Arsenal injuries made more distressing by gutless 2nd stringers ☔️☔️☔️

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Right, ok… uhmm.

That wasn’t good, was it?

I can either rip into the performance, or we can talk about the things that matter to us moving forward.

Ok, first up, congratulations to Sheffield Wednesday. Great work. You beat us because you were the better team.

Arsenal, you were shite. 9 internationals on the field and you let a Championship team not just beat you, but destroy you. For shame. I hope your partners made you sleep in the shed when you arrived home.

There might be a section of the fanbase that think it’s intellectually superior of them to make out they’re not fussed about the result, but those of us who have sporting values will be rightly disappointed. Losing in that fashion just isn’t Arsenal and it’s a real shame to see. Wenger went many years before he lost to a team in a lower division, now it’s starting to feel regular.

Anyway, the real shocker of the evening was firstly, the injury to Chamberlain after 7 minutes. Secondly, the injury to his replacement, Theo Walcott, 10 minutes later.

I wrote this yesterday morning…

‘I wonder whether Wenger will put Chambo in? In need of a few games… but a health risk. So maybe not?’

I was kind of hoping not, mostly because he is the replacement for the injured Ramsey. He has both power and pace. Now we don’t have that. In fact, we don’t even have slow and immobile… because Arteta is injured. That’s a real worry and really, it’s a pretty major fuck up from Wenger.

The second injury, for Theo Walcott. Well, again, it doesn’t look good. He didn’t really get to warm up… most importantly, he’s our number 1 striker and he’s fragile. Why are we wasting him on Sheffield Wednesday?

… but you know what. For once, I’m not going to bag on Wenger majorly here. Sure, he should know this sort of thing happens, but my biggest disappointment is that once again, pretty much all our British players have injuries.

… in fact, of the ‘British Core’, the only two that aren’t injured are Jenks, who is on loan… and Gibbs, the most fragile player since Abou Diaby.

Chamberlain, Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere, Welbz… then you have Arteta and Rosicky. It’s looking car crash already. I mean, those boys are seriously f*cking weak. They can’t string more than 10 games together. It’s really pathetic. Look at Ozil… he looks a monster right now. Sanchez, a total beast. Little Santi, never pings anything and he’s 31. Maybe Coquelin? I mean, what’s going on with the Brit pack?

We have one of three things going on here:

1. Wenger isn’t listening to the fitness staff. Which wouldn’t be a shock

2. Our British players are injury prone

3. It’s a blend of both

It’s probably number 3. Looking at those injuries, the time of season it is… you have to say, we still don’t have our fitness cracked.

One of my pals said that we were doing well for injuries this year… when you you’re legitimately congratulating your team on having limited injuries after 15 games, you know that your setup is traditionally quite awful.

What happens now, generally, is that the manager has to rely on key players for more. He can’t rotate them. We hit a busy period.

More injuries.


It’s over the next few months when we’ll see the fruits of Wenger’s, ‘no signing outfield players’ strategy. Not that anyone thought that was smart… but we’ll soon see when we start having to play middling teams in November… that’s when the attitude difference is so noticeable.

Look at last night. One night in Sheffield with the second teamers and we collapse. No hunger. No fight.

How’s that going to pan out over the next few weeks? More alarming was this comment from the manager.

‘The level of the Championship has gone up and you see that once you have not enough of experience to deal with these types of games, you have no chance to win it.’

When your second string can’t deal with Sheffield Wednesday, you are in trouble. Again, makes that £70m we shirked spending in the summer look all the more striking.

We still have Sanchez, Santi, Coquelin and Ozil. Lose one of them and we’re in real deep trouble.

Anyway, a shocker of a result. We’re out of the cup, but the bigger question is what those injuries do to the next month and possibly beyond.

… but, when you’re feeling down, just remember, Chelsea lost and the special one might soon be the ‘your ass is fired’ one.

Swansea, Bayern and Spurs up next… a big couple of weeks before international break.

Have a great day!

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  1. Bamford10

    Arsene Wenger has been blasted for his backwards approach to player health by fitness expert Raymond Verheijen ——

    “Here we go again,” Verheijen writes. “Ramsey, Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain out injured. I lost count. Has this pattern repeated itself [for] five or six seasons already.

    “Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain (and [Bacary] Sagna, [Robin] van Persie, [Cesc] Fabregas) have been injured for months each season.

    “How many times do patterns like this have to repeat themselves before the football world will wake up and stop denying these clear facts?”

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin on the wing means Debuchy vs Montero which means behind the sofa time.

    If that were to happen it’s more likely Gibbs on the left. But I think what’s potentially more likely is Flamini at CM beside Coq, Cazorla at CAM and Ozil LM. That to me seems more like a Wenger solution.

  3. Bamford10

    Aston Villa’s top managerial target Remi Garde has pulled out of his French media duties with Canal+ this weekend. – Sky Sports

  4. Bamford10

    I love these silly rumors about our signing Higuain in January for 60-80m. Not in a million years.

    He’s better than what we have (obviously), but he’s not worth 40m, much less 60-80m.

  5. underrated Coq

    CA, agree that the problem may be due to combination of poor fitness regime and signing moderately injury prone players. I’d say latter more so than the former.
    Notice that the likes of Coquelin, Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez rarely get injured?

    Its just unfortunate that almost all our British contingent are naturally injury prone players.

  6. Bamford10

    Today is Robert Pires’s birthday. In Twitter discussion of best Pires moments, Arsenal Action tweeted the following:

    “Best [was] scoring away to Liverpool. Worst [was] when
    Wenger took him off in the CL final.”

  7. Cesc Appeal


    It is unfortunate.

    But we have to move on from them, I mean not all of them, Ramsey’s a sick note but he isn’t on the Wilshere scale for example…sell the ones you can for what you can and go out and add better players. What we should have done this summer as soon as City were sniffing around Wilshere, because looking at their side he doesn’t fit there either, so we’d have been in the money and not strengthened a competitor.

    Just, we can’t keep doing this thing where people say ‘do we need to buy, what if Wilshere manages to stay fit all season and progress.’ Comes down to probabilities again what is more probable, that, or going out and making a good acquisition and them having more impact than Wilshere will?

    I use Wilshere as the example because he is just a permacrock.

  8. SomeRandomGunner

    @Underrated Yeah , it is usually the same set of players who are injured.
    All of these players have been with Arsenal for longer time and are british.

    It could be that our handling of young players is not very good. Cazorla’s fitness has been phenomenal considering Arsenal standards , 148 games in the previous 3 seasons. This season he already played 13 games.

  9. Arsene's Nurse

    How many more times does it have to happen before the penny drops?

    “Wenger did accept that he should have rested Ramsey against Watford the Saturday following the international break, but said: “The fact that he played against Andorra certainly cost Gareth Bale and him as well.

    “Maybe he was overloaded a little bit with games. Ideally I think not him nor Bale should have played against Andorra, because they were qualified, but unfortunately I could not decide that.

    “I was in a position after that where I thought I could rest him against Watford. In the end I didn’t do it and of course after, against Bayern, I had not much choice and we got punished.

    “Ideally he should have had a breather, or at Watford. Realistically, the real breather he could have had was against Andorra.””

    Wenger wouldn’t rest a central midfield player played out of position on the wing against Watford even though he knew that player was a little bit overloaded and needed a rest. Why? Why would he not rest a player he sees as crucial for the rest of the season? Why couldn’t he have played another squad player?

    Again it shows how shallow our squad is, because Wenger will not trust squad players to come in and do a job. Only when the injuries pile up will he play squad players.

    Ramsey has had 4 hamstring injuries in the last 13 months. That should set alarm bells ringing.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I mean I’m running our of patience with Oxlade, was really hoping for big things for him, I just want to see something, a little flash of progression and a demonstration he can stay fit. Still not seeing either of those.

    This is the balancing act, we’re not a charity, or a crèche, or a development centre, we’re a football club, we must be competing for the big trophies, so how long do you give someone like that before you sell and move on?

    Should have sold Wilshere this summer though, such a big mistake, straight after those couple of great England performances and the rumoured City interest, figures as large as £35 Million. I really do think that was a big missed opportunity.

    Should say, I do actually think Wilshere could be a very good player, but not at Arsenal. I think, at say a Liverpool, or United where he is the creative hub of central midfield beside stronger players, with a tailored fitness regime he could turn into a very good player.

    I just can’t see it with us though, too broken, doesn’t fit.

  11. Bamford10

    “Jack Wilshere can make the difference for Arsenal and England,” insists Barcelona superstar Xavi.

    “He played a fantastic game against us [in 2011]. Let’s not forget he was just 20 or 21 years old [Wilshere was 19]… It’s just a shame he got injured so many times over the past two years. If he gets going and a bit of continuity as well, he may make the difference for both Arsenal and the English national team.

    He is a different kind of English player. Even though he has been nourished in a physical type of football, he is really talented, gifted for passing and he does not give the ball away. He does not seem to be English!”

    I love that Xavi rates Jack so highly. Sadly Wilshere may never be fully fit again.

  12. Bamford10


    “Ramsey has had 4 hamstring injuries in the last 13 months. That should set alarm bells ringing.”

    This is precisely what the Dutch fitness guy is saying as well. He highlighted Ramsey as a particular concern.

  13. Mr B

    Dortmunds scouting network deserves a lot of credit. For the AKBs asking how can you compete on a budget, look no far than Rosicky’s old team.

    I can hardly think of a signing they have made that hasn’t worked out for them. Aubameyang, Rues, Mikatariyan, etc. all on the cheap and their second string looks top notch too, so there are always players to come in firing if someone has a dip in form or injury.

  14. underrated Coq

    “It could be that our handling of young players is not very good.”

    You might be on to something there. Makes sense. Its also disappointing that players get recurring injuries. Wilshere-ankle, Ramsey-hamstring. I mean, don’t they get the right rehabilitation?

  15. I am arsene


    Where did you find that interview
    Couldn’t agree more
    I have no idea why so many arsenal fans want him sold. For me he is our best player.

    Debuchy would grow back into his role
    Rather debuchy at right back than Gibbs at left wing.
    He didn’t just get shit overnight

  16. Mr B

    I think Jack was unlucky with the hairline fracture from the screw but it can happen and the metatarsal can end your career as a top level footballer.

  17. Mr B

    Back to Dortmund. Bought Hummels from Bayern. What they wouldn’t have given to have him instead of Badstuber when he was winning the league with their biggest rivals.

    I think we can deal with the current crisis. Partly because Ramsey was in training for Everton and We have some 6 first class players to comeback in the new year.

    It will work best if they come in to a winning team though and I hope we play the next few games smart, being resolute in defense and grinding out wins. Players returning from injury are not going to be up to speed and if we rely on them, we could be effed.

  18. underrated Coq


    Re Ox, its a bit funny. We were all taking about how he really needs to make the most of this opportunity gained from Ramsey’s injury. And behold, he gets injured himself in only his second match.

    By the time he’s back, Ramsey might be fit again. So there goes his opportunity.

    Its just ridiculous. Don’t know how many more chances he needs to be given.

    Sometimes I think maybe Arsenal under Wenger just pamper some of these players too much. They get into this cosy attitude and don’t work hard.

    Maybe the approach taken towards Coquelin was the right one. Flogged to one club after another, loan after loan, experienced struggle after struggle and look at him now. He knew last season was his last chance and the motivation and hunger in his play was there for all to see. He just really grabbed the chance with both hands.

    Contrast that to Ox, big difference.

  19. Bamford10

    I Am

    Glad you rate Jack as well. You will find that we are a minority here.

    As for Debuchy, I hear you, except I actually rate Gibbs higher than many here do. I think he gets way too much shit here. Not a starter, but a solid squad player — except when he ducks headers, something for which I can never forgive him.

  20. I am arsene

    If Xavi rates him then I’d take his opionion all day long
    Re: Gibbs
    As an attacking outlet I feel he is most effective on the overlap not actually running into space as a winger.
    Hi crossing and passing aren’t anywhere near nachos standards
    That said I too feel he gets a hard deal.
    Either debuchy on the right with bellerin in front is the lesser of two evils

  21. reality check

    Gibbs ducking the header was the last straw for me. Professional footballer?

    Mr B

    October 29, 2015    11:44:16

    I think Jack was unlucky with the hairline fracture from the screw but it can happen and the metatarsal can end your career as a top level footballer.

    Unfortunately yeah. Ability wise yeah hes a good player. But we all know it takes way more than just simple god given, or professionally taught Ability.

    What good is he if hes always injured. What good is he doing to himself if hes chosen a sport his body can’t handle.

    There is a purpose to all of this. We’re not here just to develop other peoples careers and help other people achieve their dreams. We’re not a Training and Development agaency!

    We want to challenge for the top trophies. We want Arsenal back at the top of the tree where they belong. Look how much Sanchez is helping us with ‘our’ dream.

    I’m sorry to many players at arsenal just coasting.

  22. Wenger plastic bottle


    Just putting this out there. What’s to say that Ox has been playing crap through carrying an injury?

    Gibbs is ok but for me needs to be more aggressive.

    Don’t think Wilshere will ever be the same player again. Too many injuries. A slight knock and he’s injured again.

  23. underrated Coq

    I am Arsene


    Wow, did you come up with that all by yourself? Impressive.

    Anyway, not really trying to say I know better than Xavi. Its just that his statement about Wilshere never giving the ball away is strange. Maybe if he were taking about not misplacing passes, then its true. Wilshere is a tidy passer.

    But what about the other part of his game? Where he tries to take on all the opposition players, gets left on his bum throwing up his hands, resulting in the opposition launching a counter? Or does that not represent ‘giving away the ball’?

    Don’t really need a footballing PhD to point that out. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to tear my hair in frustration seeing this side of Wilshere’s game.

  24. underrated Coq


    I hope so! Really want the Ox to fulfill his potential. Hoped the same of Wilshere too. But at this point, after all the years of his fitness struggle, its difficult to see it.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    You look at say Coq and Bellerin last year, they knew they had a small window of opportunity, Coq more so and had to make the most of it, Coq saw a gap in the side and made himself indispensable, you contrast that with players like Wilshere, or Oxlade or countless others given go after go and you can see the difference, you need that fear, the competition and the threat of failure.

    Don’t feel we have that enough at a Arsenal.

  26. daz

    “Ramsey has had 4 hamstring injuries in the last 13 months. That should set alarm bells ringing.”

    I’ve been trying to find info on soft tissue injury in athletes, hamstring injury from what I could find is that there are no real proven ways to prevent them from reoccurring, most research is theoretical so what should we as a club be doing differently?. Every person has a different level of flexibility in their hamstring and those who have less flexibility are more likely to suffer strains and once that happens the likelihood of it increases.
    I think the fact a number of our players have been the victim of really bad tackles doesn’t help matters at all but I feel certain players are always going to be one game away from an injury if you look its always the same names so what can we really do about it other than move them on.

  27. alexanderhenry

    That’s the longest and most detailed article I’ve read on here for a long time. That’s not surprising of course. . We get knocked out of the league cup and pedro and the other WOBs have a field day. When arsenal are doing well the articles are insipid. When we lose we’re subjected to all manner spurious theorizing and quotation. Personally, I don’t give a damn that we’ve been knocked out. The injuries were unfortunate but theo and the ox will be back in three games- not the end of the world therefore

  28. Reliable Sauce


    Shocking injury stats. I assume they dont take into account coming off through injury either, Theo has had a fair few of those.

    It averages 18 missed games per year for JW(was Diaby that bad?), 14 py for The Ox & 9.5 ish for Ramsey & Walcott.
    Relying on these players along with the likes of Gibbs, Arteta, Rosicky & Flamini is just poor management, for whatever reason. I read that our wagebill was the same as Man City’s last season as well.

  29. DUIFG

    Hopefully these ox and theo injuries shows how fragile we are with the fitness of coq, he goes and we are in a world of pain, hopefully this means we bring in a decent versdatile cm option , chop flam immediately please. guys horrific

  30. daz

    Now if you take a look at this link you will see city have their own injury problems aguero being the one who is continually injured with soft tissue injuries, what are city doing about this? he is their star man are they using out dated training methods? or is it a case that certain players are just more susceptible to these problems? Sterling is now out with a hamstring it will be interesting to see if over the next year he has a reoccurrence

  31. Cesc Appeal


    That’s a bit disingenuous, are you saying Arsenal aren’t a car crash with injuries, I think the stat is over the last 10 years we’ve been top of the injury table for 8, heading for a top of the table finish again.

    It’s not slating the club, it’s a factual assessment of a problem that just appears to be continually ignored, if it’s the training methods, they need changing, if it’s a certain group of players, they need changing.

    Whether it’s injuries, the transfer market, tactics…there is just no excuse for stagnation or indecision. I don’t get why people continually try to do that.

  32. Arsene's Nurse

    daz – stop making excuses. We aren’t just basing our complaints about injuries around a single data point. I’ve looked at the data from Physioroom from seasons 2002/3 to 2014/15. I can tell you with certainty that Arsenal in that period have suffered more injuries than any other club by some margin. When you start breaking down the type then you can easily see that Arsenal suffer more muscle related injuries than any other club. We also suffer more contact injuries too, something the AKBs scream about, but completely ignore the former.

    Man City have one of the best injury records. Comparison with Arsenal.

    Number of injuries per season.

    Season–Arsenal–Man City


    The data clearly shows that there is an historical problem with injuries at AFC. We’ve got 13 years of data that shows it. There is only one constant factor during that time.

  33. daz


    What I mean is that I think the problem is the fact we hold onto injury prone players for to long, if you take away the usual suspects then our injury problems would fall inline with other clubs. we’re going into every season with a diaby rosicky Wilshere Walcott injury guaranteed to happen, no wonder were top of that list every season when you add on the normal injuries every club suffers then some of the bad ones to. I would say no other club has suffered more broken bones over the last ten years either

  34. vicky


    Although I agree our injury record is dismal, comparing it with City does not make much sense. Till 2007-08, they did not play in as many tournaments as we did. And since 2008, they have always had a deeper squad than us. Not trying to make an excuse as I certainly think our injury management is hardly anything to boast about but City are not the ideal comparison in this regard.

  35. daz

    That’s my point I’m not making excuses, city have a good record yet can’t keep aguero fit? It’s individual players make up which must be the main contributor to the problems, we should have got rid of diaby rosicky years ago, Wilshere I understand giving more time but he will need to go soon to, for me Walcott is a liability, if it was random players picking up these problems then fair enough but its always the same players

  36. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    But do you think the manager is ruthless enough to do that? It wasn’t a hard prediction to say Wilshere would spend the majority of the season on his backside at home or in hospital, Ramsey’s hammy is always liable to snap, Walcott is fragile, Welbeck, Gibbs, Oxlade certainly, Arteta.

    Our depth is a bit of an illusion really, there are so few players you could really consistently count on over the season.

  37. Arsene's Nurse

    The problem is it’s not just individual players because if that were the case then our injury record would be similar to other clubs. The law of averages will dictate that every club will have periods where they have more injury prone players than others and therefore they will go up or down in the injury table. The data will look far more random in nature. However, it’s not. The data show trends and therefore indicate problems.

    Newcastle suffer an abysmal record in injuries. They are right up there with us for injury failings. Yet Chelsea have been consistently low for those 13 years as have Liverpool. Man Utd are high and will now and again challenge us for top spot.

    It’s the consistency that is telling. So what is happening? Are Arsenal consistently buying and developing injury prone players more than any other club? If that is so then why has that not been identified as a problem and those responsible removed?

    If we aren’t keeping more injury prone players than any other club then there must be other problems. What are they? Wenger thinks it’s hair pills. We consistently have more muscle related injuries. Those are 95% non-contact related. Those injuries are not being caused by being kicked.

    Therefore there has to be another reason. Players who look more prone to injury shouldn’t be getting muscle related injuries as often as they normally would if there is a proper regime in place to look after them. You would put into effect a policy to reduce the risk of injury to such players. They would be treated with kid gloves and not risked unless absolutely necessary. If they were near the red or overloaded or maybe had a knock then you wouldn’t play them. Wenger does. Ramsey being the latest one.

    How the hell can Oxlade-Chamberlain pull a hamstring inside 4 minutes? It points to poor preparation or he was carrying an injury. If so play someone else.

    This wouldn’t be a problem if it happened once in a a while but it’s every season.

  38. daz

    “The problem is it’s not just individual players because if that were the case then our injury record would be similar to other clubs.”

    This is what I’m saying take those players out the equation and we have a similar record, Wilshere, Gibbs, Diaby, Ramsey, Walcott and RVP are all in the 20 most injured players list for EPL. Preparation and fatigue are theoretical contributors but a players personal make up is a proven contributor and once an injury is sustained the risk gets higher each time. If its the case that these players initial problems were caused by our methods then that is a different scenario but why have we had so many others play years with us without problems?