5 important Arsenal take outs from the weekend

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Nothing quite like leaving your phone in an Uber with a driver who sprechens the sh*te ingléa Nightmares. Disconnected for almost 14 hours. Can you imagine?

Anyway, thanks to James for dropping a match report yesterday. When your football starts at 1230, you know how we roll after! I had a mezcalita… a new one on me. Beer and bloody mary. I felt so manly.

ANYWAY. Thoughts on the weekend.

Petr Cech was a masterstroke

What a signing. He’s really coming into his own of late. He makes the right saves at the right time. No frills. Just a very good keeper. That strike late on in the game where he rushed off his line was exactly the sort of situation that 1) Chezzer wouldn’t have rushed out for (rooted to the line was his thing) 2) we’d have conceded from.

Petr Cech just knows what to do. The world class saves counter must be up to about 10 by now. How many can you remember from last season? I can’t remember any.

Ozil is so hot rn

The boy has become a man. It’s like something has clicked with him. Like he can smell greatness in the air. He’s almost too good for the league. He’s 2.5 seconds ahead of everyone else. He’s immense. He’s a hard worker and he’s so creative it’s like he’s an IBM experiment in footballing AI.

Absolutely integral to our run in. So glad he’s getting the credit he deserves. So glad he’s playing like we hoped he would (and please don’t pretend he’s been this good since the start).

Big game results

That was a massive game at the weekend. Make no mistake. Coming hot off the heels of beating the best team in Europe can be tricky when you’re mentally fragile. I didn’t think we’d lose, but that’s the sort of game we’d normally draw. Meekly. But not bad enough to really complain. We need to be winning those games and we need to be doing it consistently.

We still lack maturity

The finish to that game was beyond farcical. I know we held on, but we went full blown panic mode. Sure, it was exciting to watch, but I don’t want exciting at that stage. I want turgid. Slow. Assured. Boring.

Flamini should be fined two weeks wages for that cameo. It’s was embarrassing to watch him playing the… ‘I’m six years old and I like chasing the ball’ role. We need to be smarter than that because against a better club, we’d be dropping points.

‘It’s only November’

There are two sides to this coin. One side is that it’s not November, but you get the jist. The second is the ‘play it cool boy’ crowd who are cogent that it is early on in the season. Now, I’m here on that. We were top of the league way more emphatically than this two seasons ago and we flunked out badly because we didn’t have the squad. However, on the flip side, we’ve also been out at this stage plenty of times in the past… more often than not we’re done by this stage chasing 4th.

So us being strong now should be enjoyed, but enjoyed cautiously. The biggest challenge we face now is fitness. Our squad isn’t good enough to sustain major injuries. We can’t afford to lose Sanchez, we can’t afford to lose Ozil and we most defintely can’t deal with the loss of Coquelin. I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about Flamini or Arteta manning the middle for any time period longer than 3minutes.

Lose any of those guys and we’re on the struggle bus.


I love this boy. I really do. But he’s making it really difficult to love him when he makes a habit of giving the ball away and losing us goals in almost every game. He needs to mature. If anyone needs a stint out on loan, it looks like it’s this lad. He’s struggling with confidence and because of that he’s making silly decisions. When your confidence is low, you force things, when you force things you make mistakes. Not a good weekend for him.

So, all in all, a great weekend. Made even more spectacular because of the absolute loss of the dressing room that’s going on at the Bridge. I said a couple of seasons ago I thought he’d lost his shine… well, he certainly has now. What’s going on there goes beyond a bad run. It’s a loss of the dressing room. It’s hilarious as well. I mean. outside of Steve Mcclaren, he looks the most likely to get fired. 5 losses already!

Anyway, we are top of the league. Enjoy it! Back with the Sheffield Wednesday preview tomorrow. Have a fun evening.


P.S. I watched the game in O’Hanlons in East Village. What a great bar. So many TVs. The guys and gals in their make up their own songs as well!

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  1. Wallace

    RSPC Arsenal

    Reine-Adelaide’s at the U17 World Cup in Chile.

    not sure how it works at youth level w/r/t not allowing players to join up, but guess a WC is a bit of an exception. even at U17 level.

  2. Bamford10

    Daily Arsenal’s predicted XI:


  3. Leedsgunner

    We have over £200m in the bank and some people still make excuses for Wenger and the so called lack of money. When will enough be enough?

    The £200m in the bank didn’t just appear… it is a culmination over at least 5 years.

    We have needed a striker and a DM for at least as long… and at the moment it feels like we’re saving the money to make a point rather than anything else.

    That’s a shame really because we all know with a couple of additions we really could have been title favourites.

    It’s more important to Wenger, to be right it seems, rather than to compete.

    Well done to the boys for showing some grit and character. Long may it continue.

  4. Wallace


    “It’s more important to Wenger, to be right it seems, rather than to compete.”

    we’re joint top. how competing are you wanting us to be?

  5. salparadisenyc

    Jose Mourinho allegedly told referee Jon Moss: “Wenger was right – you are f*cking soft”, on Saturday.

    The wood is layed, matches at the ready for Jose’s Chelsea pyre. Adding Mou to the Daglish, Keegan and Redknapp list of never go to the same well twice.

    I’m enjoying this and hope it continues for some time, Roman’s no softy he’s going to take action soon and bite the financial bullet again.

  6. Wallace

    Ozil, Coquelin, Koscielny, Bellerin. Cech, Gabriel, Wilshere, Walcott

    in that order….and yeah, I can’t count.

  7. Louis Almeida

    Wallace – Yes I was thinking five may be hard but i’ll try. In order:

    Ozil/Cazorla (can’t split them!)

    I felt bad leaving out Monreal, Kos and Hector!

  8. Louis Almeida

    You can tell Wenger really rates Arteta’s intelligence. He said he hopes he becomes a coach. I heard Arteta has already coached the U16s this season. After we beat Bayern last week there was also pictures of Arteta and Pep deep in conversation on the pitch long after the game had finished. Apparently they chatted for 30 minutes!!

  9. PieAFC

    It’s good now we have 3 good CB’s to choose from, need a rest know the other will come in a do a job.

    Good result at the weekend.

  10. PieAFC

    Cazorla – never seen or known a player to be so good on both feet, free kicks, corners, shooting. Ridiculous talented player.
    Monreal (revelation this season, end of last)

  11. kingHenry

    Wilshere wouldn’t be in my top 23 arsenal players. Heck I like Iwobi and Akpom better. My to five is:


  12. DUIFG

    cazorla finally getting the plaudits! guy is a magiciian, sad sad day when he goes, if only we could have kept him central the entire time

  13. salparadisenyc


    Pretty ideal player for us, many on here were saying we should of bought Isco the same summer we bought Caz as Mallorca were dusted financially and willing to sell.

    Slots onto our right side seamlessly. Either him or Gotze for me.
    Put Ramsay into the Caz holding role as depth / comp for place.

  14. Arsene's Nurse

    Gotta give the kids a run out tonight. There are 2 positions that we are desperately short in.

    Debuchy Mert Chambers Gibbs
    Flamini ????
    Reine-Adelaide ???? Campbell

    With Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere and Rosicky all crocked then we are really short in central midfield. I wouldn’t be too happy about playing Cazorla or Ozil tonight, these are the games they need to sit out and recuperate.

    Dan Crowley would be the obvious choice at AM/#10, but he’s out on loan at Barnsley.

    I wonder if Bielik is ready to step up and maybe play alongside Flamini or whether Wenger might use Chambers there. Perhaps a change for the Ox by playing him more centrally might do him some good. Maybe we’ll go 4-4-2 and try to use fewer CMs.

    Our squad looks awfully light. Any one with more knowledge of the academy able to shine a light on upcoming (central) midfielders?

  15. tom

    Wenger shows nice technique with that chippy/punty kick.
    Its been a while since I’ve seen that clip. Makes me laugh every time.

    Karim, fancy sharing some insight on Remi Guarde as a manager?

  16. tom

    Sheaf and Kamara are midfielders. Maybe one of those will get a start.
    I feel our second string defense is pretty strong which may allow a bit more experimentation further forward.
    Interested to catch a glimpse of Bielik and Malen too.

  17. Radio Raheem


    Four for now. I’ll wait till the end of the season to see if one of Cech/Bellerin/Ozil can force their way in.

  18. tom

    Debuchy Chambers Mertesacker Gibbs
    Kamara Flamini
    Ox Walcott Iwobi

    Bench: Giroud Macy Malen Bielik Pleguezuelo