5 reasons to be VERY happy about Arsenal

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Happy bloody whatever day it is. Thursday?

So yesterday I dropped a less subbed version of the match report than I intended. I mean, I’m not the best at the best of the best times. But that was a draft because the final version didn’t save.

Anyway, soz babes.

Moving onto the menu for today.

5 THINGS I LOVED ABOUT BAYERN (because you know what, Arianna Huffington said joy sells.)


Yeah. He’s a new favourite. You know, until Chambo gets his shit together and starts smashing it up. The lad is absolute mustard. He’s one of the most exciting right backs I’ve had the pleasure of. There’s almost no ball he can’t make. He’s gutsy, instinctive and he’s starting to bring a potence to his delivery that is unacceptable for a 19 year old.

The only sad part about his ascension is that he’s got that Barca DNA all over his genetics. How long before they’re sniffing around? Bastards. Still, right now, we’ve got an absolute beauty of a player. Enjoy him. He can defend and cross (#SagnaWasCrap) and he’s way sexy for a child.

Petr Cech is payin’ his bills…

I mean, I feel like this was the most obvious flaw in our setup since Lehmann left. Now we finally have a great keeper and it’s all like, way better and stuff.

Imagine that? I just can’t believe it took so long. He’s composed, he’s calm and he’s an absolute leader. It makes me so happy to see him on the pitch. No more arguing with fans about the weakness of our two substandard deputies. This is it. This is the player you need guarding that net.

The fans…

Bayern fans dropped a protest about their £64 Arsenal ticket by boycotting their seats for 5 minutes. That cost them 5% of the game costing them another £3.20. Talk about making things worse for yourselves.

German fans get it cheap, I mean, bitching about expensive tickets when you already get a mega cheap one is a bit cheeky if you ask me… especially as Germany is the richest country in Europe.

Anyway, my point here is that they did something that required solidarity. Arsenal fans / English fans don’t seem capable of that. I wonder why that is? Is it because cheap tickets is a broken record? Is it because most people that go just stomach the cost? Is it because David Cameron and George Osborne made the economy just too damn good?

It’s a tough one. I marvelled at the Germans… mostly because I know we couldn’t organise something like that ourselves.


Some people were moaning about being dominated by possession. Give it a rest. If you couldn’t enjoy a tactical masterclass of which we’ve been on the receiving end of on so many occasions over the last 20 years, well, you’re a misery.

The other night was an expert showing of what smarter thinking can do for a club. You still have the odd person who seems to think that we’ve always prepared like that… well, they’re wrong. Arsenal have been doing this for about a year and we’re reaping the rewards now. We are consistent big game performers. Which is excellent news for the season. This was always my point way back when… if we’d planned in the same way we are now, ten years ago, our trophy haul would have been immeasurably larger, even under the constraints.

Right back in the mixer!

So we’re now right back in the mix. A lot of work to do. A draw or an away win at Bayern would be excellent. But there’s a chance we could make the next round now.

Credit to the manager. Credit to the players. Credit to the belief. I know most Arsenal fans were not sensing a victory there (I was, because Wenger ALWAYS does this). Excellent work.

Now all we have to do is make sure we tank Everton at the weekend.


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  1. Joe

    You pulled out stats to show how great wellbeck was

    I showed you the same
    Stats that showed bedtner was better

    Does not
    Score goals.

  2. BacaryisGod


    If you have 2 high-scoring frontline players (let’s say Walcott and Alexis) scoring 20-25 goals a season and a third that chips in 10-15 goals a season then you have plenty of goals in the team assuming your #10 (Mesut) is able to score another 10-15 and a central midfielder like Cazorla can get another 5 or so. That’s plenty of goals before you even add the defenders contributing from set-pieces (Mert, Kozzer) or from open play (Monreal vs. Man U, Bellerin vs. Liverpool).

    You don’t need three prolific strikers. If Welbeck could up his goals from 1 in 4 to 1 in 3 that would be more than enough with everything else he gives to the team (strong pressing, good link-up play, ability to run past defenders, height and strength at both ends for set-pieces etc.)

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: You have been schooled.

    Oh dear, you’re basing it on JUST 155 mins of football over 1 season where he scored 2 goals ?

    Surely you know that’s not even worth looking at ?

    Still, lets add in the previous 2 seasons to give us a reasonable amount of data

    10 goals in 2548 mins as a CF

    Hmmm, NOT as good as Welbeck.

    Looks like YOU’VE been schooled

  4. salparadisenyc

    With Welbeck playing on the right, ideally he’d achieve Ljungberg type numbers, which fell around 10-15 a seasons if memory serves.

    Again the pace or threat of it that opens space thats important.

  5. Joe

    Wellbeck doesn’t want to play wide.

    He wants to play striker. BuT he can’t score. He works hard. Sorry money wasted
    16 million
    Wasted on a striker when we could of done much better with 15-20 more spent. Again we went the cheap
    Route., last minute deal

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: I showed you the same
    Stats that showed bedtner was better

    No, you made yourself look a bit silly really.

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe; He wants to play striker. BuT he can’t score. He works hard.

    Except that he did score.

    Why is it when I prove you wrong, you just ignore it because it doesn’t fit your narrative ?

  8. daz

    He came top on both stats, having converted 40% of his shots into goals and scoring a goal every 78 minutes in which he plays

    joe, bendtner most likely had only played 78 mins at the time they did that piece after that it went down hill

  9. Joe

    You can base stats on whatever you want. Useless. I see what wellbeck brings and as a striker he is a flop. And as a winger we could of done much better than last minute bargain bin shopping

  10. Joe

    Just goes to show stats mean shit.

    Wellbeck has been average his whole career and doesn’t score enough goals to warrant a place at arsenal as a striker or front 3 player.

    16 m pound flop

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: You can base stats on whatever you want.

    I based it on what YOU wanted actually.

    You said he doesn’t score as a striker.

    I proved that he did.

  12. salparadisenyc

    Pretty simple the choice btw Bendtner and Welbeck.

    Barring his dabblings in Mechanophilia which was of course interesting, Bendtner was shit on the pitch.

  13. Joe

    He doesn’t. If he was such a prolific striker Man U wouldn’t of sold him

    They new he would never amount to anything

    He will be sold within two years. #fact

  14. goonerboy

    Reality is often what people don’t want to hear-only one team had to win the game.
    If Bayern had needed to win the game-it would have been a different result.
    Arsenal are the only EPL team who currently could have beaten Bayern, home or away but it took a major effort and may end up being meaningless .

    Spending big money on transfers doesn’t guarantee success- look at United- hasn’t paid off yet- but thats no justification for Wenger not buying anyone apart from Cech- and players like Ramsey picking up muscle tear injuries as a result of being over-played.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: Wellbeck is shit as I’ve said numerous times on here. A striker that doesn’t score. What an asset.

    Joe: Wellbeck has been average his whole career and doesn’t score enough goals

    Well, we’re getting better, an hour ago you were telling us he’s shit, now he’s been average.

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: He doesn’t. If he was such a prolific striker Man U wouldn’t of sold him

    I don’t make these things up you know. I look at the amount of mins he’s played at CF and how many goals he scored while doing so.

    His ratio was pretty good, esp. at his age.

    And again, maybe ManU sold him because they got things wrong.

    They did sign Falcao, Rojo and DiMaria that season which shows their judgement was exactly perfect was it?

  17. salparadisenyc

    Klopp in the deep end with a high profile gig and very average squad.
    Hope he’s being compensated as that was a pretty bold move taking that job on.

  18. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m going to hold off judging him for a while yet.

    Probably until after the winter break when he’s had a good chance to get the squad sorted the way he wants.

    Oh… no winter break? oppps

  19. daz

    “players like Ramsey picking up muscle tear injuries as a result of being over-played”

    i have to say this bugs me a little why is it because he was overplayed? why are santi and alexis not injured? its not always due to being overplayed

  20. salparadisenyc

    “Oh… no winter break? oppps”
    We play on ze Boxing day?

    Curious to see whom he signs…. surely going to add a couple.

  21. bennydevito


    Yes, GGs last signings of John Hartson, Glen helder and Chris Kiwomya weren’t the best! Add to that players like David Hillier, Steve Morrow, John Jenson…. Jeez, and people have the nerve to criticise Song & Denilson!

  22. Mr B

    Well we give the Arse board a lot of stick.

    What were the Liverpool board thinking giving Rodgers 150 mil and then firing him. LoL

  23. salparadisenyc

    Really is the elephant in the room regarding Klopp and Liverpool.

    Why give Rodgers the spending power then cut shot of him in October.
    4 points back from 4th with a yet to be gelled side.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    The issues that had dogged Liverpool (the rubbish defence) were still very much in evidence.

    That looked like it was never going to change

  25. nasri's mouth


    I’m not 100% convinced by Welbeck by any means, but I think he was hampered by a few things last season.

    1. He was a little unlucky with some good saves/ blocks early on, which I think made him try too hard

    2. The rest of the side weren’t really playing to his strengths. We were lumping the ball up to him ala Giroud, when what he wanted was balls in behind defenders

    3. I think he was carrying an injury for a while

    He may turn out to never be a prolific goalscorer either for us or for any one else, ( though his recent record for England isn’t bad at all) but the idea that he’s always been shit in front of goal is a false one.

    I was actually surprised how good his goal ratio as a striker was. I expected him to be a goal every 180-200 mins,(average but not shit) but from a CF/SS position a goal every 155 mins is better than I’d imagined and better than a lot of players that have been touted on here

  26. Dissenter

    “PedroWhat the club needs to do to keep hectorIs get him married to a nice English girl …Ferries old trick settle him down young …Bang he stays”

    English girl might like the warm confines of Barcelona.

  27. Joe


    I got tickets for the away section as well. Was great to be Amongst the gooners. Took my 9 month old boy all decked out in arsenal gear. Even the hardest goon melted at the sight of him. The wife didn’t enjoy the language as much as I did haha

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    While it’s quite vogue to buy ex Chelsea players an rub their success into Jose specialist in blaming nose

    Let’s go fly a kite….no let’s go buy Andre schurrle

    That fellow could really do it for us.

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Glad to hear you an your family had a good time …

    Fulham is a lovely ground to go to …

    Been a few times ain’t that far from me …

    They have a good young mid in contract dispute … Hydeman

    Good classy player …. USA international …

  30. Pyles

    Gonna go all Jimi for a minute……..

    Hey, Joe………

    The word you’re looking for is “have”, not “of”. As in “would have”, or “would’ve”, but definitely not “would of”. Look closely, you’ll see your way makes no sense. May as well be a slack-jawed Manc. Heh, no one wants that!

    I hate to go all grammar police, I know you’ll say it doesn’t really matter. But it will matter when you go for that modern apprenticeship interview. Just like when the blog author writes “turgid” when he means “torpid”. It’s the details that count……….

    Onto the Arse. Reading this and other blog comments you’d still be forgiven for thinking we’d lost. Anyone who has any complaint whatsoever about Tuesday night or the events that led up to the situation we were in pre-match needs a fucking lobotomy. Victories like that come around rarely, enjoy them for what they are.

    Pyles xx

  31. Pyles

    Hey Joe……..

    Rookie error. Never confuse typo spelling errors as caused by iPhone mistypes, which happen to us all, with bad grammar.

    I would have, I should have, I could have.

    Anyway, onto the Arse……..

    Hector & Nacho. It’s like the days of Dixon & Winterburn all over again. Different attributes, for sure, but the basic “these are the full backs EVERY other team would love to have” schtick is there for all to see. We are indeed blessed……..

    Pyles xx

  32. daz


    I have taken the piss out of Joe for spelling and grammar mistakes although mainly just to wind him up but honestly who cares if he doesn’t know the difference between would have or would of its a comments section on a blog, by the way anyone who signs their comment and with kisses too boot is clearly a massive bellend

    Now in the words of Joe fucken off

  33. Bamford10


    “Joe who has put us in the position where you consider us to be equal to Bayern Munich and beating them should be the norm?”

    This actually isn’t his position. His position is that if we don’t advance because of losses to Zagreb and Olympiakos at home, then beating Bayern won’t mean all that much. And Joe is right. His position is that we should be beating the likes of Olympiakos and Zagreb so that we don’t have to count on beating the likes of Bayern. And he is right about this as well.

    But he’s also right that Arsenal have the financial resources to compete with a Bayern. Wenger just isn’t using those resources.


    “Joe is the new tom except now the tide has been turned against the WOB.”

    No tide has been turned. We’ve had a few good results. No one who has long been the half bit critical is convinced of anything at the moment.

    Joe is right: if we get bounced in the first round b/c of silly losses to Zagreb and Olympiakos, the win against Bayern will be meaningless. And on balance, Wenger will have failed — yet again.

  34. Bamford10

    Wenger has had more than three years to replace Giroud. Saying that no one was available this summer — btw, of course there were better CFs than Giroud & Theo we could’ve signed this summer — is a very lame argument.

    Wenger didn’t sign a CDM last summer. Is that because no one was available? No, there were tons of quality CDMs available. He didn’t sign one because he thought Arteta and Flamini were good enough and because he prefers doing things on the cheap and thumbing his nose at the world.

    This is also why three years after the fact he still hasn’t signed a proper #1 CF.

  35. Joe

    They keep saying we can’t compete against Chelsea man city bayern using money as an excuse but Wenger left almost 200m in the bank.

    Choosing not to spend money negates the “can’t compete financially” It is no longer an excuse. We can. Wenger chose not to. So whstever happens this season is on his head.

    2/3 players were needed. Millions on millions in the bank. No excuse. Yet we lose to Zagreb and olympiakos

  36. Joe

    A few million here and there kept us from. Signing Ronaldo. Hazard. Ibra. Yaya. And more importantly wengers stubbornness cost us those players and cost us titles and revenues.

  37. Bamford10


    “Victories like that come around rarely, enjoy them for what they are.”

    I appreciate your efforts to improve the grammar herein, but I disagree with your pov. Yes, it was great to win, but it wasn’t a great win, because aside from the defensive effort, we really didn’t play particularly well. We were mostly poor in our passing, mostly poor in possession, mostly poor in attack.

    No comparison to a win like the 2011 win over Barca, where we were actually quite excellent on both sides of the ball.

  38. Joe

    Wenger is turning more and more fans into Spurs supporters settings expectations so low that beating bayern becomes a new drum to beat about wengers greatness quickly forgetting Zagreb and olympiakos.

    We are celebrating beating bayern like Zagreb celebrate beating us.

  39. Bamford10

    * By the way, by “last summer,” I meant the summer of 2014, not 2015. Yes, he should’ve signed a CDM this summer — 2015 — as well, but at least he had Coquelin in his pocket this summer. He had only Flameta last summer (2014).

  40. Joe

    We had no choice to sit back because we couldn’t pass. Couldn’t hold the ball. It was no tactical masterpiece. We had no choice.

  41. Bamford10


    The Arshavin goal was glorious. The current team is better defensively than that team, but that team was much better in possession, passing and attack.

    With Wenger it’s two steps backward, two steps forward, two steps sideways. No genuine improvement.

    A genuinely improved team would have beaten — or at least DRAWN — Zagreb. An improved team would’ve beaten Olympiakos at home. An improved team would’ve gotten past Monaco last season.

    No improvement. Wenger has us running in place — while the cash accumulates.

  42. Pyles

    Oh my dear Joe,Joe, Joe, Joey, Jospeh……….

    As someone once said, “Eeeeexxxcceellleeennttt Smithers……….”

    “Diaz. Not Daz.”

    As if to succinctly prove the point, now, that’s an iPhone-borne typo. It’s as a result of the over-zealous iOS spellcheck. Geddit?

    Not knowing the difference between “should’ve” and “should of” and repeatedly demonstrating it in post after post after post after post after post after post after post after post after post………..well, you understand? Why, that’s just sheer fuckwittery, unable to be blamed on your device’s “nanny-statism” and therefore inexcusable. Much like confusing “turgid” with “torpid”. (Honestly, who ever saw a football match that was either swollen or congested? It’s no wonder he makes no money from the blog!)

    Goodnight and god bless.

    Pyles xx

  43. underrated Coq

    The Welbeck signing was an absolute waste of money. Now we have people talking up his versatility but the fact remains: he was brought in to play striker and he’s failed there. I suppose some have forgotten how little he offered in that role when he was deputizing for Giroud.

    We all agree Theo doesn’t offer a whole lot as a striker, but make no mistake: Welbeck is even worse. If Theo and Giroud are half decent strikers, Welbeck is one-tenth. Doesn’t know how to make use of his strength, average first touch and control, terrible movement for a striker and severely lacks calmness and composure in front of goal.

  44. Wallace

    I like Pyles.

    TURGID – means swollen and distended or bloated, but it’s more often used in a metaphorical sense to mean excessively ornate or complex in style or language. For example, when someone calls a piece of writing turgid, they mean it’s bloated or pompous in tone. Turgid also frequently appears in sports writing to denounce slow and uninspired play, but torpid would usually make more sense in these cases.

    TORPID – means dormant, benumbed, sluggish, or lethargic.

  45. Wallace

    midfield –

    fit – Coquelin, Cazorla, Ozil

    fit(but not great) – Arteta, Flamini

    injured – Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky

    will be struggling if one of Coq, Cazorla or Ozil goes down in the next month.

  46. nasri's mouth

    @underrated coq

    While I’m hesitant to be Welbecks greatest defender, I wouldn’t write him off quite yet.

    You’re being harsh criticising him as a CF for us. He was handicapped by the way the side played for him. We didn’t play to his strengths.
    Imagine how Giroud would look if we played balls in behind the defender to run on to.

  47. Wallace

    agree Welbeck shouldn’t be written off just yet.

    we were playing like dog shit during the stretch when he was playing up top. there’s definitely more to his all round game as a striker than Theo, but i think Theo has better movement and is a better finisher.

  48. daz


    I have no interest in picking apart peoples grammar as long as you can make sense of it. But if that’s your thing feel free I’m sure it helps you with the ladies

    Daz x x

  49. Mick Kartun

    Pyles. I have no interest in picking apart peoples grammar as long as you can make sense of it. But if that’s your thing feel free I’m sure it helps you with the ladies.

    Man, thise pylez fellow surely would hammer my arse all over if seeing my lame english vocabs.

    I am feeling low right now. Shit.

  50. Sam

    Welbeck 16Millions wasted?

    I beg to differ, that goal against Manc cunts in the Fa cup already paid off his transfer fee. He’ll come back from injuries as free transfer n CF position at Arsenal is still up for grab. You never know!!!

  51. underrated Coq


    ” He was handicapped by the way the side played for him. We didn’t play to his strengths. ”

    I don’t really buy that. Arsenal usually always play the same way. Alexis didn’t seem to have any problems during the time. I think its Welbeck’s limitations that handicapped him more than Arsenal’s style of play.

    Welbeck’s main issues are the lack of awareness in the opposition box and his propensity to panic–making a mess of the situation in the process– when presented with the ball anywhere near the opposition goal. Don’t see how a different style of play would help combat either of these problems.


    ” we were playing like dog shit during the stretch when he was playing up top ”

    And maybe Welbeck contributed to that ? This maybe harsh but he was absolute garbage when he was playing striker for us and hence our attacking play was shambles.

    Perhaps Ozil and Ramsey’s injuries played a hand in that too but the moment Giroud came back into the team and Welbeck got relegated to the benches/ the wide position, we looked much better.

  52. underrated Coq

    ” We don’t throw away players just like that we’re not Chelsea ”

    True but I honestly think he’ll be quietly moved out of the back-door by the end of this season or the next if he doesn’t improve.

  53. El Patron

    I remember when Monreal, Koscielny (long time ago), Ramsey, Coquelin were all bang avg.

    now we pretty much cant live without them in the first 11.

    Welbeck is young and barely played for Arrsenal. can we plz give him a little more time to prove himself?

  54. Dark Hei


    He is a striker with all the physical attributes. But his movement off the ball is terrible. He does not understand how to make those runs, how to peel off the defenders etc.
    Hope that the time off the pitch allows him to make some serious effort in this area.

  55. Nasri's Mouth

    Underrated Coq: I don’t really buy that. Arsenal usually always play the same way.

    That’s my point.

    You have to tailor your play to the attributes of your striker.

    When Welbeck was playing upfront, there was a period, where the players behind him honestly didn’t seem to understand he wasn’t Giroud. I felt a little sorry for him.

    Look, I’m not saying Welbeck is a black Lewandowski, he clearly isn’t, but it’s unfair and incorrect when people say “He’s shite” or “he’s always been shit”, or that “he was a waste of £16m” because none of those things are true.

    I also think it’s ridiculous to write him off when he’s probably played less than 10 full PL games at CF for us.

  56. underrated Coq


    ” When Welbeck was playing upfront, there was a period, where the players behind him honestly didn’t seem to understand he wasn’t Giroud. ”

    But that’s not his only issue which is what I’m saying. If what you said were the major factor, he would get limited chances or struggle be a part of our build-up play. But that’s not it though, is it ? Its his lack of composure, its his lack of movement, its his questionable decision making.

    ” I also think it’s ridiculous to write him off when he’s probably played less than 10 full PL games at CF for us.”

    Its not just for us though. Even while at United, he had the same issues. Danny Welbeck is not exactly known for his ‘striker’s attributes’, is he ? He is known more for his athleticism and work-rate, which though are excellent attributes a player can posses, are not sufficient to be a good striker for your team.

  57. Bamford10

    Two things: one, I like Pyles. I’m not sure I agree with him on things Arsenal, but he’s intelligent and he writes well. We can always use more of that here.

    Two, Welbeck isn’t nearly as bad as some are making out. No, he isn’t the CF we needed, and yes, his finishing and decision-making are not the best, but he’s young, athletic and technical. At the very least he’s a decent squad player; if he were to improve, he could contribute to the XI.

  58. PetrCechYourself


    Man Utd sold Pique, Pogba, Forlan lots of players who went onto greatness…not saying Welbeck is in their league but they make mistakes.

  59. Bamford10

    Talksport saying some Arsenal fans see the Ramsey injury in a positive light as it will give Oxlade Chamberlain an opportunity to prove himself again.

    Anyone here agree?

    Ox’s game seems a little off at the moment to me, but this could simply be a confidence issue, a flow issue, resulting from a lack of game time. Yes he makes bad decisions at times, but so too does Ramsey, no?

  60. Bamford10

    Wenger is criticizing Wales for over-playing Ramsey, but he’s basically admitting that HE HIMSELF has over-played Ramsey as well. Read below:

    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says midfielder Aaron Ramsey may have been playing too much football recently and is unhappy he was not given a rest by Wales.

    Ramsey is facing at least three weeks on the sidelines, having sustained a hamstring injury during the second half of the 2-0 Champions League win over Bayern Munich on Tuesday.

    The Wales international has had a busy spell for club an country over the last few weeks and, while Wenger accepts HE SHOULD HAVE RESTED Ramsey last weekend, said he is frustrated that the 24-year-old played a full 90 minutes against Andorra when Wales had already secured qualification to Euro 2016” [emphasis mine].

    This is another reason why you sign outfield players in the summer.

  61. Bamford10

    Wenger on Ross Barkley:

    “He has massive potential because he has a good combination of technical qualities and physical qualities,” the manager said.

    “He has the absolute power of the modern player and he’s certainly one of the most promising.

    “He’s 21 years old and is a regular player in the national team. Such an early run is always a special talent.”

  62. daz

    “one, I like Pyles. I’m not sure I agree with him on things Arsenal, but he’s intelligent and he writes well. We can always use more of that here.”

    I would say if he has come to have a conversation fine but if its to waste space correcting grammar then why bother, also the signing comment thing totally lame

    daz x x

  63. Bamford10


    Agreed. And there have been times in the past where Ox was playing quite well and really growing as a player. He has had injury setbacks and has made some bad decisions, but I feel like people have given up on him a bit prematurely.

    He does need to grow up, though. He remains very immature as a footballer.

  64. Bamford10

    Wenger says Theo remains first choice CF, for now:

    “At the end of the season both will have played their share of games but at the moment it is Theo. In a few weeks, it might be Giroud. What is important is that both contribute.”

  65. Alfie

    “He does need to grow up, though. He remains very immature as a footballer.”


    He gets away with for England v San Marino or some shit but constantly tries to be too clever……..

  66. Dissenter

    Welbeck is probably one of the dimmest striker transfers we’ve ever had under Wenger.

    I rate Lord Bendtner and Charmack over him.
    I suspect my statement will be considered as inflammatory because of Welbeck’s national team affiliation.

    Luckily, England have stumbled on proper goal getters like Jamie Vardie.

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    Underrated Coq: Its not just for us though. Even while at United, he had the same issues. Danny Welbeck is not exactly known for his ‘striker’s attributes’, is he ?

    Go back and read some of my previous posts.

    When played as a CF his goal ratio per 90 mins is actually pretty good over his ManU career.

    In his last season his goals per shots ratio was about 1 in 5. That’s actually pretty good.

  68. Dissenter

    If I were Wenger, I would play Hector Ballerina instead of Oxlade.
    Just slide Dubuchy behind Ballerina and that right side is impregnable.

    I don’t trust Oxlade and I understand why Wenger was prepared to over- play Ramsey in the wrong position.

  69. Dissenter

    I think Wenger should get questioned about why he extended deals for Arteta and Rosicky.
    What a waste of £150k combined weekly wages for both players.
    Everyone else saw this coming.

    I knew Arteta was going to have a dead lead when he came in for 15 minutes against Watford.

  70. warchester

    Remember, despite all the positivity going around…the squad is getting a little thin on the attacking side…and this is the manager’s biggest mistake if we flame out in any part of the season due to injuries…first he refuse to sign any outfield players, then he loaned out all potential youngsters who could help us…gnabry, akpom, hayden all could do a job in relieving the first team a match or two here and there.

  71. Micheal

    Any knocks tomorrow and we will be fielding kids for an important run of games. Out at moment are Ospina, Wilshere, Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey, Welbeck.

    Down to bare bones in midfield.

  72. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: Just slide Dubuchy behind Ballerina and that right side is impregnable.

    Dunno, Debuchy looked really terrible last time he was on. His positioning was absolutely all over the place. It was like playing a CF at RB and expecting them to know where to run, where to stand.

    Weird really, because you expect some rustiness from him, given his time out with injury, but it was like he’d forgotten all the rules of how to be a defender.

  73. Nasri's Mouth

    warchester: gnabry, akpom, hayden all could do a job in relieving the first team a match or two here and there.

    You have to give those players a chance to progress though, otherwise you’re hurting yourself for the future.

    Akpom needs a run in a side where he can score goals. His play was starting to suffer a little for us because he wasn’t scoring, and he’s hardly banging them at Championship level either.

    Hayden isn’t even playing, so I’m not sure how we’d use him

    Having said that the Gnabry situation isn’t great. Either he’s still needs to get a lot of fitness under his belt, or Pulis just doesn’t fancy him, in which case bring him home.

  74. underrated Coq


    I think there’s a reason why Fergie first, then van Gaal and now Wenger don’t trust Welbz with the striker role. And I’m pretty sure you and I and most football fans can see that reason too. It really is as simple as that.

  75. Alfie

    Off topic but is there anything more embarrassing than getting confused between a fist bump and a handshake? And you end up shaking someones fist………

  76. salparadisenyc

    Manure in 98, was Joe at that game?

    I was living in London, coming off a summer of Eurorail sin and Blur headlining Glastonbury.

    Remember that game it was hot, we ran riot. Butt lost his head and got sent off. Then Wenger introduced a new signing, scored within minutes of coming on the pitch with lobbed ball.

    A legend was born. Enter Ljungberg.

  77. Dream10


    Can’t agree with you on Ramsey’s injury being a blessing. He consistently covers the most ground in the XI, has good technique and understands what is required of him. His finishing has not been the best this year. The Ox plays on the right like its a 4-4-2. His defensive discipline puts others in danger.

  78. Steveyg87

    this joe guy is a bit of a cunt calling welbeck a flop. the lad has pace for days and is more than useful than the ox in my eyes

  79. WengerEagle

    I’m sorry, I know that it’s cool to bash Welly on here and all but did I seriously just read that Dissenter would have Chamakh and Bendtner over him?

    Fucking LOL mate. The former is a Camel that literally cannot even play football and the latter is the butt of all football internet jokes.

  80. underrated Coq

    ” Said it yesterday, wished Welbeck was fit. We could use him right now. ”

    If Chamberlain gets his head down and plays to his potential, we’ll forget all about Welbeck.

    The last time Ramsey was forced to drop out of the team1 due to hamstring troubles, he lost his central position to Cazorla. So now the question is whether Chamberlain can make the right wing position his own and push Ramsey out of the first 11.

  81. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Some good points

    Total waste of money for the aforementioned players…

    Could have used that money to buy cavello Portuguese lad.

    Maybe try bel ahead of debauchy
    An give the ox a shout at cm

  82. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Wenger brought Freddie on the strength of a Sweden v England game think it finished 1-1 an Freddie scored

    Of course …

    Remember the united game 2 or third game of the season ??

  83. goonerboy

    The Ox is making mistakes because he is trying to catch the manager’s eye by doing something spectacular- every time he gets the ball. During the time he was struggling for form Ramsey was doing the same.
    The Ox needs some confidence and a couple of goals will help. In truth we need a better all round player in the middle of midfield- I prefer him in wide areas.