Remember when the kids were the future? Arsenal preview.

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I remember way back when… in the dark days… when grown men used to get heavily excited about young boys lining up in the Capital One Cup.

I could name all the players first and last names. I could tell you who they were going to be like. I could tell you about the golden future we were about to gobble up.

‘In ten  years, we’ll rule the world’ said many an AKB.

Ok, so Project Youth didn’t work out.

Arsene Wenger made a fatal error with his vision… a vision that said if you bed young boys in together and they grow up holding hand skipping through the woods, they’ll stay together forever… the error was that if there’s no love for the club and the way you bring these boys over is the promise of riches and parental houses and jobs… well, those boys are going to turn into horrible little shites.

… and that’s what happened. If they weren’t good enough, they were paid too much and never left.

  • Denilson
  • Bendtner
  • Johann Djourrou

If they were good enough, they weren’t paid enough and the success wasn’t there to keep them interested.

  • Robin Van Persie
  • Samir Nasri
  • Cesc Fabregas

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Some of those performances were incredible. Carlos Vela used to come alive. Seb Larsson always looked like he could be something. There was always some spritely talent ready to unleash havoc on an old man defence of Sheffield United or Wigan.

It was just never enough…

In the end, you had to treat them like farm yard animals.

‘Pete, don’t look at their names, you know how it ends’

So what do we have today?

Well, we’re playing Sheffield Wednesday. What do I know about these sly bastards?

Well, form is pretty good. They’ve won 4 out of their last 6 games. Their average pass length is 22m. So they’re not short passers, let’s just say that right now. A guy called Ross Wallace is their Ozil with 4 assists. Their top scorer is some chap called Forestieri… sounds like the sort of way an Englishman would ask where the woods are in Italian.

‘Wo ist das Forestieri senor?’

This evening, from Arsenal, I have no idea what to expect. Well, I do, it’ll be a run out for the fringe players. We’ll certainly be seeing some Joel Campbell and a bit of Chambers. Hopefully we’ll see some of the young kids, I’m particularly interested to see whether he brings in Bielek to the first team. The defensive midfielder turned centre back is supposed to be quite impressive.

We’ll see Petr Cech in goal as Ospina is still in the shame corner. We’ll also see run outs for Gibbs and Debuchy. I quite wanted to see Rene-Adeleide. He’s injured though. I think we may see Iwobi.

To be honest, I have no idea. This competition has gone from a kids run out to a squad run out. I really like that in a way, because the kids used to be the squad. Tonight means we can rest key players whilst giving the rest a chance to prove themselves.

I wonder whether Wenger will put Chambo in? In need of a few games… but a health risk. So maybe not?

Anyway. Enjoy the game. I have my doubts if American sport would suffer a game as unglam as this one!


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  1. warchester

    WE, no one is writing off our premier league chances but this is like the super ramsey season again, form players get injured and we’re fucked….really Wenger showed very little backbone in putting walcott in for ox like how he played sanchez in the opening west ham game

  2. daz

    Wenger is at the top Until the root of the problem is taken out we will never flow like we are meant to .

    So if Wenger is at the top who is the root? 😉

  3. slade

    “What’s the combined per week wages of those on the pitch tonight??”

    Good question… now, where’s my abacus?

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I am

    I think you will find that Wenger panicked after the 8-2 humiliating defeat to United and he bought 6 player albe it not in Jan but I’m sure you get the jest …,
    He has built an inadequate squad .

    Only his heD should be on the block .

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    Socrates: Only thing that should be of concern in this match are the injuries to Theo and Ox.

    WengerEagle: Christ Bamford give us a break, it’s the Carling Cup ffs who really cares?

    This and this

  6. Cesc Appeal


    We can make it a word.

    Pretty dismal performance, as I say, sat in my front room as soon as we went one down and said we can’t win this, playing three wingers in midfield two of who were 18-19, two CDM’s, Kamara was awful…can’t control it, can’t set anything up, no CAM.

    Not fussed really, as long as it doesn’t hurt our form, which it shouldn’t, no one there, bar Cech is likely to start on the weekend.

    What was worrying though was how bad Debuchy looked, just looks finished, Mert was crap, Chambers continues to just be bad, he looks scared every second he’s on a football field.

    Bielik looked ok, wayward passer though,

    Campbell, I have no idea why he’s even still at Arsenal, should have been sold after the WC.

    Can’t really blame Giroud, no CAM, no service, just nothing, Think I’d like to hear from DivineSherlock who was saying Flamini is more than capable to play in games like Everton at home citing his showing against Spurs…no, no…simply no.

    We need to cross our fingers nothing happens to Coq, or indeed Bellerin, because Debuchy looks as if he’s retired already.

  7. WengerEagle


    Bamford literally just did.

    Fair enough RE injuries but City with all of their insane amounts of money spent struggle without Silva and Aguero.

    United would struggle if Martial and Smalling got injured, etc

    Fuck me though I miss the days when we had the likes of a young Carlos Vela as our second string.

  8. TheBayingMob

    And here come the injuries. I don’t know what it is with Arsenal but they just can’t keep their players fit. Walcott again. Is it serious? More muscle / soft tissue no doubt (haven’t seen any highlights or read any reports). I told you boys, once the injuries start coming, it’ll be all over the place. Just waiting for one of Ozil and/or Sanchez to be run into the ground then we’ll drop like a stone.

  9. Shaun Wilson

    The league cup is an anachronism that merely adds to the fixture gridlock and exacerbates player injury problems – see tonight’s little haul – it really serves no purpose and no one gives a fuck about winning it really.

  10. gunnergetyou


    I wouldn’t disagree but an injury right now to one of Ozil, Sanchez, Caz, Coq leaves us carrying a major weak link in midfield. And what’s up with all these injuries? Thought we had this sorted but it’s looking like the same old bad luck story. Hope it’s nothing serious

  11. I am arsene


    Again, I reiterate
    Nobody signs 4 players in JANUARY!!!
    Let alone Wenger
    Your stupid points about United and the youth team mean nothing.
    They have nothing to do with anything.
    No relevance about this team and our chances of silverware this season
    You’re talking like a 10 year old
    Time to stop living in fantasy land.

  12. Emiratesstroller

    Absolutely embarrassing and appalling performance tonight.

    What we learned tonight:

    1. Several of our first team squad players are well below standard of First X1.
    Debuchy, Chambers, Flamini and Campbell are not good enough for first

    2. The defence were appalling tonight. Apart from what I have written above
    Messrs Mertesacker and Chambers do not play well together. You need
    someone like Koscielny or Gabriel to play alongside Mertesacker to
    compensate for lack of pace.

    3. Midfield was overrun, because apart from Flamini we lacked any experience
    and it was pretty obvious than the youngsters were out of their depth even
    at this level. The only youngster who might have some potential is Iwobi,
    but he received no support and was more or less swamped.

    4. Giroud had a “night off”. He was completely out of the game.

    5. We have the usual injury crisis. It is as usual always the same injury prone
    players with Walcott and Ox now also added to the growing list of Arteta,
    Rosicky,Ramsey, Wilshire and Welbeck.

    6. Our midfield situation is now down to the bones. It highlights the usual
    miscalculation of Wenger when he failed to recruit in summer. This
    could well cost the club a trophy this season, because we are already out
    of League Cup and most probably Champions league as well.

  13. Bamford10


    Are you saying Arsenal should not be putting in a better showing than that shit-show? Was that display worthy of Arsenal?

    I don’t think so. I don’t care if it’s the league cup, and I don’t care if it’s the third team, they should put in a better showing than that.

    As for the league, we’ve been in first in late December only to be out of the running in January. You can adopt the most optimistic of outlooks; I’m going to rely on the last ten years of Wenger and say that I see us hitting a run of poor results at some point, I see the wheels coming off.

    To each his own.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    I think maybe we need to scout Europe for a real talent at CAM, a younger player, because you think, Cazorla has gone further down the pitch and starts with Ozil every game who is our only CAM really.

    That was what was so vitally missing tonight. No intelligence you feel.

  15. daz

    who was saying Flamini is more than capable to play in games like Everton at home citing his showing against Spurs…no, no…simply no.

    The only thing I would say to that is yes flamini is shit but if our first team are on song then we could get away with playing him in certain games not Everton though maybe bournemouth 😉

  16. nepGunner


    I get your concerns for injuries, and rightly so. However, I don’t like a club of Arsenal’s stature loosing so incompetently to team from a tier below. I’m concerned about our depth and mentality. Sheffield also didn’t field their first team, and had a 19y/o goalie.

    Were you impressed with the way that team played today? And do you seriously wish to play a core team of 13/14 players through out the season? That will increase the chance of more injury pile up, esp with Arsene’s ways of playing on form players to the ground when things go south. And, Welbeck, TR7, Wilshire? Seriously? If you are talking abt the usual 4th place trophy, fair enough. I prefer us to win the damn league. So yes, I care to see how our fringes do, even in a mickey mouse cup that’s so easy that we’ve never won it under Wenger’s 17 yr reign, incidentally like the CL

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d have been tempted to play all the kids tonight, but they might have got utterly smashed.

    With hindsight it was just a game we didn’t really want at all

  18. Joe


    It’s the way we lost.

    And what it exposes of our “squad” and that we have lost theo and less importantly as he has been shit, ox

  19. warchester

    Cesc, this is part of Wenger’s problem…he moves players out of their positions so he doesn’t need to buy real ones, he just says oh this and this can now play 2 /3 positions so now we have backup for 2-3 positions

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    I love the way Bamford doesn’t give a fuck we won the FA Cup, but takes our lose in the Carling Cup so seriously 😀

  21. Danny

    Bielik looked very promising for only 17. He had that Viera/Ya Ya movement about him. A future Arsenal star there for sure.

  22. I am arsene


    Haha true
    Very true
    Personally I don’t care about the competition I just thought our senior players on display tonight were extremely worrying.
    I really really thought we had sufficient depth but now I fear we don’t.
    If we lose bellerin or monreal or coq we are in big trouble.
    I didn’t think so before but that performance has changed my mind

  23. Cesc Appeal


    I just think he’s such a liability, showings like tonight just worry me depth wise, Debuchy, not goo enough, Chambers, not good enough and not improving, Gibbs is Gibbs, Falmini poor, Arteta injured, Wilshere in his usual crocked state.

    That central area worries me a lot.

    The CAM situation as well is quite strange for Arsenal, it’s not often we find ourselves bereft of talent there outside our starter Ozil.

  24. Bamford10


    Given that City and Chelsea have been the last two winners, seems like the best teams in the league take the competition fairly seriously, no?

    And it isn’t that we lost that has people down; it’s the shameful manner of it.

    Look at Emirates’s post:

    “Absolutely embarrassing and appalling performance tonight.”

    Not the result, but the showing is the problem, the lack of quality.

  25. Marko

    Bam on about City again? Fucks sake

    Anyway more injuries that’s all that should be taken from this Mickey mouse cup

  26. Wenger plastic bottle

    Bamford has a point which I’m concerned about. That’s display was worse than watching an Arsenal reserve match. These players train together so expected a lot more

    Theo and Ox are injured or carrying injuries so now that leavesGiroud who is not going to be under pressure come the weekend Swansea that have been average will come alive.

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: Given that City and Chelsea have been the last two winners, seems like the best teams in the league take the competition fairly seriously, no?

    Lol, more hypocrisy

    Brilliant stuff. So agenda driven

  28. WengerEagle


    ‘Are you saying Arsenal should not be putting in a better showing than that shit-show? Was that display worthy of Arsenal?’

    If you read what I said to you I said that it was an appalling performance and no, of course it isn’t acceptable. But at the end of the day it was our third string side with a bunch of kids that clearly aren’t Arsenal standard and it’s a meaningless competition so I couldn’t really care that we are knocked out.

    Our league form is better than anyone elses so it’s melodramatic to come on here and write off our league chances after tonight.

    MK Dons stuffed United 4-0 in this competition, Chelsea were stuffed by Bradford at Stamford Bridge with their proper team.

    Get some perspective.

    As for the league, we’ve been in first in late December only to be out of the running in January. You can adopt the most optimistic of outlooks; I’m going to rely on the last ten years of Wenger and say that I see us hitting a run of poor results at some point, I see the wheels coming off.’

    Yeah that could well happen, but this is the worst league I can remember, City should be running away with the league with their squad spending £30+ million on reserve CB’s and £100 million on De Bruyne/Sterling but they look ordinary without Aguero and Silva who they can’t replace.

    Chelsea are in freefall, we stuffed United who look nothing special and who else is there really?

  29. WengerEagle

    ‘Given that City and Chelsea have been the last two winners, seems like the best teams in the league take the competition fairly seriously, no?’

    Hmm, how would you describe their F.A Cup showings last season?

  30. Marko

    I’m just glad Santi, Mesut, Franny Cock, Alexis and Laurent got some much needed R&R. Doesn’t excuse what seems like a poor showing but honestly Swansea away and Spurs at home are too vital

  31. I am arsene



    I know you’re loving the fact we lost so I had to counter balance your glee
    Excuse me

  32. Marko

    And Hazard misses!Chelsea out!(with pretty much their first team)

    But they take it seriously. In all honesty it’s a complete debacle at that club and I Fucking love it

  33. warchester

    any news how serious theo injury is? giroud would revert to his lamp post form without him…the bayern, man utd wins will all be undone………….

  34. daz

    If Theo is fit for the weekend then that tells me we threw the game we will see


    It does look worrying tbh Wenger has took a gamble on players being able to play more than one role for the team rather than have extra players covering one particular position

  35. Wenger plastic bottle

    Does anyone see any quality in Chambers? because I personally don’t think he’s going to make it.

  36. salparadisenyc

    I have no problem running out of this competition with a rested Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez et all for this weekend.

    Wenger started Oxlade in the #10 who goes off injured and subs Walcott on.
    Says everything about where this was headed.

    Agree with Cesc, we need to add a creative man to the squad. Isco fits the bill for Caz’s eventual replacement. Can take over the right side until that moment comes.

  37. MidwestGun

    If I didn’t know any better I’d think Hazard is trying to get Mourinho(fuck off) sacked. Crowd is chanting will be sacked in the morning. Haha. Well at least that was entertaining.

  38. Danny

    About 3 seasons ago Man U lost at this stage of the League Cup 4-0 against West Ham and I remember Ferguson being interviewed after the match and he seemed so happy to be out of this stupid cup – I reckon Wenger feels the same at the moment.

  39. Socrates

    Don’t know what to make of Chelsea, the rapid decline is puzzling and Maureen’s paranoia reminds me of Azula’s mental breakdown from the Avatar: Last Air Bender.

  40. Bamford10


    OK, an “appalling” and “unacceptable” display. I’ll take that.

    Yet re the league, doesn’t our form/position there depend a little on the health of Theo Walcott? And given the Ramsey injury, doesn’t it depend a little also on Ox’s health?

    Doesn’t the thinness of the squad suggest that our form/standing in the league may be more tenuous than we’d like?

    I’d say so.

    We will see, I guess. I, for one, will expect the worst.

  41. karim

    Given that City and Chelsea have been the last two winners, seems like the best teams in the league take the competition fairly seriously, no?

    Is it Friday or what ?

  42. daz

    They also won the double last season. They have some lee way don’t you think??

    Joe they are in relegation form at the minute

  43. salparadisenyc

    Mourinho looking more fragile than ever, question is who replaces him if he’s sacked?

    Carlo….. again.

    Didn’t see that coming.

  44. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    Wenger certainly opted for wanting to play as many players he currently had as he could, you see it with Oxlade having played RM, CAM and even CM in recent times, same with Ramsey, Walcott as a winger then a wideman, Cazorla as CM and CAM, Ozil as LM and CAM.

    He moves players are in preference to building a comprehensive squad, always been one of my bugbears with him.

    We will see though. Hopefully the first team are completely unaffected by this embarrassment.


    Agree with that.

    I touted Aubameyang on him in the summer to indifference among a lot of posters, could have had him and Gotze or an Isco type I think for about the same as it would have taken to land a big, big fish like Benzema.

    Really think we’d have been something special, genuinely believe Aubameyang whilst not the marquee everyone wanted would be a machine in this team.

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    Danny: coz Joel is awful.

    Yah, he’s hopeless. I got the feeling that Wenger singling him out before the match had a bit of ‘this is your utter utter utter last chance’ about it

  46. nepGunner

    Out off CC – Its a Mickey Mouse cup, who cares

    Out of FAC – PL & CL are more imp. Who cares abt FAC?

    Out of CL in the round of 16 -We’re better off focusing on PL anyways

    4th Place trophy – Yay! We did it again. Thank you, you almight all knowing lord. Had it not been for the injury of so and so, or the ref, or the grass titled the wrong way, we wud hv won the moon. We’ll def do it next year

    But we could have done much better had we signed the obvious players we required in January – who moves in January? And we only buy quality players who add to what we already have (Kimmy). Plus its easier to sign players in summer since they are not cup tied and can hv a nice pre-season and bed in easily

    Start of season – Tell me who do you think we should buy? Do you think we are the only club after that player(s)? Nah, he’s not worth it. We will hinder the dev of the so and so (this is the time, ALL youth team players are super short quality). I believe in the manager if he believes in this squad. If you don’t, go support the spuds

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    Nites all

  47. Socrates

    In my opinion Aubameyang is not much better than Theo. He plays in a team that relies heavily on a fast paced attack and would struggle to fit in our system not to mention the league.

  48. Redtruth

    League Cup Winners:

    2005: Chelsea
    2006: Man Utd
    2007: Chelsea
    2008: Spurs
    2009: Man Utd
    2010: Man Utd
    2011: Birmingham
    2012: Liverpool
    2013: Swansea
    2014: Man City
    2015: Chelsea

    League Cup not taken seriously lol lol

    NM you mug lol

  49. Emiratesstroller

    What was crystal clear tonight is that there was little ambition or hunger amongst most of our so-called experienced players.

    You can at least make excuses for the less experienced players who turned out
    tonight, but I am afraid that none of them is outstanding or realistically a future first team regular.

    Also one needs to ask whether we can afford to go into each season with so
    many “injury prone players” on our books. None of these players apart from
    possibly Ramsey would be considered first team regulars and he is probably
    the weakest player in midfield in our starting X1.

    Wenger needs to start investing in better standard and less injury prone players.

  50. Rustygunner

    Bad game and nothing really to talk about. Not even slagging anyone, Wenger included is worth it. The 2 early injuries were just bad and distracting for a team with rookies.

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I am

    Now your becoming a passive aggressive , accusing me of talking like a ten year old ?

    U cunt u prick
    Now that’s a ten year old
    U cunt have your views

    I will have mine

    With your head stuck so far up wengers Arsenal you can see the vpback of his teeth

    It’s moronic cunts like you that are furling this wengerism of ruling every thing over the club
    Until. He is gone we are fucked
    Yoot , first team all fuckree
    The calling cup is on the same level as the fa cup

    So it sort of was important …

    Anfpd if he wanted he could sign 4 players if he wanted


    Fucked beyond belief

    So that’s two replacements as we don’t have yoot to call upon …

    You cunt

    R.spca aged 10 1/2

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I to am glad that we lost to show how fucked up we have become under Wenger …

    He will get this shower of shite to crumble again on Saturday

    This is all the fault of ego manic Wenger …
    Now who is naive an. Weak

  53. Cesc Appeal


    I thought the defence was really, seriously poor tonight.

    It was the one element that was experienced as a whole, Debuchy looks shot, Gibbs just is a liability, ducked under the cross for the third, Mert was everything that is wrong with him tonight and Chambers just continues to stagnate at this ‘Bambi’ like level.

    Really bad. I like Gabriel and Kozz a lot, but we need to look for a CB to cover them, of course that’s for next season, but I’m not comfortable promoting youth and then having Chambers as our Gabriel of last season. Unless he has some dramatic turn around.

  54. bacaryisgod

    Nasri is absolutely right.

    The only meaningful losses were Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    What is the deal with our brittle British players? When you look at our injury list, it’s Oxlade (English), Walcott (English), Ramsey (Welsh), Welbeck (English) and Wilshere (English). The only two fit contributors are Chambers and Gibbs and they hardly feature right now.

    The Brits were supposed to be the core of the squad when we had the ‘Famous Five’ (or Famous Four and Jenks) press conference. And that was before Walcott renewed and we brought in Welbeck.

    The only International players out are Rosicky, who has a storied injury history, the ageing Arteta and the out of form Ospina.

    International Players: Fit = 14, Injured =3
    British Players: Fit = 2, Injured = 5

    Coincidence? I’m not so sure.

  55. bacaryisgod

    As awful as the Arsenal match was, seeing Stoke gut it out against Chelsea was truly thrilling to watch and it looks like Diouf turned himself into a cult hero in a single match.

  56. MidwestGun

    Well, if you ask me and nobody did, everything that is generally wrong with the AW management regime was on display today.

    Failure to strengthen the team with enough quality to compete in more then one competition especially with known injuries. How do you do this. Obviously by buying a top quality player then the player they replace becomes the squad player.

    Over reliance on older players that are clearly not up to standard.
    Over judging talent of some fringe squad youth.
    Clearly there wasn’t much thought to game planning, other then Ox as number 10? Really?
    Also we continue to struggle with set pieces. That’s something you have to practice in training, you just can’t show up for that.
    Then there is injury mgmt. Not giving Theo enough time to warm up, one of our only strikers with a history of leg issues. Not smart.

    So ya. .. it’s no big loss I suppose but it still points to the larger issues which generally always linger.
    As for this actual match… as I said earlier I’m gonna try and forget it.

  57. freddylekgunner

    Somehow I don’t feel bad about the result, but d performance was bad. Theo and Chambo injured, and Ramsey injured already. Rocisky and Willshere out. Tough times ahead. I’m interested in how we’ll cope.

  58. Dissenter

    This is the game that has to be forgotten quickly so Saturday cannot come quick enough.
    Wenger is talking about us being “short in the middle”

    What a pathetic comment from the manger who extended the contracts of geriatric like Arteta and Rosicky.

    We are down to bare bones in a period where we play key games.

    This is why Wenger will never win another title again. He’s not capable of making strategic decisions to get us to a title. A more decisive manager would have made 2-4 buys in the summer and given Areta (and Rosicky) a deserving send-off.
    We could have signed a Kyrochiak and Tielesman this summer for less that £40 million combined.

  59. Dissenter

    Theo is so brittle. How many games as he plays before breaking down again.
    He’ll return back and start begging for patience to regain his form, the on score one goal of 16 chances
    …only to get injured and start the cycle again.

    All the while he’s £140k richer every week.

  60. Ughelligunner

    It is clear that many of us on legrove don’t have a mind of our own, but we pick every line of thought of commentators and we act as if, the action we see in front of us is the first in football.

    The game is less than 4mins old, the whole team had warm up prior to the match, 4mins sitting down wouldn’t amount to walcot’s injury caused by not warming up properly and we have seen this happen in games that has just started. The replacing player literally works in to make the replacement immediately.

    I would say, the reason walcot was surprise to be called up to play, was maybe he was expecting another teen to be called up.

    Never the less, our almighty British core are made of glasses and i would want every one of their traditional diet be looked into.

    Seriously, i don’t think shad or no shad will work. All our players are on different training regime, yet no difference in injuries.

    Ox, walcot have played lesser matches than the other players, so no work overload.
    This is now becoming weird.

    Even ospina is now classified as an injury prone keeper.

  61. Ughelligunner

    Dissenter, buying more players wouldn’t stop them from getting injured. I mean the new once.

    It doesn’t guaranty anything.

    Ospina, debuchy, Gabriel, ozil, chambers all got injured in their first Season playing for arsenal. New or no new players doesn’t change what might not happen or might happen. We may never know.

    The players might be a revelation or they might bomb.

    Of all the players bought last two seasons, only three of them are our current starters. That’s saying all you need to know.

  62. MidwestGun

    The replacing player literally works in to make the replacement immediately.
    Theo is” literally” not like any other player. He just came off a year long injury which required forever of rehab. I said before the match I hope he doesn’t play as we can’t afford to lose him. It’s up to the manager to manage players with higher risks differently.
    Warming up , just enough time to cool down then thrown in with no time doesn’t sound like the proper procedure to me to handle that injury risk. Paul Merson who played football Incidently said basically the same thing about the type of athlete Theo is relying on bursts of speed would be harder on muscles. . I believe he would be qualified to comment on that.
    The only thing mindless is the defending of Wenger’s injury record at times.

  63. I am arsene


    No worries
    I wasn’t offended. I’ve been called worse. I still feel it’s silly to claim we have no future players coming through. There are some very talented youngsters at the club.
    What they lack is drive in their footballing mentality.
    Boys remain boys for too long on this day and age.
    In context the defeat whilst embarrassing and pathetic means nothing. It is the injuries and the failure of senior players selected to galvanise the team that is the concern.
    The coaching staff of course must take responsibility but players like cech and mertersacker (once on the pitch) must take responsibility for our defence crumbling as they did with such little communication and organisation on display.
    Per truly is exposed without kos or Gabriel alongside

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I am

    Yeah mert was an is a poor leader
    Like a dodgy opening bat who only keeps his postition cos he is captain …

    Young beliek looked ok hard to judge in an onslaught
    But yet again rumour has it wenger playing him cb ?
    So we will have possibly a confused player not sure of his best postition ?

    I fancied us Saturday not now.