Bayern spanking shines a light on Arsenal / Wenger frailties

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Woah. That was quite a spanking we took there.

I knew we’d take a beating. It was on the cards. You can’t lose that many players with a squad like ours and expect to come away unscathed. I mean, we expected to lose that.

… and that’s what I was thinking.

Then I started to reassess what I was telling myself, I started to question why I was bending over in my mind. Why do we all assume that when we play Bayern Munich away; or any major team, we’re going to lose heavily. I mean,  what the fucking fuck was that last night? I honestly watched the game and felt like we were playing with ten men who’d been asked to fill in after a marathon.

This is not a cheap squad. This is not a group of players assembled for a pittance. This is a wage bill that’s touching £200m and we’re getting taken out 5-1 away from home in the group stages?

That’s not acceptable. But as Arsenal fans, we search for ways for it to be acceptable.

I can handle a loss. I can’t handle the consistent maulings we take when things aren’t going well. Bayern are great, don’t get me wrong, but we had our fair share of chances to begin with. Put it this way, they weren’t exactly Barcelona, were they? Ozil had a goal disallowed, Giroud spooned a pretty good chance over the bar, we found ourselves in some nice positions in front of goal.

We should have a second team squad capable of more than that sort of embarrassing showing. It’s not like Bayern have been out spanking £400m on players each summer. It’s not like anything they do as a club is beyond our reach.

I don’t want to bag on players here, but I’m going to.

Joel Campbell. Arsene Wenger has been trying to get rid of him for the best part of what, the whole time he’s been with us? He’s woefully inadequate and he’ll never amount to anything. He’s only playing for us because he’s lucked out because of our appalling injury issues.

The rest of the backline was pretty shoddy as well. I mean, Gabriel pulling a horrendous offside trap letting in Lewa in. Per Mertesacker looking very much like he’s hit the tipping point John Terry has hit. Debuchy seems to have had some sort of footballing breakdown. He’s shellshocked, hearing voices, a total mess right now.

Giroud lumbering about up front, dropping in with a goal when it doesn’t mean anything.

Sanchez and Ozil disappointing because they need ticking players to make them look great.

I mean, it was a grizzly performance from a group of players who knew what was coming.

‘Knew it was coming’… again, another major issue with this squad. Where is the fight?

It highlights how far we are away from the elite of Europe. It shows how important that first team 11 is. It shows how ill-prepared we’ve been this summer.

As fans, we’re too willing to sit there and say, ‘shit, they are the better team’… but look, why are we  saying that? Why isn’t our team that good? We have a mountain of cash, we have a team based in London, we play great football and we have the most stable managerial situation in world football. There’s no excuse as to why we’re not good enough. Well, there is I guess, there’s the excuse that the manager didn’t build when everyone else did.

Arsene Wenger just isn’t good enough at the elite level. It’s easy to sit there and go, ‘YOU’RE BEING KNEE JERK’, but the reality is I’m not. Look at how calm Bayern were after our ‘shock’ win over them. It was almost laughable how nonplussed they were. Because they knew. I have this conversation every season. Knee jerk is not repeating yourself for 8 years. Arsene Wenger consistently takes hammerings off bigger sides. He consistently goes into the season with a squad that’s not fit for purpose, but… he always gives you a glimmer of hope.

We’ve lost 3 out of our last 4 Champions League games. We’ve not made it past the last 16 for 4 years, this will be our 5th (heaven forbid we finish 3rd). Half a decade of substandard failure in the Champions League and these have been the years we’ve had money! Your second string; when you’re in the Champions League as regularly as we are and you’re a club of Arsenal’s side, should be able to muster a respectable scoreline.

Other things that really grate me. We’re 3-0 down at half time. The game is fucking dead. Yet the manager keeps all his star players on. When he does make a change, he goes for Gibbs on 59… on for Joel Campbell. I mean, what sort of dimness allows you to make that sort of decision? Where is the forward planning? What about Ozil, who is having a stinker? What about Sanchez who looks shot to pieces playing an absolute shocker? What about the 31 year old Santi. A player we seem to absolutely brutalise with game time? The next two subs he makes are on 87 and 89.

… and then our injury pile up will get worse and we’ll all be like, ‘well, it’s bad luck, right?’

NO. It’s just obvious. Look at how Sanchez is playing. Look at his schedule. Look at his frustration. Rest him. Look at Santi and how much work he’s putting in. Look at what happens EVERY YEAR WITH INJURIES.

So here it is. A defensive nightmare. Tired players. Injuries stacking up higher than HR complaints against Jose. A major loss and likely exit from the Champions League. An exit from the League Cup.  I mean, as a friend said yesterday… ‘we’ve seen this film before.’

Here’s the thing, I wish someone would say to Arsene Wenger.

‘You can’t defy the laws of football.’

You need a great squad. You need to respect the fitness of your players and you need to understand fatigue. You need to prepare properly. You need to have players capable of playing to instruction. We’re clearly not nailing those items. So we can dream, but realistically, we know how it’s likely to end…

A win against Spurs on Sunday will quell the angst. Well, I say that, but after a tanking like that, you just don’t know what’s going to happen now. We’ve been on a good run, but that result could cut deep. Tired legs, tired minds and 90 minutes of that atmosphere ringing around in your head.

Things are going nicely in the league, but we’re now into black November and problems are mounting up.

How will we cope? The door is wide open in the league… and that’s the only hope Wenger has now of making this season look like a decent one.

However, that gut feeling you have right now about our chances domestically, it’s rarely wrong. Nights like last night don’t happen to Champions. They really don’t.


One of my best pals got the cancer all clear yesterday. I’m telling you because she was 34 and perfectly healthy prior. Her biggest problem was that doctors took 4 months to take her seriously. The only reason she’s alive today is her persistence in getting checked for something she knew was wrong.

Her thing is this…

1) Check yourself. Early diagnosis saves lives. Average life expectancy for someone who takes cancer symptoms to ER is 2 months. This is especially important for guys, YOU CAN’T WALK OFF A TUMOUR.

2) Be pushy. Most people know when something is up. You only have one life, don’t let it be cut short because you accepted not being seen. Doctors and nurses are just as fallible as you are, but probably twice as overworked. PUSH THEM. My friends was advised to take a herbal treatment and told to potter on… when she has the most aggressive form of breast cancer about.



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  1. nasri's mouth


    AGAIN! I never said it excuses the other performances. In fact I never said it excused anything.

    You constantly misread my posts in some vain attempt to prove something. Either that or you struggle with basic comprehension. Pretty much all of my replies are spent correcting you.

  2. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    It’s probably some internet stream commenter. I’d be laughing too hard if I watched it, live. Pretty sure he’s not worried about political correctness.
    My friends know my sense of humor isn’t right and I watch a lot of football, hence the texted YouTube clips.

  3. Relieable Sauce

    Empowered by bankers, tourists & AKBs that think football is just a form of entertainment.
    Loyd Webber & Eastenders have gone downhill tbf.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    See we differ there, I want someone to piss Wenger off and directly challenge his sometimes myopic views of things.

    Wenger handled the Emirates move like no other manager could, possibly Fergie, but in that he was vested with enormous power to the point he’s unchallengeable.

    So when he sat there, in his office this summer where he is 24/7 allegedly, (goodness knows what he does, internet porn bill must be huge) and decided short of Benzema, nothing was changing.

    Where was the voice in the club to tell him Arsene, we weren’t close last year, we have 8-9 massively injury prone players, one CDM, one ST…we’re going to get stuck into the market.

  5. nasri's mouth


    Different argument, but if that’s the case bringing in a ‘football man’ wouldn’t make any difference then would it?

    I don’t actually agree that Wenger has that much power either. Kroenke owns the club and he’s put his son Josh on the board. One way or another they control the club, not Wenger

  6. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    If Gazidis is strong enough to bring in someone to do that, he’s strong enough to do it himself with the advice of the clubs medical side.

    Men, Gazidis has been at the club a while now, if he’s that emasculated he can’t do his role properly, I’d imagine he’d be off looking for another job

  7. Jeff


    Yes, Gazidis could bring in whoever he likes, it won’t make a blind bit of difference. And I know you don’t believe Wenger has that much power because if you did you would have to agree that most of our woes lies at his door – which of course you don’t.

  8. rollen

    November 5, 2015 21:53:41

    Knocked out of the 1999 FA Cup Semi-Final and losing the league title to a defensive blunder by Vivas plus conceding stoppage time goals to French and Ukraine teams in the Champions league confirmed Wenger as a tactical imbecile.

    u r such a weirdo
    u know ur stuff about AFc then come out with crap like not rating Cech Messi Aguero

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Kind of, but then Wenger was on the board that appointed Gazidis…sort of sets you off on that foot already.

    Wenger has too much power, I think that can be universally agreed.

    Gazidis is the money and commercials, Kroenke is…fuck knows, Wenger is everything to do with the football and the players.

    I know which side I think is letting us down.

    Wenger needs a Dein I think, that Petit story was telling, he needs that guy, but he’s too proud and stubborn to admit it.

  10. Relieable Sauce

    Ivan holds a position on the boards of other important footballing bodies & wont be jeopardising that position of power anytime soon I would think.

    One hand washes the other.

  11. Jeff


    This world is all about repetition and habit. Sometimes those things that work are repeated because they worked before and therefore they should work again. However, that is only true if everyone and everything else remains constant. Nothing ever does. But if you get someone like Wenger who has somehow amassed so much power that he’s virtually untouchable, everyone else is powerless to challenge him. What would be the point?

    NM would argue that Kroenke has the ultimate say in all things but what if Kroenke has devolved that power to Wenger and prefers to stay aloof – which is exactly what we are seeing. Who knows what the leeway is. Finishing fourth might be an A* and finishing in the top 6 a C. But beside all of that, Kroenke cannot make a monetary loss and he knows that. Arsenal will retain its value no matter what so that if the unthinkable did happen and Kroenke wanted out, he would make a very tidy sum on his exit – there is no question or doubt about that. So why should he even blink an eye if we get mauled, or bomb out of competitions. Even if we finish 8th, it doesn’t really matter because there will be a gaggle of billionaires queuing up to outbid each other for his shares.

    The curse that is upon this club is the lack of passion in the owner for the game and the glory. Owing a football club isn’t the same as owning anything else – you’re not really in it for the money. Unfortunately for us, we went and picked the worse possible type of billionaire possible and are paying a very hefty price for that mistake.

    Was there ever a better evidence of this than when Chips said “We listen when Arsene has a plan and we keep quiet if he doesn’t”. What does that say? Even if it were a half-truth, an executive of the club should never utter such a thing in public – but the fact that he did tells us how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

    Whether we like it or not, Arsene and Arsenal are now synonymous in the eyes of the Wenger faithful and all that does is allow the mayhem to continue. It’s a horrible nightmare situation we find ourselves.

  12. Relieable Sauce

    IG – Your & my idea of a good signing might not be same as Arsenes.

    – Arsene has the full backing of the owner and the board, we have no idea how we will replace him.

    How does anyone believe a word he says?!

    Some fall for it hook line & sinker, but then you have NM, Wallace & Keyser who just seem content for us to tread water because they genuinely believe we cannot compete.

  13. Mick Kartun

    Morning lads.

    Missing yesterday due to manic loss depression of bayern thumping humiliation.

    I wonder if anyone here have an analysis data of how come that our NOT so far away ANNUAL PLAYER TOTAL WAGES nearly 190m quids, if not mistaken with the mighty bayern, feels so a sniffed FRAUD.

    I heard that ours not so high in personal star wages per week, but we have social wage structure that so many average players overpaid from range 50k – 140 k.

    It’s disturbing if just near with bayern total annual wage structure, but how come they have the depth even from the bench that they even can field 2 strong first eleven.

    Is there a fraud in finance? or just simply DUMB MANAGEMENT.

    Please anyone care to explain?

  14. Mick Kartun

    @joe: Wenger controls all. What the fuck can Ivan do. He is useless. Just like Wenger only in different ways.

    Bald Gazidis is kroenke’s biatch. He always comb kroenke’s pubic hair moustache with his shaved skin head though.


  15. Mick Kartun

    From the net found it that:

    totalsportek dot com-money-arsenal-player-salaries.

    Arsenal’s wage bill increased from £166 million in 2014 to £180 million as they brought in number of high profile players in summer transfer window of 2014. Heading into the 2015-16 season they have not made big singings apart from Petre Cech who joined the club for £12 million and their wage bill will remain more-a-less same for next season, which is still far better than Manchester United current wage bill is the highest in league with £214 million while City’s current wage bill is around £206 million.

    If that stats is true, I count it only total weekly salary all players first team:

    1,770,000 pounds, so multiply by 52 weeks a year is 91,884,000 pounds.

    maybe with bonuses, the executives salary, it make sense to 180 millions pounds a year. Hmmm.

  16. Wallace

    Koscielny could have played the other night, apparently. most journalists are reading it as Wenger prioritising the league.

    Arteta & Ospina back in full training.

  17. Mick Kartun

    List of weekly wages:

    cech 100k
    ospina 40k
    martinez 10k
    BFG 70k
    kos 60k
    gabriel 50k
    gibbs 60k
    mon 50k
    DEBUCHY 70k (it’s a rip off)
    callum 10k
    bell 10k
    FLAMINI 65k (it’s a rip off)
    coq 20k
    ARTETA 80k (it’s a rip off)
    bielik 2k
    wilshere 90k
    rams 80k
    ozil 140k
    tr7 85k (it’s a rip off)
    caz 90k
    ox 65k
    gnabry 10k
    alexis 130k
    walcott 110k
    girude 100k
    welb 75k
    joel 30k

    total not more than 100 million pounds in a year, it’s very tight wages,
    I bet bayern is more shocker than this.

  18. Mick Kartun

    You can find the list of bayern salaris by googling:

    totalsportek dot com-money-bayern-player-salaries.

    the few high list are:
    neuer 150k
    lahm 160k
    javi 110k
    alonso 120k
    vidal 150k
    goetze 140k
    ribery 160k
    robben 160k
    mueller 150k
    lewan 160k

    what a shocker, many over 100k, about 10 players, no wonder kroenke so tight to hold his fucking purse.

    but how come we compete that if we had 3 or 4 players over 100k weekly, but money just stay in the bank for 200 mills in cash. FUCK.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Arsene Wenger: ‘I’m very concerned because we are only in November and we have so many players out.

    ‘We go into the Christmas period and I am concerned because we have too many players out.’

    He must be one of the few managers in the world who gets to cause a problem/continually ignore a problem but still gets to blame the problem and have all the nodding dog Arsenal fans agreeing.

    What a job.

  20. Dusty Kart

    He wouldn’t get away with it any where else too many blind eyed supporters of the Ole Arsene Wenger bull shit theories!!

  21. daz

    Wengers problem is he treats his players like responsible adults who can make the right choices on there own yet he should treat them like the brain dead idiots they are.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    What do you mean?

    I don’t think it’s anything the players are doing, they are just injury prone, extremely injury prone. Not a whole lot you can do to change that.

    Their diets etc are already carefully controlled.

    So I think it’s the club, not looking after them properly, whether that’s Wenger in training, Wenger not listening to fitness staff, the fitness staff or a combination of all of that, and then of course our recruitment policy.

    Having a few injury prone players in your squad, fair enough, might be there quality is worth the gamble, 8-9 though and you’re undermining your season before it’s even started.

    Bit amateur really.

  23. Carts

    I’d honestly recommend we pie off any attempt at going for 3rd and ending up in the EL. With our bare bones squad and no telling how things will look next year, it’s almost a pointless distraction and the thought of playing Thursday’s is crap too.

    We’re not CL quality; never really have been. Let’s just focus on the league, ffs.

  24. daz

    I was talking about the injuries the other day and yeah I would say its them being injury prone over any training problems at the club, the main reason Wenger has stuck by these players imo is that he hasn’t had offers he would find acceptable we have seen he is willing to sell anyone for the right price over the years, he probably feels why let them go for next to nothing when they could potentially be worth a good fee down the line

  25. Dissenter

    I think the Bayern salaries are in Euros, the Arsenal salaries are in ££££
    Mick’s post just buttresses the point about Wenger’s socialistic salary structure.

    Adjust the Bayern salary to £££ at one Euro to 0.7 GBP and the Bayern figures aren’t that high.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    Fair enough.

    Wenger needs to change or be changed though, we can’t keep doing this every year, either he’s feigning ignorance now or he genuinely didn’t see this coming.

    Not sure which is worse!


    Munich are such a well run club. Fair play to them.

    I agree, Wenger’s wage structure has annoyed me for a long time, Arsenal players earn like stars when they are still injury ravaged wrecks who haven’t cemented a first team place or proved anything.

    Then, we try to get rid of them, and buying clubs ask ‘how f*****g much are you paying them!’

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Coq did get a boost, I think he’s on about £50 000 now or similar. About right really. A rare example of us getting wages spot on.

    But yeah you look at Gibbs, Wilshere, Schez and the like and you just wonder if Arsene has a drinking problem we don’t know about and is just really skilled at hiding it.

  28. Leedsgunner

    He said: ‘I’m very concerned because we are only in November and we have so many players out.
    ‘We go into the Christmas period and I am concerned because we have too many players out.’

    Whose fault was that? For leaving our club short again?

    Come January though, the same man who says these words will refrain and dither from signing anyone because his recovering crocks will be hailed as good as new signings… funny that he doesn’t take any responsibility for NOT signing anyone in the summer.

  29. Anthony

    I wouldn’t say “nights like that don’t happen to champions”

    Real Madrid ripped Bayern apart. Bayern beat Barcelona 7-0 over two games.

    Man City beat Man Utd 6-1.

    It happens. What I would say is that it happens with us far to often.

  30. daz

    In hindsight project youth was probably the worst route to take don’t blame for thinking it was a good idea at the time, but Wenger was so used to having model professionals to work with who didn’t need their hand holding through everything, then went to a bunch of kids who most likely have been told they are the next great thing since they were 5 years old. Take schez nasri bendtner arrogant clowns I would say cesc was just as bad in terms of behaviour at times I mean throwing pizza at fergie what professional does that?

  31. Wallace


    “I would say cesc was just as bad in terms of behaviour at times I mean throwing pizza at fergie what professional does that?”

    sorry man, as far as i’m concerned that was his finest moment.

  32. Relieable Sauce


    We might have to let some contracts run down ala Bendtner & Almunia. Does Wenger ever learn??

    Gibbs, WS & JW have not done enough for the contracts they have imo, I do hope we dont see extensions offered to them, with the possible exclusion of JW.

    No wonder most of them have such a lax attitude – big wages, guaranteed 1st team action, international recognition & little to no accountability.

  33. daz

    Wallace ha yeah I laughed at the time but realistically it’s not something he should be doing to set an example to the other players that sort of thing leads to clowns thinking they can have a fag in the shower

  34. salparadisenyc

    Hey ho Krychowiak signs on until 2019 w/ Sevilla, release clause has been increased from €30 million to €45 million .

    All signs point to the currently injured Carvalho.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Genuinely curious to see how our future pans out, as in, so long as Wenger cleanly and wholly leaves the club, how we do things.

    I can see either Gazidis and the powers beefing up the board and administrative structure, or hiring a big time manager like Guardiola who can take on a large amount of responsibility. Still can’t see them giving the new guy, even a Guardiola, the absurd level of power Wenger has.

    Of course, if Wenger has his thumb in the succession pie, or worse is involved in the board structure of the club, then who knows.

    Going to be interesting though.

  36. daz

    I don’t think Wenger will want to go up stairs he likes being a coach to much I think he will just do a fergie, if we get pep he will only be around for 4 years or so I think the future needs to be a situation where the club is set up not to depend on a manager like Southampton have shown, our academy needs to start producing players of a higher quality more often also

  37. Relieable Sauce


    We will need to replace our 1st choice LB soon & we know Gibbs isnt the man for the job.
    When that time comes are we going to buy a LB proven at a high level?
    I think probably not.

    So rather than chuck an unproven player in when Monreal is no longer an option & risk “cohesion”, replace Gibbs with a prospect now that does have the potential to play 1st choice, he can be blooded gradually whilst playing understudy to Nacho & even if they dont make the grade, we have a very good 2nd choice.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I hope Wenger just at the end of a season says, that’s it, me done, goodbye.

    We certainly need to get more football men in the club, especially at board level who understand the game and the nitty gritty of transfer, contracts, agents, fixers etc

    We are taking steps with the youth, I saw an article saying that when Abromavich first took over Chelsea were poaching talent we were interested in but couldn’t afford by just outbidding us. Same then happened with City.

    But now we spent a fortune on Jeff, Fortune, Bielik, that Dragovic kid, or Dragomir…can’t remember his name. There was also some young Dutch kid, Ahmer or something, the wages he wants Chelsea baulked at, so we agreed to pay it.

    No problem with that at all because our youth system has been shit for years. So that’s progress.

    I wish there was such aggressive change elsewhere. But I’ very hopeful for the future.

    I know Gazidis gets flack, but I actually like him, think he’s a decent bloke, very intelligent and there have been moments where you can hear in what he was saying he was just as frustrated as we all were.

    I don’t like Kroenke at all, but I don’t think we can judge Gazidis properly until Wenger is gone.

  39. daz

    Some interesting quotes on arseblog from Wenger

    On how he finds meaning in his work, he adds: “In the religious world, it is said that God created man. I am only a guide. I allow others to express what they have in them. I have not created anything. I am a facilitator of what is beautiful in man.

    “I define myself as an optimist. My constant battle in this business is to draw out the beauty in man. At this level that can portray me as naive. At the same time, it allows me to believe it and it often gives me reason.”

    Don’t know if he is likening himself with Jesus? Lol

  40. London gunner

    Krychowiak was made a mug of by Man City.

    Never seen Coq been done by the baby blue boys.

    I am certainly glad we never spent the 25 million on him when Coq statistically and from a viewing points destroys h in most aspects of the game.

    However Ki would have been a great little bit of business.

    I hope we go in for tielmans. One of the most talented youths in world football and can play both DM and box to box.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    Coq’s continual progression is very impressive, passing is getting better as well. Big respect for a player that sees an opportunity, knows he’s got a few games to prove himself, does it.

    Complete contrast to the million chance players like Oxlade and Wilshere who play without fear of being left out.

    Would maybe like to see in the summer Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky released as their contracts run out, maybe a couple of youngsters like Tieliemans, Rabiot, Bazoer, Geis that sort of level come in, two of them, Ramsey and Coq would be nice and solid.

  42. Leedsgunner

    I know it’s a derby against the Spuds but if Kos was touch and go, would you risk playing him at the danger of a long term injury or would you keep him out so that he can get fully fit over the international break?

    I know Gabs didn’t have the best game on Tuesday but I think he is fit and he’ll be hungry to prove himself against Tottenham. Gabs is a warrior and we could use people like him on Sunday.

  43. Mick Kartun

    @cesc ap

    sorry late mate, just realized my googling it’s in euro.

    damn, that means our wages not so different with bayern and they have 2 strong starting eleven.

    this is outrageous, IT’S A CRIME.

  44. Mick Kartun

    agree with you london.

    Ki would be the perfect back up for Le Coq.

    and cheap ala wenger on fee and wages. would be smart business and will attract more asian market fans.

  45. Leedsgunner

    After the Park CY debacle no South Korean player worth their salt will even consider Arsenal for a long time unless we win the EPL or Uefa CL. I can see Ki going to Tottenham though, especially with a compatriot Heung Min Son doing well there.

  46. Carts

    “All signs point to the currently injured Carvalho.”

    He was on the bench for Sporting last week or the week before.

  47. London gunner

    On tielimans.

    Tielemans is two-footed, has pace to burn, an impressive range of passing for someone so young and he also possesses a lethal shot both from distance and set plays.

    The Belgian is also flexible enough to be used either as a defensive midfielder sitting in front of the back four, where his accurate passing is ideal, or as a box-to-box attacking midfielder.

    But it looks like that latter role, where he began his career in Anderlecht’s youth team and from where his shooting abilities and uncanny knack of timing his runs into the box are an asset, suits Tielemans’ skills best.

    And despite being just 18, the youngster – whose idol is Zinedine Zidane – is already being lined up to captain Anderlecht at some point so highly do his club rate his leadership skills.”

  48. London gunner

    “”He is a phenomenon. There are not many players better than him.” (Former Anderlecht and Sweden midfielder Par Zetterberg)

    “We have always known Tielemans was a super talent. Whenever anyone asked me who I thought would go far, I would mention his name first.” (Mohammed Ouahbi, Anderlecht youth coach)

    “With his skills and quality, he forces opponents into mistakes. He can play the long ball and launch attacks. His age is not important. He will only get better with playing matches.” (Paul van Himst, former Anderlecht and Belgium star)”

  49. rollen

    London gunner
    November 6, 2015 14:06:52

    Krychowiak was made a mug of by Man City.

    said many times he is not so great

  50. London gunner


    I see him more as a holding mid, more arteta with mobility than ramsey.

    Likes to pick the sensible pass and keep things ticking

  51. London gunner



    Is pretty much a mid range average centre back with decent technical skills but no way a 25 million player.

    Just like kondogbia (who is on the bench for an average inter side.)

  52. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough, I can see what you mean but we can agree to differ. He is defenitely more defensive minded than Shelvey who is Swansea’s offensive focal point… when both Ki and Shelvey play they are a good unit..

  53. Mick Kartun

    London, nice one, thanks for the tielemans review.

    But how come wenger didn’t bid him fast but go for bielik?

    It’s no public secret, HIGH PRICE.

    I still pissed how good VARANE right now and kicked Pepe from starter.

    But with the high price set on him, it’s the same with his nearly ronaldo, ibra, messi, etc miss.

  54. Leedsgunner


    I think he started as a RM, and often plays on the RM for his national team when called upon but even then he likes to drift centrally. He has a good range passing and good vision to see who he can bring into the play.

  55. Bamford10

    Both Kondogbia and Krychowiak are better footballers than Coquelin.

    Only Arsenal supporters — a handful at that — think otherwise.

    Underrated is going to have to change his name to “Overrated” if this overestimation of Coquelin continues. Who was the clown on here the other day telling us that Coquelin was one of the three best CDMs in the world?

    Good grief.

  56. salparadisenyc

    From what i’ve seen of Krychowiak is hardly a mug, can play on either the right or left side of the mid. Very good at breaking up play, serious combativeness to him. He wins challenge after challenge to get possession back, massive upside. He’s a good passer of the ball, not afraid to pull the Schweinsteiger long range cross field bomb with accuracy. Would of made a great partner to Coquelin on Wednesday night, or playing in Coq’s role with Caz or Ramsay alongside him.

    Dudes a tank, blunt force which is why Wenger likely passed on him.

    And yes like Javi Martinez he can deputize as a CB if needed.

  57. Cesc Appeal

    During the international break I saw Krychowiak for Poland, looked pretty good to me.

    Irrelevant now with his buyout clause having doubled, I think, knowing Wenger we’re looking at Bielik being called up, or Wilshere being forwarded yet again.

    Doesn’t care about the CDM position, now he’s lucked into a very good CDM, so doubt he will move on it when he was happy having Flamteta before that.

  58. Leedsgunner

    If Arteta is back in training though very frustratingly I can see Arsene sitting on his hands hoping to “get way” with Arteta deputising for Coquelin rather than going into the transfer market. He’ll cite lack of quality and value of course as his excuses… oh, and bad luck.

    So, when we are talking about the DM position is are in exactly the same position to when Coquelin broken into the team in December last year. I hope to goodness Giroud keeps his fitness and form otherwise we’ll be short on the ST front too just like 2 years ago.

  59. Leedsgunner


    Sadly, I think Wilshere is quickly becoming an injury prone irrelevance. We will do well if we get even five game out of him injury free. I’s be delighted if I was to be proved wrong but he is so fragile if even if he sneezed unxepectedly I can see him breaking his glass ankles.

  60. salparadisenyc

    Wilshire is beginning to echo Owen Hargreaves, very sad indeed.

    Essentially we have 4 midfielder not fit for service in Arteta, Wilshire, Rosicky and Flamini.

    Oddly Flamini has had the biggest contribution thus far.

  61. nijjy

    i used to like this blog some years back. but it has become so boring. the quality of writing is full of whining and moaning all the time. there are always negatives to be found. as for analysis, in-game or generally there is none. you could question me, why i’m still commenting. the answer is, because i used to like this site but it’s become too rhetorical and polemical for my liking.

  62. Leedsgunner


    Hindsight is always 20/20. Wilshere has time on his side. As he’s so injury prone he should be put on a pay as you play deal but of course he won’t because in the eues of many, for some odd reason he’s apparently a future AFC captain.

    Then again bearing in mind our recent captains who have been all injury prone RVP, Tommy V, and now Arteta maybe they have a point.

    Maybe we can sell him to Barca, they love our crocks. 🙂

  63. MidwestGun

    Niijy –
    No offense but I’ve never seen your name on here in 4 years. So it’s rather disingenuous of you to complain about the commenters contributions not having added anything of note to my recollection, ever.
    Translation- feel free to step up the quality level by adding some of this in -depth analysis you crave. Whereas all you have basically accomplished is moaning about the so called moaners
    . P.s.- there was never a time when on here where people didn’t question what was going on in management. Perhaps it’s boring because the same things keep happening.

  64. alexanderhenry

    Same old arsenal: we don’t spend enough money- and this is important– to mount a realistic PL challenge AND a serious CL campaign.. If we got another top coach in we would still struggle for this reason . It’s really that simple. Despite this, I think we will be better off out of the CL this year as disappointing as that is. That’s because I still think this squad can potentially win the league. The absence of a gruelling last 16 tie and possible quarter final tie will help us. It’s quite odd how much importance the club and wenger have put on the CL in recent years when behind closed doors, I’m sure none of them actually thought we could win it. Well, I have an obvious reason for arsenal fc’s apparent self delusion concerning the CL. It’s a cash cow for the club . Dropping out now means losing a lot of money. I’m sure that money will now be removed from January and next season’s transfer budget. That’s the way our club is run folks. It’s all about the bottom line.

  65. London gunner


    Kondigbia is so good he plays for inter.

    In fact he is so good he is on the bench for inter.

    Why has he ended up at washed up club?

    Why has Coq statistically the best DM in the league.

  66. nijjy

    @midwestgun: no offence taken. well, i’ve been a regular reader of le grove for the past 3-4 years. i concede i’ve probably never commented. maybe there are people who are better qualified to analyse like you or pedro but i’m as much an arsenal fan as any of you are and i trawl the net for news and analysis.
    i appreciate the fact that it’s probably not easy to regularly write a blog and not everyone has the talent, time or energy to do what le grove has been doing. otherwise we’d all be making money writing blogs.
    but my point is i can like or dislike anything i want and i’m entitled to my opinion.

    @pedro: you have lost all my respect by that reply. no stomach for criticism or alternative opinion? you should become bosom buddies with the ‘special one’.
    oh and keep up the whining and moaning and the wild flip flop opinions on players. i’m outta here.