Everton: Concen…trat…ion needed

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I went out last night to watch some ice hockey. The Islanders. I’m writing this before though. So who knows if it was good. All I know is that you don’t get rowdy with other fans BUT you can drink beer. Which is why you don’t need to get rowdy… because you’re concentrating on beer.

Anyway, big game today. Our second 1730 kick off in a week. We take on the mighty Everton.

So what do we know about our form? Well it’s teriffic. We’ve won our last 3 games at home, two of those include elite opposition in United and Bayern.

Everton? Well, it’s not looking so good up there. They’re 11th in the form table and 9th in the real table. I watched them take a tanking from United. They weren’t that bad. They just didn’t take their chances and their defending was embarrassing.

I’m kind of glad Roberto Martinez isn’t doing a great job. Any manager who carves a reputation playing a style of football not suited to the calibre of players on offer, resulting in a near death relegation battle every year is not, in my opinion, a great manager. He’s super nice and exactly the sort of manager I worry we’d look to sign.

Well, honeymoon is over and it looks like he’s not as good as Moyes. Off the list, I hope.

We know the game will be tough. Everton have a fast and powerful team. I mean, on the face of it, a front line of Lukaku, Deulofeu, Naismith and Barkley… well, it’s pretty intimidating. Fast, tenacious, hardworking and potentially deadly. Just doesn’t work that often, does it?

Still, we are a glamour team. So our scalp raises the game of others and it sharpens the focus. So we need to have our wits about us.

We have one injury worry… Rambo. Out. 3 weeks + the usual 3 weeks after when you’re not sure what’s going on.

So that means Chambo coming into the mixer. A player who isn’t in great form. A player who is struggling with his identity this season. How is this going to affect the dynamic? How is he going to drive our play? What will he be like next to Theo? Will he defend? Will his passing be up to scratch?

So many questions. I hope he finds himself. I really do.

I’d imagine it’ll be Theo starting up top tomorrow. With the rest of the team staying the same.

Should be a fun game. Another home one. Enjoy if you’re there. I’ll be watching with a bloody mary or something else suitably non-football.


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  1. Rustygunner

    Watching United and City huff and puff says Arsenal could be untouchable with a few additions. Our weakest links are becoming apparent and the manager should throw in the towel on them.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: I said he would be first choice at any club where he was competing with Walcott and Giroud

    So, your proof for saying that Bony is better than Giroud and Walcott, is that if Walcott and Giroud were at ANOTHER club, WITH Bony, then Bony would start ahead of them?

    Congratulations, you win the award for most pointless argument

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    one of the few bright sparks in this game.

    Dunno whether he’s exactly a CF yet, or will be though

  4. warchester

    if wenger wanted to sign martial the feel would be much lower at 20-30 million, but even that was too expensive for the cheapo

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: My life is so much more pleasant now that I am free to ignore certain posters.

    Agreed, you don’t need to defend your stupid points of view anymore.

    Must be a weight off your mind

  6. underrated Coq

    Lol. Typical condescending response from Bamford10.

    Why don’t you just change your moniker to ‘Bamford knows best’ and be done with it? Seriously?

    What I find most funny is you not even realising the fact that you get things wrong more often than right.

  7. I am arsene


    Yeah. Maybe we should introduce literacy lessons as you can’t seem to construct a sentence and convey your thinking accurately at all.
    NM also thought the same
    Aren’t you meant to be a teacher?
    God help them.
    A Marxist, illiterate, 40 year old virgin corrupting their impressionable young minds.
    You tool
    I didn’t compare the ox with zidane did I?
    No no no my dim witted adversary.
    What I did do was state his development as a model for young players, whereby he was given time and patience to flourish and find his role.
    Nice try though
    Twisted waspish little fellow aren’t you?

  8. Nasri's Mouth


    LvG has done a good job of sucking the life out of oppositions attacks this season.

    (apart from his brain fart against us)

    Dull, but very effective

  9. London gunner

    We could could win the league, but only if aguero picked up a long term injury.

    Without him they just aren’t the same. Mr hey don’t just miss his goals but constructing an attack around him.

  10. Highbury4ever

    At least walcott and L’oLreal are “descent” humans being, compared to Costa.

    In fact anyone could easyly pass for a descent human being compared to him LOL

  11. warchester

    red, i hate costa’s character issues but there’s no doubt he would be better playing with our attacking system…costa is easily a 30 goal scorer with our tippy tappy, he’s physical, he can play one touch passes and he’s quick as well….not everything must be backed up by stats…use your eyes to watch the game sometimes

  12. Bamford10

    I am Arsene

    “I didn’t compare the ox with zidane did I?
    No no no my dim witted adversary.”

    You’ve failed at reading comprehension yet again, as I never said anything about you, Ox and Zidane. I believe that was Dissenter.

    You’re embarrassing yourself. Perhaps you should discuss football somewhere where the conversation moves more slowly.

    And the meaning of my previous sentence was perfectly clear to anyone not foaming at the mouth, desperate to contradict me.

  13. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth
    I don’t disagree but his “dim” and effective approach is helping England ahead of the Euros.

  14. I am arsene

    It’s funny, you’re not talking of defecting to Real Madrid any more.
    What a total phoney you are.
    I’d pull my kids out of school if I had a buffoon like you indoctrinating them. At least have the courage to stick to your convictions
    Didn’t you claim the coq wouldn’t last two weeks
    Then he wouldn’t last two months
    Then the season
    Then he wouldn’t make the team this season.
    You said that Walcott should be sold
    You said that sniederpuss was the best midfielder in the prem
    Now that he is at untied you say Thor midfield is weak
    You were all about Chelsea til they bombed
    You were all about untied til we destroyed them!!!
    Now their midfield isn’t very good
    Everything you say is WRONG!!!

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: You’ve failed at reading comprehension yet again, as I never said anything about you, Ox and Zidane. I believe that was Dissenter.

    It might be a good idea if you read his post AGAIN and apologise


  16. Marko

    I don’t get the Bony and our strikers comparison at this moment in time especially when ours are playing well and Bony isn’t. 2 goals against Bournemouth aside he’s been doing nothing. Giroud has 7 and Walcott has 5 which is good considering both are flawed/rotated/subbed on late in games. Pointless debate

  17. I am arsene


    Again “teacher” you failed to notice that I addressed dissenter a few lines above that statement.

    Oh dear. You’ve put your foot it your dopey Marxist mouth again.
    Engage your brain before you engage your mouth mate

  18. Bamford10

    “It’s funny, you’re not talking of defecting to Real Madrid any more.”

    What’s funny is that I never said anything like this. You’ve imagined it or invented it in that over-heated brain of yours.

    Calm down and count to ten. Use punctuation and proper spacing, and maybe your posts will be worth reading.

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    Marko: I don’t get the Bony and our strikers comparison at this moment

    I think Bamford brought it up because he made the point a month or so ago that Bony had done really well since he’d joined ManC, so he’s trying to justify his himself somehow

  20. Bamford10

    I am Arsene

    Except that I said almost nothing you’ve accused me of. And where I have gotten something wrong, e.g., Coquelin, I’ve acknowledged it.

    Calm down. You’re going to hurt yourself.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: Except that I said almost nothing you’ve accused me of.

    Except that he didn’t accuse you of the Ox-Zidane comparison, and yet because YOU FAILED to read his post correctly, YOU claimed he’d failed at reading comprehension

    Well done, you managed to smack yourself in the face with the irony hammer

  22. Dissenter

    I am Arsene,
    “What I did do was state his development as a model for young players, whereby he was given time and patience to flourish and find his role”

    Who gave Zidane the “time and patience” to flourish and find his role”. ?
    Go and read more about Zidane’s development.
    Stop babying Oxlade, just because he’s criticized doesn’t mean that I too don’t want him to succeed.

    Why even reference a footballing great like Zidane when Oxlade has a very patient manager in Wenger. Like I wrote earlier, he has Wenger’s confidence so he will keep getting his chances.

    There was no need to start taking cheap shots at “US being so far behind” (paraphrasing)
    Actually , many like me believe its the preponderance of English coaches at our developmental level that’s part of our problem because they emphasize athleticism more that skills. That I believe, is a problem we both share.

  23. Bamford10


    I said Berahino’s FINISHING is better. Another poster misrepresenting arguments.

    And what makes you say Enner’s finishing is better than Berahino’s? Maybe I missed something. Genuinely curious.

  24. Marko

    Bony’s done well since joining? Must of missed that. I actually like Bony he’s alright but not really an improvement on what we have so what’s the point in targeting him or talking about it. What I find worrying is how old Bam constantly talks about City you’ll find generally he’s the one who brings them up. Wins against United, Spurs, Bayern and Everton recently you’d think Arsenal would be on people’s minds on an Arsenal blog

  25. I am arsene

    Ha, your narcissism and hypocrisy rears its ugly head again.
    Never mind the defecting part
    You continue to claim that I am incapable of reading correct English
    1. Nasri’s mouth took your statement in the same way as myself. Which indicates that your wording is at fault.
    2. You than ran your mouth off over my comment to dissenter, yet again failing to notice that it was NOT DIRECTED AT YOU.
    In the process making a fool of yourself AGAIN.
    You did “threaten” to o and support a real team like real and other posters have said as much. I vividly remember thinking: “this guy must be 12 or something”
    Imagine my surprise to learn you are in fact a teacher and a football coach!!!
    I bet you’re a popular figure in the staff room, aren’t you

  26. vicky

    I would not say Bony is better than Walcott simply because those two are completely different players. Very difficult to compare them. Bony has the physicality,good long range shot and decent aerial prowess whereas Walcott is about pace and movement. No common ground really to compare them.

    Giroud vs Bony is not even a debate though. I am not a Giroud fan but he is a proper striker,well rounded albeit slow. Bony at best is a support striker type in a two man strike force.

  27. I am arsene


    I’m babying the ox??
    I don’t even know him. I’m not in a position to baby him. However I feel certain elements amongst our own supporters could, well, support him.
    And zidane did have time to flourish. In fact most players did back then without pressure from fans to deliver and be the finished article, winning games single handedly at 22.
    Cristiano ronaldo was nothing but a show pony at 22. He didn’t develop end product until he was 23-24.
    Not that I’m comparing the ox’ potentially.
    Rather the time frame in which a player develops.
    If a phenomenon can take their time to develop then the ox should be afforded a similar time frame or more

  28. STV

    just checked his stats at man city 17 pl games 0 (!!!) goals. So much for a player who would walk in to every pl team other than Arsenal