5 important Arsenal take outs from the weekend

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Nothing quite like leaving your phone in an Uber with a driver who sprechens the sh*te ingléa Nightmares. Disconnected for almost 14 hours. Can you imagine?

Anyway, thanks to James for dropping a match report yesterday. When your football starts at 1230, you know how we roll after! I had a mezcalita… a new one on me. Beer and bloody mary. I felt so manly.

ANYWAY. Thoughts on the weekend.

Petr Cech was a masterstroke

What a signing. He’s really coming into his own of late. He makes the right saves at the right time. No frills. Just a very good keeper. That strike late on in the game where he rushed off his line was exactly the sort of situation that 1) Chezzer wouldn’t have rushed out for (rooted to the line was his thing) 2) we’d have conceded from.

Petr Cech just knows what to do. The world class saves counter must be up to about 10 by now. How many can you remember from last season? I can’t remember any.

Ozil is so hot rn

The boy has become a man. It’s like something has clicked with him. Like he can smell greatness in the air. He’s almost too good for the league. He’s 2.5 seconds ahead of everyone else. He’s immense. He’s a hard worker and he’s so creative it’s like he’s an IBM experiment in footballing AI.

Absolutely integral to our run in. So glad he’s getting the credit he deserves. So glad he’s playing like we hoped he would (and please don’t pretend he’s been this good since the start).

Big game results

That was a massive game at the weekend. Make no mistake. Coming hot off the heels of beating the best team in Europe can be tricky when you’re mentally fragile. I didn’t think we’d lose, but that’s the sort of game we’d normally draw. Meekly. But not bad enough to really complain. We need to be winning those games and we need to be doing it consistently.

We still lack maturity

The finish to that game was beyond farcical. I know we held on, but we went full blown panic mode. Sure, it was exciting to watch, but I don’t want exciting at that stage. I want turgid. Slow. Assured. Boring.

Flamini should be fined two weeks wages for that cameo. It’s was embarrassing to watch him playing the… ‘I’m six years old and I like chasing the ball’ role. We need to be smarter than that because against a better club, we’d be dropping points.

‘It’s only November’

There are two sides to this coin. One side is that it’s not November, but you get the jist. The second is the ‘play it cool boy’ crowd who are cogent that it is early on in the season. Now, I’m here on that. We were top of the league way more emphatically than this two seasons ago and we flunked out badly because we didn’t have the squad. However, on the flip side, we’ve also been out at this stage plenty of times in the past… more often than not we’re done by this stage chasing 4th.

So us being strong now should be enjoyed, but enjoyed cautiously. The biggest challenge we face now is fitness. Our squad isn’t good enough to sustain major injuries. We can’t afford to lose Sanchez, we can’t afford to lose Ozil and we most defintely can’t deal with the loss of Coquelin. I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about Flamini or Arteta manning the middle for any time period longer than 3minutes.

Lose any of those guys and we’re on the struggle bus.


I love this boy. I really do. But he’s making it really difficult to love him when he makes a habit of giving the ball away and losing us goals in almost every game. He needs to mature. If anyone needs a stint out on loan, it looks like it’s this lad. He’s struggling with confidence and because of that he’s making silly decisions. When your confidence is low, you force things, when you force things you make mistakes. Not a good weekend for him.

So, all in all, a great weekend. Made even more spectacular because of the absolute loss of the dressing room that’s going on at the Bridge. I said a couple of seasons ago I thought he’d lost his shine… well, he certainly has now. What’s going on there goes beyond a bad run. It’s a loss of the dressing room. It’s hilarious as well. I mean. outside of Steve Mcclaren, he looks the most likely to get fired. 5 losses already!

Anyway, we are top of the league. Enjoy it! Back with the Sheffield Wednesday preview tomorrow. Have a fun evening.


P.S. I watched the game in O’Hanlons in East Village. What a great bar. So many TVs. The guys and gals in their make up their own songs as well!

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  1. WengerEagle


    Yeah he could well but tbh even if he doesn’t, he’s still an absolute nightmare for defenders and he sets up lots of goals.

    He’s never really been a goalscorer wherever he’s played and he’s 26 so I’d have my doubts that he’ll develop into one now.

    He should start though IMO even with Robben coming back.

    They can be the two widemen with Muller playing just off of Lewandowski.

    Thiago and Alonso as the CM pairing.

  2. I am arsene

    Agreed on cech
    Although I feel he and payer are already having better seasons regardless of price tag.
    When you consider value for money then while de bruyne is playing well, the other two are in a league of their own

  3. nasri's mouth

    Giroud was bought before RvP was sold but I’d bet that the club knew very well that RvP was off before that. He’d been talking to Fergie since the turn of the year.

    I suspect that Podolski was actually signed as RvPs replacement but it was quickly realised that he couldn’t / wouldn’t work in our system as a CF.
    Wenger has been looking for a Giroud replacement for ages now. Rightly or wrongly he’s not signed the ones we wanted.

  4. daz

    “Jose alone would of won us at least 2 titles in the last 10 seasons with just 1 or 2 different players”

    I don’t think so maybe in the last few years since we have had more money to spend but I seriously doubt he would have lasted to see this day if he had been manager through the lean times

  5. nasri's mouth

    For us to have won a couple of titles in the last ten seasons we’d have had to overachieve pretty seriously. Mourinho doesn’t often overachieve to any real degree, and certainly not twice. The chances are he definitely wouldn’t have won the league twice with him. And he’s as likely to have fucked things up as he us to have won the league

  6. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Costa is 26? Hmmmm thought he was younger for some reason. Id be ok with a versatile midfielder who can score goals and set people up. (Isco ? RM should sell him to us, lol) . Was hoping Ox would develop into that. Thought maybe he would be key player to our season but its not working out that way, so far. Looks like maybe its whether Theo can maintain form and of course whether all our injured players can contribute or not,

  7. STV

    That’s well said I don’t understand why people thing he would have won us mutipl title during that period. Chances are he would have done the latter.

  8. alexanderhenry


    If wenger wins the league this year he won’t ‘have to account ‘ for a damn thing.
    The fact that you’ll still think he is a bad manager is utterly irrelevant.

    Despite this, and as I have I have a couple of minute I’ll answer your questions anyway:

    -his inability to even compete for a title over the past decade: He had no money
    – his many failures in Europe: He had no money
    – his many humiliations in the league (8-2, 6-0, 5-1, etc.): He had no money.

    Also , on giroud, your silly point that his £12 million price tag is ‘irrelevant’ shows how little you know. Of course it’s relevant. If you’ve got roughly £12 million to spend on a striker, giroud is a damn good transfer. Others spent £24 million on darren bent, £36 million on andy carol and £26 million on soldado.

  9. Joe

    Almost as outlandish as saying ” if Wenger couldn’t of won the title in the last 10 seasons no one could’ve of”

    How many seasons were we a player or two short from seriously competing. Or a player short in Jan from competing and the likes of Kallstrom brought in.

    Jose, Fergie, pep would of addressed where we were short and bought the 1 or two players we needed instead of relying on arteta, flam or Sanago, bedtner, or starting the season with 2 cbs and knowing one is injured.

    So many seasons where a different manager without such a stubborn streak and my way is the best way attitude would of won us the title.

    Let’s not forget Jose won the title in a canter last season before you start pointing fingers and laughing and has many CLs

  10. WengerEagle


    My bad, he’s actually 25. Still is older than I think most people would have him due to him being unknown (ish) previous to Bayern signing him.

    I’d snap your hand off for Isco even at the expense of Santi tbh. Rate that lad so highly, sky is honestly the limit.

    Ox has been disappointing to say the least. He’s only a year younger than the likes of Neymar, Gotze and Isco so he’d want to get his arse in gear.

  11. Joe

    We’ve had money for 5-6 seasons at least. At least

    Money is not an excuse. Hasn’t stopped Klopp and Simone from competing and winning titles and making it to CL finals

  12. Pedro

    Alexander, he didn’t need money to have better preparation, smarter tactics, a fitness coach with more qualifications than a swimming instructor…

    Those are the main gears clicking into place at the moment.

    I’d argue we’ve had better squads than the one we have no over the past ten years. We’ve also cash for the best part of 5 years now that’s accrued in the bank.

    Money is important in winning, but it’s a bit weak to pretend it’s the most important. It’s also ignorant to say that’s the reason we haven’t competed.

  13. Joe


    And we had the money to buy him or rues.

    So many people
    High on Ramsey. He’s had one 6 month run in form. Other than that he’s be poor/average to at best steady. Ox ha shown very limited glimpses of talent and to pin hope on him becoming some WC is based on what exactly. Cut our losses. Loan him out. Sign proven talent. Rues or Goetze for example

  14. STV

    Wenger didn’t address our problems that’s why we didn’t win. As for others we never know but as our finances been not better than liverpool during 2005-14 its no sure shot. I have a strong feeling that Mourinho especially will not in a sell competitive league with this budget. It’s not familiar situation fr him.

  15. nasri's mouth


    We’ve probably been short 2 or 3 really really good 1st team players rather than 1 actually.

    So that’s probably £90m of player purchases. Well, that’s fine, we have something very close to that now.
    But that assumes that those 2 or 3 players are all successful. And the transfer market doesn’t often work like that. I’d bet 50% of transfers don’t work out. So we’d probably need to spend £150m+ and the increases in wages (say a total of £200m) to get ourselves up to the level of Chelsea / ManC and that’s just in the short term and still no guarantees we’d actually win anything

  16. daz

    It’s one thing to say we could have done better with the squads we have had but another to claim another manager would have won the league without question

  17. NYCgooner

    I’ve noticed a few comments about cazorla’s age. For the position he now plays I don’t think it will affect him that much. He’s never relied of pace or power and he’s still one of the most crafty players in the game. Besides Wilshire will be his replacement whenever he decides to leave.

  18. Joe


    It’s just easier to say fuck it, I won’t buy anyone and keep coming 3/4th. Well it is for Wenger

    Fuck man. Show some ambition. If we can sign Ozil and Sanchez and cech. We can sign. Goetze and rues

    We are the fucking arsenal

  19. salparadisenyc


    Reus was a non starter the moment he signed up again with Dortmund. Dude turned Madrid down apparently. Pedro’s still busted up over that, who isn’t?

    Pep and Gotze seem to of come to terms, he’s playing very well this season.
    Can’t cherry pick from the elite, isn’t that simple.

  20. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Ahhh I do. Like the “Priest ” …. altho, I’ve never been hellbent for leather. I do have a pretty sweet leather jacket in the Max Payne style (video game reference for N5).

  21. I am arsene


    They may have spent wisely and have quality all over the pitch but they aren’t doing very well this season are they?

  22. Joe

    But I am.

    They’ve just built a stadium. Been relegated.

    They have no money.

    But still made it to a CL final and won how many league titles in a row??

  23. STV

    Arsene They were smart against real in cl. Something like we did with Bayern this season. Overall they do not have the quality all over the pitch IMHO.

  24. gary

    Pedro of course it’s a reason for not winning..at time of city and Chelsea over spending, tactics was not gona compete against that.. Before this season I believed if we don’t seriously compete for the title then he should go ..

  25. Joe

    If you spend money wisely and have the right tactics, motivation, in game management, player positioning, better preperatik not you can compete especially as we were always 1-2 players away each season. Not 500 m pounds away. Just 20-50. We could of had Suarez if we had bid another 8-12 million IMO and what a different season that would of been. That’s just one example. Letting Alonso go for a couple million, hazard, the list goes on. No one is asking for 100s of million just money spent wisely on players we needed.

  26. I am arsene

    Alexander, he didn’t need money to have better preparation, smarter tactics, a fitness coach with more qualifications than a swimming instructor…

    People keep saying that his tactics aren’t smart or that they are one dimensional or even non existent
    Look at how he got us to the champions league final
    Don’t tell me those were classic wengerball tactics
    Signing adebayor wasn’t classic wenger either
    Playing bergkamp right wing against lazio in a 2-0 win at Highbury
    I would say his biggest failing is the fact he hasn’t signed any vocal leaders until recently

  27. Joe

    I am

    You are taking about stuff that happened 10 years ago.

    Desperate much.

    The players had to install their own tactics v man city last season to produce a result.

  28. Pedro

    I am, Wenger did adopt tactics for that Champions League run but that wasn’t a regular occurence.

    Hence that massive gap where we barely won a game against a top side.

    Wenger is doing well in 2015 because he made massive changes behind the scenes to his staff and approach.

  29. Dissenter

    Mourhino charged and will most likely have his stadium ban activated for the Saturday Liverpool game.
    He’s really f**ked himself up really bad now.
    Will his players fight for him?
    I’m not so sure.

  30. STV


    But he was doing well also in 2007-2008 and 2010-11. There’s no guarentee that one tactic will only work. I think it’s more down to his stubbornness in other areas rather than just the lack of tactical astuteness.

  31. daz

    Wenger’s one and only attempt at tactics was in the 2005 FA Cup Final resulting in a disjointed performance and leaving Bergkamp isolated upfront.

    The one he won you plonker redtruth

  32. Pedro

    STV, I didn’t say Wenger doens’t play any tactics at all. I’m saying his approach didn’t consider the opposition, his methods were extremely dated and other managers surpassed him and regularly exposed him.

    This is a fact. I have no idea why so many people try and debate this. Like his issues against top teams were just down to bad luck.

  33. salparadisenyc

    Shouldn’t of bothered you in the slightest, since the FA cup means fuck all on the Red Truth barometer of importance.

  34. Joe

    We didn’t really convincingly beat hull in the fa cup final 2 years ago. We are a piece of wood away from being down 3 nil and game over

  35. daz

    Ha red how do you know how old I am? I can clearly remember that game and the final in 06 which IMO had nothing to do with tatics, had Jens not lost his head and Henry not bottled his chances we would have won that game, was Wenger wrong to put his faith into two great players?

  36. daz

    “We didn’t really convincingly beat hull in the fa cup final 2 years ago. We are a piece of wood away from being down 3 nil and game over”

    Shit happens, as I said above sometimes there is nothing the manager can do about it

  37. nigel tufnel


    One more take out:

    Bamford (man city lover)continues to haunt Arsenal blogs.. he has some weird fetish with fawning all over the big money names that he READS about.

    Clearly he doesn’t watch matches, or if he does, he doesn’t truly understand what he’s watching.

    Also, watch your grammar and spelling with him..

    . that he understands very well.

  38. Joe

    2 nil down in the first 10 minutes comes in preperation and motivation. Wenger as always probably took hull lightly and almost bit us in the ass.

  39. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Motorhead.. I wish I could say I was brave enough to go to a Motorhead concert back in the day. Closest I can think of is Molly Hatchet. Them boys could party in a Hell ‘ Angels kind of way, too.

  40. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You missed out offering praise to coq…
    Again I thought he had a good no thrills just drills game…

    Agreed flam thinks he is a box to box mid now….
    Think he is only there as a blanket for Ozil …. You know like in Charlie Brown ….

  41. daz

    2 nil down in the first 10 minutes comes in preperation and motivation. Wenger as always probably took hull lightly and almost bit us in the ass.

    Yeah I would say he prepared for the match in the same way he would any other match against weaker opposition and if you ask redtruth we don’t do to bad against such teams

  42. salparadisenyc

    Hull was always going to be a nervy affair considering the trophy drought. Got it over the hump and that was critical.

    Villa was a perfect final, attacking without fear. Goals, glory and lots of get down into the very weee hours.

    Sanchez blinder summed it up.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sal meet le my in 86
    Production company I worked at was doing a video for him !
    I was young only thing I knew was he sang ace of spades …!
    30 years on all I know about him is he drinks jack all day an ding ace of spades …
    Nice fella tho what I can remember

  44. salparadisenyc


    I’ve never seen them live… always wanted to. Incredible he’s still going for it. Same age as my mum, and rocking away. Bless him.

    Tomorrow, take it back to what the competition should be, a chance for youth. Mixed with some older heads. Rest the full lot.

    Debuchy Gabriel Chambers Gibbs
    Arteta Flamini
    Oxlade Sheaf Campbell

  45. MidwestGun

    Joe –
    Maybe latest line I saw they are getting 9.5. Still think Cards will be too much for them as long as Palmer stays healthy doesn’t get knocked out. Ravens defense has been terrible as well.

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You around

    I’m going to try a new bet this weekend …
    Arsenal win btts
    Arsenal win to nil

    Chelsea win btts
    Chelsea win to nil

    Mancity win btts
    Mancity win to nil

    20 bets @ 1
    Pays 300 if they win …

  47. Joe

    All their losses have been close though. Not getting blown out. I’m
    Tied with 2 other guys for the weekly win. I’m
    Sure they have cards. Just thinking if it’s wise to do Ravens

  48. nasri's mouth

    Common misconception is that we were only 1 or 2 players, £30-40m away from winning the league.

    Its very very rarely that easy. You often need multiple players, who are also the right players and available to buy, and for them to succeed AND to stay fit to make that significant difference.

  49. Joe


    It’s what Wenger gets paid 8.5 m
    Pounds a season to do. Not sit in millions and millions of pounds and not
    Compete and just give up and not try anything

  50. nasri's mouth


    How do you know what the terms of Wenger’s contract and job description are?

    He could be tasked with doing the best for the club while not taking financial risks that could backfire etc.etc.

    Clearly the board and owner (who DO know what his role is)are extremely happy with him, so it doesn’t seem like they’re upset he hasn’t spent all that extra money

  51. Joe

    The amount of money Wenger has spent in the last few seasons shows he is not limited in his spending.

    He brought in Kallstrom when he knew we needed someone

    It’s his stubborn philosophy that he wants to do it on the cheap to show everyone he can. And he’s failed. To the detriment of supporters all over the world.

    If he fails to win the league this season he should step down as he bought no one. Not one single outfield players showing he thinks this squad is good enough.

    It’s on him.

  52. Joe

    So would I but why make it harder by not buying an outfield player when we have millions on millions to spend.

    It just sets up to fail no matter what’s happening right now.

    I would love to win the league this season

  53. Joe

    But you just know we are going to come up short and wonder what if we bought a couple players

    And by short I’d say we will be 10 points off by end of the season

  54. alexanderhenry

    Pedro, according to you:
    ‘Money is important in winning, but it’s a bit weak to pretend it’s the most important. It’s also ignorant to say that’s the reason we haven’t competed.’

    Of course it’s the most important factor in winning. If you don’t get that, you don’t it at all. The clubs that spend the most, win the most. End of story.

    Look, it’s good that you’ve changed your tune of late and become a wenger fan. If you think arsenal’s upturn in form is because wenger has mysteriously rediscovered his tactical nous,that’s fine. If, like more level headed arsenal fans, you have put two and two together and realised that no club can win a major honour without heavy investment in players that’s also fine. If you want to be taken seriously however, try and stick to one line of argument.

  55. alexanderhenry

    I am arsene, ‘smarter tactics’, better preparation’..it’s all so vague. Please specify.

    Wenger had no money to spend at all from approx. 2006 to 2012. Maybe longer. Man u, chelsea and city spent hundreds of millions during this period. Also, liverpool massively outspent us and during some seasons, so did spurs, villa, sunderland and others . Arsenal fc were one of the lowest nett spenders during this enforced ‘austerity period’. Exactly how we were supposed to land premiership titles and champions leagues is a mystery to me and I suspect to you too. Wenger did remarkably well to keep us top four.

  56. Joe

    Remarkably well to keep us in the top 4

    You talk so much shit Alexander. Top 4 should be a bare minimum he achieves. Not the top achievement.

  57. TheBayingMob

    .Wenger is doing well in 2015 because he made massive changes behind the scenes to his staff and approach”

    I think that’s bollocks … I think it’s just luck with injuries. I bet it you went back and looked at all of Wenger’s decent runs they coincide with good runs of squad health. Once Alexis has been run into the ground the worm will once again turn.

  58. TheBayingMob

    If, like more level headed arsenal fans”

    Ugh!! I bet you could spend all night at a swingers party swigging sparkling pellegrini 3rd talking the finer aspects of a tank tops and the time you rallied behind the Greenham Common dykes with a hard leaflet campaign. Do some gak off a hookers arse sometime and learn to live a bit xxxx

  59. TheBayingMob

    Where’s all the Mourinho ring sniffers!? The special one has lost his touch a bit wot wot…looks a right fucking cunt at the moment. Mainly because that’s what he is. Not so many plastic chavs filling this site up recently. I’m surprised ….

  60. Dark Hei

    Let’s have a change in topic. Which youngster do we want to see against Sheffield.

    I am thinking Ben Sheaf. He can play as a CB or as DM. Looks very calm and could distribute the ball very well.
    Another one to look for is Iwobi. Built like a tank and very forceful with his play.
    Krystan Bielik might get a shot on the bench. His style is more like Coquelin, he looks pretty mobile.

  61. Dark Hei

    “Wenger had no money to spend at all from approx. 2006 to 2012. ”

    I think it has more to do with placing key responsibilities on the wrong players.

    Adebayor attitude sucked. But his replacement, Bendter, attitude sucks too.

    Gallas was a talented footballer but lousy captain. His various replacements include, Senderous (sigh), Djourou (talented but not a defender), Squillaci (not cut out for EPL) and Vermaleen (injured, always).

    In the goal keeping department, there was Alumunia and Fabianski; both not consistent enough.

    In the DM departmnet, Wenger turned to Denilson and Alex Song.

    The overall theme running through is the lack of professionalism. The squad was heavy with attacking talent and just merely ok in defense. Plus the whole bunch were a bunch of brats.

    You just need to look at the current Arsenal backline to see that none of the 4 were big $$ purchases. But ALL of them are impressing.

    In the middle you have Santi (who is admittedly world class and someone we stole on a cheap) but Coquelin costs nada. Same with the previous working pairs of Ramsey and Arteta, they costs little $$.

    In other words, Wenger screwed up, but made amends.

  62. STV

    I would say persisting with Almunia was his biggest mistake. Cost is countles s points by himself. So much so that he made Szchesny look like Peter Cech in his first couple of years..

  63. Wallace

    I think this will be close…

    Debuchy – Chambers – Mertesacker – Gibbs
    Bielik – Flamini
    Ox – Sheaf – Iwobi

    not sure if Sheaf will start, but have been impressed the few times I’ve seen him. shame Reine-Adelaide is away. i’d imagine Bielik & Iwobi are the two closest to the first team.

  64. Rambo Ramsey

    ’bout time!

    me hopes Mr.Wenger takes the milk cup more serious than usual. past two cup victors gone on to win the big domestic trophy. maybe there’s a link.

    maureen, Terry, Costa, the dodgy Russian owner, the racist plastic flag wavers all a match made in hell. hope they go down in flames.

  65. Wallace

    Dark Hei

    Oh, the clips I’ve seen he’s been driving forward through the middle and playing some pretty sexy passes. Figured he was more CM than AM but was struggling to come up with a credible option for the ‘Ozil role’.

  66. Rhys Jaggar

    A few FACTS to add to discussion.

    1. In the ‘no money’ days, Arsenal did not lose titles to Chelsea and Man City, from 2007 – 2009, Man Utd won the league three times. They weren’t spending money like no tomorrow. Chelsea spent like mad to win in 2005 and 2006, Man City in 2012 and 2014. Man Utd won 5 titles between 2007 and 2013, so all arguments about competing must be couched in terms of ‘could we compete with man Utd?’
    2. In 2008, Arsenal were top of the league and in the QFs of the Champions League when having ‘no money’. The team had a midfield of Diaby, Fabregas, Flamini, Gilberto and Hleb, with Denilson, Rosicky etc on the sidelines. Adebayor was scoring 30 goals in a season and Eduardo was besting the league until his leg got broken and, if you have to say ‘what crap’, I guess you focussed on Senderos and Almunia, since Clichy, Toure and Sagna weren’t so bad, were they? A goalkeeper and a centre half would have made Arsenal champions, but they were not signed. Arsenal had the money to sign what was necessary……
    3. The 2006 run to Champions League final coincided with Martin Keown, a defender who knew how to defend, coaching the team in defence. Surprisingly, they learned from a defender who knew how to defend and showed on the pitch how to defend. They lost the final due to Henry missing two sitters, if brutal truth be exposed (which isn’t because football is not about truth but about creating ‘heroes’ whose frailties are conveniently forgotten about). Even with Lehmann being sent off…..Keown was not rewarded with a full-time contract or even a rolling consultancy contract for his work and why that is the case is one of the more farcical aspects to the history of Arsenal under Arsene Wenger….
    4. Liverpool reached two Champions League finals, winning one of them, on budgets lower than Arsenal had. They spent their money on the team because their club has priority one in its DNA as ‘winning the biggest trophies’. It doesn’t have ‘having a strong balance sheet’ as priority one. Having a solvent balance sheet is about priority three at Liverpool. They won 18 league titles and 5 European Cups through having a winning attitude pervading through all levels of their club……
    5. Spurs reached a QF of the Champions League with resources vastly less than Arsenal. Vastly less. They beat AC Milan over two legs and took Inter to the cleaners in a Group Game. If Spurs get to QFs, Arsenal should get to SFs at least, pound for pound, all else being equal…….
    6. Arsenal did better in the Champions League ‘without a budget’ than they do now with ‘a competitive budget’. You don’t have to be Einstein to ask a simple question: WHY?? Has European football got inestimably stronger or have Arsenal become European pussy cats getting f**ked by dominant tom-cats because they spent the last 4 years ‘discovering their inner feminine sides’? Dinamo Zagreb, Olympiakos, Anderlecht don’t have budgets to compete with Arsenal and Monaco certainly don’t have one to blow Arsenal out of the water. What they all had was passion on the night and a plan to win the game.

    These are all non-negotiable FACTS.

    Whether it worth arguing about all that is one for others to decide.

    My view is this: for whatever reason, Arsenal are doing quite well at the beginning of this season. They have a relatively benign league programme in November and must take full advantage of it. They have a relatively benign league schedule this year with no horror runs of fixtures. They must take advantage of it. They are getting closer to having competition for places all across the pitch and they must take advantage of that through rotating appropriately – hopefully Wenger has pencilled in ‘rogering the wife/GF senseless’ into the schedules of Ozil and Sanchez for tomorrow night……

    But I am also of the firm opinion that the birth of a title child is a long way off and all that has happened so far is that the dipstick test has suggested pregnancy is underway and a visit to the GP has been scheduled in a couple of weeks time. The first scan takes place the day City come to the Emirates……..

  67. I am arsene


    Free with some of your points
    1. We signed William gallas that season.
    He was one of the best defenders in Europe at the time.
    The big mistake was making him captain.abd giving him the no10 Jersey
    He sabotaged our title run that year and ruined squad morale.
    2. Our future list has been a little kinder this year than previous seasons
    But other previous champions have prospered from kind run ins.
    Why complain? If we win the league we still will have to gain more points than all of the other sides.

  68. Wallace


    “Liverpool reached two Champions League finals, winning one of them, on budgets lower than Arsenal had. They spent their money on the team because their club has priority one in its DNA as ‘winning the biggest trophies’. It doesn’t have ‘having a strong balance sheet’ as priority one. Having a solvent balance sheet is about priority three at Liverpool. They won 18 league titles and 5 European Cups through having a winning attitude pervading through all levels of their club……”

    Liverpool have spent/pissed up the wall way more on players than we have the last 10yrs. don’t be confusing the excellently run club of the 70s and 80s with the one that’s got US investors taking it in turns to pump in millions just to keep them from falling even further behind than they have already.

  69. I am arsene

    Man United
    We’re spending
    £30m on Rooney
    £32m on berbatov
    £30m on tevez
    £17m on Nani
    £17m on Anderson
    £20m on Hargreaves
    £20m on carrick
    We could not not compete with that. Nowhere near that level of spending
    Te most astute signings they made was ronaldo and vander sar
    Maybe vidic too but the rest they bought every bit as much as Chelsea and city

  70. Rambo Ramsey

    “But I am also of the firm opinion that the birth of a title child is a long way off and all that has happened so far is that the dipstick test has suggested pregnancy is underway and a visit to the GP has been scheduled in a couple of weeks time. The first scan takes place the day City come to the Emirates……..”

    Oh my . .

  71. Rambo Ramsey

    indeed although finding meself a wee bit curious how the fella follows up the story. how might he factor in the sex of the child if the test result’s found positive ?

  72. gonsterous

    Good to know we have a game today.. hope we get to see some jungsters play for a change.. and please bloody rest Alexis and ozil..