5 important Arsenal take outs from the weekend

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Nothing quite like leaving your phone in an Uber with a driver who sprechens the sh*te ingléa Nightmares. Disconnected for almost 14 hours. Can you imagine?

Anyway, thanks to James for dropping a match report yesterday. When your football starts at 1230, you know how we roll after! I had a mezcalita… a new one on me. Beer and bloody mary. I felt so manly.

ANYWAY. Thoughts on the weekend.

Petr Cech was a masterstroke

What a signing. He’s really coming into his own of late. He makes the right saves at the right time. No frills. Just a very good keeper. That strike late on in the game where he rushed off his line was exactly the sort of situation that 1) Chezzer wouldn’t have rushed out for (rooted to the line was his thing) 2) we’d have conceded from.

Petr Cech just knows what to do. The world class saves counter must be up to about 10 by now. How many can you remember from last season? I can’t remember any.

Ozil is so hot rn

The boy has become a man. It’s like something has clicked with him. Like he can smell greatness in the air. He’s almost too good for the league. He’s 2.5 seconds ahead of everyone else. He’s immense. He’s a hard worker and he’s so creative it’s like he’s an IBM experiment in footballing AI.

Absolutely integral to our run in. So glad he’s getting the credit he deserves. So glad he’s playing like we hoped he would (and please don’t pretend he’s been this good since the start).

Big game results

That was a massive game at the weekend. Make no mistake. Coming hot off the heels of beating the best team in Europe can be tricky when you’re mentally fragile. I didn’t think we’d lose, but that’s the sort of game we’d normally draw. Meekly. But not bad enough to really complain. We need to be winning those games and we need to be doing it consistently.

We still lack maturity

The finish to that game was beyond farcical. I know we held on, but we went full blown panic mode. Sure, it was exciting to watch, but I don’t want exciting at that stage. I want turgid. Slow. Assured. Boring.

Flamini should be fined two weeks wages for that cameo. It’s was embarrassing to watch him playing the… ‘I’m six years old and I like chasing the ball’ role. We need to be smarter than that because against a better club, we’d be dropping points.

‘It’s only November’

There are two sides to this coin. One side is that it’s not November, but you get the jist. The second is the ‘play it cool boy’ crowd who are cogent that it is early on in the season. Now, I’m here on that. We were top of the league way more emphatically than this two seasons ago and we flunked out badly because we didn’t have the squad. However, on the flip side, we’ve also been out at this stage plenty of times in the past… more often than not we’re done by this stage chasing 4th.

So us being strong now should be enjoyed, but enjoyed cautiously. The biggest challenge we face now is fitness. Our squad isn’t good enough to sustain major injuries. We can’t afford to lose Sanchez, we can’t afford to lose Ozil and we most defintely can’t deal with the loss of Coquelin. I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about Flamini or Arteta manning the middle for any time period longer than 3minutes.

Lose any of those guys and we’re on the struggle bus.


I love this boy. I really do. But he’s making it really difficult to love him when he makes a habit of giving the ball away and losing us goals in almost every game. He needs to mature. If anyone needs a stint out on loan, it looks like it’s this lad. He’s struggling with confidence and because of that he’s making silly decisions. When your confidence is low, you force things, when you force things you make mistakes. Not a good weekend for him.

So, all in all, a great weekend. Made even more spectacular because of the absolute loss of the dressing room that’s going on at the Bridge. I said a couple of seasons ago I thought he’d lost his shine… well, he certainly has now. What’s going on there goes beyond a bad run. It’s a loss of the dressing room. It’s hilarious as well. I mean. outside of Steve Mcclaren, he looks the most likely to get fired. 5 losses already!

Anyway, we are top of the league. Enjoy it! Back with the Sheffield Wednesday preview tomorrow. Have a fun evening.


P.S. I watched the game in O’Hanlons in East Village. What a great bar. So many TVs. The guys and gals in their make up their own songs as well!

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  1. Louis Almeida

    I am not a big fan of Ox at all but I agree with Divine. Ramsey was a lot worse post-leg break. He really did stink up the pitch. Ox will get better I’m sure but I don’t think his overall ceiling is that high. His combination football is poor. He’s like Alexis without goals.

  2. bennydevito

    Good post Pedro and I love your drinking stories – they’re a great sideshow to the posts. Love it.

    I really hope we go hard for a top DM in January I really do. Pogba’s agent has come out and said if anyone wants him they need to contact Juve and make a bid. He also said 4 or 5 clubs were interested in the summer but wouldn’t stump up the readies. Apparently Abromavich is going all out to get him in January….

    If he really is available we should do everything in our power to get him. He absolutely must not be allowed to go to those cunts.

  3. Sam

    I’ve been looking at strikers that were linked to us just to see how they’ve been doing as compared to what we have.
    I think it’s interesting to note that bar about 3 strikers, our current strike force really seems to be holding its own against the rest of pack. I’d even go as far as saying that some one of the names that were heavily bandied around have turned out to be quite underwhelming so far.

    Attainable Strikers ‘Everyone’ Wanted:

    Jackson Martinez – 12 games, 3 goals, 1 assist, 194 MPG
    Edin Dzeko – 9 games, 1 goal, 572 MPG
    Alexandre Lacazette –13 games, 3 goals, 362 MPG

    Less Attainable Strikers ‘Everyone’ Wanted:

    Gonzalo Higuain – 12 games, 9 goals, 2 assists, 93 MPG
    Pierre Emerick Aubameyang – 17 games, 20 goals, 5 assists, 70MPG
    Paulo Dybala – 12 games, 5 goals, 2 assists, 129 MPG

    Unattainable Strikers ‘Everyone’ Wanted:

    Edinson Cavani – 15 games, 9 goals, 2 assists, 128 MPG
    Karim Benzema – 8 games, 7 goals, 84 MPG

    Our Current Strikers:

    Theo Walcott – 13 games, 4 goals, 4 assists, 188 MPG
    Olivier Giroud – 14 games, 6 goals, 102 MPG

    (MPG = Minutes per Goal)

  4. underrated Coq

    To be fair, Ramsey was shunted to the wings which is not at all suited to his attributes. Add to the fact that he had just come back from a career threatening injury and its little wonder he struggled big time.

    I mean, even now, when he’s established himself as a player, he struggles with wing play. He really had no chance back then.

  5. Mo

    Also, we absolutely HAVE TO get a DM in January. Old news I know, but seriously..I think we have a good chance with the PL (especially if we have an early exit from Europe altogether please thanks!) but we’re one Coq away from a limp finish.

  6. STV

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  7. DM


    “I really hope we go hard for a top DM in January”

    Errm I know you like me mate but no need to go hard for me 😉

  8. bennydevito

    Thanks Mo. I thought you meant Kevin Bacon until i read the link!

    DM. That was hilarious I really laughed out loud! Great stuff.

  9. STV

    Yes, but we are talking about a very excess consumption here. It depends on persons genetic make up also. But even then our body defense mechanisms are so sound that 99% cases the damaged DNA is repaired.

  10. salparadisenyc

    Ohanlon’s is fine establishment, nice pint of the dark stuff as well.

    Kind of wished we didn’t hit top of the table yet, fully understand every point counts but we don’t seem to do well top of the table. A couple back for the winter stretch would of suited me.

    We shall see.

    Interesting Sam regarding strikers, Benz and Cavani looking worth every penny with their play thus far. And Lacazette living up to the Darren Bent MK II label I put on him last spring, which nearly put London G into coronary failure. Although that back heal for France was pretty sweet.

    Batshuayi is another one we were linked with whose on 9 in 13 , all competitions. After much bashing of Higuian, he just keeps scoring and having the last laugh on many of us, myself included.

  11. salparadisenyc

    When you have to change the name from Kentucky fried Chicken… to KFC.
    Somethings certainly not right w/ you’re product.

  12. Carts

    Very strong result at the weekend. Everton at home was a must win, and I think we went about our business quite efficiently. Everton pressing on was alway going to be the likelihood but we held on.

    Ironically you started with Cech, and it’s Cech that essentially is the reason behind Chelsea capitulation. From the moment Abramovich fucked Mourinho off and sanctioned the sale was the moment it all went down hill for them. Ego crushed!

    Now they need to beat Liverpool, something I doubt they can muster, then it’ll be a handsome pay-off for Mourinho. Fucking comical.

    As for Arsenal, I think were looking quite good. Barring an absolute injury fuck-fest to Coquelin, Cech and both Giroud and Walcott, I find it hard to even fathom us not being top 3 come May 2016.

    Could we strengthen in January? there’s definitely an option; I think it hinges on certain factors though.

    1) We’re dumped out of the CL groups and the player we’re going after (parent team) is also dumped out. Implications being that said team could do with the money to compensate their (early) exit.

    2) We miraculously make it to the last 16, and said team have just been eliminated so the selling team will, again, take the money

    3) Said team knowing we’re flush with paper and quote an inexplicable figure based off the fact it January

    4)We lose one or two players (Coquelin & Theo, for e.g.) to long term injuries.

  13. Sam

    “Higuian, he just keeps scoring and having the last laugh on many of us, myself included.”


    Higuain is a strange one, he seems to score a lot but his big game record is still very suspect. At his age and the price tag napoli have slapped on him I still don’t think he’s a good buy.

  14. Bamford10

    The question is not what any of those strikers are doing in other teams but what they would be giving to our team given their attributes. Any CF who combines scoring with more hold-up play than Walcott and more mobility than Giroud would be an improvement on either of them.

    Any number of quality CFs fit this bill.

    And for the 10,000th time, Wenger has had THREE summers to replace Giroud, not one.

  15. DUIFG

    Absolutely agree around ozil good to see him finally deliver and not having to be protected by his fanboys and their phantom influence stats.

  16. Carts


    Though what you posted is useful, it’s just revisionism; and an argument can also be made for “first season integration faze”.

  17. DUIFG

    What a great buy Giroud was..what was it 12mill or so

    are you taking the piss? we sold a 30 goal a season striker for one who has never scored more than 20 pl goals, i would say we got exactly what we paid for.

  18. Louis Almeida

    DUIFG, I think I’m one of those fanboys!

    Apparently one of the Aston Villa directors called Wenger to ask for his opinion about Remi Garde. Maybe Karim can tell us more He did ok at Lyon, didn’t he?

  19. Sam

    ” Any CF who combines scoring with more hold-up play than Walcott and more mobility than Giroud would be an improvement on either of them.”

    Think if the formula was that easy then Welbeck would be the answer

  20. DUIFG

    DUIFG, I think I’m one of those fanboys!

    by nature I am too, it was very tiring though when he was ghosting around for 18 months and people were tryign to say he was playing well, i had seen him play better with my own eyes, i knew it was possible, finally he is delivering

  21. STV

    DUIFG I admit I too was against him in the Summer. But he is on fire this season. Could have improved us allowing Walcott to play right and keeping Giroud fresh and hungry

  22. DUIFG

    ” Any CF who combines scoring with more hold-up play than Walcott and more mobility than Giroud would be an improvement on either of them.”Think if the formula was that easy then Welbeck would be the answer

    its called martial, unfortunately you have to pay for that quality, think you were one of those calling 38 mil expensive??

  23. Sam

    “Though what you posted is useful, it’s just revisionism; and an argument can also be made for “first season integration faze”.”

    I was merely pointing out the striking options a number of people wanted were and still are risks and do not necessarily represent an improvement on our options.

  24. Louis Almeida

    DUIFG, I think I may disagree slightly with you. I don’t think he’s doing much different to before. I’d say since January he was in very good form. His game is about assisting so if people don’t take the chances he creates I don’t understand how it can be his fault. His stats are looking good because people have been more clinical, but even then, he could already be into double figures for assists this season. The best part though is him shooting more. He has amazing technique. His goals against Napoli and Liverpool were awesome. Something I want to see more often. I think he has it in him.

  25. Sam

    “its called martial, unfortunately you have to pay for that quality, think you were one of those calling 38 mil expensive??”

    Still early days for martial but he has alot more than mobility and hold up. That was/is my point.

    I called the 58mill expensive.

  26. Dissenter

    If Jack returns back to fitness before late January then Wenger wont buy a defensive midfielder.
    He will rather change the shape of the team and slot Jack in from time to time that buy someone new.

    I’m not so sure it makes sense to be honest, it’s hard enough to adjust to the premier league, even after a pre-season, talk-less of in January. The new player wont get going until next season.

    Barring injuries, Wenger will rely on returning players to pick up he pieces.

  27. Louis Almeida

    38million is a lot for Martial IMO. United had to pay it because they were desperate. Many were not even calling for Martial in the summer. He’s been great so far but it’s still early. Let’s see if he can continue it. He looks a great talent though. Portugal could do with someone like him 🙁

  28. DUIFG

    I agree welbeck is a frustrating guy, a lot of attributes are unreal

    really lets himself down in terms of movement and finishing though

  29. Carts

    “I was merely pointing out the striking options a number of people wanted were and still are risks and do not necessarily represent an improvement on our options.”

    And the stats are interesting. On paper, thus far, sticking with Theo and Giroud has worked well. Long may it continue.

  30. Carts

    DId Mourinho’s contract expire at Madrid or did he leave with a year remaining? Cos I’m almost certain Madrid had to pay Inter serious bread for Mourinho to prize him away..

  31. Bamford10


    Yes, but I said combines “scoring” with those other two attributes: scoring is unfortunately an issue with Welbeck, as he lacks both the mentality and the touch. He does give us a bit of hold-up play and mobility.

    I agree with you that it’s not as simple as ordering someone up who fits the bill, but several such players have been available in recent windows. Wenger just hasn’t made a proper effort to sign them.

  32. Sam

    I stay away from Chambo debate it’s silly n childish
    He’s a typical Wenger player going through bad period just like all the players at Arsenal.
    He has to pick himself up on his own n very soon
    Then haters will move on to bash another arsenal player as usual

  33. Louis Almeida

    Ben, Even though I hate Porto with a passion (Benfica roots) I have to say that Neves is the best young player in Portugal. Already made captain at 18 years of age. Very very good passing from deep in between the lines and also has a high level of interceptions. I think he is what Wenger ideally wanted Arteta to be. For his age he is very mature. He reminds me of Sergio Busquets only with more aggression. The only downside to his game is that he is not the tallest. It would not surprise me at all if Wenger is looking at him. All the biggest clubs in Europe are. He’s a fantastic player. His release clause is already 40m euros but I imagine that it will be increased.

  34. london gunner


    “He does give us a bit of hold-up play and mobility.”

    I actually think this is a bit of myth. Welbeck gives us some link up play, but I wouldn’t say hold up play.

    He isn’t great at winning aerial duels and bringing the ball down aka Giroud style,

    Nor is he particular good at playing with his back to goal.

    Hold up players like Giroud or Drogba could be used as lone installations bringing those lofted balls and doing enough with the ball till others could be brought into play.

  35. nasri's mouth

    There’s a dearth of top strikers around, hence why ManU spent £50m on a 19yr old winger in the hope (and expectation) that he’ll end up as a great striker, while continuing to play an over-the-hill Rooney up front.

    Just as Rodgers went ‘all in’ and spent £32m on Benteke, a player only slightly more Rodgersy than Balotelli was.

    Just as Chelsea and ManU both gave Falcao far too much money despite all the signs being there that he was fucked.

  36. Sam

    “Yes, but I said combines “scoring” with those other two attributes”

    Lol yeah I missed that one Bamford.

    Agree in previous seasons better strikers were available that we didnt move for but in this window i don’t think options wrere really there.

    For me not buying a DM in this window was the real unforgivable sin

  37. TT

    I’m going to tell you that Ozil has been this good from the start.

    But, it takes a team to win at this level and they have to get to know each other. Walcott, Giroud and Sanchez are different to Ronaldo, Higuain and Benzema.

    This is why when I hear buy this player and that player, it drives me crazy. That is a project for 1 or 2 years time. If you want to win this season you play with what you have already and smooth out the rough spots.

    So far so good.

  38. jwl

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    My girlfriend is shattered, I have caused big problems with her best friend even tho it was not my fault, at all. What a bizarre day or two.

  39. Joe

    Sam and NM

    Lots of strikers have moved in 3 seasons

    RVP left 3 seasons ago. Wenger has yet to replace him. You can put down all the stats you want from the first 12 matches but do stats from the last 3 seasons and see how good of a striker has moved in that time.

    We got exactly what we paid for in Giroud. A great plan B as many people have said. He will not ever be a WC starter option for arsenal. He’s a perfect plan B.

  40. london gunner


    “That is a project for 1 or 2 years time. If you want to win this season you play with what you have already and smooth out the rough spots.”

    1-2 year project? Try 10 years.

    Has this laissez faire strategy won us a single premier league title in 10 years?

    As for the rough spots why not actively see to rectify/ lessen them by bringing in quality personel?

    I mean was Mourinho/Chelsea wrong to bring in Matic,Cesc and Costa? Or did it in fact help them win the title?

    Why wait two years for vital squad updates?

    You do realise in two years Koz will be 32, Cazorla 33 and Sanchez/Ozil will be throughly pissed of and possibly looking to move to club that is winning titles?

    Why wait 2 years? Why not strike while the iron is hot while are team is almost complete. Why not add those key personnel who can drag us over the finishing line?

    Why have this completely nonchalant attitude of we can win in two years its all gravy despite the fact in 2 years the squad will need an even larger overhaul with the ageing players?

    Its like treading water or one step forward two steps back.

    How about we just address what needs addressing?

  41. jwl

    Anyways, just had to get that off my mind and I not allowed to tell anyone I know.

    It is amazing what a difference Coq makes to our team. Wenger pointed out the other day we champions of calender year 2015 so far and that’s all due to Coq being awesome. And some credit to Cech for this season because he making a difference as well.

    When Coq doesn’t stop them, then Cech does. And when Gab starts to get more consistent playing time, he will be important as well because he clearly likes a fight.

  42. I am arsene

    Here we go again
    Haven’t you got a lecture to be at??
    Bony is the better than our forward
    Bony is an athlete
    Bony would get Into any other side than arsenal
    Coq won’t last two weeks in our team
    Jose’s chelski are the best
    No it’s Man U
    No it’s City
    I’m off to support Real Madrid
    Morgan sniederpuss is the best MF in the prem
    Bla bla blaThey don’t have any balance I. Their side
    Their defence is creaking now since kompany began his decline
    They have vastly inferior offensive power without aguero or dzeko or silva
    Toure is finished
    Oh but they have sterling and de bruyne so they will win the league….???
    Give it up
    Oh and pellegrini isn’t in the same league as Wenger.

  43. nasri's mouth


    So why is the richest club in the world playing Rooney up front?

    I do agree that we’ve not replaced RvP though, or at least we’ve not replaced him with someone anywhere near as good.
    The problem with RvP was his fitness though. For most of his career with us he simply wasn’t fit enough.

  44. london gunner


    God he is stupid.

    That is darwin award levels of stupidity.

    How can he not possibly understand its public for the world to see? Also the women he is setting one night stands with are they not also super super dumb seeing as there sex life is plastered all over the internet? You think at some point they would have used the private message feature.

    That is in fact pretty much the point of twitter. Even if his wife wasn’t on twitter surely you would have thought maybe her friends/family are and they could easily stumble across his twitter page.

  45. nasri's mouth


    Coq has done well, but for me its Cazorla in the middle that’s been the most important piece of the jigsaw.
    He’s improved tremendously in his ability to regain possession, his positioning out of possession is very good, and with the ball he gives us so many options

  46. underrated Coq

    Whatever happened to Reine-Adelaide ? Really loved what I saw of him in preseason- that calmness and composure on the ball, way beyond his age. Looked technically proficient as well.

  47. I am arsene


    Of all the strikers mentioned, how many do you think would even get close to those numbers in the premier league?
    While I rate aubaeyang, I don’t feel he’d get close to those numbers in our league.
    Our lower clubs compared to German lower clubs (and Spanish) are streets ahead. More money, more physicality, better players.
    What do you think?

  48. underrated Coq


    I would say Welbz is better technically ( though he can still be prone to one or two moments which makes fans go ‘wtf am i watching a pro footballer?’ ) Just a shame he’s a bit of a donkey in front of goal.

  49. Bamford10

    I am Arsene

    Again, aside from saying that I rate Bony over either of our two CFs — which isn’t to say that I rate him all that highly — I never said any of the things you attribute to me. I never said anything about Madrid. Never said Schneiderlin was the best CDM in the league. None of that. All of those are distortions on your part.

    You, however, have just said all the following above, and I quote:
    1. City “don’t have any balance in their side.”
    2. City’s “defense is creaking now since kompany began his decline.”
    3. Yaya “Toure is finished.”
    4. City will not “win the league.”
    5. Pellegrini isn’t in “the same league as Wenger.”

    I look forward to asking you about these claims as the season progresses. 😉

  50. MidwestGun

    Pedro –
    Good post. .. totally agree with your it’s only November part. Our injury history is the biggest part. Hard to be optimistic about that. But totally amped up about how our midfield triangle of Santi /Ozil and Coquelin are playing. As well as our defense.

    As for not saying I told you so about Ozil. … does this mean I have to retire my Rose colored Ozil hipster goggles????
    I was pretty attached to them.

  51. gary

    DUIFG.. UNDERSTAND we at the time of buying Giroud were not in a postion to go and spend 30 mill on a striker.. As for selling RVP if u didnt know the cunt wanted to go .. if you believe all 12mill strikers would do as good as him then to put it simply your wrong..

  52. salparadisenyc

    Can’t knock Wenger in terms of taste for strikers… clear interest in Suarez, Higuain and Benzema.

    The fault would be in sealing the deal and taking the necessary financial leap.

    Current in flavor striker link is Batshuayi whom we were linked with at Liege and now Marseille. Club is cash strapped, sold Imbula, Payet and lost Ayew on a free to the Swans this summer. Now toiling in the league and looking not likely to qualify for knockout stages of the Europa league. If Wenger wants him he can get him in January.

    Any updates on Welbeck’s return status?

  53. Bamford10


    Whether Giroud has been good value for £12m is beside the point. The point is that he has never been good enough to be our #1, which is partly why he recently lost his starting job — per Wenger — to Theo, a player who isn’t even a genuine CF.

    That Giroud has never been good enough is why Arsenal fans have been calling for a new CF for some three years now and partly why we have failed to properly compete in either the EPL or the CL.

    I’m sure there are £6m CFs out there who might’ve played like £9m CFs for us, but none of them would’ve gotten us to a title, and none of them would’ve gotten us past a Monaco. Neither could Giroud, because he’s not good enough. That he may have been good value for £12m is irrelevant.

  54. MidwestGun

    Also, had we given up the lead.., I totally would have wanted to strangle the crap out of Flamini. … pretty sure the instructions weren’t to do your best Ronaldo impression. I’m assuming there were instructions to lock that shit down. I’m hoping.

  55. Bamford10


    “The fault would be in sealing the deal and taking the necessary financial leap.”

    Yes, or the fault is in not finding a less expensive option, like an Aubamayeng.

    Either sign a big ticket CF or find an undervalued gem who can do the job. Wenger has done neither.

  56. I am arsene

    Toure is finished
    Their defence is creaking
    Our gk rb lb are better
    Kos is probably the best cb in the league right now
    Per is certainly better than mangala for now
    Sanchez is the best player in the league. Had he played for Chelsea last season he would have been player of the year.
    Coq is better than fernando or Fernandinho
    Cazorla has been better than you’re since he went back into the centre
    Ozil is the best attacking midfielder in the league right now

    What city do have going for them are a couple of u21 attacking mids
    Silva and aguero
    The first two are no doubt quality but I’m sure there form will be inconsistent due to their age.
    De bruyne to a lesser extent
    And if they can’t keep silva or aguero fit then our team is easily superior.

    Inc our manager who now has money to spend and has spent it very very wisely

    Bony and benteke aren’t getting near our forwards this season in terms of form or goals
    Also you mentioned Klopp a couple of weeks ago as though he was some sort of messiah!!!
    You mentioned how he was vastly superior to wenger and now that Liverpool had him that they had a much better chance of winning the league than us.
    Another bamford call backfiring in his face like an ejaculating erection

  57. Bamford10


    If we win the title this year, then Wenger will obviously be able to say that he knows what he is doing. But we’re 10 games in to a 38 game season and City look the stronger side and squad, so I think it’s a little early to count those chickens.

    And even if Wenger somehow managed to win the title this season, that wouldn’t prove Giroud was a good CF — he isn’t even our #1 CF at moment, is he? — and Wenger would still have to account for:
    – his inability to even compete for a title over the past decade
    – his many failures in Europe
    – his many humiliations in the league (8-2, 6-0, 5-1, etc.)

  58. Bamford10

    I am Arsene

    “You mentioned how [Klopp] was vastly superior to wenger and now that Liverpool had him that they had a much better chance of winning the league than us.”

    Yet again you get the claim wrong. I said that I thought Klopp could come good on his promise to win a title WITHIN THE NEXT FOUR YEARS.

    That’s a very different claim.

    And yes, I do think Klopp is a better manager than Wenger, as do many if not most people here.

  59. nasri's mouth


    Can’t see them selling him in Jan unless there’s some kind of crisis or they bring in at least 1 striker themselves

  60. MidwestGun

    Speaking of which. .. I’m pretty sure a drink called Mezcalita needs to have tequila in it. Perhaps a rethink on that name.

    Like Red Dawn. .. maybe or Red Eye…, or a sly Le Grove reference. ….

    Redtruth. … beer and bloody mary… likely to give you an even worse hangover later on.

  61. Marko

    Ruben Neves or Youri Tielemens? Heard great things about Ruben but Tielemens is the tits though. Been staring for Anderlecht for about 3 seasons

  62. I am arsene


    He did
    He found
    Giroud and welback and finally unleashed Walcott at cf
    Resulting in arsenal being joint top with a team that wastes tens of millions on players like navas boney Sinclair and joevtic.

  63. gary

    ”his inability to even compete for a title over the past decade” u serious, for most of this decade he has had fuck all money to spend.. David Dein even said he had to balance the books for at least 5 of those years.. No manager in world football would have won us the title, especially with Chelsea’s & City spending..As for not winning CL remind me how many times in our history have we won it.. even Chelsea with spending shit loads have won it once and Man city cant even get out of their groups

  64. nasri's mouth

    Tielemans would be nice, potential to be a complete player. Just the type you’d imagine Wenger is looking for

  65. salparadisenyc

    “Wenger has done neither.”

    Frustrating indeed, but atm Walcotts moving into the 1st choice CF role has done a couple things I like.

    Automatic axis point to our threat of counter which puts most teams a step back in terms of committing players forward. Quintessential component to any of Wengers title winning sides.

    L’Oreal is playing like a man possessed, which was always the point to competition for place.

    If Walcott could finish many of those chances? Which makes us all wonder what Aubumayang would achieve on current form.

  66. Bamford10


    Wenger has had plenty of money to spend for some time now, and both Dortmund and Atletico have managed not only to compete for titles against bigger-spending clubs but WIN said titles. Wenger hasn’t even COMPETED for one.

    The money argument is bogus, and if you really want to have a conversation about it, you might review the last five years of Le Grove backlog. I’m not going to do that review for you, though.

  67. I am arsene


    How’s he doing? Kloppmania seems to have subsided a bit
    It’s not so easy in the prem. Unlike the bundesliga.

    Also this year is within the four years you gave,,,
    If we win the title this year then what?? Will you move the goal posts again or admit, for once, that you are wrong

  68. Bamford10

    No one said Klopp was going to do well right away given his personnel, you clown.

    Jesus, you’re brainless.

    My last comment to you. Cheers.

  69. I am arsene


    He has competed .
    He may not have competed until May
    But he certainly competed
    Ok the wheels fell off but he competed
    We were top until Eduardo had his leg snapped
    2011 until we lost league cup and everything fell apart
    2013 top of the league for 127 days
    Also got to the champs league final with record of longest time spent without conceding(which still stands) and was 12 mins away from winning with 10 men against the best team in the world
    All whiles turning a profit
    Don’t say he hasn’t competed bamford
    He has
    Now he has money he is more than holding his own

  70. I am arsene


    You said within 4 years he would win a title and winger wouldn’t
    This is year one
    Oooooooh boy you’ve done it again…….
    You’re gonna need Vaseline to get that foot out of your mouth fella. It’s wedged pretty tight

  71. Bamford10

    And I never made a claim about Klopp’s chances relative to ours.

    Can you reiterate a single thing another poster has said without getting it wrong? No, you can’t.

    Now THAT’S the last reply to you. 😉

  72. salparadisenyc

    The financial argument is tired. Use last summer as window into Wenger.
    Reported budget of £75m, spent £10m on Cech. He’s rightly or wrongly, all about the quality with as little risk as possible. No problem going into a season slightly thin.

    If he pulls the title this season after that and all the criticism that followed?
    “Only team in Europe to of not signed and outfield player…”

    Dudes laughing, although in my mind we’ll sadly come up short and quite possibly due to just that. Hope i’m wrong.

  73. MidwestGun

    No manager in world football would have won us the title-
    See its statements like this that bother me. You would have to assume that manager would have done everything the same as a Wenger , bought the same players, spent the same money, did the same tactics.
    There is literally no way of knowing its all faith based assumptions.

    Just saw an interview with a great manager here in the US in another sport that says all top managers at high profile jobs wish they could take a year off now and again to recharge their batteries and get prospective. Unfortunately that’s not how it works unless you get binned or quit. Many of the last 10 AW years seem phoned in…. in retrospect. Especially in regards to transfers and fulfilling team needs.

  74. GoonerDave

    Having very little money available for player transfers is far from bogus. Its actually one of the main reasons we won nothing from 2005-2014.
    Thankfully, its no longer relevant now, but it most certainly was.

  75. I am arsene


    You have said that we will never win the title again with winger in charge
    You said that Klopp would within four years
    Let’s see

  76. gary

    Bamfotd ur right we’ve had shit loads of money for several years.. and should have won CL… If we win the league this year it will b down to luck

  77. STV

    Wenger has a habbit of running behind top strikers during the entire tw, fail and then sit on his ass and not looking for any alternative. True RVP left when there is a financial difficulty. But he squeezed 25m for the rat and didn’t invest that again. Is it all or nothing approch ? But in most cases he ended up with nothing. Professional wise that is inept and unacceptable.

  78. STV


    we hv to win the league to attract top talents. No body with big ambition would want to go to a club which has not won the league for 12 years..

  79. daz

    “Wenger has a habbit of running behind top strikers during the entire tw, fail and then sit on his ass and not looking for any alternative. True RVP left when there is a financial difficulty. But he squeezed 25m for the rat and didn’t invest that again. Is it all or nothing approch ? But in most cases he ended up with nothing. Professional wise that is inept and unacceptable.”

    Not so sure this is true, I would say this is the only time wenger hasn’t had a WC striker in his squad

  80. I am arsene


    Er that’s crap
    City signed Robinho, toure, aguero. Silva after not winning the league for decades
    Liverpool signed Torres and Suarez and haven’t won the league since 1990
    Chelsea signed drogba, veron crespo robben Essien

    Had to pull that nonsense

  81. jwl

    london gunner/rollen

    He’s horny middle aged man who doesn’t really understand internet and completely misunderstood privacy settings at twitter and a couple of other places.

    Nasri’s Mouth

    I think defence is more important than offence. Coq has stopped many opposing players, than our defenders/keeper can handle rest which allows our show ponies up front to do their thing.

    Cazorla, and others, can only do what they do when everything fine in defence. It is easier to win 1-0, than 4-3, is my thinking.

  82. AA23

    what I’m reading is that Wenger wanted Carvalho all along and is waiting for him to prove his fitness… if all goes well a January move could be on the cards

  83. I am arsene

    Not so sure this is true, I would say this is the only time wenger hasn’t had a WC striker in his squad

    Rvp, adebayor and Eduardo while not world class were top top forwards
    All capable of becoming world class at arsenal
    Only one stayed long enough to reach that eventuality
    My point is that I feel with
    Giroud, theo and welbz we have a similar situation.
    All of those are capable of making the step up in my opinion

  84. STV

    Bam your argument is shit. Spain and Germany have extraordinary talents coming from their soil. While Arsenal has to make do with wilsheres gibbses Chamberlains and Walcott (past seasons anyway). Name one pl manager who managed the same. In England you need proper investments as well, something aw failed to do.

  85. salparadisenyc


    “But he squeezed 25m for the rat and didn’t invest that again”

    Not totally accurate, he re-invested a portion into Giroud.

    In terms of numbers very similar to what he did with Anelka to Henry. Bought RVP for £3m and sold him for £25m, replaced with Giroud for £12m. Bought Anelka for £500,000 and sold him for £22m, replaced with Henry for £10m.

    Quality wise obviously didn’t shoot as high. But nobody can deny Giroud was good value. I just prefer us with more pace in the side, as a plan B / sub in L’Oreal’s proving his mettle.

    Key to this season is Walcott’s finding the net or Welbeck coming back and contributing and fitness to the key players. Notably Coq / Ozil and Sanchez. A counter attacking Arsenal gets more points than this possession game we’ve dabbled with.

    I was very critical of this summers business, but the biggest difference to our side imo is Cech. In term of effect, was there a better signing in the league this summer?

  86. Trickeygooner

    Mo @ 15-07
    I’m devastated about the sausage news. !!!!
    And apparently so is Harry Kane. As he has 1/2 lb sausages in his gob.

  87. salparadisenyc

    Transfers take time… it was all in motion with Van Persie.
    RVP graphed that lack of ambition letter around late June but the wheels were certainly greased prior.

  88. Goondawg

    In a statement Arsenal said: “We acted in good faith throughout in this transfer and had no reason to believe that the player’s representative was not authorised to be involved in the transfer negotiations.

    “The FA fully recognised that there was no intention to mislead on Arsenal’s part. We have improved our procedures to prevent this happening again.”

    If the FA recognises we were the least culpable in the Chambers transfer scandal why are we still getting punished?

  89. WengerEagle


    Yeah you can’t go wrong with Roma at the moment, sitting pretty at the top of Serie A.

    Besiktas just seem to win every week and Mario Gomez just seems to score every week (scored 2 today).

    Same with Napoli and Higuain lately.

    Serie A is by far my favourite league to bet on.

  90. MidwestGun

    My opinion Giroud has pretty much reached the limit of his potential.
    Theo still on the way up as he learns how to play Cf.
    Welbeck.., who freakin knows… he could get caught up in that Wilshere cycle of injuries which kills your development as a player.

    I do wish we had more of a goal scoring threat in the Ox/Ramsey position if we want to compete on the World stage. All the top teams seem to have that triple headed monster.
    Bale,Benzema, Ronaldo
    Neymar, Suarez, Messi
    Costa, Lewandowski, Muller
    Sterling, Aguero,De Bruyne
    Sanchez, Theo, ???

  91. Joe


    See its statements like this that bother me. You would have to assume that manager would have done everything the same as a Wenger , bought the same players, spent the same money, did the same tactics.
    There is literally no way of knowing its all faith based assumptions.

    Very well said.

    Klopp, Jose , Fergie, pep, Simone would of won us a title in the last 10 seasons.

    Wenger is the reason we haven’t won a title because of his tactics, motivation, transfer decisions, line up decisions etc.

    Jose alone would of won us at least 2 titles in the last 10 seasons with just 1 or 2 different players

  92. WengerEagle

    ‘Costa, Lewandowski, Muller’

    As good as Costa looks I wouldn’t have him pegged as a goal threat tbh, he has an average goalscoring record.

    Gotze is a big goal threat as is Robben.

  93. WengerEagle

    Good shout on Cech there Sal, as far as signing of the summer goes his only rivals at present would be Payet and De Bruyne IMO and the latter cost 5 times the amount.

  94. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Ya. .. somewhat. .. I was including potential tho. Think Costa might develop into a better scorer.Your right Robben probably a starter if healthy, anyways.