Full backs in midfield. Is that what you call depth, Arsene?

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I watched the Republican Debate last night. F*ck me. Painful TV was that. I don’t think I’ve heard Politicians being pilloried for doing the right things before…

‘Could you explain your motives in increasing the Medicaid budget?’

… and cheers for the wrong things.

‘Mr Trump, you’re  a pretty nasty piece of work when it comes to demeaning women’

‘Maam, I’m being pretty nice to you right now, when I shouldn’t be. But here’s the thing, America is too politically correct and I say things. And America is losing. I’m gonna make us win.’

*Rapturous applause

Real lowest common denominator stuff. Don’t even get me started on the abortion stuff. You know it’s a bad session when you come out of it warming to one of the Bush clan.

Anyway, onto the Arse.

Theo and Chambroken are both sidelined for three games. Don’t get too excited by that. It means they’re out for a month because of International break. If they’re out that long, add another 2-3 weeks as they get back to fitness. As for Theo, last time he took his annual leave of absence, Wenger didn’t invite him back into the side.

I still find this injury nonsense beyond belief.

Thing is, if it’s the same boys over and over again, some tough decisions have to be made at some point. Our seasons are invariably flunked because we have the most injured players when you tot up the totals. Theo, Rambo, Wilshere and Chambo are important players who are always busted. When do you start to plot a way around this?

You can’t build a title push if you don’t have a consistent squad to pick from.

Anyway, news emanating out of The Telegraph, which could be truth or clickbait… says that the manager might consider Gibbs or Bellerin in midfield to cover the gaps.

Both are pretty good going forward. I think I’d prefer Bellerin. Probably not going to happen, because that means dropping the massively out of form Debuchy in behind him. It would make the most sense attacking wise though, he’s a La Masia boy, I’d imagine he’s pretty good anywhere.

It’s a bit of shambles regardless. It shows how fragile our squad is. We have the depth, just not the strength behind it. It’s apparent that we should have shipped off players like Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini in the summer and it’s looking like we should have had a think about some of the other players we have dotting around the squad and their propensity to pick up problems every other week.

Interesting that the secret footballer has been dropping bombshells that line up with what I was told about Schneiderlin. This is based on a chat with a scout…

“It’s Arsene,”

“He’s so indecisive it’s frightening. We had [Morgan] Schneiderlin done and dusted last January and, by the summer, the gaffer had changed his mind. Son was 100 per cent perfect for us.”

I hadn’t heard that the deal was done, but I was told Morgan wanted Arsenal. Wenger’s indecision there doesn’t look sharp right now. One injury away from Flamandowski at the back. It’s crazy, that at 66 years old, Wenger isn’t going all out like Ferguson was to win it all… but when you’ve got a forever contract, you probably think you’ve got forever to have a proper go.

Anyway, we have a big game this weekend against Swansea. Gary Monk is a very tidy manager doing a very good job in general, he hasn’t had it all his way this season, only one win in 6 and that was against Calamity Tim’s Aston Villa. So it’s a big opportunity to stretch our time at the top of the league. It’s also a good opportunity to see how resolute our squad is.

Olivier Giroud is going have a big job on his hands. He has the chance to keep Theo on the bench. He has the chance to show us all that he’s actually really good striker. He has the chance to get a real bit of momentum going.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the team dynamic changes with him back in the side. Has he learnt anything sitting on the sidelines? Will we see more hunger? Will we see a different Giroud?


Could be a fun game.

Right, it’s Thursday. HAVE A GREAT EVENING. x

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  1. I am arsene

    Oi mid
    Lay of the gingers
    They’re fine as long as you don’t get them wet and don’t feed them after midnight

  2. MidwestGun

    Red –
    You have a bizarre obssesion with owning people. Your about 150 years too late. Maybe you could get rich and buy your own sports team, closest thing to it.

    I am –
    Ha….sorry projecting my bad experience. I’m sure it wasn’t the hair color. It just matched her temperament.

  3. Wallace


    I think this group of players has this season and next to do something. after that you’re looking at Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal & Cazorla on the down slope. but right now I’m liking the age mix in this group.

  4. MidwestGun

    Wallace –
    Ya, that sounds about right. That’s another reason I don’t think we can afford to ignore transfer windows. The window of opportunity on a players career seems to close so fast. Anyhow, in the short term I think we will be ok in theLeague if Walcott and Ox’s injuries aren’t longer then 3 matches or so. And Ramsey isn’t crocked for months. I just don’t have much faith in our ability to stay fit.

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Good on yer mid

    You going to treat your self ?

    I’ve done a nhl bet tonight plus an ba ?

    Yeah me mate won shed loads on that site last season …
    Have a browse when you get time…

  6. MuddyGooner

    Thought Reine-Adelaide was injured.
    He’s definitely not. Currently playing for France against Costa Rica in U17 World Cup.

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Fingers crossed mid


    11.05pm – Pittsburgh Penguins Money Line vs Buffalo Sabres
    11.05pm – New York Islanders -1.5 Puck Line vs Carolina Hurricanes
    11.35pm – Tampa Bay Lightning -1.5 Puck Line vs Colorado Avalanche
    1.05am – Montreal Canadiens Money Line vs Edmonton Oilers

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal




    23:05 – MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES WIN at Indiana Pacers
    00:05 – ATLANTA HAWKS -4.5 POINT SPREAD at NY Knicks
    02:35 – LA CLIPPERS -9.5 ALTERNATIVE POINT SPREAD vs Dallas Mavericks
    02:35 – OVER 210.5 ALTERNATIVE GAME TOTAL: Dallas Mavericks at LA Clippers

  9. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    Jets are respectable, kind of have a second brother thing with the Giants. Kind of like Mets /Yankees l. But their fans are really loyal, blue collar crowd.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Best description of Oxlade ever in the Mirror, ‘like waiting on the cusp of a sneeze…perennially frustrating.’

  11. Cesc Appeal

    That mean France are out then? If Adelaide returns he might get some game time in the coming weeks for the first team, looked very promising in the brief glimpses we got of him.

  12. MuddyGooner

    Yeah we could do with him in the team now that France are out.
    It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll handle the premier league.

  13. Bamford10


    “[Coquelin] is in the top 3 CDM’s in Europe.”

    Completely absurd. Coquelin cannot even get a call-up to the French National Team, but he’s now one of the three best CDMs in the world.

    Sorry. He’s a hard-worker and a good tackler. That’s it. Occasionally he hits a decent long pass.

    Not very technical, not polished, not good at receiving the ball with his back to the field, not good in deep-lying distribution.

    Top three in the world. That’s hilarious.

  14. Bamford10


    “Whilst hate or love me I actually get much more right then I get wrong.”

    Start with getting your grammar right: it’s more THAN, not more THEN.

    Top three CDMs in the world. I’m still smiling about that.

    So he’ll be pursued by Madrid, PSG, Barca, Bayern, Juventus and/or City soon, I take it? Will be valued at £40m? Start for the French National Team in the Euros next summer?

    No. None of these things will happen. Because while he does a job, he’s nowhere near the best CDMs in the world. Nowhere near.

  15. Wallace


    “Sorry. He’s a hard-worker and a good tackler. That’s it. Occasionally he hits a decent long pass. Not very technical, not polished, not good at receiving the ball with his back to the field, not good in deep-lying distribution.”

    do you actually watch the Arsenal games?

    the above description might have had some validity last Jan/Feb, but he’s come a long way since then.

  16. Mr B

    For the haters looking for a comparison to mascherano, busquets, kondogbia, lars bender and kondogbia 😀


  17. Mr B

    Major improvement on arteta and would speed up our play greatly if ozil is allowed to drift to the wings safe in the knowledge that the DM will find him directly for the pass.

    Our counter attacks would become much more effective which by the way we are the most creative team in the world despite not having the most possession of the top teams.

  18. Wallace

    I think bringing Gibbs in on the left and switching Alexis to the right would be my prefered option. with two away games next up there’s also an argument for bringing Flamini into the centre alongside Coquelin, moving Cazorla up the field, and Ozil to the right, where he tends to drift naturally anyway. my main concern with that option would be the lack of pace in the side.

  19. Ughelligunner

    Sneiderlin wouldn’t have made any difference at arsenal than what coquelin’s doing. It would be either him and carzola, and not ramsey maybe that’s why wenger didn’t bulge after coquelin’s revelation.

    Has anybody really watch sneiderlin at man utd? He plays with either carrick or the bayern legend, never along with herera because they need to keep the ball in midfield better.
    That’s telling you he is not so great with the ball. He also tends to play further up the pitch like Ramsey.

    Can somebody check the stats on him for tackles and chances created?
    And he doesn’t last 90mins, i thought with a toothless man city attack, they would attack city more but… Their midfielders were just running around like headless chickens (sorry red).

  20. AngeAusArsenal

    Minimal changes please, a fragile naive Gibbs will probably get injured in the first half hour, Campbell on the right could not be any worse than Ox

  21. Wallace

    Wenger on his right-sided options at Swansea –

    Campbell and Alex Iwobi. Santi can play there as well but he has become very important centrally. The problem sometimes is that you can destroy two departments if you move one player out. We control the ball better with Santi in the middle.

  22. Ughelligunner

    I think it was wanyama that was making life easy for him defensively, allowing him pick up lose balls and attacks when at southampton, unlike the coquelin’s.

    Wenger might have looked at him because there was no one else that suit his needs until coquelin broke through and he gave up, rather than that he was first choice.

    I remember how most on here were crying for the afro hair fellani, wenger and the AKB took a lot of sticks for the 24m waste.

  23. Mr B

    JC, Iwobi plus the youngsters out on loan included, Silva is likely to be our best option on the RW. Doing well for bolton.

  24. daz

    “Not very technical, not polished, not good at receiving the ball with his back to the field, not good in deep-lying distribution.”

    This distribution thing is annoying he does not need to be pirlo we are asking him to do a job and he is doing it better than most could, I think some have this image of the CDM having to be a certain way when in fact there can be different roles assigned to the position.

    Take lampard for instance he was a cm/cam yet his distribution was just sideways passing all game long but no one complained because he scored a ton of goals that was his role, coq is putting in an amount of tackles/interceptions where you can forgive him for a lack of distribution, any how he has a higher pass completion than busquets this season so can’t be that bad of a passer

  25. tunnygriffboy

    Injury curse again. Nightmare. My glass is emptying. Being without 7 players particularly Walcott, Ox and Ramsey will stuff us. After international break we have a good run of fixtures but it had to be now with Swansea, Bayern and spurs coming up. I think we’ll struggle

    It’s ok saying fb in midfield show a lack of depth but we missing Ramsey, Wilshere, Welbeck, Ox and Theo all of whom can play there. It’s thoroughly disheartening

    Is the grammer police out today ?

  26. tunnygriffboy

    Coquelin uelin is pretty good technically and his range of passes is improving allthe time. The thing is his role isn’t lending itself to all of these things. His game though is developing all the time. He does a fantastic job for us something all of us have been crying out for for years. Our defence has improved hugely since he’s been playing

    Of course this isn’t enough for some. Nothing is ever good enough, there are always points to pick at. Atm I can’t think of one DM in the league who is doing better than him.

  27. Highbury4ever

    That’s why wenger made his market this summer, because he knew that there would be injuries again… He still knows best.

    So 3 weeks for both Theo and Ox, but you can count 6 weeks minimum lol

  28. DUIFG

    Campbell and Alex Iwobi. Santi can play there as well but he has become very important centrally. The problem sometimes is that you can destroy two departments if you move one player out. We control the ball better with Santi in the middle.

    very ttrue, santi in the middle is key, hes our pirlo, lets not mess with him, i want him glued next to coq

  29. DUIFG

    coq is acrtually quite adept at getting out of tight situations, ive actually been very impressed with his close control, he very rarely gets caught on the ball

  30. Highbury4ever

    It’s great to be a Gooner, every season you watch games with fear, knowing that any player can get injury at any time.

  31. Highbury4ever

    “Former Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro is to sue the club for constructive dismissal, according to the Press Association.”

    Ah ah ah, excellent!!

  32. Highbury4ever

    But there is nothing funny about making us believe that there’s a new post…

    Anyway… Cesc, where’s the surprise about Theo’s injury ??

  33. warchester

    there will be more frustrating football in the coming weeks with walcott out…..cross your fingers giroud won’t go on a goal drought…because sanchez brilliance will be neutralized with tippy tappy congestion football…he can’t score worldies every game after all

  34. Bamford10

    Verheijen vs. Wenger:

    Verheijen said: “The main reason for injures in football is accumulation of fatigue because when you accumulate fatigue over time your brain has less control over your body and your coordination goes down and then you are vulnerable to injuries.

    “The question is: who is the main reason for fatigue? The main reason for the fatigue is the fitness football coach because he is responsible for the planning of training. Arsene Wenger is responsible for fatigue and injuries and the medical staff can only cure the problem.”

    But the Arsenal boss has dismissed those comments, insisting: “This guy looks like he knows absolutely everything. I am amazed that he knows more than all our physios and all our doctors.

    “I trust my medical staff to do well and my coaching staff to do the fitness planning very well.

    “I can only invite you one day to see what work is done behind (the scenes). We have some players who are more injury-prone than others, but we are very well organised on that front.

    “We have to analyse every single case and every single exercise, but also I think you have to not over-analyse when players are injured.

    “When a player is injured, they are injured, this has always happened.

    “We have not too many muscular injuries but it is post-international games we get all these injuries and is it linked with that? I don’t know. What I’m focused on tomorrow is to continue our run (in the Premier League).”


    When a player is injured, they are injured. One can’t over-analyze. I don’t know. I don’t know. One can’t over-analyze. When a player is injured, they are injured.

    Pathetic response from Wenger when one looks closely at it.

    And he just admitted a week ago that HE was just as much to blame for over-playing Ramsey as Wales was, and not for the first time.

    Had he signed proper players in the summer, he could’ve rested Ramsey. And if he were a proper manager, Arsenal wouldn’t be top of the injury table every year in the last ten.

    Might’ve challenged for a title as well.

    Wenger out.

  35. London gunner

    Lol Bamford you are a joke.

    My grammar may well be wrong, just like pretty much about everyone of your predictions.

    I am actually amazed at your ability to predictate things and call things with such confidence despite pretty much getting it consistently wrong

    .Hows Man United doing and liverpool? How’s Matic? How’s Coq doing?

    For someone who calls themselves a football expert you have an embarrassingly horrific rate of getting things right.

    You are like the Michael Owen of this blog.

    As for Coq being one of the best. Well he is the best in league the stats don’t lie. If he is the best in one of the most competitive leagues in Europe then he is in the top bracket.

    Oh and how’s your boy kondogbia doing? He was pursued by the great teams? Lol lol funny how he ended up at a washed inter Milan
    Side currently 4th in Seria A.

    So you can rave on about him but he is playing for an average team.

    As for being pursued. I think mourinho would love a player like coquelin.

  36. naijagunner

    The players in question , the usual culprits , what moves have they made on their own to curb their persistent injuries.

    for instance if i was a professional sportsman and i perceive that the devil ( Wenger) gets some sought of pleasure from seeing ,me injured all the time ( as we are led to believe by certain posters) , wouldn’t i, on my own initiative, look into things i could do to maintain long term fitness?

    Just saying….

  37. Bamford10


    No such word as “predictate”. There is “predict,” and there is “predicate,” but the latter doesn’t mean what you are trying to say there.

    And I never said anything about United or Liverpool this season. I said City were the class of the league.

    And Kondogbia remains an excellent player, and your argument against him silly, childish and superficial.

    Coquelin does a job. Great. But he is not one of the best three CDMs in the world. Not even close.

  38. London gunner


    The grammar facist. Goes hand in hand with your Marxist ways :p.

    Well you called a lot of things last season and you ended up with the proverbial egg all over your face and whenever you come out with one if your arrogant and hyperbolic opinions-statements they are often found to be wrong in the course of events?

    So why should people listen to you? When you are so often wrong? Maybe to learn not what to think?

    And the kondigbia argument is no more childish than yours. I am using framework you applied to coquelin. You said what top team would want him, so I asked you what top team wanted kondigbia when he was available and the only takers were a pathetic inter Milan.

    actually you were raving on about chelsea till they came undone, then promptly switched allegiance to Man City.

  39. WengerEagle

    Was never blown away by Kondogbia and had reservations about us signing him in the summer, no surprise to me that he is struggling at Inter.

    32 year old 2008 Le Grove favourite Felipe Melo is actually playing better than him.

  40. I am arsene


    His stats make him top 3
    Doesn’t matter that Real Madrid or barca don’t want him yet
    They didn’t want Sanchez and look how he’s done.
    He is out performing every candidate banford put forward as an essential signing.
    Everyone of them.

  41. Samesong


    I saw these comments and thought you should have a read.

    yeah I guess Coquelin is better than Busquets, Matic and Alonso now.

    Gimme the latter 3 over Coquelin any day. Of course Coquelin would have more tackles than Busquets and Alonso. Both Alonso and Busquets play in a far less physical league and their teams are better at not only defending as a unit but pressing high up the pitch to win the ball back after a turnover.

    This is part of the problem with just statistical based analysis. It doesn’t take into account stylistic differences that woulf inflate or lessen statistics and as such gives only a half painted picture

  42. Dream10

    Not a fan of Kondogbia. I know he had a decent showing against us in the CL.
    But if we are to buy a left footed CM, I would prefer Xhaka as my first choice followed by Imbula. Xhaka has the quality and mentality to lift us.

  43. WengerEagle

    Why dos everything have to be extremes RE Coquelin?

    He’s not as average as Bamford makes out but he’s also not the 3rd best CDM in Europe as LG makes out either.

    He’s improved us no end since he has come into the side and gives us balance and the likes of Santi and Ozil the freedom to express themselves without having to worry about getting shanked on the counter attack.

    He doesn’t pass like Busquets no, but that’s what we have Cazorla in there for.

  44. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    I know you watch Serie A. What do you think of Allan of Napoli? He’s started the season in great form in a box to box role.

  45. WengerEagle


    Spot on with Xhaka, the lad is quality and was Monchengladbach’s best player last season.

    Imbula has looked very good for Porto too, I’ve been impressed.

  46. wenker-wanger

    Wenger the manager that fails to add squad depth quality and then when the memory of his deliberate cost-saving ploy gets forgotten he will trot out his injury excuses.. The wednesday game told you all you need to know about the poor management at arsenal. Very good first 11, but a very poor 2nd 11.
    Win the prem?????? if every member stays injury-free, then yes…..oh but walcott and the ox are injured already…. so …..NO.
    recent results and performances have shown a glimmer of a chance to win the prem, but sustained quality untill may, NO.

  47. vicky

    Jeff Adelaide and Crowley will be back at Arsenal in a few days. If Campbell/Iwobi play well then great. Otherwise Jeff may get an opportunity I reckon. He is still a very young lad and probably needs a couple of years of grooming but I won’t be surprised if he did better than Iwobi straight away.

  48. WengerEagle


    I like the look of him, he’s a big powerful lad but he can also take it past people for fun and has skill/subtlety to his game. He’s hardly put a foot wrong so far, scores and sets up goals and also contributes defensively.

    Where did he play his football before he joined Napoli?

  49. WengerEagle


    I admitted as much on here a couple of weeks ago, got it completely wrong on him.

    I don’t claim to have a perfect record on judging players, get it wrong a lot of the time.

    I like to think that I get it right a little more though. 😀 At least that’s what I tell myself.

    Firmino will come good though, watch this space. 😀

  50. WengerEagle

    ‘KingKongdogbia is a beast but Inter are shit he’d be a monster for us.’

    Inter are an extremely defensive team though which should suit Kondogbia down to the ground.

    He’s not even a guaranteed starter for them.

  51. salparadisenyc

    We all got Douglas Costa wrong, questioned the buy and he’s likely been one of the best pieces of business last summer, along with Cech.

    Spot on regarding the extreme views of Coq, he’s doing a very good job for us and statistically above Schneiderlin. Cleary exceeding any of our expectations. But to put him in the camp of Busquets, Martinez etc is another example of the biased views of some.

  52. vicky

    Cesc Fabregas has Eden Hazard in his dream team ahead of CR7, Iniesta, Pique in his team ahead of plethora of CBs who are better than him and Azillceupta. What a joke. Can’t believe he is the same guy who was our Captain for so many years. He is proper Chelshit now.

  53. WengerEagle


    They seem to have a good scouting network in Udinese, sold off Muriel, Asamoah, Inler, Handanovic, Benatia, Muntari, Gyan, David Pizarro, Quagliarella for a tidy profit too.

  54. Frank Mc

    Michael Owen of the blog, that’s funny…..

    What insight you’ve shown in picking City to win the league…. FFS!

  55. Blsany

    Is Flamini still in our collective good books after his double against the scum?Because he was shocking against shefield !!Iam gonna celebrate when he fucks off this summer or better yet this January.

  56. Leedsgunner

    Injury crisis hits — we are short — why are we surprised? Happens every year… unless your top 4 place is under threat, expect Arsene to sign no one in January because all the permacrocks will come back on line in January — to bolster Wenger’s ridiculous belief that we have strength and depth… then play 4 or five games through the transfer window — and then get injured again after the window shuts… same script different year.

    It’s a bit tragic when we can build an injured XI who could beat our fit XI…as a Gooner, it’s enough to make you cry.

    Why didn’t we buy any outfield players again? Especially with £200m in the bank?

  57. Dissenter

    Re: Serge Gnabry
    Wenger ; “I heard that Tony Pulis is not happy with him, so he has to change the opinion of Tony Pulis. I think that Serge Gnabry has the quality to play in the Premier League. He has shown that. It’s good that he faces this kind of battle because it will make him stronger, if he turns the opinion of Tony Pulis around. I hope that he’s facing the challenge and is putting the effort in.”

    Thanks Mr. Wenger
    He knows Tony Pulis is a good manager who knows what he is doing.

  58. vicky

    Kind of strange that Gnabry who was doing so well for us before the injury is now deemed unfit to play EPL by Pulis. I agree with Dissenter that Pulis is a good manager who knows a lot about football but I am surprised Gnabry has regressed so much since that injury. I saw him play a couple of matches as a sub and he really was poor. His decision making was abject and his incisiveness was missing. Seems to have put on a lot of weight as well. But he has got potential, no doubt about it.

  59. Blsany

    I for one cannot wait till he pull his “premature ejaculation” face when he squanders gilt edged chances time and time again.

  60. Bamford10



    It’s FASCIST.

    And Marxism and fascism are irreconcilably opposed to one another, as atheism is to theism, or philosophical materialism is to philosophical idealism.

    Indeed fascism arose as a right wing response to the growth of the workers movement, international socialism and Marxism.

    And proper spelling and grammar is a matter of being an educated, literate person. It nothing to do with authoritarianism.

    Cheers. 😉

  61. underrated Coq

    And just to make this ridiculous myth that Schneiderlin is superior to Coquelin in possession go away, I’ll just make their statistical comparison ( average per game )

    pass completion %———91.6—————-91.5
    chances created————0.33—————0.22
    key passes——————–0.33—————0.22
    long balls———————2.8—————–4.7
    avg pass length————-16.4—————-18
    successful dribbles——–2.11—————-0.33

    Yup, ‘limited’ Coquelin has created more chances, has more key passes and is a much better dribbler than ‘more rounded’ Schneiderlin.

    Lets compare their defensive numbers while we are at it

    Tackles won——————-3————————2.11
    Aerial duels won————0.89——————–0.78
    Fouls committed————-1————————2.33

    Largely better stats with fewer fouls committed.

    Ultimately? Numbers speak for themselves.

  62. daz

    And proper spelling and grammar is a matter of being an educated, literate person. It nothing to do with authoritarianism.

    It has nothing to do with football either

  63. Bamford10


    Except I never said Coquelin was “average”. That’s not my view. I think he has been great for us.

    Is he top three in the world? No. Not even close . Not good enough on the ball, not good enough in passing and distribution, needs his CM to do the deep lying distribution that the best CDMs do themselves.

    And as good as he is defensively, he is still a little rash, a little hot-heated, a little out-of-control at times.

    He has been great. No doubt. But let’s not get carried away re his quality.

  64. Redtruth


    Coquelin has been great for us yet can’t get in the National team …… Why is that do you think?

    Who are the top 3 players in Coquelin’s position.

  65. vicky

    “Not good enough on the ball, not good enough in passing and distribution, needs his CM to do the deep lying distribution that the best CDMs do themselves”

    Bamford you have been saying these things for ages now. When you thought he was not good enough even then you said the same sort of things, Now that you have been forced to change your stance and say he has been great for us, you are still going on and on about the same thing. You are not being objective at all. Basically you can’t swallow that you have been proven totally wrong on Coquelin. I wonder whether you assess a player by watching him or just reading about him on blogs and papers as anyone who has been watching Coq for the last 6 months would know he is very comfortable with the ball. Yes, not a great long range passer but other aspects of his game are good.

  66. Bamford10


    Actually I haven’t been proven wrong at all, save that Coquelin has been better than I expected.

    He has limitations on the ball. This is why Cazorla has to do most if not all of the deep-lying. This is why he hasn’t been called into the FNT, namely because they require the highest technical standards, the most polished players on the ball.

    He is solid and does a job, but he isn’t that.

  67. Samesong

    Coq is certainly the best DM in the league on current form although not among the top 3 in the world.

    Agree with that.

  68. vicky


    France national team has got plethora of options to choose from for the defensive midfield position. Coq has had just 8-9 great months while others have been consistent for a while now. Obviously any manager won’t rush to select him. Coq will need to continue his good form and he will be picked. It’s not England that a couple of good games in the league and you get a chance. It’s not about a polished game but rather the fact that France has got Matuidi and Pogba in their team.

  69. Redtruth

    “This is why he hasn’t been called into the FNT, namely because they require the highest technical standards, the most polished players on the ball.”

    Like Giroud snd Schneiderlin lol lol

  70. underrated Coq


    ” Coq is certainly the best DM in the league on current form although not among the top 3 in the world. ”

    Yup, pretty much. I think people forget he only started getting his chance to play consistently at the highest level at around this time last year. And the progress he’s made in that one year period is there for all to see.

    Last year, he usually had the best defensive numbers in the League but had average offensive numbers. Now he’s elevated the offensive side of his game, all the while maintaining excellent defensive numbers.

    If he continues on this trajectory, I don’t see why he can’t be one of the best in his position at the world stage.

  71. daz

    This is why he hasn’t been called into the FNT, namely because they require the highest technical standards

    I wouldn’t go that far, France aren’t that good

  72. Dissenter

    Coquelin is the best defensive MF in the league based on the latter half of the last season and the first third of this season.

    Undoubtedly, the best

    Best in the world? That’s too subjective and difficult to assess.
    Bisque is better
    Can’t think of anyone else that’s remarkably better.
    He’s been that good.

  73. Dissenter

    Coquelin has surpassed Scheiderlin, even United fans aknowledge this.
    Didier Deschamps is just playing too safe and it will cost France in the Euros.
    He’s reluctant to bring in new players at the 11th hour.
    He preferred to re-invite Lassana Diarra than to give Coquelin his chance.
    Some times it just takes an injury to get the opportunity, that’s how Scheneidelin got invited.

  74. daz

    Busquets loses marks IMO for being a sly cheating wanker, diving, trying to get players sent off and little sly fouls all put a mark on his character IMO le coq might be a little rough in the challenge but its all up front, busquets may well be a class player but he’s a prick

  75. Rambo Ramsey

    ” And as good as he is defensively, he is still a little rash, a little hot-heated, a little out-of-control at times. ”

    stop talking outta yer hole son. or maybe you could remind us of one such an instance?

  76. naijagunner

    “This is why he hasn’t been called into the FNT, namely because they require the highest technical standards, the most polished players on the ball.”

    Only you can shamelessly post this in your haste to discredit an Arsenal player. what a load of rubbish about the french national team.

  77. London gunner

    Bamford you may very well be great at spelling, grammar and a half decent writer (as you should be as teacher), but you are horrendous at understanding football and accurately depicting future results/trends. You nearly always get it wrong yet never admit when you are wrong like I do and the other more humble posters on here.

    At the end of the day this is a football blog not a teaching forum.

    Btw Marxism and fascism are linked by the fact Marxism in pretty much every historical context had lead to a fascist state.

    Anyways you can keep resorting to the grammar attacks but that basically shows to me and the blog that you have conceded defeat and just resorting to petty tactics to distract from this.

  78. I am arsene


    You know ow I hate to point out when you’re wrong but duty is duty.
    Coquelin actially has improved his passing and ball retention this year but what he actually does is act as a decoy.
    Santi takes the ball transitionally from deep midfield to attack and he also dove tails as a decoy for ozil.
    Mertesacker is actually our primary ball retainer. As he comes out of defence he passes through our decoy to either caz or straight through to ozil who will either turn or lay it off and move.
    Coq then steps into vacated space. He is not there as our out pass but rather a decoy for it and safety net of per loses it.

  79. Reliable Sauce

    185 shots on goal to score 18 goals.
    Our conversion rate is improving (not difficult) but is still poor. If Ozil & Ramsey scored a few and we had a better finisher we’d be in with a shout for the big trophies. A CM/DM as well of course.

  80. Uwot?

    It’s all about coq on this blog.what’s the obsession with coq?maybe we should try & get “big willy” cavalho as well……

  81. I am arsene

    Btw Marxism and fascism are linked by the fact Marxism in pretty much every historical context had lead to a fascist state.

    The nazi started out as the national socialist party
    There were many many more
    Marxism produces the most facsist, uncompromising, dictatorial nutters.
    Disagree with a socialist and watch them turn into spitfull, hate filled fascists.