Who to blame for annual Ramsey hamstring blow out?

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Man, Friday is pretty much nearly there for my UK brethren.


You lucky sods.

I’ve woken up this morning to Apple’s latest update, another assault on the pauper publishers! Their new update comes with some new emojis, but those are there to disguise their assault on ME. Just joking. But it looks like Apple are about to rock the publishing industry by controlling their content in their News sections. It means you don’t have to deal with websites, the news is served up algorithmically based on your choices, right to your phone. The same way you don’t need CD for music, you now don’t need a website for news content. They control the ads. They control the tracking. They control the experience (which generally, is pretty damn good).

Great for the reader, I have to say.

The other big evolution of their product is with their TV stuff. They’re giving publishers the chance to set up on their platform with zero connection fee and the ability to own 100% of the revenue they make from ads (deals sourced independently). That’s good. That’s game changing good. That’s so good, I’m thinking of starting my own channel. I have no content, but whatever.

When you work in digital, it’s quite unbelievable the pace things move at.

A business in which you never, ever have the damn formula.

Which is great. It forces you to stay curious. It’s bad, because your work life is fucking effort.

Anyway, how about Arsenal?

Wenger has been reflecting on the injury of Aaron Ramsey.

“Aaron Ramsey, after international break, he has a chance to be back, so it is a three to four weeks job,”

“Maybe he was overloaded a little bit with games. Ideally I think not him nor Bale should have played against Andorra, because they were qualified, but unfortunately I could not decide that.

“I was in a position after that where I thought I could rest him against Watford. In the end I didn’t do it and of course after, against Bayern, I had not much choice and we got punished.

“Ideally he should have had a breather, or at Watford. Realistically, the real breather he could have had was against Andorra.”

The whole rotation thing is tough, especially when you have brilliant injury prone players. Wenger is right, Wales were stupid for not resting Rambo against a toilet team when they were qualified. It beggars belief these dim international managers can’t see the sense in resting their key players… because if Aaron is fucked in the summer, so are Wales.

Part of this also falls on the manager for not trusting his squad. Watford was a very obvious game to rest his players. It wasn’t a banker by any means, but no games are in the Premier League. It was more of a banker than Bayern. If Aaron was fatigued, there should have been a replacement to drop in. Unfortunately, Jack Wilshere is broken and Alex Chambo is wildly off form.

Football is a game of plate spinning. I just hope that is a lesson to him with Ozil, Santi and Sanchez moving forward. They are not indestructible. We have a lot of tough games ahead and we need to work out a system of rotation that works for the results as well as the legs.

Sometimes I really do soften towards Wenger. Usually after he delivers a terrific win in Europe against the best side in the world. Anyway, I love this from him.

“I have a lot of respect for Louis van Gaal but I don’t agree with him on that,” Wenger said. “Maybe it’s because I’ve been in England for such a long time. I had his ideas when I arrived here but today I would cry if you changed that because it’s part of English tradition and English football.

“To suppress the game on Boxing Day, the whole of Europe comes to England to watch the game. It’s a very important part of us being popular in the world, that nobody works at Christmas and everybody watches the Premier League.”

Wenger said he’d ditch the New Year’s game if he had had to choose with a gun to his head.

 “I want to go on with it,”

“I always pleaded for a break after January 1, but we have to keep this tradition alive.”

I like the tradition, but the reality is, everyone is hungover, everyone is cold and the games are generally pretty tepid. I also think this is a prime example of the man’s obsession with the game. His players don’t want to be in over Christmas because they want to hang with their young families and eat all the food. Wenger would rather play football.

I’m all for tradition, but I think the Christmas period is a bit like a war… NFL is something like 16 games, mainly because the game is a war of attrition. It’s the team that loses the least to brutal injury. That winter period is like that… what’s the least we can get away with?

That’s not a good look for the players and it’s not a good look for the Premier League when we play fresher teams in the last 16 of the Champions League and lose. I’d quite like to be on an equal footing with Europe in that sense.

In other news, there a good article from Raphael Honigstein on the Bayern game. There seems to be a lot of confidence from Bayern that they’ll take us apart in the return leg. Which could very well be true. A point over there will be something else. A win? Dreamland.

The interesting part about that article is the non-commitment of Pep to a new deal over there. I really hope he signs on for another stint. I couldn’t think of anything worse than seeing one of my favourite football personalities / talents heading up north to that monstrosity. Hopefully he’ll join Arsenal in the post-Wenger era.

Right, I think I’ve penned enough words today.

HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY NIGHT. I’ll be watching you all embarrass yourselves online later. x



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  1. SomeRandomGunner

    On the title challenge. We need to win 8 out of next 10 games , it looks a very daunting task. We will need about 86 points to win the title. That is 43 points for each of the 19 games. We need 24 more from 10 games midway through the season.

    There is not much variation in Champion’s first half points and second half points.
    It is very hard to win the title with having a “slightly bad” half .

  2. underrated Coq

    ” Said it yesterday, wished Welbeck was fit. We could use him right now. ”

    If Chamberlain gets his head down and plays to his potential, we’ll forget all about Welbeck. Big ‘If’ though.

    The last time Ramsey was forced to drop out of the team due to hamstring troubles, he lost his central position to Cazorla. So now the question is whether Chamberlain can make the right wing position his own and push Ramsey out of the first 11.

  3. Bankz

    I know Everton didn’t play midweek but we really need to smash them for 3points tomorrow. Man city and United will likely drop points as I think a draw will be best for us.
    go top and try consolidating from there.

  4. salparadisenyc


    Agreed “big if” Oxlade’s been a headless chicken thus far, but the potential is there.

    To fair we could use both Welbeck and OX with Sanchez looking desperately knackered post Bayern. I’d like to see him rested next week against the Swans, just don’t fancy starting Campbell. All that said, not sure you can keep the Chilean down unless he’s injured.

    Wenger needs to, can’t have him pulling out for a stretch.

  5. WengerEagle

    I wouldn’t hold my breath if you’re waiting for Ox to grow a footy brain tbh, don’t think that it’s going to happen at this stage as he’s 22.

    He’ll have the same problems in 4 years time.

    Just look at Sterling who is a year younger and he’s miles ahead.

  6. salparadisenyc

    Not sure what the point of loaning Gnabry to West Brom was as he’s playing in there U21s. Could of well done that here.

  7. underrated Coq


    I think its fair to say growth of a young player depends a lot on the playing time he’s afforded. Sterling had a massive advantage over Chamberlain here which probably helped.

  8. WengerEagle

    underrated coq

    True but I’d argue that it’s Chamberlain’s fault himself that he hasn’t played more for us.

    He also made 21 starts last season in the BPL and UCL (29 apps including subs) which is a decent amount of playing time. You’d have to be honest and say that 3 goals and 3 assists wasn’t a good enough return.

    He also costs us big time in certain matches when he gives the ball away in stupid positions. Monaco and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the 6-0 mauling when it was still 0-0 immediately spring to mind.

  9. Carts

    “salparadisenycOctober 23, 2015 14:21:56
    Not sure what the point of loaning Gnabry to West Brom was as he’s playing in there U21s. Could of well done that here.”

    Something tells me his fitness is shoddy, atm.

  10. tom

    Stirling was one of Liverpool’s main men for 2 seasons. Banked a lot of confidence there.
    I think Ox can be every bit as good if he gets his head together. A decent run might help him do that.
    I disagree that he hasn’t got a football brain, if anything, he over-thinks when he ought to be instinctive.
    Theo has progressed after similar criticism, why not Ox?

  11. WengerEagle

    For all of the people who criticise Sterling’s end product/finishing ability too, he has scored 5 goals already for City in 9 apps and he scored 21 goals in 90 apps for Liverpool from 2013-2015.

    Compared to Ox’s 13 career goals for us in well over 120 apps. And not one of those was away from the Emirates.

  12. Dissenter

    On current form, the likes of Iwobi are ahead of Gnabry.
    I cannot believe he’s not even making the bench at Westbrom
    It may be that he’s not as good as my here think or has a bad attitude in training. Something’s not right with him.
    If he were injured, he’ll have returned back to Arsenal.

  13. S Asoa

    Ox’s problem is losing the ball when he comes to defend , usually in a dangerous position . Otherwise he is better than our Numerous Uno headless chicken. Point is , did Le Imbecile ever sit with him with video replays to show him his mistakes ?
    Sanchez is a fantastic player but loses the ball up front since he holds it too long . 2-3 defenders converging is a dangerous situation . It also overall slows movement up front. Did Le Imbecile ever point out his flaws ? Even the reason why he is going to substitute him when he is no longer required, all to make him a rested beast for the next game.

    Not at all going by his smart Alec comments
    When is WENGER outing ?

  14. WengerEagle

    ‘if anything, he over-thinks when he ought to be instinctive.’

    Exactly, just like Theo he’s better when he doesn’t have time to think about what he’s going to do.

    Which is lacking a footy brain.

  15. Wallace

    looking through the training pics it’s noticeable how often the English, Spanish speaking, and French will stick with their fellow countrymen.

    also, a bunch of kids training with the first team that – apart from Bielik – I don’t recognise.

  16. Byo


    Barca have always had managers that came through their system since Frank Rijkard(?spelling). The only one, Martino, not in this mold failed disastrously.

    Why can’t Arsenal aspire to same? I really don’t understand this obsession with Gardiola, another restless soul.

  17. salparadisenyc

    Sterling gets serious flack in this space.

    I was in the camp that definitely wanted us to sign him when those rumors surfaced last spring, before City put “sheik” money to close it.

    Very crafty player with much higher ceiling that Ox for me. Not saying Ox won’t come good but I have serious questions about his best position on the park is atm. Shades of Gervinho in his last outing.

    Regarding Gnabry, he played 85 min last week for Ablions U21s.

  18. Wallace

    on rotation…

    I’m not sure at the moment to rotate because we had a medical meeting this morning with our recovery tests to see how everybody recovered and so it is difficult to speculate on players who might be tired and are not tired, sometimes you might see that during the game. I don’t think we have a fatigue problem.

    – Wenger

  19. WengerEagle

    ‘Theo has progressed after similar criticism, why not Ox?’

    I wouldn’t say that Theo is anymore intelligent a player than he was as a 20 year old.

    His finishing has much improved hence his scoring numbers have gone up but not much else has changed, even as a youngster his pace always made him very dangerous in the right matches.

    His dinked finish vs Villarreal in 2009, his assist for Ade’s goal in Milan in 2008, terrorising the Barca backline when he came on in 2010, etc.

  20. Carts

    re: Ox

    He clearly has the ability and confidence. His end product isn’t the worst and I wouldn’t say his finishing I poor or anything, more so that he rarely finds himself in goal scoring positions.

    I’m not sure ” a run of games” is what he needs as he never actually looked short of match sharpness. He knows what’s expected of him and for the most part he does that quite well.

    His problem is ball retention, i think.

    I’m guessing his head constantly balloons the longer he retains the ball and beats players. Which subsequently leads to him being dispossessed in trick areas.

    I think it’s obvious what Wenger thinks of him when he’s willing to utilise Ramsey’s “energy” as oppossed to Ox’s “pace”.

  21. WengerEagle


    Yeah I’d say though that you get that at most clubs.

    At Barcelona, Alves and Neymar are best mates, Ronaldo is very close to Coentrao and Marcelo (Portuguese speaker), the Spanish lads at United hang out (Mata, Hererra, De Gea) and at Chelsea the African lads always stuck around each other back in the day. (Drogba, Essien, Geremi, Kalou).

    Ozil and Flamini buck this trend though. It’s the only reason for keeping Flamini around other than to mash the Spuds. 🙂

    Most random friendship circle ever was Tevez (Argentina), Park Ji Sung (South Korea) and Evra (France).

  22. tom

    I think judging Ox on end product ignores how effective other parts of his game can be.
    I also think he has the ability to score , he strikes the ball well, and once it clicks for him , goals will flow.

    One day we ought to discuss what ‘football brain’ really means.

    Wenger Eagle says it’s knowing the right move by instinct.
    Is that true, or is there more consciousness involved?

  23. underrated Coq


    I would have said Chamberlain’s struggles to go up a level are due to him not getting consistent game time ( either disrupted by an injury or getting dropped for a senior player ). BUT, as you rightly point out, its not all tough luck, he should blame himself too.

    Whenever he gets that rub off green and an opportunity to start games comes his way, more often than not he messes it up.

    Think that’s the difference between Chamberlain and the likes of Bellerin and Coquelin. Make no mistake, their opportunities came as a lucky break too but boy did they grab it with both hands.

    So far, one could be forgiven for thinking that Chamberlain doesn’t have that hunger or desire to better himself. With Rambo’s injury, He’s gotten another shot now and he should really make the most of it cause he’s running out of time.

  24. Carts

    re: Sterling

    I don’t have a boner for age, so to speak…but I think a lot of people forget how old he is.

    I remember Michael Owen, quite begrudgingly, losing his shit on air about how Sterling is a natural or good finisher. It went from positive criticism to genuine digs (a la Carragher and the scouse mob) about his lack of finishing, shody shooting technique etc.

    Sterling is at the right club, playing with the best players, to improve his attributes. He will without doubt get better. The kid is like 5’5 and he has the strength of a DM at times.

  25. WengerEagle

    ‘Wenger Eagle says it’s knowing the right move by instinct.’

    The most intelligent footballer’s in the world are capable of playing the game at any tempo, the likes of Xavi and Iniesta, the two most intelligent players of the last decade were capable of playing the game at a snail’s pace when need be but could push through the gears at will.

    When you have just scored to bring your side back into contention in a UCL tie at 2-1 and there is a minute left, the last thing that you should do is charge at a defender near the halfway line with no backup support.

    Ox only has one gear.

  26. SomeRandomGunner

    @WE It is odd that you slag Theo so much but like Welbeck a lot.

    IMO you dont get Theo’s numbers without being intelligent . Especially with his “supposed limited abilities” .

    But I agree about Ox , I dont think he is going to get any better than say Gervinho. Gervinho had more intelligence and end product than Ox.

    Ox was a usable option last season . This season he loses concentration every 3 seconds. He receives the pass then loses concentration after he brought the ball under control he again loses the control of the ball.

    When he is dribbling too he kind of loses track of where the ball is.

  27. warchester

    have an INKLING ox is better off in that central striking position, maybe he can learn a thing or two about patience in holding up play by playing there…but ramsey injury is costly not because he’s more effective on the right wing tha ox but Ramsey is naturally the only good player that can relieve santi/ ozil…now we’re severly thin in the playmaking positions…this is a consequence of wenger playing all his most tippy tappy players all at once rather than their proper positions

  28. salparadisenyc

    Cant make this stuff up Josip.

    Mou is rapidly becoming the caricature we always knew was lurking under the surface. Someday I hope to have a lil Jose doll my kids can tape to the ball and kick about.
    When the tape runs thin, the dog can chew the fella further into redundancy.

  29. WengerEagle

    ‘His end product isn’t the worst and I wouldn’t say his finishing I poor or anything, more so that he rarely finds himself in goal scoring positions.’

    Did you see his attempt after Ozil’s goal was hooked out by Neuer? 😀

  30. Samesong

    I think Ox is suffering from a lack of confidence. Did you see the embarasment in his face when the Ozil goal that went over the line, but his attempt to finish went over the bar.

    I’m backing him to score this weekend.

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    Underrated Coq: I think there’s a reason why Fergie first, then van Gaal and now Wenger don’t trust Welbz with the striker role.

    Fergie had Rooney, LvG decided to swop him for Falcao, so I’d suggest his judgement isn’t that valid and Wenger hasn’t really had him for enough time yet. We have to wait until he’s fit, Giroud’s fit and Walcott’s fit to see how he rates him.

    Look, I’m not suggesting him as our 1st choice for the next 5 years, I’m saying he’s not as shit as some people are suggesting, (ok, ok, mainly Steve and Joe) and that as a 2nd/3rd choice he’s fine.

  32. Carts

    “Wenger Eagle says it’s knowing the right move by instinct.
    Is that true, or is there more consciousness involved?”

    I think it is instinctive reactions that set apart the basic player and the upper echelons. I suppose it’s like when you hear about how Tennis players, successful ones “had something about them” when they picked up the racket.

    Once your natural attributes are recognised, it take someone to come along and help hone those skills.

    Again, it’s like when I was in school, though I’d consider myself a decent player, there was always that one (or two) player who would doss around in training, smoke and get suspended but when he stepped on the pitch, it was curtain.

    I’ve digressed a little; but players like Ox, Barkley, Sterling et al strike me as players with natural ability that requires someone that’ll push them further.

  33. underrated Coq

    ” I wouldn’t say that Theo is anymore intelligent a player than he was as a 20 year old. ”

    Not too sure about this. Theo’s grown and learnt how to make the best of his talent so I would say he’s become much more intelligent in his approach to the game. I mean, at the end of the day, you can only develop and refine whatever skill and talent that you’ve been blessed with.

    That’s the problem I see with Ox and to a lesser extent, Ramsey. They still haven’t figured out how to harness their attributes in the best effective way.

  34. Carts

    “Did you see his attempt after Ozil’s goal was hooked out by Neuer? ”

    Ahh ffs, that was flakey as shit wasn’t it lol.

  35. MidwestGun

    Why is that goat looking at me like that? It was only a couple of drinks. ……sheeeesh.

    Pedro –
    No content? Just lock gambon in a room with Redtruth. The Le Grove tv channel… is born. Plus it would get Redtroll a job…. maybe get him out of his mother’s basement.
    Plus merchandising. ….. just run adverts for Le Grove t -shirts, bobble head dolls, foam fingers, coffee mugs, mousepads.

    Come to think of it… your gonna need a program director/producer.

  36. Samesong

    For those players that played at any kind of level especially has a forward those chances you miss always play on your head after the game. And then then next game its almost like you try that little more harder. You will see this from the OX saturday.

  37. MidwestGun

    I always find it facinating the ammount of love Gnabry gets on here for a dude that played like 5 games a few years ago and scored 1 goal or something.

    Absence and potential makes the heart grow fonder I guess.
    He was practically Wallace ‘ s adopted son for awhile. Lol.

  38. WengerEagle

    underrated coq

    Exactly, couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    Bellerin and Coquelin took their opportunities with both hands when presented with them.

    With Ox it seems to be last chance after last chance.

    He has ability coming out of his ears, he’s a brilliant dribbler on his day and has a lovely strike of the ball, his athleticism is astounding too.

    He has no excuse for not scoring and assisting double figures, that’s what he should be pushing for at his age if he wants to go up to the next level.

    Sterling is the obvious English comparison but if you look on the continent, Neymar, Gotze, Isco, Calhanoglu, Draxler, Fekir, Oliver Torres, Coman, Felipe Anderson, Dybala.

    There’s not much age difference between any of them in fact a lot are YOUNGER than Ox.

  39. salparadisenyc


    Not really pining for Gnabry although I’d take him fit in the side before Campbell.

    Just confused why he’s played his last two loan games with the U21s.

    As Carts said perhaps its fitness.

    But can’t deny the ability, when he had the tiny run Low took note.

  40. TheBayingMob

    The Xmas and New Year period is essential to the traditional English football experience. It would be a big mistake to remove it. We’ve lost enough as it is with ground moves to soulless concrete bowls and the loss of the traditional 3pm game routine.

    I don’t see why we couldn’t have that Xmas and New Year period as it is and then go into a break off the conclusion of the 3rd Round FA Cup games on the first Saturday of the New Year.

    I think what would be awesome is to have all the 3rd round games kick off at 3pm on a Saturday. A real hark back to the good ole days; any replays get taken care of on a staggered basis on Tuesday and Wednesday that week (or make the third round games straight ET and Pens if required).

    I think it would give the FA Cup 3rd round a new lease of life, then the league could break for two weeks and reconvene after ,,,

    I think that would work really well … of course that two week period would just get filled with tours to Asia and Cunternational games so there would be no real benefit; it would only work if all PL teams signed up to not organizing any football related events during that period.

  41. underrated Coq

    Theo at Oxlade’s age was one of our best players alongside RvP. And in the season that followed, he stepped up a gear and became our most valuable attacker, with many a match winning goals and assists.

    I don’t think Theo’s development as a player can be compared to the Ox’s. Theo showed a steady improvement every season up until that ACL ruined it. Ox has mostly remained the same, some might say he’s actually regressed.

  42. Samesong

    Gnabry looked quite a tidy player when he played and will offer something different to ox and ramsey. definetly rate him

  43. WengerEagle

    ‘WE It is odd that you slag Theo so much but like Welbeck a lot.’

    I don’t slag Theo a lot and I hardly wax lyrical about Welly either, he’s a good squad player and I stand by that.

    Neither IMO are good enough to push us to the title, Theo is doing well as of now but he isn’t a 20-25 goals a season player and when his goals dry up we’re going to be heavily reliant on Sanchez to keep scoring.

    Having Theo up front just goes to show how a proper CF with pace and an ability to create chances for himself would take us up to the next level, Ozil and Sanchez look way more dangerous when the focus isn’t all on them which is what happens when Giroud starts as he doesn’t have the pace to break away from defenders.

    I’m not his biggest fan and he’s a bottler but Higuain even would perform wonders in this team. Have to admit that he’s hugely impressed me so far this season.

  44. MidwestGun

    Ox needs to consider more where he is on the pitch before he tries some of those questionable dribble moves. A give away in the center is worse then a give away out wide. Pitch awareness before you try something overly technical.
    As a member of #teamOzil this was actually one of my problems with Ozil his first season. He has really cleaned that aspect of his game up. And he seems to be looking to shoot more.
    So I agree some of what Ox ‘s problems may be are related to experience and confidence. It’s sort of a catch -22 tho… not gonna get the time unless he performs.

  45. WengerEagle

    ‘Ox has mostly remained the same, some might say he’s actually regressed.’

    Agree, I would anyway.

    The best I’ve seen of Ox remains that run of matches in 2011/12 that included his brace vs Blackburn and the infamous Arshavin sub when we lost to United.

    His performance vs Milan at home in CM was great too.

  46. SomeRandomGunner

    My main problem with Ox in recent games is not even the intelligence . It is even more basic than that.

    Last match he received the ball he got it under control and lost concentration and lost the ball . No one was near him to put pressure on him.

    In the match previous to that he was making a pass few yards he saw the pass but lost concentration before executing the pass. And played the pass too casually and lost the ball.

  47. salparadisenyc

    Agree with Eagle there.

    Space Theo found mid week was very telling, that game ends differently without the threat. If he could finish those 1/2 to full chances?

    As much stick as we give Hig, he just keeps on scoring consistently (for club), many one here wanted Lacazette this summer not really producing. As Higuain just cant stop.

  48. underrated Coq

    ” Neither IMO are good enough to push us to the title ”

    Agree WE, and its why I cringe whenever someone trotts out the ‘Worldclass or bust’ excuse re signing a striker.

    Its fair enough that there are very few attainable worldclass strikers but really lame not even considering signing someone from the next tier. They would still be a improvement to this squad as I don’t think any of Giroud,Theo and Welbz fall into that level.

  49. Rhys Jaggar

    The Christmas fixtures works brilliantly for:

    1. EPL clubs and EPL broadcasters.
    2. Diehard English fans/foreign EPL fans.
    3. All England’s opponents in tournaments who have a majority of players not playing in the EPL and hence resting and staying healthier in a winter break.

    Arsene Wenger is employed by an EPL club, his French team know that England will be worse without a Christmas break and he is such an anorak that the thought of him spending three weeks not 100% on football would have him reaching for the anti-depressants.

    The time this will change is if EPL breaks away from its English roots and simply becomes 20 brands/franchises. Then the rest of English football can reinvent itself with a blank canvas, allowing more English born players, allowing a winter break and imposing limitations on how many games any one player can play dependent on position to ensure that player health has a higher priority than before.

    I’m afraid Apple is simply copying templates I wrote years ago – I did a strategic case review of Apple at business school and the lecturer (who worked in every single nation state on business in the world) was rather surprised at how easy I found it to flag up the strategic possibilities facing Apple. Apple have taken an unhealthy interest in everything I have done ever since…..and it is well known that they were nicking IP from HP and other places right from the time of their foundation, so their greatest innovation is: ‘not being sent to prison for compulsive, decades-long filching of IP from outside the company’…..

    Oh, and when Steve Johs died I wrote a skit of how he went about ‘seducing customers’ using Kelvin McKenzie as an alter ego giving sex education lessons to teenage boys.

    Mark Zuckerberg can thank me for his Facebook IPO getting away so successfully on Wall Street as a result…….

  50. WengerEagle

    ‘If he could finish those 1/2 to full chances?’

    That’s my issue with Theo, he’s not consistent enough.

    We got off extremely lucky with Neuer’s flapping gifting Giroud the goal.

    On another night Theo’s wastefulness in front of goal would have cost us.

  51. Jeff

    To be honest I don’t know why anyone has to be blamed for a hamstring injury. Isn’t it a ticking time bomb? So it can happen any time in any game. So don’t understand the blame game here.

  52. Goondawg

    “I was in a position where I thought I could rest him against Watford I did not do it. Against Bayern we got punished. He should have had a breather.”
    Asked if he regrets playing him in the 3-0 victory over Watford, Wenger replied: “Yes, because he got injured.”

    Clearly Wenger at fault

  53. salparadisenyc

    “We got off extremely lucky with Neuer’s flapping gifting Giroud the goal.”‘

    Was happy we scored a pretty one at the end, saving a bit of face after the hand of, well not god. For a moment I though Ox’s miss was all we had.

    Neuer taketh then giveth. Said it pre match against Bayern can only live by the sword for so long, on occasion you must die by it. Happy it was against us.

  54. Ivan


    I think you’re on to smh with OX. Reading you’re observation it crossed my mind that maybe he cant handle pressure well? Mistakes he does are really elementary stuff. Misplaced passes, bad ball retention. Too eager shots, especially one after Ozil goal. Fact that he regressed is maybe connected to the level of expectation from him, and general feel that he has to instantly deliver considering his age and time spent in club. I guess have to wait and see will he get better now in absence of Ramsey.

    On a funnier note. I really enjoy this meltdown Mou has atm. Although i respect him for his results, his bad persona is so annoying that IMO he deserves it every bit…..like Wenger said, stupid people when given success sometimes become more stupid.

    His recent quote from quardian article:

    “Despite the troubled start to the season, Mourinho insists Chelsea are “not afraid to lose”. “Premier League is 38 matches, lots of points. You lose today, you try to win tomorrow,” he added. “At this moment in the Premier League we are not afraid to lose matches. We are going to play normal.”

    hes quote from bbc article when he accused Wenger being specialist in failure:

    “Mourinho said: “If he is right and I am afraid of failure it is because I didn’t fail many times. Eight years without silverware, that’s failure.”

    funny stuff

  55. daz

    “Many risk factors including poor flexibility, strength imbalance, insufficient warm-up, and fatigue have been proposed as risk factors for hamstring strain injury. Basic science studies have established the connections between muscle strain and strain injury, muscle optimum length and muscle strain, and flexibility and muscle optimum length, which support poor flexibility and insufficient warm-up as risk factors for hamstring strain injury. However, the theoretical basis of hamstring strength imbalance and other proposed risk factors for hamstring strain injury is lacking.”

  56. Radio Raheem

    Theo’s the type of striker that’ll score 40 a season and we’ll still be debating if he is good. He’ d never fully convince. His ideal position remains right forward to me. But with Cazorla playing CM I doubt we’ll ever see him start there.

    As frustrating as Ramsey is the prospect of starting Chamberlain has given me the frights.

  57. Al

    Chamberlain really worries me because I think he seriously lacks in the mental strength at the moment..

    Hopefully iwobi is on the bench..be good to see him get a couple of minutes if we are winning

  58. kwik fit

    The Ox’s first touch hasn’t improved , in fact, if anything, its deteriorated. This is his make our break season IMO. If he continues to stall then he may be sold.

  59. kwik fit

    Hope Wenger resists the temptation to rest Sanchez. Everton are a dangerous team and we need our best players at full throttle. Besides he can get a rest during the week.

  60. Samesong

    My question is can the player’s keep the same intensity that they did against United in the first half?

    I think yes.

    When you winning games there’s that little bit of spark that comes with it.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    Was really hoping for big things from Oxlade over the summer, been seriously disappointed up to now. You can see it all there, but the product on the pitch is average at very best.

    Someone at the club needs to tell him with Ramsey out for a month this is his chance to claim that RM position or else it’s a slippery slope, he will soon see himself out of the club replaced by the next bright young prospect because all he can offer his transfer value based on his nationality.

    Step up Oxlade!

    Also, did say Aubameyang would have been a great buy for us early in the summer, way before his new deal, really think he’d have been a monster in our set up.

  62. MidwestGun

    There were decent attacking options this summer. Hate the nobody top level was available narrative. It’s bs. Anyhow, it’s Ox’s time. Just like it could have been Wilshere’s time last season. Hope it turns out better then that.

  63. Romford Ozil Pele

    Think football changes very quickly. Always hard to make any firm opinions. Who would’ve known this time last year how key Bellerin and Coq would be. Heck 6 months ago 90% of the fan base thought Theo was getting sold. It’s always hard to predict.

    But disappointed with Ox though he’s a bit of a soloist. Reminds me of a traditional wide player in a 4-4-2. We can’t afford both him and Alexis atm cos our combination play will drop off alarmingly and we’ll continue to turn over the ball at a high rate. His combination play and defensive awareness is lacking and it’s why he’s behind Ramsey. Needs to improve in this regard though it may well do with game time. Who knows. The joys/misfortunes of football is that it’s so unpredictable it’s hard to know what will happen. Fingers crossed it happens for Ox

  64. Al

    Ox will come good just not sure when?

    A lot really has to do with attitude though just look at Bellerin and Coquelin. Got into the team by things going for them and since they have been in there they have really worked their ass off. The passion and enthusiams they show is refreshing and something lacking from Chamberlain.

    Him and every single player including Joel Campbell should be looking at those two and thinking if they can do it….So can I

  65. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    Ohh ok ..let me look at the nfl schedule. And the PL odds.

    I think we will stick with Theo and Giroud off the bench.
    If it ain’t broke. ….. etc….

  66. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    Bills, Rams, Vikings,Dolphins, Colts, Steelers, Patriots, Redskins,Falcons,Chargers, Giants, Panthers, Cardinals on Monday night.
    ….some tough ones this week ..maybe I’ll do better tho. Lol

    Swansea, CP,Norwich,Watford,Chelscum, Arsenal,Newcastle, Spuds,Citeh,Southampton.

    At least that’s what I’m feeling at the moment.

  67. Arsene's Nurse

    Wenger complains that Wales should have rested Ramsey as the game wasn’t important then he plays him for 90 minutes against Watford even after we go 2 up in the 68th minute. Ramsey then scores in the 74th minute but at 3-0 Wenger keeps him on and he plays another 20 minutes.

    If he was so concerned why didn’t he invent a minor niggle and keep Ramsey from playing for Wales or why not rest him for the Watford game or at least bring him off when the game was won?

    Wenger then starts him against Bayern. He has so little concern over Ramsey’s fitness that he continues to play him after half time when he’s already looking at playing a counter-attacking game and isn’t needed.

    He’s making it up and blaming Wales for no reason. If he was genuinely concerned he’d have done something. Sanchez will be next. He needs a rest. Oxo and Campbell should be enough wide to take care of Everton.

  68. slade

    “I’m afraid Apple is simply copying templates I wrote years ago..”

    It hurts, right?
    I mean, the Magna Carta was simply copying templates I wrote years ago…so I feel you.


  69. rollen

    Who to blame for annual Ramsey hamstring blow out?

    Wenger for being Wenger.
    Welsh NT manager.
    Also AR himself for putting NT crap game before Arsenal

    Bale getting fokin slated for just the same stupidity!

  70. I am arsene


    For a seemingly intelligent lad, you don’t half spout some drivel
    Theo is better than any forward we are going to sign
    It’s no coincidence that our attacking form has significantly improved with his inclusion
    Regarding the ox- he is 22!!!!
    He is still just a boy with plenty to learn and even more time in which to learn it.
    Last season he was playing regularly with Sanchez and welbz and we got a glimpse o what is to come
    Mark my words he will be a top winger
    You talk of coq grabbing his chance
    He is 25
    When he was ox’ s age he was still figuring out his game and nowhere near anyone’s first team let alone arsenals.
    If more people like you ruled the world nobody would be given time to achieve anything.
    The impatience is astounding. Now now now
    Me me me
    Chill the hell out. He gives the ball away in silly areas. He will learn. Breaking the boy apart is no good for him, the club or the fans.
    Christiano had no end product until he turned 23, he was just a show pony

  71. rollen

    Was really hoping for big things from Oxlade over the summer, been seriously disappointed up to now. You can see it all there, but the product on the pitch is average at very best.

    Someone at the club needs to tell him with Ramsey out for a month this is his chance to claim that RM position or else it’s a slippery slope, he will soon see himself out of the club replaced by the next bright young prospect because all he can offer his transfer value based on his nationality.


  72. rollen

    Radio Raheem
    October 23, 2015 16:52:32

    Theo also needs to cut down on the side foot finish and use more laces.

    Just generally more powerful shots. So many Lampard- Gerrard goals this way.

  73. Joe


    In Canada we get the early game, then 3 or 4 of the 3pm kickoff and then the late kickoff all on our cable packages. Better viewing than the UK my cousin tells me.

  74. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I’m a strong club over country regarding football, but in yet his instance agree with arron for playing for his vpcountry .

    I don’t remember Wenger pulling hefty, petit, piers , viera out of to many internationals….

  75. tom

    I think Ramsey’s Welsh commitment is very important to him.
    Wenger is unlikely to obstruct.
    Really is up to Welsh selectors to cut them both a break.
    Wenger has been quite open about the dilema of rotation. He cited the Watford game as one he considered resting Sanchez and Ramsey for, yet after medical evaluation he decided it wasn’t worth the risk.
    What was telling is he spoke about the game in context of the league and our opportunity to go second.
    This outweighed the risk, in his mind, and he ended up playing both..
    Ramsey is injured but if we can maintain position , perhaps it was worth it.

    It’s a hard choice to make.

  76. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger always applies blame game regarding internationals when players
    get injured, but you have to look at Arsenal’s own record.

    The fact is that we have on our books a lot of players who appear to be injury
    prone eg Gibbs,Wilshire,Welbeck,Ramsey,Ox,Walcott, Rosicky and now Arteta.

    Pedro has in past suggested that Arsenal’s training methods and lack of rotation are to blame. I have maintained also that it was the style of play which has
    also contributed to injuries with too much twisting and intricate passing.

    Having been at the game on Tuesday there was no obvious reason that Ramsey pulled up, but my impression is that he may well have been in “red zone”,
    because Ramsey is a very energetic player when on field and his body could
    have been very tired.

    Arsenal’s problem at the moment is that we are very short of “fit” midfielders
    in the squad and Wenger has no options to bring in apart from Ox and Flamini.

    Ox is another “high risk” player and there is now a risk of “overplaying him” as
    well. Ox needs to use his head better and “not try too hard”, which in my view
    has been part of the problem with him because he has been brought on most
    recently as a sub rather than rotating with other players in midfield.

    The real problem at moment is that Wenger’s failure to recruit in summer
    combined with having both Walcott and Rosicky out with injury since the
    start of season has depleted our squad of midfielders to 7 and if you add in that
    Arteta and Flamini are not realistically good enough for first team we have only 5 players who are good enough for starting lineup and of these Ramsey is
    now injured.

    In effect we are now down to bones with no options to rest or rotate in midfield. The situation is further aggravated by most of our more experienced
    or talented U21 midfielders being out on loan or playing in FIFA U17 World

  77. Wallace

    even if it’s only for 24hrs would be a nice psychological boost to get a whiff of the summit today. expecting a tough game though. and the start of possibly a defining month for the Ox. certainly has the talent, although looks a bit short of confidence at the moment.

  78. luke

    Lotta talking up Gnabry on here today. What makes people think that he would get into our XI if he can’t get into West Brom’s?

  79. Wallace

    also, Reine-Adelaide still in Chile. France have an easy group and will definitely make last 16. so probably another 2 weeks before we see if Ramsey’s injury gives him a shot at making the matchday squad.

  80. Wallace


    Gnabry not getting a game under Sargeant Pulis probably reflects well on him.

    can’t argue that I was expecting more from him at this stage though.

  81. Wallace


    sure. but he’s been back a while now. can understand Wenger loaning him out as he’s barely played the last 18mths, but under Pulis I don’t know if it’s an attitude problem, or just the wrong type of manager/football for him.