bayern, we could win the game in the last 15 minutes, as that is what we did in the first game at the Emirates.

“I knew it would have been possible in the second game but, unfortunately, we had lost it before. Once you come back to 4-1, you sit there and wonder: ‘Do I do it or not?’ You want as well the players not to feel that you give up. It is difficult.”

See this is where you get the problems. Wenger is a dreamer. He’s not a pragmatist, even though he’s made great strides over the last year. The problem with Arsene, is when things go down the shitter, he seeks help. Then when things start going well again, he reverts back to what he knows…

We’ve been doing pretty well in the league, now we’re on a run… rotation is out the window and he’s slipping back into his old ways. It’s stupid to chase a 3 goal deficit against the best team in Europe with the best keeper. It’s child like… and it’s all about the now.

That’s Wenger. He is all about the now in football. He doesn’t think even a game ahead at times… because if he was thinking properly, he’d not have played Theo and Chambo away at Sheffield Wednesday. He’d have pulled Ozil, Santi and Sanchez at half time at Bayern. He’d be taking players off early when we’ve killed a team.

These mistakes cost us long term. You can’t win the league with a single starting 11. Wenger tries that every year. He hates rotating. Then we get injuries, the players coming in are raw because they don’t get games… then our form dips. Then the players coming in get overplayed and we don’t get out of the injury nightmare until it’s too late.

Same every year.

Every single year.

Wenger also dropped a bit of secret slap to someone

“I have seen careers destroyed because the players are too much obsessed to get individual rewards,”

“I can tell you who maybe another day. I feel sometimes it encourages selfishness and people to go too much for their own sake, when team-mates are in better positions. Even the agents motivate the players to get individual rewards because they are more valuable on the market after.

“We are first a team sport. I always feel responsible to encourage the collective effort rather than singling people out. The modern world is too much against individuals and we, as managers, are more worried about the collective. I’m against the Ballon d’Or. I’m against all these things.”

I wonder who he’s talking about there? I mean, the only player we’ve ever had who was capable of winning the biggest award in football was Thierry? He was selfish, but rightfully so? I can’t think. Maybe someone at Monaco?

He also dropped this comment, a comment that flies in the face of how he’s acted in the transfer market in the past.

“He has great qualities and he will make a great career,” he said. “But once a player is at Spurs you don’t even consider him any more.”

I kind of think that’s Wenger politely saying he thinks Harry Kane is sh*te and he wouldn’t touch him with a barge poll.

So what else do we have?

How about the messed up story that surrounds Karim Benzema? His coke dealer mate and has some sex tape of Valbuena and they allegedly tried to blackmail him!

Tell me this people, when you earn £250k a week, why would you need to blackmail anyone? Surely you don’t need anymore money?

To be honest, Benzema seems like a complete tool in general… if he’s not allegedly blackmailing people he’s buying his mates underage hookers.

The guy is a plank. I’ve dropped him out of my Whatsapp group and he’s getting frisked before my birthday party next year…

I’m on a bit of a roll with cause stuff this week, but I read some research that said spending in the UK on cancer per patient is £1500… for mental health, less than £10. For every pound the state (UK) spends on cancer, the public give £2.75 on top. For every £1 spent on mental health, just £0.003.

I know this is a football blog, but I find those two statistics staggering and I think it’s just as bad in most other places. Mental health issues affect the footballers we adore, the people you love around you and it can be just as toxic as cancer. From an economic standpoint, it’s also incredibly caustic.

Next time you’re kindly donating your money, have a think about dropping some of your spare cash in a different box, maybe drop some cash money to Mind?


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  1. Emiratesstroller

    I would not play Reine-Adelaide in such an important game.

    Basically we need to win or at least draw this game and playing such an untested player in that atmosphere would be madness.

    My real concern at the moment is that we are playing probably Campbell in front of Debuchy. Previous games in League Cup and Champions league with
    that combination have proven disastrous.

    If we can get over this game, rest some players and allow those out with injury
    to recover and get match fit then hopefully we will manage to see through until Xmas.

    What I do know is that Wenger must not sit on his hands in January and rely
    on us having a relatively injury free second half of the season. Even if that were to happen there are fringe players in squad not good enough to play in
    first team.

    Wenger must stop being stubborn and acknowledge that fact if we are going to be serious title contenders.

  2. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t Jeff is up at their level at the same age. His decision making would worry me, esp in a high paced game like the NLD.

    I’d much prefer him to hone his game at youth level. Still, I’ve seen very little of him, so it’s basically guesswork

  3. Wallace


    I’ve only seen bits too. Ordinarily, with Ramsey and the Ox fit, I wouldn’t suggest it, but if it’s him or Campbell….if he’s as good as he looked in preseason I think it’s something Wenger might well be giving some thought to. It’s not like we’re lacking experience elsewhere in the side.

  4. Mr B

    Benny I feel for you man. I work in HR and unfortunately some of the most incompetent and insensitive people have filled the top positions in the profession due to a lack of qualification and certification that is required,

    The same people end up in charge of an organizations culture and people strategy. I am also amazed by the hypocrisy of HR professionals, they act very sensitive but are some of the most scheming and cut throat people around.

    Regarding Jeff R-A (We have to give him a nick soon his name is a nightmare :), he is a great prospect but our priority should be shoring up the defense on Sunday. We look a different team when we play well from the back.

  5. Mr B

    Not to mention the scum already in the profession are doing there best to keep competent people out of the profession for fear they will get found out and out performed by younger colleges. They are in the best position to happen also.

  6. bennydevito

    Mr B,

    Thanks. I guess I have to keep plugging away until one day my CV finds itself on a sympathetic employer’s desk or I come into some money and try resurrecting my business again. Life on benefits is pretty fucking grim I can tell you and is only getting worse under the Tories.

  7. Mr B

    Try getting into volunteering but work in IT for a non-profit, Red Cross etc. 95% of their workforce is made up of volunteers and they are more understanding of the less fortunate compared to for-profit corporations.

    That’s a good and easy way to restart your career.

  8. Mr B

    The way benefits work currently, its a disincentive to get back to work after you recover.

    It’s highly unlikely you are gonna find the ideal job straight after a long time out and I personally think the whole career gaps thing is bull shit. It has little effect on your ability to do a job.

    HR is getting away with murder throwing out CVs for the most ridiculous reasons e.g, a spelling mistake. How does a spelling or grammatical errors have on your ability write the correct syntax code. Its not like the rules for English carry on to code.

    The fact is HR professionals are so incompetent, spellings is the only thing they can assess your CV by. Lol

  9. bennydevito

    Yes, agree with everything you say Mr B and have been looking into volunteering as a way to get some current experience or maybe something that could lead into paid employment.

    Wish there were more like you in HR Mr B.


  10. Mr B

    Thanks Benny, you have inspired me to start some sort of movement for more transparency, audit and accountability in HR.

  11. bennydevito

    Mr B,

    That movement couldn’t come quick enough. Last year the MOD at Abbey Wood Bristol were recruiting externally in the local paper. They only ever do that if the post can’t be filled internally via a level transfer, promotion or people on gardening leave. The post being advertised was a D grade IT coordinator post identical to the job I was doing for 5 years before I got sacked and since then I gained more experience and expertise by replacing a windows XP network with a windows 7 network at a college in Bath. I installed the server, the ups, exchange and active directory servers as well as configuring 50+ client PCs and even recabling the building with cat 5 cables. The MOD rejected my application by saying I wasn’t qualified enough.

    That hurt a lot.

    I’m still here though and my kids, missus and the Arsenal keep me going.

    Sorry to any Grovers who find all this not to their taste on a football blog.

  12. TheBayingMob

    Can’t believe how cruel people would be over Wengers get up. I think he looks ok for a sixty five year old man. If half you cunts look that good at 65 I’ll give you fucking chocolate medal. Of course that doesn’t mean he’s not a dithering fuck wit manager all because he got some expensive new clobber. But it does mean some of you are harsh cunts. The budgie smugglers on the beach from Brazil was a huge mistake though 😉

  13. Mr B

    The problem is there are a thousand excuses currently available to HR, and there is no one to call there bluff. Your not experienced enough, your over qualified, too young, too old, too fat, too skinny, not well groomed, too well dressed for our culture, you live too far, you live to close and might go home for lunch.

    In the end all it is, is a way for them to by pass egalitarianism and give jobs to their family and mates etc or find a way to make money off hirings like GG.

  14. Mr B

    HR can throw away your CV because they got bullied by a kid in school who has the same first name as you and nobody will ask then zich.

  15. Mr B

    HR is currently basically the organizations mafia. Since management can’t intimidate employees physically like they used to in the days of serfdom and slavery they use the threat of termination or ruining your career and employment prospects.

    My last boss was afraid an employee might sue for unfair dismissal so he told him he didn’t like his taste in porn in the employees exit interview. Thank fully he has since been relieved of his position because the employee did end up suing. Lol

  16. Mr B

    He went through the hard drive of his company issued laptop looking for something like that is it wasn’t porn it might have been something else personal like family etc.

    It is truly sickening how much power HR and companies have over employees because they act as a mafia and back each other up through all sorts of filth.

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    Bennydevito: The MOD rejected my application by saying I wasn’t qualified enough.

    The site at Abbey Wood is pretty big, I’d imagine they’ll be advertising again, so maybe keep trying, esp. if you can improve your qualifications, even though that might not have been the actual reason someone binned you off.
    Remember next time, it might be someone else that makes the decision.

  18. Relieable Sauce

    Good luck Benny.
    Have you tried writing to your MP? Or you could even get Corbyn to ask the PM a question for you.

  19. Samir

    Team for tomorrow:


    Flamini always plays well against Spurs! And Campbell isn’t good enough, so Cazorla on the wing.

  20. Mr B

    I like that team Samir but Wenger is very reluctant to move Santi out of the middle. The reason being that neither Coq nor Flamini can be relied upon to make incisive forward passes between the lines.

    I would imagine their stats for those kind of passes are in the mid 60s percentage wise.

  21. bennydevito

    Nasri’s mouth,

    Yes, it’s a big site, I was there for nearly 9 years. You are right though in that it may be someone different looking at my application but being realistic I don’t think they’ll have me back.

    Reliable Sauce,

    Thanks. I might consider that if any future applications get rejected for obvious bullshit reasons.

    Mr B,

    It gives me hope that there are people like you amongst HR departments that have such a passionate positive stance on the inequality in the recruitment process.

    Thanks everyone.

  22. nijjy

    @pedro: you have lost all my respect by that reply(refer to the comments on the previous post). no stomach for criticism or alternative opinion? you should become bosom buddies with the ‘special one’ or the ‘paranoiac one’.
    oh and keep up the whining and moaning and the wild flip flop opinions on players, it’s really helping the club. i’m outta here.
    P.S. I once suggested to arseblog that it’d be a good idea to have you as a guest on his podcast. he kinda declined and now i know why. yeah, i know you might think i’m an arseblog fan. i’m not.

  23. Josip Skoblar

    A very interesting Pires interview in today’s Guardian. See inside who plays in Bobby’s “ultimae Arsenal XI”.
    Also, this is what he says about Coquelin: ““I love this guy because he has very good spirit and he loves fighting,” says Pires. “He’s French but he has an English mentality, and in this position you need that. In my time we had Ray Parlour, and Coquelin is the same. He’s a very good balance between defence and attack. He is important for the team. Imagine for 10 seconds Vieira and Coquelin together in midfield, in this moment or 10 years ago. That would be fantastic.”

  24. WengerEagle

    Big respect to you Benny for sharing your story on here, my own Dad has been battling Manic Depression since I was 9 or 10 and it still dominates his life to this day.

    Brighter days ahead mate.

  25. Wallace


    nice article. liked this…

    ““I scored eight goals in 12 games against Spurs,” he says, with the assurance of a man reciting his own phone number. “I’m proud of this achievement because I know this rivalry is very important for the Arsenal fans – when you score eight times against Spurs you are an idol for them.

    “And I know the Spurs fans hate me. I know this and it is a good sensation.”

  26. nepGunner

    Really feel for Bournemouth… They create many chances but just can’t jit the back of the net. The toons should be put behind the bars tonight for this day light robbery.

    I will eventually get over the utter disappointment of Wednesday’s humiliation…if we just thrash them spuds tomorrow. And I mean a proper spanking. I just hope the players show some fire for the NLD..No hugs & kisses. Just pure focus on putting them c@nts back to the hole where they creerped out of. GO GUNNERS!

  27. London gunner


    If I was you I would lie about the career gaps.

    You could say you had a serious illness that you have since fully recovered from put emphasis on the fully bit companies don’t hire I’ll people

    . As far as I am aware they can’t ask for details, but most times I would assume someone had cancer or any illness like that if some said serious illness.

    That way you don’t have to disclose mental health issues.

    Honestly you shouldnt have to hide it but this is the world we work in. It’s bullshit and getting worse so if they lie and bollocks you you have to lie and deceive them.

    I hate anyone involved in recruitment and if their are any recruitment professionals on this site I hate you and I think you are scum.

    I work in sales not by choice but because initially a recruitment
    Consultant lied to my face about a “marketing role” it turned out to be sales. Since then I have been stuck in the sales game and sorrunded by wanky cunts.

    I have tried contacting numerous recruitment agencies to try and kick start a career change. The last 3 recruitment agencies I have used to apply for junior marketing positions at various companies have offered me jobs at their own companies as a recruitment consultant aka more bloody sales.

    My own consultant a very friendly Australian women lied through her teeth to me last week talking about a marketing/advertising position which turned out to be media sales.

    They box you and categorise you and refuse to acknowledge your own wishes.

    I feel sorry for a lot of future graduates who will end up working in sales after being sold a dream.

    Oh and the idea of moving on a company from sales to any other department is bullshit. The recruitment consultants will lie to you about this.

    If your sales are good or too good they simply won’t let you leave the sales team.

    However you can’t underperform and expect to change departments because why would they reward you? In fact you will most likey see people sacked. I have seen people around me drop like flies.

    Anyways best bet for any young people is don’t go for generic degrees have a specialist skill set so you have the power over your career path and not be pushed in another direction.

    I am currently studying a physiotherapy access course after work hours and I am loving it.

  28. Nasri's Mouth

    London gunner: I work in sales not by choice but because initially a recruitment
    Consultant lied to my face about a “marketing role” it turned out to be sales.

    Surely you must have found out about the job in the interview process ?

  29. Bamford10


    I’m with London. I’d invent a plausible cover story for that time period. His is a pretty good one, I think.

  30. London gunner

    Nasri Mouth

    “Surely you must have found out about the job in the interview process ?”

    Man you would be surprised.
    That wasn’t the first time I have been lied to like that.

    I was fresh out of uni, I contacted an agency about marketing work who then forwarded my details onto another agency.

    Who then called me up and asked me and my interests. I basically talked about marketing and advertising.

    They were “impressed” so asked me in for a grad day. I had to give an elevator pitch and do a general presentation to a room of grads and representatives from 4 potential employers.

    I then was selected by one of the organisations. Then had a short I yet ire. The role basically was a complete lie because when I came to sign the contract the title of it had changed.

    The recruitment company before I had signed had exerted a lot of pressure on me getting to except position despite having limited details. I wanted to know more they said I had to accept the position or it would move to the next best candidate and all the details and any potential problems could be ironed out afterwards.

    Basically I was bullshited through the whole thing because the recruitment guy just saw dollar signs above my head.

    Since then I haven’t found a single recruiter who hasnt tried to lie to my face.

    I have directly told them I am looking for a career change they turned to me an offered me a role at their company. I pretty much called a halt to the interview and will never use those charlatans again.

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    @london gunner

    They’re not going to do themselves any favours putting people in roles they don’t want to be in. Bizarre strategy. Did you have to pay them a fee?

    You certainly don’t want to work for them anyway.

  32. Nasri's Mouth


    There are plenty of good recruitment agencies. They can save you time and energy making sure you’re not applying to a job that doesn’t match your requirements, and of course vica versa.

  33. London gunner

    Nasri Mouth

    I have never paid a fee.
    This recruitment agency was a major well known one.

    I think it’s just recruitment agencies in my experience work by stereotyping people rather than listening to them.

    I can come across as quite jockey and masculine in interviews/first impressions but I am actually a bit of a nerd.

    I think their strategy is throw some shit and hope it sticks.

    I am they obviously think they are doing me a favour because they are offering more money, but I am not a money orientated person. Would either create something/work on a campaign or help people In a sporting context.

    I don’t think I can get a marketing position I am tarred with the sales brush.

    But I am looking forward to physiotherapy.

    Also applying directly for marketing positions is notoriously hard.

  34. Bamford10

    1-0 United, but LVG is a bit of an idiot. Why does he keep playing the two slow, old CDMs — Schwein, Carrick — at the same time? Why not play Hererra and Mata together, centrally? And Rooney should either play the first 60 or the last 30, with Martial playing CF the rest of the time.

  35. rollen

    Nasri’s Mouth
    November 7, 2015 16:09:43


    There are plenty of good recruitment agencies. They can save you time and energy making sure you’re not applying to a job that doesn’t match your requirements, and of course vica versa.

    I’m 7 years in one company so…
    But soon have to start looking for new job in Canada.

  36. rollen

    LG maybe you should try to poke Ivan regarding marketing or Shad after u done ur PT ?? Imagine working for Arsenal. Maybe free ST ?

  37. London gunner

    Watched the Bayern stuttgart highlights.

    Costs is crazy good. Looks as fast as walcott with incredible dribbling skills.

    An assist and a goal.

    Would say he is the best dribbler on a team with Robben, Robert and goetze