Bayern: No injuries please | Remy Garde, a Villa inside job?

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'Err, can we borrow this?' AW

‘Err, can we borrow this?’ AW

The big one tomorrow.

Well, not really. The big one is on Sunday.

I kind of feel like tomorrow should be treated like a Cup Final when half your team missed the plane.

Bayern are an incredible side. They’re gonna be angry we dicked on them in the first game. They’re going to have better players available because of our mini crisis.

If we win. It’ll be something to toast. If we draw, it’ll be equally toastable. If we lose, well, come on, it’s Bayern Munich.

The big one is on Sunday. It’s big for many reasons. Heritage, rivalry, hatred… but for me, the most important reason it’s big is that it closes off 13 days until our next game which is against West Brom on the 21st. You don’t want to go into the international break possibly losing back to back games.

You want to keep that momentum going into December.

So tomorrow night is important in the sense that we save face. It’s important that we don’t lose any more key players to injury. It’s important that we don’t let this dent our confidence.

The other bit of fabulous news is Spurs have to play Anderlecht on Thursday evening. That’s one less day of rest that counters the fact we have to play away in Bayern.

So no excuses of additional preparation. No freshness issues. Both teams will be in the same boat. Well, we’ll be chasing shadows all night… Spurs won’t.

Remi Garde (or Remy if you’re Aston Villa’s social media intern) has joined Aston Villa. It’s relevant to Arsenal for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s rumoured Wenger went in with the big recommendation (like that time he tried to recommend Flamini go to Birmingham). Secondly, Tom Fox and ex-right hand man of Ivan, Hendrick Almstadt, are both at Villa. You kind of feel this move reeks of Arsenal boardroom talk from the past.

Which does alarm me. I do hope this move was all of their own doing… and not an indicator of where we’re going in the future. Nothing against Remi Garde, he’s probably a very good manager, but I’m kind of hoping for a Pep Guardiola. Not future Sporting Director Arsene Wenger’s stooge.

I’m being unfair. Remi might take Aston Villa back to the top. I was hoping that when Wenger left, we didn’t keep his fingers on the blueprints of the future… and that we learn from the mistakes made when Ferguson left United. Start a fresh or go internal if you want continuity.

Onto other clubs, it was interesting listening to Jurgen Klopp post Chelsea win. He’s incredibly charismatic and fun to watch… he’s ADHD for sure. He was talking about Mourinho and he basically said, with what he’s done at the club, there should be no question about his future. He also said, ‘look, it’s happened to me.’

Bringing this back to Arsene, what you have to commend is that in 20 years, he’s never had an absolute shocker. He’s always kept us consistent and stable. It also has to be said, that Mourinho isn’t out of top four contention yet. Wenger has been just as far back with worse squads and still made good on the season.

Another point that was mentioned in an Arsenal group chat was that we’d never gone through this. Firstly, I’d disagree, we had a pretty terrible start last season. The worst ever post war start I think? But anyway, ask yourself this. What would you prefer for Arsenal… the success Chelsea have had over the last ten years + 11 points from 11 games in 2015-16. Or the stability of Arsene and two FA Cups?

I mean, even Barcelona have had bad seasons. Same for Madrid. Same for United. Same for Juventus.

It’s part of the game.

So whilst you can celebrate stability… what would you really want? What do the history books look at? When a new manager comes in and wins 2 Champions League trophies and back to back Premier Leagues, will we still talk about the stability? Maybe. We’ll always look back at Wenger transitioning the club. But I have a feeling that period will be talked about with less enthusiasm than trophies. Because football clubs are built on trophies. The rest is just commentary.

Hopefully this is the season we pop back onto the big stage with a major trophy. It’s all there. Ours to throw away.

A big, big season for Arsene. A big season for the players. A big season for the future of the club.

… but first, let’s just take care of Bayern.

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  1. Louis Almeida

    Mr B, he was playing against my team last night. I can assure you he’s not very good. If the ball is not passed onto his left foot within 20 yards out he is pretty useless. He can not dribble, play combination football and is not at the level required. Even yesterday he didn’t do anything apart from his goal. It is no loss.

  2. SRG#FreeN5

    “””Thanks again arsène, for having buying well during the summer.
    You’re still the one who knows best.”””

    The squad has 25 players limit , if you remove 9 players out you are always going to struggle to players in the starting 11 and bench.
    The problem was not the numbers , it was who we were relying on and who were not replaced.

  3. Mr B

    He was a good impact sub for us when we were dominating games inside opposition penalty areas but couldn’t finish.

    Arshavin would have been a good back up to Ozil and he wouldn’t have played so many games. Could do a job on the right hand side, another quick player good on the counter attack.

  4. Dream10

    Louis Almeida

    What are your thoughts on Guedes and Nelsinho? Many top clubs have been linked to Guedes for the 12-18 months

  5. Louis Almeida

    Mr B, he has the worst movement. Do you not remember when he played upfront and how static he was? Arshavin is also old and fat lol. If he can’t play for Zenit anymore what makes you think he’s good enough for Arsenal. He struggled to run at the best of times!

  6. Relieable Sauce

    Rosicky & Arteta should have gone 2/3 seasons ago & Flamini should never have been re-signed. They offer little to nothing for the millions they are paid & are waste of squad places as well as money.

    The excuses & attempts to justify this poor management by some is no real surprise.

  7. Mr B

    I do but he did score important goals. 10 goals a season in back bench appearances shouldn’t be frowned upon.

    As bad as he is, he continues to have

  8. Louis Almeida

    Dream10, Guedes has a lot of potential as does Nelsinho. It is still too early to say that either of them are ready for the next level as they have not even played that much for Benfica yet. As with every young player they are inconsistent so they do some good stuff and then some very immature things. I think they need more time to develop because they would not start for any major European club. There’s no rush yet.

  9. Leedsgunner

    “If we land up in Europa Cup and assuming most of the players who are injured
    return fit in new year I would play in that competition…”

    It’s laughable that we have so many players out with injuries that we can put out a second injury/fringe XI. As I have said before it gives us the illusion of depth without any of the benefits on the field. We pay the wages etc… but the players give nothing back.

  10. S Asoa

    Arsenic Wonkie propped as Director of Football with a Stooge Manager he can impose on his Finger -up -his -arse Mental(ity) . BRUTAL

  11. Mr B

    We barely finished above spurs in his first 2 seasons (12-13-14) and he scored 11 and 8 goals respective in the league those years.

    Those goals are even more important in terms of points earned now that we have a resolute defense.

  12. Louis Almeida

    “We barely finished above spurs in his first 2 seasons (12-13-14) and he scored 11 and 8 goals respective in the league those years.”

    I think Podolski was part of the reason we struggled, Mr B. His output apart from finishing was very poor. If he was as good as you’re making him out to be, he’d still be here rather than Galatasary.

  13. Bamford10


    Except that I wasn’t “slating” Coquelin. Far from it. I was just challenging the line of thought that says he is the unrivaled best CDM in the EPL. Fernandinho is just as good, if not better. Saying that is very different from “slating” Coquelin.

  14. Dissenter

    Philipp Lahm speaking about Ozil;
    “It doesn’t matter how good you are, everybody needs time to settle in a new league. Especially a league like England, where you don’t get as much time on the ball, and of course the game is a lot more physical.

    “People don’t necessarily understand his game, he isn’t there to run at players or even beat them, he is far more intelligent than that.

    “He finds space and creates chances for his team mates, and you only need to look at the assist table to understand there is nobody better than him at that.”

    In a nutshell, FORCE MULIPLIER

  15. DUIFG

    We should have kept Poldi, esp. when you look at our striking department.He was’nt the hardest working but he had pace and could finish. Could have done a solid job this season.

    he really didnt have pace, he was a really underwhelming guy, bitterly disappointed with him

  16. Wallace


    “The fact that Flamini came on a FREE is more reason why he’d get a favorable salary (and sign on fee). He signed a 3 year deal and you think he’d return to Arsenal as our lowest first team earner. Like, lower that Diaby, at the time??? LIRL!”

    Milan ran his contract down. he was training with us while looking for another club. it was mid-July and he was without a team. you don’t offer a guy who is 29yrs old and without a club 80k a week.

  17. Relieable Sauce


    Close on starting 11s but they are much better squad wise.

    We had very similar wage bills last season apparently.

  18. Highbury4ever

    Ok let’s face ZE fact : with Debuchy who plays tonight, the chances to bring a good result from munich are very thin.

  19. Wallace


    “He wasn’t the hardest working but he had pace and could finish.”

    agree with 1 & 3 but I don’t think anyone’s called Poldi ‘pacy’ before.

  20. Leedsgunner

    Ok let’s face ZE fact : with Debuchy who plays tonight, the chances to bring a good result from munich are very thin.

    I reckon Debuchy will be hungry, and eager to take his chance. He has been very unlucky with injuries but you don’t lose all that international experience and know how all of a sudden. Sure we will definitely miss HB’s attacking threat but Debuchy’s composure and calmness will be appreciated.

    If they want to win, they need to come and attack us. I’ll be happy with a point, and who knows we might even nick one if we don’t lose our heads and keep our discipline.

  21. daz

    “Close on starting 11s but they are much better squad wise.We had very similar wage bills last season apparently”

    I reckon city must be up to something with that, to keep their wage bill down they probably offer ridiculous bonuses or some work around

  22. daz

    It would be a tall order what ever team we put out and debuchy has hardly got a good run of games under his belt, I hope people keep that in mind if he gets exposed it would be harsh on him to expect him to have Costa under control the whole game. As long as he looks like he is giving it his all then I won’t be losing my mind over his performance.

  23. Carts

    “Milan ran his contract down. he was training with us while looking for another club. it was mid-July and he was without a team. you don’t offer a guy who is 29yrs old and without a club 80k a week.”

    Lol – where did I say we’re paying him 80 stacks a week?

    That’s more likely to be Rosicky.

    Flamini is being paid around 60 stacks. And his sign on was probably in the region of £1m-£2m.

  24. Carts

    “Douglas costa v debuchy that has car crash all over it”

    I predicted a similar blood bath in the first game – Bellerin v Costa. First half was predictable till. 2nd half we showed more intent.

  25. DUIFG

    “Douglas costa v debuchy that has car crash all over it”I predicted a similar blood bath in the first game – Bellerin v Costa.
    bellerin is in good form though, debuchy has been pretty stinky so far this season

  26. I am arsene


    Don’t talk cack
    Anderlecht away is nothing like bayern away.
    Our players will be chasing the ball for 90 mins so they will of course be tired.

  27. Carts

    I’ve NEVER rated Debuchy! He was the better defender in a god-awful Newcastle back line! The love he was getting on here was of the homosexual nature!

  28. useroz

    Bellerin could be the final straw and his absence could cost us tonight.; missing pace in both defence and attack.

    Why another injury? It was not bellerin hitting the post; it’s grion.

    Surely there is problem somewhere in our setup. Here’s what reported today.; and form your own view.

    Dutch fitness coach Raymond Verheijen has hit back at Arsene Wenger and claims the Arsenal boss is in “denial” about how his training techniques are leading to constant injuries at the Emirates Stadium.

    Injuries are once again starting to pile up at Arsenal and Verheijen feels Wenger is guilty of overtraining players, something which always leads to a spate of players out with niggles and often derails the Gunners’ season.

    Verheijen even dubbed Wenger “Le Dino” in reference to how he has not developed his training techniques, but the French manager recently hit back at the Dutchman, defending his methods.

    Wenger believes some players are simply more injury prone than others, however Verheijen says the Gunners boss is in denial.

    Referring to an injury suffered by Hector Bellerin, Verheijen wrote on Twitter: “Here we go again! Yet another muscle injury for Arsenal. Bellerin misses tonight’s Bayern game due to a groin injury.

    “Within the space of 2 weeks the Arsenal players [Aaron] Ramsey, [Theo] Walcott, [Alex] Oxlade-Chamberlain & Bellerin have picked up muscle injuries. Who’s next?

    “This guy will probably choose denial & put responsibility outside himself again by labelling Bellerin ‘injury prone’.”

    The Dutch fitness coach also mocked Wenger’s constant claims of belief in his medical staff, pointing out that the medical department is only responsible for helping players recover from injuries and not preventing them on the training pitch.

    “Or maybe he will repeat again he trusts his medical staff although they have nothing to do with causing injuries. They only cure injuries”, he wrote.

    “Do players get injured because they are injury prone or do players become injury prone because of injury after injury due to overtraining?”

  29. daz


    Yeah and goal bonuses, clean sheet bonuses, appearance bonuses, loyalty bonuses a club can pretty much offer a bonus for anything. I don’t know if this would be some sort of tax loop hole or FFP loop hole I don’t know really just a thought anyone know if bonuses affect these things?

  30. Wallace


    Rosicky’s 35 and I’m not sure he’s ever played more than 25 games in a season for us. I’d be stunned if he hasn’t been on a pay as you play deal since he turned 30.

  31. qna

    Arsenal definately should have bought in the summer. But here is one way to look at what could have been:

    Fekir: Injured ACL. Long term injury. Sitting in the medical rooms.
    Kondogbia: Hasnt adapted. Sitting on the bench.
    Benzema: Sitting in jail.


    At least we didnt throw away £100m

  32. Marko

    This Verheijen is spot on!!

    Sure he is. He’s like a jilted lover to anyone who’s ever worked with him. Pretty sure he’s unemployed but don’t think any less of him

  33. qna

    Red: Ozil can’t beat players and he can’t score goals but what he can do is make assists……lol lol

    Why is that lol lol? Stephen Hawking cant walk or wipe his arse, but what he can do….

  34. Carts


    Tbf, the way things are today, I think we would’ve heard something about that. I think it’s fair to say that for the majority of his time at Arsenal he’s been on a pretty straight forward contract. I don’t know. You’d think that a player with his injury record would’ve been “openly” given a pay-as-you-go deal.

  35. underrated Coq

    First he says

    ” The Brazilian international averages the same number of defensive actions per game in the EPL as Coquelin but is better on the ball, more technical, a better passer. ”

    Then when I point out actual numbers showing Coquelin averaging better pass completion rate, way better dribbling and comparable rate of longballs & crosses, he says

    ” I’d say the stats show him and Fernandinho to be relative equals ”


  36. qna

    Wallace/Carts. Doubt very much he is on pay as you play. Arsenal has not been in a strong negotiating position with its better players for some time. What if Rosicky walked before he signed his last long contract? Players have been in control for some time. Walcott proves the tail wags the dog still.

  37. qna

    “We only need a draw tonight.
    Would park The bus”

    Actually a narrow loss and we are still favourites to go through if we win our other two matches. Have to assume that mighty Bayern will win both of their remaining games too. We should go through on goal difference. Especially of Bayern beat the Greeks by more than they beat us. A 1-0 loss or better and I will take that.

  38. Leedsgunner

    “Do players get injured because they are injury prone or do players become injury prone because of injury after injury due to overtraining?”

    Whether you agree Raymond Verheijen, millions are being wasted and have been wasted by AFC because they have failed to adequately answer this question.

  39. Relieable Sauce

    I would guess Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini & Coq would be on similar wages, £40-60k, maybe TR on a bit more?? Less than AOC I’d imagine.
    They must be pulling something fairly significant for us to have similar wage bills to MC last season.

  40. underrated Coq

    Also, I have no clue how Squawka actually arrive at their scores but Coquelin has been given a total ‘defence score’ of 137.9 while Fernandinho has a laughable 25.97. ‘Attack scores’ are 75.75 and 87.86 respectively.

    Coquelin has played 786 minutes and Fernandinho 968, so it only gets worse for the Brazillian.

  41. qna

    G2301. Bellerin is a huge loss. Have lost faith in Debuchy. Worries that we might have a big loss too. Thats why I would take 1-0 loss all day long.

  42. underrated Coq

    That right side looks a total disaster. No Ramsey and now no Bellerin? Better start Joel and instruct him to be ultra defensive. Up to the left sided players to create something. To what avail though? Can only see Arsenal scoring from a set-piece tbh.

  43. Carts

    QNA/ Reliable

    I believe that Arteta’s deal is probably one that was decreased slightly – to about £60k circa. I mean, we had a perpetual crock in DIaby on £65k and he never saw the sunlight.

    Flamini, imho is also likely to be on about £60k, maybe £50k at a stretch. Chances are that there could’ve been something negotiated into his deal that suggested in his 3rd year his pay would drop slightly.

    Rosicky, considering we pretty much forced him to stay, wouldn’t have wanted to whatsoever if his money was to then be significantly decreased, not to mention when he was fit last season he wasn’t even seen.

    Lastly, £50k is the new £30k. I mean, there’s rumours of a few Championship players being on close to £50k.

  44. daz

    Le coq is only on 20k a week, bellerin is on 10k a week, artea on 80k, flamini on 65k and Rosicky on 85k. Obviously coq and bel haven’t negotiated new deals since their rise to the first team but we will have a some spare cash to throw at them once the other three are gone

  45. Relieable Sauce

    Coqs being shafted if thats the case & he deserves back pay.
    I thought he signed a new contract after his good run last season? Gnabry, Ox & Chambers probably signed for silmilar wage deals when they joined.

  46. salparadisenyc

    Tonight has the makings of a proper mauling.
    Really don’t have the optimism I had in the first leg.

    Can’t see anything other than a decisive win for Bayern.

    Outside of our key starting XI we’ve shown major fragility this season.
    Hoping Wenger roles the dice with our lineup and puts Sanchez up top with pace around him. If we go in this with stagnate attack, i’m putting my 3d glasses on and hoping I don’t get bitch slapped through the TV as well.

  47. Carts

    “Rosicky was forced to stay this season . Doubt he had negotiated a real strong contract in his favor.”

    He was give a 1 year contract (with the option of a second year) , that Arsenal activated, and TR, so the story goes, was almost powerless to reject it, as it was literally legally binding!

    At the same time, I find it hard to believe they force LESS money down his throat. Players these days are mercenaries!

  48. warchester

    underrated, bring him on at the 60th minute mark, he’s played 3 straight matches if he starts this….NLD is more important than this match…I hate to say it but Spuds are catching form

  49. SRG#FreeN5

    It is really sad that Bellerin got injured. I thought Bellerin and Gabriel on right would give us a decent chance.

    Not that I see Bellerin as a winger , it is mostly a pacy outlet in the front line. Bellerin crossing is awesome will be well utilized by Giroud in the middle.

    There is almost no chance of win today without pace . It is all up to Ozil today , he is the only one intelligent enough and has the pace to spring up the attack.

    Sanchez has been pretty bad for the past 2-3 games.

  50. underrated Coq

    warchester, Giroud has got his fair share of rest when he was playing second fiddle to Theo. Don’t think starting today’s game would be overburdening him IMO. Besides, he’s the one attacking player that’s on good goal-scoring form right now, so why drop him?

  51. underrated Coq

    ” It is really sad that Bellerin got injured. I thought Bellerin and Gabriel on right would give us a decent chance. ”

    Seriously doubt Wenger would consider dropping Mertesaker for such a big magnitude game.

  52. Leedsgunner

    Sanchez has been pretty bad for the past 2-3 games.

    He needs rest. mark my words if he’a released for international duty, he’ll come back to us injured. Does anyone know if Chile is playing qualifying matches or friendlies? If the latter, Wenger should take him aside and ask him to voluntarily withdraw.

    We are paying his wages after all.

    Perhaps a false hope, but I hate it when our players become injured for nothing.

  53. Carts

    “I know someone put up the “what if” the other day.Do we have scenarios if we lose tonight?”

    If we lose we’re out of the CL.

    Do we vie for 3rd? I wouldn’t bother. Why? cos the money from it is dire – we’d probably make more just from our group exploits than we would if we went on to win the EL.

    Yes winning the EL guarantee group stage status in 2016, but then what are the chances of finishing out of the top 4? 0.01% at this stage.

    I say: if we lose tonight, we field a weakened team for our last two games and just go all out for the league. It’s that simple.

  54. Highbury4ever

    If we get another result than a defeat tonight, without Bellerin, Theo, Rambo and Ox, that could probably be considered as one of our greatest achievements in Arsenal history.

  55. daz

    @daz I thought both Coq and Bellerin signed new deals recently .

    Well the report I read was from a few months back so your probably right

  56. vicky

    Not much fussed about Bellerin’s injury. Even if he was fit, he needed a rest desperately. The amount of work he has to put in every single game, it would be only a matter of time before he went in to the “red zone”. We need to play Debuchy back in to form for we will need him to rotate with Bellerin. Today we are not desperate for a win anyway. Debuchy can just sit back and hopefully defend well at least.

    How good is Jorginho, anyone ?

  57. Alfie

    “If we lose we’re out of the CL.”

    Hmmmmmm – Although likely we will be eliminated I think there is a “If Bayern beat both other teams and we win by X amount” scenario going around………..

  58. SRG#FreeN5

    @Alfie there are several other scenarios.
    If Olympiakos win today –> Then Bayern has to beat them and we have to have better head to head against Olympiakos. To have better record against Olympiakos we need to either by 2 goal margin or we have to win 4-3 . If we win 3-2 then overall goal difference will choose the winner.

    If Olympiakos does not win today then it is much easier for us to qualify.

  59. Gunner2301


    Agree – debuchy has no confidence and you can guarantee Pep will target that.

    Maybe he will recover his confidence with a run of games but personally I think he will leave at the end of the season.

  60. London gunner

    Look debuchy came to arsenal for champions league football.

    This is about as big as an opponent you can face in Bayern.

    He needs to stop winging like a bitch and actually make good use of the opportunity.

    Honestly shows he is made of weak stuff the way he has thrown his bottles out of the pram.

    Look at giroud he gets benched and comes back fighting.

  61. Alfie

    Basically what London Gunner said.

    I particularly liked – “He needs to stop winging like a bitch and actually make good use of the opportunity.”

  62. nepGunner

    Arsenal team

    Cech; Debuchy, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Monreal; Cazorla, Coquelin; Campbell, Ozil, Alexis; Giroud

    No Kos. Is he injured? If not, Wenger has def knocked his head somewhere hard

  63. nepGunner

    On the other hand, this is what Bayern looks like tonite;

    Neuer; Lahm, Boateng, Martinez, Alaba; Alonso; Costa, Thiago, Müller, Coman; Lewandowski

    Sit tight, relax, and enjoy the lessons!

  64. nepGunner

    They hv Rafinha, Robben and Vidal on the bench..what a shitty bench..

    Just look at our bench to see how a genious assembles a squad. You will find at least £70M in savings. Learn Pep, learn.