3 items on the agenda for Arsenal this weekend

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My gaaaawd. I woke up this morning after a night out drinking on my own and felt embarrassed. Then I realised something, I didn’t know a soul I met last night and I’ll never see these people again. So why do I care?

I don’t.

So don’t worry. Life is good right now.

Anyway, a quick burst of a post today.

Let’s do… things we need to sort for the weekend.

1. We have to kick on…

People say that a league cup loss doesn’t impact the first team and they might be right. Or, they might be wrong. Badly wrong. Losing Chamberlain and Theo Walcott from your starting 11 changes the whole dynamic of your set up. You no longer boast scary pace. The team can’t press at the speed it previously has so the shape changes.

How will Arsenal cope without key players? How will they readapt to life with Giroud? What will the players feel?

2. Who will come in?

Bringing Gibbs or Bellerin feels a bit radical for me. Whenever I’ve seen Gibbs in midfield, he’s always looked a little flat. Bringing Bellerin out of a very tight defence feels a bit like a bad move for me. Could we see Joel Campbell given a chance? The man from Costa Rica has been desperate to make a mark for years. This could be his Coquelin moment. Or it could be his Carlos Vela moment. Big opportunity to show he’s worth it.

You’d think this is the sort of game Gnabry could be in for… but he’s out on loan. Wenger mentioned that Tony Pulis isn’t happy with the German wideman. Interesting, because I know Arsenal weren’t happy with his attitude when he was with us. If he can’t turn it on for WBA, he shouldn’t be getting anywhere near our first team. Another example of too much too soon.

3. What will the others do?

So West Ham take on Watford. A tough game you feel is ripe for them losing. Then we have the banter fixture of the weekend. Jurgen Klopp takes on the failing Chelsea… could it be the match that loses Jose his job? I mean, that’d be incredible, right? What’s more incredible is the story about Brendan Rodgers being lined up to take over as interim. IMAGINE THE SCENES. United go to Palace which is a potential banana skin. Leicester take on West Brom. City take on Norwich.

It’s gonna be a fun weekend. Let’s hope it’s spooktacular.

… grade A banter, all over your face.

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  1. Wallace

    interesting looking at the table and most of the teams we’ve played so far are in the top half. Chelsea & Newcastle the only(and predictable ;)) exceptions.

  2. Redtruth


    Everton, Watford, Crystal Palace, Stoke, Newcastle, Leicester and Swansea are not top 8 side
    Man Utd, West Ham, Liverpool and Chelsea are top 8 sides.

  3. Sam

    Redcunt dying in rage,

    Great away win, 3 goals, 3 points n clean Sheet.
    Even worse day for all the moaning cunts, Campbell is the new coq

  4. Redtruth


    You’re the person who was lying to himself when Arsenal were leading the title race just before Christmas 2 seasons ago .

    You chose to ignore the obvious and instead chose the delusional route.

  5. BacaryisGod

    I am so frustrated with all you suckers exchanging words with RedTruth.

    He’s addicted to trolling and replies are like crack to him. Don’t be enablers.

  6. tunnygriffboy

    If we can tie up Alexis and Ozil. Ship out the now dead weight with seriously good replacements then our future could be bright. So so close

    Ps. This is from someone who was dreading this week including today due injury situation again. Get through this week and we have players back for WBA, Norwich, Sunderland and Villa before we play city

  7. Sam

    I want Campbell to step up coz we are short of players right now n have to win the next 5 games to stay top till Xmas
    He’s never played in a team like this before now Ozil n Cazorla will help him get goals

  8. I am arsene


    I don’t get why you think gnabry and Campbell are better than our British players??
    Ramsey has been quality over the course of 3 seasons. One in particular
    The ox is a year older than gnabry and has shown far far far more capability
    Wilshire- don’t even start me on wilshire. I’d sell me own kidneys before I’d let jack go
    Theo- not only proving doubters wrong but creating ridiculous amounts of space for those behind him to dictate.
    Welbeck- good utility
    Chambers- give him time. He’s 20

    Very harsh
    But also we need re British core due to home grown rule

  9. Highbury4ever

    The only bad news of the day is the “late” penalty for Shitty…
    Well done Joel, hope this goal will boost your confidence!!

  10. Highbury4ever

    He couldn’t be worst than in the capital one cup this week…

    And of course, having Ozil and Santi around you changes a lot of things.
    Let’s hope he will really improve during the next weeks.

  11. TheBayingMob

    Trolls might not eat shit but I bet they still smell of it like most Plastic Chav cunts. Like Moron-yo all the Plastic Chav trolls are losing their rag as theit plastic messiah is ruthlessly exposed as thr cunt fraud that he is ….

  12. TheBayingMob

    Chelsea are a fraud club owned by a criminal fraud managed by a fraud with a racist captain and fraud plastic fans

  13. TheBayingMob

    So beautiful to see Chelsea getting what their fans deserve. They foamed at the mouth and turned a blind eye to Roman’s illegal money and They worship a gypsy vile racist captain. Ugly club with ugly fans. I’ve got Morons interview on repeat, what a clown. Lovely to watch.

  14. Sam

    Giroud was Sh!t , he scored

    Per was Sh!t, we kept clean sheet

    Arsenal were Sh!t, won n got 3points

    Wenger Is Sh!t, hmmm just got a new coq

    Anything else you want to moan about?

  15. Sam

    Who are we spanking next week?

    Ooops! Bayern Munich n Tottenham

    Can’t wait

    Giroud’s first hatrick this season will be against the Germans

    Come on you white Drogba!

  16. Reliable Sauce


    His physical stature is such a lift in defense & is a huge obstacle for attacking teams, add to that his vast experience and professionalism, he is a big improvement on what we had.
    Why not add an outfield player or two though???

    We do have a very good chance this season but Wenger will likely beast the majority of the 1st team and defeat himself to the league title.

  17. TheBayingMob

    I’m no AKB by any stretch … But I fucking hate Chelsea and any sad plastic Chav that wants to spend a majority of his time trolling an arsenal blog while his club and the special needs one meltdown in front of us. Brilliant. Plastic fraud cunts. John Terry is a gypsy qu e3 r boy …

  18. Marko


    Also Red always bringing up we’re flat track bullies like it’s a bad thing is hilarious and really shows how thick the lad is. Honestly we should be ashamed of winning or something? What’s the opposite to make him happy losing I guess. Idiot complete idiot

  19. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    Bad luck, eh? I didn’t make it up early enough to get my PL bets in. Working on NFL for tomorrow. Whilst handing out treats to the lil ‘hobgoblins, superheros, and Star Wars freaks.

  20. Jim Lahey

    Great win today! The swans have been a bit of a bogey team for us these past few seasons!

    Are the Ozil haters still hating?!

    Also loving what is happening to Chelsea, shit club back where they belong. Does anyone know what is going on over there? Has the special one lost his shit? Can see him throwing his toys out of the pram and leaving english football in a huff saying that the FA were out to get him, and thats the only reason he failed! He would be is zero trouble with the FA if he could just keep his big yap shut, tool…

    Also hope the FA throw the book at Costa, scumbag, fits in nicely at Chelsea!

  21. Dissenter

    The boss of Turkish football club Trabzonspor locked four match officials in a stadium overnight for failing to award his team a penalty, only to release them under escort from special forces after a phone call from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

    Talk about crazy, they actually kidnapped the referee, assistant referees and the fourth officials.

  22. reggie 57

    Brilliant weekend Chelsea getting turned over,maureen having a breakdown on tv great win for the lads!! what ever next?

  23. Emiratesstroller

    I think that yesterday’s result was excellent when you consider that we did not
    manage a point against Swansea last season.

    The good news is that the team did not have to exert too much energy in the
    game. We did not play well in first half, but were very much in control in the second.

    The game next weekend against Tottenham will tell us something about our
    prospects this season. The Spuds have lost only one game so far in League.

    However, we have played quite a few form teams this season including against
    Leicester who have lost so far only one game this season.